Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation (ISCCCA 2013)

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Research on the Lifetime Estimation of Secondary Connections Using the PRP M/G/1 Queuing Network Model

Ekendeke Ndiomo Maurice Junior, Bin Guo
Allocated Spectrum band has always been a limited resource; being later a more challenging issue due to the growth of user demands. The past decade is marked by important changes in spectrum access through especially cognitive radio technology. Here, spectrum access issue can be studied in all the different...
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Active Defense Security Model in the Application of Network Deception System Design

Jiawei Du, Xing Zhang, Ying Zhou, Yongqiang Bai
As the traditional network defense is built on intrusion detection and passive protection, which is weak at dynamic response. The network deception technology in active protection is analyzed, and a network deception system based on active security model is proposed in this paper. This system implements...
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The Design and Implementaion of PTZ Control in Intelligent Video Surveillance

Saidong Lv, Guohua Tang, Yaowen Xia, Jili Xie
In the security monitoring system, in order to realize the multi-angle and different positions of the camera monitoring the camera monitoring, a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) module is used. This paper describes the PELCO-D protocol of PTZ and serial communication firstly. Then it achieves control the of PTZ and...
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Development of Embedded Practice Platform for Control System Based on ARM

Qing Liu, Jiang-Tao Wei
This paper uses an industrial control product as a teaching platform, the necessary foundation of theoretical teaching and practical exercises which is combined, so that students quickly grasp the embedded industrial control system software and hardware, the basics of the system hardware and software...
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Signal recognition basing on optical fiber vibration sensor

Haiyan Xu, Zhuo Zhang, Xuewu Zhang
Distributed optical fiber sensor can acquire the information of physical field along time and spatial continuous distribution. It plays an important role in long-distance oil and electricity transmission and security. In this paper, the author introduced the universal steps in triggering pattern recognition,...
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3D Tree Modeling and Visualization Simulation Based on Fractal

Xudong Xu, Jingqing Ye, Guanfeng Lv
In this paper, we propose a 3D tree simulation method which is based on fractal theory and combined with the morphological characteristics of trees. By modifying a few simple parameters we can achieve the realization of different types of 3D tree automated generation. According to the tree structure...
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Active Learning Based on diversity maximization

Yongcheng Wu
In many practical data mining applications, unlabeled training examples are readily available but labeled ones are fairly expensive to obtain. Therefore, as one type of the paradigms for addressing the problem of combining labeled and unlabeled data to boost the performance, active learning has attracted...
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A novel method of Visual Attention for Targets Detection

Zhuo Zhang, Xinnan Fan, Xuewu Zhang, Haiyan Xu, Min Li
Inspired by the research of human visual system in neuroanatomy and psychology, the paper proposes a two-way collaborative visual attention model for target detection.In this new method , bottom-up attention information cooperates with top-down attention information to detect a target rapidly and accuractly....
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Design and implementation of a large points FFT acceleration unit in multi-processor system based on FPGA

Duo-li Zhang, Xue-peng Yang, Yu-kun Song
This paper introduces the design and implementation of a large points FFT acceleration unit of multi-processor system based on FPGA. It introduces radix-2 DIT-FFT algorithm and the features of hardware platform. It analyzes the FFT acceleration unit overall and divides it into several modules. Then hardware...
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The Design and Implementation of Database on Library Management Information System

Hui Zhai, Hui Shi, Rui Zhai
The stand or fall of database design was related to an information management system was really practical. Analysis of user demand from the library management information system, the design and implementation of the database part in the system development process was discussed as a key point, and the...
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Design and Implementation of Network Devices Monitoring System Based on SNMP

Liang Liu, Weifeng Wang, Zhilei Wang
People requirement network reliability and security more and higher as the information age of the Internet to promote the rapid development of business and Internet using unceasingly thorough, network equipment, network structure is complicated. This paper design and implementation of a monitoring system...
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An Analysis on the Application of P2P in Network

Yongmei Zhang
Currently, P2P is a very popular network model. Compared with the traditional model, it bears the advantages of high transmission speed and no centralization etc, and it performs much better in the cyber source utilization and server bottlenecks elimination. This article, starting from the basic principle...
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AlNGaN HEMT T- gate Optimal Design

Xiaowei Zhang, Kejin Jia, Yuangang Wang, Zhihong Feng, Zhengping Zhao
The GaN HEMT is widely used in high-frequency aspects, use the T-gate to reduce gate resistance is one of the most effective methods to improve the the device maximum oscillation frequency (fmax). But fmax is very sensitive to T-gate size, improper selection may reduce fmax, Therefore, in order to reduce...
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The Petri Net model of the requirements and service composition

Zhijuan Chen, Ronghua Ye
In the service-oriented environment, the composition of multiple web services is always used to satisfy the given request. To meet the request, the compositions of the services are various. Aim at such difficulty, described with the environment ontology, the relative theory of Petri net is proposed to...
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One OCDMA PON System with 2D Multi-Length Two-Weight CHPCs

Di Zhang, Yuhua Liu, Cui Xu, Yongqiang Qi
One OCDMA PON system is discussed in this paper. Multi-length Two-Weight Carrier Hopping Prime Codes is selected as encoder scheme, encoded information is transmitted through Optical fiber. Hard Limiter is utilized in receiver terminal to ensure lower bit error rate. Simulation shows that it can be used...
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The Design and Implementation of Florist’s Shop Online System Based on J2EE

Hui Shi, Hui Zhai, Rui Zhai
With the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce had been widely using by more and more people, so had shopping online . The J2EE architecture was adopted in this paper. An florist’s shop online system was designed and implemented based on the analysis of the actual needs of users. Through running...
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Research on the Security Technologies of Power Grid EMS Based On SOA

Zhiyong Lu, Yijun Zhang, Luan Yang, Shiping Xu, Yuanyou Chen
This article analyzes the accidents of power grid in some domestic region to discuss the security problems existing in the power grid Energy Management Systems (EMS). Combined with the security requirements of EMS, the method of improving EMS security based on SOA is proposed and the involving key technologies...
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Research on the Thermal Effect of Long Pulse Laser Irradiation BK7 Glass

Yuanyuan Sun, Zheng Li, Limin Song, Qiurui Jia, Shibo Liu
The temperature and thermal stress distribution on BK7 glass was numerical simulated by MATLAB according to heat conduction theory. Research has shown that the laser pulse number, spot radius and pulse width can change the extent of the damage threshold for BK7 glass. The results shown the damage threshold...
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Security EarlyWarning Assessment Progrm of Hazardous Sources Based on EarlyWarning Information Processing Mode

Ling Jia
The early warning can constantly improve the monitoring and management of the hazardous sources to realize advance prevention and control. Many early warning methods do not predict and imitate the hazard sequel and the early warning information in incomplete. This essay analyzes and studies the early...
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The Comparative Analysis of SVC and STATCOM on Subsynchronous Oscillation Mitigation

Jian Zhang, Xiangning Xiao, Benfeng Gao, Chao Luo
The methods for subsynchronous oscillation mitigation based on SVC and STATCOM are analyzed in this paper. According to the IEEE first benchmark model, the electrical damping coefficients respectively provided by SVC and STATCOM connected at the generator terminal, as well as positive damping condition,...
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The Research and Application of Network Security Technology in the University Network

Ling Jia
The rapid development of computer network technology and information technology, brings greatly facilitate and enrich people's lives for information transfer and fast access, improves work efficiency. At the same time, the network information security is followed. How to ensure the network information...