Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2022)

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The Impact of Fintech on State’s Development

A Focus on China

Xiao Yinbao
This paper investigates the effect of fintech firms within a state on the development of economic status of that state. The data collected shows certain relationships between two variables, the increase in number of fintech firms within a state is associated with an increase in the level of development...
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The Logical Framework of Industry Analysis and Stock Investment

Shunye Zha
In recent years, China’s economy has continued to grow at a high speed, which has led to a substantial increase in the performance of listed companies, laying a solid foundation for my country’s stock market. Especially in 2007, my country’s stock market surpassed most people’s imagination and completed...
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Hypothesis, Operation Target, Risk Management: A Comparative Study of Islamic and Conventional Commercial Banks

Xiaoqin Wang, Yu Yang, Liling Feng
Based on modern financial intermediary theory, this paper examines the similarities and differences between Islamic banks and conventional commercial banks in the aspects of hypothesis about human nature, operation target, financial standardization and disclosure. The paper points out that Islamic banks...
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Factors Affecting Internal and External Audits Based on Experimental Analysis

Jiayu Feng
The purpose of this study is to investigate which factors affect the effectiveness of internal audits and the independence of external audits. In order to achieve this goal, this research followed the analytical procedures of previous studies, found that some factors have an impact on the effectiveness...
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Analysis of Meal Industry in U.S. Stock Market during COVID-19 Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model

Linfeng Li, Suwei Wu
The outbreak of COVID-19 seriously affected the economic development of the whole world, especially the United States, which is the world’s largest economy. All sectors in the U.S. have been negatively affected by COVID-19 to a greater or lesser extent, but there are also many opportunities in such a...
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Sensitivity Analysis and Investment Decision Making Under Uncertainty Based on NPV Method

Qingyang Liu
Sensitivity analysis is often used in investment decision-making to evaluate the risk under uncertainty. However, sensitivity analysis on the NPV method is seldom studied in the existing literature. This paper studied how sensitivity analysis could complement the NPV rules in investment decisions when...
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Explanations to the Failure of Nokia Phone

Songhe Wang
Nowadays, with the application and popularization of 5G technology, the efficiency and convenience of mobile phones have made people live with the indispensable part of their lives. While the mobile phone market is experiencing rapid development, we should also continue to reflect, so as not to repeat...
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International Disputes of the IMF: A Review

Yiqian Zhu
This article mainly analyses whether its benefits outweigh its harms or whether its harms outweigh its benefits. It reviews the literature from the two aspects of conditionality and IMF’s internal defects. It concludes that from the perspective of conditionality, the conditions put forward by the IMF...
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Predictions of Cryptocurrency Prices Based on Inherent Interrelationships

Zhenyuan Wu
The price of cryptocurrencies is predicted in this paper based on their intrinsic interrelationship with Bitcoin. The Kaggle dataset is gathered, standardized, collated, and extracted. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is compared to other machine learning methods such as Linear Regression and K-Nearest...
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TikTok’s Advertising Policy in the Chinese Market and Impacts on China’s Internet Economic Advertising Market

Hongfei Cai, Runzhen Huang, Tianyi Wang
In the context of the rapid development of China’s Internet economy, TikTok, as a short video platform with an oligopoly position in China’s Internet economy, has a strong influence on platform advertising. By investigating TikTok’s existing advertising strategies, including surveying user experience...
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Relationship between Financial Crises and High Levels of Foreign Debt-from the 19th to 20th Centuries

Kaiwen Shen
The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century were the first era of globalization. At this time when global liquidity is high, foreign debt can provide a large amount of funds constantly, and the interest is relatively low, so it prevails among many countries. However, the high level...
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Analysis of the Future Prospects for the Metaverse

Jie Huang, Pingjin Sun, Weijie Zhang
With the rapid development of digital technology, all areas of society may accelerate their entry into the virtual world, thus blurring the boundary between the physical and digital worlds and promoting a Metaverse. The Metaverse will become an important public infrastructure. This paper first introduces...
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The Influencing Factors and Effectiveness of Family Investment Portfolio

Ziwei Jia
In recent years, research on household financial behaviors such as household financial market participation and household asset selection became an important research field. This paper uses the 2013 data of the Chinese Household Finance Survey, using OLS and the ordered Probit model to study the impact...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Railway Accounting Information System

Zhang Zhen
With the rapid development of China’s economy and the deepening of reform and opening up, the development of enterprises has many favorable platforms and faces more opportunities. This question conducts literature research on the basic theories and the current situation of domestic and foreign research...
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Predicting Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy Based on Hybrid Model

Jincheng Zuo, Fenglan Ma, Shaun Chen
The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused hitherto unknown damage to the global economy, resulting in a large number of company failures and staff unemployment. In order to suppress the further spread of the virus, many countries and regions have adopted quarantine policies to varying degrees. This has led...
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Exploring Arbitrage Opportunities between the BTC Spot and Futures Market based on Funding Rates Mechanism

Jiahua Zou
Crypto-currency, in nowadays occupies a very important position in the global financial market. Due to the importance of Crypto-currency, research on it has positive and significant meanings for financial purpose. This research examined how investors arbitrage between the BTC spot and futures market...
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The Analysis of Marvel (Disney) Marketing Strategies

Based on the Comparison between Marvel and DC Case

Zijie Lu, Eric Tseng, Zisheng Xu
Nowadays, some Cultural Corporations are doing successfully. There are two outstanding examples: Marvel Entertainment and DC Entertainment. Our research is about the analysis of the marketing strategies used by Marvel Entertainment based on the comparison of Marvel and DC. According to the results of...
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Compare Modeling of Investigative Journalism in Anglo-American and Chinese Approaches

Quantitative Case Studies of The Economist and Caijing

Jingwei Piao
This paper intends to provide comparing models to understand investigative journalism. Based on the mobilization model justified from Anglo-American approach, the paper shows a modified model of consensus through cross comparing the different contexts between Anglo-American and Chinese in investigative...
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Research on Application of Fama-French Three-Factor Model in Asset Allocation

Yifan Chu
As the index of living standard is rising in the recent decades, more and more people join the stock market or have the demand to allocate their assets. That stimulates the appearance of the capital asset pricing model, the Fama-French model, and some other models that are helpful for asset allocation....
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Has GameStop Phenomenon Violated the Efficient Market Hypothesis? Verified with T-Test

Yan Zhu, Zifeng Cheng, Sitong Liu, Zhiwei Yao
This paper examines a query upon the GameStop Phenomenon. In the work, the reasons of why the short squeeze occurred and the fluctuations varied dramatically are explained. Due to the uncertainty of the factors leading to the shorting of GME stocks, it may violate the efficient market hypothesis, also...
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Forecasting the Exchange Rate between AUD and USD with HAR model

Jiahua Huang
The exchange rate is essential to global financial markets. Based on the approximate long memory Heterogeneous Autoregressive (HAR) model proposed by Corsi, we estimate the volatility using 5-minute high-frequency data on the US dollar exchange rate against the Australian dollar from January 15, 2019,...
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The Adjustment of Domestic Capital Layout in China under the Background of “Dual Circulation”

Hao Yu
In recent years, China’s economic development pattern has gradually changed to a major domestic circulation with domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other. At the same time, opposition from the West to the outward transfer of industrial chain has been growing, and the new normal...
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Research on Industrial Transformation from the Perspective of “Double Cycle”

Teng Zihan
Under the background of complex world economic situation and increasing uncertainty and instability, China’s proposal to build a new development pattern of “large cycle and double cycle” is of great strategic significance. China has a huge consumer market, a mature and perfect digital economy and strong...
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The Predicted Relationship Between Relating Factors on Electric Vehicles and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the United States

Shiyu Liu
In recent years, vehicle electrification is promoted around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As electric vehicles (HEV, PHEV, BEV) are taking a bigger portion of the market share every year, it is important to find out whether this trend does provide environmental benefits in real life....
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A Study of the Risks of Securitization of Internet Financial Assets in China

A Case Study Based on Jingdong IOUS

Mingde Gao
The successful issuance of JingDong IOUS has made a great innovation for Chinese internet finances. Therefore, this paper will study the risks of securitisation of Chinese internet finance assets based on Jingdong IOUS as a case study. The analysis concludes that there are seven main risks (market risk,...
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The Impact of Chinese “Double Reduction” Policy on Listed Educational Tutoring Institutions

Taking New Oriental Study Group as an Example

Xilin Chen
Nowadays, Chinese students are under tremendous pressure to study. Chinese government published a new policy called Double Reduction Policy in order to solve this problem. Double Reduction means reducing the heavy homework burden and after-school training burden of students in the stage of compulsory...
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Leader and Strategy Affect the Enterprise

Xinyu Meng
The economy is relevant to the quality of people’s daily life. As one of the components of the economy, the development of the enterprise is the main factor affecting the economy, and the positive leadership style and business model can affect the development of the company. The author chose a company...
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The Overhauling Educational Market and Reformation of Supplementary School Market in China

Stock Analysis, Impact Suggestions, and Future Trend Indications

Yian Shen, Chenxu Wang, Yichun Wang
This article focuses on the impact of the newly enacted policy document, Guidelines to Ease the Burden of Excessive Homework and Off-campus Tutoring for Students Undergoing Compulsory Education on supplementary education, which marks the clampdown of the profit-driven education sector. The analysis concludes...
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Research on the Mechanism of Financial Targeted Poverty Alleviation under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Qi Mingchun
Under the background of rural revitalization strategy, relative poverty will exist for a long time, and the distribution of relative poverty will appear in a dot like “flower shaped” poverty. The financial mechanism to solve the relative poverty has a high common character with the mechanism of solving...
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Analysis of the Economic Recovery of Small and Medium Catering Enterprises after the Epidemic

Chenhao Wu
China’s catering economy is facing a tremendous problem. For small and medium-sized enterprises, because they take the largest part of catering business, it is crucial to find problems they are facing and provide solutions to each of them. First, this paper shows the environment of China’s small and...
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Pricing Strategies of Coupon Bonds in Condition of COVID-19

Bo Cao, Shengyu Guo, Xiang Hou, Yingqi Wang
This article is about how COVID-19 has affected the pricing of bonds and how is the YTM of a bondable impacts the bond when it is issued into the open market. Furthermore, this paper discussed the liquidity impact in terms of how old bonds behave compare of how old bonds behave compared to newly issued...
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Problems and Countermeasures of FDI of Shandong Province Multinational Company under the Background of the” Belt and Road”

Zhaogong Lin, Wenlin Jiang
Shandong Province is not only a province with large agriculture, economy and population, but also has convenient transportation and strong infrastructure, which encourages Shandong multinational companies to participate in FDI under the “Belt and Road” initiative and has certain advantages. Therefore,...
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Analysis of Short Selling

Based on the Luckin Coffee Scandals

Kangqi Ding
Luckin Coffee is a high-profile coffee corporation known by individuals due to its aggressive expansion and the sign of replacing the Starbucks in China. However, only 9 months after its IPO on NASDAQ, Luckin was accused of financial problems and huge flaws in its business model. Based on this scandal,...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Medical-related American Stocks

Tongke Wei, Yuheng Wu, Xiaoyu Yang
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, there has been a very serious impact on the global economy. In this paper, the period from May 2019 to February 2020 was selected as the pre-epidemic, and the period from March to December 2020 was selected as the mid-epidemic. The stocks of the US healthcare sector...
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A Systematic Review of the Significance of the Development of Fisher’s Model in Financial Analysis

Chengxi Lu, Yixiao Sun, Xinyue Xu, Anqi Zuo
This paper is to help anyone who is not familiar with the Fisher model build a comprehensive understanding of the Fisher model. We reviewed the past papers, analyzed, and concluded some advantages and limitations of the Fisher model. We found that this model only functions properly under strong conditions...
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An Overview on Private Equity Leveraged Buyouts

Nuofangzhou Chen, Keren Wang
It has been over three decades since Jensen brought up the new form of ownership in private equity, today, private equity plays a significant role in financial markets. Moreover, private equity and other forms of firms offer different impacts on the whole economy as well as financial markets. To begin...
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The Relationship Between Live Streaming and Consumer Behavior

Xuan Song, Na Hu, Chongxi Ye
Live streaming usually refers to the use of live broadcast technology for online display of goods, consulting and answering questions and other new service methods through the Internet platform. In recent years, with the rise of live broadcasting, consumers will also choose new ways of purchasing. At...
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The Process of Test the Single-factor Capital Asset Pricing Model

Zhen Wang
The primary purpose is to test the Single-factor Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) based on the Australian stock exchange market. At the same time, previous research explained the limitations and shortcomings of the Single-factor CAPM model and briefly introduced the optimization and change of the CAPM....
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Research on the Cross-border M&A

Chinese Enterprises merge with French Enterprises

Guanyu Chen
Nowadays, the world economy deteriorates due to the epidemic, but this crisis can be an opportunity for some cross-border mergers and acquisitions. To promote the success rate of Chinese enterprises’ M&A with French enterprises and provide a reference for Chinese enterprises, this paper first analyzes...
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How UK Exit from EU Influence UK’s Economy

Xinyu Hu, Yangziqian Guo
After the UK officially leaves the European Union in 2021, some regulations have come into force, which has greatly impacted the UK economy. This study adopts a quantitative research method from six aspects: import, export, exchange rate, GDP, inflation, and unemployment rate. Conducted comparative analysis...
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The Research on Social Security Satisfaction and Determinants of the Foreigners in China: Based on Descriptive Statistics and Gologit Model

Liling Feng, Xiaoqin Wang, Yu Yang, Yue Fei
To further protect the social rights of the foreigners, we analyzed the social security satisfaction level and determinants based on descriptive statistics and gologit model, using the first-hand data collected by qualitative interviews and questionnaires in Yiwu city. The results showed that the foreigners...
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Will Chinese New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers Survive Without Government Subsidies?

Hong Pan
New energy vehicles are now the preferred means of transportation for energy saving and emission reduction, but their prices are also higher than traditional oil vehicles. To encourage consumers to accept new energy vehicles, governments have introduced many preferential subsidies. As a result, the current...
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Research on the Impact of the Development of Third-Party Payment Platforms on Commercial Banks

Ke Ren
With the rapid development of technological products in the information age, mobile phones, computers, and other mobile devices have become indispensable communication tools in our lives. At the same time, electronic commerce has made consecutive progress and innovation, and electronic payment has mostly...
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Analyzing the Hoarding Behavior of Disinfection Products During COVID-19

Jiamei Li
Hoarding and panic buying are common reactions of people towards unexpected disasters throughout history. This paper will specifically focus on COVID-19 and hoarding behaviors on masks, hand sanitizers, and other disinfection products that are essential during the pandemic. By researching historical...
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The Study of Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Construct Portfolio Formation

Zefeng Chen
The earning of the investors in the stock market is related to their investment choice and the behavior of the stocks. The key to investors making a more intelligent investment decision is to predict the price and volatility of the stocks accurately. In addition, building a portfolio formation is also...
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The Valuation of Basket-lookback Option

Jiayi Li, Xinwen Xu
Exotic options have becoming more popular in the markets. We designed a new over-the-counter product by working on a combination of basket and lookback options and explained its rationale. To value the derivative, we constructed a pricing model in Python using the Monte Carlo method. For a sample simulation,...
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Analysis of Bond Investment based on Immune Strategy

Shengyuan Lu
Interest rate risk is the essential market risk faced by bond investment, mainly the price effect and reinvestment effect. With the acceleration of interest rate liberalization, the importance and urgency of interest rate risk management of bond investors are increasingly prominent. Moreover, as an essential...
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The Influence of Capital Structure of Real Estate Enterprise on Stock Fluctuation

Yan Zhang
As one of the pillar industries in every country, the real estate industry is characterized by a significant capital demand. Daily corporate governance and operation require a large amount of capital. Therefore, high leverage is one of the essential financing methods in the real estate industry. However,...
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Impact of Weather Insurance on Household Production and Savings

Xiaoling Zhang, Jiaming Zhang
Extreme disasters caused by global climate change have increased the instability of agricultural production in China. In response to these weather hazards, adverse shocks and foregone opportunities for profitability will lead to large fluctuations in agricultural household capital and consumption if...
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Research on the Correlation of Green Bond Market

Junru Wang, Weiyi Zhang, Wenye Zhao
Green bonds are of great help to promoting the growth of a sustainable economy. This paper critically reviews the burgeoning literature relevant to the linkage between the green bond market and other financial markets. This paper’s review introduces the linkage between the green bond market and ordinary...
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The Causes and Solutions of Capitalist Economic Crisis

Chenfu Chu
The capitalist economic crisis has brought great damage to the operation of the world economy. The essence of the capitalist economic crisis lies in the inherent contradiction of the capitalist system. Based on the performance of the American subprime crisis in 2008, this paper deeply analyzes the causes...
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Research on Marketing Strategy of Short Video based on the Rapid Development of Internet Era -- Taking TikTok as an Example

Xinyue Zhang
Based on the rapid development of society, the pace of people’s lives is getting faster and faster. Furthermore, it creates much fragmented time each day—for example, every day on the way to work or school. There may be 20 to 30 minutes of travel time, and if this time is not enough to accomplish something,...
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The Cause and Enlightenment of Evergrande’s Debt Crisis

Jiaxin Li
As a representative of China’s real estate industry, Evergrande Group has been living under a highly leveraged operating condition for many years, and has expanded its assets at a speed of several times based on this. But recently, China’s leading real estate company Evergrande has attracted widespread...
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How Does Live Stream Promote Current Economic Development in China?

Yang Zheng
Since live stream has been increasingly popular in China, especially among young people. It has become a famous industry and played an important role in our economy in recent years. Besides, it promotes economic prosperity. However, there are also some issues that people haven’t noticed. For instance,...
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Market Analysis of Five Guys

Cankun Sun
The background of this paper was the impact of COVID-19 on the United States fast food industry before, during and after the pandemic, and used Five Guys, a well-known American-based fast-food brand, as an example to analyze the current development and future trends of the industry. This report used...
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The Analysis of Google’s Monopoly in The Search Engine Industry

Mengjie Si, Zhuo Si, Yuxin Ye
The main purpose of this paper is to discuss whether Google has a monopoly in the search engine industry and whether it will maintain a monopoly in the future. Firstly, using the five-force model to analyse the industry where Google is located explain Google’s position in the industry. Then through the...
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Tesla’s Dilemma and Future Development Trends

Peijie Lin, Yi Lu, Zitong Xu
This paper’s main objective looked into Tesla’s dilemma and future development trends in the business organisation. The paper methods and materials used are Tesla’s financial and corporate strategy to analyze. The results demonstrated that the association faces hardships at the current phase of its activities....
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The Marketing and Management Strategies of “Genki Forest” and Its Investment Potential

Haohui Sun
The goal of this paper is to analyze the marketing and management strategies of Genki Forest, a soft drink company that specializes in health drinks, and to excavate the reasons as to why the company was able to become a unicorn with a history of only five years. This paper will also discuss the characters...
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American Airline Industry Under COVID-19 Pandemic--using Delta as a Typical Case

Tongxin Cai, Yuxuan Hu, Xiangyu Li
This article intended to find out and summarize the changes that American airline companies (Delta as a target) have to undertake in this unprecedented pandemic. Based on accurate statistics of 2020, this paper studies the industry overview mainly from three aspects—cost, revenue, and other issues. The...
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The Impact of the Epidemic on E-commerce Industry

Yantong Chen, Mingli Hou, Yimin Lou, Yue Zhao
Under the condition that the COVID-19 spread all over the world, the economy is affected negatively. The government published some policies to pretend people from the virus. At the same time, global commerce is affected. In this condition, e-commerce met its opportunity and risk. This paper contains...
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Rapidly Changing Landscape of Retail in China

Can Warehouse Membership Clubs Win Chinese Consumers

Ze Yuan
The retail sector is undergoing a drastic change in China: thanks to the growing wealth and new technology, the public’s higher demand for quality is now heating competition between different retailers, both local and foreign ones. Among the competitors, a player quite new to the Chinese market is warehouse...
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How to Develop the Traditional Automobile Industry under The Dual-Carbon Background

Current Situation and Problems of New Energy Vehicles in China

Yanming Mei, Yanjun Teng, Yirui Zhang
The development of the traditional automobile industry has brought great convenience to people, but at the same time, it has brought huge carbon emissions, which not only pollute the environment but also waste a lot of energy. With the policy of “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutrality” proposed in China,...
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The Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Fluctuation of Stock Prices of Coca-cola and Pepsi

Jing Jin
Based on the recent stock price fluctuations of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, this paper analyzes the factors that affect the stock price fluctuations of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The paper’s research method is to come to a conclusion through data review and analysis. The research object is the stock prices of Pepsi...
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A Study on the Status and Sustainable Development of Zigong Global Geopark

Yuxin Liang
The Park situation and main geological relics of Zigong Global Geopark were introduced. Zigong Global Geopark’s current geo-tourism development and geoscience popularization publicity were elaborated. Based on the current development status, the problems of unbalanced tourism development, ineffective...
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The Influence of Real Estate Tax on House Price in Shanghai

Xintong Feng, Minxi Jia, Chenghao Yang
The rapid growth of housing prices prevents the Chinese government from introducing policies related to real estate. This paper takes Shanghai’s second-hand real estate market as the research object, takes GDP and income as the main indicators, analyzes and establishes an econometric multiple linear...
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Sharing Economy under COVID-19: Evidence from the United States

Hanqin Liang
The implication brought about by COVID-19 in the first quarter of 2020 impacted the sharing economy in the United States. The research study explored the sharing economy in the US during the pandemic; the data studies were from January 2020 to June 2021. The purpose of the article is to understanding...
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Evaluation on How to Maximize Cattle Diet Revenue While Controlling Carbon Emissions through Linear Programing

Kewei Huang, Mingyang Bao, Chenle Han, Rong Xie, Tingxu Chen
In this work, the goal is to select the appropriate amount of given set of foods that will satisfy a set of cattle daily nutritional requirement at minimum cost. Despite the consideration of finantial gain and cost, the concern about environmental protection is recognized in this paper. The opitimum...
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Market Segmentation in Tourism and Hotel Industry

Jianing Feng
The hospitality and tourism industries have been of no small concern, not only in the past but in the future, even though the fact that they are now being hampered by the epidemic, these two industries also still have great potential for growth due to the general trend of globalization and economic development....
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Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) and Green Human Resource Management (GHRM): A Literature Review and Future Research Direction

Jincheng Wang, Ningxuan Wu, Ziyi Yu
Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) and Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) are two important branches of Operation Management and Human Resource Management in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. The GSCM and GHRM were studied in isolation from each other in many years...
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Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy of the UK

Ceyue Gao, Yimiao Que
This article will describe the impact of British fiscal policy and monetary policy on the British economy. As an important trading entity, economic power, and financial center, the British economy is the sixth largest economic system in the world and one of the world’s richest, most economically developed...
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The Use of Big Data in Customer Acquisition and Retention

Xiaotian Wu
This paper sought to examine the usefulness of big data in customer acquisition and retention. Data for the study were collected from secondary sources such as articles and online publications. The data were later analyzed using thematic content analysis. Findings indicated that big data is revolutionizing...
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Investment Research and Analysis for the Elude Company Based on POCD and SWOT Analysis

Jiangzhe Han, Ziqi Li, Hailong Lu
Investment requires significant consideration of diverse elements, especially for a new product or service in the market. Elude company is one company in the travel industry that presented an app to help people identify areas they can visit based on how much the budget. The paper uses different components...
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Research on Marketing Strategies of Car buying Among Covid-19 Based on Experimental Analysis

Matengfei Fan
During the epidemic, in order to achieve sales targets and maintain quarterly performance, vehicles of various brands have reduced prices and increased sales. But in this case, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of vehicle marketing and the accuracy that customers like. From this period of time,...
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The Role of Images in the Performance of Crowdfunding Projects

Xinfang Zhang
With the popularity of crowd-funding, crowd-funding provides a more convenient way for people to realize their dreams and start their businesses. At the same time, there are a large number of projects on the crowd-funding platform but they are also mixed. This paper selects popular crowd-funding projects...
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The Influence of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on the Stocks of Japanese Firms that are Sponsored

Lu Wang, Yifan Yao, Yaran Tu, Mingwei Jiang
With the 2020 Japan Olympic Games postponement, the 2021 Japan Winter Olympics has received increasing attention. The effect upon the stock market of domestic Japanese sponsors became uncertain because of the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper uses event study to analyze the influence of the...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Donation Marketing Taking Erke as an Example

Yingtong Chen, Yifei Huang, Xi Qin
In this era of frequent natural disasters, companies should seize the opportunity to find new marketing strategies for brand development, fulfill their social responsibilities, and do a good job in donation marketing. The paper analyzes the case analysis of Erke’s donations in Henan floods and other...
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Simulating Prices of the Barrier Option Based on Black and Scholes Model

Zhongao Li, Zhinan Wang, Haokun Yao
In the financial markets nowadays, the option is one of the popular financial products that has been increasingly traded. Exotic options, including barrier options, were invented to cater to the special needs of the investors. However, the pricing model of these financial instruments is complicated,...
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An Overview of Bond Pricing Models and Duration of Bonds

Jieyi Chen
This paper presents and compares different bond pricing models, points out whether these models work well and if there are any limitations of these models, this paper concludes models for corporate bonds, convertible bonds, and zero-coupon bonds. Besides, this paper introduces Macaulay duration and Modified...
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The Predicting Power of Asset Pricing Models during Market Turmoil

Xinyuan Liu, Yunlong Ren
This paper investigates the predictive return power of three asset pricing models during market turmoil: the CAPM, Fama-French 5 factor model, and q-factor model. We select two periods of market downturns: the 2008 financial crisis and the 2020 Covid period. The models are trained before these two periods...
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Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Housing Prices: Take the United States as an Example

Xinying Ding
Residential real estate takes the largest part of asset market in the United States. This study investigates how changes in macroeconomic variables affect changes in housing prices, using time series data from 191 observation samples in the United States over the past 15 years. The dataset was collected...
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Positive Effects of Covid-19--Digital economy

Meijing Su
Under sudden outbreak epidemic, the economies of countries around the world have received a severe blow. But there are good potential developments, most notably in the digital economy. In the face of various lockdown policies, the epidemic has undoubtedly promoted the rapid development of the online...
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Pandemic-related Impacts on Housing Market

Will the Housing Market still Perform Conspicuously during the Pandemic?

Kuan Yan
Globally, there are almost no countries unaffected by the pandemic. As governments struggle with new lockdown measures to combat the spread of the virus, the economies have to pay the price. The real estate cannot escape from this damage. This article explores why and what housing market is influenced...
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Current Status of RMB Cross-border Trade Settlement and an Empirical Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Its Scale

Han Wang
This article starts with the current status of RMB cross-border trade settlement, combined with data analysis, and summarizes the share of RMB cross-border payment in the global market, the coverage of RMB cross-border trade settlement system, the normalization of RMB swaps, and the new growth of RMB...
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Introduction of Function and Market Research About Magic Garden

Liping Chen, Tongying Wang, Qian Chen
In this paper, our team has launched a product we designed: “Magic Garden”. In this article, this work analyzed the availability of this product and the relevant information, and this work analyzed the literature we found and the content of questionnaire. After analyzing this set of data and positioned...
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The Dynamic Impact of Financial Disintermediation on Credit Business of Chinese Commercial Banks Macro Data from China’s Capital Market

Ruixiong Qi, Li Zhang, Yan Liu, Hao Lu, Zhijun Liu, Yuanyuan Shen
Commercial banks play an important role in China’s financial system. However, financial disintermediation has a significant impact on the traditional credit business of commercial banks. The scale of commercial banks’ capital stock has been gradually diverted from the source, causing a certain impact...
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On the Development of the International Monetary System

Feifei Yan
In this paper, three stages of the development of the international monetary system are sorted out, and the development of the three global financial systems is interpreted. The advantages and limitations of the analysis of the world economic system at that time are analyzed. Looking at the current monetary...
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The Differences Between Globalization and Customized Marketing Strategies-Take KFC and McDonald’s in China as an Example

Yiling Wu
This paper aims to analyze the differences between customized and globalization marketing strategies under the context of KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) and McDonald’s in China. As most people know, KFC adopts customized strategy, while McDonald’s adopts globalization strategy when conducting transnational...
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Analysis on Changes in Exchange Rate of Egypt over Past Decades

Wenhua Mao
The exchange rate, the price of domestic currency as compared against foreign currency, may incur fluctuations according to changes in the national macro-economy. This paper analyzes alterations in the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound over the past decade by tracking the impacts of political and military...
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Is Industrial Policy Still Applicable Today under Globalisation?

An Analysis of the Main Issues in Developing Countries

Xianni Ding
Although some countries or regions in East Asia achieved rapid economic development through the use of industrial policies after the Second World War, other countries or regions followed rarely succeeded. The effectiveness of industrial policy has become an important topic in academic research, but the...
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Completing Market with One Step Trinomial Model: A European Call Approach

Yang Kuang, Chengqian Lin, Nan Yang
The fundamental defect of the market constructed under a trinomial tree model lies in its incompleteness with initial risk-free and risky assets only. This paper analyzes the first-step probability behaviors of the trinomial tree model and summarizes how could introduce derivatives being a general solution...
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The Influencial Factors and Economic Consequences of Corporate Investment Efficiency: A Literature Review

Jianyang Hu, Meixuan Kong, Keyun Wang
With the rapid economic development and fierce competition, the top priority of listed firms will be given to investment efficiency. This paper reviews the relevant literature on the factors affecting the efficiency of corporate investment and its economic consequences. First, this paper presents the...
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Valuation Analysis of Listed Brand Jewelry Companies Based on Free Cash Flow Model—Taking Zhou Dasheng (stock code 002867) as an example

Jiyi He
Unsuccessful acquisitions usually occur in China’s jewelry industry. Because of this, according to the characteristics of the jewelry industry, this paper selects the free cash flow model to measure the value of the entity. Taking Zhou Dasheng company as an example, this paper introduces it by using...
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The Impact of Chinese Public Pension on Family Pension

Yi Zhang, Yue Yang
Based on the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) survey data of 2015, this paper analyzes the impact of public pension on family support from the perspective of the urban-rural difference by applying fuzzy regression discontinuity design. Wherein, family support is divided into three...
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Celebrities’ Different Levels of Impact on Fan Economy

Yishengna Wu
With the booming development of the entertainment industry, various celebrities are also using their advantages to gain the attention of their fans, and at the same time, the fan community is also growing and expanding rapidly. “Fan economy refers to the consumption behaviour of fans for adoring idols....
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A Review of the Market and Innovation Directions of Mobile Games Economy

Qingyang Tian
This article mainly discusses the current situation of the mobile game market and the direction in which it should move in the future based on the newly promulgated laws and regulations restricting minors. Based on previous papers, this article summarizes the current downturn in mobile games, analyses...
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Financial Crisis Prediction in Chinese Real Estate Industry from Cash Flow Perspective Based on Machine Learning

Yuchen Han
This paper is aims to establish a financial crisis prediction model in real estate industry. The data was acquired from financial statements of 125 listed real estate companies in China from 2013 to 2017 and listed companies marked with ST or ST* are regarded as enterprises in financial crisis. Since...
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Detecting the Influencing Factors of Maize Production in China during 2009-2019

Yuqiao Sheng, Ziyi Li
The maize market in China has improved and the productivity of maize in China has increased through the past decade. We studied the influencing factors of maize production in China during 2009-2019 by multiple regression, including mechanization, planting area, drone application amount and price change....
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Exploring the Choice Behavior of Catering Consumers According to the EKB Model

Yao Shen
This paper using the pioneering Engel, Collet, and Blackwell model, describes five continuous decision-making processes, problem identification, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior, to explore how catering consumers make decisions. Through the...
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Research on the Measurement of High-Quality Development Level of Cultural Industry in Shandong Province

Jiaming WANG, Shuyan LIU, Yunfei ZHANG, Xueyi DU, Chengyao LIN
With the vigorous development of cultural industry, there are some problems in the development of cultural industry in Shandong Province, such as large investment, low efficiency, unbalanced resource allocation, lack of human resources and weak public cultural awareness. How to maintain the high-quality...
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The Impact of Analyst Coverage on Corporate Innovation: A Literature Review

Zihui Huang
This literature review examines the impact of analyst coverage on corporate innovation. The effect of analyst coverage has been discussed more frequently in recent years with the development of social media. Financial analysts play an essential role as information intermediary agents and monitoring forces,...