Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ICEESD 2018)

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Functional Verification of Multi-area Automatic Generation Control Coordinated System Based on Testing Platform

Lingling Pan, Feng Li, Jiantao Liu
A function verification method of multi-area AGC coordinated system is proposed in this paper. Based on the power grid model of testing platform, the external multi-area AGC simulation system is build. A joint simulation system is formed by the simulated AGC system and the tested AGC system, which covers...
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A brief analysis of the bridge between sports and The environment -- Ecological Sports

Zhao Peng, YaWei Song
This paper mainly uses literature survey to summarize the concept and connotation of ecological sports from different scholars and the related concepts of ecological sports. First, it describes the application of ecological sports in Olympic, school sports, Chinese traditional sports and outdoor activities....
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Research on GPS Remote Precise Positioning of Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot

Hao Luo, Xiao Hong, Lei Zheng, Biwu Yan
A method on the remote precise positioning based on the GPS technology for transmission line inspection robot of is proposed. The functional requirement and construction of remote monitoring system, which monitors and controls the inspection robot walking and crossing various obstacles with wireless...
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Study of Expert Control Systems for Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot

Xiao Hong, Hao Luo, Biwu Yan, Lei Zheng
The structure of mechanical and control system for power transmission line inspection robot was introduced. Then a new control method and its real-time implementation based on expert system were presented. A rule-based expert system for distributed coordination algorithm was proposed. By using CLIPS...
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A Comparative analysis: Fertilizer and Pesticide Application Rates between China and Typical Developed Countries

Xiaoying Ye, Chaofeng Shao, Chenyang Xue
The problem of excessive use of pesticide and chemical fertilizer in China has received attention in recent years. Based on statistical data, the comparative analysis of the application rates of fertilizer and pesticide were carried out between China and typical developed countries, to illustrate the...
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Effect of reducing agent species on reduction and slag-metal separation from carbon composite pellets

Shihan Zhang, Guang Wang, Jingsong Wang, Buxin Su
The rotary hearth furnace iron nugget process has advantages of short reaction time and high quality product. Using semi-coke, bituminous coal, anthracite, charcoal and coke as raw material, effects of reducing agent species on reduction and melting separation of carbon composite pellets were studied....
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A new synthesis algorithm based on least squares for InSAR phase unwrapping

Liubing Jiang, Yongji Liu, Li Che, Cong Li
Phase unwrapping is a key step of interference synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) signal processing, while the existence of some factors such as the noises and the lack of data sampling makes this process extremely difficult. The least square method is the fastest way to unwrap, and there is no region...
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The Research of Water Immersion Test of loess under overburden pressure

Yu Zhang, Hui Li, Guibo Bao, Ningshan Jiang, Wuyu Zhang, Xiaoyun Yang
The collapsibility test in field can have several times to tens of times of error with computed results. The writer's purpose is to find the regulation of the develop of loess' collapsibility, a field test was completed, the writer also gave a formula to forecast the relationship between immersion time...
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Study on growth and accumulation characteristics of Sorghum bicolor?S.Sudanense. on uranium

Shiqi Zhang, Lixing Wang, Qing Hu, Peng Zhang, Lishan Rong
It is utilized the pot experiments to investigate physiological and biochemical indexes as well as the characteristics of the accumulation of uranium of Sorghum bicolor´S.Sudanense. under the different uranium concentrations (0,1, 5, 20mg/kg) stress. It shows that photosynthetic pigment and soluble protein...
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Key Technologies and Applications of 10GW-Level Wind and Solar Power Plant Cluster Controlling

Qiang Zhou, Ningbo Wang, Shien He, Yanhong Ma, Zhao Chen, Mingsong Wang
According to China's new energy large-scale centralized development which brings some problems, such as: resource monitoring, electric power forecast, cluster modeling, active / reactive power / security and stability of the coordinated control and demonstration project construction, design and development...
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Microwave drying of Siraitia grosvenorii and its effect on the Vitamin C content

Zhide Zhou, Guizhi Huang, Guiyin Li
Siraitia grosvenorii (Luo hanguo, LHG) is a unique edible and medicinal plant in China. Drying the LHG with a rapid, highly efficient method and keeping good quality are urgent problems. In this paper, the changes of Vitamin C (VC) content in LHG under microwave drying were studied. The effects of key...
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The Toxic Effects of Nanometer Zinc Oxide on Aquatic Organisms (A review)

Zhumei Wang, Bo Zhang, Xuejiao Zhang
Nano-ZnO is a typical engineered nanomaterial, which is used in many fields. With its mass production and wide application, more and more nano-ZnO discharge into the water body. Water ecological environment is facing a huge threat. This article summarizes the toxic effects of nano-ZnO on different types...
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Key factors of CO2 emission analysis in iron and steel mill

Yiwei Zhao, Haibin Zuo, Xuefeng She, Guang Wang, Jingsong Wang
Recently CO2 emission reduction has become an imminent problem, iron and steel industry, as the third largest CO2 emitter industry, is vital for energy conservation and emission reduction in China. Accurately quantifying CO2 emissions is the basis for energy-saving and emission reduction of the iron...
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Research on evaluation index system of warehouse management based on improved AHP

Tao Mei, Bin Wen, Hongying Xu
Facing the fierce market competition, more and more enterprises are focusing on product logistics. As an important link in the logistics system, warehouse management is under great pressure. In this paper, AHP is used to evaluate the warehouse management, and the evaluation value of each index is given.
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Study on Improving the Stability of Blueberry Anthocyanins

Qing Xu, Yuanjing Zhou, Daibo Wang, Bingjing Li, Liping Luo, Guilong Gao
Blueberry anthocyanins are the major active ingredients of blueberry with a variety of biological activities and have widespread applications in the fields of drugs, cosmetics, food additives and so on. However, the instability of blueberry anthocyanins is a big obstacle for their usage. Improving the...
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Research and MATLAB simulation of single-phase active power filter

Yingcheng Xue
A new single-phase of the harmonic current detection method and compensating current control method are presented in this paper. It’s a simple algorithm and achieve more,fast response and real-time. This detecting method is fit for t single-phase parallel active power filters. The simulative result shows...
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Frequency Regulation Strategy of Wind Farm Based on Hierarchical Architecture

Yingcheng Xue
Based on the analysis of the frequency modulation capability of conventional wind turbines and wind turbines, this paper proposes a new type of frequency control strategy for wind farms, which is based on the layered architecture. By means of reserve control, it can provide fast active power support...
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Study on the Long-term Mechanism of Energy-saving Technology Promotion about Rural Residences in Hot Summer and Cold Winter Zone

Mingqiang Huang, Jinheng Li, Cunyuan Wang
Reducing the energy consumption of villages and towns and raising their energy efficiency is one of the priorities for the development of sustainable buildings in China. This article takes the village and township houses in hot summer and cold winter zone as the research object. Based on the analysis...
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Electrical transport properties of Cu2Se dispersed and Na-doped Bi2Ba2Co2Oy thermoelectric composites

Senlin Leng, Wei Shi, Hongzhang Song
The Cu2-xSe nanopowder was synthesized by the hydrothermal method. The electrical transport properties of Bi1.975Na0.025Ba2Co2Oy + xwt% Cu2Se (x = 0.00, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, and 1.50) ceramic samples prepared by the solid-state reaction method were investigated from 300 K to 898 K. The Cu2-xSe...
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Research of Remote Fault Diagnosis System of Electric Locomotive Based on 4G Network

Jianhui Zhang
The paper presents a new type of remote fault diagnosis system of electric locomotive, which aiming at the problems and defects of traditional fault diagnosis technology of electric locomotive. The new system links electric locomotive host with ground repair center by using the mature 4G wireless communication...
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CARS: A material mechanics model for evaluating the impact of climate change on national fragility

Yuxin Niu, Yingtao Zhang, Mingyang Song
Although the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggests that the net damage costs of climate change towards countries are likely to be significant, it remains a challenge in evaluating a country’s fragility and measuring the impact of climate change, in a less-subjective manner, since...
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Comparative analysis of soil infiltration under three types of land use

Jianwei Yun, Qingqing Kou, Weihua Zhang
It is of great significance to understand the rule of soil infiltration to develop and better use of land resources or guide the agricultural irrigation. The grass infiltration apparatus is used to test the soil infiltration under different land uses, including grassland, woodland and vegetable land....
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Sustainable Redevelopment of Jingxi Abandoned Coal Mine Land: Recreation Spots From Problem Spaces

Xiaodan Li, Zhiting Chen, Lijun Jia, Wei Wu, Tianyi Ma, Hailiang Zhang, Tao Wang
The redevelopment of abandoned coal mine land and the creation of recreation space in cities are two significant elements for fostering urban more sustainable development. This paper presents an systematic perspective on plan strategy making, and examines how Jingxi ACML recreation system may combine...
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Solid phase extraction of melamine from water using magnetic grapheme oxide as adsorbent

Ming Zhou, Junyao Huang
Melamine can be introduced into environment via various industrial effluents, thus it is necessary to develop suitable analytical methods for determination of melamine in environmental samples. In this work, magnetic graphene oxide (MGO) was synthesized and used as the adsorbent for solid phase extraction...
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Detection of trace nickel in environmental water by high-performance liquid chromatography after dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction

Fang Chen, Song Liu
Because of the toxic effects of nickel on human health and ecosystem, it is necessary to detect trace nickel in aquatic environments. A new method was proposed for the detection of trace nickel in water, by high performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection (HPLC-DAD) after dispersive...
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Spatial distribution characteristics of human activity intensity in Libo County

Youzhi An, Fengtai Zhang, Jiangyu Lei
The spatial distribution characteristics of human activity intensity in Libo county are studied in three aspects, including the total distribution characteristics, the distribution characteristics of each township and the spatial autocorrelation analysis based on the calculation of the human activity...
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Existing forms and transformation of S-functional groups of sewage sludge of different seasons by using XPS method

Peiyi Zhong, Jianhang Huang, Haiwen Wu, Wenhao Zeng
In this study, X-ray photoelectron (XPS) was used to investigate the sulfur existing forms and transformation of dewatered sewage sludge which collected form a wastewater treatment plant using A2/O process in different seasons. The S2p spectra obtained curves were resolved into 6 peaks: sulfate-S(170.0±1.0...
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Health evaluation of EV business ecosystem based on projection pursuit and an improved matter-element extension combined with TOPSIS

Shuyu Dai, Xin Li, Dongxiao Niu, Guangsheng Zhan
Since the number of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, there is urgent need to nurture this emerging industry’s business ecosystem. The livelihood of an EV business ecosystem is important to different ecosystem participants: industrial participants, government agencies, industry associations, customers,...
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Enterprise risk grade evaluation based on risk management

Xintong Zhu, Qian Li, Yu Wang
Based on the ideas of risk classification and hierarchical supervision in risk management, the paper divides enterprises into several levels according to enterprise risk and other relevant factors, and establishes an index system of enterprise risk class evaluation through carrying out the work of expert...
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Composite MnCO3/PVDF-HFP separator towards high-performance lithium-ion batteries

Gaolong Zhu, Xiaopeng Jing, Weidong He
Separator is an essential component of battery between anode and cathode, but the commercial micro-porous polyolefin separator can hardly satisfy the continuously increasing battery energy densities due to its poor mechanical stability, low wettability, and limited electrolyte uptake. Poly(vinylidene...
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Study on the Vibration of Slab Mill Based on Muti-body Dynamics

Zhaowei Dong, Xiaohang Wan, Shengyong Liu
The vibration analysis model of slab mill is established in this paper according with the multi-body dynamics theory. The relationship between the vibration displacement and time of the roller in different conditions is obtained through simulation analysis. Under different damping conditions, the vibration...
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Optimal Design of Vehicle Upper-equipment Mounting System Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Xiaozheng Dang, Jingtao Yue, Xiaojun Wei
Applying the multi-dynamic theory, a dynamic model of the upper-equipment mounting system of some vehicle is established. An optimization model for the upper-equipment mounting system is constructed, in which the driver's vertical acceleration RMS value and upper equipment vertical acceleration, pitch...
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Characterization of Composite Laminate Lightning Strike Thermal-Mechanical Coupling Damage Based on Progressive Damage Model

Yao Xiao, Junjie Yin, Shulin Li, Xueling Yao, Fei Chang
For the sake of characterizing composite lightning strike coupling damage, based on the method of continuum damage mechanics (CDM) and phenomenological analysis, stiffness matrix progressive damage degradation model of composite laminate structure with lightning strike ablation damage and mechanical...
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Simulation of the all-vanadium redox flow battery with composite arched channel

Jiangqi Zhou, Min Wang, Xin Li
The all vanadium flow redox battery (VRB) has been widely studied and is one of the most compelling storage technologies. Here, A new channel structure, that is, a composited arched flow channel, is presented and compared with rectangular, serpentine channel. Numerical simulations are used to study the...
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A Sample-and- Hold Circuit for a Resolution Pipelined ADC

Yannan Zhai, Jing Li, Changhong Ding, Shuang Luan, Meishan Jin
A sample-and- hold circuit for a resolution pipelined ADC is presented. The circuit uses a fully differential capacitor flip structure to reduce power consumption. Increase the gain by using an olded-cascode amplifier. Based on 0.35μm CMOS process, the Hspice simulation shows that the circuit can work...
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Preparation and research of metal-base cold spray coatings with seawater corrosion resistant

Li Feng, Jirong Chang, Goransky Georg, Vaganov Victor
Four composite coatings of aluminum, zinc, aluminum zinc and high aluminum bronze were prepared by low-pressure cold spraying technology on 45 steel substrate. Study on microstructure and corrosion resistance of coating by scanning electron microscopy, electrochemical workstation and static immersion....
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Research on Compression Method of Biomass Dense Forming Process Based on Discrete Element Method

Zhen Li, Yuhang Gao, Peng Liu
The purpose of this research is to analyze the molding quality and energy consumption of biomass pellet fuel under three compression methods of uniform speed, uniform deceleration and superposition vibration. This article established a discrete element model of sandy shrub particles uniaxial compressed....
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36V/400Hz Three-phase Soft-switching Power Supply Design

Yalong Liu, Guanyue Zhang, Kuangcheng Li
This article describes the design process of a three-phase AC soft-switching static power supply using discrete pulse modulation (DPM) technology. Firstly, the principle diagram of the static power supply of the combined inverter structure is given. The working principle of the main circuit of the soft-switching...
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Analysis of the Temperature Field and Temperature Response of Reinforced Concrete Beam in Fire

Shaoguang Zhang, Hong Zhang, Yao Shi
The internal temperature of reinforced concrete members in fire directly influences the stress distribution and attenuation amplitude of performance. With ABAQUS finite element software, it analyzed the change rule about the temperature field of reinforced concrete beams with the development of time,...
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Effects of nitric acid doping on the adsorption properties and diffusion behavior of Li adsorption on graphene: A first-principles study

Xin Tan, Yaoyao Liu, Xuan Li
In order to study the influence of nitric acid doping on the adsorption of Li on the surface of graphene,the adsorption and diffusion behavior of Li adatoms at three high symmetry sites on graphene and NO3-??'graphene were systematically investigated by the first-principles method based on density functional...
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Calculation of the Growth Efficiency of China's Regional Industry Considering the Constraints of Exhaustible Resources

Xiaochen Zhu, Shuyu Sun, Wanhong Li
Based on the SBM model and the Malmquist-Luenberger index operation, this paper analyzes the regional industrial growth efficiency from static and dynamic aspects. For static efficiency, the overall efficiency of industrial growth in China shows a trend of decreasing from east to west. The pure technical...
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Microstructure Morphology Analysis of NiCoCrAlY Alloy Coating Prepared by Cold Spraying

Xiaotian Yang, Xiaoyue Fu, Li Feng, Goransky Georg
In this experiment, pure nickel, cobalt, chromium, aluminum, and bismuth powders were mechanically mixed for three hours in accordance with a certain ratio of powders. After the coating was formed on the surface of a stainless steel substrate of 310s by low-pressure cold spray technique and analyzed...
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The Planning Practice Study of Urban Green Space System in High-Density Urban Areas Based on the Concept of Ecological Restoration and Urban Repairing

Chen Li, Yun Zeng
Accompanied by China’s New Normal Economy and Chinese social and economic transition. The urbanization has entered a new stage of improving quality and increasing efficiency as the main development, meaning that future urban construction shall not only focus on newly increased lands only, but also focus...
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The Study of the Effect of Titanium Dioxide - Surfactant Compound on Cefoperazone Treatment

ZHIbin Liu
efoperazone wastewater’s composition is complex,of high COD, biodegradability is relatively poor,while TiO2 photocatalytic oxidation method is of high efficiency,safe,non-toxic and simple to operate,which can be used as a treatment method. The effect of hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) on the...
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Experimental investigation on mechanism of vacuum regeneration of LiCl solution

Tonghua Zou, Xiaobing Hou, Yafei Chang, Wei Wang, Dongxu Wei
The solution evaporation in a vacuum is faster than that at the atmospheric pressure, and the required temperature of heat source is relatively low, which can realize the energy conservation. Therefore, it is a subject worthy of investigating. In this experiment, the regeneration process of LiCl solution...
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Adsorption of CO2/CH4 in shale organic nanoparticles:A molecular simulation study

Dezan Fan, Jianfen Du
Shale gas is a kind of unconventional gas,but it is difficult to exploit because of the low permeability and porosity of shale.In recent years,with the larger emission of CO2,how to use CO2 to enhanc shale gas recovery(CO2-ESGR)and sequestrate CO2 effectively is a topic of common concern.Besides the...
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Analysis of Streamline in Horizontal Well

Guofeng Wang
In order to visually reflect the pressure distribution characteristics and the flowing tracks of reservoir fluid in five-spot horizontal well pattern, this paper obtain the pressure distribution equation of transient flow in horizontal well pattern by means of the potential superposition principle, present...
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Study on Dry Deposition Velocity of Particulate Nuclide onto Sea Surface

Kehan Ouyang, Wenzhen Chen
This Particulate nuclide deposit onto the sea surface will bring radioactive hazards to marine ecological environment, so it is necessary to study the dry deposition velocity of it onto sea surface. In this paper, a model of dry deposition of particulate nuclide onto sea surface is established, and the...
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Simulation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Vector Control System Based on Simplorer & Maxwell

Guanyue Zhang, Kuangcheng Li, Chunguang Liu
In this paper, the electromagnetic model of Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is established by using the RMxprt module self-brought by Maxwell, and the two-dimensional model is generated to conduct the electromagnetic simulation analysis. By using Simplorer as the simulation platform for driving...
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Thermal error of high speed feed system of NC machine tool

Rong Li, Wei Lin, Yanan Wang, Yin Zhang, Juyong Zhang, Chunguang Li, Zhiping Chen
The increase of the feed speed leads to severe thermal deformation, which seriously affects the positioning accuracy. Therefore, we take the X-ray feed system for machining center as the research object. Then, by analyzing the main heat source and establish a finite element model, the steady-state temperature...
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Cooling system of bearing in high speed feed system

Rong Li, Wei Lin, Yanan Wang, Yin Zhang, Juyong Zhang, Chunguang Li, Zhiping Chen
In the high speed feed system, the temperature rise of the bearing will affect the positioning accuracy, so we design the liquid cooling system to cool the bearing. The cooling system consists of the mechanical module and the liquid-cycle-cooling module. The mechanical module is a spiral groove on the...
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Identification and processing of a frame structure

Shang Xiang, Xuerui Yang, Guobo Luo
In recent years, the construction engineering industry has developed rapidly, and the engineering quality problems have become increasingly prominent, such as the low concrete strength and the cold joints of concrete structures. Based on an engineering example, this paper describes the whole process...
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Analysis of the cause of crack in a brick structure

Shang Xiang, Guobo Luo, Xuerui Yang
In recent years, the development of new materials is rapid, and the quality of materials brought by it is also obvious. Based on an engineering example, this paper expounds the process of detection, identification and cause analysis of a brick masonry structure, and provides reference for similar project...
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The Effect of Exogenous Melatonin on Kiwifruit Photosynthesis under low light environment

Dong Liang, Yanqiu Shen, Nengqin Xu, Hui Xia
Melatonin is a ubiquitous indol molecule and has powerful functions in relieving abiotic stress responses. In our study, we used the kiwifruit seedlings as the materials and investigated the efficiency of different concentration melatonin (50 μM, 100 μM and 200 μM) on protect photosynthesis compared...
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The Effect of Exogenous Melatonin on Kiwifruit Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Capacity under low light environment

Yanqiu Shen, Hui Xia, Zhi Lei, Dong Liang
Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) is a low-molecular-weight molecule having an indole ring structure and considered as the best antioxidant substances. However, the role of melatonin in low light stress remains unknown. Our study investigated the possible role of melatonin on secondary metabolite...
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The Effect of Exogenous Melatonin on Kiwifruit antioxidant system under low light environment

Dong Liang, Yanqiu Shen, Qin Wang, Hui Xia
Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) in plants is to act as an antioxidant providing protection against environmental agents. In our study, we used different concentration of melatonin (control, 50 μM, 100 μM and 200 μM) to investigate the effect of melatonin on antioxidant system under low light....