Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2019)

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An Analysis of Translation Strategies for Space-Time Compressed Images in Tang Poetry

Yeping Li
Based on the Conceptual Blending Theory (CBT) of cognitive linguistics, by comparative analysis, this paper seeks to explore Chinese-English translation strategies for Tang poetry that possess the compression of the space-time relationship. Different English translation versions of famous Tang poetry...
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Cognitive Construction of the Official Discourse System in the Development of the National Central City of Xi’an*

Yanqin Cao, Zhaohong Yao
With the proposal and implementation of “The Belt and Road” strategy, Xi’an has been an important node along The Silk Road and a national central city of China. The construction of its official discourse system plays a significant role in the publicity of political ideas, the formation of public psychology...
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Investigation and Research on the Artistic Characteristics of Tea-Leaf Picking Opera in Northern Guangdong and Its Current Situation*

Guangtao Cao, Siyu Xue
As a national intangible culture heritage, the Hakka Tea-leaf Picking Opera in northern Guangdong has formed an artistic feature of “Sanzi”. Through the investigation to some Tea-leaf Picking Operas in Nanxiong, Wongyuan etc. of Shaoguan City, it is easy to find that with remarkable achievements, Hakka...
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The Research Methods of Spatial Memory and Local Cinemas History: Taking Nanjing Dahua Cinema in the 1940s as an Example

Xiaoyan Yuan
The history of local cinemas is a micro-examination of the history of cinema, which explores the role of cinema in aesthetics, politics, and social institutions in a particular historical era. The cinema is not only a movie projection space, but also a complex space form composed of factors such as the...
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Creativity Comes First: An Analysis of the Status Quo of Ceramic Cultural Creative Industries in Jingdezhen

Lantao Zhao, Qing Mao
Against the background of the modern industrialization of creative ceramics, Jingdezhen makes full use of the diverse ceramic technology foundations formed in history, and actively uses contemporary technology and equipment, and makes full use of various professionals in the ceramic art industry, especially...
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Inheritance and Development of Chinese Dialect Culture

Hongmei Wang
Chinese dialects not only build the richness and diversity of modern Chinese, but also carry rich and diverse regional cultures, and are also important witnesses and records of the ancient Chinese culture. With the continuous promotion of mandarin and the increasingly close communication among regions,...
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Media Competitiveness of Live TV News

Shuai Gao
A live coverage of a major news event can help the media gain reputation and long-term influence. The core of long-term, high-capacity TV live broadcast report is to form an information flow, rather than just continuous reporting. Television was born for live coverage. Whoever can report news more quickly...