Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation (ISCCCA 2013)

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The Complex Blind Deflation Algorithm Based Particle Swarm Optimization with Survival of the Fittest Mechanism

Wei Zhao, Chunpeng Dong
For multi-constraint nonlinear optimization, this paper puts forward a complex blind deflation algorithm based particle swarm optimization with survival of the fittest mechanism(CBD-PSOSFM) which has faster convergence speed, and then gives a quantificational formula of the improved convergence speed,...
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A New Derivation of TGR with Naked Antenna in Lossy Medium

Xinbo Qu, Bihua Zhou, Zheng Wan, Wei Shi, Xiaogang Xie
A new derivation of Transient Grounding Resistance(TGR) has been proposed in this paper. Take grounding system as naked antenna in lossy medium, and then get the input resistance of naked antenna in a given frequency based on Helen current integral equations. With inverse Fourier transform, the resistance...
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The Analysis of Transient Grounding Resistance of Portable Horizontal Grid Earth Electrodes

Xinbo Qu, Bihua Zhou, Ningsheng Cao, Yapeng Fu, Xiaogang Huang
Based on current situation of mobile equipments’ earth devices, a new type of portable horizontal grid earth electrode has been designed. With the impulse ground measurement system, different number of earth electrodes’ responses to double exponential pulse current have been tested on cement grounds....
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The AS' Property and Policy of MANET Structure Tourism Network

Qin Yuan, Yong Wang
MANET(mobile ad-hoc network) is an independent NET AS SYSTEM, which has much difference with wired network.It does not depend on fixed main network( but can be cooperated with main network). This article puts forward a kind of ASN structure during the design of MANET Tourism Network. So it solves the...
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A New Multivariate-based Ring Signature Scheme

Lingling Wang
Most of the existing ring signature schemes are based on traditional cryptography, such as RSA and discrete logarithm. Unfortunately these schemes would be broken if quantum computers emerge. The MQ-problem based Public-Key Cryptosystem (MPKC) is an important alternative to traditional PKCs for its potential...
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Research on Integrated Monitoring System of High-voltage Tower

Huichun Huang, Wei Jiang, Renjie Hu
The monitoring and stable operation of high-voltage tower is an important direction of strong grid research. Transmission monitoring includes the forecast of early faults and real-time state estimation. There is no domestic report on related research. Some simulation in laboratory had been done and little...
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Research on Vulnerability Detection for Software Based on Taint Analysis

Beihai Liang, Binbin Qu, Sheng Jiang, Chutian Ye
At present, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability exists in most web sites. The main reason is the lack of effective validation and filtering mechanisms for user input data from web request. This paper explores vulnerability detection method which based on taint dependence analysis and implements...
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A Genetic Algorithm-Based Quasi-Linear Regression Method and Application

Fachao Li, Kena Zhang
Regression analysis, as an important branch of statistics, is an effective tool for scientific prediction. Genetic algorithm is an optimization search algorithm in computational mathematics. In this paper, a new regression model named quasi-linear regression model is established. Further, its implementation...
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Researchment and Realization Based on Android Database Application Technology

Ming Xu, XinChun Yin, Jing Rong
This paper puts forward and realizes local model SQLite and remote model SQL Server two different database processing technology based on Android system according to mobile platform for database technology application deep-demand. Meanwhile, this paper expounds the function of WebService when Android...
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Structure-based pharmacophore models generation and Combinatorial Screening of ICE Inhibitors

Yanling Zhang, Yuanming Wang, Yanjiang Qiao
Eight structure-based pharmacophore models of Interleukin-1 converting enzyme (ICE) inhibitors were generated by LigandScout based on ICE inhibitor complexes from the Protein Data Bank (PDB). A combinatorial screening method based on multiple pharmacophore models were proposed in present study, since...
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Analysis of MMSE-based anti-interference performance for MIMO-UWB systems

Biao Yan, Jiamin Wang, Dingping Guo, Saiyan Cai
The combinations of MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) and UWB (Ultra-Wide-Band) systems greatly improve the performance of the UWB system. For the MIMO-UWB system, a new decoding scheme is proposed based on the STF (Space-Time-Frequency) coding and it can reduce the decoding complexity. The simulation...
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Research on Signal "Batch-increasing" Phenomenon of Superheterodyne Reconnaissance Receiver

Yanzhong Hao, Hongliang Zhang, Fuchun Zhang, Hui Wang, Zhengdong Xu, Duo Wang
For the superheterodyne reconnaissance receiver detected "signalBatch-increasing" phenomenon, research on radar signal sand the intercepted characteristics of reconnaissance receiver from the frequency domain, pointed out that "Pulse-width split" and "Pulse-width truncated" caused by Emitter signal spectrum...
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Electric Scissor Aerial Work Platform Solenoid Valve Research

Guojun Pan
Electric scissor aerial work platform generally uses hydraulic cylinder to lift. The decline solenoid valve is an important part of the entire hydraulic system, which usually installed in the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder. The main function is locking hydraulic cylinder to prevent the platform sinking...
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Equipment Maintenance Support Analysis Model Based on Field-Theory

Wei-yi Wu, Ping Gu, Jie Liu, Bin Liu
At present military activities have been influenced deeply by the information revolution, in the same way the equipment support activities are confronted with tremendous challenge and many problems appeared. The equipment support ability is not satisfied with its target in the traditional method along...
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An improved algorithm based on LEACH protocol

Wei Liu, LeLe Wang
In this paper, taking into account the shortcomings of wireless sensor networks, LEACH algorithm, the algorithm has been improved on this basis. The design of the E-LEACH algorithm, which extend the network lifetime, improve node energy utilization, and the effectiveness of this algorithm through simulation...
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Compute Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Brachial Plexus and its Surrounding Tissues by using Chinese Visible Human (CVH) Data Anatomical foundation for brachial plexus entrapment

Qi Li, Bingfang Zeng, Weiqing Kong, Changqing Zhang
We selected cervical cross section image from CVH-F1 (Chinese Visible Human – Female, No.1) database. After labeling the relative structures, we made 3D reconstruction of brachial plexus and surrounding tissue by computer reconstruction technique. In cervical cross section image, tissues like vertebrae,...
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Reliability analysis of Structured P2P System

Tai Zhang, Sheng Wang, Dan Liao
Reliability is most important for structured p2p systems and how to exactly evaluate the metric-“loss rate” which is tightly related to reliability is a hot topic and challenge. Many research works of the loss rate only consider the situation that the loss rate is caused by next hop node failure (NF)....
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Target Classification Using PAS and Evidence Theory

Li Jia, Hai Yan, Guohui Li, Hui Zhang
This paper presents a novel Dempster-Shafer evidence construction approach for aircraft aim recognition. The prior-probability of the properties of aircraft was used for establishing a probabilistic argumentation system. Dempster-Shafer evidence was constructed by assumption- based reasoning. Therefore,...
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Clock Compensation Strategy in Train Ethernet

Xiaoyong Zhang, Jun Peng, Shuo Li
How to degrade the delay time of gateway queuing with heavy network load in train communication networks is the key to guarantee the stability of the train. This article models the queue scheduling problem modeling into reinforcement learning process, puts forward an adaptive weights learning polling...
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Design of Campus Smart Card System

Weichun Lv
With the fast development of campus informationization, the complexity of comsumption types and identification of college teachers and students also increases, which raises more strigent requirements to college management. This essay illustes the overall planning of campus Smart Card system, discussing...
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Pixel-level Image Fusion Based on Programmable GPU

Hong Li, Gao-Feng Tang, Fen-Xia Wu, Cong-e Tan
A novel algorithm which is image fusion based on GPU is proposed. The fused rule is regional energy. In recent years, the power of the computing of GPU has been greatly improved, which results that using it for the general-purpose computing has a rapid development. The essay researches on implementing...
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Edge-Magic Total Labellings of Some Network Models

Hongyu Wang, Bing Yao, Chao Yang, Sihua Yang, Xiang’en Chen, Ming Yao, Zhenxue Zhao
It has been known that edge-symmetric graphs can be used as models of some scale-free networks, such as hierarchial networks and self-similar networks, such as graph colorings can be used for distinguishing objects of communication and informa-tion networks. We study the edge-magic property of edge-symmetric...
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A Topology Control Algorithm Based on Pass Loss for Wireless Sensor Network

Nanxi Luo, Jie Bao
We present PLTC,a distributed topology control algorithm that based on pass-loss for wireless sensor network .In contrast to the algorithm based on RSSI,it can be applied on a heterogeneous network and nodes with different transmitting power.In this paper,we discuss the shortcomings of other parameters...
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Multi-focus Image Fusion Using Curvelet Transform

Yong Li
Curvelet transform is a new muiti-scale geometic analysis, which has the characteristics of anisotropy. It is more suitable for the analysis of image curve edge characteristics than wavelet. Thus, in this paper it is applied to multi-focus image fusion, and used fusion rules that suitable for the characteristics...
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Optimal Power Consumption Analysis of Two-level Hierarchical Model and Non-hierarchical Model

Ganglin Zhang, Guangcan Liu, Weibing Chen, Cheng Yang
Energy scarcity is one of the most critical problems that occur in wireless sensor networks compared to traditional networks. However, the problem has been partly solved by building the power consumption model of WSN. This paper is based on a simple wireless sensor network model, it gives the optimal...
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A New Design of Three-Legged Robot of Mechanical and Control System

Haotian Cui, Wang Yang, Qingqing Li, Yueqing Yu, Lizheng Ma, Yumo Wang
A new type of three-legged robot design scheme is proposed and the movement control of it is studied in this paper. Spatial crank rocker mechanism (RSSR) is used to will the motor rotation into a leg swinging in mechanical design. Advanced reduced instruction-set computer machines (ARM) chip, wireless...
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Development Scheme of Mobile Campus Information Integration Platform Based on Android

Hongxin Hu, Ming Cui
This paper reports on the design of software based on Android operating system, which enables smart phone, tablet PC and other devices to communicate with WEB server through the network. The WEB server then sends the data got from connection with school shared database to Android client device in JSON...
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The use of computer-aided teaching software in the teaching of basketball tactics

Yanjun Chang
The development of computer-aided technology provides the material basis for the construction of the integration of learning theory and basketball tactics course. But computer-aided technology itself does not naturally promote teaching, how it reasonable design, the use of computer-aided technology can...
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Security Analysis of Cryptographical Module for FPGA

Haitao Sun, Jie Liu, Deqing Xue
FPGA has been used abroad all fields about space, military, auto. It is the best choose of cipher protocol and arithmetic achievement. Its security has been concerned. In this article the authors design a Hardware Trojan of transmitting key information towards FPGA. It is important to realize the implement...
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Analysis and Implementation of Raptor Codes for Video Multicast

Geng Wei, Congjuan Li, Yudong Zhang
Packet loss is unavoidable in IP multicast using the UDP protocol that will serious influence video quality. In this paper we use the Raptor codes for video multicast to improve the video quality. Firstly, the principle of Raptor codes is analyzed in detail. Then the Raptor codes is implemented and transplanted...
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A Method of Opinion Tendency Analyzing Based on Regular Expression

Zhijuan Wang
Negative Internet information is harmful for social stability and national unity. Opinion tendency analyzing can find the negative Internet information. Here, a method based on regular expression is introduces that needn’t complex technologies about semantics. This method includes: building negative...
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Research and Design on the System of Wave energy of Seawater Desalination with Negative Pressure

Chao Wang, Weigang Zheng
Based on the marine drilling platform or the freshwater shortages of barren island that need to be developed, the paper proposes a new type of energy saving through the wave energy device to manufacture freshwater. The wave energy of the sea can be converted into the negative pressure of the system through...
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The design of water supply automatic control system of ship based on PLC

Rui Wang, Weigang Zheng
the design of vessel centralized water supply system which can use diesel exhaust heat and solar energy hybrid, the system is better than the traditional water supply system and it can make full use of waste heat and solar energy,so the design will save the energy and protect environment .PLC centralized...
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High Performance Data Processing Pipeline Of Chinese Solar Radio Heliograph

Fan Zhang, Feng Wang, Wei Wang, Wei Dai, Hui Deng, Kaifan Ji, Yihua Yan
The Chinese Solar Radio Heliograph (CSRH) is a new generation radio heliograph would produce more than 4 terabytes data every day. As a aperture synthesis telescope, CSRH is facing the challenge of processing and storing such a vast data. Pipeline system is the key issue of data automatical processing...
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Application of Performance Motion Capture Technology in Film and Television Performance Animation

Manyu Zhang
In today’s animation films, virtual character animation is a research field developing rapidly in computer graphics, and motion capture is the most significant component, which has brought about revolutionary change for 3D animation production technology. It makes that animation producers are able to...
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Network layer network topology discovery algorithm research

Jianxia Ge, Wenya Xiao
Along with the development of the network information age, people on the dependence of the computer network is more and more high, the computer network itself the security and reliability of becomes very important, the network management put forward higher request. This paper analyzes two algorithms...
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Design of State Feedback Controller for Discrete Systems with Time-delay

Shuai-tian HE, Zhi-chang LI
The stability analysis and controller design of discrete linear systems with time-varying delay are addressed. Firstly, the uniformly asymptotical stability criterion with adjustable parameter is derived by Lyapunov-Razumikhin approach. Then, the stabilization approaches for linear systems with time...
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The Application of Information Visulization to English Lexicology for College English Majors

Xiaoqing Cui
By employing relative theories of information visualizaion and teaching methodology, we apply a practical course of College English majors to this information visulization assisted teaching, hoping to find that it is conducive to motivating English learners towards information acceptance and ultimately...
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The Characteristic Parameter Estimation of Low Temperature Target Weak Signal Based on VanderPol-Duffing System

Yanchun Xu, Danfeng Zhao, Mi Lu
The weak signal, which is usually submerged in strong noise, is very difficult to detecte for its amplitude and frequency. The dynamic properties of VanderPol-Duffing are studied in this paper. Such system can go into the chaos under certain parameters. In chaotic state the disturbance of weak periodic...
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Research on the Security of Massive Data Storage

Guanghui Zhai, Juan Li
Storage of massive data is receiving more and more attention in recent years and it has been widely used in many fields, meanwhile, its security is facing a great challenge, too. In this paper, we propose a distributed authentication protocol to ensure the security of massive data storage, this method...
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Applications of Modern Information Technology in the Teaching of College Curriculums

Wenya Xiao, Jianxia GE
In this paper, it carries out more in-depth study on the integration of modern educational technology with college curriculums, especially on the application of multimedia technologies in the college teaching and obtains some valuable achievements. There are many issues worthy of study on the integration...
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Self-healing research of ZigBee network based on coordinator node isolated

Ming-Jiang Huang, Tao Wang
A single-chip solution is proposed to realize the node design based on 2.4 GHz ZigBee wireless sensor network. Mesh network topology is achieved by the use of ZigBee Pro protocol stack on the hardware platform. When the packets are successfully sent to the coordinator node, a relevant event will be generated...
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Webpage Tamper-resistant Strategy Based on File System Filter Driver and Event-triggered

Zhenqi Wang, Weiping Wang
In order to develop a more practical, higher security and less time-consuming webpage tamper-resistant system, we proposed a webpage tamper-resistant strategy on the basis of original tamper-resistant strategies and technologies in the paper. This strategy adopted the file system filter driver and event-triggered...
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Second-order IIR Notch Filter Design and implementation of digital signal processing system

Chun Mei Wang, Wei Cai Xiao
In this paper the AC power 50Hz power interference, we use IIR digital notch filter method for industrial frequency interference filter. From the design of IIR digital filter method proceed with, on the IIR digital notch filter simulation, the algorithm deduced, on the fixed-point DSP programming method...
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Reserch on Intelligent Tutoring System Model Based on Multi-AGENT In Mobile Environment

Jianhua Wang, Yan Yu
Along with the mobile network techniques become more progressive and perfect, the mobile terminal is as a kind of tool, way and assisting power.Its role and status has become more and more significant in the field of intelligent teaching system development. It combines the traditional intelligent teaching...
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The Design of an Miniature Underwater robot for Hazardous Environment

Bin Fang, Wusheng Chou, Xiaoqi Guo, Xin Ma
An miniature underwater robotic system for hazardous environment has been developed. The system consists of an underwater robot, a robot control station and a cameral control station. The underwater robot is installed two cameras for inspection, one is a camera of radiation resistant with two-freedom...
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Ontology based Domain Resource Semantic Retrieval Model

Shiliu Wang, Gongjie Zhang
Retrieval technology has been widely used, but most of the current retrieval models are based on the logic matching of characters without considering user’s query requirements and objectives in semantic level, which makes the retrieval results deviate from the retrieval intention of users. Based on the...
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Tourism Domain Ontology Construction Method Based on Fuzzy Formal Concept Analysis

Yan Liu, ShengQuan Liu, Peng Li
In this paper, fuzzy formal concept analysis is introduced to the tourism domain ontology construction process, first fuzzy formal concept analysis of uncertain information in the domain of tourism then through the conceptual clustering generated fuzzy concept hierarchy, lastly mapping to get fuzzy ontology...
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The Application of Web Mining in Distance Education Platform

Yuanyuan Liao
Although the rapid development of the modern distance education, there is still some shortcomings. In order to overcome these shortcomings and use a large number of data in these remote teaching sites effectively, it is necessary for the introduction of data mining technology to the modern remote education...
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Cognitive Radio as Enabling Technology for Dynamic Spectrum Access

Nai-qi Wei, Zi-li Chen
Frequency spectrum scarcity is currently one of the mostly discussed topics in wireless communications. When there is no free spectrum available, no new broadband communication techniques can be put into operation. The double use of already assigned frequencies leads to interferences. A possible solution...
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Ontology Model for Situation Awareness of City Tunnel Traffic

Lin Li, Weiguo Wu, Nian Liu
Networking of city tunnel monitoring systems is an application instance of Internet of Things. Situation awareness of city tunnel traffic is a method of analyzing the traffic safety of city tunnel. This paper studies the ontology model for monitoring tunnel traffic situation. The model reflects the basic...
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A Probabilistic based Redundancy Control Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network

Haitao Wang, Jianzhou Li, Li Yan, Xueping Zhang, Hui Chen
Existing redundancy control algorithms in WSN often have some evident shortcomings such as hypothesis is too much, application backgrounds are not clear, the precision of redundancy control is low and computing complexity is high. In this paper a probabilistic based redundancy control algorithm (PBRCA)...
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Template-based Delta Compression of Large Scale Web Pages

Kai Lei, Guangyu Sun, Lian’en Huang
Delta compression techniques are commonly used in the context of version control systems and the World Wide Web. They are used to compactly encode the differences between two files or strings in order to reduce communication or storage costs. In this paper, we study the use of delta compression in compressing...
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The Study of Stage Assessment Scheme of Programming Courses Based on Experiment

Dan-dan Zhao, Chun-li Xie, Hai-yu Song
Through analyzing the problems in the assessment of computer programming courses, a stage assessment scheme based on experiments is presented in the paper. Experimental arrangement is consistent with theoretical progress, and experiment subjects are established according to theory course units in this...
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Research on Property and Model Optimization of Multiclass SVM for NIDS

Jianhao Song, Gang Zhao, Junyi Song
By investigating insufficiency of typical artificial intelligence algorithms aiming at the high rate of False-Positives and False-Negatives in the Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), this paper presents an approach that Support Vector Machine(SVM) is embedded in Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)....
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A Practical Fuzzy Adaptive Control Strategy for Multi-DOF Parallel Robot

Wei Meng, Zude Zhou, Quan Liu, Qingsong Ai
Multiple Degrees of Freedom (DOF) parallel robots possess the advantages of being compact structure, great stiffness, stability and high accuracy, so such platforms have been widely used in application areas as diverse as the spacecraft motion simulators, radio telescopes, and medical rehabilitation...
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Research on Intelligent Borehole-Surface Electrical Method Multi-Parameters Detection System

Zhengsen Jia, Jun Lin, Xuetao Li, Lei Shao
Accurate detection of the direction of hydraulic fracturing cracks in the oil field is one of the crucial factors in rational exploitation of the remaining oil and enhanced oil recovery. In this paper, using the potential and the potential gradient test methods and virtual instrument technology, we design...
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Scalable Parallel Motion Estimation on Muti-GPU system

Dong Chen, Huayou Su, Wen Mei, Lixuan Wang, Chunyuan Zhang
With NVIDIA’s parallel computing architecture CUDA, using GPU to speed up compute-intensive applications has become a research focus in recent years. In this paper, we proposed a scalable method for multi-GPU system to accelerate motion estimation algorithm, which is the most time consuming process in...
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A Secured Distributed and Data Fragmentation Model for Cloud Storage

Lixuan Wang, Lifang Liu, Shenling Liu, Dong Chen, Yujiao Chen
The increasing popularity of cloud service is leading people to concentrate more on cloud storage than traditional storage. However, cloud storage confronts many challenges, especially, the security of the out-sourced data(the data that is not stored/retrieved from the tenants’ own servers). Security...
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Emotional Interaction Agents in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Yu Sun, Zhiping Li, Yaowen Xia
A model of emotional interaction agents in intelligent tutoring systems is presented in this paper, and the functionalities of the key components of the agents are described. To improve the emotional interaction between learners and the system, a kind of emotional interaction agents which can deduce...
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Building quotient cube with MapReduce in hadoop

Juan Zhang
In order to solve the problem that how to improve the efficiency of query and calculation in massive data, a method of building quotient cubes in Hadoop plateform which combined the advantage of the quotient cube and MapReduce model is proposed in this paper. At first, all cubes will be established and...
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Design Network Teaching Evaluation System Based on MVC

Yali Su, Bisheng Fu
The traditional teaching evaluation system is high cost, complex and low efficiency, This paper proposed based on Model-View-Controller(MVC), use Struts and Spring and Hibernate framework technology to achieve design of the Network Teaching Evaluation System(NTES). It can remedy the defects in traditional...
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Performance optimization mehtod on smart grid information platform

Lin Qian, Dong-hui Li, Xiao-zhi Wu, Guang-xin Zhu, Jiang-hui Liu
In recent years, with the development of economics, Chinese government feels obliged to build a strong smart grid, state grid company starts the construction process of SG-ERP system comprehensively. However, system performance bottleneck gradually has been spotted due to expanding of IT systems. So...
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Image Retrieval Based on Color-Statistic Feature

Jinmei Liu, Jizhong Li
Color is the most widely used visual feature in content based image retrieval. The visual coherence color space, HSV, is adopted to represent image. Hue component is used to denote color. Hue difference statistic is proposed to extract color change information as supplement to color feature. The image...
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Application of the CNC system based on PMAC in Laser Forming Machine

Chun Shang, Peng-fei Guo, Guang Yang, Hong-you Bian, Peng Qi, Lei Cai
With the research of the main structure of the CNC System, the design philosophy of the CNC System based on PMAC in Laser Forming Machine was put forward. This system takes PMAC as control model of CNC and PC as system supporting units, which is a double CPU CNC system——the CNC system model of "PC+PMAC"....
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A Solution for Anonymous Routers Discovery Based on Source-Routing Traceroute

Jiang Du, Yu Li
Discovery of computer network’s topology is always an important basement for network management. As IPv6 becomes the official standard, topology discovery methods should be changed as well. In IPv6 network, Anonymous Routers (AR) is one problem that we must deal with. AR is one kind of router we don’t...
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Study on Improved Flexible Neural tree Optimization Algorithm

Yu Wang
The BP neural network is easy to fall into local minimum point, the algorithm convergence speed slow, this paper puts forward an improved algorithm of flexible neural tree, introduced the basic theory knowledge of Flexible neural tree , analyzes the characteristics and advantages of the neural tree....
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Research and Practice of Application-level Maintenance Platform Based on ITIL

Canquan Li, Gang Wu
There are many studies about application-level maintenance at present, with different levels and depth and business logic. However, there are some common characteristics from two respects: incident management and problem management of ITIL. This paper designs an application-level maintenance platform...
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Multi-Satellite Observation Scheduling Based on a Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization

Kebin Gao, Guohua Wu, Jianghan Zhu
In this paper, we attempted to find an effective method to resolve multi-satellite observation scheduling problems. Firstly, an acyclic directed graph model for multi-satellite observation scheduling was constructed. Secondly, based on the graph model, we presented a novel hybrid ant colony optimization...
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Analysis and Research of Monitoring and Controlling on Greenhouse Environment in Facility Agriculture

Qi-guo Yao, Yu-liang Liu
Along with the development of facility agriculture technology, the greenhouse industry constantly upgraded. Applying sensor technology, electronic technology, communication technology and network technology to regulate and control the greenhouse environmental factors will greatly boost greenhouse industry...
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Technical and Economic Analysis on Renewal of Shipborne Measurement and Communication Equipments

Yongliang Zhang, Jiang Zhou, Xiaochun Liu, Jun Xue
Shipborne measurement and communication equipments are central parts of space measurement ship. Renewal of the equipments is very important for space measurement tasks. Also it is important to save cost for continuable development. The paper proposes the problem of technical and economic analysis of...
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Research of Computed Tomography Inversion Algorithm for Coal Face Based on Ground Penetrating Radar

Feng Yang, Cui Du, Meng Peng, Zequan Feng, Yangyang Sun, Enlai Li
Currently, mine safety is the focal point in mining activity. As a new and advanced approach for geophysical prospecting, the ground penetrating radar (GPR) is used in the mine disaster detection. Aiming to solve the restriction of low resolution and limited depth of the GPR in the deep coal seam detection,...
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Remote monitoring system design based on configuration software

Qian-hu Xiao, Shao-jie Weng
Configuration software adopts configuration program mode, and has good secondary development function and portability. After analyzing configuration software of home and abroad, a set of remote monitoring system that monitors soil moisture is developed using KingView 6.55 in this paper. This system realizes...
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Hospital Information System: Closed-loop Application Based on Radio Frequency Identification

Hong Wang, Yuanli Wu
To prevent medical errors or even accidents, our solution is to design the closed-loop application based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in the Hospital Information System (HIS). We focus on the information improvement for doctor's order based on RFID. The whole closed-loop process...
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Study on the Formation Control Methods for Multi-Agent Based on Geometric Characteristics

Lili He, Xiaochun Lou
Multi-agent formation control is the process in which the teams formed by multiple agents move to specific target or specific direction. The formation method of the linear formation and circular formation are given in this paper, based on the geometric characteristics of the formation formed by multi-agent....
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Feature Selection Algorithm for Palm Bio-impedance Spectroscopy based on Immune Clone

Lin-tao Lü, Peng Li, Yu-xiang Yang, Fang Tan
According to the features of Palm bio-impedance spectroscopy (BIS) data, this paper suggests a kind of effective feature model of palm BIS data— elliptical model. The model combines immune clone algorithm and least squares method, establishes a palm BIS feature selection algorithm, and uses the algorithm...
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Security Analysis of MD5 algorithm in Password Storage

Mary Cindy Ah Kioon, ZhaoShun Wang, Shubra Deb Das
Hashing algorithms are commonly used to convert passwords into hashes which theoretically cannot be deciphered. This paper analyses the security risks of the hashing algorithm MD5 in password storage and discusses different solutions, such as salts and iterative hashing. We propose a new approach to...
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A kind of ECC - KNN classifier's vehicle identification algorithm

Lin-tao Lü, Huan Gao, Yu-xiang Yang
this article presents an improved classifier vehicle identification algorithm to improve the efficiency of the existing vehicle recognition algorithm. First, using edge orientation histograms to extract image characteristics, then, Error correction coding is applied to the classification of classifier,...
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Design and Application of a Policy-driven Interactive Security Model

Ronghua Guo, Ying Zhou, Yuhan Zhang, Yongqiang Bai, Jiawei Du
It is difficult to build a perfect security system due to passive protection methods or isolative security devices. Principles of several interactive models are analyzed at first. And then a policy-driven interactive security model, which implements an integrated security system between many devices...
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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Vehicle Control System Based on Camera Sensor

Shubra Deb Das, Jue Yang, Muktadir Rahman Chowdhury, Mary Cindy Ah Kioon
In this paper we propose a intelligent vehicle system design with MK60N512VMD100 as the micro-controller unit and CMOS image sensor to obtain image information of the track. Our proposed comparator circuit instead of an A/D conversion to obtain the binary image enables us to achieve a bigger field of...
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Application of Multimedia and Network English Teaching In Multiple Intelligence Development

Zhaoxu Han, Wei Wang
Based on Howard Gardner s Multiple Intelligence theory, this paper puts forward that college English teaching assisted by multimedia technology and network could promote multiple intelligence to the greatest extent. By taking advantage of students-center, teachers-mediator, task-base drive, constructivism...
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The Design of social security information management system

Wanli Cao
The social security information management system based on three-tier model and the client-server framework is built, which in close connection with social security archives information. At the same time, the amount of data, namely the underlying architecture code design, system architecture design,...
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Detecting App-DDoS Attacks Based on Marking Access and d-SVDD

Jin-ling LI, Bin-qiang Wang
In order to enhance the extensibility of current attack feature extracted and detection means for App-DDoS(Application Layer Distributed Denial of Service, App-DDoS)attacks, a novel feature extracted method based on marking access and a new detection algorithm named d-SVDD are proposed. After expressing...
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A Train Hot Bearing Detection System Based on Infrared Array Sensor

Ying Wang, ZhengRong Wu
Train wheel hot bearing is the primary cause of cutting-axle fracture and severe hotbox accidents, which poses a great threat to the safety of railway transmission. It is necessary and vital to research and develop the technique of hot bearing detector and corresponding system for maintaining the reliable...
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Application of Using Simulated Annealing to Combine Clustering with Collaborative Filtering for Item Recommendation

Zhiming Feng, Yidan Su
Item-item collaborative filtering was widely used in item recommender system because of good recommend effects. However when facing a large amount of items, there would be performance reduction, because of building a very large item comparison dataset in order to find the similar item. K-means cluster...
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Prototype Design of Self-securing Portable Storage Device

Li-jue Zhu, Wen-tao Zhao, Hui-jun Wu, Yong Liu, Zhao-ming Hu
Embedding the security mechanism into the device is the core of self-securing, on purpose to provide the device with the ability of self-defense. Currently, security of portable storage device is commonly depends on the host, which makes the data easy to be attacked or stolen. Researches on self-securing...
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Multi-parameters Measurement Based on STM32 ARM of Dual-excited Electromagnetic Flow Meter in Partially Filled Pipes

Ji Suo, Chunqing Qi, Hongbing Zhang
The dual-excited electromagnetic flowmeter with arc-electrodes in the paper can measures liquid level and flow velocity. A pair of electrodes is set as signal injection electrodes on the pipe bottom. AC signal injected used to determine liquid level. The theoretical analysis and experiment results indicate...
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Research on Iterative Method in Solving Linear Equations on the Hadoop Platform

Yi-di Liu
Solving linear equations is ubiquitous in many engineering problems, and iterative method is an efficient way to solve this question. In this paper, we propose a general iteration method for solving linear equations. Our general iteration method doesn’t contain denominators in its iterative formula,...
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Design and Application of a Network Security Model

Shiping Xu, Yuhan Zhang, Ying Zhou, Yongqiang Bai, Haipeng Fu
This paper analyzes the deficiency of P2DR security model, and proposes a kind of new active dynamic security model AD-RPPDRRM, in which risk analysis, management and recovery are imported. On the basis of this model, basic technologies used to implement the defense in depth system are discussed. At...
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A survey on smartphone security

Di Liu, Ni Zhang, Kun Hu
This paper proposes a survey on smartphone security from the aspect of mobile malware, specifications related to smartphone security, and smartphone security solutions. The contribution of this paper helps people to quickly know about definition of malware, attack channels and black industry chain of...
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Customized MMRF: Efficient Matrix Operations on SIMD Processors

Kai Zhang, Yaohua Wang, Shuming Chen, Zhentao Li, Liang Wen
Wireless communication and multimedia applications feature a large amount of matrix operations with different matrix size. These operations require accessing matrix in column order. This paper implements a Multi-Grained Matrix Register File (MMRF) that supports multi-grained parallel row-wise and column-wise...
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Multiple Constrained QoS Routing Algorithm Based On Genetic Algorithm In Overlay Network

JunWei GE, JinXin Deng, YiQiu Fang
How to depend on different services provide different guarantee of QoS, and to ensure the effective use of network resources will become an important task in overlay network. In this paper, we consider constraints of network bandwidth, delay, loss rate, cost ,and base on the resources of current global...
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Multipath ring Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Guimin Huang, Wujin Tao, Pingshan Liu, Siyun Liu
In the past years, the routing problems of wireless sensor network (WSN) have attracted great interest, and many routing protocols for WSN have being proposed. However, these routing protocols pay little attention to the transmission reliability. Therefore, this paper proposes a new multipath ring routing...
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A Novel Network Survivability Analysis and Evaluation Model

Chunlei Wang, Dongxia Wang, Qing Miao, Liang Ming, Lan Fang, Yiqi Dai
Network survivability has the characteristics of complexity, dynamic evolution and uncertainty, which has become one of the most important factors for analyzing and evaluating network performance. Network survivability analysis and evaluation is a process of analyzing and quantifying the degree to which...
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Subnet Broadcast Polling Algorithm of Network Management Based on SNMP

Meigen Huang, Zhilei Wang
The current data collection of a network device in the network management system exists low real-time and long polling cycle, this paper proposes a subnet broadcast algorithm based on SNMP. The algorithm introduces the idea of Subnet division and broadcasting, when polling, the algorithm polled network...
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A General Architecture for Monitoring Data Storage with OpenStack Cloud Storage and RDBMS

Bin Hu
The process monitoring and fault diagnosis is one of the important problems in the process industry. Archived monitoring data is valuable for long-term analysis and decision making. In this paper, we propose a general architecture to manage and storage archived monitoring data. It has been implemented...
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Design and Implementation of LAN-sensitive Information Interception and Analysis System

Shaofeng Lin, Weifeng Sun, Linna Fan, Hua Wang
The LAN usually hides internal network structure by NAT to share a public IP address in the internal network, and thus it is hard to locate the source host precisely distributing sensitive information for a large-scale information monitoring system by analyzing the intercepted packets. So it is hard...
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Impact of Indirect Network Effect between Two Sides on the Diffusion and Pricing of Platform

Chuan Zhang, Weida He
Platform’s diffusion is sophisticated because of indirect network effect between two sides; there will be a peak or several peaks of diffusion rate. Platform’s diffusion can be divided to two stages: the stage before its take-off of potential market size and the stage after its take-off of potential...
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Website information extraction based on DOM-model

YaFang Lou, YiChong Zhang, ZhiJun Yuan
With the rapid development of network technology and the promotion of application, web has become the main platform of the issuing and accessing information. It is current research focus, how to obtain the information required by the user from the vast information source. This paper presents an extraction...
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The existences of frame wavelet set

Wan-She Li, Hong-Xia Zhao
In this paper, Let be a real expansive matrix, it mainly discusses the existences of frame wavelet set, we discuss the characterization of frame wavelet sets in , and several examples are presented, in order to deepen the understanding of frame wavelet set, which gives the two related theorems; we try...