Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

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Russian Regions in the Global Economic Space

B L Lavrovskii, A V Chuvaev, I V Ruzaeva
The article is devoted to analysis and assessment of the place of Russian regions in terms of labor productivity in context of the global economic space. Its main goal is to identify (empirical) patterns of acceleration or deceleration of the growth rate of above mentioned indicator on the basis of large...
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The Use of Digital Technology in Personnel Management (HRM)

O N Balabanova, I P Balabanov
The purpose of the research is to develop practical guidelines for personnel management in an organization which would be instrumental in improving the efficiency of the personnel management system and conducive to the employees’ growth of labor productivity based on the use of digital technologies....
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Improving State Financial Control over Organizations (Interregional Aspect)

T V Chinaev
The article describes ways to improve modern Russian state financial control over organizations; individual implementation problems, the specific role of state financial control in the fight against corruption in contract system; it has also been established that today audit must be seen as one of the...
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Students Creative Workshop as a Platform for the Formation of Entrepreneurial Skills in Engineering Education

O V Solnyshkova, E V Dudysheva
The paper discusses the issues of sources, methods, and conditions of the formation of students’ skills in the vocational training led to the entrepreneurial behavior of graduates. It is based on the work of the students’ creative workshop “Geo-S” within engineering geodesy university course. We proposed...
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Solution of the Decentralized Task of Evaluating and Improving Product Quality

G T Pipiay, L V Chernenkaya, V E Mager
Management of products quality needs from a producer to decide following tasks: technologies of production, economical issues, management of purchases. All these tasks are aimed on the obtaining of a rational quality level of products. For this various methods and models for monitoring a quality of product...
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Anthropology of Tourism

L N Zakharova, L N Shabatura
Authors make an attempt to understand the essence and content of anthropology of tourism, as well as to the search for its methodological foundations. A lot of studies both in Russia and abroad do not fully clarify causes of the historical development of the tourism phenomenon, as well as the problems...
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Integration of Innovative-Information and Production Business Processes Into Digital Technologies of the Industrial Complex of Russia

N M Tyukavkin, V Yu Anisimova, E A Kurnosova
Innovative development of informatization systems in the industrial sector comes under the scrutiny of both business entities and the state. Informatization tools used by industrial enterprises are the key to improving efficiency and developing innovative activities. Business processes in industry are...
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Disability Issues in the Context of Urban and Feminist Paradigms

E Naberushkina, O Sudorgin, V Moiseev, E Karelina
The article discusses the issues of comfort and friendliness of the urban space for women with disabilities. The authors use the focus of urban feminism as a new interdisciplinary research field that has emerged to encourage the integration of a gender perspective in urban development policies. We proceed...
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Problems in the Management of the Russian Economy

V V Moiseev
The purpose of this study is a comprehensive analysis of the strategy of economic development of Russia. The author sought to show what shortcomings in public administration should be addressed and what priorities the president and his team needs to solve in order to implement ambitious plans by 2024....
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Clarification of Dependence of the Macaulay Duration on the Period Until Maturity

N V Popova
The article is dedicated to clarification of dependence of the Macaulay duration on the period until maturity by accounting the behavior of this indicator between coupon payments. The problem of dependence of bond duration on the period until maturity accounting the behavior of duration between coupon...
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The Classification of the Regions of the Russian Federation as the Basis of Internal Migration Flow Management

E I Yangirova, A V Yangirov, S I Nasyrova
The impact of migration processes on the sustainability of social and economic development of the constituents of the Russian Federation is on the increase nowadays. Besides, due to their uneven development, the proper management of labor migration can help unlock the potential of their populations and...
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Russia’s Foreign Policy Activities in the Context of Western Sanctions

V V Moiseev, V V Ogneva, T S Bolkhovitina, A S Sidorov
It is obvious that today Russia is facing increasing external challenges. They are largely connected with the costs of globalization, the intensification of the confrontational policies of the West, first of all, the USA towards Russia, China, Venezuela and a number of other states. The situation is...
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Discrete Event Modeling of the Travel Agency Activities in SimEvents

A N Kazak, D V Gorobets, D V Samokhvalov
The article shows how to simulate the activities of a travel agency in the SimEvents environment and how to calculate the system load. This model allows you to optimally load the system by regrouping services. The considered example of building the architecture of the system model, taking into account...
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The Anthropological Aspect in the Comprehension of Machinery

B Ershov, A Avdeev, T Zhdanova, S Solovieva
The authors of the work substantiate the necessity for specifying the role of tool concepts in the world landscape, seeking for various methods of their identification. From the standpoint mentioned, special attention is drawn to metaphors and figurative comparisons, including the names of various tools....
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Fiscal Burden as Factor of the Business Climate

I Vyakina
A conceptual approach to the ongoing reform of the state’s control and supervision activity involves the identification and elimination of administrative barriers with the active participation of the business community. The paper examines the impact of the fiscal burden on business climate, identifies...
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The Role of NPOs in the Socio-Economic Development in the Russian Region

N N Ivashinenko, A A Varyzgina, A E Soldatkin
The Russian non-profit organisations (NPOs) went through the long pass from political actors to social-oriented assistances and then to some drivers of socio-economic development [1]. Avoiding the engagement of the population in political actions, the Russian government pays significant attention to...
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Training Teenagers to Ensure Their Own Cybersecurity

E V Chernova, I V Gavrilova
iInformatization of education and all aspects of everyday and professional life have led to the fact that modern man can not fully function outside the digital environment. The most vulnerable to the manifestation of cyberthreats and negative impacts of ICT are adolescents, due to the peculiarities of...
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Economic Performance Analytical Platform for Environmental Health in an Organization

G S Merzlikina
The article shows the results of company environmental health assessment research. The role of the environmental management today has been described, and it was established that successful management depends greatly on measurement and evaluation tools. It has been demonstrated that existing statistics...
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Principles Underpinning the Development of Cross-Cultural Business Communication as Part of Master’s Degree in Pedagogy

C E Tsvetkova, O A Mineeva, N C Pronin, M I Klyueva
Professional activities of a teacher under the conditions of globalization and IT development of the society have determined stricter social and educational requirements for language training of students doing a Master’s degree in pedagogy. The development of new generation Federal State Educational...
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Digital Capital and the Labor Market: Factors of Mutual Influence

G Bannykh
The article discusses issues related to the conceptualisation of digital capital and the mutual influence of it and the labor market in the modern economy. The digital transformations taking place in modern times have significantly changed the living and working conditions of individuals, which is reflected...
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Prospects for the Russian Social Landscape

M Dubovik, R Gubarev
The purpose of the article is to assess the prospects of Russia’s social and regional development in the short term on the basis of a comparative analysis of budgetary and extrabudgetary financing of regions. The analysis tools are direct and indirect indicators of the development of social potential...
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The Concept of Digitalization and Its Impact on the Modern Economy

A U Mentsiev, M V Engel, A M Tsamaev, M V Abubakarov, R S-E Yushaeva
Imagining living in the past without the facilities that are available to people today seems a bit too hard to survive. We live in an era where our dependency upon technology in our routine tasks has driven us to a point where we take most of gifts of technology for granted. Technology has transformed...
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Conditions and Trends of the Social and Economic Development of Sevastopol

E I Piskun, V V Khokhlov
Sevastopol is a region of the Russian Federation and at the same time a municipality with its own social and economic development trends. This is a city with rich military history and potential for tourism development, high level of education and culture, unique geographic location and climate. From...
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The Professional Mobility and Training Management of the Specialists in the Life Safety Area

E N Bruhov, L V Kovtunenko, E V Kalach
The work provides theoretical analysis of the problem concerning formation of the professional mobility for specialists in the area of life safety. Also includes the criteria and indexes of the professional mobility for specialists in this area; results of the empirical study for the extent of the graduated...
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Strategic Goals of the Region in the Context of Development of Digital Environment

M V Dubovik
The purpose of the article is to substantiate and update the strategic development of the region in the face of challenges of digital transformation of all aspects of life. In response, regions have to switch to new models and tools for survival, apply new approaches: institutional, platform, project....
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Approaches to Institutionalise the Virtual Market of the BRICS

M V Zharikov
The purpose of this article is to find potential approaches to establishing institutions of the mutual common use by the BRICS. The topic is time-relevant, because there is a need to look for ways which could help create the toolkit to make a consensus at the international level without establishing...
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Housing Market Financing: Asian Experience and Adaptation Opportunities in Russia

M Ermilova
The article presents a comparative analysis of financing housing markets in India, China and Japan. Criteria have been identified by which a comparison can be made: the purpose of acquiring housing, sources of financing the housing market, the role of the state, measures of financial support by the state,...
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Development of Mutual Investment Funds in the Russian Federation

E S Nedorezova, K N Ermolaev, A M Mikhailov
The point of collective investment is to organise investments under professional management to collect funds from separate investors and later invest them with high yield. So, investments of several investors are managed as a unified portfolio, with every investor having his own share that is proportionate...
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Special Economic Zones of the Border Region as Accelerant of Its Innovative - Investment Development

A S Troshin, A A Shapovalov, M V Pashkov, I S Sandu
In the article it is discussed the particularities of mechanism of the special economic zones (SEZ) based on using advantages of public and private partnership. At present the SEZ of technical implementation type are the most perspective. In this work the possibility of creating the economic zone on...
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A Contractual State (or Republic) of the BRICS

M V Zharikov
The purpose of this article is to reveal the limitations of the Regional Integration Agreements (RIAs) laid down by the neoclassic market fundamentalism. The author then goes on to describe these limitations as a few controversies. For example, at one point, capitalism requires free enterprise, free...
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Strategy Basis for the Development of Scientific Potential in the Innovative Economy of the Russian Federation

O Yu Kirillova, T S Kopycheva
In the Russian economy, science and the academic community are traditionally responsible for creating innovations, which various research institutes and educational organizations graduate and train employees for. The most significant is the postgraduation institute, which has become the third step in...
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Features of the Doctrinal Formulation of the Content of the Concept of Religious Extremism as a Form of Threat to Society and the State

K A Vlasov
In article the existing problem of indeterminacy of doctrinal determination of content of the concept “religious extremism” and lack of its legislative fixing is considered. Need of formulation of the considered concept is proved. The substance of this phenomenon allowing to realize features, the mechanism...
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Neuromarketing Study of Consumers’ Cognitive Perception of Labeling Information on a Product’s Package

N N Kalkova, V E Reutov, E A Mitin, N Z Velgosh
The article studies the information technologies’ application possibility in the process of placing the labeling information on the products’ package. In order to inform the consumer effectively about the product and its ingredients on the basis of determining the best location of the labeling information...
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Improving the Sale Staff Onboarding Process: Case Study Stockman Company

I Kulkova
The article is devoted to analysis of effectiveness of administration the newly staff adaptation process in company Stockman and the development of proposals for its improvement. The aim of the study was to measure the onboarding system of newly hired sellers’ effectiveness. A comprehensive study of...
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Company Efficiency Assessment Using Key Indicator System

S A Wisconte, D R Musina, M V Gerasimova, A V Yangirov, S I Nasyrova
The article covers the issue of efficiency assessment of individual oil and gas businesses that use key performance indicators. The authors try to improve the efficiency assessment methodology on the basis of SPACE-method. The approach is relevant as it suggests the transition from qualitative efficiency...
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Analysis of Business Opportunities on Launching Anti-cafés in the Service Market in the Sphere of Organization of Cultural Activities for the Residents of Metropolis

O V Astafeva, I A Osipova, E A Tyurina
Nowadays the service market in the sphere of the cultural leisure of the population is filled with various organizations and enterprises. However, the changes in consumer preferences lead to the need of search for a new type of pastime and entertainment organization. In the light of these events anti-cafés...
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The Features of Legal Social and Economic Relations Workers Regulation with HIV/AIDS in the Russian Federation

E S Shukaeva
In to article features of the persons infected with HIV legal labor status analyzed. It is established that the Russian labor and social law does not allocate workers today – HIV infection carriers with special legal status, regulating the questions connected with identification or presence of a disease...
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To Own or Not to Own: Costs for Car Ownership in Sharing Economy

N Starodubets, V Derbeveva, V Koksharov
The article is devoted to issues related to comparing the costs of owning a car and using a taxi in sharing economy. The article provides a methodological approach related to the full accounting of costs and the calculation of costs per kilometre with the corresponding microeconomic model building. The...
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Development of Control Technologies in the Corporate Procurement System

O Yu Kirillova, R M Halfin
The article considers the problem of increasing the efficiency of corporate procurement that based on the development of a methodology for their control. The authors propose to introduce preliminary estimate (budget) control, acting on the basis of unified estimate (budget) software, into the procurement...
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ERP System as a Method of Effective Economic Management by the Example of the Russian Federation

R I Salimov, A A Trutneva, A P Snegurenko
Russian enterprises have installed systems or accounting modules of various systems that are not integrated among themselves, which cannot provide a complete picture of the financial condition of the enterprise. In this regard, the transition to an ERP system is of particular importance. The article...
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Professional Stress and Organizational Working Conditions of Space-Rocket Industry Employees as the Factors Determining Their Activities Productivity

S P Vashchuk, O A Sviderskiy, V V Rovenskay, I I Smyrnova
In the article the features of professional stress of space-rocket industry employees which is a current problem and a serious threat not only to do essential harm to their health but also to have a negative impact on productivity in the industry in general are considered. In the article the characteristics...
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Features of Financial Support of the Educational Process with the Use of E-Learning and Distance Learning Technologies

A Yu Valyavsky, M N Ivanov, N V Uchevatkina
The article presents an analysis of the regulatory framework for the financial activities of an educational organization and features when using e-learning and distance learning technologies. The use of information resources in the educational process is an essential component of any distance learning...
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Digitalization as a New Stage in the Formation of Economic Relations

A U Mentsiev, M S-U Khaliev, E R Guzueva, A U Mentsiev, M Z Ashakhanova
From barter system trading, to paper currency and now to digital economy, the global economy has come a long way. With enhanced technology, the digitization has spurred the communication between people. People can interact with each other, and thus, the effect is quickly observed in the economy. The...
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The Optimization of the Mechanism of State Regulation of the Local Housing Market of the Subject of Russian Federation Under Budget Constraints

N Lubsanova
The article presents a methodological approach to improving the mechanism of state regulation of the local housing market based on optimizing the allocation of budgetary resources in accordance with the effectiveness of the tools. To obtain the optimal distribution structure of budgetary funds in accordance...
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Comparative Study of Mutual Investment Funds and Other Collective Investment Tools

E S Nedorezova, O S Evseev, I A Lunin
Collective investment is a type of investment whereby the monetary resources of individual investors are pooled together and managed by a professional fund manager for the purpose of their subsequent profitable allocation. As a collective investment tool, mutual investment funds are a relatively new...
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Cost Estimation Methods of the Company Brand

O V Astafeva, E V Astafyev, V V Biryukova
Brand value is necessary for management of any company as it allows to distribute the resources of an enterprise effectively. Relationships at the level of brands help market players to save time for establishing direct partnership, formation of the developed communications network contributing to “transparent”...
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The Analytical Significance of the Information-Semantic Approach to Study of the Communicative Nature of Music in the Framework of Cultural (Social) Anthropology

A B Kayak
The article presents the methodology of information and semantic analysis of the processes of intercultural interaction of the peoples of the world in the space of music. In the 21st century, information theory and information approach to art, including musical art, get deeper elaboration, become more...
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Knowledge-Based Development of Russian Regions and Growing Inequality

D G Kochergin, E E Zhernov, V A Logachev
The article contains an analysis of the Russian knowledge-based economy at the meso-economic (regional) level in the period from 2005 to 2015. Authors assess the main parameters of the development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including the regional innovation system and the...
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Potential to Mitigate Social Inequality Through Individuals Taxation Reform

I R Akhmadullin, A V Safina, L Z Fatkhullina
The paper provides a calculation-based analysis of the real Russian citizen’s fiscal burden, since the flat scale, which is one of the lowest in the world, does not fully reflect the facts on the ground. In the context of the multiple gap between the poor and the wealthy segments of the population, the...
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The Influence of the Globalisation Factor on Premiums in Merger and Acquisition Deals of Electric Power Companies

I I Prosvirina, A V Sterkhov
The article proposes a method for assessing the influence of globalisation on premiums in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals of electric power companies. The independent variable in the research is a relative premium value, i.e., an excess of the amount paid in a deal (in view of the share) over the...
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Providing Conditions for Functioning of Small Business of the Republic of Crimea

Yu P Maidanevich, I N Dyshlovoy, N N Grigor
The article states that small business is a part of the developed market system. Small business in the Republic of Crimea is the important sector of the region’s economy requiring comprehensive support and development. In this case to increase the level of entrepreneurial activity, the Ministry of Economic...
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Management of Investment Attractiveness of Economic Agents as a Factor of Innovative Development of the Region (On the Example of the Tyumen Region)

A S Deev, N V Krasovskaya, S I Chernomorchenko
The problem of innovative development of regions in Russia is currently relevant to the unfavorable economic and political situation of the country in the world. The object of the article research is the management system of investment potential of economic agents of the Tyumen region. The subject of...
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Challenges of Activating Customers’ Involvement Into Quality Assessment of Medical Services

T G Butova, S I Mutovin, E P Danilina, A R Khusainova, Y S Beloborodova
The growing dissatisfaction of the population with the quality of medical services becomes an obstacle to the sustainable development of the territories and results in the population’s disapproval of the actions of the authorities. The increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of medical services is...
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Industrial Single-Industry Areas, Socio-Economic Development Based on Cluster Approach

A N Bikineeva, O N Nedzelsky, E N Bulakina
The article presents research, socio-economic development of coal-mining areas of the Republic of Khakassia. It is proved that the increasing economic changes, overcoming the crisis phenomena of increasing variability of organizational and technological systems, determine the need to develop new methodological...
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Integrated Assessment of Human Capital on the Macroeconomic Level

I A Kondaurova, E A Tarasova, V A Gemmerling
The key figure in all the changes that take place in society is the person, his work, creative abilities, competencies, state of health, his human capital. The theoretical analysis carried out in the article showed that today there is no perfect methodology for the integral assessment of human capital....
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Human Capital as the Dominating Factor of Economic Growth in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Z Baigireyeva, S Niyazbekova
The goal of the research is to study the role of human capital in the contemporary society triggering an increase in the intrinsic value. This research reviews the theoretical aspects and fundamental legal principles related to the issue of human capital. Research Design. Common quantitative methods...
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The Impact of Demographic Indicators on Gross Regional Product

I R Bakeeva, A B Nikolaeva, J V Nefedova
The socio-economic development of regions depends on a combination of historical, geographical, resource, demographic and other factors. The gross regional product indicator characterizes economic activity in the region and serves as an indicator of the successful development of the region. Formation...
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Program-Targeted Approach to Labor Organization in Industrial Clusters

S Vandysheva, O Lukinova, L Guseva, N Pisarenko, N Nagibina
The article reflects the organizational and economic methods and approaches to the organization of labor in industrial clusters, provides an analysis and systematization of the views of foreign and domestic scientists and practitioners on the concept of “cluster”, analyzes the implementation of the program-targeted...
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The Impact of Banking Infrastructure on Gross Regional Product

B V Bakeev, R F Valiullin, B R Gareev
When making management decisions at any level, high-quality feedback is needed, which allows you to evaluate the results of a particular impact on the control object. To assess such an impact, various models are often used, primarily economic-mathematical ones, which allow you to quickly and cost-effectively...
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Transboundariness as a Driver of Development of International Tourism in the Far East of Russia

G A Gomilevskaya, A Y Kononov, V V Schur
The article analyses the foundations of the development of transborder tourism being a cornerstone in the process of strengthening the international cooperation in tourism area at the regional level. The aim of the work is to study the factors of development of transborder tourism in the framework of...
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Monitoring in Tourism at the Regional Level: Theory and Practice

G A Gomilevskaya, Y Y Sergienko
The availability of timely and reliable information about the processes taking place in the tourism sector is a prerequisite for the organization of effective management in the corresponding area. The application of the integrated assessment methodology proposed in this work allows to analyze the impact...
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Organizational and Economic Aspects of Military Heritage Tourism in Primorsky Krai

V V Schur, Y Y Sergienko, A Y Kononov
The article outlines the basic concepts of the development of military heritage tourism. The paper states the role of military heritage tourism in the process of creation of cultural relations and international cooperation ties. The purpose of the work is to determine the theoretical foundations and...
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The New Approaches Toward Productiveness of Labor and Salaries Research on the Basis of the Blockchain Technology

A V Charnavalau, D N Baranov, Z V Charnavalava
the present article studies the economic processes in the framework of the economy of labour topical area. The purpose of the article is to introduce a new approach towards interpretation of the productiveness of labour concept, of quantitative methods for its measurement and of the extensive use of...
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Application of Transition Engineering Methodology to Energy Efficiency Development in the Brewery Company

A S Pavlova, M A Daniliuk, A S Pavlov
Most companies aimed at long-term sustainable development take full responsibility to reduce the environmental risks in order to guarantee environmental safety and social justice of the planet’s population. In accordance with circular economy principles, energy efficiency and energy saving are currently...
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Prospects of Organic Market Development in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

N P Vasiliev, L I Danilova
This article discusses the prospects of organic market development in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The key factors justifying the feasible nature of developing such a market in Yakutia are provided. Three perspectives for development of organic agriculture are considered. The main distinguishing...
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Application of the Decision Support System “DATA” for Regional Management

E E Averchenkova, E A Dergacheva
The Russian Federation was faced with a conscious need to make a breakthrough in technological development and in the field of information development of society and, in particular, artificial intelligence. It is discussed how effective digital public management will be, as well as the legal aspects...
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Transatlantic Free Trade and Investment Partnership: Benefits and Effects for EEU

O Y Sokolova, N V Mityaeva, N G Ustinova, N P Timofeeva
Today Global economy is a very complicated multilevel system of interaction of the national economics, transnational corporations, international integration unions and associations. Negotiations on formation of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership are the most ambitious project in the sphere...
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Model of Investment of Small Enterprise in Industry

E Vetrova, A Kharlanov, L Lapochkina
The need for the development of small enterprises in Russia against the background of stagnation in this segment of the economy in recent years makes studying the problem of investment attractiveness of this market segment relevant to finding opportunities and prospects for the development of small business...
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Causes and Consequences for Russia of the First World War

S N Shkarubo
The article discusses the causes and consequences of the First World War for Russia. An unprecedented war has refuted the forecasts of politicians and the military regarding its short-term nature and demanded the mobilization of all the country’s internal forces for its implementation. The province provided...
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Corporate Investments: Essence and Effectiveness of Capital Use

A Brodunov, O Ivanova, K Bunevich, E Gavrilova, O Nazarenko
This paper considers the essence and specific features of corporate financial investment. It describes the pros and cons of financial investment. Insight is provided into the peculiarities of such investment, its drawbacks, and how it specifically works. Financial investment means deferring a fix amount...
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Formation of Models for Funding of Political Parties in Europe

F Dolgikh, V Nitsevich, S Zaslavskiy, Z Usmanova, V Moiseev
The article discusses the factors that influenced the formation of models of financing political parties in Europe. Since the formation of the two types of political parties – cadre and mass – for the first the main source of funding were private donations, while for the second – entrance and membership...
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Staffing of Innovation Activities

L L Nadreeva, V V Melnitchnov, V A Abramov
The article covers a mechanism of involving personnel in the implementation of strategic plans of production processes innovation, the sources of formation of the regional system of personnel support of innovation. It justifies proposals for the use of multidisciplinary educational project teams (EPT)...
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AI-System of Stock Exchange Trading Robot for Financial Risk Hedging

N I Lomakin, I A Popov, A B Shohneh, M C Maramygin, A B Gorbunova
The article considered the theoretical basis for the calculation of financial risks, their hedging with the help of artificial intelligence. The article presents a neural network for the assessment of financial risk for atime sequence of VAR-methods with a view to mitigate it when engaging in stock exchange...
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Spark-Based Big Data Processing: AI to Decide on Opening a SiU9 Contract Position

N I Lomakin, P D Kravcheny, M C Maramygin, A B Shohnech, I A Samorodova
This paper presents the theory behind using AI for big data processing. It considers an artificial neural network designed to make decisions whether to open a position on a SiU9 futures contract; to that end, Spark-based big data processing is applied. It is hypothesized and proven herein that the futures...
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Evidential Significance of the Results of Operational Search Activities at the Stage of Criminal Case Initiation According to Russian Criminal Procedure Legislation

Y P Ryapolova
The article deals with studying the problematic issues related to the assessment of the evidential significance of the results of operational search activities obtained prior to the criminal case initiation and the admissibility of their use in criminal procedure evidence at the subsequent stages of...
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Implementation of the System of Distance Education for Professional Retraining of Engineering Personnel in the Electronic Educational Environment of the University

N S Bodrug, A V Leyfa, O V Skripko
Current trends in engineering training methodology are based on the use of information technology. The perspective direction is application of remote forms of education in the electronic educational environment of higher education institution. The efficiency of additional professional education consists...
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Meta-Subject Approach to Development of Educational Courses for Masters in STEM-Specialties

N A Klescheva, L G Statsenko, M V Bernavskaya, G P Turmov
This paper discusses the issues of meta-subject construction of “Special chapters of physics” course contents for masters in STEM-specialties. The main informative unit of the course – the term of physical world-image (PWI) – displaying coherence and correlation of humanitarian, science and technology...
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Healthcare Problems in Modern Russia

V V Moiseev
The Constitution of the Russian Federation proclaimed: “Everyone has the right to protection of health and medical care” (Article 41). The main law of the country declared free medical care in state and municipal health care institutions. However, the right of citizens to free medical care, especially...
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Right to Work in Modern Russia

V V Moiseev, E E Novopavlovskaya, V F Nitsevich, V V Stroev
The Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees every citizen the right to work. Article 37 of the Basic Law proclaims: “everyone has the right to freely dispose of his abilities to work, to choose his occupation and profession, forced labor is prohibited.” The list of labor rights defined by the...
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Consumer Online Dispute Resolution

T S Korobeynikov
Online dispute resolution is the alternative dispute resolution using information and communication technologies. This mechanism contains a synthetic set of multifarious procedures, from automated decision-making to the independent contractor’s involvement, aimed at reaching an agreement between the...
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The Role of Information Systems in Maintaining Interrelation between Marketing Activity and Quality Assurance Activity within the Company

E G Zhulina, N A Efremova, E S Dykman, Yu V Dulin, R R Samsonyan
Modern business conditions are characterized by the following principles: increased dynamism of the business environment, increased competition in the sales markets, changes in the requirements and needs of customers, the development of modern information and communication technologies in management...
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The Impact of Internal Public Audit on the Use of Public Resources

Z Igibayeva
This study focuses on the targeted use of public resources. Public authorities provide citizens with public resources for the proper targeted use of public resources. This paper analyzes the public auditees in accordance with the standards, common principles and approaches of the risk management system,...