Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management and Computer Science

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Study on Current Situation of Geography Learning of Junior Middle School Students in Chuxiong City

Sumei Guo, Wujun Xi
To understand the status of junior middle school students geography learning in Chuxiong city, reduce blindness of geography teaching, improve teaching quality and efficiency, a geography learning questionnaire survey of four junior middle schools in Chuxiong city was made. Some problems were found as...
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Present Situation and Countermeasures of Modern Service Industry in Liaoning Province

Yinghong Zhao, Haiting Zhang
The degree of development of modern service industry is an important indicator of the level of social modernization. As an industry which is the most potential and high growth, the development of modern service industry in Liaoning Province has important practical significance to Liaoning Province's...
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The Process and Strategy Study of Business Communication

Yi Lu, Mu Sun
Business communication plays an important part in modern business activities and is an essential part in this information economy. This paper aims to discuss how to be an effective business communicator. First, it analyses the process of business communication. Then it discusses how to be a good listener...
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Review and Analysis on Focus in High School Mathematics in America

Feng Tian
The publication of Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making was marked by NCTM, which captured the direction for high school mathematics for students in the twenty-first century in America.Firstly, the context and the frame were reviewed. Secondly, the contents, the principles and...
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Construct Optimal Binary Search Tree by Using Greedy Algorithm

Chun Shi, Ming Zhao, Chunyu Li, Chunlei Lin, Zhengjie Deng
Focus on some constructions of binary tree, there are many methods to resolve this problem. With analyzes between binary search tree and Huffman tree, we introduce information retrieval issue and compare the Huffman tree with optimal binary search tree. And we further present a method that use greedy...
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Influence of International Crude Oil Price Fluctuations on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member Countries and Observer Countries

Yu Wang
Based on the panel data of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member countries and observer countries' economic growth and the exchange rate from 1994 to 2015, this paper established the panel vector auto regression model (PVAR), and analyzed how the international oil prices fluctuation affects he...
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A Research of Business Model in the Circumstance of Open Innovation-Use Huawei as a Case

Jie Wang
With the deep development of economic globalization and the ever-increasing change of international division ‘open innoviation’ has become a better choice for many enterprises.However,in the circumatance of open innoviation,the business models also have some reform requirements.With the coordination...
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The Structure, Level and Influence of China's R & D Industry---- Comparison between Domestic and Foreign Based on Input Output Method

Ying Wang
This paper does the transverse and longitudinal comparative analysis about the level, the structure and the influence of R&D industry among China, United States, Japan, Germany and Korea using the method of input and output. We found that the proportion of China's service industry and R&D industry are...
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Influence and Countermeasures Research on Ideological and Political Education of College Students with WeChat

Yao Li
With the rapid development of technology, WeChat is the hottest social information platform and has become the most popular communication mode. WeChat offers college students new space of the exchange information, interactive learning and emotional catharsis, while is has a significant impact on the...
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The Study on Dilemma and Solution of Teaching Reformation of Medical Physics in Local Medical University

Benchao Zhu, Weiwei Jiang, Fan Zhang
Faced with the policy of the encouragement local university transformation to skill and applied type from Ministry of Education, the public courses are in the position to carry on a new round of teaching reform. After presented the present situation and usually reformation forms of medical physics course...
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Visualization of Extracted Digital Ink Text Based on Reliability

Hao Bai
The result of segmented digital ink text contains three levels: characters, lines and paragraphs. Characters make up a significant percentage in the result and the situations of them are always complex. Automatic methods hardly provide completely correct result of extracted characters. So the result...
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The Relationship between Industrial Water Consumption and Economic Development---the Strictest Water Resources Management System

Yue Li, Yanlong Li, Yang Yang
In this paper, it was based on the inter provincial panel data of 2005-2014. And it divided the 31 provinces into the East, the Middle and the West. Then this paper explored the Environment Kurtz Curve(EKC) between economic development and water use of each industrial area and discussed the optimal threshold....
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The Empirical Analysis of Teaching Quality Guarantee System for Universities Based on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and Fuzzy Neural Network Models

Chunfeng Liu, Peiluan Li, Baoan Li
In this paper, the modeling analysis about teaching quality guarantee system is discussed. In Henan University of Science and Technology, for example, first the corresponding questionnaire survey has been made, then using the method of analytic hierarchy structure and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to...
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Experimentally Research on Stability Power of Erbium-doped Fiber Super Fluorescent Source

Xiaobo Zhou
In order to obtain stability power of erbium-doped fiber super fluorescent source, the influence factors of temperature and power changes on the source are theoretically analyzed, according to the working principle and characteristics of SFS designed the driving circuit including automatic power control(APC)...
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Discussion of Normal University Students’ SMK and the Development of MPCK

Mengmin Guo, Sanping Li
The transformation from mathematics knowledge (MK) to mathematics pedagogical content knowledge (MPCK) is an important channel for mathematics teachers to develop their MPCK, and in order to reach the target, they must firstly have a good grasp of mathematics knowledge. While in the survey about mathematical...
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Design of a New High-precision Digital Frequency Meter

Jiawei Liu, Hongwei Zhang
In order to solve the problem of low speed of the equal precision digital frequency meter based on MCU and FGPA, this paper proposed a new communication protocol between MCU and FPGA, in which a 16-bit data bus was applied for data parallel transmission and the FSM was used to realize 32-bit data transmission...
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An Empirical Study on the Effect of Implementing Formative Assessment in the Preparatory Education of Undergraduate Foreign Students Founded by the Chinese Government Scholarship

Hongjian Xu
In order to improve the quality of the Preparatory Education of Undergraduate Foreign Students Founded by the Chinese Government Scholarship, the author wants to compare the effect of formative assessment and the traditional summative assessment. This study experimentally investigated the zero-based...
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Development of Dynamic Modular Curriculum System Driven by Typical Work Tasks--A Case of Tourism Major of High Vocational College

Yunqin Liu
The traditional subject curriculum model is deconstructed through the in-depth research of the tourism industry and Tourism Speciality of vocational education. With the typical tasks-driven of tourism industry professional post -group and specific career scene for the module, the dynamic modular curriculum...
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The Application of Desktop Virtualization Technique in College Computer Room Management

Shi Jie Wu
As the development of information technology, Virtualization desktop technology has occupied a place in the management of the university computer room. Computer room management involves more content, virtual desktop technology can play a specific effect at different levels. This paper mainly explains...
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Application and Research on an Improved Clustering Method in Teaching Evaluation

Shaorong Feng
In order to analyze the teaching evaluation data effectively, based on the diversity of the weight of different evaluation indexes, this paper focuses on the issue of the current evaluation index weight setting, the method of combined weight distribution is proposed. In order to improve the accuracy...
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Application of Powder X - Ray Diffraction in the Identification of Chinese Patent Medicine

Yingxue Li, Yankun Li, Leilei Zhao
Powder X - ray diffraction technique is a new scientific method to analyze the structure of the material, which has been applied to a variety of disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, etc. Due to the special properties of the X - ray diffraction Fourier map of each Chinese patent medicine, the geometric...
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Employment Guidance in Applied University: Organization and Practice

Mingxia Ding, Dayong Huo
In this paper, ten problems about employment guidance in applied university are proposed. The problems are classified into three parts: Students’ personal weakness; Problems about Communication between students, employers and schools (SES); Problems about job fairs. Applied universities in ZHongyuan...
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Primary Exploring of POGIL-MOOC Combined Teaching Mode for Medical Graduate Education

Hong Zhang, Yuting Fan, Yang Luo
Medical graduate education is an activity of teaching and learning to create and apply profound professional knowledge. However, current medical graduate education is following an undergraduate model, where guided teaching and hubristic teaching is scarce, curriculum is lagging the activity of students...
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The Application of MATLAB in the Teaching of Electronic Information Engineering

Haocui Du, Yuanshao Hou
MATLAB is not only widely used in the field of engineering, but also in electronic information engineering teaching. In the teaching process of electronic information engineering, teachers can convenient use the MATLAB tool kit functions and showing the effect pictures of the content that they are saying;...
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Study on Map Reading Skill of High School Students in Chuxiong City

Jiaofeng Chen, Wujun Xi
To understand the status of Map Reading Skill of high school students in Chuxiong city, reduce blindness of geography teaching, improve teaching quality and efficiency, a map reading skill questionnaire survey of four high schools in Chuxiong city was made. Some problems were found as follows: the basic...
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Research on Training Mode of Accounting Personnel in the Demand of Professional Competence

Yinghong Zhao, Danmeng Gao
From the needs of accounting professional competence perspective, we discussed the need of accounting reflect object for what kind of professional competence accounting personnel should have and analyzed what kind of professional competence accounting personnel should have in the present market demand....
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Annotation to the Mathematics Connotation in the Perspective of Philosophy and Education

Feng Tian
Mathematics connotation could be annotated in the different perspective. Different person has different view. In the point of mathematical education, philosophy and education are both very important fields. The field of philosophy lays particular emphasis on the original source and the nature of mathematics....
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Two Algorithms for Weight Problems

Chun Shi, Xin Yin, Chunyu Li, Ruyin Xu, Shuqian He
Research on weight problem is helpful to solve other problems, and it has practical significance for the design of the algorithm and the solution of the real life. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the solution for the weight problem with both greedy algorithm and dynamic programming. We mainly...
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Study the Effect of Environmental Kuznets Curve on China's Economic Growth Based on Income Inequality

Juanjuan Qin
In this paper, using time-series data of China from 1981 to 2011, in the perspective of the income inequality expands Environmental Kuznets Curve and analysis the effects of environmental pollution, and by the impact of extending the four-quadrant diagram, draw the economic growth mechanism. The results...
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Money Market Fund Risk Measurement

Xue Zeng
This paper use VaR to measure the risk of money market fund. And VaR has many methods to calculate, this paper choose only one method which is more appropriate to our money market fund. First part is background and meaning, point out the importance of risk measurement. Second part is about past research...
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The Risk Management Research of Treasure Futures

Shuzhen Wang
The futures as a derinatives in the financial market is not the real thing, but a standardization contract that can be trade. In reality, we can make use of spot and futures to hedge which can reduce risk, investors can do more or short to speculative, which can lead to the market turmoil. In the year...
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Computer Virus Prevention from the Perspective of Quality Management

Leilei Zhao, Tiejun Ci, Yingxue Li
With the deepening degree of information technology, network technology and the rapid development of computer virus outbreaks it provides an effective way to spread. From time to time by the computer virus attacks, seriously affect the normal operation of the computer. Computer viruses have the unique...
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Research on Green Low Carbon Development in China

Tingfa Zhang, Jiubin Pang, Peng Sun
Under the background of global warming, only the development of low carbon economy can improve the utilization efficiency of existing energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, relieve the negative ecological environment impact due to economic growth. China currently has the advantage of the low carbon...
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Empirical Analysis on the Factors Affecting the Location of Household

Congyang Shi
Since joining the WTO, China's growing openness of the retail sector, and before the end of 2004, China phased out of restrictions on foreign investment in the retail business area, the number of shares and other aspects. Rapid development of home appliance chain enterprises are extremely stunning. How...
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Empirical Research on the Impact of FDI to Environmental Pollution in Jiangsu

Wenjing Shan
The paper collect the data of industrial waste water, industrial waste gas, industrial solid wastes, foreign direct investment (FDI) and net export of Jiangsu Province from 1995 to 2014 ,with the methods of econometrics and E-views, to analyze quantitatively the relationship between FDI of Jiangsu and...
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The Rational Thinking of Promoting Ecological Civilization Construction in the Universities

Naizhu Huang, Jiaming Zhong, Yuan Xiao
In order to implement the Party's basic spirit of ecological civilization construction in the eighteenth congress, the universities which its core tasks is personnel training should actively promote the sustainable development education in practicing ecological civilization construction. The sustainable...
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Application of Judicial Case Method on Health Law Teaching

Lin Yang, Xuan Zheng
As a compulsory course for medical students, health law has mature teaching methods. Case teaching methods in the teaching of health law have been commonly used. However, most of the implementation of case teaching methods remains at the stage of "illustrate", "case teaching", which may not reflect the...
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Current Situation and Analysis of the Medical Physics Experiment in Local Medical College

Jia Guo, Weiwei Jiang, Zhu Benchao
In this paper, the comparative analysis method is used to compare the relation between the key comprehensive university and local medical college, medical physics experiment course. The results show that there are many factors, in the subjective and objective, cause the same one course having the different...
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Research on the Paths of Domestic Cars Go out of Low-End Situation—Take Lifan Cars for Example

Lei He
Car industry is of large economic scale, with long industry chains, having huge impact on national economy and social life. In recent years, production and sales of cars in our country have increased significantly, we have been large producer of cars already, but the the competitiveness of cars industry...
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Application of R Software in the Experiment Teaching of Medical Advanced Mathematics

Jun Zhao, Lin Yang
Experimental teaching is an important part of Medical Advanced Mathematics. The software R, which is widely used, is an open source mathematical computing environment. It has powerful functions and plenty of packages. After analyzing the practical problems in college mathematics teaching, this paper...
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Einstein Energy-Momentum Pseudotensor in Generalized Covariant Equation

Jia Guo, Weiwei Jiang, Zhu Benchao
This paper first focused on the Einstein general covariance principle. By constructing the differential form energy-momentum conservation in the presence of gravitational field,. the famous Einstein energy-momentum pseudo tensor is finally presented. And then, the properties, application range and limitation...