Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2018)

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Research on Strategies in Response to College Network Public Opinion from the Perspective of Crisis Management

Yang Jiang
Under the background of profound social transformation and development, colleges have been the high incidence zone of network public opinion crisis in recent years. It becomes necessary and urgent for colleges to study the strategies on how to handle network public opinion from the perspective of crisis...
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The Origin of Eastern & Western Management Ideas and Research Prospect

Yaling Li
Oriental management theory originated from the excellent traditional culture of the orient. Western management theory originated from the philosophy of ancient Greece. In addition to the deep philosophical origin of ancient Greece, it is more important to rely on the development of science and technology...
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Research and Application on the Public-Private-Partnership under the Supply-Side Reform

Penglin Li, Yitong Guo
Under the China’s new normal, applying and popularizing the Public-Private-Partnership is of crucial importance for latest economics. This paper, based on the accordance of the Supply-side Reform and the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP model), will illustrate the meaning and the classification of the...
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Exploring the Innovation, Integration and Lead of the Cultural and Sentimental Program: A Case Study of The Reader Developed by the China Central Television (CCTV)

Shimin Yang, Qiong Wu
In the contemporary age of cross-media integration, programs categorized as variety shows and cultural programs are generally plagued by the tendency of pan-entertainment. Against such a backdrop, TV Broadcasters are required to tread on a path that strikes a balance between viewership rating and quality,...
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Rhetoric Features of English Advertisements

Juanjuan Han
Advertising language (short as AL)appears here and there in our daily life which is characterized by shortness, frequency and sharpness as a special kind of verbal behavior. Here we try to figure out the three rules in Phonetic, Lexical syntactical levels from rhetorical Devices in AL by analyzing the...
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On the Application of Vagueness in Business Negotiation

Tengyao Zhang
Various researches have been done on the ground of vagueness from different perspectives, i.e. philosophically, psychologically, semantically, pragmatically, etc. Vagueness as an important part of linguistic study has been extensively discussed in China. As most scholars agree that vagueness is a useful...
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Discussion on the Coordinated Development and Innovation of National Music and Contemporary Multicultural Music Education

Wei Guo
The existence of music culture determines that music education is a certain form of human music culture, while music education, as a certain form of music culture, acts against a certain musical culture, making music education a profound cultural and spiritual connotation,and music Education plays an...
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Change: From Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0 ??"??"Taking the comparison of related development strategies between Germany and Japan as an example

Jiali Kang
One of the current performances of the competition among major powers in the world is the competition of development strategy focus on the future. Therefore, in recent years, they have formulated corresponding development strategies to try to occupy the commanding heights. This article takes the recently...
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A New Training Mode of AHK Electro-mechanician --- A Case Study of Nanjing Institute of Industrial Technology

Ling Zhou, Xiaoyong Wang, Jiujun Zhen,, Feng Xu, Haichao Song
The German certification program of AHK based on "Dual System" has been introduced into China for many years. The traditional model of Chien-Shiung is a kind of training mode based on school mainly; nevertheless when German partner has enough resources by its own, another training mode which depends...
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Development of OLED Display Technology Based on Bibliometrics

Xuan Liu, Jin Huang, Chang Liu, Fengping Wei, Wenyan Liu, Xiaohong Li, Changyan Yan
This paper focuses on OLED display technology and uses bibliometric methods to first analyze the overall situation of scientific papers in the world and in China's industrial fields. Then take Hubei Optics Valley as an example to analyze Hubei Province's resources in this field. The configuration and...
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The Construction and Implementation of New Staff Training Classes Benchmarking System -- Taking the Practice of SGTC New Staff Training Classes Benchmarking as an Example

Yang Jiang, Xiuhua Li
In order to enhance the level of new staff training classes management, Trainee and student management Division of Jinan Campus Committee of State Grid of China Technology College, responding to the college’s appeal to omnidirectional benchmarking, gradually establishes a sound system for classes benchmarking...
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Research on the Teaching Reform in the Economic Law of Law Undergraduate Course under the Guidance of Training Applied Talents

Dong Lin Xu
With the rapid development of social economy, the demand for applied law talents has risen steadily, how to reform the teaching method of the Economic law course to meet the needs of applied talent is an urgent problem to be solved. There are many difficulties in teaching materials, teaching contents...
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Communication Principle Course Teaching Reform for Electronic Information Engineering in local universities

Faquan Yang, Yonghao Xiao, Lijun Feng
Reform of course teaching on communication principle in electronic information is carried out in the actual situation of local universities students' basic level and local industry demand in this paper. In particular, the teaching concept, teaching contents, teaching methods and experimental teaching...
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Education Teaching Quality in Local Colleges and Universities

Honglin Liu, Fengsheng Zhi
The quality of teaching in adult education is not high, there are problems such as inaccurate training orientation, disregard of talent training programs and social needs, which affects the social recognition of adult higher education. The organizer of Adult Education must strengthen the leadership of...
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The Relationship Between the Teaching and Scientific Research in the Independent College

Shunqin Liu
With the continuous development of independent colleges, it has become a hot discussion whether to do scientific research and how to do scientific research.
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The Dilemma and Outlet of the Transformation and Upgrading of the Newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Xiaoni Deng, Junfang Dong
Most new undergraduate colleges are upgraded from higher vocational colleges who are in the hope that the upgrading is the solution to the predicament of their development, and the fact is that the upgrading does not completely solve the problem, but gives rise to some new problems. There are two meanings...
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Rethinking of the Disciplinary Construction and Development of Foreign Languages at Colleges and Universities in the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Hebin Ma
The Proposal of “the Belt and Road Initiative” has created an unprecedented historical opportunity for cross-border cultural exchanges. It’s one of the important measures for China to promote the global governance system. Besides, it has new requirement for the disciplinary construction of foreign languages...
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The Practical Research on English Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yan Hu
This paper studies the application of flipped classroom teaching mode in higher vocational English teaching. The experimental results show that: In flipped classroom teaching mode, students' English learning achievements have been improved significantly, the students' humanistic quality has been improved...
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Similarities and Differences between China and EU in Similar Cases

Shanshan Su, Lanfang Fei
This article selects two cases, namely the first case of Shanxi Electricity Anti-monopoly Law Enforcement (hereinafter referred to as "Shanxi Electricity Case") and the EU Commission of Synthetic Fibers (hereinafter referred to as "Synthetic Fibers Case"). Both of these cases involve horizontal monopoly...
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The Main Thoughts and Comment on Lenin's Poverty and Anti-poverty

Lihe Su
Lenin inherited the thought of Marx and Engels on the impoverishment of capitalist society. With the rapid development of capitalism, capital and wealth have been accumulated in a large amount, The capitalist system determines that the proletariat will be more and more impoverished, and the poverty is...
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Marketization of Rural Environmental Protection

Guan Meng
Environmental pollution continues unabated today, people's environmental awareness are becoming more and more strong. However, in rural areas where environmental protection is relatively backward, environmental protection system and individual environmental awareness have corresponding deficiencies....
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The Influence of Institution on Entrepreneurship--- Based on the Development of Entrepreneurship in Shenzhen

Qiuning Yang
Because the business aspect of entrepreneurship is still kept apart from the institutional aspect in the research of Chinese entrepreneurship, this study aims to enrich the entrepreneurship literature by examining a specific aspect of the institutional environment which includes the political, the economical...
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Exploration and Practice of “CBL+PBL” Based Double Track Teaching Mode of “Building Construction”

Wei Chang, Kaiwu Jia, Tao Chen
As two classic teaching modes, "CBL" and "PBL" have their own superiority and deficiency. In the teaching experience of “Building Construction”, the writer reasonably combined these two teaching modes to form the new type of teaching mode: “CBL+PBL” based double track teaching mode, which has been well...
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Study on the effects of job characteristics on employees’ voice behavior

Chaomin Gao, Jiwen Song
To understand the influence of working characteristics on voice behavior, based on a summary of related researches, this study proposed that job characteristics have a positive influence on employees' voice behavior. We designed questionnaires by using widely-recognized maturity scales, collected data...
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Exploration and Practice of Training International Software Engineering Talents

Jing Wang
The development of China's software industry is in urgent need of a large number of international software talents. The internationalization of software engineering education has gradually become the main reform direction of higher engineering education. This document expounds the connotation of international...
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An Empirical Study on a Meme-based CET 4 Writing Teaching Model

Jin Wang
This paper utilizes meme theory as reference in order to rethink about CET 4 writing teaching pattern. As an essential part of cultural replication factors, language has its own rules in reproduction and transmission. Those laws that language obeys can be properly applied to writing teaching process....
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Study on the Countermeasure of the Construction of Dry Port in Jinan

Jianmeng Sun, Haining Wang
The development of dry port enhances the operation strength of the port, and the dry port can optimize the operation of the port and realize a series of functions of the port so as to relieve the operating pressure of the port. In the case of customs declaration, inspection and issuance of bill of lading,...
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Research on the operational mechanism of network fundraising in Background of “Internet+”

Hongming Fu, Hui Cai, Hua Song
In this study, people of different ages and occupations were selected as the research objects. This study uses the method of questionnaire survey, supplemented by the theory of planned behavior. SPSS19.0 software was used to analyze the results of 500 valid questionnaires. The study found that the attitude...
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Strengthening the Cultivation of College Students' Compressive Psychological Diathesis

Leilei Ji
At present, college students in our country generally have poor anti-compression ability, which is mainly manifested in the fragile situation in the face of setbacks and difficulties, and it is easy to be depressed. As college teachers, we must analyze the current college students' psychological pressure...
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On Construction of Competency Evaluation Model of Knowledge Workers in High-tech Enterprises

Dexiang Yang
This paper, based on the theory and method of competency model of knowledge workers’ comprehensive ability, creates the competency model of knowledge workers in high tech enterprises so as to provide a scientific and theoretical basis for the training, selection, evaluation of competent talents. Targeted...
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Research on the market development path of intelligent medical industry under the background of aging

Linfeng Wu, Zihan Yu, Peng Zhang, Chenxia Kan
This document explains and demonstrates from the elderly, intelligent medical service market capacity and the development status of intelligent medical service system in three aspects of the elderly intelligent medical industry market development background analysis, put forward on the basis of intelligent...
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Research on the Operational Mechanism of The Maker Space Based on Ecosystem Theory

Lei Wang, Wanyi Gong, Mingdong Jiang
Based on the ecosystem theory, this paper summarizes the meaning and characteristics of the maker space, and defines the ecosystem of the maker space, using three dimensions??"??"the customer ecosystem, the resource ecosystem and the maker spirit, and analyzes the marker space’s three core mechanisms:entrepreneurial...
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Analysis of the Upgrade of China’s Manufacturing Industry Structure from Outsourcing in Global Value Chain

Yu Liu
With the deepening of economic globalization and the weakening of international trade barriers, the international division of labor begins to present a new model, from the initial division of labor between industries to the division of labor within the product - the Global Value Chain (GVC) division....
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Performance Evaluation of Real estate Listed Companies Based on Factor Analysis

Xiaoxia Ke
This paper takes 38 real estate listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks as samples, and financial statement data from 2014 to 2016 as the research object. It builds an operating performance evaluation index system for real estate listed companies based on the abilities of debt paying, profit-making,operating...
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Overview of Research on Dual-Channel Supply Chain Management

Yingying Li, Xuemei Zhang, Yuanyuan Chen
On the basis of systematically reviewing related literatures at home and abroad, this paper summarizes the current research on the selection of dual-channel supply chain, channel conflict, pricing strategy and coordination mechanism, and discusses the future research direction and hopes to lay a foundation...
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Financial Determinants for Donation Income of Chinese Non-Public College Foundations

Leiyu Mo, Chengwen Hong
Fundraising through college foundations has become an important and inevitable trend for universities and colleges around the world. Recently, there is rapid expansion of college foundations in China, and more than 90% are non-public foundations,which can only collect funding through non-public channels.But...
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An Instructional Project Design based on CDIO

Chong Zhang, Baocai Zhong, Debiao Yan
The process of conceive, design, implement and operate on a library system was introduced according to the principles of CDIO. Teaching target, principles for choosing project, content design, teaching method, teaching characteristics and evaluation criteria are emphasized in the project. It was also...
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Teaching Management Based on Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis

Xiuli Li, Pengcheng Zhao, Wenhui Li
Based on the state of current education management, this paper uses factor analysis and cluster analysis to study students’ performance, and then finds out main factors affecting the learning state of students by questionnaire so as to apply multivariate statistical analysis into effective teaching management...
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Thoughts on Mathematical Ideology of “Linear Space”

Xiuli Li, Pengcheng Zhao, Hongyan Li
This paper is about the author’s thoughts on mathematical thinking method while teaching “linear space” of Advanced Algebra. The ideas of finite and infinite, transformation, unity and isomorphism of algebra and geometry are expounded. If we bring mathematical thinking method to teaching process to share...
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Research on financial efficiency loss from the perspective of externality of efficiency loss of state-owned enterprises

Xiaohe Zhou, Mingda Cheng
In order to explore the cumbrance effect of state-owned enterprises (SOE) on regional financial efficiency (FINC) and expand the research field of efficiency loss of SOE, this paper bases on the externality of efficiency loss, considering that the soft budget constraint caused by the policy burden of...
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The theory on the construction of system of Chinese procuratorial writ

Zhuo Liu, Yuehong Wu
China needs to build a system of prosecutorial writ.The system of writ in western developed countries can be used for reference, whether essential, formal or procedural of it. In China, however, because the procuratorial organs have the powers to restrict police, restriction function of procuratorial...
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Research on the Intergenerational Transmission Based on Grounded Theory??"??"A Case Study of Lingqing in Shanxi

Yunan Tao
This paper explores the influencing factors of intergenerational transmission and mechanism of action based on the grounded theory in Lingqiu. It found that social exclusion is the logical starting point for intergenerational transmission, and brewing poverty culture, both of which together weaken family...
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Communist party of China building science level: the new era party's new mission

Jiajue Fang, Chunxia Jiang
Improving the scientific level of the party's construction is an important and major issue of the new era. The connotation and essence of it is to be grasped correctly under the new era. With the time of the achievement and the summary of historical experience, we follow the law and promote the party...
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Research of Practical Teaching System of Software Quality Assurance and Testing Based on Large-scale Engineering Practice

Siqing Luo, Jilong Bian, Xiying Zhang, Yan Li
This paper, taking software engineering in Northeast Forestry University as an example, summarizes the experience of its practical teaching reform and development from the training objectives and curriculum system after studying the large-scale and complex engineering model. It aims at building an effective...
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Evaluation of Learning and Teaching Practice for Design-oriented Engineering Modules

Min Chen, Shunqi Zhang, Martijn Tenbhomer, Derrick Tate
Learning and teaching of engineering modules to design-oriented students is always a very challenging task for a transdisciplinary programme. In this paper, different evaluation models and approaches of teaching were discussed and extended. In particular, mechanics module “Statics and Solids” was taken...
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Contrastive Analysis and Reflection on Higher Education between China and Germany

Zhilin Liu, Qidan Zhu, Li Su, Xin Yuan
With the urgent requirement of the rapid development of higher engineering education in our country and the reality of college expansion, the problems related to the reformation of the education management system in colleges and universities need to be solved. In this paper, represented by Duisburg-Essen...
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Research on Teaching Mode Reform of Robotics Course Based on "Theory Guidance- Interest Enhancement -Scientific Research Practice"

Qidan Zhu, Li Su, Zhilin Liu, Zhi Zhang
The key to creating an innovative country is to have innovative talents, and cultivating a large number of high-quality innovative talents is a major issue for higher education to solve urgently. This article takes the undergraduate of Harbin Engineering University as the main subject, carries out the...
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Exploring the training mode of graduate students' innovative talents from the perspective of internationalization

Moxin Xiao, Xiaoyu Zhang, Xin Yuan, Peng Li, Wei Wang
From the perspective of internationalization, in view of the current situation of postgraduate training at home and abroad, the problems and problems to be solved in the process of postgraduate training in China are analyzed, and the training mode of innovative talents is put forward from the aspects...
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Cultivation of Graduate innovative talents from the Perspective of internationalization ??"??"Taking the discipline of Control Science and Engineering as an example

Xin Yuan, Jingrui Yu, Zhigang Qi, Zhen Yang
With the trend of globalization of economic development, the competition of various countries in the world is more and more reflected in the competition for talents. It has become the consensus of the development of higher education in various countries to cultivate the top innovative talents with international...
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The Research on Teaching Model of Flipped Classroom Based on Rain Classroom

Qiang Zhang, Wen Zhang, Bo Xu
To slove the problem of the popularization difficulty in flipped classroom, we proposed the teaching model of flipped classrom based on rain classrom, for which we introduced scientific and objective approaches of teaching program design and assessment method. The teaching experiment result indicates...
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All-staff Oriented International Postgraduate Education Model

Wen Zhang, Xin Yuan, Qiang Zhang
In view of the fact that China's postgraduates' internationalization education has a small audience and does not go deep into it, from the perspective of all graduate students and teachers, with the purpose of international education deepening through all aspects of graduate training, a graduate-oriented...
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Simulation analysis of common mode voltage suppression strategies for PWM inverter

Xinsheng Wang, Guorui Cheng
With the development of power electronics technology and devices, PWM inverter has been widely used and its fundamental principles have become a new chapter in power electronics course. Three-phase PWM inverter is an important part of motor drive system, the output voltage is composed of differential...
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Research on the Refined Management of Research Projects of Finance and Economics University.

Jia Liu, Wei Wen, Yanjie Li
Basic research in our country is in the new stage of the innovation and development , it is also the depth adjustment of the innovation system of science and technology system . For strengthening the construction of a think-tank and science communication, the development of scientific research in higher...
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Research on information updating of enterprise members based on learning network

Xia Wu
Based on the enterprise learning behavior between members of the establishment of learning network, the use of social influence model analysis showed that the convergence and consensus learning network, according to the two situations: enterprise leadership and dogmatic open enterprise, an empirical...
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The study of Tai’erzhuang film and TV play

Fen Yan
This paper makes a systematic analysis of the film and TV plays in Tai’erzhuang, sums up its development and the evolution of artistic style, points out the achievements and shortcomings of the existing papers, discusses the elements as well as the possibility and the art strategy of Tai'erzhuang to...
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Inheritance and Protection of Linyi Xiaoguo Clay Sculpture from the Perspective of Harmonious Culture

Pengcheng Shao
Xiaoguo clay sculpture itself is a harmonious integration of the aesthetics and practicality. Regarding to the inheritance and protection, the first is to establish the concept of the harmonious coexistence of artistic value and economic value; and the second is to implement the policy and strategy of...
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The Research of the Approach to Integrating the Education of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Professional Education

Haifeng Zhao
The curriculum system for the education of innovation and entrepreneurship in the universities is based on the national policies and theoretical framework for the disciplines, such as business administration. The actual survey and experience summary related to the current status of innovation and entrepreneurship...
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Study on Logistics Efficiency of Key Provinces and Cities along the “Belt and Road”

Weibin Lin, Yingyi Huang
According to the “Belt and Road” initiative, the logistics efficiency determine the operating costs of logistics directly, and indirectly influence the competitiveness of China’s export commodities internationally. In this paper,DEA method is used to study the logistics efficiency of eighteen key provinces...
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Comment on the education paths of the current undergraduates’ life value view ??"??" from the perspective of the shared development concept

Leifeng Wang, Weiwei Liu
In this paper, based on the review of the relevant research results, based on the shared development concept, the author thinks deeply about the education of life value view of college students.
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The Enlightenment of Open University Teaching System to University Education

Ying Sun
The university education is becoming more comprehensive, international and more informative. The requirement is to share teaching resources cross universities as well as social communities. The paper introduces the teaching mode of Open University, and the practice of university education may benefit...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Cross-border E-Commerce Course Based on the Double-increment Ability Training

Hexiang Wang
At present, China’s social and economic development, the continuous transformation and upgrading of the national economy, provide certain potential for innovation for the development of the economy, and proposes a “double-creation” major strategy. Through continuous reforms, the government gradually...
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Study on Tutorial System Training Mode of Local Application-Oriented Higher Institutions

Chaowen Lin, Ju Wang
The problems of teacher shortage, funds lack for running a school, cultural conflict, imperfect management mechanism and evaluation system were analyzed when the tutorial system were implemented in local colleges. In addition, based on the characteristics of local application-oriented higher institutions,...