Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Information Technology Applications

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Model analysis and numeric simulation of wireless communication at high speed

Chunrui Zhang
With advantages like great security and communication quality, optical communication has make good progress. When this technique is developing at staggering speed, people want to it have more high speed, which can propagate the information much quicker. We want to the speed to enhance to several Gb/s....
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Simplification and Optimization of Visual Tracking Convolutional Neural Networks Parameters

Zhiyong Qin, Lixin Yu
Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), which has achieved great success in traditional computer vision tasks such as image classification, object detection, scene segmentation, etc. has also gained great success in fields of visual tracking. However, the algorithm based on CNN is both computation and memory...
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Energy Optimization for a Simple Household Microgrid Based on Demand Response

Qingzhu Wan, Yalan Chen, Xin Wang
Energy management in demand side is an important way to realize demand response in smart grid, in this paper we established a household microgrid model which includes PV, battery and home appliances, and then we proposed an intelligent coordination control scheme for home energy management. For the thermostatically...
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Frequency Control Method of Isolated Micro-grid Based on Thermostatically Controlled Load

Qingzhu Wan, Yuan Bian, Yalan Chen
With proportion of air conditioners increasing gradually, they can provide certain amount of frequency controlled reserve for micro-grid. To maximize using air conditioners and consider customer comfort, the frequency adjustment model is shown that the quadratic function model of trigger temperature...
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Design of cantilever mechanism of endoscopic detection device

JinWei Fan, KaiKai Liu, Haohao Tao, Qi Lv
As a result of the limitation of testing environment area and testing equipment, the existing the rigid structure of the feeding device or multistage hydraulic cylinder cantilever mechanism can't meet the requirement of the stiffness. A scale is developed relatively high stiffness and high cantilever...
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Research on the geometric errors identification of rotary axes on the five-axis machine tool

Jinwei Fan, Haohao Tao, Qi Lv, Kaikai Liu
Aims at AOCMT type five-axis ultra-precision CNC machine tool, the rotary axis geometric errors model is established by applying the homogeneous coordinate transformation matrix, a kind of errors measurement and identification method is put forward. It takes A axis as an example, using the function of...
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Finite element analysis and structure improvement of CNC grinding machine lathe bed

Jinwei Fan, Qi Lv, Haohao Tao, Kaikai Liu
CNC grinding machine is the most commonly used finishing machine, lathe bed is the foundation of the machine tool key parts, as well as the guarantee for the machine tool dynamic stiffness. Taking a CNC grinding machine lathe bed as the research object, using Pro/E software to create the geometry model,...
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Methods based on CNC grinding fault Distribution Parameter Estimation for Reliability Assessment

Jinwei Fan, Shi Ji, Hongliang Wang, Lanqing Zhang, Haohao Tao
Fault distribution type identification and probability density function parameters estimation are the prerequisite of CNC grinding machine tools' reliability assessment. The procedure of fault data grouping,the technique of probability density function parameters estimation based on least square method...
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Introduction to the ATLAS detector at the LHC

Ang Li
ATLAS(A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) is one particle detector at the large hadron collide (LHC), which is the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator at the EUropean Organization For Nuclear Research(CERN) in Switzerland. ATLAS is intended to be a general-purpose detector, rather than focusing...
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Principle and Outlook of Holography

Yiran Wang
Holography can display the perspective and depth as a real object, as an ideal three-dimensional display method. As the holography is based on the principle of reestablishing three-dimensional information of an object or a scene by means of optical interference record and diffraction reappearance, the...
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Design and Implementation of Power Flow Calculation Service Based on WCF

Lifang Xu, Tong Jiang, Zhao Yu, Chengnan Lu
Some problems exist in power flow calculation such as complex programming and expensive calculation software, a new method is put forward that traditional power flow calculation can be transferred to the Web. Based on that, this paper designs a power flow calculation service. The users can view the service...
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Static Parameter Detection and Identification of Power Grid Branch Based on PMU Measurement

Yunfeng Cui
With the wide coverage of the WAMS in power system, it is possible to detect the static parameters of power grid branch with PMU measurement. The paper presents a method, that is ,by the reformation of state space and linear static state estimation. To improve branch parameter computation redundancy,...
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The determination of serum cholesterol concentration with improved differential evolution algorithm based on ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrum

Mingcheng Gui, Weihua Zhu, Feng Zhu, Ying Geng, Weihao Hua, Chunmei Tang, Zhimin Zhao
This article uses the partial least square algorithm and the improved differential evolution algorithm to preprocess the ultraviolet-visible absorption spectral data and build a model for detection of cholesterol concentration in human serum. The result indicates that the wavelet decomposition and the...
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Identification of singular samples in near infrared spectrum correction set by using Monte Carlo cross validation

Aixiao Zou, Yaxin Qu
Identification of singular samples is the basis of the robustness of the calibration model for near infrared spectra. By using the Monte Carlo method of cross validation (MCCV) ,this experiment identifies the singular samples in the calibration set of starch samples. By using the method of partial least...
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The Assessment of Operational Command And Decision Based on the AHP-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Zhao Xue, Xiaoming Du, Guoxu Pei
The assessment of the assessment of operational command and decision, which uses the AHP-FCE to analyze model and judge the single index professionally by building multilevel system of the index evaluation. At the same time, the recursion algorithm was adopted to give the relative degree between object...
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Power Distribution Network Carrier Communication Route Hybrid Algorithm Based on Ant Colony

Ya Li, Rusen Fan, Wei Jiang, Junjie Yang
In order to further improve the electricity information acquisition system performance, we put forward a kind of Routing Arithmetic Based on Hybrid Algorithm of Ant Colony Algorithm with Genetic and Simulated Annealing. The algorithm takes the hops, latency and packet loss rate factors into the path...
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The application of solar burst theory in the study of episodic jets

Zhiyu Yin
In many astrophysics black hole accretion disk systems, the episodic jet formed by the plasma group is observed, but its origin is not yet understood. On the basis of the MHD model, this paper adds the relativistic effect, develops a new magneto hydrodynamic model to study the nature of the episodic...
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Research on Braking Electric Vehicle of Producing Renewable Energy

Zhi-qiang Xu
Every time a car's brake is applied a lot of energy is wasted. Physics tells teaches that energy cannot be destroyed. So when the car slows down, the kinetic energy that was propelling it forward has to go somewhere. Most of it simply dissipates as heat and becomes useless. That energy, which could have...
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Design of Angle Measurement System Based on CPLD and MSP430

Wei Wang, Liping Zheng
In order to solve the problem of wide-range and high-precision angle measurement, a kind of grating-angle measurement system was designed. The grating sensor was used as output part of angle measurement signal, and the grating signal hardware decoding programme was designed applying CPLD, which achieved...
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Study on the method of measuring direction and positioning with the sparse linear array sensor on the Partial discharge(PD)source

Tong Liu, Xiaolong Xu, Hao Du
We propose a method based on MUSIC and Chaotic Monkey algorithm for measuring direction and positioning with the sparse linear array sensor on the discharge source. First, we de-noise and focus on the linear array signals. Then, we get the angle of the incoming signal by MUSIC algorithm. Finally, we...
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Study of the SIR Model and Improvement Based on Applications

Siyuan Zhang
Based on the classical SIR model, we improve the differential equation modal and take the effect of drugs and vaccines into account where Ebola viruses appear. Despite of the improvement, differential equation model is still the principle part of our model. Since the spread of Ebola is concerned with...
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Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering Characteristics of Moving Target Group Based on Quasi-static Principle

Chaoyang Li
The analysis of electromagnetic scattering characteristics of the static target after years of development has formed a mature and complete system, the electromagnetic scattering characteristics of target motion analysis in the last few years has become a hot and difficult problem for researchers and...
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Research on high voltage control caused by small hydropower

Junjie Xiong, Hao He, Shanlian Guan
This paper mainly analyses on the influence of Congyi grid voltage caused by small hydropower station. The mechanism of high voltage has been expounded. Based on the ETAP simulation, comprehensive comparison of various measures of operational and governance effect has been carried out , the optimization...
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Harmonic Analysis and Control in 35kV Xin'an substation

Cai-bo Deng, Jun-jie Xiong
In the process of supervision and inspection of Jiangxi power grid, there are some phenomena in 35kV Xin'an substation, such as abnormal sound from transformer and capacitor, and overheating in capacitor. The bus and capacitor power quality test found serious harmonic exceeding. Two methods of harmonic...
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Research on Application of Fuzzy Control Algorithm in Nonlinear System

Libo Yang
As a kind of artificial intelligence technology, fuzzy control is widely used in the non-linear control system, and the application will be effective in industrial production, and then many large lags and nonlinear problems have been solved. This paper focuses on the research of the application of fuzzy...
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Development of Virtual Instrument System for Large-scale Transport Aircraft Simulator Based on HLA

Ren-xia Ou, Hua-lei Zhang, Xu-yang Huo, Hong-bin Chen
Aimed at the character of the numerous instruments and the high price in large-scale aircraft cabin, a half-entity emulation method of using virtual instrument with actual panel is presented. According to the basic active status and performance parameter of certain engine, a multinomial fitting method...
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Low Complexity Carrier Phase Estimation for 16-QAM Systems

Jilong Han, Wei Li, Haitao Yao
A low complexity carrier phase estimation (CPE) algorithm for 16-QAM systems is investigated in this paper. In the proposed CPE algorithm, the QPSK partitioning scheme is adopted to divide the symbols into three classes (C1, C2 and C3). The symbols in C1 and C3 are used to achieve the coarse estimation...
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Simulation Research on Redundant Mechanism of Dual CAN Bus

Lilong Tan, Le Yang, Shuai Li, Li Zhang
In order to improve the reliability of redundant CAN bus communication network, in this paper, a dual CAN bus redundancy communication system based on DSP is designed. In the hardware, a dual CAN redundant interface circuit based on TMS320F2808 chip is designed; in the software, a dual CAN bus communication...
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Rough north seeking method based on tracking speed detection method

Shuai Li, Qiyuan Zhong, Li Zhang, Le Yang
When the north angle is greater than 400, a certain gyro theodolite of The PLA 1001 Factory can not normally find the North. In this paper, the author deduces a mathematical formula between pendulum gyro in the tracking state speed and the north angle, a coarse north seeking method based on tracking...
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Oxygen vacancies of YIG influence on the MPE in Au/YIG heterostructures

Xiao Liang, Fei Huang, Chuangtang Wang, Yupeng Zhu, Yan Zhang, Yue Li, Lei Bi
The oxygen vacancies of Y3Fe5O12(YIG) influence on the magnetic proximity effect (MPE) in Au/YIG heterostructures has been studied by first principles calculations based on the density functional theory (DFT). The results show that one oxygen vacancies can reduce the two neighbor Fe3+ to Fe2+ and MPE...
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Design of surface electromyographic signal acquisition system based on MATLAB

Dan Ren
This paper designed the signal acquisition system of surface EMG signal. The hardware part chooses the biological signal acquisition device Thought of Technology company. At the same time, in order to further analysis and the requirement of real-time system, PC communication software based on Matlab....
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Research on Analysis System for Trace hydrogen sulfide content Based on threshold method of Heursure De-noising and TDLAS

Taoyi Xu, Cheng Zhong
In this paper, an analysis system for trace hydrogen sulfide is given in this paper since traditional hydrogen sulfide pollution monitoring technique has such defects as high costs, cumbersome process and bad real time performance. Samples of natural gas can be taken for analysis by using a TDLAS zero-contact...
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Forecast of Power System Load in Short Term

Hengshu Ye
.In this paper, according to large quantity of historical statistics, we have established a model which could successfully forecast the power charge in two regions. Because of the different efforts between weekdays, weekends and holidays, we made a piecewise function[1] to decrease the error. The method...
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Ferromagnetic Resonance Controlled by Micro-regions in Fe-Co Based Thin Film

Xiaojia Luo, Peiheng Zhou, Xin Wang, Jianliang Xie, Longjiang Deng
FeCoBSi amorphous thin films containing circular antidots are fabricated on the silicon substrate by photolithography, DC magnetron sputtering and lift-off patterning. The films are divided into several micro-regions by antidots which have different demagnetizing field. The magnetic properties of these...
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Dynamic excitation of 2 vortex in a hard/soft bilayer nanodot

Mei Bi, Xin Wang, Li Zhang, Haipeng Lu, Longjiang Deng
The dynamic behaviors of 2 vortex in nanodot driven by microwave magnetic elds is investigated by micromagnetic simulations. The spin dynamics are analyzed by extracting the magnetic excitation spectrum from Fourier transform. Four resonance peaks are observed. Domain-wall resonance mode has been identified...
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The Short-term Load Forecasting of Electric System

Zhaoyuan Wang
This thesis firstly analyzes some indexes as daily maximum load, daily minimum load, daily difference between peak and valley and daily load rate in two different regions. And then it makes a stepwise regression analysis on the relationship between the above indexes and various climate factors, so as...
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Relationship between Refractive Index and Molar Concentration of Multi-Component Solutions

Xingyu Zhu, Tiancheng Mai, Zilong Zhao
Variations in molar densities and solute properties, which together form a solution's basic index, can cause changes in the solution's refractive index. The linear relationship between the ternary system's refractive index solution and each solute's molar concentration can be determined through ternary...
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Constructing Teacher-student Relationship Mechanism for EFL Development Based on Ubiquitous Computing Technologies

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
The advent and advance of ubiquitous computing technologies can be seen to have considerable implications for education, and the teacher-student relationship is influenced by the deployment of technologies. It's shown that enabling technologies create equity and freedom of access to digital resources...
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The Model of Teachers' Roles in Promoting Learner Autonomy Based on Ubiquitous Computing Technologies

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
The promotion of learner autonomy in ubiquitous network environment is dependent greatly on how teachers are aware of their new roles through the use of ubiquitous computing technologies. It's shown that roles teachers play in ubiquitous learning space should shift to less control on learning and more...
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Synthesis of uniform porous Fe micro-flakes with excellent magnetic properties in GHz range

Yanhui Wu, Mangui Han, Longjiang Deng
Porous Fe micro-flakes with uniform size and well-defined shape have been successfully synthesized by hydrogen thermal reduction of the -Fe2O3 precursor flakes. The thicknesses and planar sizes of those porous flakes fall into the range of 208-375nm and 10-23 m, respectively. Static magnetic properties...
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Multi-objective Optimization Scheduling Method for Islanded Micro-grid with PV, Wind Turbine, Diesel Generation and energy storage system

Yangqi Huang, Junjie Xiong, Xinglong Cai, Wei He, Hao He
The optimization scheduling method for islanded micro-grid operation is studied in this paper. The typical structure of islanded micro-gird and function of each component are introduced. Based on the analysis of operational characteristics of PV, wind turbine generation and energy storage system, the...
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Design and Simulation of Low Noise Amplifier in Lower Frequency

Peng Zhao, Fan Li, Jianhui Zhao, Jin Ding
In order to amplify the output signal of an infrared detector, this paper analyzes the principle of infrared detector and noise characteristics of the amplifier circuit, and based on JFET devices and operational amplifiers a low frequency low noise amplifier is designed. The simulation shows that the...
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Tracking mechanism and cosine effect study of Module-Heliostat Solar Collector

Haitao Zhang, Yiling Sun, Lu Wu, Xiaokun Zhang, Yong Xiang
Concentrated solar power is one of the most promising technique for significantly reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. In this paper, a quasi-two-dimensional tracking solar concentrator- module heliostat (M-H) collector and its tracking mechanism are discussed. Comparing to the traditional two-dimensional...
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Infrared recognition technology and its development trend in the middle segment of ballistic missile

Hua-yu Dai, Yan-li Xu, Shuang Zhao
Aiming at the features that different kinds of threat target groups have different infrared characteristics in the middle flight of ballistic missile,the characteristics of mid-course of ballistic missile and infrared target recognition technology are studied.Based on temperature, infrared imaging, radiation...
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Keyframe-Based Tightly-Coupled SLAM with RGBD Camera and IMU

Yiming Zhang, Kui Li, Wei Wang
In this paper, we propose a novel inertial-assisted slam system intended for low-cost micro aerial vehicles (MAVs). The system sensor assembly consists of color camera, depth camera and a inertial measurement unit (IMU) with three-axis accelerometers/gyroscopes. We use IMU data to enable probability-based...
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Research on Internet Security Payment Based on Multi-factors and Strong Authentication

Qingsu He, Junsheng Wang, Qingzhi Han
Internet payment with the rapid development has brought great convenience to people's lives, but also tremendous security risks people's property. At present, on Third-Party Payment Platform, E-bank and other Internet payment methods, to change the password, to pay or to transfer account, only phone...
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The Shared Savings Contract Online Supply Chain Inventory and Transportation Optimization Model Research

Ying Chen, Yonghua Yang
In the traditional logistics outsourcing contract, inventory and transportation cost is higher, is not conducive to bilateral cooperation. Through this study, the results show that the joint optimization decisions based on shared savings contract mode, the partners and the overall system is better than...
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A Comparison of Three Estimation Methods In Linear Regression Analysis

Xianghong Luo
The paper begins with an introduction of some crucial definitions apropos of regression analysis. Then it discusses briefly the concept of R-square that verifies the accuracy of a regression model and of Hypothesis Testing that tests hypothesis made concerning the population. The main part of the paper...
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Research progress of the basalt-type copper ore in Guizhou, China

Tao Cui
After a comprehensive analysis of previous research, it is discovered that Emeishan basalt copper ores have been studied relatively intensively that their metallogenic epoch and provenance are generally not controversial. It is still unclear if there are large and medium-sized deposits in Emeishan basalt...
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Modification algorithm of Cubic B-spline curve interpolation

Wan-Jun Zhang, Shan-Ping Gao, Su-Jia Zhang, Feng Zhang
Based on cubic B-Spline curve mathematical properties, theoretical analysis the cubic B-Spline curve recursive formula of Taylor development of first-order, derivation of two order in the interpolation cycle under the condition of certain interpolation increment only and interpolation speed, change the...
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Modification algorithm of NURBS curve interpolation

Wan-Jun Zhang, Shan-Ping Gao, Su-Jia Zhang, Feng Zhang
In order to solve the problems of modification algorithm of NURBS curve interpolation, Such as interpolation time bigger, NURBS curve step error and chord error are not easy changed ,and so on. A novel proposed a modification algorithm of NURBS curve interpolation .The algorithm has merits such as higher...
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Parameter Estimation for Gaussian Mixture Processes based on Expectation-Maximization Method

Xue Xia, Xuebo Zhang, Xiaohui Chen
Expectation-Maximization (EM) iteration is one of the most efficient algorithms for parameter estimation for Gaussian mixture model, which is a characteristic probability density function model for non-Gaussian processes. In general, EM iteration for multi-dimensional Gaussian mixture is too complicated...
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Multi-Layer Modeling of OpenFlow based on EFSM

ZhiHao Zhang, DongMing Yuan, HeFei Hu
The OpenFlow protocol, as the main south protocol for Software-Defined Network, is researched by many people. This paper proposed a new notion of Muitil-Layer Extended Finite State Machine(MEFSM) to model OpenFlow protocol and derive the executable testing sequence base on it. Using Hierarchical method,...
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Research on Magnetron Sputtering CNx Films Process Based on Orthogonal Experimental Design

Kang Peng, Xin-min Shen, Jian-zhao Zhou, Hong-fei Shang
The test scheme of the magnetron sputtering CNx films was designed with the method of orthogonal experiment. The white-light interferometer was used to measure the surface morphology of CNx films. The effects of target current, duty ratio, nitrogen pressure, and bias voltage on surface roughness were...
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Research on Fault Detection and Isolation Algorithm for Hexacopters Based on Detection Filter

Yumin Zhang, Hongdi Zhang, Junwu Deng
Rotor UAV is a small, lightweight and low-cost unmanned vehicles. In recent years ,it has been widely used in production and daily life. With the rotor unmanned aerial vehicles more and more appear in people's work and life, UAV flight safety issues have become a concern. Many researches on controllability...
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Study of Centralized Anti-Islanding Method on Large-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants

Chen-Xin Liu, Cheng-Hong Tang
This paper presents a centralized anti-islanding method on large-scale PV power plants. Contrast to traditional perturbation technology based on single photovoltaic inverter, this method employs a centralized protection device to inject current disturbance onto the photovoltaic power plants, and the...
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Bearing Fault Detection Based on TQWT and Hilbert Envelope

Qi Liu
Bearings always work under harsh environment, which makes them easily to failure. Fault detection of the bearing is a key issue for maintaining the whole machinery system. In this paper, a novel method is proposed to detect the fault of bearings. Tunable Q-factor wavelet transform (TQWT) is used to decompose...
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Heuristic Approaches for Minimum Weighted Latency Problem

Ziqi Wei, H.MacGregor Mike
This paper addresses the MWLP (Minimum Weighted Latency Problem). The problem has previously been proven NP-hard, which makes finding the exact solution impractical when the graph's scale is large. This paper explores the feasibility of using heuristics to solve MWLP. Five classic heuristic algorithms...
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A novel land subsidence control technique for "green mining"

Jingli Zhao, Pengfei Wang, Zimo Cui
Land subsidence caused by mining is increasingly severe. A novel land subsidence control technique for coal mining is proposed in this paper. Two longwall panels are offset on ends of each panel by adjusting panel layout which eliminates conventional coal pillars. Therefore, no wavy deformation occurs...
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Strategy for high stress environment in longwall entries

Baozhu Liu, Jingli Zhao, Pengfei Wang
Longwall mining is the main method for coal extraction in China. However, development entry support on both ends of a longwall panel has always been a difficulty to cope with, especially in deep high stress conditions. In order to improve the stress environment for longwall entries, an innovative mining...
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Research on Image Processing Technique for Small Targets in Large Field of View Based on Linear CCD

Liqun Zhang, Ping Song, Chuangbo Hao
Aiming at the problem of difficulty in detection of small targets in large field of view, an image processing algorithm is proposed to detect small targets in large field of view. The algorithm first performs image preprocessing using grayscale transformation and median filtering, then Gabor matched...
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Influencing Factors of Transverse Interface Cracking of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite

Liang Wu, Chenghong Duan, Dan Hu
Usually under a transverse load large enough, interface cracking and matrix fracture will occur to the unidirectional carbon fiber composite. Based on the extended finite element method (XFEM) an d the Surface-based cohesive behavior provided by ABAQUS, some factors, such as the volume fraction of carbon...
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Overview of the Technology of Low Altitude Warning Based on Acoustic Detection

Shaocheng Zhu, Limin Liu
It is very important for the existing warning system to detect low altitude target with acoustic detection due to the blindness of the traditional radar detection. Electronic devices are used in acoustic detection to receive the threat target's sound wave in order to obtain the target's attributes such...
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Flight control system for quad-rotor aircraft based on improved integral separation PID

Hongpeng Tian, Lei Li
Quad-rotor aircraft can be widely used in military and civilian fields, and it is drawing a great deal of attention. Combining with PI algorithm and quaternion method, this article resolves the aircraft flight attitude and complete aircraft attitude control with improved integral separation PID control...
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The research of intersection traffic violation system

NanYan Liu, Peng Hu
Nowadays most of the traffic system of the General research focuses on key points, such as vehicle contour segmentation precision, the effectiveness of vehicle information, research on intersection traffic violation system there are still big problems. By using CodeBook[2] based on time series algorithm...
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A refined model of ontology-driven information extraction

Chunyu Cong, Shan Huo, Xiao Meng, Rui Gao, Zhongying Wang
An ontology is a formal and normalized explanation of a shared conceptualization while information extraction (IE) is a form of natural language processing in which certain types of information must be recognized and extracted from text. The methods of ontology-based IE fall in two broad categories:...
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Human Action Recognition Algorithm Based on Improved Dense Trajectories

Yuling Sun, Peng Gan, Xiao Yu
Objective Human action recognition is a hot topic in computer vision. The recognition of human actions from unconstrained videos is difficult because of complex background, illumination variation and camera motion. An improved dense trajectory-based approach is proposed to address such problem. Dense...
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Construction of Politically Sensitive Information Ontology and Semantic Reasoning based on Prot,g,

Yefan Wu, Shujun Li, Ying Jiang, Runbo Zhuang, Zejia Pan, Weichen Li
Ontology construction is a hot topic in semantic research.This paper proposes constructing the domain ontology of political sensitive Information with Political Information as knowledge source data.By the using of ontology itself contains the description logic consistency reasoning verification mechanism,...
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The Development of Rapid Building 3D Scene Tool Based on Demands for Aging Adapting Functions in Old Residential Buildings

Xiaolei Zhao, Hong Ji, Jianbing Liu, Xinzhu Xing
As the problem of aging of population becomes more and more obvious in China, Demands for aging adapting functions in existed residential buildings becomes much more urgent. Virtual Reality as a visual method has received a lot of attention. Using virtual reality method in existed residential buildings...
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De-noising of eddy current array signal based on empirical mode decomposition threshold

Bonan Yang, Zhijun Zhang, Jinqiang Du, Yubing Wang
A method based on the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) threshold de-noising algorithm is proposed since eddy current array signal is mixed with more high frequency noise. This algorithm consists of four steps: (i) The signal is decomposed into IMFs by EMD, (ii) the signal is recombined based on energy...
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Research on Robustness Prediction and Reactive Scheduling based on Aviation Supporting Resource Breakdown

Lianfei Yu, Cheng Zhu, Weiming Zhang, Jin Liu
Due to the complicated environment and the supporting procedure of the carrier-based aircrafts, supporting resources are prone to fail when processing supporting operations. In order to reduce the impact of the failures and make the takeoff time of all carrier-based aircrafts minimum, a robust pre-scheduling...
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The technical limitation of Separate polymer injection in Second-class Reservoir

Yuchen Hou
Daqing oilfield has entered the water cut rising stage of late polymer flooding, it is necessary for injection well to take measures of separate injection. With the increasing reduction of the main reservoir recoverable reserves, polymer flooding of the Class reservoirs is an important replacement method...
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A 16b 4GSPS Two-Times Interleaved DAC with INL ≤±2.9LSB

Hai Dong, Zongmin Wang, Ying Kong, Xinmang Peng
A two-times interleaved DAC in a standard 65nm CMOS technology is presented with a data-clock frequency of 4GHz with INL ≤±2.9LSB. Since two DACs are placed in parallel, their output current goes to the DAC multiplexer, which alternatively connects one DAC to the output, and the other one to an identical...
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Research of Comprehensive Effect Evaluation of Organic Agriculture Cluster Based on the Fuzzy Co-Clustering for Images

Lankai Liu, Qianqian Zhang
Organic agriculture cluster is the trend of the future development of organic agriculture in China. In order to scientific and reasonable evaluation of organic agriculture cluster comprehensive effect, according to the research status of agricultural cluster effect and the characteristics of organic...
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Development and application of Internet of things technology in Greenhouse

He Gong, Hongyan Ju, Zhongwei Zhao, Bin Liu
This article introduces the application situation and development history of the greenhouse network technology in greenhouse, analyzes the application situation of foreign and domestic networking technology in greenhouse. Finally, summarizes the main problems existing in this field, put forward the personal...
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Application of RFID in Agricultural Product Industry

Min Zhang, Yu-Hua Wu, Ting Yang, Shi-Jun Li
RFID (Radio frequency identification) is an emerging technology that can usher enormous opportunities in agricultural product industry. This paper presents a review of applications of RFID in traceability, cold chain monitoring, livestock management, supply chain management. It also discusses the basics...
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Design and Realization of Intelligent Monitoring System for Soy Sauce Making Based on Embedded WEB

Min Zhang, Yu-Hua Wu, Ting Yang, Shi-Jun Li
Aiming at the problem that the traditional soybean koji-making in the production process automation level is not high, the product quality and poor stability. This paper presents a new is proposed to realize the intelligent monitoring system of soybean koji-making based on embedded WEB. This project...
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Design of H.265 Streaming Media Player System Based on QT

Yu-Hua Wu, Min Zhang, Ting Yang, Shi-Jun Li
With the continuous development of video services, video applications gradually in order to meet the high resolution, high frame rate, high compression development demand, put forward an H.265 streaming media player system based on QT. Under the QT environment, the use of FFmpeg codec library for video...
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Design of 3d Display Control Comprehensive Training System for UAV

Ren-xia Ou, Hua-lei Zhang, Xu-yang Huo, Hong-bin Chen
To meet the demand of the UAV flight control and maintenance personnel training simulation, this paper proposes the composition of 3d display control comprehensive training system of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and its working mode, this paper also expounds the module design of the system, implementation...
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Electrostatic protection analysis of the pasting equipment

Minghui You, Xinyu Yu, Qixiang Sun, Liping Yin, Shijun Li, Xue Li, Jingsheng Liu
In this paper, we introduced the theory of static electricity protection for heating and pasting equipment. Conductors were electrically conductive objects, in which there were free to move the charge; we studied the metal conductor, which was characterized by the existence of lots of free movement of...
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A cloud serving based electronic book platform: research and implementation

Wei Dong
Nowadays the world is undergoing a digital revolution, and e-books are becoming an increasingly significant category of digital resource. In this paper, we propose a cloud serving based online electronic book (e-book) platform. On this platform, e-books resource can be distributed and then can be provided...
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DT : a detection tool to automatically detect code smell in software project

Xinghua Liu, Cheng Zhang
Context: Code smell can make the decline of code quality. Code smell is not a bug, and also can't make system to run exceptionally. It just can make some difficulties for software developers to understand and maintain the source code of projects, and then cause unnecessary maintenance costs. Objective:...
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Research on requirement elicitation model of high-end equipment based on requirement classification under Internet and big data environment

Yu Guo, Junting Wu, Ke-wei Yang, Lixin Yu
Currently, Internet and big data as the representative of emerging technologies are widely penetrated into every aspect of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Considering the characteristics of multi-source, personalized and potential for high-end equipment, this paper focuses on requirement...
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Assessment and Improvement Model Plan for the Current Situation of Water Resources Problems

Shi Feng
With the rapid deterioration of the world's water resources problem, we need a set of assessment and improvement plan for the current situation. Firstly, with the authoritative historical data, we establish the evaluation model for water-supply ability to measure the ability of a region to provide clean...
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The Environmental Safety Assessment of Cydiodine Powder

Guiming Li, Jian Fu, Shifa Yang, Ning Liu, Jing Shang, Yue Lu, Ying Li, Zengcheng Zhao, Zhongli Huang, Minyan Feng, Shuqian Lin, Minxun Song
The ecological security of Iodic agent was firstly studied in the domestic. To investigate environmental toxicology of the new developed of Cydiodine Powder(CDP), we research toxicity of CDP to zebrafish and earthworm, and the skin and eye irritation studies to rabbit. The static method, with reference...
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Design of double weighting system for lithium battery state estimation

Dong Jin Yang, Jian An Lou
The development of society is restricted by the problem of energy and environment, so battery has been attaching highly importance, lithium battery is widely praised for its high energy density, long cycle life, high open circuit voltage and so on. But the state of the charge of the lithium battery is...
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High Temperature Corrosion behavior of Metallic Materials in modified Hitec Molten Salts

Wei Zhai, Bo Yang, Shiping Li, Zhigang Wang, Shuanghong Zhang, Guojia Huang
High temperature molten salts as a heat transfer heat storage medium has been more widely used in the field of concentrated solar thermal power generation. The metal material in molten salts has strong corrosive, limiting molten salts large-scale industrial use. In this paper, study on corrosion of 321H,...
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Development and design of fitness exercise prescription system based on cloud storage

Ying Li
with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people pay more and more attention to their own health problems. The information system for the system of exercise prescription has not attracted the attention of many people, how to make use of the advantages of cloud storage, to share the...
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Detecting compromised sensor node with subjective logic in wireless sensor network

Hongwei Zhou, Jinhui Yuan, Laishun Zhang, Rui Xiao
To detect anomaly sensing data, in some existing methods, a sensor node first checks its sensing data. Only the node finds its data may be anomalous, it turns to other nodes for further detection. This reduces the energy consume, but it introduces the risk of cheat. Since sensor nodes are often physically...
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Analysis of Railway Information Processing Platform

Dechao Liu, Leiqiang He, Qin Niu
The existing safety production management system in the railway department is despised in the prior research, and pays attention to the post processing. The leaders at all levels and risk managers have a comprehensive grasp of the risk management of railway demand, according to the general principles...
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Safety Evaluation of mining machinery and electrical system based on improved Analytic Hierarchy Process

Erdong Zhao, Hao Jiang, Yufei Zhao, Xiaoying Ma
With the increasing of automation degree of mining machinery and electrical equipment machinery, Mining Machinery occupy an increasingly important position in security management. Without the safe operation of the electrical and mechanical equipment, safety production can not be guaranteed in mines....
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Chaotic Analysis and Dimension Reduction of Shanghai Composite Index Time Series

Peiqi Zhen, Yue Zeng, Jianding Zhou, Lijun Lv
Correctly understanding the fluctuation of the securities market has a great effect on Chinese economic development. In order to verify the chaotic characteristics of Shanghai Composite Index time series, we use G-P algorithm and Cao method to calculate the characteristic quantities such as embedding...
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Research on the friction plate groove structure of wet friction clutch

Dongyue Qu, Chunhua Zhao, Xiuming Li, Chunyu Zhang
Wet friction clutch is widely applied in shipping, heavy truck and other heavy machinery because of it has many advantages that smooth start reversing, big transmission torque, wear small, long life etc. It will improve the friction plate service life of car. Besides, there are many characteristics that...
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The flexible body modeling and simulation study of the planet gear based on RecurDyn

Yujie Hou, Guangbin Feng, Huagang Sun, Chiyu Hao
Using the advanced modeling method of RecurDyn,in the planet gear of two freedom degree as an example ,establishing the flexible dynamic model,then,the dynamic simulation analysis.Draw out the stress distribution,the simulation and stress distribute results are closed to theoretical calculation values.The...
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Effect of SiCp(Cu) addition on the property of the SiCp(Cu)/Cu composites

Peiling Ding, Yunlong Zhang, Ming Hu
The continuous copper film on the á-SiC powder was obtained by magnetron sputtering technology. SiCp(Cu)/Cu composites was fabricated by hot-press sintering method. The phase constitution, fracture morphology, relative density, porosity, Vickers hardness of SiCp(Cu)/Cu composites with different SiCp(Cu)...
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Seismic evaluation and structural design on high-rise shear wall structure

Youyang Xin, Huyong Li
This paper presents a seismic evaluation and structural design on the 160m high residential building. This high-rise shear wall structure can be determined as super high, re-entrant corners irregular and torsion irregular. Maximum value of horizontal seismic influence coefficient is 0.079. Three different...
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Design and Simulation Study on Automobile Parts Production Line

ZhaoMing Chen, Ying Zhao, ZeYu Xu
With the need of bolt parts automatically processing requirements for a manufacture company, an automatic production line of this parts was designed, also simulated and optimized. Firstly, on the basis of analyzing the process characteristics of bolt, the process route of it was established by considering...
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Reliability Analysis of Bearing System in High Speed Railway and Software Implementation

Yonghua Li, Pengpeng Zhi, Bingzhi Chen, Yuedong Wang
In order to improve the reliability of high speed railway axle box bearing system, extend service life and reduce maintenance cost, the reliability analysis of high speed railway axle box bearing system was carried out based on the theory of system reliability design. Firstly, the reliability model of...
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Effect of Equivalence Ratio on Particle Variation of CH4 /Air Mixture of Coaxial Dielectric Barrier Discharge

Lei Chen, Chao Feng, Wuqiang Long, Peng Song, Qianqian Wu
The effect of equivalence ratio on particle components of dielectric barrier discharge of CH4/air mixture were carried out by employing a coaxial cylindrical electrode. The result shows that molar fraction of active particles such as H, O3, CH3 and NO decrease slightly with the equivalence ratio, however,...
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Characteristic of Electron Density of Coaxial Dielectric Barrier Discharge of CH4 /Air Mixture

Lei Chen, Chao Feng, Wuqiang Long, Peng Song, Qianqian Wu
Numerical study of dielectric barrier discharge of CH4/air mixture were carried out by employing a coaxial cylindrical electrode with diameter of 10mm under the condition of the discharge voltage of 6000V. The influence of electrode structure parameter and equivalence ratio on electron density were analyzed....