Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science and Technology Education

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Visual Communication Design and Research Network forms of Media

Liu Yunling
Internet media visual communication design combines modern digital technology; visual communication design provides a new means to communicate, a new way of performance, the dual role of creative inspiration and reference. The positive impacts of online media art visual communication designs are visually...
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Study on the Process of Industrial Design and Styling Design of Mobile Phone for the Elder in New Product Development

Wu Liying
In order to make the mobile phone close to aesthetic orientation of older users, user more easy operate and control mobile phone interface, the paper takes the theory of usability engineering as an important factor in the research, the core of the theory is "take the customer as the center", it emphasizes...
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The use of Chinese traditional elements in the contemporary oil paintings

Ouyang Zhuocai
How to balance the relationship between the Chinese traditional culture and contemporary art, attaches importance to broader and deeper use of traditional Chinese elements in modern oil painting, and explore contemporary oil paintings with national perception is the question that contemporary art creators...
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Management and Development of ecotourism in the nature reserve under the context of sustainable development

Bao Lei
This article from the management and development of ecotourism in the nature reserves analyzes the current problems of the management and development of ecotourism nature in china and offers theories of management and countermeasures aimed at these problems. With people's living standard improved, the...
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On the influence of big data on the ideological and political education in colleges and universities

Zhang Yandong
We need to make a new summary and explanation on the new circumstances and new issues that data development brought to University's ideological and political education, which is not only a new mission for ideological and political educators in the era, but also new opportunities for innovation and development...
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The Application of Polyurethane Composite Material in the Field of Building Exterior Wall

Zhao Zhiwen
The research analyzed the application status of Pu aluminum composite panels, summarizes research status of thermal insulation material in the domestic and foreign, especially the related properties of materials, such as combustion, heat insulation, weather resistance; related development and external...
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Research and Design of Intrusion Detection System in Computer Network

Zhang Xiaohui
This paper combines the design of the intrusion detection system based on host and based on network. According to various intrusion detection technology, the paper focus on the mechanism of integration, cooperation, selective of intrusion detection system, so as to achieve the optimization method is...
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Study on Meta-cognitive Strategy Training

Zhu Jie
Since the 1970s, researches concerning language teaching and learning have shifted from teaching methodology to learner’ characteristics. Learning strategy training has also begun to draw the attention of some researchers in the hope that strategy training will help learners improve their ways of English...
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The application of traditional Chinese cultural elements in modern graphic design

Liu Yunling
In today's world of cultural exchange on the stage, how will Chinese elements with modern graphic design combine to better showcase our unique traditional culture and national identity, has become an important issue faced by graphic designers. From the three constituent elements of traditional Chinese...
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Does Franchising strategy promote business growth - Based on an unbalanced panel

Shi Yuanmeng, Li Hao
This paper studies the system of franchising enterprises and uses franchising as a growth strategy to achieve business growth effects. Our growth model is as a starting point for research, the China 2008 to 2011 the franchise hundred data collection gets unbalanced panel, and then we estimate and test...
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Franchising: Large-scale Distribution Mode of Service Product A New Explanation based on Establishment of Franchising

Shi Yuanmeng, Yuan Dong
Singer Sewing Machine Company (hereinafter, Singer) is regarded as the originator of franchising. Thus, this paper explores the evolution of Singer’s sales mode to prove that franchising is in fact a large-scale distribution mode of service product. The prosperous development of franchising serves as...
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Single-store Operations Manual: The Reproduction Method of Franchising System Service Products - On the Content of Single-store Operations Manual Written in Principle

Shi Yuanmeng, Yuan Dong
single-store operations manual has an important role in franchising. However, the nature of the single-store operations manual has been a lack of research, and therefore the lack of clear principles is on how to write a single store operations manual. Franchise Services products distributor that franchisees...
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"Housing Endowment" Aging under Willingness to Participate in Research -- Taking Haidian District of Beijing City As An Example

Jin Qun
Population aging will become the norm of human society, the challenges it brings have more incongruous contradiction that stems from the aging of the population age structure between the existing socio-economic system generated, which makes public policy adjustment become have to. The experience in the...
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Exploration on Strategies in Cultivating the Awareness of Tolerance for Ambiguity of Undergraduates in China

Zhang Yamin
Ambiguity is a pervasive feature of language, which reflects the special relationship between structure and meaning. In verbal communication, unintentional ambiguity would lead to the failure of communication and should be disambiguated. But if speakers are encountered with intentional ambiguity which...
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Explore the channels to enterprise staff training to improve staff quality

Geng Jianguang
Enter the 21st century; our country enterprise is facing enormous challenges, in the context of fierce domestic competition, enterprise employees have to learn continuously, so as to promote their own ability to keep creativity and vitality. Therefore, staff training is a very important part for our...
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Study on Modeling of Short-term Wind speed Forecasting based on Time Series Analysis

Zhang Yu
Wind speed forecasting is an important work in the design of wind farm planning. Because of the wind speed itself has a timing sequence and autocorrelation, the paper propose wind speed forecast model for wind farms based on time series analysis. In order to test the validity of time series analysis...
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"Tess" and "Jude the Obscure". Examination of Hardy’s Modernist Literary Spirit

Wang Hui
Thomas Hardy is not only an excellent successor of the British realism literary, but also a pioneer of modern literature. His novels have duality. On one hand, he inherited the great tradition of realism literary, profoundly expose many malpractices of Victoria dynasty; on the other hand, he also created...
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A Review on Psychological Safety: Concepts, measurements, antecedents and Consequences variables

Chen Ming, Gao Xiaoying, Zheng Huizhen, Ran Bin
As an important indicator of employees’ psychological contract and organizational trust, psychological safety is a kind of safety awareness based on the psychological climate of certain events in organization, current scholars generally divided it into three levels: individual, group, organizational...
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Research on scheduling problem

Yu Yipeng
This paper studies the emergency related issues. In the subject, under different circumstances, the distribution of the ambulance six regions is the main discussion. Considering the accident area may include a plurality of regions in the given problem, this paper introduces the people concept of satisfaction....
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University English Teaching reformation and countermeasures under the background of informationization

Liu Xiping, Sun Xiaodong
With the development of society, college English teaching reform is imperative. In this paper combined with the "course requirements" in transforming teaching ideas, changing teaching mode, reforming the examination, evaluating system and other aspects of the proposed reform measures new requirements...
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Implementation and evaluation of teaching of College English

Yang Runhua, Sun Xiaodong
The teaching evaluation as a means of teaching evaluation is being paid more and more attention to domestic educators. From the point of view of English teaching evaluation, the article takes teaching evaluation application as a starting point in co-operation between the teaching activities of China...
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Research of the impact of aesthetic psychology on graphic design

Xiao Jing
In the contemporary design scene, the design vocabulary from different historical periods and different countries begin to appear with a wide range of forms in front of us, so that our national and traditional design history and vocabulary resources exposure to a diversified design scene. We did see...
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Deconstructing Orientalist Discourse through Narrative Strategies in The Hundred Secret Senses

Hou Xiao-zhen, Ma Yu
In the Orientalist discourse, the Orient was backward and silent and was deprived of right to have their voice heard. However, in The Hundred Secret Senses, the author Amy Tan, the famous contemporary Chinese American writer, deconstructed Orientalist discourse by using some narrative strategies: talk-story...
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The connotation of legitimacy and the historical evolution of Western political

Liu Jianping
the concept of "legitimacy" is the core of political theory, it born with the country, but find the systematic analysis about legitimacy theory starts from modern. In the process of research, scholars have gradually clear the concept of political legitimacy, and differentiate these two concepts of legitimacy...
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Studies on Development Status and Prospects of Chinese Language and Literature

Pei Lei, Zhou Shuli
Chinese Language and Literature aims to train specialized personnel for Chinese language learning community. The nature of its subject have significant differences with respect to the science and engineering professions which have relatively strong applications, therefore, Chinese Language and Literature...
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Research of school management development under the background of human-based concept

Zhou Shuli, Pei Lei
The general secondary school management system is an important part of school management, so the change of school management system determines the success of curriculum reform in some sense, and to research and explore the reform of schools’ management system under the background of the concept of people...
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Research on University Mathematics Experiment in Mathematics Teaching

Zhang Xin, Zhang Yu
University mathematics teaching should pay attention to the theories contact actual, pay attention to mathematical thought and teaching method, stressed that the new teaching method application into mathematics experiment idea. The paper put forward to reform classroom teaching methods, explore new teaching...
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Shanghai international curriculum of college teachers’ overseas training project – Take training courses in the University of Alberta in Canada in 2013 for example

Wang Yan, Sun Dingdong, Sui Li, Ju Lihua
In order to carry out and implement Ministry of Education’s "Study in China Program", the Shanghai Education Commission established Shanghai international curriculum of college teachers’ overseas training project in 2010, I had the honor to participate in the project in 2013 and went to the training...
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Study on Application of Photoshop Software in the Interior Design Renderings

Wu Liying
With the rapid development of computer technology, two-dimensional and three-dimensional technology continues is also attracting attention, computer graphics is more and more widely applied to various fields, especially with the popularity of decoration, interior design has become the gold industry,...
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Research on University English Teaching Mode based on Network Environment

Wang Liwen
Computer aided language learning involves information technology, teaching design, teaching method improvement, construction of teaching resources and teaching environment. guided by the new educational and teaching theory of English Writing Teaching, this paper discusses how to more effectively use...
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The status survey on high teacher-student relationship in city and Influencing Factors

Tang Yunfeng
High school students in a city in Shandong province as the research object in this paper, we investigates the actuality and influence factors analysis on the relationship between teachers and students, mainly through questionnaire and interview, the results showed that in city high school, about 5% of...
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China's mechanical and electrical products export strategy under the small profit era

Yao Lin
With the weakening of traditional competitive advantage and international industrial transfer, China's mechanical and electrical products export is facing greater pressure, thus the mechanical and electrical industry must speed up the adjustment of competitive strategy, timely follow the trend of transformation...
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Experimental Study of Non-English Major Freshmen’s Inquiry Cooperative Learning in Jiujiang University

Wang Yuanfen
In order to improve students’ English ability of communication and creativity, strengthen the spirit of unity and coordination, according to the characteristics of English subject, concludes “inquiry cooperative learning” model of classroom teaching. The key points are: Inquiry practice is the main line,...
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Discussion on the Non-financial Information Disclosure Problems of Listed Companies

Geng Li
The non-financial information disclosure problems of listed companies have been highly focused by all sectors of society. Currently, there are non-financial information disclose problems such as insufficient disclosure and low disclosure quality, and their existence has weakened the usefulness of accounting...
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Models of Eradicating Virus

Yu Yipeng
To eradicate Ebola, we build models from 5 aspects. Firstly, we build disease transmission model with the example of Uganda, one of the countries which have Ebola infection. This model aims to analyze the relationship between the spread of Ebola and the measures of controlling disease. According to the...
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Choose the Best Coach

Yu Dongli
In our thesis, the goal is to rank college coaches in such sports as college hockey or field hockey, football, baseball or softball, basketball, or soccer and then choose the best college coach or coaches for the previous century.
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The research progress of micro-scale flow and convection heat transfer

Zuo Haoyu
Macroscopic fluid flow and heat transfer is currently in the field of modern thermal science. This article analyzes the basic theory, characteristic and research progress of macroscopic fluid flow and heat transfer. Then illustrates the next step for the research focus.
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A study of steady-state heat conduction for longitudinal fin of rectangular profile

Zuo Haoyu
Through the appropriate assumptions, the mathematical model was derived in longitudinal fin of rectangular profile, use the finite difference method for the numerical solution to the model, then use the fluent software to draw a two-dimensional temperature distribution within the region. The results...
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Research of Landscape architecture design situation and development trend

Hu Liang
Landscape architecture is a unique building ; it not only has to meet building functional requirements,but also need to meet the landscape.Therefore,in the design,it should be sure to emphasize the building “put the environment into the scene”,no matter is conception,site selection ,spatial layout,or...
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On tourism teaching management in the context of information technology development and change

Zhan Yanjie
From the perspective of human science, this paper uses natural science as the tools and methods to analyze student network behavior, considering providing college teaching and student management decision-making as the focal point and fundamental starting point. The utilization of authoritative and professional...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Physique Tests of Adult Males and Adult Females (Aged 20-59) in Xi’an 2010

Xin Yang
This paper makes investigation and analysis on the physical fitness monitoring of 2586 adult males and adult females in Xi’an City, utilizing the literature and material method, questionnaire survey method and mathematical statistics method. The results show as the followings: 1. there is no apparent...
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Study on the Impact of "Health Qigong•WuQinxi" on the Physical Health of the University Students

Xiang Bin
This study based on documents and materials, interview, experiment and data statistical analysis, as well as by the means of "Health Qigong•WuQinxi", and carries on a 4-month exercise intervention aiming at the university students, furthermore to have a comparison of their level scores on physical shape,...
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Countermeasures Analysis on the Network and Its Psychological Education of College Students

Xu Huayao
Based on the Students' Internet usage exposition, this paper analyzes the necessity of the ideological and political education network and elaborated college students from the era of ideological and political characteristics of the network, sharing resources and vast amounts of information, virtualization...
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On the Practical Significance of the Psychological Theory of Vocational Education

Xu Huayao
Psychological quality of students is an important part of overall quality.The reform of vocational education teaching psychology will comprehensively improve the overall quality of students, psychological characteristics of higher vocational education determines the ways and means of teaching psychology....
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On the Playwriting of Arthur Miller

Fan YuXia
Arthur Miller(1951-2005),very famous American playwright, is one of the three giants together with Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams. Miller has strong sense of social responsibility, considering the stage of drama to be the best way for a writer o present the society and to solve the social problems....
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On the Aesthetic Value of A Psalm of Life

Fan YuXia
A Psalm of Life by American romantic poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is a lyric created for deep reflection. It reveals the optimistic theme - time is fleeting, act in the living present. The poem appeals to the readers' eyes, ears, minds and emotions and shows the poet's richly endowed talents for both...
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Call the Specification for Scholars to Pursue Academic Researches: Consideration based on a Number of Academic Events in 2000

Zhou Juan
Academic research is a scale for measuring the social civilization level. Pursuing academic researches is a lifestyle of the academic circles, and the specification for pursuing academic researches the basic requirement of the academic circles. A number of academic events in 2000 have played an impact...
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Causes and Countermeasures of Hubei Local College Sports Teacher Burnout Phenomenon

Chen Yuqun, Peng Yanming
The nature of the differences between schoolteacher burnout of depersonalization and low sense of accomplishment both had a significant impact. Marital status on the emotional exhaustion dimension had significant differences. Emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low sense of accomplishment have...
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Analysis about the path to improve the growth environment of rural children left behind

Zhou Chunlei
With the profound changes in China's economic and social situation, the development model in rural areas has also undergone a sea change, a major change is that large numbers of people go out the countryside to work in developed cities, which significantly improve the living standards of farmers, but...
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Investigation on the Commercial Architectural Characteristics and formation of Wang Family Courtyard in Shanxi Province

Wang Ning
Wang Family Courtyard is located in Jingsheng Town, Lingshi County, Shanxi Province. It is listed in the top of the first-batch famous historical and cultural towns issued by the former Ministry of Construction and the State Bureau of Cultural Relics. LIANG Sicheng, Famous architectural design Master,...
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Analysis and Countermeasures of Data Sharing in the Network Environment

Cen Lei
This paper puts forward the framework of sharing data model based on the secure multiparty computation, carries on the design according to the hierarchical structure to progressive realize. The model consists of three layers, the lower is the data access, which manage the data from the node in each domain....
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Research on University English Autonomous Learning Ability Based on Dynamic Systems Theory

Zhang Rui
Dynamic system theory points out that internal elements and external system is closely related to, valuing the interaction between factors and variation. The English learners are classified into four groups, then research the characteristics of the best group learners. Characteristics is the affecting...
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A Survey on English Learning Difficulties of Higher Vocational College Students and the Countermeasures

He Jie
This article analyzes learning motivation, interest, attitude, confidence, methods, language anxiety, self-evaluation and evaluations to learning materials of higher vocational college students, which further finds reasons causing learning difficulty of higher vocational college students in learning...
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Study of flipped classroom model of college English class under the background of Mu

Zhao Yun
Flip classroom teaching, micro course and Mu class platform poses a severe challenge for college English public course. This paper studies the concept of flipped classroom model, success stories, we introduce the use of flipping the classroom teaching mode on college English public courses, build a learning...
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A Cross-cultural Analysis of the Pragmatic Differences of English & Chinese Vocabulary

Li Xiang
As vocabulary is the most active element in a language, it is critical to study the cultural connotations of vocabulary and understand the target culture in intercultural communication. An all-round analysis is made in this paper from different cultural perspectives about the pragmatic differences between...
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A Study on Computer-aided Translation Technology in the Era of Globalization and Information

Li Xiang
In the era of globalization, the rapid development of modern information technology, which greatly enhances the productivity of the translation, has an unprecedented impact on the language service industry. Based on this background, this paper describes the basic concepts of computer-aided translation...
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Explore the evolution and development trends of Folk sports in the city

Wang Qing, Zhu Chengmin
Though its definition is controversial ,the consensus can be reach that Folk sports is one kind of China's traditional national sport in some ways .The following article analyzes the concept and features of folk sports, summing up the evolution of folk sports in the city, the final analysis is about...
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Research on the Use of Mobile Learning to Teach English

Xiong Jie
The University proposed the concept of mobile learning. English has laid a solid foundation for the creation of mobile learning mode. Mobile learning mode is to promote college English teaching reform actively trying. Mobile learning mode provides a platform for independent learning. This paper attempts...
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The development trend of mobile Internet and its impact on the global economy

He Xinzhou
In recent years, the number of mobile Internet users increases rapidly, mobile Internet users scale gradually surpass the fixed scale, the scale of the domestic Internet is growing day by day, mobile Internet has become the focus of the current competition in the global information industry. The development...
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The research of development prospects for advertising design under the background of new media

Zhang Lijun
Network technology is the main development trend of today's society, and network technology as the representative of new media has become the main way of modern information design, which brings infinite convenience for the life of people. Through the analysis of related problems under the background...
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The research of higher education management in the process of popularization of Higher Education

Xu Tao
popularization of higher education has become a hot issue of Chinese higher education. But along with the popularization process, how can the higher education management reform, lacks in-depth research. Generated from several aspects of this theory, the meaning of popularization of higher education,...
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A Case Study of Application of Needs Analysis to English for Medical Purpose

Liu Li
To set undergraduate medical English teaching closer to the national demand scientifically, target needs and social needs questionnaires on medical English proficiency were carried out towards medical undergraduates and medical professionals. The results showed that: there is a deviation between skills...
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VEGF-A Expression in Bladder Transitional Cell Carcinoma and Clinical Significance

Ma Yong, Han Hongkun
Detection of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A (VEGF-A) expression in bladder transitional cell carcinoma, it studies their impact on the micro-vessel density (MVD), and in patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the age, gender, tumor grade, clinical staging and prognosis, so as to explore the...
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The status quo and prospect of the gastrointestinal cancer immunotherapy

Jiang Zhiqiang
Modern tumor has entered the stage of elucidating the pathogenesis from the molecular level and to explore of convenient and effective treatment for early diagnosis and the treatment of molecular biology. Gastrointestinal cancer is the most common cancer in the country. It is still ranked the first place...
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Research on Conflict and Cooperation of Agricultural Products Marketing Channel in Yunan Province

Hu Fei, Peng Muqing
First of all this article made a literature review on agricultural product marketing channel relationship, then analyzed the relationship between farmers, middlemen and government in agricultural product marketing channel by taking Yunan province as an example, finally summed up the current problems...
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An Analysis of the C-E Translation of Public Signs in Shaolin Temple from the Perspective of Functionalist Theory

Chen Shuai
with the rapid development of the world economic globalization, the communication between china and other nations becomes wider and more frequent, and more and more foreigners have come to China to travel. In order to meet the needs of foreigner tourists, many public signs have been translated into English,...
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The preliminary study of English teaching and student’s learning styles and the construction of optimization measures

Mo Yanping
English teaching is a subject which specially researches theories of English teaching and practices teaching process and disciplines, so far it has produced dozens of teaching methods. The article reviews several widely used and influential English teaching methods, analyzes their strengths and weaknesses,...
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College English Translation Teaching Strategies under the Empathy Perspective

Ye Wenxue
Pragmatic empathy as the theoretical basis, combined with He Ziran’s explanation for pragmatic empathy, from the pragmatic - linguistic and social - pragmatic to illustrate empathy applications in college English class. At the same time, combined with the practical experience of English teaching, this...
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On the Application of L/C in International Trade Payment

Shao Guang
The payment of the international sale of goods is an important content. For now, in China's foreign trade business, payment methods commonly used includes remittance, collection, as well as other ways of combining a variety of payment methods, which is widely used; it has more advantages and better Bank...
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Construction Strategy Exploration of College English Listening and Speaking Course Under the Network Environment

Wang Libin
In order to make college students better adapt to modern social need, improving college students' English comprehensive ability has become the top priority of the current college English teaching. However, many problems still exist in the process of actual college English listening and speaking teaching....
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Analysis of the Service Channels Building of Commercial Bank Credit Card in the Mobile Internet Age

Ye Gong
In the process of credit cards issue, commercial banks can constantly replenish card products line, launch a new business, and improve the credit card function, in addition to these, how to present these products, services and functions to customers better and allow customers to accept is also a key...
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The Green Design Idea and Practice Research of the Apartment for the Aged based on Environmental Protection

Wu Xiangwei
The so-called aging problem is the inevitable result of social progress. China has entered the aging society in the last century. In recent years, the family structure of China has become increasingly miniaturized. People’s viewpoints on public pension has also been changed. The apartment for the aged...
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Tentative Research on English Teaching Methodology and Learning Style

Meng Jing
In recent years, theories on EFL learners’ learning styles have aroused great interests. Studies on the relation between the learners’ learning style preference and their language performance have become increasingly popular. In this thesis, researches are made to discover the influence and the effect...
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Cognition-Based Rhetorical Appeals and the Teaching of English Composition

Zhang Jingwei
Nowadays, there is an increasing awareness of the upset situation concerning English writing among college English teachers. More and more teachers come to expose themselves to various but effective approaches to teaching writing in order to remedy the unsatisfying teaching situation. Process and product...
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Study on Image Recognition Application Based on Multi Features Fusion

Deng Lelai, Huang Xiaoming
From low to high, information fusion can be divided into three levels. The feature-level fusion not only keeps the most original information, but also overcomes the unstable and large characteristics of original data. In this article, we take six types of B ultrasound liver images as the research objects,...
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The Analysis of Techniques for Learning a Foreign Language through Translation

Chen Yeyu
Translation method has been a controversial issue in foreign language teaching field. From the perspective of unique social, cultural and historical background in China, translation method has its applicability and values in foreign language learning. Translation method has some own advantages and limitations...
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Taxation of e-commerce in China: applying US experience

Chen Jing
The study provides a detailed overview of the sales tax on e-commerce transactions in America since 1998. While after the issue of Market place Fairness Act in 2013, the American government would like to create fair market environment, which means collecting the same taxation same as the traditional...
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Research on Integrity Thought in Traditional Chinese Culture and Contemporary Value

Jiang Mingming
The traditional Chinese culture has continued for thousands of years, and it has tenacious vitality and incomparable continuity. In history, the traditional Chinese integrity thought has the development mode, inheritance-transformation-inheritance. The writer vertically masters the development stages...
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A Critical Approach to Acculturation Models

Ju Bei
This paper attempts to critically analyze the two prominent acculturation models, namely, the unidirectional model and the bidirectional model. Then the communication acculturation model is introduced to examine acculturation based on the levels of individuals, interactions between individuals and groups,...
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French Horn---All Rounder in the Orchestra

Li Yang
This article describes the various roles undertaken by the French horn in an orchestra and analyses the use of the French horn in orchestral music work in and before the twentieth century, and concluded the important function of the French horn, this article has a referential meaning to the reader who...
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Adjustment of US Diplomatic Strategy in the Context of “Energy Revolution”

Xu Longchao
The “shale gas revolution” that broke out in the United States in 2008 is quietly changing global energy pattern. The United States depending on imported oil for long is expected to gain “energy independence” in the next 20 years. Subsequently, the behavioral pattern of the US diplomacy is also gradually...
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Application of Ferris Wheel Concept on Vertical Transportation System

Tsang KingChun
This study is to find out the possibility of applying the Ferris Wheel concept to vertical transportation system (VTS). Although the engineers have considered different types of VTS and trying to maximum the efficiency, for example, Double Deck Elevator, Miconic 10 elevator system by Schindler, high...
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Research on Partner Selection of Landscaping Business Supply Chain Based on G1 and Gray Correlation Method

Shen Meng, Zhang Shaowen, Qiao Zhuanyun
Good supply chain collaboration between enterprises is an important foundation for supply chain management to achieve good results, selecting the appropriate supply chain partners will decide whether this benign cooperative relations could be smoothly established. This paper establishes the landscape...
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City fringe area landscape ecological planning under the green ring - Green wedge mode ----- To set the ecological ring zone of Chengdu as an example

Han Junjie, Hou Chaoping, Liu Jiawen
Since the reform and opening up, Chinese urban construction has made great achievements. Meanwhile, it also brings a range of urban problems which seriously affect people's living conditions. How to build urban ecological structure and how to improve the urban living environment have increasinglydrawn...
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A review of the researches on WeChat

Yan Jinfang
In recent years, the development of WeChat received extensive attention of the academic circles, and the research on WeChat had made important progress in several ways. Research from the fundamental of WeChat, the transmission mechanism of WeChat, the influence of WeChat on college students' social and...
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Comparative study of different sports professional students majoring force sense —To Take the Department of Physical Education in Xinzhou normal University as an Example

Yan Lihong
This paper used literature information law, experiment law and mathematical statistics law, research method, from 40 boys selected in random in Xinzhou normal college sports department at grade 4 and 2, in static force sexual (holding electronic grip meter) and power sexual (threw weight of 550g weights)...
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Study on College English Teachers ESP Teaching Transformation

Zhou Junhua
With the deepening of the reform of College English Teaching, ESP teaching has been widespread concerned in society. How to successfully transform form EGP teachers into ESP teachers is a new challengein the field of education.
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The Design of Centralized Heating Temperature Controller Based on MCU

Shao Ding
Combined with the practical project, based on the MCU technology and the sensor technology, this paper proposed the design proposal of the intelligent valve controller and the realization of the software and hardware. This design uses the PT100 platinum resistance as temperature sensor collecting the...
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Similarities and Differences between Shambha-La and Shangri-La in Terms of Cultural Tourism Resources

Ma Yu, Wang Wenhao
The tourism images Shambha-La and Shangri-La, created respectively by Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province and Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, have created a tourism miracle and attracted numerous tourists at home and abroad because of their unique characters and...
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Research on the Contract Law of Commercial Prepaid Card

Wei Siyu
With the development of the society, the new method of payment is emerging. Because Commercial prepaid card has adapted to the development of information technology and the objective need of market innovation about micropayments service, it is becoming a new means of payment. In real life, there are...
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Influence of Modern Scientific and Technological Revolution on the Current Art Education in Colleges

Chen LiJing
Modern scientific and technological revolution plays an important role in the development process of the society. But it is generally known that technical revolution is natural science, but art education is social science. And the direct and indirect connection of both is the emphasis in the paper. From...
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The Measurement reform outline of Art Design Course in Fine Arts Academy

Guo Liang
The art design course is one of the important categories about the art education in higher education. One way of measuring a student’s learning quality is done by the examinations after all the courses, which usually appear in the form of the assignments and the tests. Classroom skills and assignments...
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Study on Doctor-patient Relationship Laxation under the New Media Environment

He Zichen
The contradictions between doctors and patients caused by medical disputes has become one of the hot topics in the society. The contradictions between doctors and patients not only is the conflict influencing the economic and spiritual interests of doctors and patients, but also is a social problem influencing...
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Exploration on Current Art Design Elements in Digital Media Era

Hu Jijun
In the digital information era with fierce competition, rapid, accurate and efficient transference of information has been the key factor for enterprises to win in the market. Analyzing from the medium and ways of information delivery, no matter two-dimensional figures,text composition, mass production...
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China Textile and Garment Industry to Enhance Competitiveness by Industrial Chain Management

L.H. Jing
China’s textile and garment industry is declined by the fluctuation of world economy, appreciation of Chinese currency and increment of labor cost. Based on the industrial chain management theory, this paper aims to find the constraints on the industrial chain and propose how to enhance the international...
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Analysis on Relationship Between Painting and Animation

Li Yongjun, Li Wei
In the 21st century, the development of revolution in the new era emphasizes the development of universal art, and the cartoon develops rapidly in China, which realizes effective inheritance and development of painting and animation. How to ensure that painting and cartoon has better visual art and appreciation...
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Observation on AHP Analyzing Constraints for the Development of Enterprise Annuity in China

Mei Fengling
The paper uses AHP to make quantitative analysis on the important factors restricting the development of enterprise annuity in China. From the perspective of macro development environment of enterprise annuity, and the enterprise and the employee, the paper makes comprehensive analysis on the factors...
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Study on the Strategies of Enterprise Human Resource Cost Control

Han Yingjun, Fan Ailing, Sun Rui
As an important carrier of knowledge and skills, the position of human resources is irreplaceable in the business operations and development. Because human resources play important role in the enterprise to make modern businesses continue to strengthen human resources management while expand its exploration...
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Comparison of Sub-Provincial Cities Competitiveness in China Based On PCA Method

Han Yingjun, Wang Xiaoyang, Han Jiwei
Based on PCA method, this paper sets an evaluation indicator system which is used to evaluate the sub-provincial cities’ competitiveness. By ranking the overall competitiveness and integrating with the analysis of growth index calculation for competitiveness, the paper studies on science, technology...
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Study on Art Talents Training Mode in Comprehensive University

Liu Yi
Arteducation is animportant partofChinesehighereducationsystem, playing the role in fostering elegant aesthetic taste, motivating creative thinking and creating sound personality of students in colleges and universities. However, due to lack of managerial experience, faculty strength and other reasons,...