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A Key Management Scheme based on Cluster Grouping Structure for Mobile Networks

Xiaorong Feng, Jun Lin, Shizhun Jia
In according to elliptic curve cryptography algorithm, the paper put forward a kind of ECC key management scheme based on logic cluster grouping structure for mobile networks. The mobile nodes are divided according to cluster classification, and then, each cluster is logically divided into multiple groups....
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Unmanned driving research of underground scraper based on laser measurement system

Jianguo Li, Kai Zhan, Xin Guo, Hengtong Li
Combined with the special working environment of underground tunnels, the method of unmanned driving technique for underground scraper based on laser measurement system is proposed. The key factor is obtaining the horizontal position deviation which is used to realize the tendency to zero by adjusting...
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The design and application of remote monitoring system on working condition of trap in steam pipe network

Xiaolei Wu, Xingjiang Yu, Shengli Ye, Yunfei Xia
the real-time remote monitoring shows the working status of trap in steam pipe network, and provides data for maintenance of trap in steam pipe network. based on the research of the steam trap’s characteristics and working principle, the remote monitoring system of steam trap is built. The practical...
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Research on Co-simulation of Omni-directional Mobile Platform Based on ADAMS and MATLAB

Wei Tang, Yong Liu, Cao Liu, Jinfeng Gu, Yaqiang Jie, Xiangyong Liu
Omni-directional mobile platform has a unique advantage in the narrow space or the occasion where needs to turn round frequently. In this paper, the model of omni-directional mobile platform with four Mecanum wheels is established in ADAMS, and the four-wheel control system is designed in MATLAB/Simulink,...
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Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Forest Fire Detection

Qingjie Zhang, Jiaolong Xu, Liang Xu, Haifeng Guo
We proposed a deep learning method for forest fire detection. We train both a full image and fine grained patch fire classifier in a joined deep convolutional neural networks (CNN). The fire detection is operated in a cascaded fashion, ie the full image is first tested by the global image-level classifier,...
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Automatic Control System of the smart transfer device based on S120 and PLC

Xiuyuan Wu, Weichuang Qi, Zhiyi Zhang, Yongjun Liu, Xiangyang Wu
The transfer device is widely used in the industrial production line, and the different production lines have different requirements for the equipment control system. In the paper, a smart transfer device control system based on the S120 and PLC was developed for a production line with two different...
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Analysis on large-capacity storage battery discharge of intelligent energy-feedback device

Shunxin Liu, Hui Song, Zhenhua Wen
The reliability of DC operating power is largely decided by the storage battery in power system. In order to satisfy large-capacity storage battery discharge demand and requirements for energy-saving and emission-reduction, a new intelligent battery discharging device that can feedback energy was designed....
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Design of Vacuum Arc Measurement System Based on Rogowski Coil

Hui Song, Shunxin Liu
A novel method is presented to detect the volt-ampere characteristic of vacuum arc in this paper. Highlights of this paper can be concluded that: the basic structure, computation models, designing principles and procedure, and selection criterions of materiel and electromagnetic parameters of the coil...
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A design of solid state power controller based on FPGA

Jianying Liu, Kai Gao, Zhangang Yang, Haiting Yu, Chaoqi Yan
With the increasing power demand of aviation equipment, the requirement of the protection of electrical load on the plane is more and more stringent. Once the over-current happened, it would be required that the system must quickly cut off the fault circuit. A solid state power controller based on FPGA...
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Design And Implementation of Remote Video-Audio Communication Module in The Commanding-Dispatching System of Transmitting Stations

Shanshan Li, Jian Zhou, Luying Jia
In order to improve the overall efficiency of transmitting stations under the new conditions, we need to have a more advanced commanding and dispatching system which is dominated with the practical situation of the work. This article designed the remote real-time video-audio communication module in the...
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An Effective Method to Detect Moving Objects under PTZ Camera

Huifen Dong, Jiao Zheng
Due to the changes of background, detection of moving objects under PTZ camera becomes critical and full of challenges. To solve this problem, a new method based on K-means clustering is proposed in this paper. Generally speaking, the motion vector of background is not equal to the motion vector of moving...
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A Fast Lane Detection and Tracking Algorithm

Huifen Dong, Mingbo Hu
To improve the real time performance and robustness, an algorithm about lane coordination detection is proposed. The lane parameter is detected by the local windows extraction and the global extraction based on Hough transformation, with the help of the lane parameter confidence interval and the active...
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Design and Simulation for Brushless DC Motor Speed Control System Based on Fuzzy Control and Active Disturbance Rejection Control

Jian Hu, Ming Chu, Hanxu Sun
Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is a nonlinear system of multi-variable, high-coupling and time-varying. Considering the high-precision speed control requirement of BLDCM, this paper designs a speed control system of BLDCM based on fuzzy controller And active disturbance rejection controller (ADRC). As the...
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Risk Control of Outsourcing in Mobile E-government System

Xiaoyan Li, Likun Zheng, Shi Wang
E-government system has changed into the direction of deepening service and provided faster and convenient service. With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularization of mobile intelligent terminals, mobile e-government is required by citizens for better services. Because of the technical...
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A Satellite’s Temperature Field Reconstruction Method Based on Structural Feature

Na Chen, Weiqing Li, Pengxiang Yi, Xinlong Mao
Temperature field reconstruction of satellite is important for measuring temperature and monitoring the satellite’s components. The reconstruction method of temperature field and the visualization technology in the satellite thermal control test were introduced. By analyzing typical internal structure...
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A Study on Miniaturized Microstrip Antenna for IoTs Sensor Applications

Rui Li, Ming Bai, Chun Xiang Li, Hu Xu, Yi Dan Su
A 2.4 GHz microstrip antenna with compact structure for IoTs applications is presented. A parallel resonant capacitor is introduced to miniaturize the size of 2.4 GHz antenna, and to expand the frequency bandwidth, a quasi-dipole is designed on the opposite layer of the L-shaped microstrip antenna. Moreover,...
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Study on Intelligent Alarm System for Gas Concentration Detection

Juan He, Shuai Kang, Guang-Yi Luo
Aiming at the coal mine safety production, a kind of intelligent alarm system has been designed based on DSP technology, each part has been introducteddetailly and the system is simulated by CCS software. The simulation results show the system is correctness and feasibility, which proves that the system...
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Application of RTK Technology in Vehicle Driving Deviation Test

Xinglin Zhou, Yang Wu, Wensha Lv
This paper presents a method using RTK technology to test the vehicle’s driving deviation distance and angle which covers the shortage of the existing method. The measuring principle, composition and algorithm of RTK test system is also introduced in the paper. Two moving receivers were used simultaneously...
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Research on home patrol robot

Kerong Gai, Xiaotie Niu, Jinxiang Zeng
To cater for the demand for home patrol robots, the paper discusses a sort of automatic charging robot which is based on ARMII kernel and wireless embedded S3C6410 processor and realizes the functions of online control via smart terminals through transplanting the Android operation system, home security...
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Performance and Industry Application Test of A High Power Access Point

Xu Liu, Da Zhang, Xiao Lv, Feng Jin, Xuesong Chen
This paper designs a high performance wireless communication access point based on 802.11n for mining for low communication speed and low transmission power in mine. The access point is composed of hardware layer and software layer. This access point supports double frequency at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and...
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The dynamic scheduling algorithm based on heuristic rule

Yan Ge, Aimin Wang, Jincheng Cheng
To deal with the problems in shipbuilding spatial scheduling with rectangular workplace and rectangular blocks, a dynamic scheduling algorithm based on heuristic rule was put forward. The algorithm consists of two rules to achieve the multi-day scheduling and guarantees the punctuality of blocks and...
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The Research on a New Method of Fault Diagnosis in Distribution Network Based on the Internet of Information Fusion Technology

Yanjie Wu, Duolong Wu, Jianfeng Li, Pan Zhu
The method of fault diagnosis for distribution network has always been one of the research hotspots in the fied of power system and its automation control. With the rise of smart grid, how to realize the intelligent operation and management of distribution network line, as the last mile of power supply...
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Design of Commercial Vehicle Information Collection and Remote Monitoring System

Yi Zhang, Yong Xu
Traditional commercial automobile vehicle terminals provide insufficient display of information and make it difficult to extract automobile data. To address these problems, a commercial automobile information system is designed which includes S5PV210 as its main controller. The system acquires automobile...
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Ultrasonic signal processing using wavelet transform for automatic rail defect detection

Gang Yu, Xiaoman Wang
Ultrasonic echo signal from running rail defect detection equipment generally contains noise, which makes it hard to identify the defects. In this paper, wavelet transform based approach is proposed to process the ultrasonic echo signal. Through the experimental verification, the proposed method is effective...
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Combination of rating conflict in failure mode and effects analysis based on generalized combination rule

Xuelian Zhou, Feng Liu, Yongchuan Tang
Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a preventive tool to keep the bad product from going to the consumers. Experts in a FMEA group often have different evaluations to each failure mode, and this will lead to conflict ratings for each failure mode, then how to manage the conflict to get the risk...
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Context Oriented Semantic Model for the Internet of Things

Biao Dong, Jinhui Chen
This paper presents a context-oriented approach for architecting the Internet of Things(IoT) applications using ontology mechanism. Considering the abstraction which is necessary for IoT real-time intelligent information decision making, we define two kinds of semantic description information: context...
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Architecting Semantics-based Publish/Subscribe Applications for the Internet of Things

Biao Dong, Jinhui Chen
This paper presents a semantics-based approach for architecting the internet of things(IoT) applications using publish/subscribe(Pub/Sub) mechanism. Considering the features of openness and integration which are necessary for reducing the technical threshold for the development of the IoT and ensuring...
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Application of Run Length Encoding In Track Vision Inspection System

Fei Kang
Optimized the binary image morphological dilation algorithm by run length encoding with the optimization features in background redundant and intersection and union simple operation, the Run Length Encoding-Morphological Dilation optimized algorithm had been proposed. The track contour binary image was...
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The Semi-Physical Simulation System Designed for Space Optical Remote Sensing Based on 6-DOF Motion Platform

Ming Xuan Li, Gang Wu Jiang, Rui Zhang
With the development of space optical remote sensing imaging technology, Space remote sensing systems have reached a new stage which is changing towards higher spatial resolution, higher spectral resolution, higher radiometric resolution, and higher temporal resolution. In recent years, applying TDI...
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Research of Adaptive Grid Index Map Matching

Yong Qin, Qing Zhang, Yanfang Yang, Honghui Dong, Xuewen Shi
Map matching is a research hotspot and difficulty in transportation. The construction technology of topological space for GPS data of massive floating cars has been established for a long time in matching, however, its speed and effectiveness in database searching has always been a bottleneck. Based...
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Feature Combination and Correlation Analysis for Motor Imagery EEG

Mingai Li, Jinfeng Xu, Xinyong Luo
In order to get high classification accuracy, feature combination is commonly used in analysis of motor imagery electroencephalography EEG signal, including the nonlinear analysis and traditional time-frequency analysis. In this paper, Sample entropy(SampEn) was computed and represented as the nonlinear...
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A New Semantic Similarity Measurement Based on HowNet Concept Tree

Xiaohua Guo, Xinhua Zhu, Fei Li, Qi Li
This paper puts forward a new depth & path-based semantic similarity method to improve the existing meaning-based approaches in HowNet. Firstly, a complete concept tree is constructed on the sememe tree according to the concept definitions in HowNet. Then an improved depth & path algorithm was put forward,...
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A novel motor imagery EEG recognition method based on deep learning

Ming-Ai Li, Meng Zhang, Yan-Jun Sun
The Motor Imagery electroencephalogram (MI-EGG) is time varying and subject-specific, its recognition needs the perfect adaptability and combination of feature extraction method and classifier. In this paper, Deep Belief Networks (DBN) is integrated with Wavelet Packet Transform (WPT) to yield a novel...
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Robust Object Tracking using Probabilistic Hypergraph Ranking and Superpixels

Ruitao Lu, Wanying Xu, Yongbin Zheng, Shengjian Bai, Xinsheng Huang
Online object tracking is a challenging issue because the appearance of an object tends to change due to intrinsic or extrinsic factors. In this study, we propose a robust tracking algorithm based on probabilistic hypergraph ranking and superpixels. The probabilistic hypergraph is constructed by mid-level...
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Patch-based object tracking using the local robust histogram and background estimation

Ruitao Lu, Wanying Xu, Yongbin Zheng, Shengjian Bai, Xinsheng Huang
A novel patch-based algorithm for robust object tracking is proposed in this study. The patches of the appearance model are represented by the proposed local robust histogram. Then, the background model is constructed by a set of new spatial probability maps in a surrounding “context window”. For...
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Combining Extended Kalman Filter with Complementary Filter for UAV Attitude Estimation based on MEMS MARG Sensors

Xiang Ren, Shoubin Liu
Reliable attitude information is desired for navigation and control of rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Rotor UAV's attitude can be determined by fusing redundant data from MEMS MARG (Magnetic, Angular Rate, and Gravity) sensors with fusion techniques. The extended Kalman filter (EKF)-based fusion...
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Orbital autonomous inspection robot based on multi-sensor technology

Hao Luo, Biwu Yan, Lei Zheng, Hanchao Chen, Pnegxiang Yin
The overhead transmission line inspection robot takes the guide line as the working path. The obstacle operation is one of the online operation while inspecting along the line. In this paper, it set up a sensor network by classifying the obstacles on the overhead transmission lines. Before the robot...
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Data publishing Anonymity Algorithm Research Based on Clustering

Yu Yang, Longjun Zhang
Data publishing provides convenience for data exchange and data sharing. But at the same time, the issue of personal privacy information leakage has become increasingly prominent. Anonymous algorithm is one of the main technologies in data publishing environment to realize privacy protection, but most...
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The Design of the High Voltage Switch Detection System of the Power System and Research

Yang Gao, Xuemin Leng, Wei Zheng, Xiaoming Feng, Aoran Xu
Study of on-line monitoring of high voltage circuit breaker has important economic significance and social significance to improve the maintenance level of power system. According to the characteristics of the circuit breaker’s contact system and pull arm structures, a specific force sensor was designed,...
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The introduction of AOI in PCB defect detection based on linear array camera

Min Guo, Rui Wang
Along with the rapid development of computer technology and digital image processing, traditional PCB technology of defect detection could not meet the demand of the quality of PCB, meanwhile AOI has received increasing attention. This paper mainly introduces the AOI machine based on PCB defect detection,...
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A new rank-ordered method for removing random-valued impulse noise

Hao Yang, Leiting Chen
In this paper, we present an effective statistic algorithm to remove the random-valued impulse noise. The proposed method takes full advantage of the sub-neighborhood mean of each pixel to reduce the missed and failed detection in high noise ratio. In the first phase, a statistic based on rank-ordered...
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An FDA-based Stock Exchange Price Curve Feature Recognition and Analysis Method

Yan Xue, Tong Ge, Hongxia Bie
The classification and trend prediction of stock exchange price via trading history becomes the crucial part of intelligent stock analysis software nowadays. To figure out the variation pattern of stock price better, the curve-based method is proved to be efficient when applied to large discrete dataset....
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Study on Error Identification of New type of Multiple Reading Head Displacement Sensor

Xianquan Wang, Yao Yu, Guilin Zhu, Zenghui Jiang, Tingting Zhao
At present Multiple reading head displacement sensor mostly arranged in the form of geometric or uniform method and the accuracy of reading head is very high for fabrication and installation, implementation difficulty. This paper proposed a new method of Multiple reading head measurement under the condition...
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Algorithm of Ship Tracking based on the the filtering theory of Video Sequences

Dongyang Li, Jie Yang
In order to realize real-time monitor of ship traffic situation to improve shipping safety and efficiency, reduce the burden on the driver and supervisor, this paper presents the Algorithm of ship tracking based on the the filtering theory of video sequences. The algorithm applies particle filter and...
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Moving object detection and shadow removal algorithm

Mengqiao Wang, Jie Yang
To solve problem of the moving object’s detection and shadow removal with a fixed camera,firstly we use the traditional method-Gaussian Background Model-to extract the background and detect the target with background subtraction algorithm,then we use RGB color information to detect shaded parts in...
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Simulation Research on Vehicle Signal in Vehicle Axle Load Monitoring System Based on LabVIEW

Weiguo Di, Ming Yang, Yan Yan
Through analyzing vehicle axle load monitoring system and drawing on vehicle monitoring principle which uses geomagnetic coils and piezoelectric sensors, the simulation of vehicle signal is achieved. In the course of simulation LabVIEW and PCI-6013 data acquisition card are used. The editing and measurement...
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Study on Seaman Comprehensive Quality in Emergency Evaluation Index System

Xuling Hu, Xiuping Sui, Mingqin Shao, Zhuanzhao Liu, Shucui Jiang
With the increasing of piracy attacking actions in international waters and risk factors of navigation, safe and fast operation of the ship, even the safety of life and property at sea, it is particularly important to focus on vessel safety, human life, emergency status of the crew's comprehensive quality....
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Research on Mobile Cloud Robotics based on Cloud Computing

Xinqiang Ma, Yi Huang
Cloud Computing has been envisioned as the next-generation architecture of IT Enterprise. Together with an explosive growth of the mobile applications and emerging of cloud computing concept, mobile cloud computing has been introduced to be a potential technology for mobile services. Cloud robotics is...
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Research on teaching evaluation strategies of mechanical and electrical professional English teachers based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Jian Yong
With the rapid development of social economy, mechanical and electrical professional graduates play an increasingly important role in society. It is an important subject in front of us that how to cultivate high quality electromechanical graduates. The comprehensive quality of mechanical and electrical...
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The Application of VBA in Data Conversion for Network Platform Database

Guoliang Dong, Fujia Liu
Heterogeneous data sources are very common in web site building. All sorts of materials should be processed and converted to a standard format to be imported in the database for a web site about motor vehicle techniques. An Excel file embedded VBA codes can easily extract information from Word files,...