Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

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Feasibility Analysis of International Financial Centers in the Priority Development Areas of Russia’s Far East

I P Bezotetskaya, V S Stepanova, A S Mylnikov
This paper presents the authors’ feasibility analysis of international financial centers in the Priority Development Areas of Russia’s Far East. It analyzes the international experience of creating, and the types of, International Financial Centers in the geographical, legal, and national contexts with...
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Digitalization of Labor Relations

E Gurova, N Laas, I Romanova
This paper presents the results of polling employees of Russian state-run and private enterprises and companies on such topic as digitalization of labor relations. Respondents were asked about the pros and cons of a paperless office, digital workplaces and remote work, which, being the attributes of...
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Career Opportunities Policy in Russia

T V Suvalova, V I Panin, O O Chamberlain
The paper analyzes the state of the art of career opportunities policy in Russia, which is based on polling almost 1,500 respondents. The goal is to identify the career opportunities with breakdown by gender, age, presence or absence of disabilities, ethnicity, and religion. The paper proposes ways to...
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Best Foreign Practices in Modernization of State Regulation for Labor Migration in Russia: The Case Study of Thailand

D Ushakov, K Khairiree, T Podolskaya
In the last 30 years Thailand has seriously repositioned itself at the international labor market - from being a long-term donor to becoming an active recipient of the labor force. Contemporary problems of migration dynamics in Thailand are directly related to low efficiency of state regulation in the...
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Image of Russia in the Chinese Culture of the 21st Century

A S Breitman, Chen Qi
This paper dwells upon the image of Russia, its national mentality and culture both in the broader context of the Sino-Russian relations of the late decades, and in the views of today’s Chinese students studying the Russian language in China. Students have been surveyed at Shandong Jiaotong University,...
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Evaluation of the Effect of Primary Indicators of Technological Innovations on the Outcomes of Innovative Activity in Federal Subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District

N E Egorov, G S Kovrov, S N Pavlova
The article throws light onto the issues of evaluation of the effect of primary indicators of innovative activity on its outcomes. The authors propose an adaptive method of evaluating the effect of primary indicators of technological innovations on the outcomes of innovative activity in the region based...
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Factors and Specifics of Increased Life Expectancy in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

A A Pakhomov, D V Tumanova
The article studies problems and specifics of the mortality in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The mortality causes in Yakutia were analysed in terms of territory and gender. After mortality coefficients were standardised, it was established that the North regions of the Republic have higher mortality...
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Commercial Services Under Digital Transformation of the Global Economy

N S Frolova
Today the economic development focuses heavily on commercial services, which is determined by growing economic importance of their production and trade. As it is well-known, in the developed countries and today in many developing ones, the services account for a significant share of GDP. The contribution...
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Key Competence Development Under Global Economy Digitalisation

T S Boyko, N S Frolova
Key competences today should be formed in all the areas of social life, including the state or a business. We should understand that key competences are very broadly defined, and in some cases they include skills, human know-how, and in others they are competitive advantages of companies, or a competence-orientated...
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Economic Systems in Global Dimension of Information Society

J Yu Bakaeva, A G Stepanov, M A Ananiev
The article considers long-term social and economic consequences of the upcoming technological revolution that will result in the foundation of the new industrial society of the second generation. It will have the following features: increased expertise, production intensity, considerable reduction of...
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Optimization of Enterprise Activity

T Osechkina, M Sevodin
This paper dwells upon the use of optimization measures proposed by the theory of the securities portfolio (SP). The uncertainty of what consequences production planning may have makes imperative to take sound decisions by means of technologies tested in well-developed financial markets. This study adapts...
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Brain Capital as a Factor in the Efficient Digitization of the Economy

M M Makhmudova, A M Koroleva, E A Zubova
The research examines brain capital as a key factor in the digital transformation of a region. The goal of the publication is to comprehensively study brain capital and develop a mechanism for improving the efficiency of the development and use of brain capital. The evaluation of brain capital is based...
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R&D Potential of Regional Digitalization

A A Baryshnikov, M M Makhmudova, T B Yablochkina
This paper analyzes the R&D potential as a key factor of regional digitalization. The goal hereof is to comprehensively research the R&D potential of Tyumen Oblast, to outline its digitalization prospects. To assess the regional R&D potential, the paper proposes a set of indicators that reflect the...
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Cross-Country Comparison of the Level and Quality of Life of the Population: Modern Methods and Approaches

P A Krasnokutskiy, S S Zmiyak, A M Kazakova
Cross-country comparison of the level and quality of life at the present stage is implemented using a fairly significant number of indicators. However, certain ratings evaluate only certain parameters of the country’s socio-economic development, level and quality of life. In this paper, based on the...
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Financial Capital and Its Role in Today’s Economy

D A Dinets, G B Zaorski, A S Merkulov
Financial capital has been on the rise since the late 20th century. Prior to the first half of the 20th century, it was mainly used to facilitate the flow of real capital; it greatly contributed to the economic growth by bringing investment beyond equity. In recent decades, financial capital flows have...
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Issues Relating to the Hi-Tech Industry in the Eurasian Economic Union

A I Mozgovoy, A N Krylov, V V Lobachev, G P Kuzina
The research of the hi-tech industry development is one of the tools necessary to solve the priority strategic task of a scientific and technological breakthrough that is determined by the challenges of the sixth technology revolution which is characterised by the convergence of bio-, nano- and cogno-technologies....
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Ways to Improve the Service of Individuals in PJSC “Sberbank of Russia”

M A Tigranyan, N V Tchaikovskaya
Commercial banks are the main link in the banking system. Banks are independent subjects of the economy. Their relationship with customers is commercial. The main purpose of the functioning of commercial banks is to maximize profits. Commercial banks act as specific credit institutions. They attract...
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Application of Adaptive Learning Technologies in Modern Polytechnic Education

V V Kukartsev, E A Chzhan, V S Tynchenko
In modern society, special requirements are imposed on education and pedagogical methods. Education can be obtained remotely using various means and capabilities. These include interactive e-courses. This article is devoted to the problem of development of electronic courses based on the Moodle platform....
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Econometric Evaluation of Tourism as a Part of Khabarovsk Regional Economy

V A Chernov
Today, tourism is an industry in its own right, having long surpassed many other industries in monetary terms. It involves both the hospitality industry and the sectors that support it. In some countries, tourism is the primary source of currency and budgeting. It is an important source of income that...
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Pemex in the New Environment—Will the Company be able to Rise Again?

M V Kramskoy
This article elaborate on the issue of the ability of the Mexican national oil company - Pemex - undergoing a crisis to continue competing in the rapidly changing global hydrocarbons market. To do that, the article describes three spheres of significant changes: pricing, development and introduction...
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Internal Marketing Strategy for Educational Services

L N Tsarakhova, S V Kabanov
Educational marketing is a promising sector of economy. This marketing seeks to meet the demand for education while bringing prosperity and development to educational institutions. Educational marketing expands every year, as the demand for education evolves. Over the past five years, higher education...
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Evaluation of the Russian Federation Tax Consulting Market Territorial Concentration Level

A T Kerimov, T N Kadzhametova, S R Mustafaeva
The article presents further development of the scientific and methodological evaluation of the level of the territorial concentration of the tax consulting market. A basic evaluation scale is proposed for the level of the territorial concentration of the tax consulting market that identified 6 intervals...
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Credit Institution Liquidity Management as a Financial Stability Factor

G I Khokhlova, J A Yushina, N V Kretova, V F Nikulsheeva
Due to the strengthening requirements of the Bank of Russia for credit institutions and the increasing amount of loan transactions in banking, credit institutions have to constantly monitor the changes of external and internal risks, improve the existing risk management system in order to increase their...
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Spatial Specifics of Investment Utilization in a Regional Economy

S A Grachev, M I Zakirova
Innovation that takes place in global and national economy has specific reginal manifestations. Therefore, when evaluating the efficiency of utilizing investment resources, it’s necessary to consider the specifics of territorial development, which is what this research is about. The methodology is based...
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Keeping Minors Safe in Cyberspace: Extremist and Terrorist Threats

O V Nardina
Minors are active users of cutting-edge communication technologies; joining virtual communities or messaging with remote users, they face numerous threats and risks. The Internet has an increasing population of websites and social media pages that seek to promote extremist and terrorist ideas and practices....
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Use of Mathematical Models in the Research of Futurological Analysis in the Economy of the State

F S Seidakhmetova, T M Mezentceva, Z R Mandrazhi, S U Niyazbekova, T S Sobol
Research questions of the contemporary development of the society remain relevant due to the increasing global problems and also the ideological priorities of the influencing images of the future and the necessity of their prediction. In this regard, a special role is played by futurological activity,...
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How Genres and Age Restrictions Affect Global Box Office

I A Smarzhevskiy, A A Zubareva (Bezdenezhnykh)
The world’s motion picture industry is an enormous market that provides hundreds of thousands of jobs and influences the society and culture in many countries of the world. This research dwells upon two aspects of the industry: production and distribution. Given the industry’s importance for the society...
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Assessment of Production Setup and Upgrade Investment Risks

V Chertykovtsev, A Lukin, I Grigoryants, E Lapa, Y Ryazheva
Today, investment in the real economy is a widely discussed topic. There are multiple points of view on implementing this mechanism. For Russia, such investment and the mechanism behind are urgent issues, as the country’s machinery, equipment, and transports are mostly worn beyond limits. This paper...
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Digital Technologies and Saving Behavior

J Varlamova, N Larionova, L Zulfakarova
Digitalization penetrates all aspects of economy and finance, changes the behavior of major economic agents. The primary research question is to determine whether digital technology is really a tool for increasing savings in the economy. The empirical study has included the construction of a logit model,...
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Educational Strategies of Population: Intergenerational Mobility Analysis

N Larionova, J Varlamova, E Balashova
Education is one of the main factors affecting intergenerational mobility of the population, and therefore it affects the standard of living. Inequality can be inherited, and one of the tasks of the state is to overcome this tendency. We want to check whether parental education affects children’s education....
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Challenges of Training Personnel for the Tourism Industry in Russia’s Far East

L Kovyneva, M Kulyan-Kozionova, E Shchekina
The real state of the tourist business in Russia has shown that as virtual reality technologies develop, they have become an important factor for clients, but travel agencies are not able to incorporate them due to the lack of workers with the necessary competencies. In this regard there is a need to...
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A Method of Assessing Cooperation Between Insurance Organizations and Commercial Banks in Insuring Banking Risks

I V Kalacheva, O N Kozlova, E A Kalacheva
The article presents a method of assessing cooperation between banks and insurance organizations in insuring banking risks. Cooperation between these institutions has resulted in an increase in credit insurance premiums and investment life insurance, which are developed with the active participation...
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Renovationism (Obnovlenchestvo) as a Theological Instrument for the Adaptation of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Socialistic Revolution

A A Radugin, O A Radugina, K A Rashkovskaya
In the article shows that the October Revolution brought about profound transformations in Russian society, which posed a serious challenge to the Russian Orthodox Church. The answer to this challenge was the ideological and theoretical activity of theologians, aimed at adapting the Russian Orthodox...
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The Role of Human Capital in the Development of Industry in Russia

G V Gavlovskaya, P A Smirnov
The article reveals the role of human capital in the development of the modern industry of the Russian Federation. The analysis of the basic concepts is given; the place of human capital is determined as a factor in the country’s competitiveness in the global economic space. It is shown that human capital...
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Banking Management in Russia: Its Shortcomings and Stages of Transformations

T A Alabina, I G Grentikova, R M Kotov
In the current time period in front of commercial banks in Russia arises a need to improve the quality of banking management as a special sphere of credit institution management. The main drawbacks of banking management in Russia formulated by the authors are justified by logically built factors. In...
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Conceptual Variety of Terms, Characterizing State in Social Sciences

V Kuznetsov, S Kuznetsova, A Plotskaya
The presented article contains a brief comparative analysis of the terminology used in the social sciences that study public policy to describe the characteristics of the “strength” / “weakness” of the state, using North American, Latin American, and Russian sources as examples. The article states that...
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A Comprehensive Indicator of Customer Loyalty of Organizations Providing Transport Services Under High Competition Conditions

S A Khaletskaya, N V Yakovleva
The article analyzes the state of competition in the transport sector in Russia, in particular in the field of freight transport in rail transport. In order to improve the efficiency of management of organizations providing transportation services in the field of freight transportation, in a highly competitive...
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Pension Provision in the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation

P Volodkin, A Ryzhova, O Shirokorad
Improving the provision of pensions is one of the priorities of the state policy of the Russian Federation. The pension system is in the process of reform, one of the last steps is to increase the retirement age. Pension in the mandatory pension system (MPS) is appointed by the insurance when the insured...
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The Myth and Reality of the Russian Far East as an Economic System

A Demyanenko, V Ukrainsky
The Russian Far East was considered throughout Soviet and post-Soviet history both by the scientific community and authorities as a spatial (territorial) economic (socio-economic) system, i.e. as an economic and territorial integrity that should have been developed, moreover, in a complex, maximally...
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The Role of MOOC Courses in the Development of Polytechnic Education

N M Galimullina, O N Korshunova, I R Feoktistova
The research objective is to analyze the contemporary Russian platforms for massive online education, which provide the opportunity to master skills and obtain knowledge in compliance with the conception of polytechnic education: Open Education, Universarium, Lektorium, and Intuit. The research method...
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Problems and Prospects of Modernization of Higher Education Based on the Implementation of Professional Standards in the Field of Information Technology

A Chelovechkova, E Polyakova, S Tetyusheva, O Sidorova, D Dick
One of the important factors in the implementation of professional standards is the creation of an educational information environment in an educational institution. In modern conditions of development, higher education is given tasks that are determined by the needs of personnel specialists in the field...
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Assessment and Development of Human Resources Capacity in the Agricultural Sector of the National Economy

V P Neganova, N V Tonkikh, T L Markova
The article considers the findings of the research aimed to specify the methodological approaches to evaluating the factors that impact the formation and development of human resources capacity of the territory agrarian sector. The authors conduct the review, critically analyze the methods traditionally...
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Process Approach to the Creation of Intellectual-Information Management System of Industrial Enterprise Development

P L Altukhov, E B Nozhkina, E M Dushevina
The article deals with the application of the process approach to the creation of intellectual- information management system for the development of industrial enterprises, in order to improve the efficiency and ensure the specified parameters and the overall purpose of its functioning. The importance...
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Social Inequality and Demographic Dynamics: Regions of the Russian Far East

S N Naiden, A V Belousova, M A Gritsko
Both Russian and foreign studies show persistent attention to the question of correlation between demographic and socioeconomic factors, among which the growing social inequality in income occupies a significant place. The problem of leveling social stratification is especially notable for the Far East...
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Analysis of Priority Sectors of the Economy in the Policy of Import Substitution

T Dubrovina, T Ponomareva, I Semchenko
In this paper, the authors considered the priority sectors of the economy in the policy of import substitution.Analyses were carried outthe work of foreign and domestic scientistproposed the author’s interpretation of the import substitution policy, presentedthe scheme of work of the industry of import...
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Interpretation and Identification of Tourism Sector Clustering

A I Pashentsev, A A Garmider
The question of identifying the clustering of the tourist sector due to its positive impact on the economic development of Russia was considered. The author’s methodological approach to the assessment of identification based on the integral method was presented. This approach includes six groups of indicators:...
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Non-Observed Economy: Features of Assessment and Management at the Regional Level

O A Tsepelev, V V Bobrova
The article discusses the features of assessment and management of the non-observed economy at the regional level. The authors classify existing methods into micro (or direct) methods and macro (or indirect) methods. It also describes the main characteristics and limitations of these methods, which do...
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Integration of BIM Technology in Polytechnic Education for Hydraulic Engineers

Yu E Ezhov, P A Garibin, E O Ol’khovik
The work is devoted to the introduction of building information modeling (BIM) technologies in the field of hydraulic engineering. Prospects of transition to digital technologies of design, management of process of construction and operation are given. A number of factors complicating the transition...
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The Tourism Sector of the Baikal Region from the Perspective of Russian-Chinese Cooperation: Opportunities and Threats to the Sustainable Development of the Region

I Tsvigun, T Kubasova, N Rubtsova
The tourism sector development has a multidirectional effect on the sustainable development of the region. Analysis of the tourism sector developments in the Baikal region demonstrates the positive dynamics of indicators characterizing the functioning of this field in the region. However, emerging opportunities...
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How to Share Value in Seed Market?

S V Goncharov, L V Shokhina
As the Ministry of Agriculture is going to increase export revenues to 45 billion dollars by 2024, it has to be related with national research and development improvement (R&D). National breeding organization needs to harmonize budgetary and commercial funding through legal and economic approaches. Unique...
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The Impact of Toxic Management on Staff Burnout

O Koropets, A Fedorova, Z Dvorakova
The growing precarisation of labour relations makes it relevant to study toxic practices of human resource management and their impact on various aspects of employee well-being, including the development of the burnout syndrome. The article discusses various approaches to defining organisational toxicity,...
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The Mechanism of Public-Private Partnerships as an Important Element of the Development of Irrigated Agriculture

A P Nesmyslenov, S M Novikova, D V Serdobintsev
Stable development of agrarian production in arid climate conditions demands a large-scale integrated water management of land, that allows to provide high and stable yields of agricultural crops. Today, such a task is especially relevant in the arid regions of different countries of the world and Russia,...
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Increasing of Efficiency of the Demographic Policy as a Conceptual Direction of Perfection of the System of Reproduction of Labor Potential

A S Shevyakin
Article deals with the main features of demographic situation in the Russian Federation like an important factor of policy in this sphere. The author presents modern trends of the field of reproduction of labor resources. In the article the most important negative features of demographic sphere of Russian...
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Methodological Approaches for Prediction of the Level of Provision of Regional Economy by Labor Resources

A S Shevyakin
In the article considered the main peculiarities of reproduction and formation of labor potential in the regional economy. Attention is paid for methods of prediction and analyzing of situation. Labor resources and labor market changes despite the crisis in the economy, moreover modern labor potential...
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Professional Standard as an Incentive for the Development of Polytechnic Education

E Ignatova
Innovative processes in production require updating the skills of staff. Modernization of the construction industry is based on the introduction of information modeling technologies of construction projects. One of the tasks of modernization of the construction industry and improving the quality of construction...
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Organizational Models of Network Integration in General Education

M I Razumovskaya, O L Kondratyeva
We developed a three-dimensional paradigm “Abilities & Skills – Integration – Technologies” that extends the view of a process approach to the modelling of network integration in a geographically localized market of general education services. We examined two models of subject-object relations: abstract...
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Smart Media Education Projects in Polytechnic Education as Resource for Developing Corporate Television at the Russian Flagship University

E V Kasyanova, P S Lomasko, E M Nazarenko
The article presents the experience gained from implementing smart projects in media education carried out by students within the framework of polytechnic education programs. The main goal of such projects is creating media products in the form of infographics, video, topical animated visuals commissioned...
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Assessment of Russian Stock Market Attractiveness for Foreign Investors

Yu D Ismagilova, V V Stetsyuk, O V Pravikov, V V Denisov
Issues of assessing the attractiveness of the Russian stock market for foreign investors seem very interesting and relevant. So, at present, Russian and foreign researchers have examined the features of the stock market and the factors affecting its attractiveness, methods and indicators for assessing...
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Employee Performance Assessment in a Large Enterprise

I Tarasova, N Asanova, O Avdeyuk
Employee performance assessment is a complex process which aims to identify the effectiveness of the staff’s daily activity and to provide information that will help in decision-making. In this article, employee performance is viewed as a complex structure which is comprised of four criteria groups (qualification,...
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Analysis and Forecasting of Credit Institutions Bankruptcy Using Neural Network Modeling

V P Pervadchuk, D B Vladimirova, A A Yudin
This work is devoted to the study of the probabilistic bankruptcy state of Russian Federation credit institutions. It develops a tool (neural network) designed to assess the financial condition (bankruptcy) of banks. Data collection and generalization are carried out, the results of numerical modeling...
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Housing Investment Market Development as Quality of Life Improvement Factor

T Y Ovsiannikova, O V Rabtsevich, I V Yugova, M N Nikolaenko, D I Siritsena
The article is devoted to the results of a research on correlation between quality of life and development of housing investment market, as housing complex functioning sphere. For that purpose the authors considered population’s life quality assessment methods, the indicators’ system of which includes...
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Economic and Mathematical Modeling of Food Security of the Subjects of the Russian Federation

E N Antamoshkina, A F Rogachev
The aim of the study is to use the methods of economic and mathematical modeling to assess food security. The article presents a methodological approach to the food security assessment, which enables one to determine a comprehensive indicator, i.e. food security index (Ifs). According to statistical...
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Assessment of the Well-Being of the Russian Population

Yu I Pyzheva
Following the paradigm of maximizing economic growth as measured by the GDP does not always provide an increase in wealth when considering the environmental and social consequences of economic development. Over the past decades, there has been some experience in developing alternative approaches to assessing...
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How the Inefficiency of Executive Bodies’ Performance Reflects the Size of Shadow Economy (The Case of the Russian Federation Regions)

E N Nevzorova, A P Kireenko
The article reveals how the size shadow economy interacts with the indicators of executive bodies’ performance. The theoretical framework of the study is the set of research publications proved the impact of public institutions on the size of shadow economy. The empirical basis of the study is the evaluation...
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Digital Economy and Digitalization of AIC

E S Ustinovich, S V Mamontova, M V Kulikov
Today’s buzzword is digitalization. It has been going on for several years and covered multiple sectors of economy and manufacturing, from media and tourism to agriculture and healthcare. In 2017, the Russian Federation adopted its Digital Economy State Program, which covers all the major industries. Russia...
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Approaches to Evaluation of the Reliability of Private Pension Funds

M A Seliverstova
The article examines the issues of assessing the reliability of private pension funds in the Russian Federation. The pension system has an important role in the social, economic and political life of society. The social and economic development of society depends on an effective pension system. Over...
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Economic and Statistical Modeling and Evaluation of Quality of Life of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Population

A T Naberezhnaya
The article is concerned with statistical modeling and evaluation of quality of life of the population of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The territory of the region exhibits significant intra-regional disparity of natural and climatic conditions of living; it is located in absolutely uncomfortable and...
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Technical Service Quality Management

G V Redreev, V M Pomogaev, A A Luchinovich
The technical product efficiency can be one of the options to confirm the technical service quality after the service works. However, this requires the knowledge of the factor influence that determine the service quality on the performance indicators of the technical product. This is especially true...
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Analysis of Investment Activity in the Russian Intellectual Property Market

K Kazantsev
The article analyses the current investment problems in the intellectual property market in Russia. Global experience of investing in an intellectual product is reviewed. The statistics of investment activity in the market of intellectual property of Russia is observed, the correlation analysis of investment...
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Optimization of Logistics Business Processes Within the Framework of Export Activities Based on the Introduction of Cognitive Information Technologies

E V Volodina, P A Kudryashova, E A Studentova
The strategic priority for the development of the Russian economy in modern conditions is the diversified development of non-primary non-energy exports, i.e. high value-added products that can provide a multiplier effect. Export is defined as the most important component of foreign economic activity,...
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Qualimetry Analysis as a Tool Lean for the Workplaces Design

D G Maksimov, N V Kotlyachkova, O V Kotlyachkov
Research in the field of measuring quality criteria and indicators of the production systems of enterprises is engaged over a long period of time. This led to the emergence of the ‘lean production’ direction. The primary object of applying the principles and methods of lean manufacturing is the workplace,...
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The Development of Methodical Approach to Knowledge Mapping in the Digital Economy

J Yeleneva, S Chervenkova, V Andreev
Currently, the main value is knowledge. Success is achieved by organizations that effectively create, transmit and use knowledge. However, these processes are quite complex. Companies need effective tools for their effective implementation. In the industrial world, the efficiency of production processes...
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Cluster Analysis as a Tool for the Distribution of the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation According to the Level of Economic Security

N V Kotlyachkova, A Y Merzlyakova, D G Maximov
In recent years, the cluster approach has become one of the main methods used in public administration both in Russia and abroad. Economic security is the basis of strategic planning designed to implement the strategic national priorities of the Russian Federation, and plays a dominant role in the economic...
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Modern Problems of Management Efficiency in a Joint Stock Company

L M Stepanova, N M Melnikova
Ensuring management efficiency under uncertainty becomes more difficult and is influenced by many factors. Human factor and the relevant functions also play a significant role in management. At the same time joint stock society management has its own specific aspects. We have conducted a cross-cutting...
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Perspective Model of Business Development in the Far North

N Karmanovskaya, A Smirnova, V Atlygina, M Nikolaeva
All articles must contain an abstract. The abstract text should be formatted using 10 point Times or Times New Roman and indented 25 mm from the left margin. Leave 10 mm space after the abstract before you begin the main text of your article, starting on the same page as the abstract. The abstract should...
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How Intraregional Migration Affects Human Capital in Northern Regions

E E Kampeeva, A T Naberezhnaya
The paper dwells upon the theory and methodology of researching the effects of migration on human resources (human capital) in the development of northern regions. It presents the main trends of migration in Russia. The author hereof analyzes international and Russian experience of using rotational jobs...
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Transformation of the World Market for Smartphones in the Context of Implementation Attacking Strategies by Chinese Companies

E G Matyugina, P V Broslavskiy, M V Bulygina
The article discusses the specifics of the development of the global smartphone market with consideration to the positioning of new players in terms of sales dynamics and market share of major manufacturers. The analysis of changes in terms of market conditions from the moment of its inception to the...
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Contents and Outline of the Informational Educational Environment

V P Gulyaev, T F Gavrilyev
The issues of employment after the graduation and acquiring respective qualificationы are studied. The analysis of the Federal Educational Standard for various degrees and professional standards has allowed to identify the list of the main requirements of the labour market for a young professional. The...
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The Marketing Potential of the Region as a Driver of Its Economic Development

M S Starikova, I N Ponomarev
The article presents a methodological approach to measuring the marketing potential of territories. A summarised theoretical analysis based on existing ideas regarding marketing of the territories and marketing potential of the region was carried out, followed by a comparative analysis of components...
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Project Management Methods in Planning of Socio-Economic Development of Municipality (On the Example of the Settlement Named After Karl Liebknecht Kurchatov District Kursk Region)

I V Anciferova, A I Levin, L V Levina
The article deals with the problems of development of municipalities in the Russian Federation. In terms of stabilization of social and economic development, effective mechanisms for managing the development of territories are required. It is stated that the activities of local governments in Russia...
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Arctic Indigenous Peoples: Preservation of Traditional Subsistence Activities

I V Samsonova, M S Malysheva
The Arctic zone is a unique part of Russia. This is a territory of a specific type of development and plays a strategic role from the point of view of national security and economy. The Arctic zone takes up 52.2% of the territory of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and is characterized by distinct extreme...
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Prospects for Polytechnic Education in the Implementation of Applied Educational Programs

A E Bespalov, V V Agafonova, I V Kozlova
Based on the analysis of existing regulatory documents in the field of higher education, the possibility of using an interdisciplinary approach in the educational process as part of the development of polytechnic education, which is aimed at achieving results in priority areas of development of science,...
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Computer Modeling of Demographic Processes in the Region

I R Shulunova, S S Mikhaylova, E S Budaev, M V Zhilkina
Analysis of spatial differentiation of region-specific demographic processes helps identify the basic trends in population. Structural dynamic analysis can make use of computer simulations to sequence panel data in a logical and visually clear fashion.
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Informal Employment and the Shadow Economy: Essence and Social Functions

E O Akvazba, T E Uhabina, A V Starkova
An overview of existing approaches to the concept of the shadow economy and its role in the development of the country is given in the article. The authors describe the shadow economy as a socio-economic phenomenon that has a significant impact on the labor and social situation in Russia, and in particular...
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Quality Assessment of Preschool Education of Children with Autism

I A Nigmatullina, V Ju Dadakina
This research is devoted to the study of the effectiveness of realization of psychological and pedagogical conditions of preschool education of children with autism, which may contribute to an increase in its accessibility and quality. The purpose of this article is to assess the compliance of the quality...
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Traditional Lifestyle of the Nationalities in the North and the Economic Activity of the Region: The Case of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

L E Ushnitskaya
Yakutia is not only the largest region in the world, but also the northernmost area that people have mastered and where they adapted economic activity to their needs (Such a large region, that there are even 13 Arctic territories). Today the economy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is currently represented...
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On the Issue of the Evaluation of the Economic Development of a Region

N A Demura
The article presents the research of basic approaches to the assessment of regional economic development and identifies the most feasible approach, which is today a pertinent task for the Russian science and practice. The research is based on the analysis of the publications by Russian experts, recommendations...
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Organization of Master Classes for Foreigners Learning the Russian Language

A V Yakimova, Yu V Kuzmina
the article is addressed to teachers of Russian as a foreign language. The article describes a popular form of education - a master class, its capabilities and main advantages in comprehending language and culture (change of activity type, minimal language training of students, a wide range of opportunities...
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Deterioration in the Health of Russian Citizens

T Tagaeva, L Kazantseva
The article analyzes the public health situation in modern Russia, the dynamics of demographic indicators, healthy life expectancy, primary and overall morbidity, disability, infant and working age population mortality. International comparisons of the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the...
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Retrospective Analysis of Russia’s Cottage Industries as a Solution to Overcome Today’s Entrepreneurial Crisis

N A Dushkova, V A Grigorova
This paper analyzes Central Chernozem to discuss the history of cottage industries, which have been fundamental to the emergence of small businesses in the region. This paper systematizes what is known on the public policies regarding cottage industries; despite some miscalculations and shortcomings,...
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Modeling Forecasting the Financial Condition of Organizations

E P Peshkova, S P Kyurdzhiev, A A Mambetova
Subject of article is forecasting the financial condition of organizations. The work purpose is to improve existing and develop new methodological approaches to the analysis and forecasting of the financial condition of the enterprise. Study hypothesis is based on the assumption that the results of the...
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Estimation of Models of the Effect of Taxes on the Economic Growth of the Regions of Russia

A A Mambetova, E P Peshkova
Subject of article is the assessment of descriptive and optimization models of the effect of taxes on economic growth. Work purpose is based on the analysis of the basic models of economic growth (taking into account the tax factor) of foreign and domestic authors to identify the features, advantages...
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Today’s Digital Economy as Russia

A V Savchenko, M Y Katalkina, S A Antonov
Russia as a digital economy requires imperative analysis in the light of national security, especially given the pace at which China and the US advance their digital manufacturing technologies as well as the scale of using such technologies when oppressed by sanctions. The methodology of preventive crisis...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Methods for Development of Assertive Behavior in High School Students

L V Mamedova, Yu V Kobazova, I J Shakhmalova
Studies into how the younger generation grows up and develops as part of the society are increasingly relevant today. The society influences human beings and their mental conditioning; it defines the point of origin for tracking the changes at this or that developmental stage. Therefore, assertive behavior,...
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Legal Guarantees for Local Self-Government in Today’s Russia

N V Vinnik, E V Kolesnikov
This paper analyzes the legal guarantees for local self-government in Russia as well as specific proposals made to tacked the related issues. The Russian Federation is currently trying to create a new and efficient model of public administration. Local self-government is an integral power of public authority....
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Mechanism of the Innovation Development in the University

I N Krasovskiy, V P Pilyavski, S P Shendrikova, M V Nazrieva
Emergence of the new education as a global phenomenon rather than a local or national one has been prompted by the awareness of the planetary scale of the environmental, economic and political challenges of the 21st century as well as by the ongoing trend toward the globalization of the economic, political...
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Management of Verbal Communications as an Innovative Approach to the Formation of Image Policy of the Organization

N A Turanina, O A Kireeva, Yu N Sushkova, S N Glamazda
The article deals with the important problem of effective management of other branding communications in the organization. An innovative approach to the construction of this process is an important component of the image policy of the organization and the highest level of its functioning. Services provided...
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Specific Features of Japanese Economy

S N Sokolov, E A Kuznetsova, E A Rzhepka
The article covers the specifics of social and economic relations of Japan that is one of the leading world economies. The deficit of material and financial resources made Japan develop competitive export-oriented economy by using its main advantage, namely the highly qualified resources. The article...
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Correlation of the Image of the World and Individual-Psychological Features of Adolescents

E I Shuleva
The author presents the results of an empirical study of individual psychological characteristics and image of the world of adolescents. The study used the following methods: multi-Factor personality questionnaire 14PF (Sixteen Personaflity Factor Questionnaire, 14pf) Cattell (teen version), projective...
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Development of Professional Skills of Students–Philologists (In the Context of “Extensive Reading”)

E A Karpuhina, N V Barahanova, L A Yakovleva
The article is devoted to the study of one of the aspects, focused on teaching of the English language. The aspect is “Extensive reading”, which is a discipline, taught at universities in Russia. The authors of the article look into the essence of the discipline and define its integrated nature, expressed...