Proceedings of the 2022 6th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2022)

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Gender Differences in English Learning of Chinese Students

Ziyi Zhu
This article aims to analyze the gender differences in English learning of Chinese students based on four perspectives: listening, reading, writing, speaking. By investigating gender differences in different sections and their root causes, it aims to improve English education qualities and learning strategies...
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Applications of UWB Positioning Technology in Smart Home

Yaqi Shen
With the development of society, the modern demand for location information acquisition is gradually rising, and people’s activities in indoor environments are also increasing. Indoor technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can hardly meet the demand for high-precision indoor positioning, and thus cannot...
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The Impact of Sino-British University Undergraduates’ Preferences of Studying Abroad Under the COVID-19—Taking University of Nottingham Ningbo China as an Example

Zhangxu Kang
Under COVID-19, studying abroad is a tough decision for current students, and much research has analyzed and discussed the reasons and issues about the topic aimed at Chinese undergraduates. However, Sino-British university undergraduates as a special cohort have been largely neglected in this education...
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Current Status and Perspectives on ‘Computational Service Design’ in China from a Bibliometric Perspective

Yimin Wang, Honglin Zhu
Purpose: The ‘Computational’ service design widens the boundary of service design, and few researchers conduct researches in this field. The author is committed to combing its knowledge context, building its knowledge framework and tapping its future development potential. Method: With the help of the...
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The Relationship Between Social Appearance Anxiety and Perceived Values of Skin Care Products Among Highly Stable Income Women

Xinyue Zhao
He importance individuals attach to their appearance is attracting attention in different countries. We studied if highly stable income female groups with different facial anxiety levels have different value demands for skin care products. As expected, our research showed that highly stable income women...
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A Comparative Study of Grammatical and Pragmatic Awareness Between English Learners of Different Language Proficiency

Kang Han
In light of the traditionally accepted claim that grammatical knowledge is solely linked with one’s language proficiency level, the continued development of pragmatic theories calls into question the components of language communicative competence. In this study, several Chinese learners of English at...
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The Impacts of the Africans in Guangzhou

Mengfeiyang Li, Wei Kang, Zongru Yang
African migration to China is a phenomenon that has invoked public attention and scholars’ heated discussions. This article reviews previous research on the impacts of African migration to Guangzhou, an international economic and cultural centre in south-eastern China in three different aspects: cultural,...
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A Study of the Effectiveness of Peer Collaboration in Improving College Students’ English Writing Ability

Zuoqing Wen, Ya Li
Previous research shows that peer collaboration in English writing pedagogical practice not only helps learners to sharpen their writing skills but also provides teachers with an effective teaching method. To further investigate the impact of the peer collaboration process has on students, this study...
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The Professionalism of China’s “Professional Managers in Tourist Attractions (PMTA)”

Ziping Yu, Orlina Ursula D. Regua, Ailian Gao
The marketization and professionalization of tourist attractions in China has given rise to the establishment of a system of Professional Managers in Tourist Attractions (PMTA). The PMTA is a social class with tourist attractions management as a profession, which is divided into three levels: assistant...
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Localization Strategy of Co-op Education Concept in Architecture Major of Local Colleges and Universities

Huiyan Zhao
Architecture majors in local colleges and universities focus on the training of applied talents. Facing the opportunities that the State encourage the application transformation of local undergraduate universities and the construction of new engineering courses, Co-op Education, which is famous for the...
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Research on the Requirements of National Governance Modernization for China's Power Grid Enterprises

Xinsheng Zhang, Haolan Li, Jianfei Lu, Wei Zhu
State-owned enterprises are an important political and material foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, an important force for the state to implement macroeconomic regulation and control and guide industrial development, an important guarantee for the realization of common prosperity and...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Evacuation in University Canteen in Emergencies

Jingqi Zhang, Meng Zhang, Naixu Tian
University canteens have the characteristics of large flow of people and crowded people. Once an emergency happens, there may be some problems such as untimely evacuation and chaotic evacuation, resulting in casualties and equipment losses. This paper deeply analyzes the problems faced by the evacuation...
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Study on Basic Model and Application of Fluidized Bed Granulation Technology

Hongze Fang
Fluidized bed granulation is a modern industrial process, it plays an important role in the manufacture of many-particle products. Fluidized bed granulation operation has low requirements on particle size and shape. Fluidized bed granulation makes the manufacturing cost of drugs as low as possible so...
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General Vaccine Policy in the Post-pandemic Era—A Comparative Case Study of China and the USA

Sijin Zhang
China and the United States have very different policies to deal with the epidemic. However, what is common is that both countries are aware of the importance of vaccination and have made efforts to improve vaccination rates. This paper uses a comparative study to compare vaccine incentives in China...
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Feasibility Study on Tax Planning Methods

YunYi Yang
In recent years, the taxation legal system has been continuously promoted by the administration for the rapid development of enterprises. Meanwhile, the enterprise managers have paid more attention to the tax planning issues. In previous studies, researchers placed emphasis on the theoretical basis,...
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Why Is the Emotional World Blank?

Self-ethnography of a Relationship Virgin

Lili Qin
At present, the single group in my country is growing, and relationship virgins, as part of the growing single group, is rarely involved in research. This paper uses the method of self-ethnography to textualize his own experience through theoretical reflection and writing of self-emotional experience,...
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Studies on the Modifications and Applications of the Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return

Qixuan Tan, Yijun Chen, Xingyan Wang, Zexin Zeng
In terms of investment decision making, it is vital for the decision makers, to be able to select the investment project that is the most profitable. Therefore, various models are established including the net present value (NPV) and the internal rate of return (IRR) for the investors to compare different...
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Literature Therapy for Middle School Students in Chinese Ecological Migration Areas

Lei Su
Literature is the spiritual home of human beings from the history of their origin, besides that, it also has major function in understanding aesthetic education function and also has the treatment function of literature. From a very long time, this field has not been paid enough attention and did not...
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Short Term E-commerce Sales Forecast Method Based on Machine Learning Models

Tingli Feng, Chenming Niu, Yuchen Song
Nowadays, e-commerce is developing rapidly in the world. In 2010, China’s e-commerce turnover reached 37.21 trillion yuan. For modern e-commerce corporations, an accurate sales forecast is the key to driving the development of corporations. While many effective forecast methods have been established...
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Overview of 5G+ Industrial Internet

Rucheng Fan
5G is one of the indispensable technologies in the new era of informatization and even industry 4.0, and it is the focus of competition among countries. The industrial Internet, or the industrial Internet of things, was proposed as early as 2012. It was originally used for predictive maintenance of aeroengines....
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Analysis of the Current Situation of Primary Services of Chinese Medicine in Hubei Province

Zuyin Fu, Lu Zhang, Cuiling Guan, Li Chen
To explore the construction of grassroots Chinese medicine services and provide reference suggestions for improving the structure of Chinese medicine services in Hubei Province. Using the literature research method and data comparison statistical analysis method, we collected and organized data on the...
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A Comparative Analysis of Special Education Major in Chinese and American Universities

Yuchen Zeng
Special education has become an important research topic with more attention paid to the people with disabilities in Chinese society. Improving the level of special education can increase the employment options of Chinese disabled people and lift more disabled people out of poverty. By attracting more...
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Patent Waiver: Globally Equitable Supply of Vaccines and the Relation to the US Pharmaceutical Industry

Shiyu Yan
The request for a COVID-19 vaccine patent waiver since 2021 has raised worldwide concern due to the greater availability of vaccines among developed countries compared to the developing world. This paper analyses the pharmaceutical industry in the United States using a Porter’s five forces model to shed...
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Discussions About the Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management and Leadership on Sustainable Enterprise Development and Future Prospect

Zeen Gong
With the rapid development of technology and globalization, we are currently entering into the post-industrial era. Unlike in the industrial age, the replacing pace of enterprises is astonishingly fast in the post-industrial age. Failing to catch up with the rate of change, countless companies are being...
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Why Are the NBA’s Richest and Most Valuable Team, The New York Knicks, Playing so Poorly? How Does the Team’s Management Strategy Affect Its Record?

Taimei Wang
This paper will focus on the New York Knicks—an NBA team located in New York City, New York, that plays in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. As the richest team in the league, the Knicks have consistently finished at the bottom every year. This paper will specifically focus on analyzing...
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The Whole-Process People’s Democracy in Digital Age: Connotation, Development and Prospect

Songyan Han
The emergence and development the Internet and other digital technologies is profoundly shaping our thinking about democratic politics and expanding the possible space for the development of the human race. It is also changing the institutional forms of and our practical approaches to democratic politics....
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Compulsivity in Anorexia Nervosa and Relevant Interventions

Xinyu Liu, Chenye Wang, Xingtong Wang
The aim of this review is to find out the relationship between compulsivity and Anorexia Nervosa (AN) and the relevant interventions to date. AN is a type of eating disorders that includes two subtypes: restricting and purging subtypes. Females between 13 and 20 years old are more likely to suffer from...
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A Comparative Study of Educational Policies in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan: From the Perspective of Education Inequity Related to Socioeconomic Status

Yue Zha
The phenomenon of education inequity exists in education systems around the world. The inequity level might be affected by the countries’ centralization level and social structure. This article will discuss the inequity related to socioeconomic status in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan...
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The Consequences of Higher Education: Gender Dilemmas in Contemporary American Female Employment

Yijin Shi
When talking about dilemmas females faced in contemporary employment, it could probably regard as an outcome of higher education. This paper mainly focused on the consequences of higher education due to gender bias. In this paper, boys’ and girls’ different performances in art and science have been discussed....
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Research on Collaborative Governance of Shadow Education Based on SFIC Model

Wenhao Yao, Huanhuan Luo, Ming Zhao
Shadow education governance is an important measure to improve the quality of education in the post ‘double reduction’ era. The governance of shadow education is public and complex. Therefore, collaborative governance has become an important model of shadow education governance, but there are still many...
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Exploring Self-efficacy, Cultural Responsiveness, and Emotional Intelligence for Student Achievement at the Tertiary Education Level in China and the United Kingdom: A College Student Perception

Jingjing Sun
Self-efficacy, along with cultural responsiveness and emotional intelligence, is a practical approach for students to achieve their learning goals and build their lifelong learning. However, Chinese tertiary education neglects the importance of self-efficacy, cultural responsiveness, and emotional intelligence....
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Exploring Dilemmas in British Transgender Groups

Jingbo Chen, Bofan Ma, Tianyu Zhang
Although the UK is acceptable for transgender groups. But the transgender community still faces many challenges. This paper's research question is to explore the dilemmas of transgender groups in the UK. Today, transgender groups still face a lot of discrimination and unfair treatment. This paper's...
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An Interpretation of Nietzsche’s Tragic Philosophy from the Perspective of Humanism. The Psychological Origin of Nietzsche’s Philosophy

Shan Jiang
Nietzsche’s psychological thoughts are closely linked with Freud’s psychoanalysis theory, Maslow’s humanistic psychology and other humanistic psychology from its unique Angle, and have strong exploration value. The purpose of this paper is to explore Nietzsche’s psychological origin and his hypothesis...
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Feasibility Study of Applying 5G Mobile Communication Network Remote Visual Teaching Mode to Online Courses for Deaf Children

Hao Liu, Yi Li, Bo Gao
In the teaching of deaf children, the effective use of visual interactive network teaching can make more deaf children experience high-quality teaching experience and reduce the burden on families. However, the visual teaching technology also puts forward higher requirements for the network. The traditional...
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The Analysis and Inspiration of Implementing Confucius and Plato’s Educational Philosophies in the History of China and Europe

Xiaochu Hu
This paper introduces and compares the original education ideology of Confucius and Plato’s educational philosophies, and discusses the differences in education equality, opinions on family education, the teaching process, the relationship of the teacher and students, and the purpose of education. It...
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Exploring the Effect of Negotiation on UNCLOS

Yifan Cai, Yirong Peng, Ziyuan Xu, Mingze Yuan
This article provides an in-depth discussion of the circumstances surrounding the establishment of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and looks at the role that negotiation skills played in its creation. This law was created at the time of the Third United Nations Conference on the Oceans...
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Food Delivery Platform in the United Kingdom: The Flexible Matching of Deliveroo

Qiushi Yao
With the development of the Internet, online platforms are changing our daily life. Especially, the food delivery platform, like Deliveroo, is leading a new trend of gig economy. There is no denying that Deliveroo provides abundant jobs every year and has mature operating mechanism, but excessive automation...
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The Impacts of Geopolitical Events on the Developed and Developing Stock Markets

Junyi Tan, Chengyu Wang
The geopolitical conflicts/events usually have caused huge fluctuations on the stock market all over the world. Many scholars have studied the impacts that wars or changes of geopolitical relations on the stock markets. However, it is not clear whether the impacts on the developed and developing countries...
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The Role and Mechanism of Neuronal Autophagy in Alzheimer's Disease and Its Healthcare

Tao Huang
Autophagy is the main pathway for the degradation of potentially toxic proteins and dysfunctional organelles. Studies have shown that autophagy dysfunction is closely related to a variety of neurodegenerative diseases. In Alzheimer's disease, autophagy is closely related to the generation and metabolism...
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Research on Consumers’ Intention to Participate in WEEE “Internet +” Recycling Based on Trust Transfer Theory—Take the Aihuishou Platform for Example

Ying Wang, Jianling Wang
Consumer participation in recycling is an important part of the “Internet +” WEEE recycling system, so how to improve the enthusiasm of consumer participation is an urgent problem to be solved. This paper constructs the trust mechanism of the consumer recycling platform based on the D&M model, SOR...
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“Struggle Among People”: A Study of Contemporary China's Cognition of Power Through Palace Fighting Dramas

Denggeyile Ao
This paper analyzes Chinese people's views on power politics by studying the contemporary Chinese TV series “Palace Fighting Drama”. Different from the research of most Chinese scholars, this study starts from the individual and society, and explores the original source of Chinese people's...
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Research on the Realistic Dilemma and Optimization Path of “Internet + Government Service” —— Based on the Perspective of New Public Service Theory

Yu Wang, Delong Han, Liming Cao, Mingle Zhou
In recent years, the “Internet + Government Service” has been an important way to build a service-oriented government in China. Current research is focusing on how to integrate Internet and government services and promote the transformation of government functions. Combining with the new public service...
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Gendered Environment Factors Influencing Children’s Perception of Gender in Kindergarten

Yixin Zhang
Basing its discussion upon the social construction theory, this paper aims to give a review of the studies done regarding the factors that influence children’s perceptions of gender in kindergarten environment, both physical and human-related. As studies have shown, the physical organization of kindergarten...
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Case Study-Influencing Factors of College Students’ Prosocial Behavior

Xiaoyan Zhao
Prosocial behavior refers to a kind of behavior that accords with the social expectations and has no obvious benefit to the actor himself, but the actor gives benefits voluntarily to the recipient of the behavior. Generally, prosocial behavior could be divided into altruistic behavior and helping behavior....
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Course Design of Digital Electronic Technology Based on CDIO

Yawei Ji, Zongfu Xie, Jinjin Liu, Chunxiao Dong, Bin Yang
Digital electronic technology is a course with strong engineering practicality. This paper mainly focuses on the curriculum design of digital electronic technology based on CDIO. Through the innovation of teaching mode, it drives the innovation of curriculum content and practice form, improves learning...
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Research on the Digital Divide of the Aged Population in the Context of Population Aging

Qiran Sun, Xiaojie Gong, Xiaofeng Cong
With the rapid development of information technology, the digital divide among the elderly has become a major social problem. The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the digital divide among the elderly in front of the public. The digital divide of the elderly is mainly caused by the intelligence of...
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The Truth About Feminism: The Unaligned Targeted Audiences of White and African American Feminists

Cincy Cheng
Human rights would always be an important issue across the globe, and feminism is one of the most significant branches of human rights that people need to focus on. Although feminism usually tackles on the specific rights that women should have in general, it was different for feminists of different...
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Reform Practice of Ideological and Political Teaching of Course “INtroduction to Airworthiness” Based on “Three Integrity Education”

Jihui Xu, Wenjie Tian, Guoqiang Yuan
“Introduction to Airworthiness” is a professional core course for aircraft airworthiness technology majors. It has novel theoretical framework, multifarious knowledge pedigree, rich content and cases, and a wide range of applications. It has the characteristics of theory, frontier and practice. In order...
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Research on the Mode of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Serving Rural Revitalization Strategy in Colleges and Universities

Ke Duan, Xiaolong Yang
Recently, The development of China's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education is in the practical stage of improving the quality and efficiency of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education under the innovation driven strategy. At this stage, Shaanxi universities have the characteristics of single...
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Identifying Reasons for Ageism in the Context of Aging

Ruoxi Zhao
Discrimination against the elderly is a widespread social phenomenon, which contains misunderstanding and misjudgment of the elderly group. Compared with racial discrimination, gender discrimination and other discrimination issues, discrimination against the elderly has its own characteristics, such...
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Exploring Bullying Types Sexual Minorities Experienced in Schools

Zhenghong Jin
Sexual minorities are vulnerable groups. No matter in school or in society, some experiences will have a great impact on their physical and mental health. This paper made a connection between the mental health of sexual minorities and sexual minorities students in schools. Sexual minority students’ mental...
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An Analysis of the Success of the Channel Tunnel Project

Hongji Chen
The Channel Tunnel is the largest privately funded engineering undertaking in the world. The tunnel is 51 kms in length and stretches from England to France beneath the English Channel [1]. As a crucial link in Europe’s new high-speed rail network, the Tunnel is slated to open in December 1993 and be...
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Application of New Media Technology in the Context of Artificial Intelligence - A Case Study of Guancha Two Sessions

Linyi Gao, Tieyu Zhou, Feiyi Zhang, Huining Li
The traditional news industry has changed its original news production methods and patterns under the impact of the Internet era. To break through the news dilemma brought about by the traditional media, the news industry has extensively combined artificial intelligence technology to promote the advent...
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Research on the Performance Framework and Interaction Ritual in Live Commerce

Ling Ruan
The mode combining live-streaming with e-commerce, namely live commerce, is an emerging platform for interaction between consumers and sellers, greatly impacting the retail industry and consumer shopping habits. It not only promotes economic development, but also manifests some problems, especially amid...
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Gender Discrimination in STEM Education

Jingting Huang, Yuhan Li, Yiran Zheng
Education equality is a worldwide problem that has existed for a long time. Women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields need special attention because they are at a disadvantage in STEM education. In this article, the manifestation of gender discrimination against women in STEM education...
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Study on Implementation of Stratified Teaching in Applied Undergraduate English Teaching

Yinping Chen
In recent years, the number of applied undergraduates in China has increased greatly. Different from the other universities, applied undergraduates pay more attention to the cultivation of students’ skills. Therefore, the development of general courses such as College English is facing reform. In order...
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A Study of the Phenomenon of “Extreme Feminist” Groups on Sina Weibo

Weiyu Mo
Feminism is a social theory and political movement created and initiated to promote equality between the sexes, with the original intention of affirming rights rather than privileges. In the context of the Chinese social media platform, Sina Weibo, feminism should not be synonymous with bigotry, irrationality...
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Innovation and Practice of “IaH” Talent Cultivation for Tourism Management Majors in the Context of the Epidemic: A Case Study of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University

Xin Wu, Jingrong Sun, Ziping Yu, Wei Tu, Jiaxue Liu
The impact of COVID-2019 has put forward new requirements for the cultivation of internationalized talents in tourism management majors. Taking Nanjing Xiaozhuang University as an example, this paper analyzes the elements and path choices of internationalized talents cultivation of tourism management...
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Gender Discrimination in the American Workplace

Mianning Yang
Discrimination toward females in the male-dominated industry still exists, and the same problem also occurs in the female-dominated industry. In the computer industry or high-tech companies, females are discriminated against only because many people still think males are smarter. Similarly, male nurses...
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COVID-19 and Internet Self-censorship in China

Alan Zunhan Yuan
Existing studies of online discourse in China had primarily focused on the government’s control and censorship of online content and their sociological implications, and not enough emphasis had been placed on self-censorship, especially when it pertains to the individuals’ interaction with the knowledge...
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A Study of the Cultural Significance of Traditional Colors in Chinese Movies

Si Chen, Yuejun Chu
As a visual carrier of traditional Chinese culture, color is used in film art not only to show the emotions and feelings of the characters, but also to carry a strong artistic and cultural connotation. Taking traditional Chinese color culture as the entry point, this paper analyzes the cultural connotations...
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COFCO and Coca-Cola Company’s Cooperation Business Negotiation and Business Strategy Research

Haoran Wang, Xiangsheng Xi, Wenlong Yang, Xinwen Zhang
In this report, the business strategy of COFCO and Coca-Cola company will be introduced, which helps to analyze the business negotiation of the cooperation between these two companies. Basic information, business model as well as pain point of Coca-Cola Company and COFCO will be introduced in the first...
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Social Dilemmas Faced by Parents of Children Diagnosed with Autism in China

Lezhi Wang
The parents with autistic children in China now face a great deal of social dilemmas. The specific problem being discussed is that what kinds of dilemmas are they confronting. This study can systematically analyze the previous works and summarize different perspectives of existing dilemmas, which can...
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The Dilemma of Education for Ethnic Minority Girls in Rural China a Perspective Based on Bourdieu’s Theory of Social Reproduction

Linglan Yang
Educational equity is the foundation of social equity. Gender disparity in education has long been concerned by the global academia as a vital issue in the education and cultural development process. Under the continuous development of multicultural education globally, girls’ education in different countries...
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Impacts on Victims of School Bullying and Their Adaptation Strategies Afterwards

Yibing Li, Yishu Zheng, Jinyang Song, Rong Tang
In recent years, school bullying incidents have been emerging and have attracted more and more attention. School bullying has great harm to the bullied both mentally and physically, and many of the bullied suffer from psychological and social maladaptation problems afterward. This study selects 20 college...
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Effects of Surrogacy on Surrogate Mothers in India

Yiyang Zhao
With the expansion of surrogacy in India, increasingly more debates about its value and disadvantages have appeared. The paper reviews current literature about its effects on surrogate mothers in India. On the one hand, although some researchers hold the view that the money gained from surrogacy can...
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Research and Practice of Talent Training for Postgraduates in Mechanical Engineering Based on Professional Characteristics and School-Enterprise Collaboration

Lunjun Cue, Xiaolei Li, Yuansheng Ding, Shirui Guo, Yinghao Cui, Bo Zheng, Peixiong Wang
It is an effective way to solve the many deficiencies in the current mechanical professional degree postgraduate education to cultivate professional degree graduate students based on professional characteristics and industry characteristics. This paper firstly summarizes the characteristics and main...
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Study on the Development of College Students Returning to Home Businesses Under the “MASS Entrepreneurship and Innovation”

Liping Zhu, Hongzhen Li
College students returning home to start their own businesses can promote the construction of new countryside and achieve the strategic goal of rural revitalization. Under the guidance of the national policy of entrepreneurship and innovation, college students’ entrepreneurship has developed significantly,...
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Transcendence, Hybrid and Exploration: an Analysis of the Film the Scent of Green Papaya

Xinhong Liu
This paper analyzes Anh Hung Tran’s film, The Scent of Green Papaya. The film is characterized by its “Oriental” setting. However, this paper aims to challenge this idea by adopting a transcultural perspective. It looks deep into the lens languages and cultural identity, mainly focusing on two aspects...
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An Analysis of Educational Inequality in China Caused by Social Reproduction

Wenqing Guo
The issue of equity in education has been a hot topic for the community in recent years. Schooling has always been seen as a catalyst for social mobility, but now it has become a tool for solidifying and reproducing class differences. This article uses social reproduction theory to explore the phenomenon...
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The Impact of Digital Leadership on Enterprise Sustainable Development Under the Background of “Industry 4.0”

Yiping Liu
With the advent of the era of “Industry 4.0”, a large number of enterprises are facing the transformation from automation to intelligence. The wave of “Industry 4.0” will bring huge economic growth opportunities and development challenges. Only by adopting positive sustainable development strategies...
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Analysis on the Features of Cult Crime and Its Governance

Ruihan Chen
Cult is a group that used supernatural forces or irrational beliefs that covered by religion or science to commit diverse of crimes like killing、sexual and economic crimes, which pose a serious threat to social safety. This article analyzes the current situation of cult crime and aims to summarize the...
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Bullying: Family Factors, Self-recognitions, Prevention, and Intervention

Lingying Che
Teenagers are the foundations for the harmonious development of the country and society. However, with the continued decentralization of media power and the increased discourse power of teenagers, more school bullying incidents have been exposed to the public, including isolating, physical bullying,...
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The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Antisocial Behavior

Melissa Yu Yun Teo
The impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) is known to be connected to various delinquent behavior throughout one’s lifetime. Several studies have shown victims of childhood trauma to have alcohol and substance abuse as well. However, due to past studies being focused on certain at-risk traits,...
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ABS Mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge from the Perspective of Law

Chen Chen, Shuo Li, Junhai Li
Traditional knowledge of Chinese medicine is the essence of the Chinese nation, and it is the internal core of the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine culture. The owner of traditional Chinese medicine has the right to inherit and use the traditional Chinese medicine knowledge...
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Research on the Application of the Internet of Things Based on A-IoT

Haotian Shi
The application of artificial intelligence plus the Internet of things has become the next big trend in the technology industry, due to the development of A-IoT chips and related industries. Several applications such as the smart speaker and smart cars began to thrive, the future 10 years is considered...
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A Review of Research on the Dilemma of Motherhood in Contemporary China

Ziwei Li
With the improvement of women’s status in the modern value system, the role of mothers in the family has a large degree of autonomy and independence, but in many aspects of society, they are still bound by “motherhood”. This paper draws out the research central issue and characteristics of Chinese scholars...
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Research on the Problem of the Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolitan Area

Chenyuan Zhang
This paper uses the method of reading government reports, relevant literature, and field investigation to deeply study and analyze the problem of the urbanization of the Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolitan Area and on this basis, put forward some constructive references for the better and more efficient development...
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Gender Differences in Rural Education in China

Zufan Wu
In current China, rural women face more barriers to education than men. To achieve gender equity in education, this study reviews the differences in educational expectations, school opportunities, and educational attainment between rural men and women in China from both perspectives of family and society....
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The Impact of New Media Platforms on the Prevention of Deviance Like Kidnapping of Women from Feminist Perspective. MicroBlog as an Example

Yi Cao
A video of a Chinese mother of eight locked in a slum hut in Feng county with chains around her neck has sparked outrage and shock in China. This deviance not only reveals the need to improve China’s current women’s protection laws, but also the cultural value of some rural areas in China. To better...
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A Study on Residents’ Perception of Ecotourism Impact in Wangshan Community of Suzhou

Xiaojie Ni, Hongyan Dong
Based on residents’ perceptions, this paper uses questionnaires and interviews to obtain data, and analyses the differences in the perceptions of residents of Wang Shan of the positive and negative economic, environmental and socio-cultural impacts of ecotourism through independent sample t-tests and...
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Research on the Blended Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities in the Post Epidemic Era

Rong Li
In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile communication technology and “Internet + education”, blended teaching has grown rapidly. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, blended teaching has made rapid progress under the opportunity of “no suspension of studying” and “no suspension of teaching”,...
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Basic Cognition and Misunderstanding of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Yufei Li, Hang Shi, Yutong Xue
Obsessive-compulsive disorder has become one of the common psychological diseases in society, which seriously affects the cognition and daily life of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. This article is a general overview of obsessive-compulsive disorders. First of all, the study defined the...
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How Lysosomes Protect Themselves from Corrosion in High Acid Environments

Jinglin Lu
Lysosomes are important metabolic sensors for many substances’ cell growth and metabolic processes are also the center of explanation of substances in cells. Mitochondria, likewise, serve the main metabolic center of the cell. These two things interact with each other to regulate cellular metabolism...
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A Comparison of the Auditory Perception of English Tense and Lax Vowels Between Native and Non-native Speakers

Wei Kong
A large number of experiments have studied the perception and output of some English speech sounds of Chinese English learners, yet there are relatively few comparing the perception ability of native and non-native speakers to English speech sounds (taking vowels as an example). Therefore, this article...
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Effects of Exposure to Phthalate Plasticizers in Food on Obesity

Honglin Yi
Phthalate (PAEs) is an environmental pollutant and can enter the human body through respiratory tract inhalation, skin contact, and food intake. As one of the food plasticizers, PAEs are seriously harming human health. They migrate into the food and enter the human body through the food packaging materials...
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Forming the Antecedent Variable System Framework of Organizational Creativity from Five Perspectives

Zonghan Yue
Organizational creativity has always been the focus of enterprise and organization research. With the increasingly complex market environment, the realization of organizational creativity has become very important. Since there is no systematic review on the factors affecting organizational creativity,...
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The Effects of Social Exclusion to Pain Sensitivity on Different Ages

Jianing Wei
This work introduces the research about the effects of social exclusion to social and physical pain sensitivity on people in different ages. This work takes different level of social exclusion as the independent variable and take the social and physical pain sensitivity as the dependent variable. The...
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Exploration and Practice of Curriculum Ideology and Politics Education in Engineering Majors

Min Huang, Shuaihui Wang, Jingyang Wang
Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee has held several national conferences on ideological and political work in colleges and universities, emphasizing the importance of curriculum ideological and political work. However, there are still a lot of problems in the development...
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Research on Innovative Development Strategy of Netflix

Xiaoyu Deng, Liangliang Chen
In the 21st century, with the rapid development of the global economy, the reflection and discussion of enterprise self-development strategy has become an indispensable part of enterprise value shaping. The development strategy of the enterprise has more important significance for the operation and growth...
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Analysis of the Effect of Customer Characteristics on Discount Rate on a B2C E-commerce Website in China: JD.Com as an Example

Haozhi Liu, Shu Xu, Yuxuan Zhang
With the development of online shopping in recent years, more and more e-commerce companies realize the importance of carefully formulating competitive discount policies to attract consumers., one of China's largest B2C e-commerce websites, is famous for its high-quality products and excellent...
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A Holistic Review of Framing Effect: Theories and Applications

Runzhe Zhao
Framing effect is an important judgemental bias observed in human behavior. However, despite numerous theoretical and empirical progressions on framing effect in economics, there are still shortcomings to rationalize the discussion. This paper tries to provide a comprehensive understanding of current...
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The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Risk of Schizophrenia

Qiyue Gai, Xi Wang
Schizophrenia is a group of unknown etiology of chronic diseases. It has a slow or subacute onset, and its clinical symptoms often vary in different individual. It involves atypicality in sensory perception, thinking, emotion and behavior areas like other disorders, but especially the mental activity...
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A Study of Smart Construction Based on the Digital Twins

Ran Bi
Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology in the world, the debate over the concept of metaverse has exploded, while various new technologies, concepts and scenarios geared towards metaverse have emerged and various industries are making their presence felt. The digital twin has also become...
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Causality Judgment of Intervening Victim Factors from the Normative Perspective

Jinyuan Tan
The judgment of causality in criminal law should be normative judgment rather than simple factual judgment. Correspondence theory of causal relationship relies too much on the judgment of “correspond”, while the judgment of interventional causality generally determines whether the behavior is abnormal...
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Educational Equality in Chinese Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Gender Differences

Yizhuo Zhang, Yanmei Lyu, Ramir S. Austria
Colleges and universities are an important part of my country’s education system, and educational equality is the embodiment of a high degree of equality in the education system. In recent years, Chinese society’s requirements for quality education have increased year by year, and citizens are more and...
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The Effect of Environmental Regulation in Regions of Different Resource Curse Degrees

Zhifen Xie
The unbalanced distribution of natural resources, human resources, industrial structure and other factors leads to the unbalanced economic development of different regions in China. In order to promote the sustainable and coordinated development between regions and the rational development of tourism...
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Introduction and Importance of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

Lelin Sun
The 1964 Alaska Earthquake is the largest earthquake in U.S. history. Even after decades, it still has a huge impact in the field of geology and seismology. This disaster and following consequences in the local area and around the world had made great contributions to science society as an outstanding...
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Study of the Construction Method of Industrial Institute Based on “3+1” University-Enterprise Cooperation Mode

Jun He, Sunyan Hong, Xuebing Ling, Jing Yu, Yan Liu
At present, China’s policy requirements, economic development status, industry status and university education situation all put forward requirements for high-quality application-oriented, composite and innovative talents. Industrial institute construction is an important way for local application-oriented...
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Sentiment Analysis of Hotpot Reviews with LSTM Based on Keras Framework

JinJiang Zhu
Natural language processing as a domain of artificial intelligence has gotten a lot of interest in recent years, thanks to the fast growth of the Internet sector, and sentiment analysis has become one of the hottest study fields in natural language processing. Based on the study findings, this article...