Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2019)

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Research on Landscape Aesthetics Based on Ecological Ethics Education Construction*

Kefei Lin, Xixi Liu, Zhongying Shi
On the basis of traditional aesthetics, contemporary western aesthetic circles add environmental aesthetics with ecological ethical thinking are trying to solve the increasingly serious ecological environment problems and subvert people’s inherent values through its theory and practice. Landscape aesthetics,...
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Comparative Analysis of the Father–Son Relationships in Crystal Boys and The Wedding Banquet

Hailing Sun
This essay intends to focus on pure and mere familial father-son relationship to trace traditional Chinese family patterns and discuss the new trend of father-son relationship. In accordance with the three themes “fu ci zi xiao”, “patricide” and “re-identification”, this essay explores three stages of...
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A Review of the Research on Film Directors in the 70 Years of New China

Rui Hao
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago, the research on film directors and the pulse of the times and the development of the film industry have developed together, not only the number of research perspectives increased, but also the horizons has been broaden. This article goes...
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The Atmosphere Linkage of the Perceived Experience in Installation Art of the Exhibition Space

Qiangqiang Luo
In contemporary society, the level of installation art is uneven, and more and more installation arts produce commoditized products with aesthetic fatigue that cater to the market and commercial aesthetics. At the same time, there are some installation art that look abstruse and hard to understand, but...
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An Analysis of the Image of Yukiko in The Makioka Sisters

Zhengdong Xu
Japanese aesthetic novelist Junichiro Tanizaki’s novel The Makioka Sisters, takes the protagonist — Yukiko ‘s blind dates as the main clue to describe the story of the famous Osaka family called Makioka in the period of the Second World War. The novel portrays four distinct female characters-Tsuruko,...
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Exploration on the Decorative Art of Rukai Patterns in Taiwan from the Perspective of Semiotics

Meijin Hsiao, Hongjun Ou
The human world is a world of symbols, which originates from the natural physiological response of human body and forms the public behavior through common cognition. The use of symbols contributes to the communication mode of consciousness information expression. Decoration is a symbol in the world of...
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A Comparative Study on the Color Techniques of Chinese and Russian Ice and Snow Oil Painting Arts*

Lei Song, Huixin Chi, Yang Liu
At the end of the 19th century, the “ambulant school” period was the heyday of the development and innovation of Russian ice and snow oil painting artistic color techniques. Looking at the works of masters of ice and snow oil paintings in all periods of Russian art, people can feel the exquisite color...
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Garden of Disorder: Rethinking the Effectiveness of Aesthetic Experiences

Qing Yong
Aesthetics is an autonomous garden, which has become a trustworthy force in opening a new world for mankind due to its non-utilitarian nature. However, aesthetic autonomy is not the same as artistic autonomy. By distinguishing the similarities and differences between aesthetic games and aesthetics, as...
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A Rational Survey of Art and Technology: From Traditional Painting to Intelligent Painting

Xinlu Liu, Yibo Liu, Zhaohui Wei
The development of science and technology affects not only the material life of mankind, but also the spiritual world of mankind. The development of science and technology has brought unprecedented changes to the current visual arts, and the intervention of digital technology has brought great changes...
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Study on the Creation of Chinese Main Theme Documentaries in the New Period*

Yanyan Bai
In the past two years, the development of China’s documentary industry has been booming, especially the main theme documentary has opened up a new world. A large number of new theme documentaries with good communication and social benefits have begun to enter the audience’s field of vision, and their...
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Application of Vertical Greening in Urban Landscape: A Case Study of Xi’an*

Lu Han
Vertical greening is a relatively new form of greening in today’s cities, and it is an inevitable trend in urban development. With the rapid development of Xi’an in recent years, compared with ground greening, vertical greening is also an indispensable part of the entire urban landscape. This paper takes...
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Knife in the Clear Water: Reflection of “Life and Death” in the Image

Ziluo Shao
The film “Knife in the Clear Water” highlights the image of “water” and “bull”, and then reflects the binary opposition of “life and death”. Through the display of the ritualized cleansing activities such as Ma Zishan’s Ghusl and others, it conveyed the concept of cleanliness in Islam. In the screen...
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Research on the Development and Innovation of Comparative Literature in the Context of Globalization and Multimedia Environment

Xiaomei Han
The development of network and multimedia environment has promoted the spread of literature, and the application of data analysis has also become an important scientific statistical method. The present study of world literature has surpassed the traditional research content and research method, and pays...
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The Evil Spirit in The Tale of Genji

Huixin Sun
Based on the investigation of the distribution of “evil spirit” and “ghost” in the book, the paper is aimed to investigate “evil spirit” in The Tale of Genji. For this reason, first of all, it is necessary to find out all the use cases of “evil spirit” and “ghosts”. Through the analysis, it can be found...
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Study on the Factors Influencing the Effect of Modern Lettering Works*

Guicai Fu, Pengfei Fu, Wenjie Ma
Modern lettering is developed on the basis of traditional lettering. Although its development history is short, it has become an independent art with its own system. From the tools of modern engraving and cutting, engraving, wood engraving content selection, selection and refining, color and decoration,...
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Study on the Beauty of Artistic Conception in Chinese Style Illustrations

Liping Mao
Chinese style illustration is a unique form of visual expression, it has historical, aesthetic, practical, national, and creative characteristics. In today’s world where digital technology is widely used, ancient style illustrations draw the charm of artistic beauty from traditional Chinese culture and...
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Study on the Image Variation of Nezha in the Movie Nezha*

Wenhui Chen
As one of the representatives of Chinese traditional culture, Nezha is very familiar to Chinese people of many generations. Nezha’s image is varied during this process of cultural transportation or heritage, and his image variation reflects the contemporary social and cultural modes. This image in the...
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The Relationship Between “Jiubian” and “Jiuge” and the Inheritance by Qu Yuan and Song Yu

Kunfen Bai
Whether Song Yu was a disciple or student of Qu Yuan has become a mystery since the Han Dynasty. According to Sima Qian’s “Records of the Historian · Biography of Qu Yuan and Jia Yi”, “after the death of Qu Yuan, there were Song Yu, Tang Le and Jing Chai in Chu. All of them were good at literature, by...
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An Investigation into the Changing Self-Concepts of Chinese College Students

Yun Zhang
The in-depth interview of 10 Chinese college students found out four themes related to Chinese students’ self-concept formation in the world emerging economic power. These themes are: First, college students are viewing themselves more Western-self than Eastern-self. Second, half of the interviewees...
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L.N. Tolstoy, A. Škarvan and D.P. Makovický in the Context of Russian–Slovak Relations

Natalia A. Bondarenko
The article reveals the activities of the Slovak followers of Tolstoy such as A. Škarvan and D.P. Makovický. A. Škarvan and D.P. Makovický communicated with L.N. Tolstoy, accepted his religious-philosophical ideas and tried to put them into practice in the Slovak lands. D.P. Makovický spoke about his...
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Youth Subcultures of the USSR in the 1950–1980s

Stanislav Gennadyevich Davydov
The present article deals with subcultures and amateur cultural activities of the Soviet youth. It attempts to substantiate the important role those socio-cultural youth innovations played in the USSR. Subcultural entities provided the patterns of cultural behavior, further developed into models of conduct...
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The Issue of Understanding Muslim Culture*

Nur Kirabaev, Maythem Al-Janabi
The authors of the article consider the culture of Islam in the context of the two contradictory tendencies of contemporaneity: globalization and localization. Rather, globalization may be perceived as an ideal construction with the optimistic myth of progress embedded in it. At the same time, it represents...
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A Comparative Study of Strategies for Translating Military Terms in the Complete English Versions of San Guo Yan Yi

Mingzhi Ran
San Guo Yan Yi is widely acknowledged as the first full-length romance novel of history that ever appeared in China and one of the “Four Great Chinese Classics”. It also has a lot of military terms which carry unique Chinese cultural connotations. However, deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture,...
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Research on Central Asian Chinese Media Against the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative*

Nan Dai
Taking the Chinese media communicated in Central Asia as the research object, this paper explores the development pattern and communication situation of Chinese media in Central Asia by combing the development of Chinese media in Central Asian countries under the Belt and Road Initiative. The purpose...
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A Study on the Protection and Living Inheritance of Oroqen Nationality’s Birch Bark Art from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage*

Xiaoli Zhang, Tianbao Yan
New vitality will be injected into the heritage to achieve “living inheritance” of cultural heritage in the way of taking the birch bark art of the Oroqen nationality from the perspective of intangible cultural heritage, using the professional advantages of arts to develop and utilize cultural heritage,...
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The Course of Chinese Culture’s New Life Since the May 4th Movement: From Cultural Awakening to Cultural Self-Confidence

Qinzhao Han
The May 4th Movement is the beginning of Chinese culture. Summarizing the development of Chinese culture since the May 4th Movement has important practical significance for enhancing the cultural confidence of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. Before the May 4th Movement, the changes in Chinese...
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The Protection and Inheritance of Suzhou Opera*

Guorong Ding
Suzhou Opera is the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage of China. This paper attempts to explore the protection and inheritance of its heritage from three aspects: the consensus on the concept of “innovation”, the role of inheritor as “human” and digital protection.
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The Research on Inheritance and Transcendence Pathway of Confucian Ecological Thought*

Yan Li, Xiang Li
The Confucian ecological thought contains a rich ecological culture, but due to the constraints of the development of the times, it has historical limitations. Inheriting and developing Confucian traditional ecological thought is the wisdom support to dissolve the current global ecological environment...
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Lu Ji’s Inheritance and Change of Confucian Ideas in Wen Fu

Baohua He
Wen Fu is one of Lu Ji’s representative works and embodies Lu Ji’s views on literature. Wen Fu, which inherits the theory of A Discourse on Literature and opens Wen Xin Diao Long, shows that in the transitional period between the Jin Dynasty and the Southern and Northern Dynasties, literary theory changed...
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Reanalysis of the Causes of Reverse News*

Yaping Shen
The frequent occurrence of reverse news is a significant feature of the era of network communication. In this paper, the connotation and extension of the reverse news are further clarified, and the root cause of the frequent reverse news is analyzed in the framework of the news sociology. In this paper,...
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The Enlightenment of Communication as a Research Method to News Production: Research from “Study” to “Academics”*

Ying Wang
Communication is a summary of communication phenomena and the law of communication practice; news production is not only the communication practice of news, but also the social transformation of the effectiveness of news information. News can only maximize its value in communication. This paper discusses...
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Yan’an Songs of “Laughtering Border City” and “Crying Out” The Yellow River Chorus During the Anti-Japanese War*

Yahui Wang
During the Anti-Japanese War, Yan’an was once called “the city of singing”. The singing voice not only relieved the highly sensitive political nerves, but also subtly shaped an “imaginary community” in a “hearing” way. The way of “singing in a collective voice” and “singing loudly” has brought Yan’an...
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Research on Integrated Development of Ili Accordion Culture and Tourism*

Yan Li, Tingyu Shi, Youwen Wang
Ili, Xinjiang, is a large opening and core pivot of “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” (“the Belt and Road”) opening to the West of China. Yining, the capital city, is the most western border city and state-level excellent tourist city and opens to the countries along...
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Joseph Heller’s Black Humor Creation from the Perspective of Catch-22*

Chengxiao Xiao
Catch-22 is the war-themed novels representative work of Heller, and is also a realistic black humorous novel created by Heller under the influence of American civilian life in the 1950s. The novel takes the war as the background to describe the scene of war through the perspective of a small potato,...
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Research on the Application of Typical Visual Representation of Regional Culture in Font Design*

Zhixiong Huang, Minhan Xie
In the context of the vigorous development of the cultural industry and the constant renewal of the demand, the dissemination and development of regional culture put forward higher requirements for the quantity and quality of applied fonts with cultural connotation and aesthetic value. The aesthetic...
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A Study on the Translation Strategies of Commercial Advertisement from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication*

Yuan Wang
With the development of commodity economy and the increase of economic and trade exchanges between different countries, the translation of commercial advertisement has become one of the important factors that directly affects the economic benefits of commodities. Therefore, in the process of promoting...
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Individual and “Identity” Confirmation

Xingqiu Hong
In the study of Chinese and Western culture and literary theory, after touching many sages’ theory, the author tries to consider a question: will each individual in its deep thoughts not imply a certain “identity” consciousness, and then pose influence based on this? This paper attempts to explore the...
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An Analysis of Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child from the Perspective of Trauma Theory

Liting Wang
Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison is not only an African American woman writer, but also one of the world’s most outstanding novelists. Her work portrays the traumatic history of African Americans that they have been suffered for more than a century. Morrison has published 11 novels since the 20th century,...
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Philosophical Interpretation of Cultural Confidence in Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era from the Perspective of Globalization

Hong Wang
With the enhancement of the strategic significance of culture in global communication, improving the national cultural soft power, mastering culture utterance right, and achieving the global allocation of cultural resources have become important concerns of the country’s overall strategy. In the “Communist...
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Discussion About the Relationship Between Human Alienation and Contemporary Mass Culture*

Menghu Wang
Alienation means that people and their target world are in an opposite state. There is an inseparable internal relationship between mass culture and human alienation. The alienation of human beings has created conditions for the prosperity of mass culture, and in turn the mass culture has deepened the...
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Game and Collusion: Media Adaptation and Subjective Reconstruction of Intellectuals

Liang Kong
After completing the media adaptation of speech communication, character and press communication, and electronic communication, intellectuals have found a new “grammar” in the media adaption process of digital communication represented by the network. This grammar breaks the iron law of the positive...
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Research on the Propagation Mode of Network Self-Produced Variety Show Let’s Talk Based on 5W Mode*

Lu Wang
Let’s Talk, a network self-produced debate program launched by iQIYI, is a typical representative of network self-produced variety show in China. With accurate positioning and novel form, this program has broken the records of network self-produced variety show in financing, audience rating, advertising...
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Situational Construction and Information Transmission of Display Atmosphere

Longfei Huang
Based on the characteristics and advantages of modern information environment, this paper analyzes the relationship between the “contextualization” of display atmosphere and the speed and efficiency of information transmission. This paper proposes that exhibition planning and design should be based on...
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Review on the Propagation Mode of China’s Knowledge Web Celebrity from Gao Xiaosong in Focus On*

Lu Wang
With the popularity of the Internet, the channels of content dissemination are increasingly diverse. With its convenience, rapidity and high efficiency, mobile audio has gradually become an important way of content transmission, from which a large number of knowledge web celebrity has been born. In this...
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Tracing the Aesthetic Genes of Cross-Dresser: Research from Tradition to Modern

Xinyang Li, Chengming Ma
Chinese culture, as an important part of Eastern culture, affects world civilization. Han-totem culture, as an important source of omniscience culture and national culture, affects people and things in each culture. This article uses the analytic hierarchy process and empirical analysis to analyze totem...
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The Image of India in Hong Ying Literature

Ting Ye
With the advent of globalization, transnational writing has become an important feature of authors’ creation. The investigation of the foreign country image in the writer’s works is helpful for finding many significant deep-seated factors. Hongying is a well-known overseas Chinese writer. Many elements...
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The Formation and Expression of Community Consciousness in the Pattern of Internet*

Kun Wang
This paper focuses on the relationship between the communication media and the convergence of community consciousness. First, it collated how the media constructed the imagination and emotion of the community from the oral communication to the electronic communication; secondly, in combination with the...
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The Concrete Embodiment of Hierarchy in Thailand’s Society and Its Analysis

Zhaoyang Duan
Thai society has a strict hierarchy, which reflects in the absolute obedience especially to the king and the royal family, ranging from the civil and military officials to the civilians. In front of the king and the royal family, the kneeling ceremony must also be carried out, which is the highest etiquette...
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The Reason Why People Sing Hua’er: A Case Study Based on the Inheritors of He Huang Hua’er

Chengming Ma, Xinyang Li, Jinming Ma
He Huang Hua’er is a kind of folk song with regional style and cultural characteristics in northwestern China, and it is a world intangible cultural heritage. As the original living environment of the Hua’er singers change with the times and social development, Hua’er and its singers’ lifestyle, market...
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Cultural Value and Connotation of Yugur Folk Songs Heritage*

Pengyuan Zhang
Due to the “dispersion” of migration and the lack of writing, Yugur folk songs carry more cultural functions and connotations. This paper reveals its cultural value and connotation from different perspectives, such as the memories it carries on ethnic history and culture, the continuity of mother tongue...