Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Information Technology Applications

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Analysis and Design on the Models of Quick Stabilized Tracing Platform

Zhifei Lv, Zhenhong Zhu
Through mathematical analysis, the motor is established, and then the tracking stability control loop is set up. The control loop is designed to correct the network design and improve the stability and tracking performance. Research shows that through the stabilization loop lag correction network design,...
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Saliency Detection Using Min-cut Proposals Framework

Meiling Sun, Fengxia Li, Sanyuan Zhao, Da Huo, Chenguang Yang
In saliency detection, almost all the approaches map an image into a graph and assign the saliency value to each element, e.g. pixel, region or superpixel. In this paper, we first utilize a series of image features among superpixels in the support vector machine (SVM) to train linear predicted models....
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Energy Efficiency Research of BIPV System in Partial Shading Condition

Mingfei Wei, Huiqin Wang, Li Jiang, Fang Yang
In the building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system, the influence of partial shading on the energy efficiency of the BIPV system is large in certain circumstance. Energy efficiency of the centralized system and multi string type system are researched in four typical shading conditions. Results show...
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An improved OTSU method based on Genetic Algorithm

Wei Shang, Yan-fen Cheng
Image segmentation is required to be studied in detail some particular features (areas of interest) of a digital image. It forms an important and exigent part of image processing and requires an exhaustive and robust search technique for its implementation. In the present work we have studied working...
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Research of Real-time Face recognition method on mobile intelligent device

Wu Lv, Tian-huang Chen
In order to solve the problem that traditional face recognition scheme was not efficiently suitable for the smart mobile terminal. This paper proposes a Real-time Face Recognition Method based on geometric features and improved template matching. The method is divided into two steps from general to detail...
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Algorithm optimization of recommendation based on probabilistic matrix factorization

Qi He, Yan-fen Cheng
With the rapid development of the internet, the excessive information of user and item leads to user-item rating matrix becomes bigger and more sparse, also, accuracy of the traditional collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm gets lower. So in order to improve the precision of recommendation...
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An Improved Method of Removing Fog and Haze Effect From Images

Jia Shi, Ke-jian Yang
To process the fog and haze image,a local histogram equalization based on distant scale factor interpolation method to deal with the blocking effect was proposed .In this paper,We analyzed the basic features of the haze image,that is, low brightness and low contrast. And then,for these features we choose...
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Bottom-up copper plating to form stacked interconnection of HDI printed circuit board for optical module application

Jiujuan Li, Yuanming Chen, Yongqiang Li, Na Wen, Shouxu Wang, Lijun Gong, Bei Chen, Wei He
Plating factors of graphic design of copper patterns and plasma pretreatment of dry film were investigated to find their effects on bottom-up plating quality of copper pillars. The thickness of copper pillars is examined using scanning electron microscope. John's Macintosh Product software is used to...
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Design of A Miniature Near-infrared Laser Range-gated Real-time Video Processing System

Shudong Wang, Su Qiu, Weiqi Jin, Shaopeng Wu
The range-gated imaging technique can effectively restrain the backscattering of light and greatly improve the observation distance of photoelectric imaging system in day and night with bad weather. In this paper, a miniature near-infrared laser range-gated imaging system is designed. It is convenient...
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Elements Diffusion of the Interface for Be/ 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 Stainless Steel by Hot Pressing

Hui Li, Yingkun Gong, Yilin Chen, Fei Duan, Xuan Wang
Diffusion bonding is an effective way to join beryllium with other materials. To study the elements diffusion near the bonding interface so that improve the joints performance, the microstructure, and distribution of composition and phase on the interface of Be/00Cr17Ni14Mo2 stainless steel diffusion...
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Elements Diffusion of the Interface for Be/ 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 Stainless Steel with Cu Interlayer by Vacuum Diffusion Bonding

Hui Li, Yingkun Gong, Yilin Chen, Fei Duan, Xuan Wang
Diffusion bonding is an effective way to join beryllium with other materials. To study the elements diffusion on the bonding interface to improve the joints performance, the microstructure, and the distribution of composition and phase on the interface of Be/Cu/00Cr17Ni14Mo2 stainless steel diffusion...
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Research and Design of Mouse Scanner Module

Wen Long, Li Li, Weiqi Jin
Compared with the ordinary books scanner's complexity and huge size, the design of a USB-based scanner module was much acceptable.In the module, the OV7670 was used for image acquisition, and two AVAGO optical sensors were used to acquire the position coordinates of the area which would be scanned. A...
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1.25 GHz Single-photon Detection with Sinusoidally Gated InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiode

Yuanjin Chen, Zinan Huang, Guomin Bai, Heping Zeng, Yan Liang
The InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are one of the most practical devices for single-photon detection at the near-infrared wavelengths. In this paper, we report a Chinese-made InGaAs/InP APD based single-photon detector operated at 1.25 GHz. The combining technique of sine-wave gating and low-pass...
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Control System of Intelligent Vehicle by Panoramic Vision

Yubin Zhou
The success of driverless mainly depends on the intelligent visual system which can control car on the road as we human do. A high efficient controlling system based on panoramic vision for intelligent vehicles, supporting 8 cameras at most, is presented in this paper. The visual module is composed of...
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A review on the spatial-temporal migration and transformation law of Pb in Jiaozhou Bay

Yu Chen, Huijuan Zhao, Danfeng Yang, Hong Ai, Dongfang Yang
This paper provided a review on the spatial-temporal, migration, transformation of Pb and their law in Jiaozhou Bay based on investigation of Pb in surface and waters in different seasons during 1979-1983. The vertical transferring processes of Pb and mechanism, spatial-temporal migration law of Pb and...
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Spatial settling process of Pb in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Danfeng Yang, Xiuqin Yang, Xiuzhen Tao
We analyzed the vertical distributions, seasonal variations and transfer processes of Pb in Jiaozhou Bay based on investigation data in surface and bottom waters in 1986. Results showed that Pb contents in surface waters were in order of spring