Proceedings of the 2019 5th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2019)

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The Effects and Mechanism of Leader’s Emotional Intelligence on Team Innovation Performance

Shuhong Wang, Menmei Wu, Wenyue Pan
This paper intends to study the influence and mechanism of leader’s emotional intelligence on the team innovation performance using a group-level design with empirical research method. The study shows that leader’s emotional intelligence, leader--member exchange and team psychological safety have significant...
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Study and Practice of Blended Teaching in Adult Higher Education — Taking the Course of "Management Science" as an Example

Yi Li, Yihui Shen
The proposal of blended teaching mode poses a severe challenge to the traditional classroom teaching mode. Therefore, through expounding the connotation of blended teaching mode and the current teaching situation and problems in adult education, this paper takes the "Management Science" as an example...
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A Study on the Strategic Path of High-quality and Characteristic Independent College Running Based on SWOT Analysis

Xiaoling Yu, Feng Wei, Xinjian Yang, Chunyan Wang, Tingting Kou
The long-term development of independent colleges lies in their high-quality characteristics. This paper analyzed the internal and external environments related to the development of high-quality characteristics of independent colleges based on SWOT analysis. It proposes five strategic paths for independent...
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Analysis on Consumer Demand of Electric Vehicle Based on Internet Survey

Yuhang Shang, Yi Feng
Based on the online questionnaire and the analysis of the current materials, this paper carries out a market research on the consumers’ awareness and purchase intention of the electric vehicles starting from the consumer behavior characteristics and consumption habits. It is found in the online investigation...
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The Applied Research on the Micro-Course Development of Fine Arts Skills Based on the Cloud Platform

Jie Fu
With the popularity of the internet and extensive application of modern educational technology, mobile study and online study become a learning fashion. In this study, the blended learning mode based on the micro-course is constructed to widely promote the teaching reform of fine arts skill course represented...
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Research on the Teaching Status and Countermeasures of Econometrics in Newly-Built Local Universities

Huiqing Wang, Qingfang Su
In the Information Era, as all kinds of data show explosive growth, the demand for mathematical analysis ability of college graduates from all walks of life is increasing. It is one of the teaching objectives of local application-oriented colleges and universities to train students how to apply econometrics...
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Language Influences Thought? Or the Reverse?

Feng Li
The Whorfian Hypothesis has been a source of controversy since it was first articulated both in its strong form ‘language determines thought’ and its weaker form ‘language influences thought’, and it has influenced disciplines beyond linguistics. This article intends to regard the relationship between...
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Practice on the Grouping Micro-Video Competition Teaching Mode in Large-Class Biochemistry Course

Genliang Li, Anni Ni, Xiaomin Huang, Shubo Li, Song Nong
In order to find a teaching mode that can meet the needs of the teaching in large class, we integrate various theories and teaching methods, construct grouping micro-video competition teaching mode and implement it in the biochemistry course in 6 undergraduate classes of 2016 nursing major of Youjiang...
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Research on the Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of "Combination of Medical Treatment and Old-age Care" in Heilongjiang Province

Li-na Wu, Chao-jun Li, Ying Chen, Jian-yu Hou
With the serious trend of population aging in Heilongjiang Province, "the combination of medical care and old-age care" pension model has become the inevitable choice of the old-age model in Heilongjiang Province. This paper studies the existing problems of Heilongjiang Province's "combination of medical...
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Research on the Cultivation of Students' Awareness of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Medical Colleges and Universities

Huilin An
The training process of innovation and entrepreneurship awareness in medical colleges is very slow; the form is single, and the effect is not significant. Cultivating and improving the innovative and entrepreneurship awareness of students are important to the reform of the medical and health supply side,...
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Transformational Leadership and Job Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Procedural Justice

Salem Mohamed A. Mansur, Guozhu Jia
The aims of this study were to identify the level of job satisfaction (JS) and the degree of transformational leadership (TLS) practice in technical colleges in western Libya, as well as detect the impact of TLS on job satisfaction. Additionally, verifying the role of procedural justice (PJ) as a mediating...
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An Effective Teaching Quality Monitoring System under the Background of New Engineering

Zehui Mu, Zijian Cao, Baolong Liu, Juchao Lei
In the environment of new engineering, many universities are carrying out a new round of teaching reform and construction. In the new era of higher education, the educational mode has been changing from the original elite education to the popular, applied and other diversified training objectives. Based...
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The Current Situation, Reform Ideas and Concrete Measures of Skill Competition for College Students

Jun Sun, Yang-ming Wang
The construction of skill competition system plays an important role in improving students' professional quality and professional skills. Based on the general problems of the professional skill competition system in higher vocational colleges, this paper discusses the key points of the construction of...
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Study on the Cultivation of College Students' Innovation Ability by Subject Competition and Its Countermeasures

Qi Lian
Innovation and entrepreneurship education has become a national development strategy. College students discipline competition into an important period of development. This paper enumerates the problems existing in the discipline competition of university students and gives some measures to improve their...
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Research on Training Mode of Employment and Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

Wei Wang
At present, China's higher vocational education is still lack of perfect employment and entrepreneurship education mechanism, so it is of great significance to build employment and entrepreneurship education training. This paper studies how to optimize employment and entrepreneurship education in vocational...
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Pathway, Strategy and Mechanism of Training Double-Qualified Teachers

Ye Tao
There are some problems in the construction of double-qualified teachers because of its definition. The double teacher type should have the quality. In 2016, the Ministry of Education issued a document to strengthen the construction of double-qualified teachers. This paper expounds the ways, strategies...
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On the Principle and Scheme of Teaching Content Reform in the New Era

Dong-ju Fang
In the new era, China, under the leadership of comrade Xi Jinping, needs to cultivate comprehensive talents that meet the needs of social development in the 21st century. It is urgent to reform the teaching content and curriculum system. Some concrete measures are given in this paper. For example, the...
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On the Construction of "Curriculum Ideological and Political" in Colleges and Universities

San-chi She
This paper expounds the meaning of "curriculum ideological and political" and the necessity of implementing "curriculum ideological and political" construction in colleges and universities. Finally, some constructive suggestions are put forward for its construction, including strengthening the system...
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Total-English Teaching Practice of the Circuit Theory for Undergraduate International Students

Shi-Hong Wu, Li-Di Wang, Yu-Qiu Song, Jian E, Ping Yang, Nan-Nan Zhang
With the continuous expansion of the scale of internationalization of higher education in China, English teaching for international students has become an important way of education for international students and an advanced teaching mode in line with international standards. Based on the problems existing...
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Research and Practice of "Integration of Specialization and Innovation" from the Advantages of Private Universities — Taking Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology as an Example

Xinjian Yang, Feng Wei, Tingting Kou, Chunyan Wang
The key to the development of private colleges and universities lies in the characteristic development. "Integration of Specialization and Innovation" is the integration of professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, as one of the main contents of the development of private...
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The Teaching Mode Exploration of the Innovative Practice for Agriculture Machinery Specialty from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education in Professional Courses

Xin Song, Yun Han, Yule Liu, Jianbo Liu
According to the problem of emphasizing on intellectual development and ignorant of ideological and political education in innovative practice teaching in our department, the new innovative practice teaching mode has been tentative explored for agriculture machinery specialty from the perspective of...
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Research on the Mechanism of Organizational Identity and Employee Turnover Intention

Liying Wang, Liping Lin
In today's increasingly globalized economy, the survival of organizations and the development of employees face many unpredictable changes in an environment where opportunities and challenges coexist. Faced with such a complex dynamic environment, organizational identity serves as the starting point...
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Exploration on the Training Mode of Management Masters Based on Innovation Ability

Liping Lin, Juan Wang
Postgraduate education is the main way to cultivate high-level talents needed by the country and the cornerstone of national development and social progress. This paper takes the innovation ability as the orientation, faces the local university graduate student teaching reform, carries on the thorough...
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Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Population Education Level in Lanzhou

Jing Shi, Zhi-bin Zhang, Qian-qian Guo, Long Chen, Ya-li Zhang
Based on the way of mathematical statistics technology, Global spatial autocorrelation and center of gravity analysis, this paper choosing the 50 streets as research unit analyzed distribution dynamic evolution of the average education level by using the data of Lanzhou city census from 1982 to 2010....
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The Incentive Mechanism of Preferential Tax Policies to the Environmental Protection Industry

Shengting Li, Xiaowei Zhou
The environmental protection industry (EPI) has high policy sensitivity and is influenced by many factors, but the policies incentives to EPI have not attracted enough attention. This paper studies the incentive mechanism of preferential tax policies (PTP) to EPI by the method of system dynamics (SD)....
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The Three Strategies for Translating Source Cultural Forms under the Theory-to-strategy Analytical Framework

Lei Dai
Since Venuti converted Schleiermacher’s translation theory into foreignizing and domesticating, debates over the two strategies have never abated. Meanwhile, emerging translation strategies and methods are continually being named with a salient problem that it is difficult to distinguish these idiosyncratic...
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Research on the Vocational Education Models for Disengaged Youth — Inspiration of Australian Federation College Re-engagement Education to China

Yunxian Zhang, Xiuyan Zhang, Yuye Zhu
This study aims to provide theoretical and practical guidance for the vocational education system for the re-engagement of disengaged students in China. This study investigated and identified strategies implemented in the state of Victoria in Australia to re-engage disengaged secondary school students...
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A Brief Discussion on the Construction of the Healthy Hubei Strategy

Yue Fan, Huiyuan Hu
The Healthy Hubei Strategy emerges right after the advocating of the Healthy China Strategy. The significance of constructing the strategy doesn’t need further exposition as people are paying more and more attention to their own health. At present, more focused on the policies and implementation pathways,...
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A Brief Study on the EQ Education for the Post-90 College Students

Xuelei Chen, Sa Wei
EQ is one of the essential qualities for human beings, which is of great importance for growth and cultivation of intellectuals. The college students in twenties grow up under the background of rapid growth of socialist market economy and the Internet. Their understandings of EQ and their EQ characteristics...
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On the Role and Status of Political Construction in Promoting the Party's All-round Construction

Huihui Yan
In the report of the Nineteenth National Congress, it was pointed out that the political construction of the Party is the fundamental construction, and the importance of the political construction of the Party is self-evident. Chairman Xi also repeatedly emphasized that the party's political construction...
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A Questionnaire Survey on Employment Status of Human Resources Management Graduates in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Ping Wang, Pinyi Sun
A questionnaire survey was conducted among 707 graduates majoring in human resources management in Zhejiang Sci-tech University. According to the data statistics, the graduates in human resource management get a job concentrated in Zhejiang Province, mainly in large and medium-sized cities. Graduates...
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The Design and Realization of Virtual Experimental Teaching Simulation Platform for the Field Reporting of Disaster Events

Xi Wang, Jia Chen
“Disaster Event Sites” is difficult to restore and it is dangerous to report it on the spot, so “on-the-spot disaster coverage” teaching is always in the state of “To teach but not to practice.” By analyzing the current situation and existing problems of news experiment teaching, this paper discusses...
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Research on Development and Prospects of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools in the “New Era”

Qian Zeng, Hongmin Li, Zhifei Li
After nearly 30 years of development, the Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (CFCRS) has become an indispensable part of Chinese higher education and a unique way to boost the higher education internationalization. Now the government, institutes of higher education and society are asking...
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The Exploration on the Cultivation of Comprehensive Ability in Full-time Masters Related to Maritime Affairs Based on the Integration of Production and Teaching

Jiakuo Zhang, Wenfeng Wu, Jinshu Lu, Jianwei Zhang, Faxin Zhu
The training of full-time professional degree postgraduates has become a new requirement for the development of high-level applied talents in economic and social development in China. Taking Zhe Jiang Ocean University full-time professional master as an example, this paper analyses the necessity and...
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Construction of Network Comprehensive Experimental Platform Based on Virtual Simulation

Hui Wang, Juchao Lei
In order to solve the problems of large equipment investment, imperfect experimental content and difficult construction of experimental environment in the construction of network comprehensive experiment, the paper studies how to build a network comprehensive experimental platform based on virtual simulation...
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Design of Innovative Ability Training Mode for Management Master Students in Local Colleges and Universities

Liping Lin, Liying Wang
Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress and the inexhaustible driving force for a country's prosperity, and the innovation of talents is the core and basis of innovation. For contemporary colleges and universities, the cultivation of "double high" talents with high comprehensive quality and high...
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Religious Thoughts through Imagery in Mrs Dalloway

Lika Tian, Hongmin Li
Since Mrs. Dalloway is one of Virginia Woolf’s most famous novels; many critics argue that it is due to the use of modern technical innovations, or the employment of brilliant use of time, or the use of a clever shift of the stream of consciousness. However, this essay argues that Mrs Dalloway is significant...
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Research on the Innovation Ability of Postgraduates in Local Universities

Liping Lin, Yang Wang
This paper probes into the problem of graduate students' innovation ability in local universities from three aspects: first, it analyzes the concept of innovation and innovation ability; second, it sorts out the related research on the cultivation of graduate students' innovation ability in domestic...
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Research on the Contents of Teaching Evaluation in Colleges and Universities Based on Grounded Theory and Students' Perspective

Zhijun Yin, Yaling Dong
Student evaluation of teaching effectiveness is a teaching evaluation method that gradually applied in colleges and universities at both home and abroad. However, there are various problems in the process including subjective rating, limited evaluation content and results in inaccuracy. In accordance...
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Research on Mental Health Education of Vocational College Students

Huiwen Luo
The mental health education of vocational college students is an important part of the ideological and political work of the vocational college, which is conducive to improving the overall quality of vocational students. However, there are many contradictions between vocational college students. To strengthen...
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On the Library Service Process Reengineering under New Media Environment

Yinhong Liu
Driven by the new media technology, the library is developing from traditional collections mode to digitalization and intellectualization direction. Users' needs and behaviors become more diversified. The library is facing an embarrassing situation so that traditional service business is declining, while...
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The Application of Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) in Biblical Literature Course

Wenhui Zhang
Biblical literature is offered as an optional course for English majors in many colleges and universities in China. This writer introduced TBLT into the teaching of this course and the result from this practical exploration proves that this method can effectively avoid the disadvantages of traditional...
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Construction of Vocational Education Think Tank Based on Embeddedness Theory

Lu Zhu
As an integral part of China’s new style education think tank, the vocational education think tank plays a significant role in decision implementation, thoughts exchange, practice guidance, reform and innovation in vocational education. Based on the connotation and development of embeddedness theory,...
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Thoughts and Practices on Improving the Quality of Graduation Design in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Jingfeng He
In view of the problems of low quality and inconsistent direction between graduation thesis and training direction in applied undergraduate colleges and universities, Xijing University aims at improving the selection of graduation topics, the quality evaluation and inspection links of graduation papers,...
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A Research of the Relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Retaliatory Behavior: Based on the Moderator of Emotionality

Yonghua Pi
Organizational justice is an important predicting index for the effective functioning of organizations. There are many organizational variables affected by organizational justice, such as organizational retaliatory behavior (ORB). In this study, it performed a test for the moderating role of the personality...
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Study on the Construction of the Teaching Staff for the Improvement of Rural Human Capital in Tianjin

Xinyu Liu, Zixuan Wang, Zheng Wang
Rural human capital is of great significance to the economic development of rural areas in Tianjin, is the premise and basis for accelerating rural economic development, and is the support and guarantee for realizing the rural revitalization strategy. To upgrade rural human capital, the most rapid and...
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Research and Application of New Teaching Model in Higher Vocational Education Based on “Internet Plus”

Jun Zhao
The fundamental purpose of higher vocational education is to train high-quality technical application talents to meet the market's overall demand for talents. The advent of the “Internet plus” era has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of higher vocational education and the innovation...
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Teaching Reform of Computer Application Basis Based on Blended Learning

Liangtao Yang
Blended learning is an organic combination of online learning and traditional face-to-face classroom learning, and it is one of the research hotspots and important development directions of university teaching reform. On the basis of sorting out and analyzing the current situation of computer application...
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Analysis on the Development and Utilization of Adult Education Electronic Archives Management for New Engineering Disciplines Construction

Meirong Zhang
In order to strengthen the management of adult education achievement and revise the unhealthy phenomenon such as false academic qualifications and unsatisfactory transcripts, this paper introduced the significance of doing research in the adult education for New Engineering Disciplines Construction,...
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Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Circuit Experiment Course

Yi Liu, Xiang-jun Wang
The circuit experiment course is not only an effective supplement to the circuit theory course, but also an important means to improve students' practical ability and cultivate a rigorous and realistic scientific attitude. In view of the rigid form and poor teaching effect of circuit experiment course...