Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems (ICMEIS 2015)

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The mechanics property analysis of the electronic bicycle's driving wheel on detecting set

Chao Xu, Hongbin Yu
Electric vehicle traffic accident frequency, in order to solve practical problems, so we design and develop electric bicycle testing platform. Around the power, speed, axle load, such as technical indicators, according to the national standard of electric bicycles, electric bicycles in all kinds of parameter...
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Multi-channel switch state and wireless detection system design

Limin Liu, Hongbin Yu
Multi-channel switch state detecting apparatus for wireless communication can simultaneously detect multiple switch status, real-time detection of multiple switch status. When the switch does not move, switch status detection means dormant. When the switch has the operation, switch status acquisition...
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Simulation and Experimental Analysis of the Vibration System Composed of HEM and Test Bench

Jingjing Yao, Zhijun Chen
According to the structure of hydraulic mounting and working principle of the electro-hydraulic servo test bench, established the system model constituted by HEM and test bench, then did the simulation analysis and experimental verification for the vibration system, the results show that the model is...
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The Research on Siting and Sizing of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Based on Two Stage Optimization

Yu Jing, Xueliang Huang, Zhong Chen, Jun Cheng
To meet the charging demand of the electric vehicles (EVs), a new two stage optimization (TSO) method is proposed in this paper with the consideration of the public service attributes of EV charging station (CS) and its impact on the distribution network. First, the locating and sizing scheme based on...
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Research on real time interactive price of highway charging stations based on energy–carrying by Evs

Jun Cheng, Xueliang Huang, Zhong Chen, Yu Jing
This paper presents real time interactive price scheme of highway charging stations based on energy–carrying by Evs. Construct the optimization model to minimize the time-space variance of power grid equivalent load, calculate and release the price before day; in order to reduce the load of conventional...
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The Research of Supply Chain Information Management of Internet of Things about Agricultural Products Based on RFID and EPC

Guogang Li, Jiaying Zhou, Ting Yang
With the rapid development of Internet of things technology, the supply chain of agricultural products is increasing maturity in the Internet of things environment. Agricultural products supply chain in our country is in a key period from traditional mode to a modern one. This article finds out the combination...
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Analysis of the maximum shear stress in sliding model of double rough surfaces under adhesive condition

Lianfeng Lai, Jianmeng Huang
A three-dimensional W-M fractal sliding model of double rough surfaces was established, and the factors of interface shear strength influenced the whole sliding process was considered. The maximum shear stress of sliding processes were analysed using the finite element analysis and taking into account...
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Technology Analysis of Hot Pushing Pipe Bending and Horn Mandrel Design

Lili Huang, Xiaoyang Lu
Hot pushing pipe bending, horn mandrel, elbow pipe, Archimedes spiral cord.
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Research on a kind of laser beam side axis positioning technology in space

Ziqiang Hao
Since the laser beam divergence angle is very small, and there is no scattering effect in the space, the positioning technology of laser source is a difficult problem in the field of laser detection and interference. In this paper, a new method based on the scattering of the laser beam is presented,...
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Electric coagulation method and treatment of the experimental study of landfill leachate

Bing Wang, Jiani Li, Lan Fang, Shouhui Tong, Dahai You
Garbage leachate high concentrations of organic matter is considered difficult to deal with wastewater ,The complex and changeable water quality makes traditional processing method difficult to achieve better treatment effect. So the electric coagulation method processing technology application becomes...
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Sliding Mode Controller for Satellite Attitude Stabilization Maneuver

Licheng Feng, Xiaoqian Chen, Tao Sheng
Attitude control system of the rigid satellite is a coupling and uncertain nonlinear system with multi-inputs and multi-outputs. This paper presents a sliding mode controller for the satellite attitude system with limited control input and external disturbances. The design strategy can guarantees that...
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Design of On-line Temperature Measurement System for High Voltage Switch Cabinet

Guang Yang, Hao Ji, Yangyang Liu, Changchun Li
One of the important equipments in substation switchgear and under high load condition, often appear contact temperature is too high, reliable power supply directly affects the user, or even serious accidents. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the current commonly used temperature measurement technology,...
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Effect of Distributed Generation on Distribution Network and Simulation Analysis

Qi Zou, Changchun Li, Guang Yang
The combination of distributed power supply and power distribution network is the main way to improve the flexibility and reliability of power system, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The characteristics and model of the solar photovoltaic...
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Research on Control Technology of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Iterative Algorithm

Yangyang Liu, Guang Yang, Qi Zou
The position detection is the important link in the permanent magnet synchronous motor control. The accuracy of the detection is the key to the high performance control of the motor. Aiming at the problem of permanent magnet synchronous motor pole position difficult to detect, of permanent magnet synchronous...
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Model Predictive Control Based Energy Management Strategy for a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Jieli Zhang, Hongwen He, Ximing Wang
In this paper, the model predictive control (MPC) method is researched for energy management problem of plug-In hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Multi-step Markov prediction method is selected for the prediction. Dynamic programming (DP) is chosen to solve the optimization problem within the prediction...
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Projective synchronization and parameter identification of a fractional-order chaotic system

Defu Kong, Xiaoshan Zhao
In this paper, projective synchronization and parameter identification of a fractional-order chaotic system is studied. Based on the fractional-order stability theory, a universal projective synchronization controller and parameter identification rules are designed and proved by using Lyapunov stability...
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Structure Design and Kinematics Analysis for a New-type All-electric Sweeper

Xiaoqin Yin, Linji Zhu
This paper is meant to put forward and design the third sweeping brush structure which can clean curbstones, corners of walls and etc., optimizing the cleaning structure of the domestic small-sized all-electric cleaning vehicle. The new structure can expand the cleaning area the original sweepers cover,...
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A dynamics modeling research for angular contact ball bearing of high-speed spindle under rigid preload

Zhifeng Liu, Bohua Zhang
Determining the parameters of angular contact ball bearings under preload is the key issue to improve the accuracy and performance of high-speed spindle. The impact of gyro force and centrifugal force were considered, a static and a dynamic model for angular contact ball bearings under rigid preload...
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Design and Experiment Study of Transformer Fault Monitoring System Based on acoustic characteristics

Kai Deng
Transformers in operation is accompanied by certain acoustic signals, and the acoustic signals can reflect the running state of the transformer to a great extent. In view of the characteristics of transformer fault and the principle of acoustic signals generation, a transformer fault monitoring device...
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Enhanced energy detection receiver for OOK signals using Gaussian approximation

Dazhong Mu, Peng Cao, Huaqun Liu
Equal-gain combining (EGC) is a conventional linear combining scheme used in non-coherent energy detection receiver for ultra-wideband (UWB) signals. However, due to the nonlinear nature of decision boundary, the EGC results in a suboptimal test statistic. In this paper, we propose a new design for a...
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Study on Integrated Evaluation of the Technological Innovation Project in Power Grid Enterprise

Yixin Shi, Zhengyuan Jia, Shijing Li
In order to speed up the network “a strong and three-excellent” strategic target,power grid enterprises must increase the technology innovation and management.[2]Integrated evaluation of the technological innovation project in power grid enterprise is an important content of management of technological...
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Design of smart home control system based on ZigBee Technology

En Zou, Qing Huo, Shuihong Huang, Shengchuang Chen
Based on the ZigBee technology, a hand-held portable intelligent home controlled terminal is de-signed on the basis of STC12C5A60S2 MCU, and make a detailed hardware design with floor control module. Main ZigBee (coordinator) module is connected with the handheld terminal and salved ZigBee (rounter)...
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Design of Traffic Light System Based on Proteus Simulation

Xuexuan Cai
Based on the proteus simulation software, the paper realizes the individual timing and separated control on the transportation of Channel A and B with the 8254 counter and 8255 programmable parallel interface. The method of timing plus interruption control is adopted to count the passing time of vehicles...
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Research on Hexapod Biomimetic Robot

Yongbao Yuan, Ligang Chen
When the disaster approaches,such as earthquake, landslide, nuclear radiation zone, harsh environment and so on, rescuers can not access to it easily, to solve this,we designed the robot, the robot has six legs, each leg has three free degrees[1]. We adopted the embedded system and servo controller as...
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Research on Key Parameters and Mechanical Behavior of The Rectangle Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Shield Machine

Qiang Cao, Jingyu Huang, Renpeng Wang, Long Zhang, Peng Wang, Di Wu
In the last few decades, rectangle earth pressure balance shield machine have been introduced as primary tunneling tools in soft soil excavation around the world. This paper presents research on the performance of the rectangle shield machine. Analytical studies have been carried out to establish the...
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Key Technology Research of Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Modeling for the Bridge

Ying Wang, Jianhua Guo
With the rapid development of science and technology, three-dimensional modeling technology bridges will continue to progress, which is widely used in bridge engineering, bridge design can contribute to enhance the quality, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the bridge project. Three-dimensional...
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Finite Element Method for predicting rutting depth of steel deck asphalt pavement based on Accelerated Pavement Test

Wen-ke Huang, Xiao-ning Zhang, Hong-liu Rong, Bo Chen
Rutting is one of the most challenging and important distresses in steel deck pavement. The prediction of rutting depth is considered to be one of the most complex issues in pavement engineering. In this study, a large piece of linear track accelerated loading facility MLS66 was used to conduct the test...
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Simulation on Three Dimensional Laminar Properties of Dew Point Evaporative Cooling in Plate Heat Exchanger

Pengfei Liu, Xinyu Li
This paper establishes the three dimensional laminar mathematical physical model of dew point evaporative cooling in plate heat exchanger, according to the simplifying assumptions of the complicated course for heat and mass transfer and counter-current flow in dew point evaporative cooler ,using the...
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Mean Stress Correction Based on Strength Degradation

Jingwei Cui, Jinlong Liang
Life prediction of parts under complex loads has always been an important research topic in mechanical engineering design. In order to make the results more accurate, the stress correction formula for the asymmetric cyclic stress is derived mixed strength degradation law and the characteristics of 45...
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The Design and Implementation of Electromechanical Devices’ Operating Parameter Monitoring System in the Highway Tunnel

Hongke Xu, Xi Zhu, Guorui Li
This paper puts forward the highway tunnel electromechanical devices’ operating parameter monitoring system is composed of two parts: monitoring network and monitoring management system. Monitoring node puts monitoring data into the database while Monitoring management system chooses MySQL database under...
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Research on GBAS Integrity Based on BD Satellite

Yu Geng, Yingdong Wang, Jing Wang
At present, the performance of the satellite navigation system is based on the application requirements of ground augmentation system, the integrity of the local system, the second generation BD satellite based system of the type of precision into the near integrity algorithm and simulation analysis....
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Penetration Capacity Calculation for Wind Farms Considering Random Output

Haitao Liu, Jian Su, Pipei Zhang, Hao Bai, Shihong Miao
The majority of the distribution network is supplied by unilateral power and has a radial distribution, wind farms connected into grid will inevitably bring a certain extent on static voltage of the distributed grid. Furthermore, the randomness of wind farm output will cause the node voltage fluctuations....
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Design of A Magnet with Constant gradient field for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Lele Chen, Changchun Zou, Dianqing Sun, Zhaobin Gu
The principle of constant gradient field NMR is same with the logging expert system, the state-of-the -art technology in the world, wherein, gradient design and 2D spectrum inversion algorithm are adopted to quicken the instrument measurement speed while the diffusion coefficients of a fluid can be measured...
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Research On Nozzle Structure Selection Of Cementing Ground Anchor

Zhi Chen, Qiang Zhang, Fan Zhang, Suchen Xiao
By using fluid dynamics calculation, we start a numerical simulation research on flow fields of cylindrical and conical nozzle in order to choose a better structure of cementing ground anchor, at the same time, we also do hydraulic cycle experiments on cylindrical nozzle with different bore diameter....
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Construction of the Integrated Computer-Aided Design Platform of Hydraulic Pressure Support

Heng Tan, Chunyu Li, Tongde Tan
As a key device to coal mining, the hydraulic pressure support is important for the safety of coal mine. Currently, most of design software for hydraulic pressure support are stand-alone version and only capable of fulfilling partial design work. They have been used for a long time and lacked software...
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A New Type of Safety Socket Design

Yongkai Diao
This paper points out the problems existing in the existing technology of socket, we design a new type of security socket, this paper introduces the basic structure of new type socket, illustrates the implementation process. Through reforming the socket internal structure, solve the problem of the plug...
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Research on Lane Detection Technology Based on OPENCV

Yang Xu, Ling Zhang
In view of the huge computing, poor anti-interference ability of traditional detection alogrithm, it does not meet the requirement of the vehicle system, for which this paper proposed a lane detection method based on OpenCV. Preprocessing image in the OpenCV environment, adopting LMedSquare(Least Median...
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Numerical simulation of unsteady flow in stirred tank

Chao Hui, Juan Xu, Tong Liu
The unsteady flowing property is complicated in stirred tank, so Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to simulate the three - dimensional flow in this paper. Taking the steady-state solution as the initial condition of the large eddy simulation, flows in stirred tank are analyzed at different time....
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The numerical analysis of the unsteady flow in the three - dimensional multiphase mixing flow field

Chao Hui, Juan Xu, Haiyan Bie
Unsteady flow and the interface distribution in the stirred tank are studied by the large eddy simulation and multiphase flow model. The result shows that the two-phase interface starts from the paddle. Finally inverted cone interface is generated by the screw move. With mixing time passing by, the interface...
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Research on the modality and critical speed in the long axis of the rotor system

Na Zhao, Juan Xu, Haiyan Bie
The finite-element linear analysis model in the typical rotor system is established by finite element method to analyze the modality and critical speed. The result shows that modes of vibration change greatly with different modalities in the rotor system. Torsion angle of the rotor increases gradually...
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The design of UV-LED Control System

Mi Tao, Jinyao Li
Aiming at the development trend of printing industry, describes the new green UV-LED drying equipment, design and development of AT89S52 lighting con-trol system based on MCU, and use the PWM dimming circuit and incremental PID control algorithm, a distributed computer lighting control system, the method...
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Mechanical Properties Analysis for the Connection Thread of Centralizer

Yin Sai Guo, Yi Zhang
Based on the theory of contact non-linear finite element analysis, the analysis for stress and strain of the connection thread of centralizer is carried out by ANSYS software. The structural weak part was identified. The method of simulation experiment is adopted. The simulation results are compared...
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Design and Optimization of FSAE Race Car suspension system

Bin Zhu, Ning Sun
In this paper, FSAE race car is taken as the research object, dynamic performance of the suspension system is studied. 3D model of the whole vehicle suspension system is built by using 3D modeling software, and the kinematics simulation is carried out. On the basis of this, ADAMS is used for dynamic...