Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Economy, Management and Education Technology

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The College Students’ Psychology and Education Management

Xiaojiao Liu
Higher education aims at developing high-quality person who is fully developed, including the all-round development of psychological qualities. However, many researches show that the psychological condition of college students is hardly optimistic. On the basis of the research of psychological health...
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Research on the characteristics and emotional expression of musical literature

Yabing Wang
Musical literature belongs to a new research category which refer to the combination of music and literature. Either the perspective or the literary, the expression of music literature which is to fall in the emotional effect eventually, music literature is expressed through the emotion ultimately. The...
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Research on the food packaging migration of chemical substances

Gang Liu
Safety and hygienic of food material have become an important aspect of food. Poisonous and harmful chemicals in the food packaging materials research of migration is one of the hot research topics in the field of technology. Firstly, this paper designed a kind of joint motor fruit harvesting robot so...
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Study of the Changing Farmland to Forest Question with the Game Theory Thought

Shejiao Xue
In this year, many outputs were acquired by project of changing farmland into forestry. But there exist some things which restrict the sustainable development of project. The main reason is compensatory problem. This paper uses completely dynamic game theory to set up dynamic mode and from compensatory...
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Study on the Nutritional Value Evaluation of Gramineous Grass in Natural Mowing Grasslands Based on Different Evaluation Models

Fanfan Zhang, Lei Yu, Chunhui Ma, Weihua Lu
This paper was designed to comprehensively and accurately obtain the order of nutritional value of the main dominant gramineous grass in the natural mowing grasslands in Shaertao Mountain. The nutrient content of the nine common species of gramineous grass in the natural mowing grasslands in Shaertao...
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Education Ecology and Web-based Course Development

Ling Zhang
web-based course is the topic of attention in current educational system. Education ecology theory should be introduced to web-course construction in order to further the development of web-based courses. Firstly, web-courses should be treated as a micro education ecological system, and ecological factors...
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An Empirical Study on the International Competitiveness of China's Service Trade after the Accession to WTO

Rong Wang
The study analyzes the import and export volume of China's service trade from 2002 to 2013. We adopt three indexes to assess the international competitiveness of China's service trade, export market share, trade competitiveness index and revealed comparative advantages. And we propose some strategies...
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Study on the Cultivate Social Adapt Ability of Poor College Students

ChangXiang. Jiang
The existence of poor college students living environment and ordinary undergraduates are some differences, in the late into the community, students may not meet the social situation arise. In this paper, based on analysis of the actual situation of poor college students, focused on the method of how...
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Application of computer networks in college students' psychological File Management

ChangXiang Jiang, JunHua Zhou
Students mental health problems directly related to the chance of success in college students, so the university attaches great importance to college students' psychological health education, and the establishment of college students is one of the important work of mental file strengthen mental health...
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Teachers' Training Strategy of Local Colleges and Universities

HongLang Li, Xiao Li
China's higher education is in an unprecedented period of development. Country attaches great importance to the development of local institutions of higher education, because it is local economic development, transport a large number of businesses in urgent need of talent. Priority is to strengthen the...
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Chinese Left-behind Women and Children: should they pay for the rural labors’ leaving

Jiang Luan, Tingting Li, Jiancheng Chen, Pei Guo
This paper studies the family accompanying behavior of rural migrants in China. It analyzes how the working distance and family population structure affect their spouse and children accompany with them. The working distance and the family population structure exert remarkable efforts to enhance the singleness...
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The Schooling Return on the Non-farm Income of Chinese Western Rural Labors

Jiang Luan, Tingting Li, Jiancheng Chen, Pei Guo
Education plays an important role in improving Chinese rural laborers’ non-farm incomes. However, several analyses have shown that the returns on schooling are very low in the western region, which could have a negative influence on improving farmers’ incomes and the even development of the national...
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Problems and Suggestions of Agricultural Information Service System Construction—Taking Hubei Province as an Example

Qian Chen
The agricultural research departments of our country have already obtained many good results in many areas of information service since 1980s. However, there are still some problems in the construction of agricultural information service system in Hubei province. This paper gives three suggestions, which...
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Study on the Commonalities of People’s Religious Consciousness in China and Japan – From the Intercultural Communication Perspective

Hanlin Ma
Religious reflect and influence the cultural character of a nation. Different religious consciousness reflects the different cultural development path of social personality. People’s religious consciousness in China and Japan are both gradually formed along with the booming development of commodity economy...
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Research on View of Vocational Selection and Employment Characteristics of Postgraduates Majored in Library Science and Information Science based on the data of South China Normal University

Huiqing Li, Ying Wang
With the expansion enrollment of post-graduate, the situation of post-graduate employment is getting worse. This paper made the survey on the graduate students in South China Normal University from the year 2008 to 2014, and we found that the characteristics of postgraduate students majored in library...
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Applications Research of Dancing Costumes in National Dance

Wei Zhang
As a kind of elegant art and popular art, dance has a long history and is loved by many different races. National dance is also considered as the essence of the national culture. In the national dance, dancing costumes can help to reflect the role, express the contents and embody the depth of the dance....
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Research on Innovation of University Students’ Work in the New Media Era

Jianfeng Hu
With the development of the information age, the new media has an important impact on all walks of life. Colleges and universities also actively use the new media to carry out the students’ work. In this paper, we firstly introduce the concept of the new media, then point out the achievements and problems...
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Research on Penetration of Anglo-American Culture in University English Teaching

Yifei Li
Anglo American cultural background knowledge is the basic foundation of the correct understanding of words, sentences of English. This paper expound the necessity of penetration of Anglo-American culture, analyses the concept of the Anglo-American culture, points out the principles of penetration of...
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Research on the Absence of Chinese Culture in University English Teaching

Yifei Li
At present, the phenomenon of the absence of Chinese culture in university English teaching is very serious. Based on the description of this phenomenon, this paper analyses the necessity of the penetration of Chinese culture in university English teaching and gives three concrete strategies to accomplish...
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Research on Teaching Reforms of University English under the New Media Background

Yifei Li
The arrival of the new media era provides a good opportunity for university English teaching reforms. This paper analyses the defects existing in traditional English teaching model and then points out the superiority of the English teaching model used new media, finally gives the reforms of university...
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Research on Cultivation of Humanistic Quality in University English Teaching

Yifei Li
Currently, the teachers and students in universities attach importance to the professional learning, while ignoring the humanistic education. This paper gives the present situation of lack of humanistic quality in university English teaching, then analyzes the reasons of the phenomenon, and finally gives...
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Research on Development Strategies of the Quality of Middle School English Teachers

Li Lu
The teachers’ quality determines the effect of education and teaching and influences students' development. The quality of English teachers at middle schools may have a direct impact on that of the English learners. This paper gives four dimensions of quality structure of middle school English teachers...
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Research on the Balance and Coordination Scheme of CLSC under the Manufacturer's Competitive Environment

Chengmu Hu
CLSC this emerging field of science and becoming the focus of attention of business theory, the purpose of the closed-loop supply chain for effective management is to achieve coordinated development of "Economy and Environment", the management concept is conducive to enterprises and sustainable development...
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A Study on Design and Development of Digital Textbooks for Primary School Students

Rong Fan, Jin Cao
Traditional structure of education is mainly supported by print media. The digitalization of textbooks can turn abstract contents into representational contents, thus making it easier to understand and acquire knowledge in textbooks for primary school students. The teaching affairs will become more efficient...
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Study and Reflection on the Optimized Allocation of Papery and Electronic Resources in University and College Libraries

Fanzi Li, Zhuoyi Xu, Fangyuan Han
Since the traditional libraries can hardly meet the daily demands of the modern students, this paper proceeds from the concept of mobile library, and bases on the patron-driven acquisition (PDA) mode to put forward a plan to optimize the allocation of electronic and papery resources through techniques...
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Efficiency of Logistic Industry of Hunan based on DEA

Zhongping Zhao
The logistics industry is a new economic growth point to promote regional economic development. This paper analyzes the logistical efficiency of eight areas in Hunan province from 2005 to 2014 using the BCC model and CCR in DEA analysis. The results show that both the PTE and SE of the logistics industry...
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Study on Correlation between CSR Performance and Financial Performance

Jianwei Han
With the development of economic globalization, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is getting more and more attention. However, there are still some differences on the relationship between CSR performance and corporate financial performance. To explore this problem, we construct the multiple regression...
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Difference Analysis on Ecological Civilization Construction in Reclamation Area

Shasha Pan, Chuanhui Zhang
In order to scientifically evaluate the ecological civilization construction situations in reclamation area, this paper builds a frame system covering three links of pressure – status – response and containing 21 indexes on the basis of PSR model. Meanwhile, an empirical analysis is made for the ecological...
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The Role of Life Satisfaction and Coping Style in the Relationship between Gratitude and School Belonging

Yuhui Qin, Shishuo Qu, Jianyuan Yan, Xiang Wan
Many researches have already been conducted to study the effect of gratitude. Researchers have found that gratitude positively correlates to mental wellbeing, social integration, traits and performance. However, few researchers illustrated how the gratitude worked in helping students adapt themselves...
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Predicting Manpower Demand in Jiangsu Province of China

Wanli Zhang
Manpower predicting is a strategic managerial practice that construction organizations should carry out to ensure appropriate number of workforces. To date, many studies have predicted the manpower demand of construction industry in China using methods like gray model and labor productivity model. This...
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The Review of Management Accounting

Shuo Niu, Jian Du
Recently management accounting has become a popular topic in the field of accounting, this article traces back to the origin of management accounting and illustrates the history of management accounting. Four stages of managerial accounting’s evolution defined by The International Federation of Accountants...
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Medical Resource Sharing Under Background of Information Technology

Juandai Cheng, Changyong Liang, Jian Shu
Disequilibrium and ineffective is a common and long-term contradiction existed in Chinese medical resource area. However, the new healthcare reform, application of information technology and arising of smart health give new ideas to solve this problem, as healthcare reform offer political and financial...
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Adorno's Modern Music Attitudes in "Introduction to the Sociology of Music"

Qun Ma
In the eleventh chapter of "Introduction to the Sociology of Music", Adorno put forward his own views on the development of modern music. He believes that modern music is the most sensitive nerve of society, which shows the turbulence of social structure ahead of other arts. Adorno commends the composer...
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Development Trends and Strategies of TV Media in the Digital Age

Pengcheng Zhang
With the rise of new media technology, television audiences not only are being lost at an alarming rate, but also tend to be aging. At the macro requirements of the digital age, how to innovate, how to attract audiences and how to really get to market to form a complete industrial chain is the biggest...
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Analysis of Silence in Intercultural Communication

Yuan Yuan Quan
Verbal communication and non-verbal communication are two ways of communication between human beings. Verbal communication is important and has significant influence on human behavior, meanwhile, non-verbal communication should not be ignored. Silence is one aspect of non-verbal communication. It can...
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Research on World Economic System Evolution Theory and Application under Symmetry Perspective

Jiaqi Hu
Economic system is a complicated system with continuous evolution. Exploring the evolution of world economy has great significance. The paper applies symmetry theory to research the characteristics of world economy structure, evolution essence, process and mechanism of world economy structure, and proposes...
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Research on Correlation of Perceptual Learning Style, Learning Strategy and College English Proficiency

Jingfei Liu
The aim of the research is to investigate if perceptual learning style and learning strategy has correlation with English learning achievement. The writer tries surveying the overall learning style tendency and overall learning strategy application tendency of students, and analyzes the correlation of...
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Research on Micro-marketing Communication of Organic Tea

Luxing Liu, Shengyi Wu
Based on the recent marketing communications of organic tea, the paper analyzes the problems and selling effect, for exploring some new ways in this field. The paper analyzes marketing communication from two aspects, consumers and products. Based on the factors, the paper establishes a characteristic...
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Research on the Influence of the University City Town Construction in Huaxi Guizhou on the Regional Sustainable Development

Yinjia Miao, Jin He, Zhenhui Wang, Ning Liu, Xinyuan Niu, Xi Du, Wei Xu
By field survey, literature research and other methods, the research group takes the University City Town of Huaxi as an example to explore the relationship between the University City Town construction and regional development. The research group has studied and found that with a collection of urban...
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The Human Resource Outsourcing Decision Analysis of the Enterprise

Xiaoyun Shao
In order to make the human resource management be free from transactional activities, improve the management efficiency of enterprises, and reduce the costs, the human resource management outsourcing begins to prevail. However, being relative to the rapid development of the human resource outsourcing...
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Senior Management Team Performance Evaluation Research based on Human Capital

Xiaoyun Shao
As an enterprise strategic control layer, the senior management team is the core and the soul of the enterprise, which bears the mission of enterprise strategy and decides the survival and future development of enterprises, besides, it enjoys high value of human capital. Building evaluation system of...
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Improvement Research on Computer Assistant Proverb Translation

Jian-yu Zheng, Zi-Cheng Lan, Zhi-Qing Zhang, Chun-Li Liu, Hao-Ting Li, Si-Zhe Hou
The thesis focuses on the efficiency problem caused by the unordered reference version provided by CAT software when calling the translation memory database. The BP neural network is used to study the connection between the translator’s background and his/her preference for the goal of providing translators...
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The Design and Implementation of English Learning System in Open and Distance Education

Xiaodan Wang
Through the research on mobile learning and the status of related technologies, this paper proposes the design of mobile English learning system and analyzes its feasibility and implementation in open and distance education. The author firstly discusses the concept and technology of mobile learning and...
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Design and Implementation of Martial Arts Training Venue Management Information System

Binhua Zhang, Lanmu Zhang, Yang Wu
In the design of this system, we use the language function better, the system database using SQL Server 2005, and system architecture using the B/S system. The user of the system is divided into the stadium administrators and ordinary users. The administrator is in charge of the system management...
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The reform research of colleges and universities sports teaching under the mobile Internet platform

Yang Wu, Binhua Zhang, Qiaozhen Yan
With the development of computer technology, multimedia technology, communication technology in our country, there has been a new educational model of educational technology, where multimedia network teaching is a very prominent part. In this paper, on the basis background of the theory and development...
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Research on the management mode of Vocational School Physical Education Teaching Based on the whole media

Huaping Luo
Based on the departments and processes system management of PE education, I choose the J2EE development platform and the Struts-MVC hierarchical structure design patterns is used. Generally the powerful exercise framework and good design patterns are used to develop the J2EE application, this can shorten...
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The Study on Design Thought of Delicacy Management System for College Students Based on Big Data Idea

Yang Zhao, Ningning Zheng
With the development of technology, a simple data analysis can’t satisfy daily management needs of enterprises and organizations any more. The advent of big data technique brings in an enormous innovation on the traditional analysis mode of data management. The paper conducts a brief analysis on basic...
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Antiknock Performance Study of The CAF60 Military shelter

Chengying Shi, Zongshu Mei, Xinghui Cai
This paper mainly studies the antiknock performance of the CAF60 military shelter in the flow field of explosion in the building. Compared with the air explosion, there are higher shock wave overpressure and super Overpressure time when bombing in building, so the antiknock performance of the military...
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Study on Talent Cultivation Mode and Teaching Methods Reform in Military Academics

Ying Zeng
Military talents are those who have higher culture and scientific quality, much strong innovation consciousness and thinking ability. The overall objective of military talent training is to cultivate the comprehensive-quality military personnel that meet the requirements of military modernization and...
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Research on Current Situation, Problems and Reform Measures in Chinese University Physical Education

Shengfu Li
However, the present situation of university physical education in our country is not optimistic. Many aspects of physical education have problems such as teaching mode, teaching content, teaching object and teaching facilities. This paper puts forward the corresponding countermeasures in order to provide...
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Research on Problems and Solutions of Sports Industry Policy System of China

Hanxi Wang
Sports industry policy has played a great role in promoting the development of sports industry. However, at present, our country has not yet formed unified and perfect sports industry policy system, which restricts the development of sports industry. This paper focuses on sports industry policy system...
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The Research of Sports Digital Training System

Yanxiu Wang, Yipai Jiang
This article uses documents and comprehensive analysis method, on the current situation of the application of virtual reality technology in sports conducted a study and preliminary analysis of the role of virtual reality technology in sports, and the necessity of its application in sports. Think of virtual...
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Society, Art and Technology—Innovation Origin of Interaction Design

Xiaochen Hu
Interaction design is a kind of human-centered design. It considers the relationship between people and information society or technology products as a part of the nature laws. Interaction design research is the research of the future life style and society demands. Therefore, it can push social development...
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Research on Legal Issue of Copyright Protection in the Internet

Lijie Ai
Nowadays, traditional system of copyright that mainly aims at protecting personal rights is facing challenges from the network serving for the public. This paper discusses the challenges of copyright protection in the internet, points out the items of copyright which needs the legal protection in the...
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Research on Pervasive Knowledge Service Field

Min Yao, Zhongwei Liu, Yao Yao
Pervasive knowledge service is the service to people-oriented. Drawing lessons from the basic theory about field in physics and based on pervasive knowledge service space (PKS2), the paper constructs the model of pervasive knowledge service field by means of multidisciplinary research achievements such...
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Investigation And Protection Of Drinking Water Source Environment Status Of Yulin In Guangxi City

Xiuqin Bu, Jinsong Guo, Guangqing Zeng, Yazi He, Jie Liao
In recent years, environmental protection and management of drinking water sources have aroused widespread concern in the community. In this paper, firstly introduce the basic information of the water source; secondly analysis the reserve source of pollution status of drinking water and evaluation; in...
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Research On Enterprise Investment Decision Method Based On Circular-Economy

Junwei Miao
Developing cycle economic is a requirement of the sustainable development of enterprises in our country. It is also the inevitable trend of the development of China’s economy. However, the traditional management accountant investment decision method only considers the impact of investment item operation...
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Research On The Influence Of Advertisement Positioning On Brand Shaping

Ya Xiao, Fei Teng
Advertising is an effective way of sales promotion. Proper advertisement positioning plays an important role in brand shaping and promotes the brand’s value. At the same time, incorrect positioning will destroy brand image.Advertisement positioning theory and practice are investigated. And some elements...
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Research on Practical Teaching Mode of College Advertising Course

Fei Teng, Ya Xiao
College advertising teaching should envisage the trend of market development and its particularity, on the basis of student-oriented, social demand and graduation direction of students oriented, aiming the high quality and skill practical professional talents training. As a subject with very strong practicality,...
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Discussion on challenges and its countermeasures of MOOCs to undergraduate teaching majoring in Internet of things in China

Peng Guo, Naixiang Li, Tonghai Liu
As a kind of new-generated teaching mode, MOOCs brings education great challenges as well as excellent opportunities. We discuss current situation of Internet of Things teaching in China, analyze challenges that MOOCs brought to Internet of Things education, especially on professional course teachers,...
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The Analysis on Comprehensive Production Capacity about Jilin Food Crops

Guofeng Zhang
Grain industry is a mainstay industry of Jilin, and an important part of Jilin economic development. Taking Jilin area as the research object, and on the basis of Jilin statistical yearbook from 2005 to 2014 this paper analyses Jilin overall grain production capacity from the agricultural output value,...
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Research On The Development Trend Of Books' Publishing In China

Xiao-Feng Zhu, Xi-Dan Yang, Shu-Yang Zhang, Xi Tian
First of all, we understood the present challenges and competitions which the development of the publishing industry is facing. Then we analyzed the indicators which affect the development of the publishing industry. After that, we collected the indicators of the three major publications of our country...
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Simple Analysis on Large Data in the Application of Special Vehicle Life Cycle Management

Yunxing Chen, Wang Wei, Xiangpu Ji, Lijun Wang
The basic concepts and the role of large data and life cycle management is briefly elaborated. The application of large data in special vehicles life cycle management is discussed from the side of optimizing the allocation of resources, carrying out the predicable maintenance, training and using personnel,...
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Scientific and Technological Innovation Service Mode Based on Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Linlin Zhang, Haiming Zhao, Xiaole Liao, Yaqian Ji
The development mode of industry-university-research cooperation is the key strategy mind to become scientific and technological (sci-tech) power country. However, there is much resistance in the industry-university-research cooperation activities. Leading intermediary service institution to sci-tech...
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The construction of scientific and technological service platform in industrial clusters

Linlin Zhang, Haiming Zhao, Xiaole Liao, Yaqian Ji
The collaborative development of each unit in industrial clusters is the only way to enhance the regional industrial competitiveness and the regional economy. While the scientific and technological service platform based on integrated source information is an important carrier for enterprise cluster...
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Scenic area capacity calculation method based on dynamic network analysis: the case of Mountain Lu, Jiangxi Province

Ping Li
Many managers and researchers would agree that, accompanying with uncertainty and dynamism, capacity of a scenic area is hard to compute usually. In order to fulfill this purpose, we construct an estimating method based on dynamic network analysis, and verify the validity of the model by a case study...
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Hua Ming Mode----A Case Study of Tianjin Small Town Construction

Jian Ma, Yongjian He
The article summarizes the" Hua Ming Mode" of the small town construction in Tianjin. Namely “contract responsibility system remains untouched, arable land amount keeps unchanged, rural residential demand gets respected, and house and homestead can be exchanged”. The success to the "Hua Ming Mode" is...
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The Integrated Design Mode of Government-Leading Major Projects

Jian Ma, Jian Liu, Xingyu Zhou, Qingdong Zhao
This paper, by analyzing the government-leading major projects and features of the traditional design mode, explains their conflicts and the reason behind. Based on its summary of the successful experience of government-leading major projects, it proposes an integrated design mode which centers on optimizing...
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The Study on Gray-hierarchy Analysis in Risk Management of Subway Construction

Wentao Wang, Zengrong Liu
The factors of risk management have been analyzed and evaluated in subway construction by adopting gray-hierarchy analysis. According to the characteristics of the subway construction, analyze the risk factors of the surrounding environments in the construction period, and establish the gray-hierarchy...
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The Psychological Nursing of Patients with Infectious Diseases

Libing Liu, Fang’e Liu, Qianzhen Hua, Jin Wu
Patients with infectious diseases have their unique psychological characteristics, which differ from those of other kinds of patients. Psychological nursing, as a new approach, can fully exert subjective initiative and accelerate the rehabilitation process. Psychological nursing, as an effective treatment...
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Research on Development Trend of Condemned General Ammunition Destruction

Qi Wang, Xihui Mu, Liangchun Li, Xiaoming Lv
Condemned general ammunition destruction is the terminal and important part of the ammunition life-cycle management. Firstly, the new demands of condemned general ammunition destruction for constructing "Beautiful China" are described in several aspects, such as safety protection, ecological civilization...
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Study of University Online Public Opinion Controlling and Coping Mechanism in Guangdong Province

Zhejun Wang, Ying Jiang, Yuxian Zhong, Lipeng Wan, Leibing Wu, Chulong Luo, Yufeng Luo
From 146 universities in Guangdong province, the author collects university public opinion gathering, university public opinion events and university public opinion department construction by online research and literature research. The author concludes and sums up the characteristics of university online...
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Factors Influencing the User Acceptance of Alipay

Huijuan Guo, Xin Huang, Paul Craig
This study looks at factors that influence user adoption of third-part-payment systems such as Alipay and PayPal. A research model and five hypotheses are proposed based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT). These relate different factors to user adoption and form the basis...
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The Operation Mechanism of E-wallet in E-business

Yanni Li, Zhijuan Li, Yiqun Liu, Lihui Xing
With the rapid development of national economic construction, e-business has gradually improved in China. And the enormous population, gradually increased net-users, improved e-business technologies and government assistance have offered a great foundation to e-business. Consequently, the electronic...
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An Analysis of Enhancing User Stickiness of Group Purchase Websites

Yanling Tang, Ying Wang
As a new member of the electronic commerce, network group purchase provides users with a more convenient, affordable and innovative consumption pattern, as well as a more direct and effective mode to the business. Since the first domestic group purchase was founded in March...
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Integrated Mode Design and Analysis of Networked Learning and PBL Teaching

Ke Yu, Xiaoping Zhu, Yihua Du
In recent years, the networked learning is a kind of new learning style with the development of Internet technology. The new learning style of networked teaching has been widely attention and development. PBL teaching mode is a problem-oriented teaching methods and teaching methods based on students...
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Co-operatives’ Participating Paths in Chinese Agricultural Market

Kun Du
Co-operatives’ return to Chinese agricultural economy is a landmark indicating that the peasant economy is not suitable for the yearly increasing costumers’ demands for agricultural products. Taking advantage of the economy of scale, how to participate in Chinese agricultural market is a complicated...
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Research on the Regulatory System of the PPP Infrastructure Project of the Government Based on the Green Perspective

Jie Sun, Huijiang Gong, Lu Sun
Urban infrastructure construction and people's quality of life has a profound significance to the urban development. This article is based on the comparison of infrastructure PPP projects at home and abroad, from the perspective of green government is trying to build a perfect system of government regulation....
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Mean-risk model for portfolio selection with uncertain returns

Wei Li, Weiyi Qian, Mingqiang Yin
This paper discusses the uncertain portfolio selection problem when security returns are hard to be well reflected by historical data. In portfolio selection, risk analysis is one of the most important topics and research on quantitative definition of risk remains core of the topic. A new risk measure...
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On Innovation of College Student Management under Network Environment

Lehui Huang, Miaomiao Li
In the era of knowledge economy, the network has already gone deep into people’s life and production of all aspects, and people’s thinking, behavior norms and values are also interrupted by the huge impact, which brings new opportunities and challenges to the college student management. Under the network...
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The Preliminary Exploration about the Design of the Top Interface of the Gymnasium of Ice Sport based on the Dynamic Optimization of Natural Light Environment

Ying Liu, Ge Yu, Changhe Wang
In this paper, from the dynamic optimization perspective of the natural light environment, applying the value analysis to the top interface design of the gymnasium of ice sport, to explore of the design object of the top interface of the gymnasium of ice sport on the natural light environment. To break...
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Control and Management: the Keys to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Architecture companies

Jie Shen, Zefeng Xu
In recent years, architecture companies have undertaken important tasks of infrastructure construction in China’s economic and social development, but they are also facing great challenges. Based on the characteristics of architecture companies, this paper argues that the keys to improve the efficiency...
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Effect of Quenching and Tempering Treatment on the Microstructure and Properties of Q345B Casting

Biao Wang, Shifu Chen, Wenkai Chen
This paper mainly discusses the effects of heat treatment of Q345B steel at 900~1060 quenching +450 tempering treatment on the performance of steel. After heat treatment, the steel samples of different treatments were taken to observation and test to get the statistical analysis of test results by changing...
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Ecological Footprint Analysis:Case of Xiushan County

Weijun He, Jun Wu, Hui Zhang
Protecting the ecological environment of Wuling Mountain Area is important for realization sustainable development in the area. This study, using the ecological foot print model calculated the ecological footprint and ecological capacity of the XiuShan county. According to the analysis the results for...
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Geological Conditions of Shale Gas Accumulation of Yanghugou Formation in Western Margin of Ordos Basin

Chongjing Wang, He Zhang
Dark shale and silty mudstone are rich in Yanghugou Formation. The thrust nappe moments, popularly developed in study areas, may lead to form thick-layer shale. Geological conditions are good for shale gas accumulation as follows: firstly, the main type of organic kerogen is III, and type II—I, hydrocarbon...
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Effects of Different Temperatures and Light Intensities on physiological characteristics of Didymodon vinealis

Ying Lv, Ling Tao, Jun Ren
To obtain a better culture conditions and the optimum environmental factors for Didymodon vinealis (D. vinealis) in light incubator, effects of different light intensities (40, 120 and 240 µE.m-2.s-1) and temperatures (15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 ) on physiological characteristics of D. vinealis were studies...
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Theoretical Framework of Agricultural Scientific and Technological Competitiveness

Kun Du
In the very paper we introduce the brief review about the study of the agricultural scientific and technological competitiveness in China. For constructing the theoretical framework, we provide a logical model and a process model to explain the origin and the formation of agricultural scientific and...
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Influential factors and assessment of WTP for improving water environment in rural areas of Western China: a case study in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Yunhua Zhang, Jingchun Feng, Ke Zhang
This paper aims to study the personal willingness to pay (WTP) on improving water environment and the influential factors in four typical rural areas of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region where confront non-point-source (NPS) pollution. For this, questionnaire was designed according to the Contingent Valuation...
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Using Logistic Regress Model for Analysis of Sports Consumption Behavior among Adolescents

Hongjiang Wang
The purpose of this study was to explore the relations between sports consumption behavior and influential factors among different adolescents in Chengdu. 2830 students in primary and secondary schools from traditional specialist schools and common schools participated in this survey. After analyzing...
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Analysis of Provenance Trac ng Methods Of Baux te Depos t

Tao Cui
Research on provenance of bauxite deposit is a difficult topic throughout the world, based on the domestic and foreign latest researches, analysis methods of provenance of bauxite deposit are discussed here, which includes zircon provenance tracing, Harker Diagrams of major elements, trace element analysis,...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Two Kinds of Repair Agents for Gun Tubes

Xiang-Dong Men, Feng-He Tao, Lin Gan
Erosion and wear of the gun tube are the main factors to reduce life of artillery, which restrict the development of the artillery. Gun tube repair agent technology is one of the main methods to reduce the erosion and wear, and extend the life of the tube. Currently, there are main types of repair agent,...
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The Construction of Multimodal English Classroom for the Cultivating of Multiliteracy

Huafang Hu
One of the basic tasks of English teaching in the information age is to improve students’ multiliteracies. The thesis introduces the concept of multiliteracy and multimodality and their relationship, and then it discusses the construction of multimodal English classroom for the cultivating of multiliteracy....
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Teaching discussion and reform on civil engineering graduate design trained by excellent engineer

Tie Chen, Qinghua Ai, Yuxue Li
University of Engineering graduation project is completed successfully "Excellence Engineer" training program as well as a vital innovation ability of graduates reflect and challenging Practice. In this paper, based on "outstanding engineers education training plan" issued by the Ministry of Education...
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Research and application of intelligent teacher evaluation system of private universities in China

Bo Yang, Li-na Zhang
China's private universities as a supplement to public education, in recent years, rapid development, and continuously improve the strength of school. The internal management of private colleges and universities has its own characteristics, the subject of education is the students and teachers, and the...
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The application of Quadrifid Graphs Model in content system optimization of the vocational course based on working process —taking the course of Techniques of Car Sales for example

Yan Du, Ning Sun
In this paper, taking as example, the working process based vocational course system is optimized and established by employing Quadrifid Graphs Model analysis method. The new course system can achieve the job vocational capacity of automobile sales consultant accurately and definitize the reform trend...
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Research on the Improvement of College Students’ Entrepreneurial Ability in the University Entrepreneurship Education

BaoSheng Guo
Developing the entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities is the need of the times, by which we can improve college students' creative ability, which is to cultivate innovative talents, to build an innovation oriented by country’s needs; which is to encourage and guide students to start...
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The Lesson Design of Extensive Reading Teaching

Wei Zhang
Reading, especially Extensive Reading, is an important skill in the L2 acquisition. Extensive Reading is also a required course of FL teaching in universities. To achieve a good method of teaching Extensive Reading, a lesson design is necessary. This paper tries to illustrate the lesson design of Extensive...
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On the Influence of Chinese Culture on Ezra Pound

Yang Zhao
As a well-known modern poet and outstanding critic and translator, Pound is praised as the leading authority in American contemporary poetic circles, and he is also an acknowledged leader for the Imagistic Verse of American Literature. It is believed that Pound is a poet with love for Chinese culture....
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The Application of Memetics applied in college English teaching

Wei Li
This study attempts from the perspective of memetics, conducts a empirical research of teaching College English .This study hopes to fne out how to apply memetics to College English teaching. This paper first introduces the current situation and teaching mode of memetics and College English . The author...
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Research on Innovative Design of Product Packaging

Kang Fan, Yingyan Chen, Yangang Zhou
The design of product packaging is a bridge of communicating the customers with the enterprise, which also is the key to making mutual benefits. In this paper, it takes the definition of the design of product packaging as the starting point, with the technical support of product packaging design service...