Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2022)

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The Feasibility Study of Issuing Carbon Coins from the Perspective of Currency Attributes

Feiyue Xu
The increasing greenhouse gas emissions have made environmental problems increasingly acute, and a low-carbon economy has become an inevitable requirement for social development. In recent years, some scholars have proposed the concept and role of carbon currencies from the perspective of international...
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Size and Value Factors in China

An Empirical Test of a Revised Fama-French Three-factor Model with Chinese Characteristics

Fangzhou Gong, Jingchi Guo, Kuangtian Sun
This paper evaluates the validity of a newly proposed three-factor model with Chinese characteristics in the recent Chinese stock market. For comparison purposes, we also conduct a test of the applicability of the classic Fama-French three-factor model (FF-3) and of the CAPM to the Chinese market. Our...
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Employees Motivation Mechanism in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry—Case of Procter & Gamble

Jia Chen
In order to improve company’s performances that allow the company to some extent avoid risks in marketing changes, enterprises need to find approaches to innovate their management, intending to make employees maximize their commitment to organization and work. Therefore, the employees incentive mechanism...
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Does FinTech Promote the Profitability of Real Enterprises in China?

Jiali Yan
The innovative development of fintech has optimized the function of financial services and resource allocation, thus consolidating and strengthening the foundation of the real economy. Based on the data set of Chinese A-share listed companies from 2011 to 2018, this paper uses a fixed-effect model to...
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Barrier Option Pricing and Sensitivity Analysis Based on Facebook

Jiawen Leng
This article studies the up-and-in-barrier option pricing research based on Facebook. With the economic development, more and more people are willing to invest in the stock market or financial products. Among them, barrier option is a very common barrier option. The paper first introduces the characteristics...
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The International Trade Between Countries in the Cosmetics Industry

Kangni Li
Last century, the famous scholar John Nash first introduced his theory about “the Nash equilibrium” and introduced to more people the abstract concept of game theory. With his mathematical abilities, he formulated models that can be better explained and analyzed. His founding was also very interesting...
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Economic Cycles and Business Investment

An Empirical Investigation of Chinese Companies

Ting Liu
As the economy fluctuates in a regular cycle, this paper refers to previous research findings. It divides the economic cycle into three phases by controlling variables for firms’ operating conditions, debt situation, and cash holdings to study the economic cycle’s impact on the scale of business investment....
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The Issues of Overeducation

The Analysis and Outlook of Double-reduction Policy

Haowen Sheng, Zihan Wei, Yu Yan
On July 24, the General Offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and The State Council issued a guideline on further reducing the burden of homework and off-campus training for students in compulsory education. It points out that strict regulations will be made on the approval of institutions’...
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What Determines How Often Retail Investors Trade? Evidence from Field Research in China

Fuxin Tian
Retail investors’ heavy transactions, which are connected with the “herd effect,” have a detrimental influence on individual return rates and market volatility. It is well observed that Chinese investors have more frequent trading behavior than investors from western countries. This study aims to testify...
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Life Satisfaction of Shangbanzu in Beijing and Influencing Factors

Yi Du
With the rapid development of Beijing and the increase of the working population, the biggest problem facing most of the working people who are about to enter the society is which district to live and develop. This article analyzed the two most important factors for working people and which area is happier...
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Research on the Impact of the Epidemic on Marketing

Muzhi Li
The covid-19 pandemic has led to different changes in the market due to changes in consumer behavior. The changes in consumer consumption behavior bring changes in business marketing strategies. The study was to examine how the current situation of the epidemic has affected the marketing sector of the...
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Application and Comparison of NPV and IRR Methods in the Company Investment Decision

Jinqiao Huang, Jianwen Tong, Peini Wang, Xilin Zheng
In order to find out the application conditions of Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) in practice, based on previous studies, the paper summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods and explores the specific application conditions in corporate finance. The results...
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A Study of Stock Portfolio Strategy Based on Machine Learning

Zhuoyuan Ouyang
At present, artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the field of finance. With the continuous development of domestic quantitative investment technology, it is increasingly difficult to obtain excess returns from traditional quantitative investment methods. Artificial intelligence, as a new data analysis...
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Establishment of Wildfire Monitor-Repeater-EOC System Based on TOPSIS and Genetic Algorithm

Lei Wang, Yue Deng, Yuting Mei
To get the frequency and magnitude of forest fires in Victoria, the Forest Fire Danger Index (FFDI) is used to characterize some parameters of fires. First, an FFDI calculation model is established based on meteorological data. For the necessary parameter drought factor DF, we used the TOPSIS method...
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Challenge and Opportunity for Development of Start-up in Pet Economy Through E-commerce Channel

Taking Pet Food Market as Example

Yuecheng Gao, Jiaming Yang
This article investigates the economic environment of the pet market in recent years, analyzes the impact of national policies, social development, and the economic environment on the electronic pet industry, focuses on the domestic and foreign development of China’s electronic pet industry, and analyzes...
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Understanding the Marketing Strategies: 4 Ps Marketing Mix or Other Strategies used by Tencent Games in the Video Game Market

Haoyang Wang
Nowadays, with the gradual development of the game industry, more and more game companies are developing new games. Therefore, this has led to the continuous strengthening of the competitiveness between companies, which means that if a company wants to make long-term profits, it must ensure that it can...
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The Ineffectiveness of Capital Asset Pricing Model and Its Possible Solutions

Yu Chen, Chaoyi She, Qinglin Wu, Huang Wang
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is one of the most widely used models for estimating returns in the investment world. Many relevant studies have shown that CAPM has different validity in different markets. The ineffectiveness of CAPM does exist according in previous studies. Therefore, this article...
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Explanation for Real Estate Speculative Bubbles Using Game Theory

Xinran Li, Sitong Liu, Dahe Zhang, Haoyuan Zhu
It is well-established that the real estate markets in different countries were under different conditions depending on the nation’s policies. This research aims to determine the dominant strategy and the strategic belief for both developers and homebuyers in the Chinese real estate market. The market...
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The Research of House Purchase Restrictions on Real Estate

Take Shanghai Real Estate Market as an Example

Min Li, Lu Wang, Jiayi Xu
As my country’s leading consumer market, real estate occupies a vast market consumption share. This paper uses multiple linear regression to rationalize the data to study the impact of housing purchase restrictions on Shanghai’s housing prices, housing demand, consumer purchasing power,and social welfare....
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The Human Rights of the Labour Workers in the MNES

Yahan Yang
In contemporary society, under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the labor worker’s situation has been serious than before. This problem led to 8.3% job losses in the global revenue. Under this emergency, labour workers are in a weak position, so their rights should be protected. Nowadays,...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Stock Market and China’s Economy

Jiexi Chen, Zijian Dong
Under the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s economy has been impacted to a certain extent. With the promulgation of the shutdown policy, domestic consumption and production have stagnated, and the stock index fell to a great extent in the first and second quarters. This study evaluated the...
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Research on the Impact of Government Technical Expenditures on Regional Economic Growth in Fujian Province

Yingchao Bai, Haihong Guo
In recent years, many local governments have increased their financial expenditure on science and technology, hoping to promote the development of local economy by strengthening their support for science and technology. Taking the prefecture-level cities in Fujian Province as the research object, this...
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An Analysis of Deliveroo’s Operation Strategy and Food Takeaway Industry

Xiaoyao Pang, Yuhan Shang, Jiaxi Song
The present study analyses and evaluates the operation strategy and current development status of Deliveroo by using Porter’s Five Forces, Industrial Life Circle, SWOT Model, Value Chain, quantitative comparison, marketing and financial analysis to get the risks and future prospects. Although Deliveroo’s...
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Declining Savings: What Influenced Household Savings Rate in China?

Based on Culture and Population Fertility Policy

Zihan Gao
China has historically been the country with the highest saving. Chinese household savings rate not only concerns every family’s life in China but also influences the capital investment and development of the national economy. It is critical to know the trend of household savings rate and factors that...
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Discussion on Financing Mode of Affordable Housing Construction

Ting Cao
Solving the housing problem of low- and middle-income groups is the basic responsibility of the government and an important indicator of whether a country’s housing supply system is complete. In the past ten years, China’s housing security has achieved great results. However, at present, there are still...
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Consumption Behavior of College Students in Fan Economy

Ke Yukang
The “fans” group has attracted much attention due to the current social platforms and some fan culture. College students have some common and typical fan behavior, are deeply influenced by some fan culture, and usually have extraordinary consumption behavior. This paper focuses on college students’ consumption...
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Construction of Conceptual Framework of Intelligent Accounting Under the Condition of New Generation Information Technology

Tianjiao Chen, Xianghua You
With the vigorous development of a new generation of information technology and the diversification of social needs, the information lag and singleness of the traditional accounting system have become increasingly prominent, and it is difficult to meet the current economic and social development. We...
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The Analysis of Three Main Investment Criteria: NPV IRR and Payback Period

Haotian Dai, Ningfan Li, Yuhan Wang, Xinrui Zhao
Net Present Value is a simple, straightforward measurement when judging investment projects. It considers the time value during the calculation, which converts the money from the future to the present value, However, it can miss leading the investor at a certain case. In this paper, we will mainly be...
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Implications on Increasing Number of Bankruptcies of Private-Owned Enterprises in China

Mingji Chen
Since the Reform and Open-up, private-owned enterprises (POEs) contribute dramatic growth to China’s economy. This paper analyzes the importance of private-owned enterprises in China. This paper aims to make all-around comparisons between private-owned firms and state-owned firms by comparing government...
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Factors Affecting China’s Economic Growth: Land Policy Changes and Real Estate Market Development in China

Zhiyuan Cai
Land policy and the real estate market have exerted a significant influence on the Chinese economy since the reform and opening up. The land finance model, whereby local governments sell land, once provided strong financial support for the take-off of China’s local economy. However, as China’s economy...
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Research on the Commercial Application of Video Games Based on Data Analysis

Yu Xiao
In recent years, the video game market is favored by users and capital, and the number of video game products is showing an exponential growth trend. In the face of the massive video game products, how to use reasonable marketing strategies to increase product revenue, and how to choose products to get...
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Research on Operation Mode of P2P Network Lending Industry

Tian Xia
With the rapid development of Internet finance, P2P network lending, as a new form of lending, is increasingly accepted by the public. However, in the process of its rapid development, there are also some problems, such as deficient relevant laws and regulations, imperfect management system, weak effective...
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The Consideration of Meme Stock

Case Study of GameStop Saga

Hanqi Cao, Siyuan Liu
The stock price riot of GameStop in the American stock market has aroused widespread concern. In previous years, the company’s share price fluctuated between a few dollars and more than a dozen dollars. Some American investors, mainly individual investors, began to rush to buy the company’s shares, and...
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Best Portfolio Choice by Using Markowitz Model

A Case Study of Ten Stocks from S&P500

Keyu Chen
Our paper practically implements the idea that people can have the best portfolio choice by Markowitz Model. Using a recent 20 years of historical daily total return data for ten stocks from S&P 500, one equity index (S&P 500) and a proxy for risk-free rate (1-month Fed Funds rate), we use Excel...
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Machine Learning-based Models for House Price Prediction in Provincial Administrative Regions of China

Xiafei Ding, Weiya Wang, Yiqian Zhang, Xiaoyuqian Zhong
House price is an intractable problem with numerous influence factors. In this paper, boosting and traditional algorithms are compared to screen out the optimal model for house price prediction in provincial administrative regions of China. Based on provincial house price data in China from 2000 to 2019,...
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The Valuation of European Option on Underlying Stock Price Based on AAPL index

Wanquan Wu, Shuya Zhang
Simulating option prices is one of the most commonly used arbitrage investment methods by financial investors at present. In this paper, the Black-Scholes model is used to simulate option price, which is widely used in option valuation. At the same time, taking the European option as an example, this...
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Discussion on Uncertainty and Bias in Enterprise Valuation Assessments using DCF Model

Pengxu Chen, Kaiyuan Zhang
This essay aims to discuss the potential problems that may occur when using the Discounted Cash Flow model to value publicly listed firms by discussing the uncertainties and biases embedded in the valuation model. Through analyzing the literature and reviewing a valuation assessment that is done by...
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What Caused More Chinese Consumers to Shop Necessities Online during the Pandemic Compared with Americans?

Lu Qin, Changan Ren
Under the influence of the epidemic, and the wave of going online, the markets in the United States and China have completely different reactions. This paper discussed the possible factors that form the different situations in online and offline necessities markets in China and the United States. Through...
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The Moderating Effect of Financing Structure on Innovation Investment and Corporate Performance: A Case of Chinext Listed Companies in China

Jia Wang
The enhancement in enterprises’ technological innovation and industrial core competitiveness forms the driving force for the development in Chinext, requiring further promotion in the optimization of financing structure to realize the improvement in enterprise performance. Based on the panel data of...
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Government Stringency on Covid-19 Fatality and Economic Recovery

A Panel Data Regression Approach

Liming Wei, Yuan Wang
Since the beginning of 2020, there have been ongoing debates on the necessity of investing significant resources in governmental health intervention. However, many have questioned its economic cost could surpass the damage caused by the virus. This study aims to focus on the gap between the necessary...
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How Leadership Influences Employees’ Unethical Pro-organizational Behavior: A Case Study of Transformational Leadership

Cheng-Yu Yang, Zhi-Tao Chen
Through literature collection, it is found that in the fiercely competitive business environment, unethical pro-organizational behavior widely exists in today’s organizations, and have a certain potential destructive effect on the organization itself and the entire society. Therefore, how to reduce the...
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Investment Decision with Floating Rate Loan Choice Based on NPV Approach

Chenrui Zhang
The pattern of the uncertainty of cash flows and the cost of capital associated with a project plays a central role in determining whether and when this project would be undertaken. For example, the difference between hurdle rate and break-even rate may directly defer the investment decision to a later...
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Critically Discuss Challenges and Recommendations in Recruitment and Selection

Genping Ye
The purpose of this study is to discuss the challenges in the four stages (analyzing job requirements, planning recruitment program, attracting candidates and selecting candidates) of recruitment and selection. Based on the existing literature and the discussion, some essential recommendations are also...
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How Investment Portfolio Reduce the Additional Risks from Investor Sentiment

Yicen Duan
The price of stocks is determined by the market, and the relationship between supply and demand affects the fluctuation of stock prices. However, the three main factors driving stock prices to rise or fall are fundamental factors, technical factors and market sentiment. The relationship between the market...
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The Impacts and Opportunities of COVID-19 Pandemic on China’s Automobile Industry

Xuetong Sun
At the start of 2020, the COVID-19 suddenly broke out in Wuhan, China. With the rapid spread of the epidemic, it has comprehensively affecting and changing people’s lives. The pandemic has posed impacts on all industries, especially the automobile industry with high industrial correlation. Under the...
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Analysis of the Relationship Among China’s Population Growth Rate, Technological Dynamics and Labor Income in the Past Few Years

Bangling Yin, Yuqin Lin
The increase and decrease of population not only have an important impact on a country’s economy, but also have a profound impact on the country’s technological progress and labor income. This paper discusses the relationship and connection among the population growth rate, technological development...
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Can Portfolio Investment Outperform Individual Stocks in Internet Content and Information Industry in Hong Kong Stock Market?

Chuyun Zou
The rapid growth of the internet industry makes the internet content information industry in the Hong Kong stock market a popular and appealing investment target. However, investing in this industry cannot guarantee an ideal outcome. This research tests the volatility of portfolios in the internet content...
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How Does the Home Purchase Restriction Policy Affect Household Debt?

Yufei Chen
Chinese economists and policymakers have highly valued the housing problem. The surge in household debt has led to real estate bubbles and worries about China’s “sub prime crisis”. At the same time, the continuous improvement of real estate leverage will increase real estate financial risks and even...
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Value Investment: A Case Study for Energy Companies

Jialin Li, Yiling Long, Shujie Xia
Energy sectors are regarded as one of the fastest-growing industries globally. The findings of this study aim to help the stockholders and investors to assess the best energy company in the market and encourage the investors to invest. The study also highlights key issues affecting energy companies and...
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Standard Option and Power Option of Amazon.Inc and Aensitivity Analysis

Weiqian Huang, Xuanyun Shi, Youyu Wang, Zian Zhu
Option, used by speculators in directional trades, volatility trades and combination trades is one of the most important tools in the development of finance. It can be divided into various types such as the standard option, the power option, the double option. In this article, based on the model of BSM...
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More than a Soft Drink Company

An Analysis of Drink Companies in The Digital Age Based on The Case Study of Genki Forest

Zheng Wang
In recent decades, digitalization and rising consumption leads to dramatic changes in traditional industries such as the beverage industry, in terms of product development, marketing strategy, form of competition and so on. This essay introduces the relatively newly founded Chinese beverage company Genki...
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The Valuation of Google Snowball Option

Yingshuo Li, Wei Wang
With the COIV-19 crisis, the risk in the stock market is more complex. It is crucial to managing the risk. Option as an important financial instrument to hedge risk would be considered commonly for investors. This article considers the option pricing model to establish a snowball option based on Google’s...
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The Application of Markowitz Model Based Series of Companies’ Stock

Ke Wei
When building successful investment portfolios, investors need to have efficient and accurate analysis models. This paper conducts a comprehensive analysis of ten companies’ stock prices to build permissible portfolios in three constraints to advise on different types of investors. This article first...
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Joint Effect of High-speed Rail and Air Pollution on Tourism in Nearby Cities

Example of Hu-Ning-Hang Area

Huilin Chen, Xuyuan Zhang
Most of the previous researchers estimated the influencing factors of the high-speed railway (HSR) on tourism without considering the influential factors on different air quality levels. With high-speed railway construction as a quasi-experiment, this paper contributes to evaluating how air quality affects...
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Analysis of the Rise and Fall of Pork Prices and Prediction of the Future Pork Market

Jiayi Zhao
In the past two years, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that domestic pork prices fluctuated repeatedly. Prices are rising internationally. COVID-19 has ravaged the world for two years. Pork production capacity declined rapidly in 2019. Then came the second blow of the COVID-19 pandemic....
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Impacts of Apple’s M1 SoC on the Technology Industry

Xiaokai Liao, Bairong Li, Jionghui Li
The Apple’s M1 System-on-a-Chip, a highly integrated processing unit that has all the essential components to a fully-functional computer, has brought lower power consumption in general to buyers in the laptop and desktop markets without sacrificing much performance. This study was aimed to investigate...
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Research on the Development Status and Risk Management of Quantitative Investment- Based on Chinese Market

Shunji Fan
With the development of the Internet, the quantitative investment market is expanding. At present, many developed countries have built a complete quantitative investment system, but due to the late start of China’s financial market, the quantitative investment system still has more improvements to be...
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The Development Prospects of New Energy Vehicles

Chenxi Guo, Jingya Liu
With the continuous development of the country’s economy, automobiles have transformed from luxury goods that only the wealthy can buy to ordinary people’s means of transportation, entering thousands of households. However, people’s living environment is deteriorating day by day due to the large amount...
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Development of Personal Investment and Financial Management in China

Lei Yang
China’s personal investment and financial management industry has grown quickly in recent years, and an increasing number of individuals are contacting and engaging in personal investment and financial management. However, individual investors in China now have limited investing capabilities and are...
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The Application Analysis of Game Theory on Double Eleven

Jiawei Bai, Zhuoqun Li, Yanya Lin
Double Eleven is a shopping festival in China. Millions of people wait until 12 a.m. of that day only to spend more money on various online shopping platforms. The reason people do this on Double Eleven is that all the online shopping companies will make a great discount on that day. Not only the consumers...
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Influence of Financial Derivatives on Innovation Behavior of Listed Companies

Based on the Empirical Research of Listed Manufacturing Companies in China

Heng Xiao, Yunfei Wu
In recent years, with the economy of our country gradually transforming from high speed growth to quality development, due to the upgrading sino-US trade friction, the complicated international political relations, the increasing RMB exchange rate volatility and the impact of rising labor costs, many...
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The Impact of Institutional Investors on Firm Performance: Evidence from China

Junyao Chen, Qing Liu, Youyu Yan
We explore the impact of institutional investors on firm performance by using the data of the Chinese capital market from 2007 to 2020. We find that a higher proportion of institutional investors can lead to a better firm performance of listed companies. It means that institutional investors’ shareholding...
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An Empirical Portfolio Study Based on Markowitz Theory

Yilin Liu
With the further improvement of the financial system and the arrival of the era of big data, the application of new technologies in the financial field is deepening. Based on Markowitz portfolio theory, this paper using “Mean – Variance Model” select three funds and T-bills as risk-free rate in the market...
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The National and Global Impacts of Fiscal Deficit Consolidation

Jiaxin Zhang
The US government deficit increased in relation to the fiscal responses which were designed to protect people and facilitate recovery. It has been forecasted that the government debt will rise to 160 percent of GDP or even higher by 2030. In response to the high debt, states are planning for deficit...
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The Impact of Technological Changes on Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnamese Organic Food Industry

Jialian Ma
This paper examines the impact of technological change on SMEs operating within the Vietnamese organic food-producing industry. The literature review manifests that demand for organic food is exponentially rising as day follows night due to various reasons such as nutritional benefits, low chemical residues...
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The Analysis of Smartphones’ Operating System and Customers’ Purchasing Decision: Application to HarmonyOS and Other Smartphone Companies

Kalok Sie
Nowadays, the smartphone industry steps into a period of prosperity and development. While more and more phones with a variety of features have been released, Android and iOS seize the majority of the operating system market. At the same time, Huawei has just introduced its original system on smartphones,...
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Review for the Different Portfolio Methods Such as Mean-variance Analysis and Fama Factor Model

Tianrun Wang
Portfolio Theory contains two important contents: the mean-variance analysis method and the portfolio effective boundary model. When people invest, they are essentially choosing between uncertain returns and risks. They maximize the expected return under a given level of expected risk or minimize the...
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The Research About the Win-win Based on the Acquisition Model

Yifan Lin, Guiping Yin, Jiaqi Wang, Qiyuan Zhuang
This paper discusses the advantages and problems of win-win based on the acquisition model, and we have some solutions to these problems. This paper also discusses the target of both company and analysis the negotiation. We used secondary data, literature analysis, and comparative analysis to analyze...
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The Forecasting Ability of the Chinese Stock Market and the U.S. Stock Market on Each Other

Chujun Zhou
As the largest stock markets in the world, the relationship between the Chinese stock market and U.S. stock market have always been the hottest topic. If the U.S. stock market can predict and provide additional forecasting information for the Chinese stock market beyond that contained in Chinese economic...
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The Causes and Effects of Online Impulsive Consumption

Emma Linlang Zhao
In the late 2019 and the beginning of 2020, a novel pandemic emerged from Wuhan, China and widely spread all over China and the whole world. Within this period of time, the factors such as advertisements from different sales person and the emergence of the live stream, the lack of sense of belonging...
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Risk Management Strategy in IPO Activity

Xinyi Zhang, Wenxi Zhong, Chongxi Bai
While more firms choose to go public, more risks are involved. To reduce accompanied risks, we review the theory, evidence, and correspondence strategies on different risks of IPO activity: (1) IPO failure risk, (2) litigation risk, and (3) systematic risk. Our perspectives are threefold: First, we evaluate...
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The Impact of Trade Disputes to China and the U.S

Rui Bao, Yukangfei Fan, Shenyang Feng, Yilin Lu
Begun in 2016, the China and U.S. government had a trade dispute. It all happened when U.S. former president Donald Trump mentioned that China is using industrial policies to U.S. market, which the U.S. uses a lot of fossil fuel in daily life. When the U.S. imposed anti-dumping rules against Chinese...
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Research on the Existing Issues in the Profit Model of Network Broadcast Platform and Countermeasures

Liu Yang
The network broadcast platform develops rapidly, but the profit model of the network platform should also be improved constantly. The online celebrity economy in live broadcasting is a relatively “young” economic model, which has particular positive significance for the economy and life. The huge following...
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The Online Education Industry in China

Yulin Wang, Wenyue Zhang
Covid-19, a worldwide epidemic, has strived the global economy in early 2020 and forced most people to stay at home for a significant long time. This research will utilize online resources to analyze the profitability and feasibility of online education and hopefully be able to predict remote learning...
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The Cultivation Model of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors and Zhejiang Cases

Lingyao Mao, Jiankang Zhang
This paper analyzes the status quo of sustainable development of Intangible cultural heritage in Zhejiang Province, conducts an in-depth study on the construction of talent system, is committed to promoting sustainable development of intangible cultural heritage in Zhejiang Province, and further meets...
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Distinction of COVID-19 and Analysis on Symptoms and Hospitalization Time

Xiran Gao, Guang Ni, Jingyuan Zhang, Xiaoning Zhao
This paper aims to use the machine learning model to distinguish more precisely whether the patients get COVID-19 or not and analyze symptoms and hospitalization time of the patients. We use CNN to test the hypothesis: we can find from their X-rays that whether the patients get COVID-19. The result showed...
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Algorithm Aversion and Self-driving Cars

Yuze Kang
Algorithm aversion is the phenomenon that humans tend to resist using algorithms for assisting decision-making, and this aversion has affected the application and spreading of autonomous vehicles, which deploy algorithms. This paper will at first shortly review the researches about algorithm aversion,...
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Will the Covid-19 Reshape the Marketing of Luxury Brands?

Junjie Shang
Luxury is internationally defined as “a kind of consumer goods beyond the scope of people’s survival and development needs and with unique, scarce, rare and other characteristics”, also known as non-necessities of life. Also, the rapid development of China’s economy has brought about the rapid expansion...
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An Examination of the Simulated Case of Electrical Motors Company through Modern Business Strategic Analysis

Junjie Li
Business analysis is used to identify and articulate the need for change in how organizations work, and to facilitate that change. Entrepreneurs often utilize this technique to identify and figure out the solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders. With the...
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A Case Study of the Crude Oil Treasure’s Wearing Incident on 20th April, 2020

Jiani Xu, Chuxiang Yang, Lixiang Qu, Xiaoshuai Wang
On April 20, 2020, eastern time, WTI crude futures fell into negative territory. The incident caused huge losses to Chinese investors due to improper practices by the Bank of China. Studying the incident of crude oil treasure’s wearing helps China’s financial industry avoid similar events in the future....
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Analysis of the Present Situation of China’s Third Distribution and Suggestions for Its Development

Yuqi Fang
Although China’s primary distribution and redistribution can narrow the income gap to a certain extent, they are not enough to reduce China’s persistently high Gini coefficient. The third distribution emphasized by the Chinese government may serve as an important auxiliary means of income distribution....
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Research on the Impact of Stock Pledge Ratio of Controlling Shareholder on Share Price in A-share Exchange Market

Shunxiang Wen, Chuhong Liao, Ruxin Chen
Equity pledge is a kind of pledge with the equity of the investor as the target. In recent years, equity pledge as a new financing method, has been adopted by more and more listed companies due to its advantages of convenience and efficiency. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the influence of controlling...
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Application and Commercial Extension of Game Theory in Strategy games

Jiayi Song, Hua Tong, Tianyu Zou
Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is a popular game among small and medium-sized friends gatherings. It has a high degree of playability due to the mutual restraint of skill characteristics and the diversity of the game process. There is no restriction on the actual or false content of the speech during...
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An Overview of Clustering Methods in The Financial World

Geyang Tang, Rujian Tian, Bingdi Wu
This paper reviews the widely used clustering methods: K-mean, MST, and the hierarchical approach, along with its application in financial fields. Specifically, it includes a discussion of the application in credit scoring, stock market, portfolio selection, and trading strategy. Moreover, significant...
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Research on the Risk Prevention of Overseas M & A of Chinese Enterprises

Yuxuan Guo
With the impact of economic globalization and China’s going-global strategy, the number and amount of overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises have been increasing. In developing the operating and financial market, capital export has become the focus of a new round of China’s foreign...
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Does Drinking Truly Cut Down Individual Income?

Ke Jiang, Xingpei Li, Zening Zhao
This paper examines whether drinking frequency is related to residents’ income. Based on National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) data, we find an inverted U-shaped relationship between them. Then, residents’ drinking frequency in 1989 is utilized as an instrumental variable to modify the endogeneity,...
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Game-theoretic Analysis for the Trade-Off Between R&D and Marketing in Chinese Cosmetic Market

Yi Cao, Xinyan Qian, Dawei Zeng
A booming economy nurtured a bunch of new local brands in the Chinese cosmetic market, and Perfect Diary has stood out as a top player. However, it did more aggressive marketing than its international counterpart L’Oréal, which mainly focused on R&D. The mechanism behind their strategy making is...
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To Study the Development and Problems of Community Group Buying after the Epidemic

Zhaojia Gao, Yicheng Li
Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the public have a new understanding of social group buying, and accept this consumption shopping mode, and social group buying has become rapidly popular. This paper will study the development of social group buying after the epidemic and the problems it faces. Social...
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Investigation and Analysis of College Students’ E-commerce Entrepreneurship

Yan Wang
In recent years, the trend of college students entrepreneurship is obvious. With the rapid development of China’s e-commerce, entrepreneurship has a broad development platform. College students began to develop into the main force of e-commerce entrepreneurial talent. Based on the investigation and analysis...
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The Commodity Price Fluctuations Triggered by Political Issues

Boyu Jiang, Yulu Qin, Yuchen Zhao
This paper explores the problem of product price fluctuations in the commodity trading market in Australia with three aspects, including Australia’s policy environment, the significant impact of policy on the Australian market, and how they can be improved in the future. In this article, the authors...
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Research on the New Format of Stock Market and Risk Management in the “Post-epidemic” Period

Taidong Tang
In the “Post-epidemic” period, the public health crisis influences a lot to finance market and change some indexes. Therefore, what creates the change will have a different impact on the industry finance in the 21st century when the world faces a really different situation compared to the historical...
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Extensions for Macaulay Duration, Modified Duration, and Further Study on Immunization Strategy

Yuhang Dai, Kejun Guo, Zikai Jin, Yuxin Wu
This article introduces these contents in detail about Macaulay duration, Modified duration, and immunization strategy. The article is based on Macaulay Duration to study the relevant information of the financial market. This study takes two different information of the bond. Immunization needs to be...
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Study on the Applicability of the Fama-French Three-factor Model and Five-factor Model to the American Biopharmaceutical Industry during the COVID-19 Period

Zipei Wang
At the end of 2019, a huge black swan, COVID-19, came and erupted in 2020. Both our daily life and investment activities are more or less affected by COVID-19, which is a new opportunity and challenge for the biopharmaceutical industry. In order to analyse the current situation of the American biopharmaceutical...
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Research on Motivation of New Generation Knowledge Employees -- A Study of Huawei Company in China

Yuxuan Zuo
New generation employees who were born in the 1990s and 1980s represent the largest proportion of current work market worldwide. These knowledge-based employees in China are labelled‘new generation employees’, which is similar to a term of ‘Millennials’ or ‘Generation Y’ in Western countries. Due to...
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Review on Digital Currency

Yinghua Zhong
Nowadays, more and more banks and other financial service companies are promoting digital currency transfers and other online transactions, which are wire transfers or transfers between parties over long distances. Digital currency contributes to the globalization of the global economy because it is...
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The Long-term Effects of Migration Within China

Shuxuan Song, Ningyue Sun, Xingyi Yu, Xinyi Li
China has had considerable economic growth over the decades with the rapid increase of the population, especially in those big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and so on. Since China’s implementation of the reform and opening policy in 1978, more and more people were attracted by metropolises and chose...
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Reform of IPO Registration System Injects New Vitality into China’s Capital Market

Yanjie Chen, Xin Fu
This article analyzes the background of China’s Science and Technology Innovation Board registration system reform. We collect the IPO pass rate of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board since the implementation of the registration system, the rise and fall of IPOs, and the...
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The Impact of FDI on the Export Structure of China’s Manufacturing ACFTA Overseas Market: From the Perspective of the OECD (2011) Classification Standard

In 2020, ASEAN will replace the EU and become China’s largest trade partner in goods. The continuous transformation and upgrading of China’s domestic industrial structure has attracted worldwide attention. This article uses Asean Stat, ITC and the National Bureau of Statistics of China to analyze the...
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Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on GDP of Saudi Arabia

Qianyi Ma
The global breakout of the COVID-19 has led to the inflicting heavy losses on the global economy where no country, whether developed or developing, has survived without significant losses. And what’s more, Saudi Arabia has been swept up and affected without exception, negatively affected in many sectors...
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Does Institutional Investor Ownership Reduce Corporate Financialization? An Empirical Study for Chinese Enterprises

Jie He, Jiaxu Liu, Haoyuan Qiu, Kehan Zhai
In recent years, the financialization of real enterprises has gradually attracted extensive attention from all walks of life. In the period of rapid development of the financial industry at this stage, the funds held by enterprises are continuously withdrawn from the interior, poured into non-main financial...