Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ICEESD 2018)

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Study on the Application of Gatifloxacin-A Novel Fluorescent System

Yuguang Lv, Qi Shi, Chunhui Shi, Yun Zai, Yushan Qin
we study the use of gatifloxacin with a novel tricyano-dihydrofuran fluorescent system. Gatifloxacin is a 8-methoxy-fluoroquinolone racemate which, in addition to having a broad spectrum of Gram-negative activity in addition to the activity of positive microorganisms, this product has antibacterial effect,...
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Research on programming and constructing of Microgrids which aim at absorbing clean energies

Cheng Liu, Chun Chen, Hui Wang, Xiaoyan Zhang
With the fast development of clean energies, absorbing cleaning energies becomes a critical problem to solve while the economy develops and society progresses. This paper presents a new type of Microgrid by analyzing methods of enhancing clean-energy-absorbing ability. The new type of Microgrid could...
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Impact of Heat Rejection/Extraction Ratio of Ground-Source-Heat-Pump (GSHP) on Life-Cycle Energy Consumption

Qiong Guo
The imbalance of heat rejection to and heat extraction from the ground has dramatic effect on the performance of a GSHP system, thus affects the heating and cooling energy usage of a building. A parametric study based on different heat rejection/extraction (R/E) ratio was conducted for a 20-year life...
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A New Analytical Method of Standby System Reliability Model

Peng Di, Tong Chen, Bin Hu, Dongliang Yin
Aiming at the problem that the system reliability modeling constraints are too strict in the past studies. A general distribution which approximates an arbitrary distribution is utilized for the N-units warm standby system that has a single maintenance station. The lifetime and repair time of operating...
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One-pot Hydrothermal Synthesis of Bi2O3/BiVO4 Composites with Highly Efficient Visible-light Photocatalytic Activity

Wentao Yi, Chunyan Yan, Han Zhang, Xiaoxia Wu
Porous peanut-like Bi2O3/BiVO4 composites with different Bi/V molar ratios have been synthesized by a one-pot hydrothermal synthesis method. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectra (DRS), Fourier-transform...
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Characteristics of Hospital Architectural Space

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
Architectural space of hospital contains two types of basic space, using space and contacting space. Using space bears various functional requirements. In hospital buildings, functional space including waiting, seeing a doctor, examining, treating, charging and taking medicine, belongs to using space....
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The Design Trend of Modern Hospital Architecture

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The hospital is an important part of public infrastructure in the development of modern society. As a modern hospital, it should adhere to the principle of people-oriented and the service objective of modern hospital architecture design. On the base of theory and practice analysis, the trend of modern...
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Dynamic Time-History analyses of Ground Reinforced Concrete Tank in Water Supply System under Bi-directional Horizontal Seismic Actions

Mingzhen Wang, Lin Gao
The reinforced concrete tank in water supply system is a typical fluid-filled structure. There are liquid-solid couple effects and liquid sloshing in the fluid-filled structure under seismic actions. The existence of liquid storage changes the dynamic characteristics and seismic responses of the structure....
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Power Analysis of Hydraulic-pneumatic Booster on an Air Automobile based on Dimensionless Method

Xiangheng Fu
In this study, to illustrate the energy conversion characteristics of air-powered hydraulic vehicle, dimensionless mathematical model of the working process is set up. Then the dynamic power and efficiency are researched based on the dimensionless parameter simulation. This research can be referred to...
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Influence of excitation current characteristics on sensor sensitivity of permeability testing technology based on constant current source

Xianzhi Ren, Shangkun Ren, Qingquan Fan
The permeability testing technology is a kind of non-destructive testing method, which based on the change of permeability, can detect the stress concentration state and the degree of fatigue damage for ferromagnetic samples. The detection sensor based on the constant current source has higher detection...
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Ab Initio Calculation of Lattice Thermal Conductivity

Qiong Guo
An ab-initio-based theoretical approach was presented to accurately describe phonon thermal transport. Harmonic and anharmonic interatomic force constants (IFCs) are the only inputs required for exact solution of phonon Boltzmann equation, thus the crucial elements required to calculate thermal conductivity....
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On-line Measurement System for Anti icing Agent Content of Jet Fuel Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Fanqin Meng, Xiaozhong Zhang
For reducing the freezing possibility of water in jet fuel, it is necessary to add a certain amount of anti icing additive in jet fuel before refueling a plane. The jet fuel is a mixture contain of all variety of hydrocarbons and additives, so the online measurement of anti-icing additive concentration...
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The Potential of Developing New Energy Auto Industry in 'Capital of Hydropower'

Chenggang Xu, Qianhui Xu
The development of new energy auto in Yichang can give full play to the cost advantage of’ capital of hydropower’.Using the‘parallel import policy’and adopting CKD to organize production can rapidly cultivate production conditions and consumption market. Under the restriction of high standard emission...
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Study on Welding Technology and Microstructure and Properties of Ultra-high Strength Dual-phase Steel for Automobile

Yan Liu, Liuxin Zhang, Yongman Chen
In the background of energy saving and environmental protection, the lightweight of automobile is the goal of its development .The use of ultra-high strength steel as the structural parts and safety parts of car body is to ensure the lightweight of automobile under the premise of ensuring the safety...
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Application of Cold Metal Transition Technology in Automobile Manufacture

Yan Liu, Liuxin Zhang, Yongman Chen
Based on the analysis of the characteristics of cold metal transition welding technology and the welding problems of the thin plate and dissimilar materials, this paper summarizes its applications in automobile industry. Cold metal transition technology can effectively solve the problems of burn-through...
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Energy-saving Analysis of Refrigeration System in Micro-grid with Combined Cooling, Heating & Power Generation

Genghuang Yang, Xin Su, Wenbin Sun, Xiayi Hao, Yingmei Zhang
From the theoretical analysis of the primary energy consumption of refrigeration system, energy saving rate and value, combined with the application of specific case, the absorption refrigeration system and the compressor refrigeration system in Combined Cooling, Heating & Power Generation (CCHP) system...
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Characteristics of carbon dioxide adsorption on β-cyclodextrin/cellulose composite material

Tianxiang Guo, Nan Ma, Simeng Chen, Baixin Wang, Lian Su, Huining Xiao
The work focused on the preparation and characterization of porous composite material as novel adsorbent towards CO2. The porous composite material was synthesized by cross-linking of cellulose and β-cyclodextrin with epichlorohydrin (EPI). Then the adsorption characteristics of carbon dioxide on the...
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Ecological Security Classification of Regionally Sustainable Utilization of Land Resources Based on SVM

Jing Zhao, Zhen Jin
Ecological security classification of land resources play an important role in sustainable utilization of land resources and improve benefit of healthy development of urbanization in China. According to the county level of ecological security classification of land resources data which is large scale...
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Selection and analysis of economic and energy saving thickness of foam concrete exterior wall

Zuxu Zou, Jianjun Liu, Heng Yang, Jiwen Chen
The foam concrete material is used as the self-thermal insulation material for exterior wall , combined with a residential building in Wuhan as an example, resorting to DeST-h simulation software, with non-thermal insulation wall as the reference model. Through the comparison of several groups of self-thermal...
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Structural design and analysis on a large span dry-coal-shed with three cylindrical reticulated shell

Xuan Wang
The large span dry-coal-shed has complicated structure,which has the large-span of 114m and the vertical section of 20m. In this paper, the whole project has been expounded in different ways, such as stress analysis,structure selection, structure design. Two different structure design softwares(MST and...
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Development of the third generation advanced high strength steel for automobile

Bo Liu, Yuehong Dai, Xiaoyan Huang, Yue Wang
In order to meet the needs of the development of automotive lightweight,a lot of advanced high strength steels are developed.The first generation of advanced high strength steel is very low in the strength-elongation product, lightweight and security.The cost of the second generation steel is high and...
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Fluorescent ZnCdSe/ZnS QDs probes for sensitive copper (II) detection

Zhijie Qin, Qiulin Yue, Xinli Liu
Considering the fact that copper (II) (Cu2+) act as a dietary need but toxic metal ions, its detection and quantification is very much important for human healthy diet and environmental risk assessment. Herein, we introduced a sensitive fluorescence sensor for the detection of Cu2+ based on ZnCdSe/ZnS...
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Effect of Nitrogen Level on Trace Elements of Allium fistulosum L.

Lin Zhou, Qiulin Yue, Rongzong Cui, Lin Zhao, Lingxia Xu, Xinli Liu
In this paper, the polytetrafluoroethylene tank high pressure digestion method was used for the determination of trace elements of Allium fistulosum ICP-MS. Welsh onion cultivars ‘Zhangqiu’ were selected as the experimental materials. The influence of different nitrogen lever on the content of trace...
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Effect of Nitrogen Level on Growth and Metabolism of Allium fistulosum L.

Lin Zhou, Qiulin Yue, Lin Zhao, Rongzong Cui, Xinli Liu
The effect of nitrogen on growth and nitrogen metabolism of Allium fistulosum L. was investigated to clarify the role of N in affecting the quality, and provide a theoretical basis for the optimization fertilization technique. Three nitrogen levels were tested in the experiment, namely total nitrogen,...
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Effect of different terminators on transcription regulatory factor ClrB and XlnR in Penicillium oxalicum 114-2

Qin Yan, Yanan Wang, Xiaoming Bao, Yinbo Qu, XinLi Liu, Zhonghai Li
ClrB and XlnR positively regulated cellulase and hemicellulase expression in Penicillium oxalicum 114-2. In addition,terminators, as promoters, play an important role in gene transcription. T- his research mainly investigated the effects of TbglII, TcbhI, TegI, TD, TgpdA on the regulatory fact- ors ClrB...
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Study on the strategy of rural tourism development under the background of beautiful countryside construction

Huiying Chen
the rapid development of rural tourism not only meets the changing consumer demand of tourism consumers, but also provides a new breakthrough point for the new rural construction in twenty-first Century, and the proposal of "beautiful countryside construction" gives new connotation and new ideas for...
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Thermodynamic Analysis of Different CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Cycles

Yingfu Liu, Yingzheng Rong, Guangya Jin
For determining the reasonable ratio of spacing to diameter of double tunnels, the criterion is often only for the excavation, and does not take into account the earthquake situation. In order to ensure the stability of surrounding rock masses, safety and economic rationality during construction and...
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The loss-averse competitive newsvendor model with product substitution under multiple mental accounts

Haifei Shou, Bojun Gu, Di Zhang
We consider a newsvendor game with two substitutable products which are sold by two retailers with loss-averse preferences under multiple mental accounts. The game theory is used to find the retailers’ optimal order quantity. Given the order quantity of one retailer, there exists a unique optimal order...
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Wind erosion mechanism of cement-mortar protective layer under air-borne sand environment

Ying Jia, Bei Lee, Mei Zhang, Shuaifeng Hao
The paper simulated numerically the process of wind-blown sand flow impact-induced erosion of cement-mortar block. The concept of wind erosive critical pressure was put forward. Furthermore, the calculation formula of the impact pressure of sand grains, the attenuation equation of elastic modulus and...
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Numerical study on local loss at right angle diversion under the different cross section shapes

Jian Zou, Tao Li, Shaojun Qu, Ping Gao
Lateral diversion from an open channel is a common flow regime and easily produces swirl which causes large head loss. The previous research mainly focused on the split flow about the fixed shapes of channel and small slopes. The paper investigated the local head loss at the diversion gate under three...
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Simulation of pedestrian evacuation with the obstacles based on a dynamic cellular automaton model

Nuo Zhu, Peiying Yang, Xiang Li
Simulation of pedestrian evacuation flow in a room with fixed obstacles is presented based on cellular automata (CA) in this paper. Pedestrian moving rules are established, according to two-dimensional cellular automaton Moore neighborhood. The dynamic parameters are formulated to simplify tactically...
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Investigation on Traffic Assignment of City Center Area Based on Improved Logit Route Choice Method

Hailong Deng, Meilin Xu, Jianzhi Gao
With the development of social economy, the problems of urban traffic has become increasingly prominent. It is necessary to pay attention to the traffic planning. Traffic assignment is an important content of traffic planning. The route choice of the traveler is the focus of traffic assignment. In the...
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A transfer matrix of free vibration for exponentially functionally graded beams

Kesheng Zhang, Jianpeng Sun, Qiang Zhang
For analyzing the free vibration of exponentially functionally graded beams a transfer matrix has been developed. The transfer matrixes of exponentially functionally graded beams which need the loop iteration are derived in closed form. The proposed transfer matrix based on the Taylor series expansion....
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Evaluation method of handling and stability performance of special vehicle with large inertia based on the combination method of rank correlation coefficient

Yajun Shao, Qinhe Gao, Ruimin Zhang, Hongjie Cheng, Wei Zhang, Yong Jia, Xingyu Xie
Considering the actual structure of special vehicles and security factors, three road test for special vehicle’s handling and stability and eight index were used in this paper. The subjective weighting method and the objective weighting were respectively used to evaluate the special vehicle’s handling...
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Research on the Dynamic Model of 2.5D Fluid Structure Interaction of Gravity Dam and Simulation of Seismic Stress Response

Yiran LI, Menghua XU, Hao SUN, Genfeng Xiao
The seismic safety of the dam involves the safety of people's life and property, and even affects the overall safety of the national economy. One of the key of technical issues in this subject is the more complete fluid-structure interaction(fsi) theory and the more accurate calculation method. In order...
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Study on quality management based on Internet of things technology in dam construction

Wenwen Hu, Bin Ma, Jixing Niu
The dam project has the characteristics of large volume of construction, complex construction environment, long cycle and difficult repair quality at the later stage of dam. If a dam break will cause casualties and property losses, it is necessary to improve the management quality of dam construction...
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Research on Second-hand Vehicle Evaluation System Based on Improved Replacement Cost Method

Jiangxue Chang, Yuquan Zhang
In order to meet the needs of second-hand car value assessment, the used car value assessment system has been designed based on the improved replacement cost method. The system includes system management module, used car parameter management module, used car evaluation management module and evaluation...
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Countermeasures and Suggestions on the Tourism Image Design of the CIS Introduction in Shenyang

Yan Dong
The construction of city brand and tourism brand image is an important proposition affecting the development of a city. The corresponding research and practice have been widely carried out in the domestic tourist cities. As the economic, political and cultural center among the three northeastern provinces,...
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Research on Application of Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Technology in the Safety Monitoring of Pipeline Transportation

Tao Wang, Binhua Xu, Bin He, Min Du
Pipeline transportation plays a vital role in the transportation of oil and gas. The safety monitoring of pipeline transportation is essential in pipeline operation. Distributed optical fiber sensing technology has more advantages than other conventional pipeline security monitoring method. The ability...
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Research on risk factors analysis of tunneling through bridge using active underpinning technology

Lin WANG, Xiaozhong Li, Xueying BAO, Shijun ZHOU
In order to effectively manage the construction risk of tunnel crossing existing bridge projects with active underpinning technology, the relations of risk factors were analyzed using interpretive structural mode. Used WBS - RBS method to identify all risk factors, established the risk factors adjacency...
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Research of the structure and function of Ordinary Landing Craft

Chaofan Liu, Shun Zhang, Yuanzho Zheng
Rich in natural resources, the south China sea area islands is various, but the area is not large, dense distribution is normal landing craft in the process of using the shortfalls, stability, speed and endurance greatly affects the work efficiency of the construction of the south China sea, thus put...
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Simulation Research of Parking Position Aircraft Queuing System Based on Colored Petri Net

Bo Fan, Runtang Wang, Liangcai Cai, Guanhu Wang, Shaofeng Guo
Form the situation of military aircraft use civil airports, in order to improve the efficiency of the civil airport parking position, this paper gave a new idea that military and civilian aircraft use a shared parking position together, studied capacity and utilization of shared paking position, computed...
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The Development of Static Load Testing Instrument for Piles Based on the Internet of Things

Jieming Li, Xiaodan Huang, Minzhang Mei
An IoT-based wireless intelligent testing instrument is developed for static load test of piles, and it is applied to a field test in order to measure the axial compressive bearing capacity of a pile, while traditional wired devices are also deployed in the same test for comparison. The comparison shows...
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Pilot-scale production of alkali activated concretes for marine engineering application

Luqian Weng, Hailin Cao, Shaobin Li, Krivenko Palvo
Alkali activated concretes possess the significant advantage over the traditional cements on their low footprint. To test the application possibilities of alkali activated concretes, a pilot-scale production of these concretes for marine engineering application was performed at the precast concrete manufacturing...
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Heat evolution of chemically bonded cementitious materials for marine engineering applications

Hailin Cao, Krivenko P.V., Luqian Weng, Shaobin Li, Yue Guo, Petropavlovsky O.N., Pushkar V.I., Kovalchuk A.Yu.
Chemically bonded cementitious materials possess the high performance properties and excellent durability. They also have a set of special properties, such as low heat evolution. The study focused on the relationship between concrete mix design and heat evolution. On based on the experimental and calculating...
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Parametric Design of Circular Spherical Mesh Shell And force performance comparison analysis

Xiaoyang Lu, Hao Zhang, Yaru Wang, Xiaoxiao Wang
In this paper, based on the characteristics of the single-layer spherical lattice shell with a zigzag line, a macro program for the parametric design of a zigzag-shaped single-layer spherical lattice shell was compiled using ANSYS software's APDL language. The analysis function of ANSYS finite element...
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Study on Excavated-in Harbor Basin Current Field

JinBin SUN, Kun LIU
The current of excavated-in harbor basin are key issues to the coastal engineering and the ocean engineering. In this study, a numerical model was developed to simulate excavated-in harbor basin current field. Results show that, the current field of excavated-in harbor basin is influenced by topography,...
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Study on Adaptability of Lateral Concentrated Smoke Exhausting Mode in Large-span Rectangular Tunnels

Zhengmao CAO, Xiao LIU
Taking large-span rectangular underwater tunnel as the research objective, numerical calculation model of lateral concentrated smoke exhausting in rectangular underwater tunnel was established by FDS. The adaptability of lateral concentrated exhaust mode in tunnels of variable widths is obtained according...
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Research on the Sharing Bicycles Delivery

JianYuan Gan, Lin Zhang, XiaoQing Huang, RongFang Hu
Sharing bicycles in the settlement of the user "last mile" short-distance travel needs and ease the urban traffic congestion plays an increasingly important role. In order to study the issue of sharing bicycles delivery, firstly, a bicycles’ market demand model considering the age distribution is established,...
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The Fracture Analysis around Anti-plane Crack in An Infinite Piezoelectric Plate

Wenbin ZHAO, Xuexia ZHANG, Hailing XIE, Zhiyao ZHAO
The fracture problem around the center crack in an infinite transversely isotropic piezoelectric plate under the anti-plane shear stress and the in-plane electric load at infinity is studied. Using the complex function method and undetermined coefficients method, the analytical solutions of the stress,...
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Biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal using anoxic-anaerobic oxidation ditch under low temperature condition

LiChao Nengzi, JinZhao Hu, XueMei Wang, Hong Yang, JianBin Chen, Rui Cao
A pilot-scale anoxic-anaerobic oxidation ditch process was used to investigate the influence of varying temperature on organic substance, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, and the efficiency of these pollutions removal in about 15 ˚C. The results indicated that when the temperature was dropped from about...
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The investigation of aeration optimization in a pilot-scale anoxic-anaerobic oxidation ditch for nutrient removal from wastewater

LiChao Nengzi, Ying Jiang, XiaoFang Li, WuJia Hailai, JinHua Ma, Rui Cao
The performance of nitrogen and phosphorus removal in a pilot-scale anoxic-anaerobic oxidation ditch (OD) process was investigated. In order to achieve a high removal efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus, the aeration was optimized and an anoxic zone was formed in the front of OD reactor, thus the operation...
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Performance of Energy Consumption and Indoor Air Quality for the Fan coil System with Sensor Fault

Liangzhen Jiao, Shuai He, Yunpeng Hu, Jiayu Zhou
The fan coil systems are employed to create a satisfied built environment by some feedback controls. Sensor is one of the most important components in the whole system. Unfortunately, Due to the long term using, sensors fault would occur unavoidable. It is significant to reduce the energy consumption...
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Parametric design and static behaviour analysis of single-layer conical shell

Xiaoyang Lu, Yaru Wang, Xiaoxiao Wang, Hao Zhang, Silu Xie
The parametric design macro programs of two basic types of single-layer conical shell are developed by using APDL(Ansys Parametric Design Language) parameterized design language.The parametric design of single-layer conical shell structures can be built under the condition of giving the macroscropic...
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The traveling wave solution of (3+1) dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation by using the firstintegral method

Chunhuan Xiang, Honglei Wang
The first integral method, based on the theory of commutative algebra, is an efficient method for obtaining traveling wave solutions of some nonlinear partial differential equations, which is applied to solve (3+1) dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in this work. The traveling wave solutions...
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Construction and Empirical Study of Evaluation Index System on the Informationization of Transportation in Dalian City

Yunhua Sun, Yunfei Ai
Traffic informationization is an important carrier and means to realize intelligent transportation, and also a key factor to promote the strategy of a powerful nation in transportation. According to the content and characteristics of the evaluation on the development of transportation informatization,...
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Parameterized Design and Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Three Hybrid Ellipsoidal Paraboloid Reticulated Shells

Xiaoyang Lu, Xiaoxiao Wang, Yaru Wang, Hao Zhang, Silu Xie
Taking Changzhou Stadium Kiewitt-Lamella ellipsoid paraboloids as an example, three kinds of parametric design macros for hybrid ellipsoids paraboloid shells are developed using APDL parametric design language; The performance comparison of the three types of reticulated shells was performed using ANSYS...
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The Design and Application of Intelligent Buoys in Polar Water

Siwen Guo, Yuanzhou Zheng, Langxiong Gan
In order to solve the problem of insufficient energy supply for buoys in polar waters, a wind energy / solar energy composite energy collection device was designed which can make full use of wind energy. What’s more, the lithium battery module of traditional buoys was improved, and a self-insulation...
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Research on quality control system for cold-chain road transport

Mengya Liu
The prime aims of the cold-chain transportation quality control are to guarantee that the temperature control is uninterrupted, the quality of the goods is intact, and to prevent "chain breaking" which constitute the greatest threat to cold-chain transportation. As per the requirements of Hazard Analysis...
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Multiple Compound Foundation Bearing Characteristics

Caihui Zhou, An Chen, Jian Meng
To study the bearing characteristics of composite foundation with long rigid piles and short flexible piles, the light dynamic penetration and the static loading test are used base on comprehensive testing and analysis of soft soil characteristics, and combining with the treatment design parameters of...
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Research on the Structure Trend of Sharing Bicycle Market

XiaoQing Huang, Lin Zhang, JianYuan Gan, RongFang Hu
In recent years, with the rapid development of the sharing economy, sharing bicycles as a new form of sharing economy, has solved the pain point "the last mile" of the distribution pattern of urban public transit and subway, which plays an increasingly important role in the efficient urban road traffic...
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An Optimizing Algorithm for Tower Crane Selection in Precast Concretes Structures Based on Cost in China

Chunlei Huang, Rongyan Li, Yan Fu, Jingjing Guo
Tower crane, transporting components vertically and horizontally, is the most expensive machine in construction site. In order to reduce cost and advance construction schedule, tower crane should be well located. Based on matlab platform, this paper generates an optimizing algorithm to selection optimal...
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Fast data analysis method based on AIS system

Wenzhe Li, Kezhong Liu, Guo Jing
With the development and perfection of AIS system, AIS data with high timeliness, strong stability and wide coverage provide a strong data base for traffic flow statistical analysis. This paper use Java with full consideration of JVM performance, to achieve rapid AIS data decode, then put forward a new...
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Thoughts of DraInage DesIgn for ChInese HIghway In Water EnVIronment SensItIVe SectIons

Gang LI, Yue Wang, Pan Wang
The specifications for drainage design of highways (jtj/t d33-2012), issued by the ministry of transport of the people’s republic of china, has been implemented for completed three years. compared with the last edition, 1997’s, the 2012 edition is featured for the specifications of drainage design in...
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UAV Autonomous Charging System based on Multi-Information Cooperative Positioning

Y. H. Zhang, . F. Shi, X. Ruan, Y. J. Yang, Z. Jiang
Nowadays, the rapid development of UAVS has a great application prospect both in military and civilian areas. However, the short duration of the UAV has limited the continuity of its work , and it need someone to replace the battery. We propose a UAV autonomous charging method of the multi-information...
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The Cold Air Incursion Prediction Based on the Behavioral Model of Opening/Closing a Door of Classroom Established by Matlab

Zi Ouyang, Haorui Zhang, Ike Chen, Haoyu Chao, Weiwei Yu
Through our observation of the classmates’ behavior when entering or leaving the classroom, we find that it is more probable that they will keep the door close than leave it open when the door is already close. And the larger the number of classmates entering or leaving the classroom per unit time is,...
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An Introduction to Changchun City Features Extraction

Yige Sun, Bailing Zhang
Studying the features of Changchun city as an example, this paper performs a preliminary exploration on Changchun city landscape features into three angles in terms of constituent elements of urban landscape, historical evolution characteristics and urban space features. Meanwhile we also design a framework...
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Risk Assessment of Bridge Fire Based On The Theory Of Vulnerability

Xiang Wang, Chuntao Wang, Haidong Fang
The mechanism model of bridge fire disaster is established by applying the theory of vulnerability. By using Delphi method analysis and screening the vulnerability factors, using cluster analysis and hierarchical analysis establish the evaluation index system of the vulnerability. The vulnerability assessment...
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Analysis of Ultrasonic Testing in Engineering Blasting

Huagang Xie, Lingli Wu, Chao Xu, Yuya Zhu, Shanmin Wang
Ultrasonic flaw detection is widely used in engineering blasting, especially the non-destructive testing of rock blasting damage, and it has a good detection effect. By analyzing parameters proposed by ultrasonic flaw detection, the amount of rock damage can be obtained, and Then complete the corresponding...
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Numerical Study on the Thickness of the Window Spill Plume in External Fa?ade Fire

Jiajia Fu, Jianguo Chen, Hongyong Yuan
It is believed that the ventilation factor plays an important role to define the thickness of the window spill plume. However, the effect of the window height/width ratio on the spill plume thickness couldn’t been concerned in previous research. To obtain more influencing factors of the window spill...
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Parameter Discussion of Bearing Capacity Analysis of Highway Bridges in Heavy-cargo Transportation

Ping Lu, Haiyang Yu, Li He, Haijun Wu
To analyze and discuss about selection of parameters of bearing capacity calculation when heavy-cargo transportation pass through bridges, characteristics of heavy-cargo transportation significantly different from general vehicle design load, is analyzed. According to the characteristics of the operation...
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Mechanical Analysis and Structure Health Monitoring of Congruence Beam Cable-stayed Bridge

Dejun Ji, Kejin Wang, Yongliang Wang
The Wajiatan Yellow river bridge is a congruence beam cable-stayed bridge, which was analyzed by finite element method to simulate the structure dynamic characteristics and structure response under different loads. By numerical simulations, the structure dangerous points and structure monitoring priorities...
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The Research of Concrete Pile Material in Mechanical Property

Ximing Zhang, Shupin Ning, Fan Zhang, Linjie Zhao
Concrete pile technology is a new technology to improve people's living environment by extracting underground potential of pile foundation. This kind of technology requires good heat transfer effect and invariable mechanical performance of concrete pile. The heat storage performance of concrete pile...
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Study on stability bearing capacity of large size and eccentric bending members with different slenderness ratios

Z.b. Li, C.Y. Yu, Y.P. Xie
In this paper, the effect of slenderness ratio on the ultimate stability bearing capacity of the eccentric compressive members is analyzed. 10 specimens are analyzed by ABAQUS finite element software and steel structure code at home and abroad. This case is that the eccentric load is applied at both...
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Experimental Study On Expanding Composite Wall

Yonggang Zhang, Yangang Zhao
Based on the traditional ecological composite wall, expanding composite wall is put forward in this paper. Based on the tests of five pieces of 1/2 scaled expanding composite wall under low-cycle lateral loading, the bearing capacity, ductility, hysteretic characteristics, and stiffness degradation performance...
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The physical investigation on the Reflection coefficient of Pile-supported vertical wall breakwaters

KeXin Zhang, JinSong Gui, DongXu Wang
Through the physical model test, the reflection coefficient of pile-supported vertical wall breakwater under the action of regular wave was measured. The non-dimensionality method was used to analyze the change of reflection coefficient under the influence of various factors, thus giving the engineering...
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Analysis of Bending Bearing Capacity of Fully Bolted Outer Shell Beam-Column Joint Connected by T-Stub

Dan Zhang, Lei Zhang
In the analysis of steel frame, the bearing capacity of joints is the basic mechanical property. With reference to the component method proposed in the Eurocode 3 (EC3) specification, based on the characteristic of transmitting force in each component of the outer shell joints, the bearing capacity of...
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Review of key technologies and applications of intelligent transportation

Yan Zhao, Desheng Cao, Huazhong Ren
As an important part of intelligent city construction, intelligent transportation has gained more and more attention. The concept and general structure of intelligent transportation are briefly introduced. The key technologies of wireless sensor network, data mining and intelligent transportation cloud...
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Ecological sensitivity evaluation of Libo County Based on GIS

Youzhi An, Fengtai Zhang, Xia Luo
Ecological environment and natural resources are the basis for the development of tourist cities. During tourism development, the ecological environment and natural resources will be greatly challenged. These activities may affect the environment, so the construction of tourism activities should be carried...
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Study on Review Criteria of BIM Design Model for Prefabricated Concrete Project

Ning Xu, Guangbin Wang
Based on the comparative analysis of model between PC (prefabricated concrete) structure and traditional cast-in-place structure, a review process of BIM design model for PC project was established. Moreover, a review criteria of BIM design model for PC project was proposed, which includes the division...
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A Novel Model and GA-Based Solution for Resource Scheduling in Highway Emergency Rescue

Yuxin Niu
Highway is the major artery and main component of China's transportation system and plays a vital role in national economic construction. After an accident on the highway, how to quickly reach the accident point through effective dispatching and implementing emergency rescue operations is extremely important....
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Study on Pushover Analysis for High-rise Diaojiaolou on Multi-grade Steep Slope

Ning Xu
Based on the studies of necessity about seismic analysis for mountainous buildings, especially the high-rise Diaojiaolou in the southwestern region of China, a Pushover analysis for a real high-rise Diaojiaolou was carried out. It was shown that the displacement of the first floor of high-rise Diaojiaolou...
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A Review of the Seismic Performance Size Effect of Reinforced Concrete Beams

Yongping Xie, Jianming Guo, Lei Jia, Huan Qi
The size effect is defined as the reduction on the some seismic performance evaluation parameters with increasing size. As an important bearing member, the seismic performance and size effect of RC beams have been studied extensively over the past few decades, most of them came to the same conclusion,...
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Control of abnormal pressure to hydrocarbon migration & accumulation-A Case Study on the lower assemblage of Yanchang formation in the middle area of western Ordos Basin

Yuhai Fan, Hui Wang, Furong Tan
In this article the author use the datas of acoustic travel time, systematical analysising the abnormal pressure distribution obtained by equilibrium depth method in the lower assemblage of Yanchang formation 151 well bores in the middle area of western Ordos Basin, combined with the distribution patterns...
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Dynamic response of a semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine under flooded column damage

Kan Zheng, Wei Shi, Nianxin Ren
One of the main aspect of floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) operating in normal is the safety of its cabin. The ballast water in cabin is closely related to the stability of FOWT. The dynamic response of the motion and the mooring lines force will be changed once its flooded column damage. In this...
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Estimation of Po-210 and Pb-210 Emissions from Coal Energy Use in China

Yanqi Zhang, Ziying Jiang
Surveys on Po-210 and Pb-210 levels in atmosphere in China were reviewed, and the average concentration of Po-210 and Pb-210 in atmosphere were 1.7 mBq/m3 (ranging from 0.12 to 9.4 mBq/m3) and 0.70 mBq/m3(ranging from 0.03 to 1.83 mBq/m3) respectively, which are apparently higher than that the world...
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Investigation of the pyrolysis of Zichang?Coal using different?Catalysts in terms of mechanism and reactivity

YanHong Guo, Fan Cheng, Yu Fu
In this study, the pyrolysis of Zichang˚Coal (ZC) was investigated by thermogravimetry (TG) using three˚Catalysts, and the yields of the products obtained from pyrolysis, as well as gas˚Composition, were investigated by gas˚Chromatography (GC) using a fixed-bed reactor. The˚Catalytic mechanism was discussed...
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Influence of temperature variation on Seismic subsidence properties of frozen soil

Ya Liu, Ningshan Jiang, Hongwei Li, Hui Li
To reduce the engineering geological disasters in permafrost regions and improve the durability of highways and railways. The dynamic load test of a certainly frozen soil roadbed in the G214 highway is carried out by taking the initial environment negative temperature gradient as the control variable...
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Comparison of the soil evaporation and trees transpiration for Fraxinus mandshurica- Populus davidiana forest, Tilia mandshurica forest and Quercus monglica forest

Shuli Wang, Jing Wen
By using of field observation and room analysis, the characteristics of evapotranspiration of three forest types beside Songhua River were studied through measure forest land evaporation and forest transpiration. The results showed that: (1) Forest land evaporation of Fraxinus mandshurica- Populus davidiana...
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Bidding simulation methods for power suppliers considering forward contract

Heng Feng, Zhenglin Yang, Yaxian Zheng
A total electricity market should include spot market and forward contract market. The spot market keep balance on electricity, the other is helpful to advance competition and achieve a more efficient market equilibrium price. In this paper, a bidding strategies model based on intelligent agent is used...
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Urban vegetation coverage monitoring technology based on NDVI

Wenzhe Zhu, Haochuan Lei
The purpose of this paper is to research with the development of urban and regional change and lead to the change of urban vegetation, for the purpose of ecological environmental quality assessment, urban planning and urban ecological security assessment.
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Experimental Research on a Green Air-conditioning system based on Capacitive Deionization Regeneration Method

XiuWei Li, Feng Cheng, BoQing Ding, Hui Zhao
Green air-conditioning system is important for the development of low carbon society. Compared with vapour compression system, absorption system is more environment-friendly and can be driven by renewable energy. But the low performance impedes its development. The major reason lies in the energy waste...
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Research on large inertia vehicle's handling stability based on improved evidence theory

Yajun Shao, Wei Zhang, Qinhe Gao, Hongjie Cheng, Yong Jia, Xingyu Xie
The objective evaluation index system of large inertia vehicle’s handling and stability was set up, the vehicle experiment was performed to get data of evaluation indexes referring to national standard. Three objective weighting methods with different focus were chosen to get the weighting coefficient...
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Discussion on the Elements of Modern Agriculture Sustainable Development

Chunjiang Zhu, Rujiu Luo
The development of modern agriculture should be guided by the theory of sustainable development, and should be based on the idea of harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Starting from the connotation of sustainable agricultural development, this paper constructs a element of modern agriculture sustainable...
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Quantum Calculation of Four-body interaction of Solid Neon

Xingrong Zheng, Xiaojun Liu
Based on the First-principle, using ab initio Hartree-Fock self consistent field method combined with many-body expansion method, two-, three-, and four-body potential energy of face-centered cubic (fcc) solid neon are calculated with the atomic distance R from 1.6?... to 3.0?.... Then we obtain the...
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Consideration of the role of tourism environmental protection on the sustainable development of Tourism

Xiang Jia
In this paper, in order to study the tourism environment protection as the core, to analyze the relationship between the sustainable development of tourism environmental protection and tourism, clear tourism environment protection value, and put forward the tourism environmental protection measures to...
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Situation and Proposals of Special Vehicle "Oil to Electricity" in Airport

Shiman Sun
Civil aviation is the first industry wide unified propulsion electric vehicle applications in china, endeavored to promoting the development of energy-saving emission reduction and green airport in recent years, which gradually deepen into airport vehicles. By analyzing the benefits of "oil to electricity"...
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Synthetical element evaluation method for AC-DC EHV converter substation power quality

Ye Yuan, Daming Zhu
Nowadays, with the development of the EHV grid and area of megacity, such as Shanghai, Nanjing. There are many factories and AC-DC converter substations are involved into the urban region, which causes much more power quality problems than before, so that more and more people focused on the power supply...
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Application Of Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidation (Anammox) Process In Municipal Mainstream Wastewater Treatment

Yinghua Li
Anaerobic ammonia oxidation (Anammox) process is a new nitrogen removal technology, which has prominent advantages such as zero need of organic carbon sources. While lack of organic carbon sources is very common in nitrogen removal by using traditional nitrification-denitrification technology treating...
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The Gas Distribution Law in a Coal Mine in Shaanxi, China

Lei Zhao, Shaodong Qu
Aiming at the abnormal emission of coal seam floor gas in a Coal mine, we implemented the core drilling. Observed the lithology and gas emission information of the target, and combined with the previous studies, we conclude that there are three kinds of sedimentary microfacies in this working face floor:...