Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Science, and Technology (ICEST 2017)

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Measurement Correlation between High School Grades with College Student GPA using Pearson Method

Heliza Rahmania Hatta, Nur Rahman Ali Muhti
The fellowship is one of the systems used to select new students for their admission to the university using students' grades as measurement methods. Because of an assumption that the higher the score of the report card is directly proportional to the quality when the student is in college level. Moreover,...
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Learning Management System Towards Learner's Independent Learning

Kalthom Husain, Puziah Abd. Wahab, Mohd Faeez Ilias, Mohd Izzuddin Mohd Pisol, Fariza Hanan Muhammad
This paper reports on an ongoing research project at International Islamic University College (IIUCS), Selangor, Malaysia where students from faculty of education are consulted to explicate their experiences utilizing Learning Management System (LMS). LMS is an online learning platform enables stu-dents...
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Revisiting the Linguistic Errors in the Writing of the Students Majoring in English

M. Asfah Rahman, Muhammad Nasiruddin Sainu, Indrawaty Asfah
The basic writing skills ability of the students newly admitted to the English Department was still poor in terms of the grammatical aspect, choice and use of words, and phrase construction. This study reexamined the linguistic errors of the English Department students' writing. A total of 67 writing...
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Evoking Cognitive Conflict and Intellectual Awareness of Students: A study in the topic of combinatorics

Dr. Djadir, Muhammad Dinar, Fajar Arwadi
The present study was a part of a broader research aimed at designing instructional learning which can evoke students' conflict cognitive and intellectual awareness. The specific purposes of this study were reviewing factors which can evoke conflict cognitive and intellectual awareness of students and...
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Visualization, Comprehension of Metacognitive Strategy, and The Importance Of An Evaluation Framework

Siti Sarah Fitriani, Iskandar Abdul Samad
Visualization metacognitive strategy, either internal or external, has been used for decades to help students comprehend a reading text. Their comprehension is usually evaluated using a reading comprehension test. Without this test, literacy teachers can actually evaluate students' comprehension by analyzing...
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The effectiveness of the cooperative learning model with mind mapping type in German writing skill (schreibfertigkeit)

Ambo Dalle
This research was a quasi-experiment in the form of Nonequivalent Control Group design that aims to find out the effectiveness of the cooperative learning model with mind mapping type in German writing skill (Schreibfertigkeit). The populations of this research were all students on class XI IPA MAN 1...
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Students' Mathematical Connection Based on Levels of Mathematical Abilities: Qualitative Study in SLETV

Usman Mulbar, Dr. Purnamawati, Mr. Nasrullah
This research aims to illustrate the way for students to apply mathematical concepts to the given problem, for example, System of Linear Equations with Two Variables (SLETV). There were three students of SMP Negeri 3 Watansoppeng getting engaged to be research subject. There were two instruments used...
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Lecturers' Language Style and Higher Students' Academic Emotions In Indonesia

Fahmi Gunawan, Abdul Kadir
This study aimed to examine the influence of lecturers' language style to the emotional state of students in Indonesia. This study originated from the emergence of emotional pressure felt by the students in the learning process which one of the factors comes from lecturers language style. This study...
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Development of Chemistry Worksheet Based Learning Inquiry for Student in Senior High School

Dr. Sugiarti, Ms. Jusniar, Lukmanul Hakim
The aim of this research is developing a model of student worksheet based learning inquiry on reaction rate that valid, practical and effective. This research is Research and De-velopment model which refers to a 4-D development model con-sists of four phase, i.e.: (1) define a review set and the terms...
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Investigating Procrastination in Higher Education

Abdul Saman
This study aims at investigating procrastination among students in higher education. Procrastination has been studied in many fields including Psychology, Mental Health, and Educational studies. This study brings the important idea to the study of procrastination. Unlike other perspectives, this study...
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Polite Rituals in the Classroom Interaction

Murni Mahmud
This paper's main focus is to explore the expressions used by teachers in the class to show their politeness. The subject of this research is two English lecturers of Faculty of Languages and literature, State University of Makassar. To collect data, the teaching process of the two teachers were recorded,...
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Religious Teaching and Learning in Minority Muslim of Manado Indonesia

Ismail Suardi Wekke, Sabil Mokodenseho
Tolerance is the pillar in society life, but it has ambivalent power manifested in two forms are solid and democratic forms. Therefore, it is a need to explore the practical religious learning. The Manado city is a location where Muslim is minority. This condition reflects that there is encounter between...
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Integration of Certification and Performance Management of Physical Education Teachers

Mr. Syahruddin, Tri Sudirga, Muhammad Syahrul Saleh, M. Sahib Saleh
The aim this research is examining the management of "certified teacher" performance in planning, implementing, and evaluating the learning process of physical education at a primary school in Makassar. The data were collected from the headmaster, the certified physical education teachers, their colleagues,...
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The Use of Portfolio in the Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Erma Suryani Sahabuddin
The purpose of this study is to describe the use of portfolio in the implementation of problem-based learning to improve learning outcomes of Natural Sciences. This study is a qualitative research namely Classroom Action Research. The focus of this research is the application of problem-based learning...
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A Study on Effective EFL Lecturers at Makassar, Indonesia

Ahmad Thalib, Baso Jabu, Ms. Asriati
This research aims to investigate the perception of the students on effective EFL lecturers' characteristics and the most important characteristic based on the professional, pedagogical, and social competences, personal qualities, and intra and intercultural awareness. This research used descriptive...
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Teachers Talk: Facilitating and Motivating Students to Study

Fatimah Hidayahni Amin, Muhammad Tahir
This study focuses on investigating teachers' facilitating and motivating talks and ways of teachers revealing those talks in the classroom. The design of classroom management which aims at creating a learning environment so that students' learning independence and teacher's quality assurance can be...
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The Effect of Open Book Test Model in Improving Students' Learning Motivation

Akbar Iskandar
The purpose of this research were to describe the students' learning motivation on the statistics course. This research also determine the differences in students' learning motivation between the classes of a given opened test model and a closed book test model at STMIK AKBA. The type of the research...
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The Effect of Reading Image Ability of Clothing Design on Student Skill of Pattern Making

Ms. Srikandi, Dr. St. Aisyah
This study is correlational research that aims 1) to know the reading ability of clothing design of student, 2) to know the student skill of pattern making, and 3) to know the effect of the reading image ability of clothing design of students at Education Family Welfare Department, Universitas Negeri...
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Investigating the Performance of Embossing on Fins Wheel of Agricultural Tractor

Muhammad Arsyad Suyuti, Rusdi Nur
The Fins wheel of the tractor was the most important part of a tractor to plough the field. Fins wheel was damaged due to lack of ability fins tractor wheels withstand bending loads as well as influenced by the age of the fin itself. This study was conducted to determine how the effects of embossing...
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Purification and Characterization of SiO2 Based Quartz Sand from "Pasir Putih" Village, South Pamona District

Darmawati Darwis, Mr. Syamsu, Indah Ukhtiani, Novrita Metungku, Mr. Iqbal, Sandra Kasim, Rani Khaerani, Elisa Sesa
The objective of this study is to measure the purification and characterization of the quality of quartz sand from Pasir Putih village, South Pamona district. The purification was done to increase the pureness of the silica by soaking the sample with HCl 2M then was titrated using aqueous to reach the...
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Application of Inorganic Fertilizers and The Seedling Number on Growth and Production of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Mr. Sudirman, Mr. Ramli, Mr. Buchaerah, Mr. Rachmat
The investigation was carried out to determine effect of various doses of inorganic fertilizers and the paddy seedlings number on growth and production (Oryza sativa L.) Three kinds of fertilizer doses are 150-60-67.5 kg/ha, 250-75-75 kg/ha and 350-90-82.5 kg/ha and the number of seeds per planting hole...
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Analysis of Gedi Leaf (Abelmoschus Manihot L.) as Functional Drinking Tea

Ummu Aimanah, Ms. Mulyati, Ahmad Gussasi
Gedi leaves contain many flavonoid compounds that are used in healthcare. This paper will discuss how Gedi leaf can be processed as a functional, healthy tea drink. There are two objectives that to be addressed in this article. The first objective is to determine the bioactive compounds in the Gedi leaves...
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Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Composition, and Management: Manado City

Teddy Takaendengan, Tri Padmi, Emenda Sembiring, Enri Damanhuri
This study is intended to identify the conditions of municipal solid waste generation, composition and management and waste transportation system in Manado City, the capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Data collected throughout this study was the amount and characteristics of residential wastes, the...
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Symbols of Social Strata Border in Traditional House Architecture (Case Study: Saoradja Lapinceng and Banua)

Andi Abidah
This research is about special characteristics of two traditional houses in Sulawesi, Indonesia, namely Saoradja Lapinceng and Banua Layuk. The Saoraja Lapinceng is a noble house of Bugis tribe in South Sulawesi and Banua layuk is a noble house of Mamasa tribe in West Sulawesi. The elements of traditional...
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The Effects of Lipid Nutrient Supplement (LNS) Feedings on the Improvement of Vitamin A and Zinc Levels on Children in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province

Andi Maryam
The aim of this study is to assess the effects of Lipid Nutrient Supplement LNS feedings on the improvement of vitamin A and zinc deficiency levels on children who aged between 6-23 months in South Middle Timor District of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. The design of this research is Quasi experiment...
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A Comparative Study on Tensile Strength, Hardness, and Microstructure at ST.42 Steel Plate Welded with Electric and Acetylene Welding

Badaruddin Anwar
This study aims to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the steel plate welded ST.42 after using electric and acetylene welding. It is also to know the difference in tensile strength, hardness, and microstructure on ST.42 steel plate welded in both welding process. The research data was...
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SuIndiWeb: A Web-Based Platform of Sutte Indicator Predicting Movement of Stock

Ansari Saleh Ahmar
Technical Indicator is one of approach to analyze the movement of stock. Will this stock decrease or increase in future? One new measurement that has been developed is Sutte Indicator. The Sutte Indicator is an indicator used in Technical Analysis of Stock Market. Sutte Indicator helps in the decision...
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Impacts of Nickel Laterite Post-Mining Activities on The Level of Heavy Metal Contamination in River Sediments

La Ode Ngkoimani, Muh. Chaerul
This study aims to analyze the impact of nickel post-mining activities on the heavy metal level in sediments of the river of Lambuluo, Motui Subdistrict, North Konawe District, Southeast Sulawesi province about the importance of the river biota. Then, all of the results of the sample were analyzed by...
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Changes of Chemical Soil Characteristics by Dolomite and Bokashi Treatment and The Impact of Soybean (Glycine max L.) Production

Mr. Dahlan, Mr. Kaharuddin, Faisal Hamzah, Nur Anny S. Taufieq
Alfisol soil is one type of soil in Indonesia with widespread use and commonly cultivated for the development of soybean, especially in Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi island with constraints is soil pH is acidic, and soil fertility is low. Thus, it is necessary to put an input to improve chemical characteristics...
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Analysis of Heavy Metal Content of Lead (Pb) from Animal Product in Cattle Grazing in Landfill

Sartika Juwita, Mr. Purwanta
The contamination of farm products by heavy metals can cause a health hazard for humans. The purpose of this study is to identify and to determine the amount of heavy metals content of lead (Pb) from the animal product (meat, liver, and skin) in cattle that grazing in the landfill of Tamangapa of Makassar...
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Habitat Preference of Rats at Bawakaraeng Mountain, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Ahmad Hasyim, Andi Bida Purnamasari, Muh. Rizaldi Trias Jaya Putra
The study was conducted at Bawakaraeng mount in four height level that is at an altitude of 1300, 1700, 1900, and 2200 meters above sea level. Sampling was done three times repetitions at each height level as well as the use of 200 mouse trap consists of a live trap and dead trap. Rats were caught later...
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A Virtual Lab Model to Integrate Computer Networking Courses

Irfan Syamsuddin
This paper presents an effort to enhance teaching and learning processes of several Computer Networking courses at the Department of Computer and Networking Engineering, State Polytechnic of Ujung Pandang. The use of virtualization technique is proposed to deal with limited capacities of computer laboratory...