Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management and Computer Science

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Analysis of Business Model for MOOC Platform

Miao Shang, Chunfei Ju, Jun Yang
In recent years, , the MOOC as a kind of new class that has gained rapid development with the development of higher education. The development of MOOC impact the traditional teaching mode of higher education. The MOOC platform is continuously advancing in some colleges and universities. The MOOC emerged...
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An Overview of Neuronal Network and Neurodynamics

Jian Zhou, Ning Cai, Lingjin Kong
The nervous system is composed of a large number of neurons, and the electrical activities of neurons can present multiple modes during the signal transmission between neurons by changing intrinsic bifurcation parameters or under appropriate external forcing. In this review, the dynamics for neuron,...
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Analysis of the Ecological Management and Control Strategy of the Third Party Sellers on the Electronic Business Platform of

Xiaowei Zhu, Yuan Li
At present, the rapid growth of e-commerce transactions in China, the innovation of its operation model has become increasingly active, e-commerce presenting a multi-level, diversified development trend. At the same time electronic business platform for the rapid growth of business, the problem of management...
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Research on the Development and Application of Teaching Resources Sharing Platform in Higher Vocational Colleges

Haihuai He
China's Ministry of education has made it clear that for those covering area widely, the demand for larger professional, the relevant departments have the funding to improve the construction of teaching resources sharing platform and teaching resource library. With the continuous expansion of the scope...
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Research on the College Students' Employment Ability Development with Concept of Career Development

Rui Zhang
It is the current issues of common concern that college students' employment problem in society. It's important to improve the employment rate and promote the development of social economy. How to improve college students' employment ability Only develop their independent innovation ability and let them...
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Calibration System for Multi Channel Oedometer

Dong Liu
In order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data of rock and soil consolidation, the oedometer must be calibrated periodically. A multi channel oedometer calibration system is designed to achieve the control, acquisition, analysis, processing and storage of multiple pressure or lever type oedometer....
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The Design of on Line Thermo-humidity Monitoring System Based on ZigBee Technology

Wei Qin
The traditional wired soil thermo-humidity monitor is inconvenient to wire the monitoring equipment and unable to automatically monitor in real time. In response to these shortcomings, the soil thermo-humidity real time online monitoring system basing on Zigbee technology is developed. The system takes...
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To Promote the Development of University Students’ Innovative Education by Analyzing Teaching Management in Colleges and Universities

Hongyang Sun
Innovative education has been vigorously advocated in recent years. Innovation not only helps individuals to make progress but also makes constant development for a country. In today’s society with rapid development of science and technology, innovation has become a necessity for personal or social development....
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The Current College Educational Management Status and Innovation Mechanism in the New Situation

Zhi Cao
Modern educational reform aims to promote the students’ overall development and improve their comprehensive quality. At present, college educational management reform has also become the focus of the whole society and requires deep research by the education authorities involved. In recent years, the...
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The Application of Interaction Emotion Teaching Method in University Innovation Education

Yang Wu
With the development of the society and colleges and universities, the teaching management work in colleges and universities appears new situation and problems, and the ideas of the students there also gradually develop toward the diversification trend. The large individual differences of the students...
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Stability Analysis of Equilibrium Point of Population Competitive Model

Yun Ouyang, Kexin Yuan, Wusheng Wang
In this paper, the stability of equilibrium points of two species competitive model are studied. On the base of logistic model, the competitive model of two species living in the same natural environment is considered. Firstly, the four equilibrium points of the two species competition model are given,...
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A Research on the Momentum of China’s Economic Growth——Based on the Data of 1978-2014

Tingting Li
On the basis of the trans-log production function model, the paper analyses the economic data during 1978-2014 through the labor, capital and technical factors, and delivering a conclusion on the sources of China’s economic growth within this period. This paper adds the time trend variable(t= T—1978)...
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Students Status Analysis and Class Teaching Effect Evaluation System Based on the Analysis of Monitoring Video

Qingxiang Wang
Students status analysis is important to the teaching effect evaluation and improvement. In this paper, we propose a method to acquire the status of students by analyzing the monitoring video processing. We use the HD cameras in front of the classroom to capture the real time class video and transmit...
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Comparison of Definition of Several Fractional Derivatives

Yun Ouyang, Wusheng Wang
The idea of fractional derivatives was raised first by L'Hospital in 1695. The fractional calculus and its mathematical consequences attracted many mathematicians such as Fourier, Euler, Laplace. Various definitions of non-integer order integral or derivative was given by many mathematicians. In this...
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Research on Bottleneck Analysis and Solution of Restricting Employment of the Vulnerable Groups of College Students

Yang Zhang
Under the background of "labor shortage" and "difficult employment", deep analyze of the current situation and causes of restricting the employment bottleneck of vulnerable group of College students, Understand the law of employment behavior and influencing factors of the vulnerable groups of College...
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The Incorporation of Mahara E-Portfolio Platform into English Speaking Course

Wenchao Sun
Speaking course is an important part of college English teaching in China, but traditional teaching model cannot meet the new social requirement. Government and universities are developing new models of English teaching in a networked environment. Mahara, an open-source learning platform with e-Portfolio,...
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The Exploration of Culturally-loaded Expressions in Translation

Chunhua Shen
It is very difficult to deal with the cultural-loaded expressions in translation. So it is necessary to find the principles in translating, Based on this, this paper will illustrates first the different kinds of cultural-loaded expressions, and then list the difficulties of dealing with cultural-loaded...
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Rotor Speed Load Calculation and Analysis

Min Ji, Jifeng He
In this paper, on the basis of accurate calculation, combined with the test data, summarize the rotor aerodynamic load and load some change rules and characteristics of the blade structure, we can be used as the basis for correct calculation model and the research on mechanism of load and the foundation...
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Research on the Correlation between English Scores in College Entrance Examination and Learning Strategies for Students of International Cooperative Education Program

Xingfeng Liu
297 students of international cooperative education program of Wuhan University of Technology are taken as samples for the analysis and study of the correlation between English scores in college entrance examination and English learning strategies. The results have showed in four aspects: (1) students...
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Flip the Study of classroom teaching of English Linguistics

Lixia Wang
In comprehensive English teaching, English linguistics is a compulsory subject is very important, is characterized by a high degree of strong theoretical, abstract, to student's thinking ability and language [1] have higher requirements.Colleges and universities in order to keep up with the pace of the...
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Research and Design of Wireless Intelligent System for Ordering Management

Xiaoyue Wang, Xinping Hong, Haixu Xi, Lijuan Gao
Selecting the Single Chip Microcomputer SPCE061A as the control core, combining wireless communication technology, computer technology and other technologies, a new type of wireless intelligent system for ordering management has been designed. The system mainly includes wireless intelligent ordering...
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Study of the Connection between Personnel Training of Normal Geography Specialty and the Objective of Geographical Course in Senior High School

Jun Hong
This paper profoundly investigates the connection between the personnel training requirements of normal Geography Specialty in universities and the objective of geographical course in senior high school through collection of geography textbooks of senior high school and Personnel Training Plan of geography...
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A Discussion on the Functional Effect of Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Aesthetic View on Ordinary College Vocal Music Teaching--Reflections on the Present Situation of College Vocal Music Teaching

Shalin Han, Tao Yu
Chinese traditional vocal music originated in ancient times. The Singing and The Central Plains Phonology produced by the Yuan Dynasty became the earliest vocal music works, theoretical value and the aesthetic standard of” Correct pronunciation and tone, affectionately “has been widely recognized in...
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Teaching Reform of Applied Undergraduate Computer Basic Courses Based on Skills, Application and Innovation

Nan Xie, Liru Han, Daqing Li, Saiqun Lu
The purpose of training applied undergraduate colleges and public computer course teaching program as the leading factor, the teaching members do some teaching reform in public computer basic courses of undergraduate non computer majors. The ways of implementation mainly include setting up the students...
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Rock Thin Section Image Classification Research from Shallow Network to Deep Neural Network

Rongfang Gao, Chunxu Ji, Xinjian Qiang, Guojian Cheng, Ye Liu
Image classification technology has made tremendous progress with the development from shallow network (neural network) to deep neural network, image classification based on deep neural network has become popular in the field of image classification technology. By introducing shallow network and deep...
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The Design of Electric Bicycle Charging Station Based on Solar Photovoltaic Power

Huaizhong Chen
With the currently for DC micro grid of exploration and research, this paper puts forward the solar photovoltaic electric bicycle charging station research and design based on. It is the application of the solar photovoltaic power generation power through the DC bus to the electric bicycle load, through...
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Study on the Forging of Enterprise Learning Ability Based on the Learning Cycle Theory

Bingfeng Liu
The basis of learning ability is the ability to extract. Is able to organize the individual good experience, a good way to sum up, and on this basis to find the law in order to guide the organization of the future work, this action is forging. But most enterprises have not formed the system of learning...
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Study of the Quality Reputation of Military Automobile Polit Training

Muqi Xiao
Automobile driver training is an important part of the military force training, quality driver training, directly affect the army security force generation and enhance combat capability. In the evaluation of driver training quality, is to strengthen the team construction, an important measure to improve...
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Research on the Optimization of Express Service Network Based on Carbon Emission

Baohua Shen, Juan Jiang
Since entering twenty-first Century, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's way of life has also changed greatly. Among them, online shopping is the most common way of life; it also promotes the development of China's express delivery industry. However, China's express...
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Teaching Reform on the Combination of Apparel Design and Fashion Process under Multi-perspectives

Xiaorong Deng
Teaching method of fashion process calls for reforming the traditional instruction models, exposing students more practice and chances in an attempt to equip the students with the knowledge of essential spirit of fashion design. Starting with the combination of fashion process with the practical apparel...
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Analysis of the Influence Factors and Prevention of Computer Network Information Security

Hang Su, Zunyi Shang, Pengfei Yin
With the continuous progress of computer network technology, computer network has been closely related to people's daily life. Internet with a great convenience, can help people get more information, on the basis of which ,numerous shopping platform, chat platform and game platform constantly grew up...
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Analysis of Blended Teaching Pattern of Engineering Mechanics in the Information Age

Yanxia Wang
The reformation and innovation of information technology has brought great impact and challenge to modern college teaching. “Mixed Teaching Pattern Analysis” is the change and inheritance of college traditional teaching pattern under current information background and has a strong feasibility and necessity....
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Design of Machine Sorting Based College Course Selection System

Qiliang Sun, Qixia Zhang
This article discusses a machine sorting problem in Management Information System. We take course selection system as an example. Teachers browse the courses and apply for the courses on the web. According to machine sorting results, the system determines a list of teachers to teach the course. Among...
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Spread Spectrum Based on Semiconductor Superlattices True Random Sequence

Minmin Guo, Yongming Nie, Xin Ding
A setup for information transmission based on physical random sequence spreading method, which is generated by physical random number generator based on room-temperature chaotic oscillations in weakly coupled semiconductor superlattices, is demonstrated. The spreading processing and auto-correlationg...
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Research on Educational Form Innovation of Universities Values under Big Data Era

Yuntao Liu
Now days, with a rapid developing society, developed technology, information communicating, the communication between people is more and closer and the life is becoming more and more convenient. Big date is a production of high technology. Under big date ages, the educational work of universities’ values...
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The Design and Implementation of the Micro Laser Engraving Machine Based on STM32

Zhenhua Wang, Linna Xu, Xianzheng Su
This design is based on the main control chip of STM32, A3967 stepper motor driver chip is used to conduct the motion control for the stepper motor, and the low-power laser head is adopted.The mechanical part adopts XY two-axis screw sliding table,thus the conceptual design and implementation of a desktop-level...
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Strong Detonation of a Certain Type of no Fragment Design and Simulation Research

Yongzhong Ma
In order to solve the problem caused by strong detonation play fragment damage, the design of the double-layer structure without fragment strong detonation, using ls-dyna nonlinear analysis tools of the strong detonation is set up simulation model of the dispersion of inner shell fragment, and shell...
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Intelligent Electrical Apparatus Control Simulation System

Shoujin Wang, Zhaoyang Xu, Jiyuan Feng
With the progress and development of computer science and technology, motion capture is increasingly being used in many fields of intelligent surveillance and intelligent electronic device control and other smart appliances. Intelligent electrical apparatus control simulated system is using the camera...
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Strengthening Engineering Application, Simplifying Theoretical Derivation and Reflecting Humanistic Spirit

Yanxia Wang
Spring Admission is for the secondary vocational school graduates and ordinary high school graduates. Most students just received junior high school or high school education. The foundation of mathematics for engineering mechanics is generally not good. Engineering mechanics is the first course college...
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Research on Aerodynamic Noise Reduction of Wind Turbine Blades Based on Tyto longimembris Bionic Tail Edge

Shaoyu Wang, Quan Wang
In this paper, CFD software is used to simulate the Fluent numerical simulation of the DU300 airfoil trailing edge and the trailing edge of DU300. Using LES turbulence model, calculating the FW-H equation, the noise transformed by FFT transform, and the sound field distribution of the blade aerodynamic...
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The Study of the Model of Intelligent Community Building

Yucong Zhang
The economic society has got a further development and the Internet, Internet of things and other technology has got great progress. Serving for the public through intelligent community buliding and intelligent approaches has become the consensus of the governments of all levels. This paper analyzes...
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Research on the Application of Inverse Fuzzy Number to the Time Series Forecasting Algorithm of Tourism Revenue

Pingli Xu, Yufei Wang, Kun Zhang
A kind of improved method, applied to Hangzhou Songcheng theme park tourism income and found that are known in the simulation and prediction of the value, regional value of grey model to predict the smaller fuzzy time series forecasting is proposed in this paper. The prediction formula is simple and...
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Microscopic Characteristics Research about Eaglewood Based on the Theory of Digital Detection Technology

Zhuang Li, Haifeng Wang, Kun Zhang
In this paper, the computer vision technology is applied to eaglewood microscopic characteristics of organization structure research, development of the automation and intelligence of eaglewood organizational structure measurement and identification technology. To explore the establishment of eaglewood...
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The Evaluation of Typical Connection Mode of Distribution Network Based on TOPSIS

Bingqian Song
The distribution network plays a very important role on the transmission network and the power users, is responsible for ensuring reliable and continuous power supply and providing a good power quality. This paper aims to establish a mathematical model based on TOPSIS with integrated reliability, flexibility...
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Analysis Range-Free Node Location Algorithm in WSN

Xiaojun Liu, Jianyu Wang
This paper firstly introduced the basic concept of node location algorithm in WSN, node location technology standard of performance evaluation. Then analyzed the localization process of the six range-free localization algorithms, performance, application scope and the problems. Finally, node density...
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Study on Earnings Management Behavior of *ST Companies--Takes *ST SKGF as an Example

Jihui Sun, Xiufei Liang
The Company which was carried out delisting risk warning usually uses various means of earnings management to reach the purpose of “shell”, because “shell” resources of Chinese public companies are scarce and precious. Under such background, this paper investigates the motivation of earnings management...
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Analysis on Training of Practical Ability in the Major of Information Management and Information System Based on Local University

Jianbiao Huang, Jiaming Zhong, Li Jiang
Local universities must to adapt local economic and social development, and generally located at the applied technology universities. The major of information management and information system is a highly practical interdisciplinary major, this paper analyzes the construction of practical ability and...
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Strategic Research of China’s Foreign Trade Based on Balanced Development of Import and Export Trade

Dejun Yu, Feilin Luo
Since the reform and opening up (1978), China’s economic take-off, to a great extent, has benefited from the tremendous achievements of the development of foreign trade. China’s import and export trade has experienced a leapfrog development in the past thirty-plus years since then: the total volume of...
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Research on the Blended Teaching of Mathematics in Military Academy Based on the Micro-lectures

Hongmei Pei, Xin Wang
Mathematics is one of the most important basic courses in military academy, its traditional teaching methods have been unable to meet the era of big data cadets’ personalized, diversified learning needs. This article makes a discussion on the blended teaching method that based on the micro-lectures....
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Mode Research on Selection of Curtain Wall Type Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yihua Mao, Zhongyang Xu, Du Yi, Chang Xin, Li Jingping
The curtain wall type selection is one of the most important parts of curtain walls construction. To make a scientific selection of curtain wall, this paper extracts 15 factors which may impact curtain wall selection. Basing on this index system, we raise a curtain wall type selection model using Analytic...
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Application Research of MOOC in Higher Education

Zhongbin Wei, Jing Wu, Xinlin He
The MOOC emerged as a newly emerging things in the field of education, and the MOOC promote the development of higher education in our country. The MOOC brings together students, experts, or teaching assistants who are interested in learning. The MOOC is a form of free learning courses for learners around...
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Overview on Electric Activity and Collective Behaviors of Diffusion System

Jian Zhou, Ning Cai, Lingjin Kong
Heterogeneity exerts a repulsive force on the approaching spiral tip, and the attractive force prevents the spiral tip from unpinning from the heterogeneity once the tip has anchored electromagnetic radiation on electrical activities of neuron, energy consumption in neurons are presented. Autapse is...
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Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of Cross Border C2C Cosmetics Based on Taobao's Global Purchase Platform

Xiaowei Zhu, Xi Cao
Cross border C2C is an important branch of cross-border electricity business. This form of cross national boundaries individual trade with the help of the Internet platform has been a “new blue ocean” after the mobile electricity suppliers, which fast lead the wave of national Entrepreneurship. Taobao...
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The Mechanism of Entrepreneurship Education on College’ Entrepreneurial Intention

Qilin Li
Now, the research on entrepreneurial intention is gradually becoming the focus of the academic research, and the entrepreneurship education is very important for college students. The article studies form the acquisition of entrepreneurship education effect, and use the aid of attitude-intention to prove...
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The Critically Ill Patients System Design Based on STM32

Jinjun Lu
Abstract. This paper introduces the critically ill patients help system based on STM32F103RBT6 which can offer patients services in case of their immobilization during the illness. This kind of system is constituted by STM32, Wireless Unit, LCD monitor, GSM Unit and some peripheral units. Patients press...
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The practical Plight and Innovation Path of College Educational Management in the New Situation

Feng Li
The 21st century is the rapid development period of science technology and social economy. Education, as the booster of productivity, must positively develop at the same pace as the society. college education has entered the critical period of radical reform and development, but the practical problems,...
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Study on the Evaluation Index System of Innovation Education in Colleges and Universities

Chunyang Wang
In twenty-first Century, the theme of social development is innovation, and in the field of education, the innovation of higher education has been prompted in recent years, but the effect is not very significant. This is not only a traditional influence, but also a social atmosphere, but the lack of...
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The Bottleneck and Breakthrough Path of Vocational College Counselors' Professional Development in the Perspective of Psychological Contract

Mingyan Zhang
Counselors are students work in higher vocational colleges mainly responsible for, for a long time, higher vocational colleges on the counselor team development concern and attention is not enough, at present the counselors' professional development facing "team", "status is not high", "job responsibilities...
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Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Simulation Research

Shaojia Ju, Min Ji
This article from the uav model accuracy, real-time and functional aspects of software of software in the loop simulation software based on PC and semi-physical simulation based on the target software research, validation, and verification results are analyzed.
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Overview of Technique Aspects in Relay Satellite System

Yuan Gao, Hong Ao, Quan Zhou, Weigui Zhou, Yi Li
Data relay satellites as an important part of space-based communication systems, greatly improving the user's satellite coverage, reducing the number of ground stations cloth, cost savings, and is one of the major space-faring countries focused on building space systems. Currently, the United States,...
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Analysis and Review of Key Factors at PPP Project Renegotiation

Shulian Wu, Yiying Yang
The public–private partnership(PPP) projects, on one hand are critical in delivering public service, on the other hand have the characteristics propitious to recurrent renegotiation, which renders the extension of construction and concession, and increase of operation cost as well as the governmental...
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A New Signature Scheme Based on Cubic Residues

Xuedong Dong, Xinxin Liu
Shao et al.'s proposed the first provably secure signature scheme based on both factoring and discrete logarithms by using quadratic residues in 2014. The scheme incorporates both the Schnorr signature scheme and the PSS-Rabin signature scheme. Noting that the computational efficiency of constructing...
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Study on the Development Strategies of Changchun Movie Wonderland Based on Tourist Experience

Chunyan Wang
The quality of tourist experience is an important indicator to measure the satisfaction of tourists, and it is also the embodiment of the sustainable and stable development of theme parks. In this paper, Changchun Movie Wonderland as the research object, based on tourist experience theory and customer...
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The Study of Cultivating Applied Talents by Local Universities of Tourism—Based on the Concept of Enterprising Education

Yue Wang
According to the actual situation of being badly in need of plenty of professional talents and the transition of local universities’ application for the development of tourism in China, from the view of entrepreneurship education, the thesis illustrates the necessity and feasibility of strengthening...
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An Empirical Study on the Influence of Different Annotations on Incidental Vocabulary Learning via Reading

Chunxia Zhang
In the process of learning a second/foreign language, vocabulary can influence learners’ proficiency. Students’ language performances rely heavily on their word ability. The research aims to examine 132 non-English majors in Jingchu University of Technology about their incidental vocabulary learning....
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Satellite Space Information Network: Application and Prospect

Weigui Zhou, Hong Ao, Quan Zhou, Yuan Gao, Yi Li
Spatial Information Network is a platform for the carrier space, real-time acquisition, transmission and processing of spatial information network system, which includes a space platform geosynchronous satellites in low orbit satellite, stratospheric balloon, manned or unmanned aerial vehicles. Different...
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Digital Signature Schemes over the Ring of Gaussian Integers

Xuedong Dong
In this paper, the ring of Gaussian integers instead of the integer ring is used to construct the extended ElGamal digital signature schemes with appendix and message recovery. This approach has many advantages over the classical digital signature scheme. An example is given to show the validity of the...
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Research on the Actuality and Development of Graduate Education in Jilin Province

Yan Bao, Chunyan Wang
The graduate education in Jilin Province started earlier and has been showing a relatively stable structure after many years of exploration and development. But there are still several problems, such as an imbalance between academic education and professional education, the imperfect quality of graduate...
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Comparative Research on Entrepreneurial Management and Traditional Management

Yue Hao
Sustained growth and development of enterprises is closely related to entrepreneurship and effective entrepreneurial management is needed. Entrepreneurial management is the basic way to the long-term stable development and expansion of the enterprise, this is an important content of modern enterprise...
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An Investigation into Teacher Written Feedback on English Writing

Chunxia Zhang
The teacher written feedback helps to improve the students' writing ability. In the current college English writing teaching, it’s necessary to introduce teacher written feedback on English Writing. The paper investigates and analyzes different types of teacher written feedbacks and students’ attitudes...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of the Students’ Ideological and Political Education of Private Colleges

Yao Li
With the continuous improvement education system, private education has been rapid development in recent years; the students’ ideological and political education of private college has become an important part of quality education which needs greatly strengthening and improving. The students' ideological...
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The Study on the Necessity of Learning Medical Physics in Local Medical University in the Policy of the University Transformation

Benchao Zhu, Weiwei Jiang, Fan Zhang
Under policy of the ministry of education of the transformation of higher schools into skilled occupation education, this paper focus on the public basic course—“medical physics” in the ordinary local medicine colleges. The actual situations are first presented in this paper, then, one can find there...
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The Teaching of Chinese Abstract Words Related to the Scale of Reasonableness

Ruifeng Wang
Chinese abstract words related to the scale of reasonableness can be divided into two types. One is the abstract words being used to connect the reasonable events of reference points, the other is being used to connect reasonable events of target points, and both of them not only have their own features...
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Design of Chaotic Orthogonal Discrete Frequency Coding Waveform

Baisen Liu, Wulin Zhang
The orthogonality of the transmitting signal is crucial for implementing multiple input multiple output(MIMO) radar system. The chaotic orthogonal discrete frequency coding waveform(DFCW) can be utilized to MIMO radar, and generate a large amount of orthogonal signal with random lengths and quantities....
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Improved Entropy Method Establishing Combination Model for Prediction Foundation Settlement

Yanping Gao, Yang Yang, Jie Wang
On the basis of the exponential model and Logistic model presented at the previous, using improved entropy method to calculate each model weight coefficient to establish a new combination model for prediction foundation settlement, to achieve the goal of comprehensive advantages of both models and smaller...
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Bend Flow under the Conditions of Curve Intersection Study on Hydraulic Characteristics of the Curve

Meng Jia
The flow structure is complex near the curved junction, in previous studies, relatively few studied tributary skew curve river and water sports is more complex due to the centrifugal force under this condition. In order to deeply understand the flow structure based on generalized model test, studied...
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Research on Politeness Strategies in International Business Correspondence

Hui Wu, Dan Wu
International business correspondence, which has been frequently used in international business, is an effective communication tool for contacting customers. Being an effective communication tool, politeness has been employed in business correspondence for enhancing communication and understanding to...
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A Contrastive Study on the Associative Meanings of Basic Color Terms in English and Chinese

Xiaoyan Wu
We use various colors to describe our world and express our feelings. As a result of different language cultures, historical backgrounds, religious beliefs, modes of thinking, political systems, traditional customs and so on in different nationalities, the associative meanings produced by the color have...
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Research on the Professional Construction Path of Engineering Cost of Transportation and Civil Engineering in Undergraduate Colleges under the Background of Big Data

Shoukui He, Yugang Jian, Yonggang Yan
Internet + and big data model is revolutionizing the construction industry, making engineering cost management connect to the marketing rapidly. By contrast, education of engineering cost seems will derailment with the market. This paper analyzes the problems of engineering cost major’s talent training...
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Application of Multistage Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and ARMA (p,q) Model to the University Teaching Quality Evaluation System

Baoan Li, Peiluan Li, Chunfeng Liu
University teaching quality evaluation system is studied. First the mathematical model of university teaching quality evaluation system is established by using analytic hierarchy process and multistage fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, secondly based on the ARMA (p,q) model the forecast model of university...
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Empirical Analysis and Management Measures of Physical Education Teachers in“985 Project” Universities

Yuemin Zhang, Wanbing Shi
To explore the status of the P.E teachers in research universities is important for improving the quality of research university's talents. On the basis of the large number of documents, mainly using sample survey, statistical analysis, case studies and other empirical research methods to select regional...
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An Application of Spearman’s Rho in Blind Deconvolution of Seismic Data

Rongrong Wang, Fei Xu, Xiaobo Zhou
The paper proposes a novel seismic blind deconvolution approach based on the Spearman’s rho in the case of band-limited seismic data with a low dominant frequency and short data records. The spearman’s rho is a measure of the dependence between two continuous random variables without the influence of...
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The Application of Multisim in the Teaching of Analog Electronics

Shuangying Jia
Based on the characteristics and teaching problems of electronic technology courses, this paper proposed to use the multisim simulation software in the whole process of analog electronic technology teaching, integrating theory and practice of teaching, which strengthen the theory teaching and make up...
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A Study on Analyzing the Difference of Examples Designing in High School Mathematics Classroom

Mengmin Guo, Sanping Li
The authors had analyzed the difference of designing examples between expert and novice teachers in a middle school of shaanxi province through interviews, classroom observation as well as referring to those teachers’ lesson plans. And they made some recommendations for the novice teachers to improve...
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The Feature of Animation Role Mold in Animation Film from Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Chuang Chen
As the core of animation film ,animated characters have different  feathers,To analyze and understand animation role mold the most important is grasp the differents between animation film and real movie .The feature of animated characters is presupposition and virtualization.As an important branch of...
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Design and Realization of Early Warning System to Monitor Abnormal Parking on Highway

Jiawei Liu, Hongwei Zhang
In order to reduce the malignant vehicle chain rear-end collision accidents under the circumstances of heavy fog and rain and other low-visibility conditions, this paper proposed an early-warning system based on radar positioning to monitor abnormal parking on highway. This system uses radar positioning...
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Coordinate Transformation Technology in the Non-Normal Shutdown Positioning System

Hongwei Zhang, Jiawei Liu
The main research and coordinate the radar positioning system based on the translation of the highway algorithm for common coordinate system for vehicle position coordinate data of the non-normal stop on the highway coordinate transformation, in order to complete the vehicle monitoring, the algorithm...
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Analysis of Medical College Students’ Sports Situation and Dependence on Mobile Phones

Junjie Yin
With portability and intelligence of mobile terminals, more and more Chinese dwellers own mobile phones. College students, active and easy to accept new things, get more information and convenience of social networking; also bear some negative impact on their physical and mental health. Firstly, find...
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The Teaching Strategies of Chinese Compound Words for Korean Students

Yaxi Jin
According to the mother tongue transfer theory, vocabulary comparison can effectively find out the difficulties in the teaching of vocabulary in teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, and seek the corresponding teaching strategies. The most obvious contrast between Chinese compound words and Korean...
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Penalty Deteicton in Football Video On Audio and Shot

Yanliu Nie, Jiande Fan
The present study on video detection is mianly based on image and video sequence.In the study of the video stream,goal shot play an important role,often indicates the highlight.In recent years,audiohas become more and more important with its rich information.Through analysising the audio in order to...
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Reform on the Curriculum Teaching Mode of the Dynamic Modular Curriculum Driven by the Typical Working-task for the Speciality of Tourismin Higher Vocational College --A Case of Curriculum Tour Guiding Practices

Yunqin Liu
The in-depth analysis is performed on the course Thepractices of tour guide of the Tourism Speciality in higher vocational college. And the curriculumteaching dynamic knowledge and competence models is constructed with the talent cultivating goal and the courses teaching goal is set up, on the basis...
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The Application of Big Data in the "Internet Plus" Era

Lin Shi
Since the beginning of 2015, "Internet plus" has become China's important strategy of national development, promote the integration of industrialization and informatization. In the "new model Internet plus", society, economy, industry, service industry and other areas of information showing the rapid...
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Research on Infiltration Mathematics Thought during the Classroom Teaching

Yao Tong
Mathematics is root is mathematical thinking. The primary of student mathematics study is to master and apply the mathematics’ idea. When the student goes into society, the mathematics knowledge point may be forgotten. However the mathematics mind and thought will be left deeply in the mind. All this...
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A Bayesian Network Structure Learning Algorithm Based on the Combination of PSO and Sub-graph Decomposition

Shaorong Feng
In this paper we mainly focus on how to reduce the searching spaces when accelerating the efficiency of searching for the best Bayesian network structure and a corresponding algorithm named MPD-PSO based on the combination of MPD(maximal prime decomposition technology) and PSO(particle swarm optimization...
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Monitoring Method for Organic Pollutants in Water and Air

Yingxue Li
This paper mainly introduces several methods of monitoring the pollutants in the environment. Using analytical instruments- such as chromatogram, mass spectrum- instead of manual analysis and monitoring, accuracy has been further improved. And the analytical instruments can analyze for the common pollutants...
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Establishment of Integrated Evaluation Index System Based on Influence Factors of Port Economy

Chun Deng, Guoliu Hu
The port comprehensive evaluation index system are drawn from economic five impact factors of the port economy : Port infrastructure conditions, management ability, port hinterland economy condition, the service chain upper stream development condition and selected 12 indicators port development potential:...
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The Teaching Practice Based on Modern Apprenticeship with Integration of Theory and Practice Teaching Mode

Dayong Huo, Mingxia Ding
Take Distribution Technology’s integration of theory and practice teaching mode teaching practice in University of Kashgar for example, in this article, a teaching practice process that uses the talent training mode of modern apprenticeship to carry on the teaching in technology-applied bachelor university...
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Research of the Auditing System and Legal Control of Electronic Exchanges

Ming Chen
Many electronic exchanges of raw materials, artworks, precious metals and agricultural products have been established in China in recent years. Because of the auditing and legal control failed to follow-up timely, they appear a variety of problems in auditing, legal control and operation process. To...
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Empirical Study of English Teaching Model Based on Flipped Teaching

Yuting Fan, Yang Luo
English teaching in China has come a long way since pedagogical reform. Meanwhile, there are still some existing problems in the idea of teaching reform and teaching conception, due to which flipped teaching are adopted and gradually popularized. In practice, we found both flipped teaching and traditional...
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The Research of Shadow Detection and Removal Algorithm

Jiande Fan, Yanliu Nie
Shadow detection and removal is a key problem in computer vison. Shadow can lead to loss or disruption of computer vision information,and then results in unstable situations or even failure of edge extraction, object recognition and image matching in image processing. The thesis concentrates on the research...