Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2019)

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Research on Interpersonal Relationship from the Perspective of Pragmatics

Aifei Wang
People use language to express ideas and communicate. When people express their ideas indirectly, the meaning of the language is beyond the literal meaning, and there will be the phenomenon of incomplete ideogram or even the phenomenon of the literal meaning being completely different from the actual...
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Language Anxiety in English Performance

Xianwei Li, Xin Wang
Language anxiety refers to the nervousness or low feeling language learners experienced in the course of second or foreign language learning process. In the second or foreign language learning, most learners have experienced the language anxiety. They feel embarrassed when they have to speak in English...
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Study on the “Man” as a Core Word in “Qutadğu Bilig”*

Riziwanguli Kahaer, Aibibula Tuersun, Tuxunjiang Yasen
From the perspective of core words, this paper discusses the core word of “man” in “Qutadğu Bilig” for the first time. This paper makes a detailed search of the relevant ancient documents and inscriptions, uses the theory of semantic field to make a detailed synchronic description of the member words...
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A Study on Translation of Metaphors in Poems of Mao Zedong on the Basis of Conceptual Blending Theory

Zhao Zhuang
Conceptual blending theory plays a fundamental role in the meaning construction of natural language. It also has great cognitive effects on metaphor translation. This thesis applies the theory to analyze the translation of metaphors in poems of Mao Zedong, and aims at investigating the metaphor translation...
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A Study into the Translation of Chinese Euphemism from the Intercultural Perspective

Junhui Yang
The euphemism was created since ancient times and has been widely existed in various languages. It is branded with distinct cultural imprint since produced, which is often regarded as an effective tool to coordinate interpersonal relationship. Euphemism is not only a common language and culture phenomenon,...
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Research on Intercultural Communication Barriers Based on the Differences Between Chinese and Western Rhetoric

Xiaobing Wei
There is an asymmetry between Chinese and Western discourse interactions. From the perspective of the differences between Chinese and Western rhetoric, this paper explores the communication barriers brought by the increasingly frequent intercultural communication, thus improving the rhetorical awareness...
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Discussion on the Translation Methodologies of Chinese Ancient Artifacts

Xi Chen, Ya Fang
Translation of ancient artifacts plays an important part in cultural communication. The accuracy of translation influences the effects of communication greatly. The translation of ancient works of art has its unique national attribute and cultural connotation. Therefore, the translation of this practical...
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Research on the Legends of Yang Shen*

Xuewei Hu
Folk legend is an art narrative that shows the spiritual world of the people in an oral form. There are a lot of legends with characteristics about Yang Shen in Yunnan, Sichuan and other places. They include interesting episodes of his early youth, extraordinary talent as the “Number One Scholar”, the...
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Study on the Publicity Translation Strategies of China’s World Cultural Heritage Against the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”*

Guanqiao Fang
The implementation of the strategy of “the Belt and Road Initiative” has provided an effective regional cooperation platform for the political, economic and cultural exchanges between China and the West. The tourism industry in China has been developing vigorously. Many foreign friends want to know about...
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Usage and Chinese Translation of Uyghur Auxiliary Verb “Çiq-”*

Rehmitulla Tudaji, Guzalnur Tursun, Osman Juma
Uyghur “çiq” is a kind of auxiliary verb, which attaches to the coverb and loses its lexical meaning completely or partly, expressing the aspect or modal meaning. Uyghur auxiliaries are a kind of auxiliary verbs, which completely or partially lose their lexical meaning and attach to the coverb to express...
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The Application of the Wisdom of Chinese Characters in Product Design*

Jun Zhou, Xiangyu Qu, Peijin Huang
Chinese characters are the most important cultural form in Chinese traditional history and culture. It is a tool for daily communication and a bridge for understanding the past; it has extraordinary cultural significance and value. Chinese character construction and product design have the same effect...
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Study on the Prosodic Patterns of “YÒU... YÒU...” in Modern Chinese

Ran Zhang
Prosodic syntax is a new subject based on prosody and established on the basis of Chinese, which has played a very positive role in the study of Chinese grammar. In modern Chinese, the use cases of “yòu... yòu...” combination in language communication are very extensive, and the elements that can be...
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Study on Ecosemiotics from Russia to China*

Ying Zhang, Wenjuan Lin
Ecosemiotics is a theory aimed to study sign relations between nature and culture, which gives special analysis of the influence of natural environment on humans and how to communicate with and change the nature. However, the ecosemiotics is defined under a changing condition. The article sums up mainstream...
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Discussion on Lexical Phonosemantic Types in Analytical Grammar

Haiyun Liu
Analytical grammar adopts the axiomatic strategy similar to mathematical analytic geometry, and places the phono-semantic types of Chinese vocabulary into the phonosemantic system of cognate words, which is characterized by four elements: pivotal meaning, meaning-class, phonetic nucleus and Phonetic...
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The Syllabic Morphemization and Semantic Change of “Di” in the “Taxi (Di Shi)”

Li Ren
A series of new words and phrases, such as “Da Di”, “Mian Di”, “Mo Di”, “Di Ge”, “Di Jie”, etc., are constructed by “Di” in the “taxi (Di Shi)”. They are the result of syntactic word formation, mainly by analogy and influence of the abbreviative mechanism. In the process of continuous generation...
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Changes from the Internet Language to Emoji*

Yuan Sun
The internet language, as a variety of language in the information age, has aroused great interests and attention from the language researchers. The internet language is much different from that in people’s daily use whether in Chinese or English. Through the analysis of the internet language coupled...
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A Literature Review on Prose Study

Gangni Chen
Prose, as a literary genre, has been scantly studied. This paper attempts to survey the relevant studies of it. It firstly examines the concept of prose so that a clarification can be made. Then it surveys some perspectives of prose study namely, aesthetic, linguistic and semantic. It is expected that...
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Research on the Rhetoricization Existence in Chinese Network Buzzwords: From Deviation to Visualization

Zhaomei Xing, Haiqing Chen
Nowadays, network buzzwords have reached varying degrees of abnormality, but it remains unexplored how systematically deviation and visualization, as two rhetoric devices, are embodied in network buzzwords. Therefore, taking “the 100 network buzzwords” collected by Yaowen Jiaozi as the data and the categorization...
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A Contrastive Study of Evidentiality in English and Chinese MA Thesis Abstracts

Jingxiao Guo
Evidentiality is a linguistic category which is about the speaker’s expression of source of information. The linguistic forms of evidentiality are termed as evidential or evidential markers. The present study is based on a total of 60 MA thesis abstracts written by Chinese and US MA students in the...
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Research on Learners’ Cognitive Improvement in Learning Translation Theory and Practice *

Yinping Lv
Translation is a compulsory course for four year undergraduate students, since it is related with reading, writing and organizing the language in the target language, and concerns many Abstract theories in different academic research, and learners can’t understand the instance of it at the beginning...
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Research on the Development of New Words in Contemporary Chinese and Their Meanings

Hongmei Wang
As the society continues to develop, contemporary Chinese vocabularies become increasingly abundant, and many Chinese new words describing a new life and new things and reflecting new ideas and new cognition have emerged. What followed is the study of new words in the field of modern Chinese. Chinese...
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Cognitive Interpretation of Polysemy

Bianqi Sun
Metaphor and metonymy serve as a cognitive means in polyseme acquisition. This paper aims at expounding their nature and mechanism in lexical sense extension, and exploring the effective way of polysemy interpretation from a cognitive perspective. A criterion of “knowing” a word is put forward.
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Analysis of Verbal Humor in Friends from a Perspective of Pragmatic Presupposition

Yang Yang
As an important theory in pragmatics, presupposition is characterized by mutual knowledge, defeasibility, and appropriateness, etc. Based on these properties, this article conducts a deep analysis of humorous dialogues in the sitcom Friends, with the aim to provide a deeper understanding of the nature...
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A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Power Relationships in Institutional Talks

Enyao Li
As a special form of conversation, the institutional talk has been described as characteristically asymmetrical in contrast to the ordinary conversational interaction between participants of equal status. On the basis of Fairclough’s three-dimensional CDA analytical model, the present study concentrates...
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Myth in the Communicative Space of Modern Culture

Olga Strelnik
The article analyzes the process of constructing myth within the context of mass communication and the role played herein by traditional mass media. The semiological paradigm was chosen as the unified base of analysis. Myth is considered to be a universal element of social communication, reproduced at...
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Figures of Thanatos and Eros in “The Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom”: The Experience of Cultural Modeling*

Marianna Dudareva, Tatiana Shvetsova, Yulia Karpova, Svetlana Smirnova
The article discusses the cultural philosophical paradigm of Thanatos - Eros, which manifested itself in the old Russian “Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom”. The question is raised about the transformation of the folk tradition, about the emergence of ritual reality in the text of the story. The Christian...
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Creativity of M.I. Tsvetaeva and E.T.A. Hoffmann in the Space of World Culture: Folk Tradition in Poetics*

Marianna Dudareva, Marina Shtanko, Olga Murashova, Denis Bronnikov
The article examines in a typological aspect the work of M.I. Tsvetaeva and E.T.A. Hoffmann. The lyrics of the Russian poetess and the fairy tale “The Golden Pot” of the German classic are analyzed in a wide cultural space, since both authors were well aware of the world mythological and folk tradition....
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Graph-Guru in the Postmodernism Literature: On the Example of Verses by Andrey Golov. Simplicity Concept

Svetlana Valentinovna Gerasimova
In the works by Andrey Golov the playing with cultural strata does not lead to destruction, but to resuscitation of cultural strata that have faded in our minds; we find poetry, like the ancient glossolalia, fullness of semantic only in the context of detailed comments, the text is inseparable from the...
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The Past and Present: The Process of a Formal Dong Marriage in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County*

Guihua He
This paper is written partially based on the selected translation of the Chinese folklore monograph Grand View of Dong Customs. The body of the paper presents the four procedures of a traditional formal Dong marriage in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County of Hunan Province: “fetching the bride and bridesmaids...
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The Application of Brick Building Art in Vernacular Architecture*

Yifei Li, Xiangman Li, Ao Li, Kaiqi Zhang
At present, there have already been some researches on the understanding and application of bricks. But with the continuous progress of the times, the use of bricks gradually transformed from load-bearing and building maintenance to decorative art, which is the embodiment of brick building art. By studying...
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Overview of the Research Status of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Communication

Ran Tian
Since October 1998, when the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted the resolution on “Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”, the dissemination of intangible cultural heritage has become an important cultural work, which is carried out all over the world....
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The Pursuit of Democracy and Science in Monster Visual Art of China in the Early Twentieth Century

Sijing Chen
Monsters are bound up with Chinese traditional culture, and have been presented via various cultural forms, such as literature, drama, New Year print and costume. At the turn of the twentieth-century, visual traditions have been re-examined through the social and political transitions, whereas the traditional...
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Biblical Archetypes of Settings in the Portrait of a Lady

Ping Chen
The American writer Henry James (1843–1916), is generally considered the master of the psychological realistic novels during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Portrait of a Lady is universally acknowledged as his masterpiece during his early writing career. It has aroused much attention and...
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Morphological Expression of Chinese Knot Graphic Elements in Logo Design

Zhengrong Chen
In logo design, morphological expression is the core. Based on analysis of the morphological characteristics of Chinese knot, this paper analyzes relevant design cases and reveals the common features of morphological expression of Chinese knot graphic elements in logo design in combination with logo...
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Architectural Terms in Russian as an Art Form in Relation to Their Origin and Word-Formative Modeling: Preliminary Observations

Radostina Stoyanova
This article presents some preliminary observations on the origin and word-formative modeling of the Russian architectural term system. The phenomenon of borrowing as a way to replenish the composition of this term system is considered. The description of the structural design of technical terms is given.
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Analysis on the Emotion Expressing Technique in Piano Performance

Ruisheng Wu
Piano performance is a common form of art in which players need to integrate personal emotions and techniques to fully interpret the emotions contained in the piano works, and make the audience immersed in the moving music. The technique of expressing emotion is important for performers to improve their...
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Research on the Application of Digital Technology in Modern Manual Bag Design*

Qi Guo, Chen Li, Jiatong Yan
With the development of information technology, information technology has been effectively applied in the development of various industries, which has greatly improved the development effect of various industries. The application of digital technology in modern manual bag design can enhance the level...
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The Development of Network Literature and Art in the “Aesthetic and Historical Perspectives”

Weiying Qi, Zhicheng Pan
Network literature and art has become the main cultural form of the Internet age. The quality of the works directly affects the aesthetic concept and value judgment of the massive netizens. In the highest standard of literary criticism — “aesthetic and historical perspectives”, the development of network...
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Application of Furnishings in Catering Space

Shijun Wu
As one of the special spaces most frequently used in people’s daily life, catering space provides people with functions such as catering activities, social activities, leisure and entertainment. As the main body of the space environment and the bearer of the space function, the application of furnishing...
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Externalization of Youth’s Psychological Feelings in Artistic Expression

Renjie Zhang, Quan Hu
The specific survival of a new generation of youth affects their growth and their artistic landscape. Their art almost obscures all the clues of the temperament compared to the previous generation. In essence, they all construct their own works of art based on the psychological reality of the individual....
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A Probe into the Causes and Countermeasures of the Phenomenon of Middle School Students’ Graffiti on Student Wear

Shisheng Lyu, Yu Wang
Student wear plays a vital role as part of campus culture and school education. While implementing its unified standardization role, student wear is also an important carrier to carry out the changes in physical and mental development during the growth of students. As a way for young people to express...
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The Exploration on the Inheritance Way of Chinese Tin Process*

Jing Qian
Tin process in China has a long history of development, in the long development process, this technique has been from the traditional tin as craftsmen in traditional family heritage, teacher and pupil inheritance and continuation. It has the spontaneity characteristics. With the impact of the market...
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Analysis on the Necessity and Thinking Path of Induction and Refinement of Graphic Creative Method*

Shuqin Xue
Based on the current research status of graphic creative methods, this paper puts forward the necessity of induction and refining of graphic creative methods, and explores and discusses the fundamental thinking path of researching graphic creative methods from three aspects: the origin of creativity,...
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Analysis of Sun Shaozhen’s Spirit of “Removing Blindness” in Reading Texts

Chuwei Wang, Yuena Liu
It is a key to open the text reading to use the spirit of “removing blindness” to guide the method of text reading. First of all, combining with the spirit of “ removing blindness “ put forward by Sun Shaozhen in “Min faction Chinese”, this paper expounds the theoretical source of the text reading method...
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The Rendering of Community Culture Reshaping During the Process of Urbanization in Palace Temple Architecture: Taking the Nine Palace Temples in the South of Quanzhou City as Examples

Jingwen Jiang, Hao Ying
In the context of contemporary China, Palace Temple is a symbol that conveys Minnan culture. When the palace temple is used as a transit point for Minnan culture, how to create an environmental gene that conforms to the current context, thus reshaping the community culture after re-editing the people,...
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Research on the “Activation” Mode of Traditional Villages Against the Background of Organic Renewal: Taking Huashan Village, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province as an Example

Yang Lv, Hao Ying
In the past 40 years, the main body of village development and transformation has changed from the farmers in the first perspective to the professional planners in the third perspective from the removal of the countryside in the 1980s to the reconstruction of the country today. The practice subject of...
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Path Analysis of Chinese Mythology to Fantasy Film in the Digital Age

Zhan Huang
In the context of western culture, the fantasy film has long been an enduring theme, and the value of this visual form and its content has been further demonstrated especially with the current wave of digital advancement. In contrast, Chinese fairy tales also have massive “fantasy” material, but the...
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The Demand Design in Packaging Design

Miao Nie
Design is a creative activity, but also the manifestation of material. Packaging design reshapes the appearance of products and endows the same products various tastes. Modern packaging design has been increasingly emphasized, and has gradually become an important means to convey information and build...
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Research on Interior Space of Ecological Building Complex Based on the Demand of Entrepreneurial Group*

Yuqi Zhuang, Zhongying Shi
In recent years, the building complex of China’s economically developed cities has formed a certain scale of development. Due to the larger scale of development of the current building complex and the complexity of the internal functional space composition and space requirements, it is extremely important...
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Discussion on Folk Customs and Culture and Art of Architectural Decoration of Changle Academy Palace in Hakka Area

Zhenyu Li
The author investigated the architectural space, architectural decoration and architectural components of Huacheng Changle Academy Palace in Wuhua County, Guangdong Province. The author made an observation and research on the main body of the building, such as Palace Wall Wanren, Ling Star Gate, Panchi,...