Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Business Corporation and Development in South-East and South Asia under B&R Initiative (ISBCD 2017)

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Overview of International Business

Fan Chen, Sun Meng, Wei Zhou
With the rapid development of econom science and technology, international business comprises a large and growing portion of the world's total business. The purpose of this paper is mainly to state why we develop international business and how to do international business.
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Study on the development of nonferrous metal futures market

Qiaozhen Hu, Sun Meng, Wei Zhou
Since the introduction of the first commodity futures standard contract - Super aluminum futures contract in 1991, the metal futures market has developed for nearly twenty-five years.Although China's metal futures market overall development time is not long, but the development rate of the world attention,...
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On Cultivation of Intercultural Communication Competence in the Context of "the Belt and Road"

Rui Hu
The Strategy of "the Belt and Road" has brought great challenges and higher requirements for the domestic intercultural talents. Based on the theoretical connotation of intercultural communication competence, the paper analyzes the approaches of cultivating intercultural communication competence in English...
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Analysis of highway project financing in Laos

Yajie Huang, Ning Yan
This article analyses a financial environment of Laos's country, furthermore the financing mode of Chinese enterprises investment in Laos and a brief analysis of China's investment situation that reinforce power for financial investments. In 2016 the total mileage of the National Highway in Laos has...
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Survey of the Factors Affecting Women's Income in IFAD Poverty Alleviation Project in Cambodia

Hao Yin, Vanny Peou, Huiping Liu
Cambodia is a country which with a vast territory but along with a sparse population, its residents should benefit from this. But on the contrary, the reality is that most people in Cambodia still live on the edge of poverty, which is partly due to the low income of women. Female labor accounts for a...
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Study on Status and Investment Opportunity of Construction Industry Chain in Malaysia

Hao Yin, Ying Gao, Zhaojing An
Malaysia is an important country which located in the strategic pass of Maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century, which joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in 2015 as the founding members. In the next few years, Malaysia investment enterprises will transform small projects into major projects,...
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A Research on China's Infrastructure Investments in ASEAN in the Context of The Belt and Road

Nian Yue, Yunlong Duan, Lisheng Yang
ASEAN is the fast growing economic entity, so the market contains huge investments and demands. In terms of infrastructure, most of the ASEAN countries are lagging behind in electricity, transportation and communication. Well,the governments have imposed a large number of preferential policies, which...
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Research on China's energy poverty evaluation framework based on Capabilities theory

Linlin Liang, Qicheng Lu
With the rapid development of economy and society around the world, energy poverty is widespread around the world as one of the three major challenges of the world energy system, especially in developing countries, and has a serious impact on social life. This paper firstly reviews the energy poverty...
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New Connotation and Denotation of Global managers under the Belt & Road Initiative ?A Perspective of Individual Cross-Cultural Adaption

Xialing Wei, Ying Zhang
The Belt & Road economic development initiative brings out new definition, connotation, and denotation of global managers, the role of whom are particularly important in transnational management environment during the cross-border transition. This paper analyzes the adaptation of global managers in transnational...
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Study on the Influence of Coach's Sense of Work Alienation on Job Performance

Long Liu
The development and scale of campus basketball in China directly determines the basketball talent training of China in the future, therefore, in an increasingly competitive environment, the management and work efficiency of coaches are especially important! This paper selected 112 universities in China...
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An Analysis of Cultural Synergy of China Foreign Aid Program Participants

Yan Li, Jin Zhang, Ababacar SY Diop Khalifa
This paper mainly addresses the cross-cultural conflict within the organization, measures the cultural state of foreign education aid programs. Based on the "Denison Organizational Culture Model", the investigation team conducted sampling survey. With students in the foreign aid program of Yunnan University...
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Research on System Design of Government Promoting Corporate Technology Innovation

Chuan Pu, Lisheng Yang
In In this paper, the System Design of China Government Promoting Corporate Technology Innovation. Enterprises carry out technology innovation, government promotes it. The empirical results show that Government policies and systems have a stake in the corporate technology innovation. Currently, the government...
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Research on Personal Credit Evaluation

Wei Miao
Traditional regional economics and management science may justify the personal credit evaluation system in one way or another, but generally speaking, they are not specific enough. This article sets the personal credit evaluation based on criminal justice data as the focus and uses theories of management,...
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The impact of knowledge management on enterprise innovation capability: the mediation effect of dynamic capability

Qicheng Lu, Linlin Liang
Whether knowledge management has a positive impact on enterprise's innovation capability is still a controversial topic, and the mechanism of its influences is still very vague. This paper explores the influence of knowledge management on enterprise innovation capability under the unified framework of...