Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Computer Engineering and Electronics

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A Design of Autonomous Goods Transport System Based on Quadcopter

Fengru Li, Ying Zhong, Zhixiong LI, Jinbao Zhu, Chenghui Qian
A quadcopter controlled by PID which uses STM32 as its main control unit and can achieve autonomous goods transporting and positioning with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) has been designed. To control its attitude, a dynamic model has been describe with the collected data of attitude of quadcopter,...
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Research on Substation Overheating Fault On-line Monitoring Based on Support Vector Machine

Min Xu, Luona Hu, Jizhe Wang
As an important part of power transition, the safe operation of substation is of great significance. In this paper, according to the characteristics of the substation equipment overheating fault and the theory of mathematical model of support vector classifier, equipment overheating fault diagnosis mechanism...
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The Application of Computed Tomography Scanning in the Prevention of Ovarian Cancer

Lihong Bao
When ovarian cancer is found, it is usually in the late stage, whether the survival rate of the patients can be improved or not lies in the ideal cytoreductive surgery and appropriate chemotherapy. With the development of imaging technology, CT is widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian...
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Hydraulic Engineering Visualization Simulation System Based on VR

Henian Bao
Hydraulic engineering visualization simulation increases the predictability of engineering design work, engineering design and construction to reduce costs, and reasonable arrangements for construction projects of important guiding significance. This paper studies the three-dimensional visual simulation...
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Peach Improvement on Profinet-DCP for Industrial Control System Vulnerability Detection

Dianbo Zhang, Jianfei Wang, Hua Zhang
With the development of ICS, PLC and SCADA systems are interconnected with Ethernet and directly connected to internet, which greatly improve the efficiency of data sharing and introduced in security threats at the same time. Once crack fault occurrence of critical infrastructure will result in casualties...
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The Optimal Control Based on Particle Swarm Intelligence Algorithm

Yun Zhou
In order to further investigate the intelligent optimization of particle swarm optimization (pso) algorithm, we carried on the design experiments in this paper, the particle swarm optimization (pso) algorithm, the position of the first set search point X0i and speed V0i initialization;Then evaluate each...
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The Comparison and Simulation for the Response and Following of the Power Plant Coordination Control Scheme

Yun Zhou
This paper mainly analyzes the control strategy of multivariable control system via state feedback decoupling control and coordinated control strategy, these three aspects of the simulation, simulated furnace with machine and machine with furnace control strategy, and comparative analysis. then we make...
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A K out of K+1 Visual Cryptography Scheme

Benlan Liu, Shundong Li, Daoshun Wang
Naor and Shamir proposed an optimal (k, k visual cryptography scheme (VCS). Droste extended the (k, k) scheme to (k, n) scheme. Based on properties of 0 and 1’s permutations of basic matrices, we use basic matrices of the (k, k) scheme to constrict basic matrices of (k, k+1) scheme.
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Sensor and Actuator Fault Reconstruction for Nonlinear System

Yi Xiong
This paper presents a fault reconstruction scheme based on sliding mode observers for sensor and actuator faults detection and isolation for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems. A coordinate transformation is first designed for the output equation of the system followed by a first-order low-pass filter...
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Theoretical Research on the Stability Analysis and De-noising Methodologies for Single-chip Microcomputer Control System

Zhuangzhuang Liu
In this paper, we conduct research on the stability analysis and de-noising methodologies for single-chip microcomputer control system. As the sensor technology, microelectronics technology and the continuous development of single chip microcomputer technology for the perfection of the intelligent temperature...
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Symmetric Fusion Wavelet Frames in Two Dimensions

Zhiqiang Li
Frame theory plays an important role in field of the engineering and technology because of their redundancy properties. In this paper, symmetric fusion wavelet frames with several generators are constructed from any fusion wavelet frames given, which generalizes the existing result to the case of several...
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The Application Based on Decision Tree SVM for Multi-class Classification

Huifang Hou, Ping Han, Dan Cao
Wastewater treatment process is a multi-class classification problem. While the traditional Support Vector Machines only deal with the binary classification. The traditional SVM has difficulty in solving the multi-class problems like wastewater treatment process. This paper presents a method by introducing...
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Improved SIFT Feature Extraction of Image Registration Algorithm Research

Ping Han, Huifang Hou
This paper uses Isoapm's dimensions to improve sift matching algorithm and reduce the computation. The characteristics of the SIFT are determined by using association rules support to further correct match points. The experimental results show that the algorithm is effective, which improves the speed...
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Research on the type of load of accessing to microgrid based on reliability

Longlong Zhang, Ming Sun
The microgrid provides a new form of Distributed Generation accessed to distribution network .With the development and application of microgrid technologies, its ability to meet the power supply reliability needs of loads in microgrid has become a problem that should be solved. To this end, the paper...
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The Design of PLC Entrance Guard System Based on RFID Technology

Zhengjie Zhou
With the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, rfid technology is more and more widely applied in various industries, especially the identification and security industries, entrance guard system as an important unit of the intelligent building is more and more get attention....
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A Distributed Scheduling Algorithm Based on Minimal Distortion for Video Stream in Wireless Networks

Nan Lin
A video stream distributed scheduling algorithm with minimal distortion in wireless network is propose in this paper. The algorithm adopts the novel model to capture the video distortion, establish video distortion model, and further modify the queuing model with M/G/1 so as to get the video streaming...
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The Study of English Learning Community in Network Based on SNS

Meijing Li
The SNS has become one of the most popular application on Internet, and has been extended to the field of knowledge sharing, gradually penetrated into marketing, interpersonal communication, medical, library management, the field of education. This research starting from the research status quo of network...
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The Research of Urban Development System Model Based on System Dynamics

Xue Chen
Urban development is the basic condition of human social development, is also an important symbol of human civilization progress. A city of the healthy, harmonious and rapid development not only conducive to the residents to live and work in peace and contentment, but also help to promote the overall...
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The Research of Network Anomaly Detection Technology Based on Data Mining

Chunhong Wu, Wenzhong Xia, Fengyun Liu
With the rapid development of computer network, various problems also arise, especially the network security problem. How to quickly and efficiently find a variety of network intrusion behavior, to ensure the safety of the system and network resource is very important. Intrusion detection is a proactive...
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Core Techniques on Designing Network for Data Centers: A Comparative Analysis

Xiaobo He
With the fast development of data science and Internet technology, the bursting need for data storage and analysis makes it necessary to build up data centers. In this paper, we discuss the core techniques on designing network. Advances in data intensive computing and high performance computing facilitate...
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Distributed Database Access Technology Research Based on the .Net

Dinghua He
For big data analysis and processing of the SQL database has the very good read and write performance and scalability, but cannot support a complete SQL queries and inter-bank transactions across the table, which is mainly composed of a relational database for traditional financial business have limits...
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Research on the Design and Implementation of Smart Home Network System based on the Embedded Technology

Nan Lin
In this paper, we design and implement the smart home network system based on the embedded technology. In the smart home system, wireless network technology was applied to the family network has become an irresistible trend. Household system based on network is the connection of all kinds of information...
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The Watermark Technology Application Research Guided by the Idea of Computer Safe Operation

Juan Zhong, Hua Liao
Electronic information technology in the construction and development of modern society in various fields and trades in occupies the important position and role. Electronic information technology application is based on the computer, but because of various kinds of information in the network virus viral,...