Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2017)

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Development and Future of the Department Store Industry in Taiwan

Hsiung-Shen Jung
In recent years, Taiwan's department store developed its management strategy from homogenization to differentiation, furthermore, to large-scale chain. Traders adopt to cooperate technically or financially, as its development characteristics. This article is for the origin of Taiwan's department store...
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Granger Causality Test Analysis Spillover Effects on SFTZ to Ningbo Economic Growth

Yue Guo, Jiake Yuan, Yuqi Pan, Tailai Guo
Setting up Shanghai free trade zone (SFTZ) opened a new era opening to the outside, which was also the booster of accelerating China's participation in the world economy. SFTZ have done many institutional innovation, and have brought great influence to the surrounding cities. As the important port city...
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Research and Exploration on the Training System of Applied Talents Based on Engineering Education Accreditation

Xiaobo Wang, Yi Zhang, Liuqing Zhang
Engineering education accreditation is a major reform of higher education projects. With the continuous reform of engineering education and the sustainable development of society, the idea of engineering education accreditation has been fully applied in all kinds of skilled personnel training system....
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Exploration on the Cultivation of Innovative Ability of Military University Students

Xiaoming Zhang
Focusing on the problem that cadets are unwilling, afraid and do not know how to innovate due to the enclosed environment, their blinkered way of thinking and lack of innovation skills, based on "elite education with tutorial system" and "management mechanism of self-organization", the paper creates...
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On the E-learning Technology of Education in University

Fei Long
The emergence of E-learning technology provides many approaches for the learners interacting with multi-media, which could be used in various teaching methodologies, however, it is not applied extensively in the educational field, since the lack of necessary digital literacy of teachers and learners....
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Boundary Characteristic Research of Green Manufacturing System

Ping Tao, Gang Zhao
It is of utmost importance for the analysis and construction of green manufacturing system to correctly recognize the boundary of the green manufacturing system. This article firstly expounds the concepts of manufacturing system boundaries. Through the analysis of resources and environmental constraints...
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A Study on Social Cognition of Wechat Virtual Society and Undergraduates

Gang Lan
With the rapid development of intelligent technology, in promoting social progress at the same time, its negative impact can't be ignored. Based on the strong connection - the weak connection social theory as the foundation, through the empirical analysis found that WeChat virtual community influence...
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A Framework of Building Effective MOOCs

Ming Zhao, Jing Wu, Xiaodan Huang
Massive Online Open Courses or MOOCs might be one of the most popular ways on e-learning, which facilitate to access quality education for learners residing in far or disadvantaged areas. MOOCs have several modes for providing learning resources, but not all courses could meet student goals. To MOOCs...
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Research on the Student Centered Teaching in the Course of Principles of Electric Circuit

Yumei Li, Tao Wu, Anren Ma
How to guide the ordinary college students to learn the content of the electric circuit course well has been a challenge for teachers. As we all know it is imperative to improve the teaching method here and now. According to the characteristics of the circuit course, developing the students centered...
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Analysis and Reference of Renewable Energy Development in Developed Countries

Jie Meng, Ran An
The development and utilization of renewable energy sources and increasing the proportion of renewable energy in energy production and consumption structure is one of the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At present, the development of renewable energy in the world is widely concerned by many...
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Research on Chinese University Governance for Open Education

Yun Yuan, Xingqiang Du
Reform on Chinese universities' governance mechanism and structure is not only the respond to the trend of streamlining government and delegating authorities, but also the way to tackle new challenges on universities, mainly from the perspective of open education. Suggestions on governance structure...
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Government Roles in the Industrial Generic Technology Innovation Research

Chunyan Wei, Zhaoyou Li
To eliminate "the double failure" in the process of industrial generic technology innovation obstacles, the government needs to play a role in the innovation process. This paper adopts the view of technology process theory, taking the stage of innovation decision-making, the stage of innovation and development,...
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Reform and Practice of Cultivating Talents Majoring in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation in Local Application-oriented Institutions

Guangming Cao, Junsheng Jiang, Changchun Wang, Peng Zhang
Based on the requirement of high-qualified applied talents by the Shandong "Blue and Yellow" Regional Economic Construction Strategy, the mechanical design, manufacturing and automation specialty of Weifang University, fastens on a notion of the democratic ideals of openness, strengthens the School-enterprise...
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The Construction of the Discourse Right of Ideology in Colleges and Universities in the New Media Era

Yan Dong
Constructing discourse right of ideology can help to play the role of ideological and public opinion in colleges and universities in the new media era, and promote thigh moral values establishment and people cultivation. The construction of discourse right of ideology in colleges and universities are...
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The Application of Modern Education in General Biology Course

Hongwei Wang, Likun Yang, Shaoying Xing, Duanbo Cai, Jianxia Wang, Huichao Shen
With the development of global integration, more attention is paid to the modern teaching. The mutual fusion to modern teaching and biological course, bilingual teaching, multimedia teaching and the combination of general biology course, is an effective way to modernize the general biology course. This...
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Agricultural Vocational Education in Developed Countries with Reference to Beijing Urban Agriculture Development

Xiaodi Wang, Yanjun Liu, Jie Meng, Yuan Zhang
The goal of urban agriculture construction in Beijing is adhere to the economic, political, cultural and social construction around development theme. Moreover, through innovating as driving force to promote reform development, Beijing agricultural vocational education should construct system and mechanism...
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From Mechanical Spraying to Electrospraying-Advanced Technology Teaching in Higher Education

Yonghui Wu, Hanfang Li, Jing Ma, Jinxin Xu, Dengguang Yu
It is important to explain the advanced nanotechnology to the college students in higher education for training their creativity and arousing their learning interests. In this paper, a new method was developed for teaching the new technology in a vivid manner. The results demonstrated that an analogical...
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The Countermeasures of Academic Journals to Deal with Illegal Agencies and Fake Websites on the Legal Liability of Network Service Providers

Jingjing Li, Shengyun Sun, Zhiguo Wang
In order to control the infringement act thoroughly, we must effectively fight against infringers, including prevention in advance, interruption when the infringement occurs and strict post-treatment, thus making the network service provider assume their due legal liability. This paper discusses the...
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Research on Flipped Classroom Model and Teaching Platform for Software Engineering Professional

Haixia Sun, Deqing Zhang
The flipped classroom is a kind of teaching model of learning first then teaching, in order to get the good teaching result for the flipped classroom, on the one hand, we must make sure that the students can get the good learning result before the class, which is the premise and base for the classroom...
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On Communicative Translation of Chinese Political Discourse

Jun Chen
The paper explores the communicative translation principles of Chinese political discourse, which serves as one of the important platforms for China's global communication. It argues that the traditional source-text-oriented view of translation may hinder the audience's sound understanding of the complex...
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A Comprehensive Analysis of Venture Capital Double Game

Jixia Xiong, Yanxia Lyu, Tengfei Huang
This study aims to search for the strategy basis and influencing factors of investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in venture capital, so as to promote the healthy development of the venture capital industry through corresponding institutional arrangements. We make a comprehensive game model...
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The Teaching Reform Practice of Curriculum of Steel Quality Inspection Based on Professional Core Competence-oriented for Application-oriented Undergraduate Education

Bing Liu, Yan Liu, Wanjun Zhu, Yingying Li
The paper introduces basic ideas and methods of teaching reform of the applied undergraduate colleges' theoretical course, The Rolled Steel Quality Inspection, taking advantage of the organic combination of theoretical teaching and practical teaching and effective ways to improve students' initiative...
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Research on the Training Mode of Engineering Master Degree in Private Colleges and Universities Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship-Taking Xijing University as an example

Jingfeng He
Under the background of "mass innovation, people's business", national Colleges and universities have carried out innovation and Entrepreneurship Education. Cultivation of Engineering Postgraduates in private colleges, this is an important measure of graduate education reform in china. How to improve...
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The Research of School-enterprise Collaborative Education Platform Construction of Universities and Colleges under the Background of "Double First-Rate" Construction

Xu Liang
Under the background of "Double First-Rate", the training of talents in advanced colleges and universities began to move towards a new stage. This article is mainly for the study of the training of applied talents, bringing out of the idea of the construction of School-enterprise collaborative education...
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Influence Factors of Teachers' Pro-Industry Professionalization: Linear Structural Analysis

Chun-Mei Chou, Chien-Hua Shen, Hsi-Chi Hsiao, Tsu-Chguan Shen, Yu-Jen Tsen, Kuan-Fu Shen, Su-Chang Chen, Hsiang-li Shen, Jia- Ming Chen
The paper examines 322 teachers' pro-industry professionalization and its influencing factors to serve as a school reference. The results show that teachers' pro-industry professionalization and its influence pattern, teaching self-efficacy has a significant effect on industry experience, but does not...
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Effective Employment of Presentation in Business Japanese Teaching

Kun Xu
The paper analyzes the problems of presentations in business Japanese teaching, discussing how to guide students to presentation and cultivate students' autonomous learning ability better, in order to make better use of presentations. The presentation conducted by students and guided by teachers is a...
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Research on the Occupation Career Planning of Cadets

Yanbin Shi, Lijuan Pan, Guangyu Wang, Changchun Deng
The aim of this study was to construct the occupation develop route, and to help individual cadet to find out and assess internal and external quality of environment, realize the self-value effectively. On the background of officer professionalism, the work presented in this paper focuses on several...
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The Study on the Pilot's Selection and Reservation Based on Human's Theory of Heredity

Shunchuan Gao, Feng Tian, Yingzhi Ma, Yanbin Shi
Because the involvement of pilot cultivation is very costly, so how to make an accurate selection and advanced reservation of pilots is a valuable study topic, how to choose a promising pilot is an important job for aviation field to increase the profits, reduce the risks, how to select the talent teenagers...
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Research on the Convergence of Regional Economic Growth in China

Jiajin Bao, Jingzi Wang, Yingjun Mo, Chuangui Tong, Cheng Liu
The study was designed to analyze the economic growth convergence from year 2008 to 2015 in 19 coastal and border provinces (districts) in China. To provide a more comprehensive and objective analysis on the economic growth, we collected real GDP per capita of 19 selected provinces in the 8 years, and...
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Study on the Design of Bed and Breakfast in Rise of Non - standard Accommodation Boom

Ren-zhi Tao, Ming Chen
Starting from the development of domestic and foreign research, this paper finds out the common problems in the design and construction of the Chinese B&B. By analyzing the typical cases of the excellent B&B projects, it puts forward the rational and distinctive policy and explores sustainable development...
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Study on Pricing Decisions of Cold-chain Logistics under Imperfectly Competitive Market

Shusheng Sun, Kui Wang
Cold-chain logistics exists throughout people's daily life. Numerous cold-chain logistics enterprises continuously look for methods of cost reduction and profit increase costs in business process. Pricing is the most important part involving each enterprise which participates in the whole process of...
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Research on the Application of STC Operator Method in TRIZ Innovation Theory

Yuyan Li, Kai Guo, Xiangmin Zhang
Smart phones in the design level of innovative space is getting smaller and smaller, and TRIZ innovation theory can quickly solve the problem of invention and technical innovation. This paper using the STC operator method, from the three dimensions of the smart phone size, standby time and cost, do the...
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A Practical Exploration of the Moral Education for Foreign Language Majors

Yunfei Ma
Moral education is an indispensable part of higher education. According to the characteristics of foreign language majors, employing the talent cultivation mode - the combination of moral education and professional education is not only beneficial to the development of moral education, but also to make...
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The Research on The Basic Modeling Education of Design Universities

Meiying Yin
Basic education is the most fundamental thing in design education. That is to say, is it suitable for colleges to stick to the repeated painting learning education when training innovative thinking if they were already familiar with it? Does this consistent way of education limit the students' ability...
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The Impact of Procedural Justice in Promotion on Job Engagement: From the Perspective of Chaxu Climate

Qingjuan Wang, Ying Li, Zheng Zhu
As a universal phenomenon in Chinese society, guanxi is a powerful tool which influences daily management practices in China. The different interaction patterns caused by guanxi may damage employees' perception of fairness in promotion procedures and decrease their job engagement. The aim of this study...
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Studies on Spatial Structure of Tourist Attractions in Edge-Typed Tourism City-A Case Study of Ankang

Teng Ma, Xing Wang, Beipei Tang, Baigang Zhang, Yang Rui
Taking Ankang as a typical case of edge-typed tourism city, we analyze the compactness, agglomeration, differentiation characteristics of its class-A tourist attractions spatial structures and explore the spatial path out of the edge of the plight for edge-typed tourism city, basing on the spatial statistical...
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Research and Application on Teaching Mode Based on New Media

Keliang Jia
In order to guide students rationally to use the new media platform, according to the characteristics of new media, the paper combined the constructivism and blended learning theory, then designed a blended teaching model based on the new media and built a new media teaching platform, finally designed...
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Exploration of Innovation in University's Ideological Education-A consideration based on media ecology synergy theory

Chunyan Li
The aim of the article is to explore the ideological education conducted in Chinese colleges and universities at present and search for new approaches to improve teaching effects. Using media ecology synergy theory for reference, the study also adopts the methods of theoretical interpretation, literature...
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Transforming Needs and Countermeasures of Old Communities-A Case Study of Dalian in Liaoning Province

Xiaonan Fan, Chong Feng, Weihua Yang
According to the appropriate dimensions offered by World Health Organization (WHO) and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), this paper make the transforming need dimensions for old communities in Dalian, China. And we carry out a survey in 50 communities in Dalian, covering four districts...
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Problems and Countermeasures about the Deep Integration of Information Technology and Continuing Education under the New Normal

Lixin Wang, Chonggang Fu
The inherent characteristics of continuing education and the strategic demand of innovation driven under the new normal of economy condition put forward higher requirements for the integration of continuing education and information technology. The integration of information technology and education...
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Research on Evaluation of Morality and Ability of Teachers in Universities Based on the Perspective of Data Mining

Li Tang, Caiyun Zhou, Li He, Shuhua Zhang
The evaluation of professional morality and ability of teachers is an important part of management in the colleges and universities. Focusing on the evaluation of teachers in Chinese universities, this paper designs an evaluation model, and constructs an evaluation metrics from the perspective of data...
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A Descriptive Statistic Analysis Based on the Operation of Public Bicycle in Shenzhen

Yuxin Yang, Xinyi Zeng, Ling Lv, Yali Peng
Currently, traveling by bike has been widely accepted by the public. However, the public bicycle system is in need of an optimization scheme owing to its poor operating efficiency. In this paper, real operating data of Shenzhen city public bicycle system during July 2016 are used as the data bases, all...
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On the Way to the Multilingual Dictionary of Proverbs: Sociolinguistic Experiment and Internet Resources

Marina Kotova, Olga Raina, Olesya Sergienko
The method of one sociolinguistic paremiological experiment used in this research opens new innovative ways to determine a proverbial invariant in a reflection of Russian paremiological minimum in Slavic languages. In order to solve the problem of the invariant identification, the authors applied 2 criteria:...
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Research on Human Resource Management Innovation and Development

Xiu Lu
With the rapid development of economy, human resource management (HRM) has been paid more and more attention by many enterprises, and some schools also put HRM as an independent subject. People's understanding of the "human resource" is no longer stuck in the traditional "labor cost" level. Through in-depth...
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Study on the Influence and Countermeasures of MOOC on Higher Education in China

Peiping Zhu, Qionghui Wang, Yao Dong
This paper summarizes the present situation of MOOC and higher education in China by literature research, questionnaire survey, empirical research and other methods, introduces the characteristics of MOOC, the problems of higher education in China and finds the impacts of MOOC on higher education in...
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An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Industry Income-Simultaneous Study of Personal Characteristics and Industry Characteristics

Kangyin Lu, Manxue Chen, Mi Guo, Chengcheng Tao
Based on the 2003 and 2009 Urban Household Survey micro data as the research sample, this paper used the two-stage regression method to examine the influence of personal factors and industry factors on the industry income. The study shows that the personal characteristics and industry characteristics...
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An Empirical Research on Female Income

Manxue Chen, Kangyin Lu
Female income is one of the important factors that reflect the social status of women. By employing Nationwide Survey on the status of Chinese women, this paper analyzes female income and its influence factors through correlation analysis and multiple linear regression analysis. The results suggest that...
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Rational Analysis of the Power and Role between Teachers and Students

Fang Li
The evident disparity in power and status between teachers and students is concretely showed in the interpersonal interactions between them during class. We need to find out the optimum cut in point between power control and equal cooperation. To seek the cooperation and equality between teachers and...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Strategies for the Cultivation of Logistics Talents in Linyi-Take the case of Linyi commodity city

Lei Wang
The development of logistics in Linyi needs advanced management experience. We should use the logistics management experiences of other major cities in China and of other countries for reference, and change the "enterprise logistics" into "logistics enterprise". All above reflects the reform of logistics...
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Market,Government Regulation and Academic Corruption

Huilian Hu
Academic shapes national spirit, and academic development determines the future of a nation. At present, academic corruption is very serious and universal. For the long-term development of the country and the nation, we must take this issue seriously. This paper, through the description of the phenomenon...