Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation

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On the extension of Hilbert Inequality for Finite Series

Baoju Sun
In this paper, by introducing parameter and using Hadamard inequality and Cauchy inequality, an extension of Hilbert inequality with finite version is established.
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A hybrid algorithm based on neural network for DO concentration control

Ran Zhen, Liang Wang, Xueli Xu, Xiaojing Wu, Chao Si, Han Bai
The control of the dissolved oxygen concentration in an aerobic reactor is one of the most important and challenging tasks, because of its strong nonlinearities and large uncertain dynamics. In this paper a hybrid algorithm is used to approach this nonlinear dynamic system using feedforward neural network...
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Multi-model And Fuzzy PID Control for Fixed-wing UAV

Dali Zhou, Qingbo Geng
This paper puts forward a kind of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control method for longitudinal dynamics. Which includes velocity loop (inner loop) and height loop (outer loop). Multi-model adaptive control is used to control the velocity of UAV in the inner loop. The construction of model set and switching...
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An Anti-windup Algorithm for PID Controller of PMSM SVPWM Speed Control System

Bingyang Luo, Mengchao Li, Ping Wang, Tianyuan Yu
PID controller is one of the most widely used in permanent magnet synchronous motor speed control system. Better control effect is to be obtained while applied in the speed-adjusted system for PMSM. To the problem of windup in the PID controller [1], this paper proposes an anti-saturation PID algorithm....
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Reliability evaluation of distribution network based on improved non sequential Monte Carlo method

Jie Zhu, Chao Li, Aihong Tang
In this paper the idea of stratification is utilized to form a homogeneous-stratified sampling method, which can increase the efficient of power system random fault state evaluation. Applying this method for reliability evaluation only generates a small number of independent random numbers, it decrease...
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Development of the Downhole Data Memory Releasing Device

Jibo Li, Weining Ni, Sanguo Li
With the development of geologic mapping and resource evaluation technology, traditional data transmission method, such as mud pulse telemetry and low-frequency electromagnetic telemetry, can’t meet the requirement of large amount of LWD data transmission in downhole. This paper gives a new transmission...
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Research on 3D Modeling of Point cloud data Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Meng Wu, Jianqiang Wang, Han Luo
3D Laser Scanning Technology has been extensively studied because it can get large number of the target surface point cloud data quickly. In this paper, we use the terrestrial laser scanner to get the point cloud data of the rock surface, for these point cloud data, we discussed the effect of instrument...
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Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Aircraft Tractor’s Magneto Rheological Semi-active Suspension

Junzhao Li, Xiao Cheng, Fuwei Qing
In order to improve aircraft tractor’s ride comfort and traction friendly, this paper takes the MR semi-active suspension as the research object and establishes half body model. Through fitting, this paper obtained the magnetic rheological damper’s damping expression, designed a magnetic rheological...
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Heat-fluid Coupling Simulation of Wet Friction Clutch

Tengjiao Lin, Qing Wang, Quancheng Peng, Yan Xie
In order to estimate the heating value of wet multi-plate friction clutch at idle state, the heat-fluid coupling simulation of oil way fluid field is carried out. Taking oil way of clutch as research object, dynamic mesh technique is adopted to implement the dynamic simulation about fluid field in disc...
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On the stability of Jensen functional equation in Felbin’s type fuzzy normed linear spaces

Wenping Xue, Peisheng Ji
In this paper,we investigate the generalized Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of Jensen functional equation in Felbin’s type fuzzy normed linear spaces .
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Design of Visual Servo Robot Tracking System Based on Image Feature

Yue Guo, Xiaolan Yao, Wei Li
The purpose of the paper is to design a visual servo robot system to finish some tasks with a better effect instead of workers. This system is designed with closed-loop control based on image feature, and it is more accurate than the control based on position. The system consists of two parts, including...
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RT-FOCUSS Algorithm for Sparse Recovery in Fully-perturbed Linear Model

Xuebing Han, Zhaojun Jiang
In this paper, an improved and regularized algorithm is proposed to solve the sparse recovery problem in “fully-perturbed” model, which means perturbations present both in measurements and dictionary matrix. The paper shows how the regularized algorithm is derived based on TLS (total least-squares) and...
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A new technology of GPS for field test drivers

Xiaojie Jia, Jie Kang, Yan Zhao
This paper introduces a kind of field test system of appraisal driver application in GPS technology inspection. Through two sets of GPS devices installed on the driver test vehicle and difference base station established on the ground, the contour coordinates of outside the vehicle movement state are...
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Simulation and Experimental Study on Asymmetrical Quenching Deformation of 7075 Al Alloy Thick Plate

Haiyang Yuan, Yunxin Wu, Chen Lei
Simulation and experimental study of asymmetrical quenching processes were carried out on 7075 Al alloy thick plates. Effects of heat transfer coefficient ratios, thicknesses, and widths on warping deformation by asymmetrical quenching were simulated, and an increasing heat transfer coefficient ratios...
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The NDIR CO2 Sensor Implementation and Temperature Compensation

Seung Hyun Paik, Seung Hyeop Yang, Jun Yeong Lee, Hong Bae Park
Recently, the CO2 sensor is used in various fields like industry, agriculture, firefighting, air quality system, and so on. The contact type CO2 sensors have been used extensively because of a very low energy consumption and small size. However, they have a negative side such as short lifetime and poor...
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China Domestic Test and Verification Research of Wet Grip Performance of C1 Tire Based on ECE R117

Rongliang Liang, Lin Yuan, Mingqiu Gao
The test method for C1 tire wet grip performance based on European ECE R117 is analyzed, combined with the characteristics of China domestic proving ground, the test and evaluation process and test ability for C1 tire wet grip performance has already been established, which has great reference significance...
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A new face recognition system based on Kernel maximum between-class margin criterion (KMMC)

Minghua Wan, Qiaoli Wang, Hui Liu, Xun Li
To avoid small sample problem in pattern recognition, the paper uses KMMC (Kernel maximum between-class margin criterion method) as the basic extraction method for face recognition, which is based on the maximum difference of between-class scatter and within-class scatter in feature space. The objective...
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Research on a Novel Denoising Method of Ultrasonic Measurement Signal

Lanyong Zhang, An Cao, Yixuan Du
A wavelet threshold denoising method is proposed. The new threshold functions in the method overcome not only the constant deviation between the estimated wavelet coefficients and the decomposition wavelet coefficients in the soft threshold function, but also the discontinuance of the hard threshold...
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Mathematical modeling of thruster vectored AUV based on the single rotating object

Yuehua Huang, Peipei Yang, Hao Gong, Yu Huang
The paper makes a kinematics and dynamics analysis of thruster vectored Autonomous Underwater Vehicle based on the structure and principle of vector thruster; and then makes a mathematical model of this thrust vectoring Autonomous Underwater Vehicle based on the classical Momentum and angular momentum...
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Internal Flowpath Optimization of Wet Multi-plate Friction Clutch

Qing Wang, Tengjiao Lin, Li Pan, Quancheng Peng
The research about internal flowpath optimization of wet friction clutch has significant effect on the reduce of heat generating. Taking the diameter and position of nozzle as design parameters, the maximum and minimum lubricant pressure as constraint conditions, and the RMS of lubricant pressure applied...
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An Iterative Least Squares Error Method with Resampling for Frequency Tracking in Power System

Hui Li, Chunjie Cao, Liang Yuan
Phase angle and amplitude of a phasor can be provided by method of least squares error (LSE). LSE adopted iteratively is able to track the frequency and amplitude of power system in steady states and in kinds of non-steady ones. Iterative LSE with resampling is analyzed in conditions of off-nominal input,...
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Study on the reliability of coal and gas outburst prevention system at mining working face

Liping Xiao, Xionggang Xie
Most of coal and gas outburst accidents in China are caused directly by human misconduct in specific circumstances, lose efficacy of gas monitoring system and storage condition changes of the coal bed. In this paper, investigation was done on each component reliability of the Man-Machine-Environment(MME)...
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Study on integrated scheduling method of networked cascade control system with double-sampling rate

Dianting Liu, Xiaoyu Zhang
For network cascade control system with double-sampling rate, the paper proposes a new comprehensive scheduling strategy. In the comprehensive scheduling strategy, the variable sampling period algorithm is used in inner-loop and the forecast values are calculated by the cubic exponential differential...
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Research of Postal Data mining system based on big data

Xia Hu, Yanfeng Jin, Fan Wang
With the rapid developing of cloud computing and big data technology, enterprises have accumulated vast amounts of data and all of them have got more effective treatment, so companies get greater value of market. This issue analyzed the data China Post has and proposed an architecture of China Post’s...
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Simulation and Analysis on the Control System of Stepping Actuators of Underwater Valve

Yanchun Zhang, Yunpeng Wang, Jiazhen Zhang, Weili Li, Mingzhe Zhao
The stepping actuator is a device used to control the choke opening in the subsea production. The performance of the control system is directly related to the subsea production schedule and safety. In this paper, the working principle of underwater stepping actuators is studied. Moreover, the response...
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Design of INS data acquisition device based on STM32

Dong He, Zhenrong Zhang, Feng Yang
We design a new data acquisition device based on STM32 for Inertial navigation system. The data acquisition device has the character of simple structure, low power consumption, miniaturization. And the experiments show that this data acquisition device has the function of the A/D conversion and kalman...
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Performance Analysis of Double Channel SW-ARQ System

Suoping Li, Zhongyu Bai, Mei Liu
An double SW-ARQ system model has been established for wireless communication in this paper. We analyzed the packet average delay for the system by an alternative method of retransmission, and recognize the packet’s number in the buffer at receiver as the initial state of the system, the final state...
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Finite Element Modal Analysis of Four-link Combination Portal Crane

Yongfeng Zheng, Youmin Hu, Bo Wu, Pengxing Yi, Jie Liu
This paper take the four-link combination boom portal crane which typed MQ2533 of Weihua Group for study, According to the structural characteristics of boom system in the premise of reasonable and simplified model, it utilize the ANSYS software to build a four-bar linkage FEM model and does modal analysis,...
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Power flow analysis of compound planetary gear trains in flight leading edge flaps

Fuchun Yang, Jianxiong Feng
Geared rotary actuators in the leading edge flaps of an aircraft are usually composed of compound planetary gear sets with high reduction ratio. A new method using hypergraph in the power flow analysis of compound planetary gear sets in geared rotary actuator is proposed. The equation establishment method...
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Design of the Power Amplifier for Magnetic Bearings Based on the Three-level PWM Modulation

Xiaodan Ren, Qiang Yin, Yue Yu, Hao Pang, Zecheng Xiong, Qiliang Zhao
As it is scant for the linear power amplifier and the two-level switching power amplifier, the principle is analyzed for the three-level power amplifier. It is proposed for the power amplifier for magnetic bearings based on the three-level PWM modulation technique. The circuit is designed for the implementation...
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The Agriculture Vision Intelligent Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Machine Learning

Minghui Deng, Shaopeng Zhu, Ming Li
Image segmentation and feature extraction are the premise for machine vision system to analyze and identify the image. Threshold image segmentation algorithm according to the method of two dimension threshold has a lot of calculation in calculating the threshold, and the minimum error threshold method...
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Kinematic analysis, modeling and simulation of the substation inspection robot

Jinbo Zhang, Zong Wu, Shuai Lu
As a development direction of power grid, Smart grid has entered the stage of comprehensive construction, the detection and management of the intelligent substation's integrated parameter has become an increasingly prominent. The traditional manual inspection can't meet the requirements of modern intelligent...
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Reliability -based Sensitivity Intelligent Design of Capstan with Non-normal Distribution Parameters

Zhe Liu, Fenghe Tao, Changzhi Jia
Numerical method for reliability sensitivity design is presented based on fourth moment technique, and the reliability sensitivity of the capstan in track-laying vehicle with non-normal random parameters is extensively discussed. The variation regularities of reliability sensitivity are obtained and...
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Research on the cross-border traffic control operation mode of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Gang Sheng, Jiaqing Yu
As the large cross-border infrastructure connecting the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) displays some distinctive features and unique requirements for the different systems and management mode. Based on the analysis of the cross-border traffic control organization...
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A Statistical Selection Approach of Dynamic Load Model Parameters

Yulong Huang, Xun Chen
Since real load characteristics are time-varying all along, load model parameters built on some historical data are only valid within limited scenarios. A real-time dynamic load model parameter selection method based on multiple linear regression (MLR) is proposed to find the load model parameters that...
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Characterizing vibration signals utilizing morphological pattern spectrum for gear fault diagnosis

Bing Li, Min Gao, Qingchen Guo, Fang Liu
In this investigation, we present an alternative technique to characterize the vibration signals by utilizing the morphological pattern spectrum (MPS) based on the mathematical morphology theory. Different from the conventional morphological pattern spectrum which is based on morphological open operator,...
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Integration of Radar Measurements with Navigation Data for Initial Orbit Estimation

Nanke Du, Linyang Guo, Junshan Mu, Xuwei Su
An introduction is given about the current initial orbit determination mode for tracking ships. The paper proposes a method to improve the current orbit estimation mode by integrating the radar tracking measurements and onboard navigation data. The measurement and system model for the method is given,...
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The optimal model and market mechanism design of wide area multiple energy allocation

Dunnan Liu, Hao Chen, Rui Ge, Siyuan Zhang, Xinfan Jiang, Zhigang Liu
Energy resources optimal allocation of wide area market mechanism in our country is still not perfect at present, part of management policy restricts the marketization organizing and conducting about trans-regional and trans-provincial of electricity trade, which was unable to adapt to the wide area...
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A Study on Spread Effect and Induction Effect of High-tech Services in China

Haitao Liu, Yangang Wang
As the research object to high-tech services, the paper through the integration and analysis of the input-output table finds that the spread effects of high-tech services is less than the manufacturing and infrastructure at present stage,and the growth of production of high-tech services is mainly associated...
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Analysis of the nonlinear dynamic response of gyroscope rotor system considered Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication

Cong He, Hongyu Xu, Yaoqiang Zhang
This essay made study of gyroscope rolling-rotor system. The composite stiffness under the state of elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication and nonlinear contact force considered the effects of minimum oil film thickness were calculated. A dynamic equation was established considered the calculated stiffness...
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Evaluation of knowledge sharing via E-Learning 2.0 in Enterprise

Bing Wu, Wei Chen
With the development of web 2.0 technology, knowledge sharing via E-Learning 2.0 has become important in enterprise. Evaluation of knowledge sharing as a reference of knowledge management can effectively reflect the company's business objectives and strategies. This paper proposes the evaluation method...
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Research of the Principle of Standing Wave and Critical Speed Determination for the Radial Tire

Yunlong Wang, Hongtian Zhang, Xiaojie Qi
To test standing wave of the tire, constructed the simulation model by ABAQUS software for radial tire running rapidly on the automotive chassis dynamometers, meanwhile assembled the automotive chassis dynamometers, high-speed camera and actual radial tire together. The experiment indicated that the...
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Research and Application of Shunt APF Control Technology

Bin Lu, Ziqiang Xi, Jie Cheng
Basing on the research of the basic principle of the space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) control method and the DC side voltage control ,the simulation is made ,the simulation results show that the effect of the compensation current control based on SVPWM method and DC voltage control based the...
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A Fuzzy Non-radial Data Envelopment Model: A Case Study of Commercial Banks

Shaobo Yuan
DEA method is widely accepted in evaluation of financial efficiency. While the efficiency issues with uncertain data can not be solved easilily. In this paper a fuzzy non-radial data envelopment model is proposed to deal with the aforementioned issues. An empirical study of commercial banks in China...
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Design of Efficient Flyback Switching Power Supply Based on LM5021

Xingang Hou, Lei Wang, Heng Chen, Jinglei Chen
The paper introduces the process of designing an efficient flyback switching power supply on basis of LM5021 chip. It describes the process as the following 3 steps:1) designing a current-limiting circuit; 2) calculating the parameters of the transformer for the switching power supply and designing a...
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Research of risk management system on power supply enterprise

Zhenyu Xue, Haibo Liu, Xin Huang
By proposing conceptual model of power supply company management model, on this basis, paper summed up the internal and external risks of power supply company, and summed up the relationship between risk, after that the use of explaining the structural model, to tease out the risk system architecture...
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An improved PR controller current tracking control strategy research for Active Power Filter

Mingcai Pan, Ziqiang Xi, Miao Zhou
The current tracking control is the important part of APF (Active Power Filter) system. Since APF compensation current contain high harmonic components, the traditional Tustin discretization method distort the current in high frequency, which makes the resonant frequency of the PR controller shifted...
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Analysis of integrated position navigation of intelligent scraper based on Calman filtering technology

Yong Jiang, Hao Zhang, Hengtong Li
In this paper, with the intelligent scraper as the research object, studies the application of integrated position navigation algorithm ofintelligent scraper by Calman filtering technology, and to achieve the optimal combination of positioning and navigation information fusion, pressing the data of dead...
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Influence of Shale Gas Components on Jet Diffusion Flame

Shuai Liu, Zhong Wang, Yang Zhao, Ruina Li, Lei Qu
Effect of different shale gas components on jet diffusion flame were studied using mathematical method in this paper. Changes of OH free radical in jet diffusion flame of two different shale gas components were researched, and the impacts of shale gas composition changes on mass fraction of methane,...
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Unidirectional Convergence Problem of nonlinear system

Xia Zhao, Tianhua Lin, Xiaoguang Hu
The unidirectional convergence condition and unidirectional convergence domain problems for nonlinear system are studied. Firstly, linear dynamic closed-loop equation is obtained by designing linear switching function and corresponding control law. Secondly, the reaching position of the system is calculated...
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Design of Crane System Based on an Improved Active Disturbance Rejection Controller

Jie Zhang, Zhenye Dong
An improved ADRC controller is designed for the crane system. Firstly, the extended state observer (ESO) is used to observe the total system disturbance consisting of the system’s dynamic perturbation, the system model variations and outside disturbance such as the wind effect. Secondly, to eliminate...
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Dynamic Decision Model for Amount of AlF3 Addition in Industrial Aluminum Electrolysis

Shuiping Zeng, Fuwei Cui
Adding aluminum fluoride to electrolyte, is the most important to regulate electrolyte molecule ratio and the electrolysis temperature in aluminum electrolysis, which directly influences the current efficiency and energy consumption. This paper presents a decision model to decide the amount of AlF3 addition...
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Biometric Personal Identification Based on Chinese Handwriting Signature

Yongjian Zhao
Handwriting signature is an important approach for biometric personal identification. In this paper, a new method is provided to extract signature characteristic through wavelet transform. At first, a series of 4th order B-spline wavelet is constructed on the basis of B-spline function. After applying...
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Constrain Component Extraction Techniques

Yongjian Zhao
Component extraction is wide used in biomedical signal processing. Traditional independent component analysis (ICA) techniques aim to estimate all underling components from their mixtures simultaneously. To overcome the drawbacks, a constrained separation approach is presented for extraction of one or...
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A Novel benefit model for virtual machine resources allocation

Huowen Jiang, Huiyun Zhang, Huanliang Xiong
Virtual machine technology is widely used in cloud computing. This paper put forward a benefit model aimed at optimal allocation of virtual machines of cloud data center. Differentiate service levels according to the service response time, calculate profit and fines according to the satisfaction conditions...
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Realization of Translation Gateway from IPv4 to Ipv6

Ruixia Li, Yi Zeng
In this paper, a model of translation gateway is proposed. By adopting the Microsoft intermediate driver technology, it can easily realize the communications between IPv4 network and IPv6 network.
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Portfolio analysis based on multi-objective optimization algorithm

Juan Chen, Mengla Ji
Evolutionary algorithm in risk minimization and the expected return maximization of bi-objective for portfolio optimization applications has received widespread attention. Although the problem is a quadratic programming (QP) problem, the practical investment problems tend to make variables discontinuous...
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Preparation and characterization of NiO-Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.9 composite nanoparticles for solid oxide fuel cell anodes

Bo Xu, Dong Tian
An in situ reduction method has been used to synthesize NiO-Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.9 (NiO-SDC) nanocomposites for SOFC anodes. The effect of NiO content on the crystalline phase, crystallite size, and average particle size is investigated. The anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells have been fabricated from the...
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Spike sorting based on PCA and improved fuzzy c-means

Yi Yu, Yun Zhao, Han Liu, Bingchao Dong, Zhenxin Li
Proper classification of spikes from extracellular recordings is essential for the study of neuronal behavior. A lot of algorithms have been presented in the technical literature. Combining with subtractive clustering and fuzzy c-means, we present a new algorithm named improved fuzzy c-means. Compared...
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The research on soft start and buck energy-saving simulation of asynchronous motor

Bo Zhang, Minghao Duan, Deyang Yin, Huaqing Mo, Chengyuan Zhang
In order to achieve the goals that asynchronous motor operates energy –savingly and economically by lowering the operating voltage when the light load or no-load running, this paper starts from the T simplified model of asynchronous motor, and analyzes the energy consumption in detail, then uses the...
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Research and Design on 17 DF Humanoid Robots

Yanfang Wang, Yilun Yang, Zhijun Li
This paper mainly discussed a multi-degree-of-freedom, multi-servo-control methods in walking process of a bipedal robot, 4-way multi-infrared tracking and other related content. A robot designed according to the relevant principles can automatic tracking, collect the signal through the transmitting...
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Development of the Simulation System of Multi-model H-beam Rolling

Kaiyue Li, Qinhe Zhang, Yang Ren, Liming Wang
Simulation system plays an important role in the production process control and product optimization of multi-model H-beam hot rolling process. In this paper, an automatic modeling module was developed based on the customized application development method provided by ABAQUS, and the rolling process...
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Double Pulse Modulation On Current Harmonic Suppression

Jun Li, Jun-Hong Zhang, Wei Gao
Electromagnetic interference is now a hot research topic, in order to ensure reliable operation of the system, you must suppress EMI device from generating sources of electromagnetic interference suppression is more effective EMI suppression methods, through the use of double-pulse modulation, can effectively...
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Research on Vibration Risk Predictive Control of Auxiliary Shaft Hoist based on MCGS

Yunkai Liu, Jie Li, Xiangzhong Meng, Tao Yin
For the existing problems of security risks when the amplitude of auxiliary shaft hoist vibration is too large, we use the vibration sensors to collect the vibration signals of auxiliary shaft hoist and display it in the monitoring software MCGS, then research on the vibration risk predictive control...
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The Receiving Process of Single Carrier Signal Based On Blind Equalization Technology

Tao Xu, Yu Feng, Zhifeng Wang, Zhihua Hu
In this paper, the equilibrium issue exists in the single carrier mobile digital TV signal processing is discussed first, and in order to improve the balance performance, how to make equalizer switch automatically between blind equalization algorithm and decision oriented algorithm is researched. Otherwise...
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Development of Biopsy Needle Design and Optimum System

Tuodang Guo, Qinhe Zhang, Lei Tan, Guowei Liu, Hongjian Dong
A sharp edged biopsy needle is often used to cut and remove the expected tissue specimen to identify and diagnose cancer and other diseases. However, the traditional way to design and systematicness. The efficience of designing and optimizing of biopsy needle can be improved by selecting appropriate...
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Gray Tunneling Based on Joint Link for Focused Crawling

Wei Dong, Hong Ni, Haojiang Deng, Liheng Tuo
Tunneling problems of the topic-multiplicity of a web page makes the relevance of the highly relevant page to be weakened. In this paper, we proposed a novel relevance prediction for focused crawling to solve gray tunneling. Our approach is based on calculating the relevancy score of web page based on...
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Service-Oriented Logistics Management System based on Internet of Things

Biao Dong
Logistics information management system involves logistics, industry, commerce, and government department. The emergence of the Internet of Things(IOT) efficiently supports the construction of the logistics management system. Service-oriented paradigm is a suitable paradigm for IOT model. This paper...
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Architecting Dynamic Situation Applications for Wireless Sensor Networks: an Active Rule-based Approach

Jinhui Chen
This paper presents an approach, called DSECA, for modeling and implementing the architecture of dynamic situation applications for wireless sensor networks using an active rule-based model. The DSECA unites two of the application’s aspects, namely the content aspect, and the process aspect, and provides...
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Study on Control System in Opto-electronic Tracking Based on Sliding Mode Variable Structure

Xiangru Wang, Jianyong Zhong, Ranjun Wang
Aiming to solve the problem that DC torque motors is not steady to run at low speed in the control system of opto-electrionic tracking, sliding mode variable structure is applied to the low-speed servo system to improve stability of the system. At first the traditional design method of position, velocity...
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Fault diagnosis of wind turbine based on rough set and BP network

Xinli Li, Wanye Yao, Qingjie Zhou, Jianming Wang, Jingzhi Liu
Because of wind turbines institutional complexity, many operating parameters, fuzziness,randomness and uncertainty between the cause of the fault and the fault symptom, so direct application of BP neural network for fault diagnosis can lead to the issues of slow convergence of neural network and long...
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A new flight conflict detecting and avoiding method based on the missile characteristics

Yuliang Liu, Jiaxuan Xie, Ke Li
In modern air combat, it is very important for the aircraft to detect the coming missile and avoid. In traditional flight conflict detection method, more attentions are paid on plane to plane. In this occasion, the plane is flying according to the planed routes. But for the missile, once the missile...
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Heat Storage Calculation Model for Supercritical Once-through Boilers

Zhiming Qin, Junjie Gu, Luanying Zhang
According to the properties of water and steam, The evaporating surface of supercritical once-through boiler is divided into a cold-water section, a density-change section and a overheat- steam section for both supercritical and subcritical pressures. A lumped-parameter mathematical model was build up...
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Design of a Fast Algorithm for Bus Route Inquiry

Quanzhou Huang
In cities, there are a large number of bus routes and stations. Bus information management system is a public system that people often use, and the route query is one of the key technologies. This paper mainly discusses a transfer algorithm based on set theory, and the design process of the algorithm...
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A New Comprehensive Evaluation on Engineering Student Achievement

Hongying Sun, Caiping Xia, Jinfeng Dong
In Tianjin Agriculture University agricultural student achievement is generally higher than that of engineering student’s because of the difference of different professions, i.e. agricultural course are much easier to master relative to engineering courses and that lead to unfair assessment and appraisal...
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Chaoyang city after 10 kv power distribution line fault trip

Hao Sui, Peng Li, Wei Guo Xing, Jing Feng Pei, Wei Zhang
10 kv distribution network directly related to the user, the reliable power supply capacity and quality of power supply is not only the direct embodiment of the electric power enterprise economic benefits, and affect the safe and stable operation of the power grid. Electrical fault characteristics generally...
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In the process of multi-function material heating and energy saving method

Yu Bo Zhao, Bin Sun, Xiang Dong Zhao, Zhu Xin Chen
Any heat transfer only exists in three ways : heat conduction, convection and radiation. Existing toughened glass process with electric heating wire, heat transfer is given priority to convection. If the infrared heating technology is used for toughening glass production, the way of heat transfer is...
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Management Strategy On preventing electricity-stolen Activities

Chang Lu Chen, Shou Lin Liu, Jun Wang, Ming Wei Qian
Currently, our country power-stolen phenomenon still stands out in a certain scope. Power theft not only results in enormous economic loss to the power industry, but also poses a threat on the safety and reliability of the system power supply, leading to high line loss.suggestions of power supply enterprise....
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Power supply requirements planning research in distribution of power grid

Yu Bo Zhao, Ge Wang, Zhu Xin Chen, Li Zhong Liu, Feng Zhen Liu
Based on a detailed analysis and research of power system load power consumption demand model, on the basis of through offline and online status of demand planning, design a kind of optimal power grid scheduling policy. The scheme can minimize a cycle of the grid operating costs, then strengthen the...
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A Mixed Covolume Method For The Pseudo-Parabolic Integro-Differential Equation On Triangular Grids

Xiaomei Zhang, Ziwen Jiang
In this paper, we present a mixed covolume method for the initial-boundary value problem of the pseudo-parabolic integro-differential equation. This method uses the lowest order Raviart-Thomas mixed element space on triangles as the trial space. The convergence analysis shows that this method yields...
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Simulation study on the vehicle mobility model based on the SUMO

Xue Yuan, Bai Yun, Chunming Li
Simulation is one of the common technologies to study the Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET), and different simulation models obtain the different simulation results. Aimed at this situation, this paper compares and analyzes the Krauss model and RDM model, and constructs the simulation system based on...
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An Operating Equipment Scheduling System Based on Multi-Rule Constraints

Bin Duan
Energy is devoted to building an operating equipment scheduling system based on multi-rule constraints as well as to describing system structure and functions of every model. Then it describes all the factors which impact the usage of operating equipment, and also abstracts from the factors to constraint...
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Design of track fusion system for anti-aircraft gun fire network system

Lei Huang, Wencheng Jiao, Gang Liu, Yezun Sun
Anti-aircraft gun fire control networking can improve the whole battle efficiency of anti-aircraft gun fire system. Aiming at the data processing need of fire control network, a gun fire control network track fusion system is designed. The system is realized by C programming language, which can be applied...
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The Wavelet Transform with best decomposition Level and Relevant Vector Machine Based Approach for Chaotic Time Series Forecasting

Xiao-Lu Wang, Jian Liu, Jian-Jun Lu
In order to accurately predict the chaotic time series, a novel approach based on integration of wavelet transform and Relevant Vector Machine (RVM) is proposed. The best wavelet decomposition level is determined with the condition that a certain function space orthogonal projection energy in wavelet...
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Study on Sticky Information in Research Cooperation on SD Model

Xianglian Zhao, Wenqing Zhu, Hao Wu
The research alliance is an emerging technology innovation model, it will contributes to reduce its internal information stickiness play value and improve the efficiency of the research alliance. The paper analyses research alliance operation mode, summed up the research alliance within the research...
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Oscillation criteria for an advanced 2-D discrete system

Chunhua Yuan, Liang Zhang, Jian Liu
This paper is concerned with oscillatory behavior of an advanced 2-D discrete system. Some necessary and sufficient conditions for the oscillation of all solutions of the advanced 2-D discrete system are established. Numerical examples are provided to demonstrate the main results of this paper.
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Method and Experiment of Multiply Increase the Motor Speed With 50Hz Frequency Power Supply

Yuejun An, Tianqing Yuan
The motor working in super-synchronous speed need the frequency converter with frequency power supply, but the high fee of the converter lead poor engineering economy. Design a simple and reliable method to make sure the motor could work in twice of original speed. The frequency multiplication power...
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An evaluation model on enterprise E-Learning system

Bing Wu, Tao Song
As E-Learning is widely used as a training method in enterprises, it is obviously essential to evaluate effectiveness of the E-Learning system. Although the current research mainly focus on the quality which is related with the system, two dimensions of personalization and organization culture are neglected,...
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Design and FPGA Implementation of High-speed Parallel FIR Filters

Baolin Hou, Yuancheng Yao, Mingwei Qin
This paper proposes a novel design method of parallel Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter, which structure is parallel transposed. It can increase the running speed by M times compared with the serial FIR filter, where the M is the number of sub-filters, and the parallel FIR filter only introduces very...
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LED mixed lighting device of color temperature and brightness wireless control

Xiaojin Yan, Qian Liu, Shuying Zhang, Dan Peng
In view of the white LED problems being medium and high color temperature, the poor CRI of warm color temperature, and single control on the market, a plan is given based on ZigBee wireless communication technology of the LED color temperature and brightness independent control system. Through the wireless...
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Three Kinds of Optical Flow Technique: LCT, DAVE and DAVE4VM

Jihong Liu, Yanhui Dong, Yuhong Zheng
Photospheric velocity field is an important parameter in studying solar eruptions. This parameter can be deduced by three kinds of optical flow techniques, i.e., LCT [1], DAVE and DAVE4VM [2]. By using an example of active region (AR) NOAA 12017, we have compared the distribution of the velocity field...
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The Technologies of Close-range Photogrammetry and Application in Manufacture

Xishuang Jing, Chengyang Zhang, Zhanlei Sun, Gang Zhao, Yida Wang
In this paper, the working principle and composition of close-range photogrammetry measuring systems are introduced and the general key technique in picking up measurement points and calibrating the camera are analyzed. The close-range photogrammetry measuring systems are compared with other major performance...
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An Activity Recognition Algorithm Based on Energy Expenditure Model

Yuhuang Zheng
Human activity recognition via triaxial accelerometers can provide valuable information to evaluate functional abilities. In this paper, we present an accelerometer sensor-based approach for human activity recognition. Our proposed recognition method uses a model of Activity Energy Expenditure to recognize...
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The improvement of the active support control system force transducer performance, based on Kalman filtering

Yongjian Ma, Xiaojin Li, Hongshen Zhao
In the active support control system, the sampling accuracy of force sensor directly affect the force control precision of the system, the surface of the primary mirror, and then affect the imaging quality of the optical system. Based on the Kalman filtering, this document introduces the force sensor...
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Cloud Computing Technology Research Oriented Smart Grid

Xiaokan Wang, Dongzhao Chen
With the continuous development of smart grid scale, smart grid would be realized in the power system and it has increasingly demands for processor resources and storage resources of the power system. Proposed smart cloud of power system which could make use of the existing intelligent processors and...
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Design and Development of Intelligent ECG Monitoring System Based on ARM

Bao-Liang Yang, Xiang Gao, Peng Li, Jia-Yong Ye
Based on the ECG monitoring instrument and ECG signal research, design a series of ARM chip based on STM32 as the core of the portable home ECG detection equipment. The device with three electrodes of ECG signal acquisition, due to weak signal acquisition processor cannot directly handle the ECG acquisition...
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Network Security Design for Manufacturing Enterprise

Jiangmin He, Rihuang Yao
This paper firstly introduces the development of network and informatization, which has brought rapid development to enterprise at the same time also brought information security risk to it. Then combined the enterprise's features, provides a general method of design a security network for manufacturing...
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Design of a Four-Rotor Aircraft based on Cortex-M4

Qin Nie, Shiguang Wen, Yunye Jiang, Liyang Xu
In this paper, we present a controller design on mini aircraft with four rotors from its theory to implementation. The dynamic model is gained by means of Large-scale transformation Algorithm of Quaternion to Euler Angle. We apply Cortex-M4 inner core microcomputer as a processor; get angle information...
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Control System Research and Performance Prospect of Low Impact Docking System

Lingxuan Zhang, Jingming Shao, Huaiwu Zou
Low Impact Docking System is an active control docking system with functions of docking and berthing, which represents the development direction of the next generation of space docking mechanism. In this paper, the system composition and operating principle of LIDS were introduced and the basic functions...
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The Research on Position and Orientation Constraint of Rootless Redundant Robots Based on Dynamic Modeling

Na Li, Haiyong Jiang, Yazhou Xing, Xianpeng Zhang
Based on a Dynamic Nominal Mechanism adding to the rootless redundant robots, the dynamic modeling for can be established. The DNM is an idealized dynamic chain whose base is fixed at a point on earth, which makes the rootless redundant robots convert into the open chain multi-body system with fixed...