Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science and Technology Education

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Study on Ideological and Political Education in Universities from the Perspective of “China Dream”

Pin Lv
China Dream is the common ideal of all the Chinese people to achieve the great rejuvenation of China, and is also extension and innovation of universities ideological and political education contents. In this study, we analyze the current troubles of universities ideological and political education,...
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Comparison of Multiculturalism Elements in Music Education between China and Korea

Zhang Rui
Multicultural music education was recognized that it is necessary aboveall, to understand the nature of the music, which transcends all times andcultures, also to build a comprehensive musicianship. Through multiculturalmusic education, we can expand our field of vision and openness to othercultures,...
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Study on College English Teachers ESP Teaching Transformation

Zhou Junhua
With the deepening of the reform of College English Teaching, ESP teaching has been widespread concerned in society. How to successfully transform form EGP teachers into ESP teachers is a new challengein the field of education.
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Study on College Students’ Entrepreneurial Intentions Factors

Zou Li
University students’entrepreneurship education has become a new trend of the contemporary society, which is an important way of cultivation innovative talents. Students’ entrepreneurship intention is affected by a variety of subjective and objective factors.
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Conception and Improvement of the Legal Regulation of Technical Investigation in China

Cai Jie, Zhang Xin
For the misuse of technical investigation means is an infringement of the fundamental rights of citizens, the legal regulation of technical investigation should be perfected on application scope, approval procedure, relief mechanism and other aspects in order to solve the problem of abuse of the power...
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The Reflection and Construction on the Research Methods of Science of Criminal Investigation

Zhang Xin
The science of investigation is a discipline on the countermeasure application and has a crucial role in the criminal investigation activity. The research of science of investigation has been carried out since the establishment of People’s Republic of China. In the process of long-term study and discussion,...
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Research on Special Financial Bonds Strategy of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry in Yunnan

Peng Shuyu
Yunnan bio-pharmaceutical industry is one of the important industries of Yunnan economy, whichdeveloped rapidly. However, bio-pharmaceutical industry in Yunnan provinceis also faced with serious financial difficulties. This paper analyzes the necessity of special financial bond strategy of Yunnan biological...
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Research on the Relationship of Rural Financial Development Efficiency and Income Growth of Farmers

Wang Qianfei, Li He
Byusing vector error correction model (VECM)with control variables and Granger causality test method, correlation and causationof rural financial development and income growth among farmers are re-examined. The results show that in the long term, the scale, structure and efficiency of rural finance development...
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Research on System Change and Innovation of Rural Financial System in China

Li He, Wang Qianfei
By studying the characteristics of changes in China's rural financial system, thispaper analyzes the current lack of rural financial system, and proposes the substantive issues of supply and demand in rural financial system innovation, in order to promote the establishment of new rural financial system...
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Design of Magazine Reading System Based on Android

Zou Weiguo
By mobile internet’s development, the technology of mobile and mobile terminal, digitized function change with each passing day, environmental protection of paperless needs to be break. The digital magazine reading system based on Android OS developed in this study has independent intellectual property,...
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Computational Thinking Ability Training in College Computer Teaching

Zou Weiguo
Computational thinking is ubiquitous, and has become a hot spot in education. As the core mission of college computer teaching, computational thinking training naturally causes widespread concern in the field of basic computer education. In this study, we propose the computational thinking formation...
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The Orbital Design and Control Strategy of Chang'e-3 Soft-landing

Huang Xinyi
We take the orbital design and control strategy of Chang'e-3 soft-landing as the research object in this paper. First we should establish the three-dimension dynamical model of uniform sphere and the dynamical model of soft-landing under the selenocentric inertial system, then we adopt a new optimization...
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Review of School Belonging

Qin Yuhui, Wan Xiang
School belonging can be concisely viewed as students’ perception of being involved, recognized and supported. The prevailing form of assessments is self-reported questionnaires. Current researches find that school belonging correlates positively with academic performance and self-conception whilenegatively...
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Research on Evaluation of Coordination of Regional Innovation Capacity and Regional Innovation Efficiency of Anhui

Luo Xuan, Zhou Gang, Xie Yuan, He Xiao Qing
The regional innovation system is a versatile, complex structure of large-scale system, whether its innovation ability and efficiency of the development of coordination is the key to determine how well the regional innovation system development. Therefore, further study of regional innovation capacity...
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Comparative Study on the Performance of China’s Economy Hotel with Different Chain Organization Modes

Zhang Tao, Jia Binbin
Economy hotels are not only a service industry with huge consumption potential and franchising widely used but also is outstanding in the hotel industry. However, affected by the rapid rise in rent and labor costs, severe homogeneous competition and other reasons, hotels are facing development bottlenecks....
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Comprehensive Understanding of “Four Comprehensives” Raised by General Secretary Xi Jinping

Zhang Zhongqiang
"Four Comprehensives" isthe strategic blueprint of socialism with Chinese characteristics raised by Xi Jinping since the 18th CPC National Congress. This paper analyzes the "Four Comprehensives" formation process, concrete connotation and its internal logical relationship to provide a relative comprehensive...
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An Equilibrium Model of Macro Financial Risk Alert and Measurement

Huizhen Long
An equilibrium model of macro-financial system is crucial to the stability of the wholly country and society, and an effective financial risk alert system is important for macro-economic policy formulation as it can detect and predict financial crisis. This paper designs an integrated equilibrium model...
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Feasibility Analysis of China’s Traffic Congestion Charge Legislation

Wang Jiyun
This article is constructed based on the transportation issues which relates to introducing a congestion charge to ease chronic traffic jams. The paper first introduces the basic conception about congestion charge. Further, the supportive theory for applying congestion charge will be explored from economical...
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Fabrication of PLGA/ (HA/CS) n/CD34 Bioactive Multiplayer Film on Stainless Steel Stent

Li Ying, Zhao Hong, Zhang Shixuan
At present PLGA is widely used in clinical as a drug carrier in drug-eluting stent coating. But due to the existence of poor biological activity and easily cased thrombosis of PLGA, it is serious to increase the biological activity and hemocompatibility of drug-eluting stent. In this research, the paper...
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Study on the Construction of Law-based Government under China's Rule of Law

Mao Guangxia
On the 15th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the goal of constructing a socialism country under the rule of law was raised, and thus, the national modernization process of China was started. On the 18th National Congress, constructing a law-based government as a new requirement for the...
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On the College Public Network Opinion Supervision with the Perspective of Media Literacy

Zhang Li-min, Wang Xiao-pu, Song Qiu-ying
With the continuous development of information technology, the network has become the important means of communication and information for college students. Compared with the ordinary social network public opinion, the university network public opinion has more features, and reflects the current state...
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The Role of Student Organizations in the Freshman Adaptability Education

Jiao Kun, Yang Fei
At present, in colleges and universities have the adaptability of freshmen in education. On the one hand, is a new entrance in order to help students improve the ability to adapt to the environment, quickly into the new learning at the university of life. On the other hand, it is an important means of...
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The Misreading of Marx's Belief in the Current Society

Chen Peng, Zhang Xue-peng
Our country has always been adhering to Marxism as the guiding ideology of the state, requiring people to Marxism as their spiritual beliefs. But in today’s society people’s thought is also happening in diverse cultures changing, some misunderstanding of Marxist belief. The misreading is very detrimental...
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The Development and Sinicization of Marx's Moral Concept of Ethics

Chen Peng, Xin Wen-yu
The ethics of Marx himself and Marx's concept of development of the moral concept of development is not lump together, in fact, in the related articles of the Marx doctrine, he is always in the spirit of criticizing the consequence of capitalism from aspects like the social system, economic system, and...
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The Method of Teenager Legal Education from the Perspective of the Rule of Law

Sun Liang
The society has been full of all kinds of thoughts in people's daily life since the reform and opening up policy be carried out. The teenagers, in physiological and psychological growth stage, will be affected by various social bad thoughts and behavior easily. Because the school education of legal system...
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The study of innovation construction of college counselor’s student management based on the "people-oriented"

Zhang Li-min, Wang Xiao-pu, Song Qiu-ying
It is proposed clearly that scientific developing theory must be set up and carry out through Chinese Party’s 16session of 3rd Session, the economic society should realize comprehensively, coordinated, and sustainable development. “People-oriented” is the essence and core of scientific developing theory...
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The study of reform of college counselors’ student management work under the new situation

Cai Jiang-na
The college counselors’ student management work is the university student management organization guidance the students, in accordance with the provisions of the education policy education standards, purposeful, planned, organized the students with all kinds of education, management and service, make...
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Reform Study of Colleges and Universities Teaching Management Based on Scholarship of Teaching

Guo Jing-hong
It is the core of teaching management in colleges and universities to improve the teaching quality. But currently, there exits a phenomenon of “heavy science, light teaching”. Based on scholarship of teaching, this paper firstly expounds the connotation of teaching management. Secondly, the existing...
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Study on Development Direction of University Teachers Based on Scholarship of Teaching

Song Qing
Recently, the actual situation of university education has deviated from the essence of university teaching, and the quality of higher education is a cause for concern. There-fore, it is necessary for university teachers to deeply under-stand the connotation of scholarship of teaching, re-examine and...
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Research on accounting assessment method of thermal power enterprises based on low carbon economy

Meng Xiang-song
China is one of the countries with highest carbon emission in the world, and we must endeavor to change our traditional development model to low carbonization one Combined with the production conditions, this paper selects quantitative and qualitative indexes of low carbon which are adaptive to the actual...
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Research of the enterprise financial risk based on support vector machine

Lin Yan
For comparing the prediction accuracy of company financial crisis prediction models, the support vector machine model was introduced in this paper to predict that whether there exists financial crisis in a company or not. Through the acquisition of a large number of samples for training and testing,...
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Research on environmental accounting information disclosure in public companies

Lin Yan
Traditional financial accounting is lack of measurement of enterprise environmental resources, environmental liability and environmental costs and confirmation of business environmental gains or losses. The development of environmental accounting and establishment of environmental information disclosure...
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Research on Real Estate Enterprise Capital structure and business performance in China

Li Xiaoguang, Gao Zhanjun
The degree of national macro-control on the real estate market has become stricter, so the financing of the real estate enterprises is becoming more and more prominent. To be not eliminated by the market under the big background, the development of the real estate enterprise must change in vulgar mode,...
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Marx's Ecological View and Ecological Civilization Construction of China

Wang Xiao-pu, Zhang Li-min, Song Qiu-ying
We gradually realized the important role of ecological civilization in the process of socialist construction China characteristics in our country. The eighteen Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the idea of the construction of ecological civilization, in which one of the five combined....
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The Method of Marxism Popularization in the university

Zhu Xiao-jie, Shu Li
College is the main position to training builders for socialism in China, and its purpose of Marxism popularization in the college is to continuously improve the Marx doctrine self-cultivation of college student, make the Marx doctrine belief firmly. But the there are some problems such as the propagation...
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Research on Implementation Performance of Scientific and Technology Insurance Based on the Comprehensive Fuzzy Evaluation

Xu Si-yun, Fu Zheng
In the thorough analysis to understand the premise of public governance theory, combined with the actual situation of the science and technology insurance operation, build the evaluation frame of multiple participants, and the evaluation index system is determined. Using comprehensive fuzzy evaluation...
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Research on Development Innovation Shape of Low Carbon Insurance in Urban and Rural Areas

Xu Si-yun, Hu Ruihua
Low carbon environmental protection has become the basic requirement of nowadays development, each big commercial Banks also try to explore in the field of low carbon finance, research and development of new products. Low carbon insurance has the development. As an agricultural country in our country,...
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Foreign Language Teaching Reform in China Higher Education from "Culture Aphasia" Perspective

Huo Cai-qiao, Du Xiao-,mei
Culture is a result of the accumulation of human society, language is the important carrier of culture. Infiltration of western culture and the widely used of English, seriously hindered the globalisation of the Chinese culture, the resulting "cultural aphasia" phenomenon. As the main place of cultivating...
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Research on the collaborative construction and sharing of educational information resources

Liu Feng-juan
To resolve problems with schools wasting resources building similar repositories or databases of educational resources, this paper proposes a design and operational model of collaborative construction and sharing of educational information resources. This model proposes regional databases to be initiated...
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Application on ideological and philosophical thinking of political education management for the students in colleges and universities

Zhang Xue-min
The characteristic of philosophy thinking and objective of higher education in China has decided the cultivation of philosophical thinking plays an important role in higher education, so higher education should not only to cultivate students into talents with specific knowledge and skills for all sorts...
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Career Planning Mode and System Design of University Freshmen

Li Weiwei, Huangfu Caihong
Career planning plays important role in personal development, but it is still a novelty to many university freshmen, since the vast majority of students begin choosing their occupational direction just before graduation. This research investigates the necessity, mode and system design of career planning...
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Study and Operation on the Construction of Internal Undergraduate Governance System

He Pu, Zhao Youbin, Yan Haibo, Lin Rupeng, Zhang Hong
Current research on university governance mainly focuses on governing subjects but seldom exploring or constructing university internal governance systems. According to the research and practice done by the author during the undergraduate teaching, the effects of university internal governance can be...
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Analysis of the Driven Types of Consumer Silence Behaviors in Scenarios of Service Failure

Wang Wenfeng
It will have significant practical and theoretical value that when we pay attention to the consumer silence behaviors in scenarios of service failure. The paper begins with the exploration of the five types of silence behaviors and their causes, including defense-driven, helplessness-driven, suspicion-...
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The research of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region’s Halal food Muslim supply chain in Silk Road Economic Belt

Liu Jiangong
the Silk Road Economic Belt dues to the rapid development of transportation and communication technology. Halal food Muslim supplies have become the primary task..The common construction of Halal food Muslim supplies supply chain is an important task, and is the core strategy of Ningxia to the West open....
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Research about Technological Innovation with Deep Civil-Military Integration

Jiang Liang
This paper not only analyzes characteristics of technological innovation of military enterprises and private enterprises but also discusses the existing problems of technological innovation in the development of deep Civil-Military integration. Furthermore, this paper addresses the issue of realizing...
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The Research of Labor Relations of Chongqing Electronic Enterprise

Juan Zhan
With the adjustment of industrial structure, Chongqing as industrial transfer station, have attracting a large number of electronic manufacturing firms to Chongqing. Electronic enterprises as labor-intensive enterprises, with large employment transfer capacity at the same time, also brought new labor...
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Research on the integration of production, processing and sales in marketing of China's agricultural products and the improvement of market performance ——Taking the rice industry in Heilongjiang province as an example

Wang Dezhang, Li Jiali
Problems from PPS (production, processing and sales) of China's agricultural products has attracted many attentions of the society, related to the interests of farmers, agriculture organization, enterprises and consumers of urban and rural. Over many years, the unstable supply of agricultural products...
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Overview of Research on Domestic Tourism Talents Supply and Demand

Hong Caizhen
Tourism in China has been developing very fast recently. The key recourse of tourism is talent. Currently, China tourism’s problem exists in the relationship between talent supply and demand, in which the supply is insufficient and imbalanced. However, little research has been conducted on the prediction...
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Study on the Management Strategy of Chinese overseas students Based on the cooperation of WUST and WU

Liu Yong, Deng Xudong
With the development of Sino-foreign cooperative education and internationalization, more and more Chinese students have been to U.S. and other countries, in order to acquire international experience, or dual degree both from domestic and foreign universities. It’s a little bit difficult to know the...
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The study on Quantitative Evaluation in the Translation Quality Management Based on the House’s Translation Quality Assessment Model

Liu Xiyun, Zhao Youbin
Combined with the status quo of the translation quality management in modern translation companies, this paper examines a kind of quantitative evaluation of translation quality based on House’s translation quality assessment model and fuzzy mathematics, which overcomes the difficulties found in the translation...
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The Influence of Friendship Network on Graduate Student’s Research Potential

Liu Xiao, Zhu Haozheng
Research activity is a major part of academic degree education for postgraduate student in China. A long line of research has examined the influence of social networks on individuals’ behavior. This paper presents evidence on students’ independent research behavior in searching for new knowledge, as...
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Study on the restricting factors of interest rate and exchange rate linkage effect

Pan Shuangqing
In the open economic conditions, interest rate as internal economic imbalance adjustment tool and exchange rate as external economic imbalance adjustment tool are closely related to each other, which have linkage effect. Study on the restricting factors of interest rate and exchange rate linkage effect...
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Application of Seasonal Decomposition on Short-term Forecast of Cigarette sales in Xifeng

Zhang Hongmei, Jia Guangchao, Wang Zhe
In order to understand future trend of cigarette sales in Xifeng county from the grasp of the macro level, this report completed a short-term prediction for monthly cigarette sales of Xifeng county at year 2011, which based on seasonal decomposition method. To compare with the actual sales, the result...
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Professional Interpreters Teaching Method Research in Undergraduate Education

Li Yan
To better understand the current situations of Russian interpreters Harbin undergraduate teaching, research and teaching in the future to provide interpreters refer to empirical evidence and data, this research in Harbin four universities in the survey as the main form, its teaching arrangements, teaching...
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Research on innovation of the training model based on the learning organization

Li Xingguang, Zhou Haijuan
Globalization information and the network have already become the major tendency when the society developed. The competition between enterprises becomes more and more fierce. With innovative talents as the core of intellectual resources become the focus of enterprise competition. This article is based...
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Analysis of the Advantages to Develop Leisure Sports Tourism in Qingdao

Li Shumei
In 2015 the Second World Leisure Expo is about to kick off in Laixi, Qingdao, bringing about the new development opportunity for urban leisure tourism by hosting such international events. The paper starts with defining the concept of leisure sports tourism to analyze the advantages of Qingdao in terms...
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Design of a Five-in-one Experiment Teaching System of Economics and Management

Hang Xiaoting, Niu Li
Aimed at cultivating economics and management talents with high quality, this paper builds an experimental teaching system in economics and management, designs a five-in-one framework of multi-dimensional integration in the economics and management of experimental teaching, and innovates methods of experimental...
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Challenges and Countermeasures of Regional Tourism Cooperation Development Strategy of Sichuan-Shanxi-Gansu Golden Triangle Area Western China

Qin Jianxiong, Zhang Minmin
SSGGTA triangle of three provinces , dependent landscape, folk customs are similar, for the first time since the 2002 held in Bazhong of SSGGTA triangle area tourism cooperation will be signed in SSGGTA triangle tourism, build "Golden Triangle" cooperation agreement, to 2005 has successively held 3 annual...
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Studies on the Fluctuation Characteristics of money-supply in China Based on empirical mode decomposition

Lei Hong, Huang JunYing
In this paper, the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method of the wavelet transformation is introduced into the processing to economic time series data, and explored the evolutionary law and development trends of money supply in different time scales, and analyzed the trends of each component and its...
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“Assessment for Learning” in UK Higher Education and its Implications for Foreign Language Teaching in China

Li Li, Guo Qingzhu
In order to advance EFL students’ all-round development and enhance life-long learning, changes to assessment practices in Chinese higher education need to be made. By learning from best practice in UK higher education institutions, Chinese universities should adopt and put more emphasis on Assessment...
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A Case Study of Text and Discourse Based on Juku, Coh-Metrix, and Linguistic Inquiry Word Count (LIWC)

Liu Jia, Shen Ying
This paper aims to investigate the main writing features in the English time-limited compositions by third-year English major students at Guangxi University in China. Three automated assessing tools were adopted: Juku automated scoring system designed in China; Coh-Metrix automated computational evaluation...