Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Education, E-learning and Management Technology (EEMT 2018)

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Study on the Transformation of Finance Accountants in Colleges and Universities

Xiufen Bao
With the development of information technology, artificial intelligence technology and society, it is extremely urgent to transformation for the financial accountants in colleges and universities to transform. In order to better keep with the development of the time and strengthen the competitiveness...
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Research on Cross-cultural Factors in Business English Translation

Yan Tang
This society needs business English translators to communicate with each other, to have cross-cultural communication awareness, to grasp the characteristics of business translation, to avoid contradictions and conflicts caused by cultural differences. This paper explains the characteristics of cross-cultural...
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Research on the Mechanism Optimization of College Students’ Ideological and Political Education in the New Media Age

Haizhao Li
“We should stick to take high moral values establishment and people cultivation as the center, make the ideological and political work run through the whole process of education, achieve the education in the whole course and aspects, and strive to create the new situation of China’s higher education...
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Study on Water Structure Change Rule Based on Information Entropy Perspective

Min Wu, Wenyuan Wang, Changfeng Shi
This article analyzed the evolution rule of the water use structure in recent years in China based on the information entropy. It is found that water structure tends to disorder, water system equilibrium degree increases, single water trend becomes weak, and water system tends to be complex and stable....
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Thinking on the Financial Team Construction in Local Universities under the Condition of New Accounting Reform

Xiufen Bao
Currently, Ministry of Finance is comprehensively implementing the requirements of government accounting principles and rules, which needs local universities to strengthen their financial teams. In order to establish a high-effective and sound financial team, this paper mainly analyzed the irrational...
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What about Female Psychology Students’ Explicit and Implicit Attitudes to Mental Illness?

Xiaogang Wang, Yani Cai, Ying Wang, Ying Pan, Xiaomei Jin, Wan Zhou
This study attempted to explore the attitudes among individuals from psychology profession by direct and indirect measures, in order to examine the effect of education to anti-stigma. 49 female psychology undergraduates were recruiting to complete the explicit and implicit attitudes mental illness attitudes...
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Research on the Application of People-oriented in the Management of Ideological and Political Education in the New Period

Hanbin Xu
With the further acceleration of the pace of higher education reform in China, the enrollment scale of colleges and universities has been expanding, and the students' ideological concepts have become increasingly complex. The management concepts, management methods and management systems in the traditional...
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Investigation and Analysis Report on Universities Opening Credit Management Major

Yuhan Wang, Qianghui Chen, Jingyuan Gao
The credit management major (code 020306T) is a second-level discipline under the economic discipline. The core of credit management is the control of credit risk. The credit management major was first established in 2002. The first to open this major is Renmin University of China and Shanghai University...
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Research on Exploration and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode Reform in Ideological and Political Course Based on Moso Teach

Ai Jian
This paper analyzes the connotation, characteristics and significance of blended teaching and Moso Teach, and verifies the feasibility and purpose of blended teaching based on Moso Teach. Taking the courses of Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics...
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Research on the Premise and Path of Catching the Theme of Educational Creation

Yan Zhang
Education writing course is to analyze the successful experience or failure lessons in daily education and teaching, to explore the essence behind it, and then to elaborate on their own unique insights and compose a written topic around certain themes. Common forms of Education writing course include...
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Research on Competency Based Curriculum Design for Computer Majors

Lunbin Li, Guanghua Yu, Xinsheng Liu
The current curriculum of computer specialty emphasizes theory rather than practice, and the training of students' engineering practice ability is weak, which is inconsistent with the needs of enterprises. There exists the phenomenon of employment or unemployment. To reform and innovate the curricula...
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Research on the Training Mode of Applied Talents in Computer Specialty Jointly Built By Schools and Enterprises

Lunbin Li, Shiying Wang, Dan Su
Aiming at the problems existing in the process of training applied talents of computer specialty; this paper puts forward the mode of school-enterprise cooperation education. This paper probes into the concrete measures of the employment-oriented talent training mode of computer specialty from the aspects...
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The Inspirations of West Point School-Running Thoughts on China’s Higher Education

Xiaowei Feng
In order to promote the healthy development of China’s college education in new era, this paper adopts comparative research method, takes West Point school-running thoughts as research sample, and analyzes its school-running thoughts, talent training goal, and staff construction. This paper puts forward...
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Analysis on the Psychological Health Education from the Perspective of Narrative Therapy

Jing Li
Psychological health education has always been important in the social development, and more new methods have been adapted to practical psychological health education in which they have positive effects with the constant development of modern society. Narrative therapy, as one post-modern psychotherapy...
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Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Cultural Differences in British and American Literature

Tianqing Tang
Culture is the content that contains the history, tradition, custom, lifestyle, ideology of a country or nation. Different countries and nations in the world all have their unique cultural deposits. Culture is a social phenomenon and the result of human's long-term life experience. The differences between...
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The Status Quo and Challenges of Liuzhou's Industrial Economy under the “Made in China 2025” Situation

Chunsheng Feng, Chen Cheng
Liuzhou, as an old industrial city in southwest China, has always been the mainstay of Guangxi's industrial economy. Relevant data from Guangxi and Liuzhou Statistical Yearbook (2007-2017) showed that Liuzhou's total industrial economy accounts for 1/5 of Guangxi's total size, ranking first and with...
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On the Construction of Humanistic Quality Curriculum System in Application-Oriented Universities to Push forward the Reform of the Humanities Curriculum and Improve the Humanistic Qualities of College Students

Fang Li, Junfang Dong
Humanistic quality education is an indispensable part of higher education. It accompanied the whole process of talent cultivation and the whole career of college students. The current curriculum of humanistic quality in applied universities attaches great importance to professional disciplines, but education...
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Analysis of New Advances in the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Education

Lufeng Han
Artificial intelligence is an important innovation in the rapid development of modern Internet. In the 21st century, human beings have been continuously researching and exploring Internet information technology. All kinds of application forms of Internet informatization begin to appear in our life. The...
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Analysis of Lifelong Physical Education Thought and Physical Education Teaching Reform in Colleges and Universities

Rongting Zheng
Lifelong education not only meets modern students' psychological needs and physical characteristics, but also has great significance for their physical quality and comprehensive quality. However, many colleges and universities are not mature enough in carrying out physical education at present, which...
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On Family Tradition and Education and Cultivation of Teenagers' Values

Mingfeng Lv
Teenagers are the important object of socialist core values education, and the cultivation of their values has always been a momentous part of contemporary moral education. Family is an important place for young people to develop correct values and learn the truth of life, and family tradition and education...
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Study of Strategic Adjustment of Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities under the Background of the Omni-Media Era

Jun Xiao
With the continuous development of information technology, mobile phone, computer and Internet technology are becoming more and more popular. The dissemination of information has been developed rapidly. Our era has also entered the age of Omni-Media; people also put forward new requirements for ideological...
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Discussion on the Construction and Practice of the Professional Practice Teaching System of Education in Colleges and Universities

Juan Zhang
The education development level in China's universities is gradually improving. However, the theory and practice of Chinese PE are not well combined. Due to the social and historical problems left over by China, traditional sports are still widely adopted in China's physical education, lacking teaching...
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Research on the Development, Problems and Countermeasures of Humane and Sociological Science of Sports

Shengxiang Zhe
In the past ten years, humane and sociological science of sports has been attracting more and more attention in China. What is worth celebrating is that the research on humanities and sociology has also achieved satisfactory results, among which interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary cross-disciplinary...
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Study on the Difficulties and Countermeasures of the Construction of Teaching Management Team in Private Colleges and Universities

Li Chen
In recent years, private higher learning institutions are developing rapidly. However, at the same time of rapid development, they have problems in many aspects such as the personnel structure, management team and professional adjustment, which have had adverse impacts on the synchronous improvement...
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An Analysis of English Education Model in Vocational Colleges in the Internet Era

Jie Weng
Nowadays, people live in the Internet age. In the era of network technology highly developing, people have proposed the new term "Internet plus". It is a new economic form that USES the Internet to enhance economic value. In the Internet era, English teaching in higher vocational colleges has carried...
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Design of Micro-lecture for College Chemistry Majors and Prospect of Its Teaching Application

Linhao Sun
With the continuous development of network technology, the education has followed the pace of the times and carried out a series of educational model reforms on the basis of the Internet. There are various aspects to be improved in the traditional teaching mode of the chemistry specialty in colleges...
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Research on China’s New Principles of Development and Chinese Regional Economics Innovation and Development

Yanming Wang
On the basis of the scientific connotation of the new development concept and the current development situation of regional economic disciplines in China, this paper studies how to innovate and develop regional economics in China under the new development concept from five aspects: innovation concept,...
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On the Direction and Trend of Building a New Open Economic System

Yanming Wang
The changing global economic situation has brought pressure on China's economic downturn. Under this background, only by strengthening the construction of a new open economic system can China's sustainable economic development successfully cope with various risks in the economic downturn. In the process...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Vocational Colleges under the New Situation

Ni Wen
At present, with the continuous development of the politics, economy and technology in China, there are some urgent problems to be faced and solved in the innovation and entrepreneurship education has become. In order to improve the current predicament of innovation and entrepreneurship education, education...
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Research on Blended Learning of Economics & Management Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of Big Data

Qiaomei Xu
With the continuous development of market economy, there are an increasing number of higher vocational colleges offering courses relevant to economics and management, laying a foundation for training professional talents in China. In the era of big data, the classroom teaching mode is also changing....
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Research on the Sports Club Teaching Mode in Practical Undergraduate

Shangbin Yan
In the practical college PE teaching, the development of PE club teaching mode can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of students. It can be more flexible use of various teaching resources, improve the teaching effect of sports education. This paper mainly analyzes the teaching orientation...
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Research on the Job Burnout of Teachers in the Perspective of Emotional Labor Theory

Can Dong
Child abuse is frequent and kindergarten teachers have become a hot topic of social concern. After the hot spot occurred, people criticized the responsible person while ignoring the analysis of the nature of the event. This article first combed the related studies of emotional labor theory, job burnout...
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Mobile Shopping and Impulse Buying: Chain Mediation of Flow Experience and Purchase Intention

Lin Liu
Because of the current situation of mobile Internet shopping beyond PC shopping, this paper studies the impact of mobile shopping on impulse buying. A chain mechanism model of mobile shopping-flow experience-purchase intention - impulse buying is constructed. This paper uses SPSS to do the multiple regression...