Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology and Economic Management

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Study on the Computer Aided English Instruction from the Learning Perspective of Constructivism

Lei Liu
Constructivism, one of the core development modes of teaching, receives certain external environment support and is extensively accepted and applied in the computer aidedEnglish instruction under the premises of rapid development of computer technology and constant innovation of college English instruction...
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The Choice of Teaching Contents and Course Arrangement of Universities TESL in Our Country

Yuan Xu Yan
With the popularization of the teaching of English as a second language teaching model, many universities have set up the TESL course of teaching. Based on the introduction of the current situation of implementation in university TESL teaching of our country, in view of the teaching inefficiency, students...
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Analysis of piano accompaniment to Sax

Yue Wang, Yu Xie
With the development of various industries in our country, musical instruments industry has a great development in recent years, various styles of musical instruments emerge in an endless stream. Piano music is very popular in Chinese, it is mainly pop music arranger, in the field of music is very important....
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Analysis of strengthening the practical teaching reform for higher vocational accounting posts

Chunrong Zhao
in recent years, with the rapid development of the times and economic modernization, the demand of modernized talent market for talent gradually tends to the comprehensive quality talent combining operation type with skill type, then the current college talent training has put forward new goals. For...
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Research on the Correlation between Book-Tax Difference and Earnings Management

Yin-Hua Liao, Qian-Ru Fu
Book-tax differences of listed companies presented an expanding trend since the implement of the new accounting standards and the earnings management of the management layers may have influence on the fluctuation of book-tax difference. This essay got the abnormal book-taxable income difference by using...
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Revolutionary Martyrs Former Residence Display Design Based on Augmented Reality

Rongyu Jia
Revolutionary martyr's former residence is a special kind of cultural carrier, and is of high cultural value, education value and artistic value, but at present most of the former residence display form is single, and is lack of local characteristics and personality, which greatly affects the revolutionary...
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Study on Depth Fusion Practice Mechanism between Enterprises and Colleges in Interior Interior design Specialty

Yi Wu, Jie Tan
Practice teaching plays a crucial role in cultivating applied talents in higher schools, in view of the problems about the practice teaching pattern is single, the effect was not significant, and the shortage of practice education resources in current higher schools, this paper analyzes the necessity...
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On Dialogue Reading Teaching under the Background of New Curriculum

Xiuli Kuai
new curriculum standard requires highlight of students' subjectivity and agency in Chinese teaching. Make students the master of the classroom, which requires classroom teaching mode with communication interaction and common development. From the angle of dialogue theory, explore dialogue type reading...
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What Do You Know About “Constructed by China”

XueYu Ma
Since the 21st century, with the rapid growth of China’s foreign project contracting, “Constructed by China” has appeared around the world. However, whether it should be encouraged and how to develop it is a problem that perplexes the Chinese government and enterprises. Based on accurate data, this paper...
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Research on Practical Application of Big Data Mining Technology in Engineering Project Management

Yanli Jia
With scientific and technological progress and era development, there is also a considerable development in big data; Chinese former engineering management methods have been unable to adapt to this ear under rapid development and have suffered a series of challenges. This paper carries out a research...
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Modern Chinese Course Teaching Practice under Guidance of Constructivism Learning Theory

Weilin Zou
The modern Chinese is an important course to improve language quality of students majoring in broadcasting and hosting, and radio and television editing, etc.; however, it is unable to realize the teaching goal under traditional teaching mode. The constructivism learning theory provides a beneficial...
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Influences of International Trade on China’s Regional Economic Development

Burenmende Burenmende
With China global economic integration development after joining WTO, there is a closer and closer relation between China and world economy, and also bigger and bigger mutual influence. Under the condition of such chance and challenge, how to promote Chinese economy to realize a better development and...
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Research on Cultivation Mode of Female Tourism Talents under University-enterprise Coordinative Linkage

Hui Zhang
It is an important proportion worth being thought by the tourism practitioners on how to cultivate high-quality female tourism talents from the perspective of university-enterprise coordinative linkage, and this needs to practically change the concept, implement the new strategy for the cultivation of...
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Analysis on Cultural Characteristics and Fitness Value of Tujia Waving Dance

Zheng Zeng
As a kind of national culture, the national dance is an aggregation of integrated environmental factors; it gradually derives from people’s daily life, and then it is endowed with national cultural spirit and becomes the natural ecology and social ecology unique to one nationality. Tujia waving dance...
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Analysis on Influence of High Temperature on Morphology Features of CO2 Corrosion Product Film

Zhengmao Chen
At current stage, the CO2 corrosion is very common in oil and gas pipeline, which brings great economic loss and disastrous consequence on oil industry. Through testing on materials from oil and gas field Chuandong gas field and Tarim gas field, this paper makes an observation on morphology features...
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Discussion on Problems Existing in Tourism Management Major Construction

Jing Cheng
With the rise of China’s tourism economy, while people are satisfied with material life, they are more wild about the travel and leisure so as to get more knowledge of local culture while they appreciate beautiful scenery in different regions. On this basis, the market-oriented operation of tourism is...
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Integration of Building Interior and Outdoor Design

Haobin Fu
With development and progress in social economy, the development of China’s building industry is greatly driven. Moreover, with continuous improvement of people’s living level, people propose a higher requirement for building design. Through overview on whole building, it can be found that the functions...
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Stability Research on Boundary Values of Quasilinear Elliptic Equation

Chunxia Gao
In recent years, the research on partial differential equation attracts more and more scholars’ attention; the quasilinear elliptic equation is an important part of partial differential equation field, and the stability research on boundary values of quasilinear elliptic equation can be established on...
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Research on Cultivating Intercultural Communication Competence of Students in Non-language Foreign Affairs-concerned Major

Yan Gao
With China’s deepened foreign exchange in all sectors of society, China’s education system starts to pay attention to cultivating the intercultural communication competence of students in non-language foreign affairs-concerned major, which not only can help Chinese students to improve their comprehensive...
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Analysis on Promotion Function of Network Resources in College English Reading and Writing Teaching

Yu Hou, Xiaoyan Zhang
In college English teaching, the reading and writing play an important role in English teaching and they are of great significance for improving students’ English comprehensive ability. However, according to students’ actual English learning, we can see that the students have weak reading and writing...
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Research and Practice of Teaching Method on Balanced Development of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing Ability

Song Hu
Cultivating students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability is always regarded as an effective method of China’s college English teaching reform. Through analysis on input and output theory of second language acquisition and under combination of current situation of China’s college students’...
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Enlightenment of Hayek’s Institutional Change Idea on Institutional Innovation

Juping Yang
Hayek’s institutional change idea is derived from its spontaneous order view, his cultural evolution theory reveals the generative mechanism of institution and his legal theory explains the institutional formation logic from individual behavior to social order. Hayek’s institutional change theory intrinsically...
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Thoughts on Cultivating Chinese College Students’ Learning Autonomy in Mathematics

Yueqiang Hu, Lining Hao
The continuously developing and progressing educational reform put forward higher requirements on current university mathematics teaching, which proposed that students should be the master of the class while teachers should act as the guider and cooperator in the class, so as to develop the college students’...
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College English Education under the Perspective of Cultural Security

Jianxian Huang
With the popularization of network and the development of science and technology, the consciousness of globalization and internationalization receives the attention from more and more people. Under such circumstance, China’s college English education is also under flourishing development. Under such...
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Research on Practice and Application of Big Data Mining Technology in Project Management

Yanli Jia
With the progress of science and technology and the development of times, big data also got rapid development. Previous project management methods failed to adapt to this era with rapid development. These methods are under a series of challenges. In this paper, the author makes a research on practice...
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Analysis on Selection Orientation and Degradation of Automobile Engine Lubricant

Jiao Liang
In frequent application, automobile engine lubricant will gradually degrade. Upon careful selection, lubricant under proper specification will improve the original running performance of car body and lengthen the service life of accessories in the automobile structure. Hidden degradation inclination...
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Practice Research on Application of Modern Information Technology in Network Construction of Gymnasium Management

Zhengxian Lv
In the information era, all kinds of information technologies are applied into various industries, playing a very important role. To adapt to needs of era development, information technology is introduced into gymnasium management. The establishment of management network becomes the content of work with...
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Practical Research on Application of Traditional Chinese Elements in Graphic Design

Chao Zhan
Excellent Traditional Chinese cultural elements are precious national treasures of China. They display the long history of Chinese nation for five thousand years to the world. At the same time, these excellent traditional Chinese cultural elements are also served as important “soft strength” of China...
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Reflection on Give Play to Service Function of Colleges and Universities and Promoting Regional Party Construction

Fangyu Li
Colleges and universities are typical representatives of regional organizations for regional party construction as well as supporting strength for promotion of regional party construction. Based on giving play to the service function of colleges and universities and promoting new needs of regional party...
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Design on Automatic Spraying Robot System based on PC-PLC Network Control

Jian Li
With continuous industry upgrading and rapid economic transformation, all kinds of industrial robots are widely applied into various enterprises in China. In particular, important type of industrial robot (i.e. spray painting robot) is widely applied into the coating production process. Viewed from the...
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Exploration for Skeleton CT Image Processing Technology based on RP

Jinxia Li
CT image processing technology is an important technique which can realize rapid prototyping. According to two-dimensional information displayed in skeleton CT image, we can apply filtering processing, binarization processing and other techniques to extract necessary image edge contour, reconstruct relevant...
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Research on Promotion of Modern Media and Undergraduate Growth in College Communities

Rongfang Li
Modern media have already become an important platform for contemporary college students to obtain knowledge, enrich life and communicate & exchange. With continuous development of modern media, it has more and more influence on studies and life of college students. Moreover, modern media also constantly...
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Research on Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System and Exploration for Its Practical Application in Land Utilization Management

Shiqiang Li
With continuous development of China’s social economy in recent years, it also becomes more and more complicated for the form of land utilization. At the same time, severe damages were caused to natural environment and land resources. With continuous changes in population and environment, some unreasonable...
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Analysis on the Influence of High School Mathematics Course Reform on College Mathematics Teachers

Shufeng Li
Nowadays, with continuously deepening reform of the education field, college mathematics teachers should have a clear understanding of high school mathematics curriculum reform, combine actual conditions of high school mathematics curriculum reform, make proper adjustment to their teaching ideas, update...
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Research on the Construction of Guiding Ideological System of School Physical Education in the New Era

Yang Li
In the new era, the four school physical education guiding thoughts coexist, namely quality-oriented education, student-based education, health first and lifelong sports. However, the four different guiding thoughts emphasize different points. The school physical education reform takes quality-oriented...
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Research on Application of New Media in Expanding Approaches for College Network Ideological and Political Education

Yunzhi Li, Baoyi Zhang
In this paper, the author will discuss the application of new media in expanding new approaches for college network ideological and political education, make positive and effective improvement to the current situation of college network ideological and political education, give full play to positive...
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Research on Presentation of Multimedia Interactive Electronic Sand Table

Daogui Lin
Multimedia interactive electronic sand table presents the virtual design site and can intuitively present the site layout, integrating multiple high technologies, such as multimedia display technology, network information transmission technology, analog-to-digital sensing technology, touch screen display...
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Research on Interpenetration Between Solfeggio and Ear Training and Music Aesthetic Psychology Based on Aesthetics

Dongbo Lin
In the teaching of music major, solfeggio and ear training is widely recognized by the society due to its scientific, rigorous and logical property. In the teaching, as the teacher lacks of deep understanding of this discipline, the boring and tedious classroom teaching of practitioners easily makes...
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Foreign Language Learning and Teaching Based on Cognitive Psychology

Liu Guo
Cognitive psychology refers to the process that people process the information symbol by brain and its main theoretical goal is to explain the information processing method during human activity. In English teaching, cognitive psychology pays more attention to the driving role of concept and situational...
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Analysis on Interpretation of Humanistic Implication by Schubert’s Piano Music ——Based on Piano Impromptus Playing

Lu Liu
In Schubert’s piano music, the eight piano impromptus are the most excellent works, which are not only elegant, lyrical and the pioneer of romantic piano music, but also have higher requirements on the piano playing skills. It is required to rationally analyze Schubert’s piano impromptus and improve...
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Analysis on Existence and Transmission of Tacit Knowledge in Sports Teaching

Lin Ma
Tacit knowledge is a kind of knowledge that cannot be explained in words. Sports is a course with sports techniques as the teaching center. As the explicit knowledge has obvious externalization characteristics and is expressed by passing on and learning the sports techniques and the sports activities...
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Unfair Competitive Behaviors under the Network and Its Rule of Law

Fanlin Meng
under the network market, the unfair competitive behaviors do not only include traditional unfair competitive behaviors and the unfair competitive behaviors exclusively under the network market are derived, which greatly restrict the development progress of network market economy and break the network...
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Research on Cultivation Mechanism of Key vocational Ability Under General Education

Tingting Ou
The vocational technical school is the cradle that cultivates high-skilled talents. The higher vocational students do not only accept higher education, but also accept vocational education. The talents cultivation mode of vocational technical school determines the comprehensive quality of high-skilled...
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Lexical Aspect and L1 Transfer in the Acquisition of Tense-Aspect Morphology

Cuijing Qian
This study aims to investigate the acquisition of English verb morphology by learners of two typologically different L1s and the role of L1 transfer in the acquisition pattern, a cross-sectional study (n = 180) carried with Chinese and Mongolian college students learning English at two proficiency levels,...
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Influence of Fiscal Policy on Venture Capital Investment from Its Development in China

Xiaoyan Shao
China’s fiscal policy that supports the development of venture capital investment can mainly be divided into direct fiscal policy and indirect fiscal policy. The different fiscal policy must impose different influences on venture capital investment. Based on the overview of venture capital investment,...
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Selection of Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Path of Contemporary College Students

Hongmei Sheng, Delong Bu
The planning of college students’ innovative entrepreneurship education path can effectively improve the actual effects of college students’ innovative entrepreneurship education. The factors that should be considered in selecting the innovative entrepreneurship education path of college students are...
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Analysis on Task-Based Network Teaching of College English Intensive Reading Course

Xinli Shi
In the teaching for English Major at college, English intensive reading course, as an important foundation course, should be highly valued. To effectively improve the teaching effects, the application of task-based teaching method in the teaching is discussed. Based on the analysis of task-based teaching...
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Analysis of Applying Situational Simulation Method in English teaching practice

Xiaodong Sun
As society continuously develops and progresses, English becomes a common language globally. China also brought English into education early. This paper analyzes the application of situational simulation method in English teaching practice from three aspects: several methods to apply situational simulation...
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Imbalance and Countermeasures –Thoughts on Biased Value Orientation of Higher Education in China and Corresponding Adjustment

Daoxun Wang
the traditional framework of higher education laid particular stress on the superficial values of teaching tools and instructed students with monotonous methods, which neglected the improvement of humanistic quality and ignored the particular human-oriented values. The profession-oriented framework of...
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Development and Research of Chinese Folk Art Forms - Inheritance, Popularization and Development of “Ningxia Seated Singing”

Jianguo Wang, Haiqin Wang
“Ningxia seated singing” is served as a beautiful flower in the artistic treasure house of Chinese folk music. With characteristic forms of artistic presentation, “Ningxia seated singing” is rooted in “southern frontier” – beautiful Ningxia. It is also renowned the Chinese operatic circle with the feature...
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Investigation on Learning Situation of Primary and Middle School Students in Minority Areas in Northern Guangdong

Jianlan Wang, Suqun Liao, Lina Zhang, Cui Yang, Chenglin Zhang
The research group investigates 2,231 primary and middle school students from 11 schools in minority areas in Northern Guangdong through questionnaires with minority students occupying 43%. According to investigation results, in terms of satisfaction with school infrastructure, home learning environment...
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Practical Exploration on Setting of Teaching Course for Psychological Health Activities in Vocational Colleges -- Take “Happy Classroom” Activity Teaching Course as an Example

Li Wang
This paper takes positive psychology as value idea and takes the setting of “Happy Classroom” activity teaching course of happy education of one vocational college as main line to carry out discussion from perspective of idea objective, content design, specific implementation, practical achievement,...
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Study on Cross-cultural Communication Competence Construction in English Teaching

Lufang Wang
As economic globalization continuously popularizes and era develops, English has become the language which is most widely applied in the world. This puts forward new requirements for English teaching. Today when Chinese and foreign exchanges become increasingly close, cultivation of cross-cultural communication...
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Literature Review of Decision Behavior Biases of Enterprise Managers – Case study of overconfidence

Meisha Wang
In the era when knowledge operation becomes an economic growth mode, knowledge industry becomes a leading industry and knowledge economy becomes a new economic form, company operation ad management become more important. However, in company operation process, if managers make decision by virtue of their...
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Strategy Transformation Path Choice of Rural Commercial Banks

Pingan Wang
Rural commercial banks stem from rural credit cooperatives. They are important products of rural financial system reform. Since the establishment of system reform, significant achievements have been made. Great contributions have been made to rural economic development in China. Nowadays, original strategy...
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Practice and Introspection of Cross-cultural Citizenship Education in Chinese English Education

Shanshan Wang, Dengchao Zhou
culture and language are closely connected and assist each other language is a part of culture. To master a language, it is required to know the culture. At present, Chinese English education should not just impart language knowledge, but also need to impart English culture. So, cross-cultural education...
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Study on Rural Human Resource Development under View of Rural Regional Economic Development

Bo Wu
Rural human resource development is a comprehensive and systematic job involving culture, market and government. It is necessary to improve human resource quality and then promote economic development through training and education. With economic innovation and development, higher requirements are put...
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Study on Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education Based on Field Theory

Qing Wu, Hongjuan Ding
The occurrence of field concept and maturity of field theory open up a new research perspective and provide theoretical support for conduct of college ideological and political work. Combination of field theory with ideological and political work can integrate resources effectively and help enhance college...
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Study on Innovative Paths of Ideological and Political Education for Contemporary College Students

Huimei Xiang
In current context of global economic integration, ideological and political condition of contemporary college students is influenced from many aspects and their ideological activities are of gradually enhancing independence, differentiation and selectivity. Thus, we shall change traditional ways and...
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Food Safety Control from the Perspective of Supply Chain

Weiyan Xie
In view of China’s rapid economic development, people are increasingly more concerned about food consumption and especially food quality and safety and thus have new requirements for food safety control, and Chinese food supervision also develops from previously simple food certification into today’s...
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Analysis of Competition between Radio & TV and Network Media

Jiong Xu
This paper mainly discusses about competitive integration relationship between network media and traditional media with representative of radio & TV, i.e. firstly analyzes their respective advantages and disadvantages, and points out that new media which mainly include network media and traditional media...
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Discussion on the Application of Mathematical Statistics in Construction Quality Control

Shuxi Yan
generally, sampling is used to control the quality of engineering construction. If the data obtained by sampling is able to reflect the actual condition of the construction should be verified through mathematical statistics. The idea of mathematical statistics focuses on random sampling, i.e. randomly...
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Inspiration of “Practical Training of Industrial and Commercial Market Simulation” for Teaching Reform of Vocational Colleges

Benfang Yang, Li Gao
“Practical Training of Industrial and Commercial Market Simulation”, which is a large integrated practical training program for business management majors, can enable students to comprehensively practice classroom knowledge and master business and management skills required in market economy. This paper...
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Study on Interior Design and Architectural Culture

Haoran Yang
Over 5,000 years of development, traditional Chinese architectural culture has formed unique style and concepts and has been affecting architectural style and interior design of neighboring countries since feudal society. Along with dramatic impacts of western culture on traditional Chinese culture after...
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On Creative Thinking in Advertising Design Based on Modern Elements

Xiaorong Yuan
Advertising designers shall carry out creative advertising design activities based on modern elements, in order to change people’s fixed views on a certain commodity and make them have a strong desire to buy. In this sense, creative thinking in advertising design is an art creation activity and is the...
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Study on Inheritance & Innovation of Regional Culture and College Public Art Education

Zhizheng Yuan
Inheritance and innovation of regional culture relates closely to college public art education, and resources of college public art education can be enriched by exploring regional culture. Besides, the essence of regional culture can greatly promote humanistic education for college students. Therefore,...
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On Practice of Non-vocal Techniques in Vocal Music Teaching

Weijun Zhong
Innovative teaching is advocated in Chinese education, and vocal music teaching is no exception. Application of non-vocal techniques in vocal music teaching is an innovative teaching method and also a new challenge for both students and teachers. Usually, in vocal music training, vocal techniques have...
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Compare and study about owing to the three kinds important softwares develop process

Qiaoli Chen
Everyone all realizes needing process to improve a software coming development way, need is agile , flexibility and adaptability, need height quality more. By the Ways like picture , form, this paper contrast and studies the main thoughts and realization process passing at present three kinds softwares...
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Analysis on Influencing Factors of the Tourism Consumption of Rural Residents

Hong Jin
Due to the continuous development of agricultural production efficiency and adjustment of agricultural production structure in China, the discretionary income and leisure time of rural residents have been improved and the consumption also has changed, which further improve their tourism demand. At present,...
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Research on Development of Ancient Town Tourism from the Perspective of Low Carbon Economy

Yingli Kong
In the critical period of Chinese economic transition, the development of ancient town tourism, as a highlight and hotspot in the current tourism industry in China, should seek for a kind of new tourism pattern featured by low pollution and low energy consumption based on the perspective of low carbon...
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Risk Evaluation on Rural Hotel Investment and Preventive Measures

Xueqin Li
with the diversified forms of investment and development of diversified tourisms, the rural tourist attractions are built continuously and the tourism aesthetic taste and tourist interest trend are gradually improved. For the overall demand of adapting and developing the rural tourism economy and meet...
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Enlightenments of Traditional Garden Language on Modern Landscape Design

Cuihua Zong
As a kind of Chinese traditional culture, the traditional garden art stands in the forest of Chinese culture. The traditional garden language includes landscape language, architectural language, and plant language, which reflects traditional way of landscaping of Chinese gardens and also reflects the...
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Research on Multi-mode Network Dance Movement Collection & Evaluation System

Yiwen Zheng, Chao Peng, Yunhui Bai, Wenhong Zhao
At present, whether the students’ dance movements are standard is usually evaluated by subjective methods in the dance teaching process. Therefore, there is often difference in subjective judgment and limitation to human eye observational ability caused by movement velocity. In this paper, the author...
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Moulding of Aesthetics in Vocal Music Teaching

Lijuan Li
As the most fundamental and the most principal part in music education, vocal music teaching receives the attention from scholars. There are more and more explorations for and reflections on aesthetics. As a kind of art form, vocal music teaching should be reviewed under the framework of music and aesthetics....
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Research on Dilemma in Construction of Social Pension Service System in Hainan Province and Relevant Countermeasures

Zhilan Wang
Aging of population is an inevitable state of social development of human being as well as an inevitable product of economic and social development. Currently, aging of population has already become a major issue blocking economic and social development of Hainan Province. This issue brought forth unprecedented...
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Basic Paths for Coordinated Development of China’s Regional Economy and Construction of Long-term Mechanism

Burenmende Burenmende
Since China’s reform and opening-up policy, the market economy drives rapid development of regional economy and promotes comprehensive social progress. However, under the condition of dual economy, the excessive market predatory development results in unbalanced regional economic development; the environmental...
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College English Teaching under Guidance of Input and Output Theory

Song Hu
This paper starts from input and output theory of second language acquisition to propose several suggestions on improving teaching method through analysis on current situation of China’s college English teaching for the purpose of improving the teaching effect of college English.
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Application of statistical work in business management and cost control

Shan Zhao
With the development of society, market competition becomes increasingly fierce, companieswant to achieve stable development and efficient profits, strengthen its internal managementand cost control are important measures to enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises. In business management and cost...
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The research of intangible cultural heritage protection based on experiential tourism development----Taking Qinhuangdao as an Example

Yan Zhang
Intangible cultural heritage is the precious wealth of the human civilization, plays a vital role on blood relation of inheriting national culture. Also is the main content in the process of the tourism experience. Experiential tourism development is the only road of intangible cultural heritage protection....
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Different modes analysis of College Student Management

Haifeng Yue
the quality of running a college for colleges not only rely on the student's academic level to measure, college student management also plays an irreplaceable role. The development of college student management can help to cultivate students with full development of morality, wisdom, physique and aesthetics,...
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Effect of Vocational College Students Interested in Reading Professional Books in CAI Network

Liao Lang, Haiping Zhang
In current higher vocational college, the computer aided teaching is widely used, but the students have low interest in reading the professional book. Aimed to this problem, the computer aided teaching platform is extended to the network, through the forum, micro-blog and e-mail and other means, the...
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The Internal Mechanism Research on Multi-stakeholder Cooperation Development of Engineering Higher Vocational Curriculum - Based on Collaborative Innovation Research Perspective

Xueli Zhao, Haiyan Zhang
This paper argues that it is necessary for multi-stakeholder cooperation to develop higher vocational curriculum, discusses the dynamic mechanism of cooperative development, and think the process essence is "multi-win" result of multi-agent collaborative innovation process, and is the fusion of many...
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Reflections on the Concept Transformation and Implementation Strategies of College Volleyball Education

Xian Liu
The concept of college volleyball education directly impacts the long-term development of China’s sports. Based on the current situation of the college volleyball teaching, this essay put forward three transformations of its teaching concept: transforming the education from examination-oriented to quality-oriented;...
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Empirical Study on Our Country’s Initial Public Offerings Efficiency in Inquiry System ——Based on Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Jian Zhang, Houjian Li
The paper regards 647 of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) companies on SMEs board from June 2006 to November 2012 as research samples, utilizes stochastic frontier analysis to carry out an empirical test on reform of initial public offering for three times and primary market’s pricing efficiency, and explains...
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Optimization Model Construction of Unemployment Insurance

Haihong Wen, Yuqiong Niu, Xin Song
This paper makes theoretical analysis based on the unemployment insurance optimization design of employment promotion, constructs the optimization model and theoretical hypothesis of employment insurance with the re-employment bonus as variable factor, and makes empirical research with the application...
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Influence Analysis on Accounting Information Quality and Internal Control Correlation

Lin Gao
This paper surrounds establishment of internal control and evaluation index system as well as theoretical and demonstration analysis of internal control on accounting information quality influence, it starts from perspective of listed company and discloses influence of variables such as quality ICDC,...
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The evaluation of medical and health resource allocation of public satisfaction in Songjiang Shanghai

Jia Xu, Qian Liu, Wei Wang
This paper is based on the appraisal model of medical and health resources that has been building already. Give priority to with the satisfaction of residents satisfaction and health practitioners to the medical and health resources allocation in China public satisfaction evaluation. It is concluded...
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Simulation Analysis of Electric Power Control Model of Electric Vehicle Battery

Ganglong Li, Yun Chen, Qing Zhou, Zhou Hu
The electric control system of the electric vehicle battery is researched, a new fuzzy reasoning method is introduced, and the fuzzy PID controller is set up, the optimization and feedback idea are introduced in the this reasoning method, according to the different optimization indexes, the reasoning...
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Building Information Modeling Technology-based Skill Competition

Aimin Wei
BIM technology skill competition is a new term that was introduced to the building industry in recent years and constitutes an inevitable outcome in the development of the information technology applied to the building industry. Comprehensive applications of the BIM technology will have immeasurably...
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Research on Slow Fashion Concept and Its Impact on Modern Footwear Eco-Design

Yugang Chen
Slow fashion philosophy is a product of society and fashion development, which can highlight a person's unique taste and temperament compared to the fast fashion. Slow fashion has many positive effects for human society, such as help to protect the environment, enhance the creativity of fashion industry...
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Structure and Development of Management Information System in Manufacturing Enterprises

Weimei Zhang
Under the drive of the booming development of information technology, some manufacturing enterprises construct management information system (MIS) to acquire competitive advantages. This research was conducted to determine the structure and development of management information system in manufacturing...
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A Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of C2C E-commerce Website Competitiveness

Ming Li
in recent years, the C2C e-commerce websites have developed rapidly with intensive competition. For C2C E-commerce websites, the prerequisite for promoting enterprise’s competitiveness level and achieving competitive advantages is to assess and acquaint their competitiveness, which is also a significant...
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A Study on Key Factors Affecting Enterprise's Adoption of Electronic Commerce on Regional Level

Ming Li
The key point of enterprise's adoption of electronic commerce is the value innovation. In order to improve the success ratio of enterprise's adoption of electronic commerce, the enterprise needs to start from both the internal and external, distribute resource effectively, improve the environmental adaptation...
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Discussion on the Impact of the E-Waste Dismantling on the Life of Chinese Residents

Ming Li
Environmental problems caused by the e-waste dismantling have attracted widespread attention. According to the statistics from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 70% of global e-waste has entered into our country through a variety of ways, while China itself has generated lots of e-waste....
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Research on Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Electronic Information Industry in Beijing and Its Value Chain

Ming Li
As one of the leading sectors, electronic information industry in Beijing has relatively strong industrial strength and a great prospect. Through analysis on the distribution of main value chain links of electronic information industry and large-scale enterprises engaging in the industry, characteristics...
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Take Taobao as an Example to Discuss the Comprehensive Evaluation Methods for C2C E-Commerce Websites’ Competitiveness

Ming Li
C2C e-commerce has been in the rapid development in recent years, and the representative websites in China include Taobao (, eBay (, Jinshan Amazon ( and so on. The investigation from Internet Research and Development Center of CASS shows that C2C has become...
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The Discussion on Multi-channel Distribution System under B2C E-commerce Mode

Ming Li
With the rapid development of network technology and E-commerce, many enterprises open up the electronics market to sell products to the end consumers directly while maintaining the traditional retail channels. In recent years, more and more attention is paid to the studies on multi-channel distribution...
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A New Design for Ground Rod with Anti-Maloperation and Lighting Systems

Lianqing Chi, Gu Li
In this paper, the common hidden perils of conventional ground rod used in power system are introduced. To conquer these problems, a new ground rod with anti-maloperation and lighting systems was developed. This new ground rod combines the anti-maloperation function and lighting function, provides real-time...
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Research on the Upgrading Mechanism of Industrial Cluster Genetic Algorithm Model--Based on New Perspective of Business Unit

AiPing Qiao
This paper, through establishing a genetic algorithm model by integrating the theory of business unit rebuilding and resource theory, has discussed the function mechanism of the driving mechanism of business units on the industrial clusters. Since the process of selecting the model was practiced from...
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Research on the Effect of New media Technology

Maixia Liu
With the appearing and its rapid developing, the new media played a catalytic role in China's economic and social development, and led to the trend of ideological and cultural pluralism, created a certain impact on the mind of young people. As the party and States’ main approaches to promote the theme...