Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Informatization in Education, Management and Business

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Study on the Employment-oriented Teaching Quality Management System of Higher Vocational Colleges

Ji Zhe
In this paper, the general idea and quality assurance for the teaching quality management system of higher vocational colleges are proposed. A teaching quality management system for higher vocational colleges is constructed and studied to help these schools clearly know the development ideas and accordingly...
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Research on the New Enterprise Staff Performance Management Methodology based on the Performance Management Process Model

Li Fangjing
In this paper, we conduct research on the new enterprise staff performance management methodology based on the management process model. Performance management has become an important management function which is the enterprise to realize strategic target of the important means and ways. How to establish...
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Research on the New and Innovative Environment and Landscape Planning Methodology based on the Concept of Green Building and Computer Aided Design Method

Li Tianfeng
In this paper, we conduct research on the new and innovative environment and landscape planning methodology based on the general concept of green building and computer aided design method. After the concept of green building shape to clear a set of advanced green building evaluation system has an important...
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Investigation and analysis of the present situation of college students' entrepreneurial quality

Li Yue
Through the questionnaire survey this study has analyzed the present situation of college students' entrepreneurial quality in current Jilin province, aiming to understand the development of entrepreneurship education in current Jilin province, clear level and existing problems of college students' entrepreneurial...
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Problems and cause analysis of the present situation of college students' entrepreneurial quality

Li Yue
The entrepreneurship education with their quality as the content in our country has been carried out in recent twenty years, and high and low of college students' entrepreneurial quality can be illustrated as the most effective achievements of entrepreneurship education. This study has carried on the...
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Research and Discussion on the Novel Big Data Clustering Algorithm based on Probability Theory and Nash Game Theory

Liang Haijun
In this paper, we conduct research on the novel big data clustering algorithm based on probability theory and Nash game theory. Clustering algorithm is an effective method of data analysis, clustering algorithm is without any prior information of data clustering analysis of data and this kind of algorithm...
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Research on Form Innovation Design and Implementation of Secondary Reconstruction for Cool Core Fabric

Liang Jun, Yang Yueming
In this paper, we conduct theoretical analysis and literature review applications on the form innovation design and implementation of secondary reconstruction for cool core fabric. At present, due to the development of The Times and the progress of science and technology, people's aesthetic concept also...
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Research on the Human Resources Management Innovation Problems under the Environment of New Economy and Development Mode

Wei Ling
In this paper, we conduct research on the human resources management innovation problems under the environment of new economy and development mode. Human resource management should have the guarantee of policy and good organization guarantee, on the basis of enterprise development strategy planning and...
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Research on the Essential Network Equipment Risk Assessment Methodology based on Vulnerability Scanning Technology

Song Xiaoqin
In this paper, we conduct research on the essential network equipment risk assessment method based on vulnerability scanning technology. A growing number of hackers wanton invasion of the computer, through the network to steal important information, or destroy the network, the paralyzed which caused...
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Research on the New Technique of Paper-cut Art based on Decoration Pattern and Design Ideas of Contemporary Art

Tang Yan
In this paper, we do research on the new technique of paper-cut art based on decoration pattern and design ideas of contemporary art. Generalized paper-cut is using the cut tool on thin brittle materials of hollow out modelling and in narrow sense paper-cut is to use scissors or a knife carving on paper...
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The Design and Management of the Supervisor Team for Professional Degree Graduate Students under the School-Enterprise Cooperation Model

Wang Xin
In this paper, the problems and disadvantages in China's current tutorial system and the objective of training professional degree graduate students are analyzed, and then the graduate student training model under the school-enterprise cooperation model is discussed by combining with the domestic and...
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Research on Novel Information Management Mode for Construction Engineering based on Big Data and Information Enhancement

Wang Yan
In this paper, we conduct research on the novel information management mode for construction engineering based on big data and information enhancement. In recent years, China's economy shows the characteristics of diversification of market, the internationalization of economic activity in the driving...
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A Comparative Study of the Management Mode of Sino-American Institutions of Higher Learning from the Perspective of the Party-Administrative Power Separation and Operation Mechanism

Xin Qing
In this paper, we research on the higher education management mode of China and America based on the perspective of operation mechanism, separation of school and the government. As the thought of higher education management theory or a form, we jump out of the labyrinth of modernism manages view and...
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Customer-oriented Sales Management Mode – Study of Marketized Operation based on Provincial Broadcast Groups

Yang Ruoqian
Broadcast network, telecommunications network and Internet underpin the development of the information industry. The integration of them three is an inevitable trend of the modern IT industry. In this context, provincial broadcast groups are confronted with unprecedented challenges and opportunities,...
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Research on the Human Resource Management Mode based on Competency Model

Yu Meilin, Xiao Duo
In this paper, we conduct in-depth research on the human resource management mode based on competency model. Treatment of competency is defined based on the previous scholars, this paper defines enterprise top management competency as can change the performance is outstanding person in senior management...
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Research on the Applications of Humanistic Care and the Moral Motivation on University Student Management

Zhang Penghui
In this paper, we conduct research on the applications of humanistic care and the moral motivation on university student management. The basic task of colleges and universities is to cultivate people. Facing the reality of ideological and cultural diversity, many university students' ideological and...
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Research on Applications of Humanism Management Thoughts and Positive Incentive on Contemporary Enterprise Management Activities

Sun Gefei
In this paper, we conduct research on the applications of humanism management thoughts and positive incentive on contemporary enterprise management activities. The success or failure of an enterprise, it has connected with the enterprise staff. Modern enterprise to make the enterprise in the competitive...
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Research on Investment Decision of Scientific and Technology Insurance Based On the Expected Utility Model

Xu Si-yun, Gao Hong-xian, Wu Yu-xia
Scientific and technological insurance is asocial sharing ap-proach of scientific and technological risk and enterprises and the direct participants and beneficiaries in the insurance. Enterprise behavior in the scientific and technological insurance is critical to the stability of insurance system and...
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Analysis on College Students Entrepreneurship Environment Under the Background of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration

Zhang Li-min, Feng Chen-jing, Wang Xiao-pu
As "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei" integration process to further advance, economic development research under the regional economic cooperation becomes the current hot topic. The regional economy has become the direction of planning and economic development in our country. This paper analyzes the connotation...
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Research on Party Innovation Construction in Universities Based On the Scientific Development

Shi Junwei
The scientific development is an important guiding principle for China's economic and social development, it is the major strategic thinking of socialism development with Chinese characteristics must adhere and implement, is also an important guiding ideology grassroots party building of colleges and...
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Research on University Philosophy Social Science Innovation Ability Evaluation Based on the Improved Matter Element Extension

Wang Xiao-pu, Zhang Li-min, Song Qiu-ying
Colleges and universities as the main force of the philosophy and social sciences in China, undertake the glorious mission and high responsibility in the process of socialist culture construction. Firstly, this paper makes a brief introduction to the philosophy and social sciences innovation ability,...
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Research and Discussion on the Influence of Campus Culture to Ideological and Political Construction of University

Shou Zhi-min
Campus culture is an important branch of the socialist cul-ture, but also an effective carrier of the construction of ideological and political education. Though campus culture and campus ideological and political are two different parts, they have a close relationship of complementing, promoting and...
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Comparative Analysis of Russian News Reporting and News Commentary in Metadiscourse Applications

Li Yan
News reporting is a report of new events happening somewhere. While news commentary is the voice of the editor or reporter about news events and his or her instructive ideas on a social phenomenon. Metadiscourse plays a crucial role in both the two genres of news discourse. This paper selects twenty...
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Innovation Research on the Student Management in University Based on Cross-cultural Management

Duan Kaige, Fu Yonggang
Internationalization of Higher Education gives a challenge to College Student Management. The diversity of students’ regions requires innovative management of college students. The thesis regards Cross-cultural Management Theory as a great perspective and combines it with the management of the college...