Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Computer Engineering and Electronics

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Application of UDK Technology in Digital Display of Cultural Heritage

Jieping Chen
With the development of virtual reality display technology of cultural heritage, the virtual reality display technology is developed more deeply and widely, the sense of reality and immersion put forward higher requirements, more and more people pay more attention to the attribute information of cultural...
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Welding Trajectory Planning of Beam Welding Robot Based on Computer Simulation

Zhiqun Duan, Xiaojing Meng
When the welding robot receives task instructions, it needs for trajectory planning of welding robot, in order to improve the work efficiency, welding task planning can work form he point of view of the joint space and also it can work from the Cartesian coordinate space planning. This paper analyzes...
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Research on digital exhibition Old Summer Palace somatosensory interaction based on Leap Motion

Dianxing Liu
The ancient site of the real return is a new research field in digital cultural heritage protection field, using virtual reality technology to reproduce the ancient ruins can be completely without changing the original appearance of the site, and retain the modification to reconstruct the landscape,...
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Optimization design method of multimedia technology in large-scale broadcasting and television project

Xing Zhou, Chuping Wu
in the field of multimedia technology, image compression technology is at the core position, which directly affect the quality of the large-scale broadcasting and television project. In the traditional wavelet multimedia video image compression technology, the shortcomings of wavelet coefficient characteristics...
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Simulation and analysis of a large police reasonable scheduling model

Yuzhi Wang
large police scheduling model is the key to ensure the smooth progress of the police work. In view of the traditional large police reasonable scheduling model, invulnerability and robustness is not good, the paper presented a large police reasonable scheduling model based on the Internet of things technology....
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Optimization for framework design of new product introduction management system

Ying Ma, Hongcui Wu
in the optimization process of framework design of new product introduction management system, using the current algorithm for framework optimization design, communication of materials and parts information has certain deviation, results in longer introduction time of new product. A framework optimization...
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Goods distribution route optimization method for warehousing and logistics industry

Jing Li
in the current study of goods distribution route optimization method in the industry of warehousing and logistics, because the current algorithm for route optimization have sluggish searching speed, and vulnerable to be involved in local optimal solution, a goods distribution route optimization method...
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Research on data location method under the cloud computing environment

Qiang Zhu
in the research process of data location method under the cloud computing environment, with the current algorithm to locate data, complexity of correlation time is too high, results in large error for positioning. Therefore, a data location method under the cloud computing environment is proposed based...
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Secure Network Coding-Based Named Data Network Mutual Anonymity communication Protocol

Tao Feng, Fei Xing, Ye Lu, Jun Li Fang
NDN is a kind of future Internet architecture. Due to the naming data network(NDN) design introduces four privacy challenges, Many research institutions began to care about the privacy issues of NDN. In this paper, this paper are in view of the major communication privacy issues of NDN to investigate...
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A Novel Algorithm for Criminal Statistical Processing

Jianhui LIN, Jin Chen
Social order tendency analysis is studied based on intensive probe to present criminal information research jobs. The phenomenon of “routine fluctuation” and “warning fluctuation” in the field of social public order is extensively studied. An urban crime distribution vector generation algorithm, which...
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Implementation and Application of PED Receiver Acquisition

Shanshan Cai, Jiayi Chen, Wei Yang, Shu Diao
In view of the adverse effects brought by the noise in mine on the ultra-low signal detection, this article puts forward a hardware circuit design of the receiving system and a phase-sensitive detection algorithm which can improve SNR greatly and optimize the system. In addition, an original coding program...
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Reliability Assessment based on pseudo-life distribution missile degradation data analysis

Wen Jun XI, Wenshuang Wang
Through the rational use of test data on a regular basis to assess the missile storage reliability. This paper studies the detection of the type of missile components, missile components for storage summarizes the proposed four kinds of missile site testing data acquisition program, and analyze the advantages...
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Efficient Key Management Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks

Shen Zhao, Jun Zheng
Because of the constraint of sensor nodes in energy powering, storage capacity, and computing power, in order to use less resource and improve the security of WSNs, we propose a novel key management scheme which relies on the remainder of small integer and the connected graph theory. The key management...
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Study on Seasonal Variation Characteristics of Salinity Distribution in the Bohai Sea and its Influential Factors Based on the High Resolution FVCOM

Zhaochen Yao, Wenling Liu
In this paper, salinity field is numerically simulated by using unstructured grid FVCOM (finite volume coastal ocean model) to analyze the seasonal characteristics of salinity in Bohai Sea and the influence of Yellow River runoff and precipitation on salinity is also studied through sensitivity experiment....
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QoS Optimization Model and Algorithms for VoIP Network

Bin Zeng, Lu Yao
In order to provide the same or better service quality in the Internet than traditional circuit-switched telephone network, a number of issues have to be solved which have hampered it in the Internet. Therefore, in this paper the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network design problems are modeled...
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The Design of Central Heating System Based on A New Kind of Heat Exchanger and The Study of Its Control Strategy

Ning Yuan, Jianhua Yang, Wei Lu
In order to solve the problem of central heating energy wasting and uneven heating this paper presents a novel heat ex-changer(jet heat ex-changer) and designs a new central heating system compared with the traditional central heating system based on this new kind of heat ex-changer.This new central...
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Planetary Rovers’ Wheel Sinkage Detection Based on Wheel-Soil Boundary

Fengtian Lv, Nan Li, Haibo Gao, Liang Ding, Zhen Liu, Zongquan Deng, Xingguo Song, Bing Yan
The detection of wheel sinkage has great significance for rover mobility optimization control and prevention of wheel sinking. A new wheel sinkage detection method is proposed based on planetary rovers’ wheel-soil boundary. The model of wheel sinkage calculation is built. The machine vision method is...
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A Modified Image Segmentation Method Using Active Contour Model

Shiping Zhu, Ruidong Gao
Active contours, or snakes, have extensive applications in image segmentation. Conventional snakes have several drawbacks, such as the initialization contour sensitivity and border leakage phenomenon. Many new methods have been proposed to address these problems. In this paper, we present an improved...
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QPSK Modulation and Demodulation System Using SIW Interconnect

Ning Wang, Xiaochun Li, Wei Xin, Xiaojian Ma, Yan Shao, Junfa Mao
In this paper, design and fabrication of a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) with 14-28 GHz bandwidth is implemented. The SIW-based system with Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) modulation and demodulation technique is designed and implemented. The measurement results show that the proposed system...
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A Fast Depth Determination Algorithm for High Efficiency Video Coding

Yuanyuan Gao, Xianyun WU, Yunsong Li, Kai Liu
In this paper, a fast depth partition algorithm for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is proposed. HEVC improves the coding efficiency by using large coding units while increases the coding complexity evidently. This paper analyzes the depth correlation between adjacent frames to fast determine the...
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Design of Computer Adaptive Test System Based on IRT

Muqing Zhan, Ronghua Lu
Stating item response theory and computer adaptive test system, analyzing the problems existing in adaptive test system, and proposing the system design idea, taking the establishment of adaptive test system for C language programming design for example, it analyzes the system structure of computer adaptive...
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Application of Object Petri Net in the Modeling and Evaluation of Information Superiority

Cong Lu, Yunxiang Ling, Yaohong Zhang
Information is becoming increasingly important in modern warfare. Information superiority is an advantage in achievement and application of information of two hostile sides. It becomes the key of winning a battle obtaining information superiority and dominance. This paper introduces the basic knowledge...
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The Design and Implementation of SIP Multi-domain SmartHome System

Lianfen Huang, Jianyuan Liu, Zhichao Huang, Bingbing Ding, Hezhi Lin
Heretofore, most of SmartHome systems deliver related services basing on a family local area network, and are not yet mature in remote control. In connection with this problem, we propose a SIP multi-domain system with distributed architecture, extend SIP protocol's redirect registration and call, make...
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Optimization and Simulation of Sorting Strategy for Distribution Center

Teng Li
Sorting operation is the key link for the distribution center operation process. Purpose of sorting is setting customers’ ordered goods correctly and quickly, so with which the efficient and feasible sorting strategy is the prerequisite of sorting efficiency. In this paper, optimization and simulation...
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An Intelligent Doctor-Patient Interaction System for Chronic Disease Telemonitoring

Xiang Fang, Qingfei Wang, Gen Zhu, Shu Li
This paper proposes an instant doctor-patient interaction system for chronic disease telemonitoring. The system consists of three parts, electronic prescription, medicine reminder and intelligent alarming module. With the system doctors and patients can get the necessary information during the monitoring...
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A visualized design and implementation of RFID location system

Zhimin Gu, Shuangshuang Xu, Weiwei Shen, He Xu, Rui Sun
By reason that traditional GPS location technology can't position items indoor preciously, with the widespread use of the RFID technology, people are taking RFID technology into consideration. However, the features of RFID technology would be an obstacle for researchers and developers. Tag reader can...
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Research on classification query optimization algorithm in data stream

Hong Zhou, Bin Wang, Chunyan Fu, Yuan Zhi, Jiamei Xue
The classification query method of data stream can not only improve the efficiency of data stream query, also achieve data stream query in the best matching state. The difficulty of classification query of data stream difficulty is how to achieve data matching in the optimal matching degree, the traditional...
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Analysis of Polarization Properties of Armored Target Basing on pBRDF

Feifei Xu, Zhaoyang Zeng, Hang Chen
The polarization properties of the key components of armored target have been researched in this paper. As a new target detection method, the polarization imaging detection can overcome the deficiencies of the traditional detection method in distinguishing the details of armored target. Firstly, make...
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Study of Error Propagation in Mesh Caused by Surface Point Movement in FVM Systems

Yu Cao, Xiaowei Guo, Qian Wang, Miao Wang, Zhiyuan Wang
The correctness of the surface point position and the smoothness of the interface would significantly influence the final results in numerical simulations, especially in free surface cases such as bubble in the water, vessel with blood. However, how would the error caused by improper surface position...
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Research of Modeling in Complex Manufacturing-process-oriented Visual Production

Fucheng Pan, Peng Li
The text, aiming at equipment status data and processing craft data, puts forward a visual modeling method, SOA architecture, to provide an integrated management method for real-time collecting, monitoring and warning. Consequently, it helps production personnel freed of large quantity of handwork, such...
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An Event-Driven System Based on Internet Oriented to Equipment Fault and Maintenance

Bin Duan
An event-driven system oriented to equipment detection as well as fault operation and maintenance is built. With the ability to provide remote access, the system which supports Internet Protocol can be integrated with workshop's manufacturing execution system as a sub-system so that the equipment operation...
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Design of a Parking Violation Penalty Equipment

Jiawang Cao, Xiangdong You, Cheng Da, Yifei Wang, Mengyuan Zhang
This paper introduces a design of a parking violation penalty equipment which aims to deal with violation of parking information. The design uses the equipment to take photos for parking violation. The equipment identifies the license plate number and fills in the license plate information automatically....
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Construction of Knowledge Map on Cloud Platform of Agricultural Technology Extension

Liang Wang, Xiufeng Li, Wensheng Wang, Zhiguo Sun
The Cloud Platform of Agricultural Technology Extension (CPATE) is a comprehensive knowledge platform serving for the agricultural technicians all over China. Along with the development of the project and the rapid increase of data quantity, the platform urgently needs an effective knowledge management...
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Research on the Algorithm for Coarse-Grained Web Program Slicing

Lin Du, Yehong Han
A novel approach based on constructing coarse-grained system dependence is proposed to compute web program slicing. The method perfects web program semantics and reduces the computation complexity through expanding the signification of coarse-grained and analyzing the dependence among semantic units....
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Research on the Approach of Knowledge Acquisition in Expert Systems based on Rough Sets Theory

Yehong Han
The research on expert systems has been a hotspot. In order to resolve the problems about knowledge acquisition in complete and incomplete knowledge representation systems, the algorithm of knowledge acquisition based on rough set theory is proposed. Let the knowledge representation system be a decision...
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High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification based on SVM and FCM

Qin Li, Wenxing Bao, Xing Li, Bin Li
This paper proposes a remote sensing image classification method based on multi-feature combination of the support vector machine (SVM) according to the classification problems of the high resolution remote sensing image. ALOS image is operated at two stages by this method. The first stage is to coarsely...
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Some Results on how to solve uncertain transport Problems

Xiaoxu Lu, Yunfei Li, Jintao Meng
Assignment Problem is a key issue in optimization problem since it has large application. A lot of researchers have focused on this issue and at the same time many related problems are considered, such as traffic problems and transport problems etc. In paper, the authors considered the assignment Problem...
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A comparison of MAE Based Image Search for Hexagonally and Regularly Structured Pixel Data

Sijing Liu
Motion tracking is an important application in video processing. By tracking motion, we can detect the presence of moving object, track and analyze the motion of object and even make prediction of the next step of a selected object. Motion tracking can be applied to facial recognition, intelligent transportation...
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Energy efficient solutions for the networks and routers

Xing Zheng, Lingling Sun, Jie Jin, Xiaojun Wang
Under the pressure of the global CO2 emission, energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects that need considerations in designing the future Internet. For reducing the power consumption of the Internet, people should focus their research attentions on the power-aware networks design and most...
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Reservoir types and regional accumulation characteristics of pear rift

Yu Sun, Hongqi Yuan
Reservoir types and distribution of water is an important part of petroleum geology studies, selection and knowledge of the oil and gas exploration direction of hydrocarbon accumulation rules are important. The use of logging while drilling, a variety of three-dimensional seismic and geological data...
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The novel adaptive image encryption scheme based on the chaos map and the pseudo vector multiplication

Zongying Li, Xiang Liu
In the paper, an adaptive image encryption scheme is proposed, which is designed by means of the Arnold map and the pseudo vector multiplication. In order to testify the scheme, the large number of experimental simulations are carried out, and its results show that the scheme is suitable for image encryption,...
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Study on sequence stratigraphy of Lishu fault

Shuangting Gao, Hongqi Yuan, Quan Wen
Under the guidance of sequence stratigraphy theory and method, the comprehensive utilization of seismic, logging, drilling and core data, set up the pear tree fault fault depression sequence stratigraphy framework. Pear tree will sag from top to bottom drill in quaternary, upper cretaceous qingshankou...
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The Eastern Putaohua Oil Reservoir In The Pubei Oilfield Microfacies Research

Yujie Wu, Chenggang Jiang, Yunfeng Zhang, Hongqi Yuan
Based on core and logging data, starting from the type of rock, mudstone color, size and sedimentary structure feature, set up the grape Pubei oilfield Putaohua oil reservoir fine sequence stratigraphic framework, draw the sedimentary facies of Putaohua oil reservoir in each small layer, summarize the...
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In the sedimentary distribution of Lishu fault

Di Yan, Hongqi Yuan, Zheng Jiang
Pear cretaceous fault depression region based on predecessors' study of sequence stratigraphy, in combination with regional sedimentary data, combining well logging, core data to study the distribution features of sequence stratigraphy in this area. Sign and use logging curve characteristics and the...
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Space Division Multiple Access Technology for Free Space Optical Communication

Jing Chen, Guangyin Xu, Jiandong Hu, Xiushan Wang, Ling Wang
This project about how to implement space division multiplexing access technology in free space optical communication is presented. It works in fixed beams switching mode and consists of optical lens based on fiber array of focal plane and optical matrix switch. Based on angle, by setting up the gateway...
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Multi-Opponent Model of Weighing Used in Up-stream Equipment Weighing System

Rongrong Zhang, Jin Chen, Meili Zhou, Yuan Li, Lujia Wang, Hui Wang
To overcome the defects of involute single spiral transmitter, which has a long time weighing and beyond the permissible error easily, we designed a double helix differential quantitative transmission system as the main structure of the up-stream equipment for automatic weighing and pushing of materials,...
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The Application of Cooperative Diversity in the CDMA System Based on Relay Communication

Hancheng Liao
The cooperative diversity technology in code division multiple access system is studied in this paper. Some mobile terminals relay signals for each other so as to achieve the spatial diversity gain. The cooperative scheme in the mobile terminal is discussed. The uplink system model, as well as the receiving...
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Sterhl ratio of vortex beams propagating through atmospheric turbulence

Qiangbo Suo, Jinhong Li, Linying Chen
Based on the extended Huygens-Fresnel principle, the analytical expressions for the Strehl ratio(SR) of Gaussian Schell-model(GSM) vortex beams and Gaussian Schell-model non-vortex beams propagating through atmospheric turbulence and free space are derived. The corresponding results are also calculated....
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Design of the oscillating circuit in DC/DC switching power supply

Wei Qu, JingYu Sun
The sawtooth wave oscillating circuit was proposed on order to overcoming shortcomings of traditional oscillator. This paper designed a CMOS sawtooth wave oscillator and achieved a good stability. The CMOS sawtooth wave oscillator use TennerEDA 0.25 m process library under the environment of typical...
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Design Research of Photovoltaic Inverter

Zhebei Wang, Honghua Wang, Chengliang Wang, Lin Cui
Based on the practical engineering application, This paper analyses the inverter strategy of SVPMW. Aiming at the refining problem of sine function value table, on the basis of unrefined sine function value table, through additional two-stage filter, the inverting result of the inverter is greatly improved....
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Design for intelligent control system of curtain based on Arduino

Yibo Wang, Yufeng Zhang, Hongyi Li, Beibei Ji
With the development of smart home industry, smart curtain is going to come into the life of people. An intelligent control system of curtain was developed in the paper based on Arduino. Throughout detecting and analyzing the factors that include the sunlight illumination, time, temperature, humidity...
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Nonlinear Dynamics of Hyper-chaotic Complex Lu System

Jinping Jia, Fandi Zhang
We propose the fractional-order complex Lu system. Based on theoretical analysis and computer simulations, rich dynamics behavior of the system is investigated in detail. First of all, symmetry and the stability of equilibrium points are discussed. In addition, bifurcations with variation of different...
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Implementation of Digital Rights Management on the Android Mobile Terminal

Dongdong Dou, Shaobing Liu, Longzhen Jia
With the development of internet and Smartphone, the access to multimedia content (eBook, music, movie, video etc.) has become easier and easier on the mobile phone. Thanks to its good performance, Android mobile phone has attracted more and more people since the introduction of Android OS by Google...
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A New Game Console: Immerse Helmet

Boyang Yu, Mochen Xia, Yue Zhang
Recently, the game console industry has been developing at a considerable rate. Also, the development of 3D technology is fast and promising. In the present market, there are already game consoles and games providing users with 3D perception. But actually, the technology they used is called non-immersive...
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Delay-dependent stability criteria for impulsive high-order Hopfield-Type neural networks with time-varying delays

Hui Yang, Xiaofeng Li, Dongming Wang
This paper is concerned with the stability analysis for impulsive stochastic high-order Hopfield-type neural network with time-varying delay. Utilizing the Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functional, some new conditions for ensuring asymptotically stability of the neural network are devised. Numerical examples show...
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The Design of the 3D Reconstruction System of Line Structured Light Vision

Tao He, Caisheng Zhu, Yulang Xie, Kexue Lai, Liangen Yang
This paper designs a kind of three dimensional reconstructions based on line structured light vision system. This system can realize the quick requisition of the contour point on the surface of mechanical parts, which commits precise measurement of mechanical parts. First of all, the measurement model...
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The Simulation of Ship Motion in Marine Environment

Kai Qu, Xudong Zhang, Yufeng Wang
According to analyze the identity of ocean wave, the theory of wave energy spectrum was used to compute the wave elevation in some sea state. Based on establishing ship motion equations, the strip theory of the ship was used to simulate ship motion in different situation. The result showed the change...
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Research on Computer Architecture based on Distributed Cluster Structure

Yuwen Zheng
With the fast development of image science and embedded system technique, it is widely accepted that future HPC systems will be limited by their power consumption. The current high performance computing system is a commodity server processors, design for many years to achieve maximum performance, and...
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Implementation and Optimization of Embedded Image Processing System

Yuwen Zheng
With the fast development of image science and embedded system technique, the need for the combination is bursting. In this paper, the advantages of scalability of the presented embedded vision system can be seen based on the exemplary application room monitoring. Here it's remarkable that the implementation...
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Research on Multi-core Embedded Computer Architecture based on Cloud Computing

Yuwen Zheng
Cloud computing is becoming one of the hottest research area in the computer science and technology community. With Moore’s law supplying billions of transistors on-chip, embedded systems are undergoing a transition from single-core to multi-core to exploit this high transistor density for high performance....
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A new approach to face recognition based on features fusion

Yanhong Fu
In this paper, a theoretically efficient method is developed for face recognition. It is based on two dimensional principal component (2DPCA) analysis and extended local binary pattern (Extended LBP, ELBP) texture. First, the ELBP operator is employed to extract the local texture of the face images....
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Intelligent Lighting System Based on Arduino and Yeelink Platform Yiheng

Yiheng He
This paper designs a intelligent lighting system based on Arduino hardware platform and Yeelink cloud platform, and realizes remote control of the system through Android terminal devices. The system is low-cost and easy to set up, and have a friendly UI and other good features, which is suitable for...
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An improved PSO algorithm coupling with prior information for classification of large scale dataset

Juanjuan Tu, Wenlan Zhou, Hongmei Li
An improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm coupling with prior information for classification of large scale dataset is proposed in this paper. The prior information derived from the data set is used to determine the initial position of the particles. In the new algorithm, neural network...
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Research on Vehicle Routing problem Based on Genetic Algorithm

Ke Bai
This paper analyzed Vehicle Routing Problem and established mathematics former. After that it introduced the method and process of Simple Genetic Algorithm which was used to solve Vehicle Routing Problem. Then, it indicated the shortage of Simple Genetic Algorithm and put forward Improved Genetic Algorithm...
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Comparison and Analysis of Three Regression Testing Methods

Mengqiu Qin, Haini Cai
Regression Test Selection (RTS) techniques have been proposed to increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of regression testing. Researchers stated numerous types of approaches for selecting regressing test cases, and those methods can be grouped into two categories, code-based and model-based....
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Research And Implementation Of Network Monitoring Service Model Based On SOA Architecture

Xiao-Yan Liu, Qing-Ru Sui
with the rapid development of network technology, Network security management problems highlighted increasingly. This paper proposes a model of network monitoring service based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), Because of its low coupling,has nothing to do with the platform , SOA is good to solve...
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The Optimization Of Boiler Operation Based On Intelligent Algorithm

Xinli Zhou
Boiler efficiency is influenced by many factors. In order to find and realize optimum efficiency of boiler , the concept of controllable operating parameter is introduce to select the parameters and optimize them. Finally, 3 parameters are determined to participate in optimization, namely, excess air...
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Research on the Drug Allocation Model

Rui-fang Ji
On the basis of studying to the SIR model, considering the spread of Ebola and the delivery systems, the drug allocation model is set up to optimize the distribution of drugs after the outbreak. Considering that the severity of the epidemic areas are different and their economic level is low, we establish...
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An Advanced Infectious Disease Spreading Model—SEICD and Its Simulation

Ming Xi Zhao
Focus on describing the transmission of infectious disease, this paper mainly develop a new model--SEICD. The model is based on the classic infectious disease model called SEIR. In view of the characteristics of most infectious disease, we make a series of improvements in depth. By the improved model,...
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An Optimized Delivery System Model in Order to Zero Ebola Cases

Xiaofei Cui
Based on the graph theory and immune algorithm, this paper produces a medicine delivery system in West Africa where the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak takes place. Firstly, the delivery destinations where vaccine or drug is badly needed are selected using the map of cumulative cases in different...
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The Comparison and research in low power consumption between ZigBee and Bluetooth technologies

Fang Dong
ZigBee and Bluetooth are the wireless communication technologies that play an important role in wireless ad-hoc networks. This paper analyzes and compares different low-power control strategies used by two kinds of technique standards, furthermore, we observe the current consumption, and then come to...
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Distributed Photo Printing System for Smart Phone Based on WeChat

Cheng Wang
Smart phone becomes a popular photographing tool, the demand of printing photos on smart phone will certainly has huge growth. WeChat is a mobile communication service developed by Tencent Corporation; it has millions of smart phone users in China. In this paper, we described a distributed photo printing...
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Analysis and Research of a Method of Improving the Accuracy of the Fundamental Matrix

Yongxiang Zhang, Tieying Mu, Weigong Zhang, Peiqiang Gu
The fundamental matrix contains all of a camera’s inner and outer parameters. So estimating the fundamental matrix is an important issue in 3D reconstruction and even the whole field of computer vision. As for the accuracy, stability and universality in calculating the fundamental matrix, this paper...
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Modeling and Numerical Simulation for the Kinematics of Six Revolute Joint Robot

Baolin Yin, Bingbing Yan, Yushuo Wang, Xiaoming Feng
The establishment of the kinematics model for robot, including of direct kinematics and inverses kinematics, which is the base of the application of the robot. This paper presents the kinematics model of the six revolute joint robot. Through analysis position with D-H method, the direct kinematics model...
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Schematic Design of Move-in-mud Robot with Double Spiral Blade

Bingbing Yan, Baolin Yin, Wenbo Ren, Yunming Du
The move-in-mud robot is a self-supporting type of special equipment working in soil. The existing literature shows that the key issues of smooth working of the move-in-mud robot are that it should have the stable supporting conditions and reliable steering function. However, the test results of the...
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A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on User Interest

Zhenyu Chen, Wenye Yu
Collaborative filtering recommendation is one of the most successful technologies for applying in recommendation system of E-commerce websites. However, the traditional collaborative filtering recommendation system is under-powered for dealing with user interest and data sparsity. To solve this problem,...
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Wind Power Fluctuation Characteristics of Wind Farms

Jing Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to research wind power fluctuation character of the wind farm. First, the qualitative and quantitative analysis methods are combined. Sliding difference algorithm is used to construct wind power fluctuations evaluation system. Calculating wind power fluctuations value volatility...
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The Study of Environmental Air Quality Assessment Method Based on Interval Number

Yu-e Bao, Bo Zhao
We select and which are two of environmental air pollution indexes, and which is one of respirable particulate matters as three main indicators. Using interval number theory, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the air quality from 2004 to 2010 of five cities (Chongqing, Yichang, Jinzhou, Wuhan,...
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The Ebola virus model based on the cellular automata

Fei Lu
The spreading of infectious diseases is a process of evolution with time going. In this paper we analyze the spreading rules of the infectious diseases and set up a model to simulate the dynamic spreading process based on the cellular automata model. Through the improved cellular automata model, this...
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Traffic Flow Model Based on Power Flow

Jing Zhang
The article is research on the traffic rules of freeways. We analyze factors like traffic flow and safety performance respectively, and propose the theory basis for making more reasonable rules of the road. We first establish an evaluation system of traffic flow, which can be designed based on the average...
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Design and Implementation of Human Resource Information Management System

Mengqing Jia, Yanli Chang, Yanping Chen, Liruo Lu
Under the conditions of market economy, competition among enterprises is the talent competition, the traditional human resource management in the macroeconomic environment in the information age, companies cannot meet in tissue culture, technological innovation and access to, maintain, motivate, evaluate...
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Research on the Methods of Low-voltage Distribution Network Planning

Liting Wang, Caifeng Li, Yanping Li, Qihao Zhang
Low-voltage distribution network is at the end of the electricity network, directly connected to the user. With the rapid economic development, a substantial increase in power consumption, and low voltage distribution power grid construction and transformation rate is far less than the growth rate of...
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The Impact on Distribution Network of Distributed Power

Liruo Lu, Mengqing Jia, Yanli Chang, Yanping Chen
As more and more distributed power access to distribution network system, distribution network planning based distributed generation technology will become a hot research. Depending on the relevant starting point for planning a distributed power supply can be divided into two cases: distributed power...
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The Key Technologies about Energy Internet

Bin Li, Shihui Yang, Fangfang Duan, Kai Yan
Energy internet provides a feasible technical solution to solve the problem of efficient use of renewable energy. Energy internet has certain unique in concepts, techniques, and methods with smart grid, distributed generation, micro grids. Therefore, the study of energy characteristics and implications...
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Impacts of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Generation on Distribution System

Lei Zhang, Shuzhe Li, Dongqiang Heng, Xin Zhang
Sunlight is constantly changing during the year, including a certain regularity random variation due to weather changes and the result. Thus, by the light on the photovoltaic power generation system is also in flux. Incorporated into the distribution network after PV, the network will change the trend,...
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The Research of Power Dispatch Automation Monitoring System

Liting Wang, Caifeng Li, Qihao Zhang, Yanping Li
With the addition of automation system computers and communities equipment’s’, the security problem of computer’s room appeared. In addition, because of hugeness of the automation system and the complex of the software, hardware structure, the exceptional problem maybe appeared in the system. For real-time...
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Research on Communication Technology of Smart Distribution and Utilization Network

Qihao Zhang, Yanping Li, Liting Wang, Caifeng Li
At present, China's smart grid construction has been in full swing, with the continuous development of smart grid technology, its business application systems with electric side is also gradually improved, to respect the distribution communications network bandwidth and higher reliability requirements....
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The Design and Simulation for High-altitude Wind Power Generation System

Haowei Hu
Today in the promotion of energy conservation, as a clean and renewable resource, wind energy is enjoying more and more attention in the world. To overcome the uncertainty and other limitations of wind, people began to take advantage of high-altitude wind energy. Currently high-altitude wind power technology...
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Definition of Liability Index for Three-phase Unbalanced Power System

Pengyu Zhang
The unbalance responsibility of main unbalanced source is an important task of power quality management. This paper presents an unbalanced voltage liability index to measure the imbalance liability problem. Taking into account the power grid can quality monitoring system provides only statistical values...
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Research for High-speed Real-time Acquisition and Storage System in Engineering Flight Simulation Platform

Zhongping Jiang, Hong Xu, Tao Liu
Engineering flight simulation platform is an important equipment in research and development of the new aircraft. The high-speed and real-time collection and storage system is one of the important subsystem in engineering flight simulation platform. In order to solve two key problems, which are general...
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A Novel Positioning Method Based on Swedish Wheel and Gyroscope for Mobile Robot

Donghua Chen, Liquan Wang, Feng Su, Rubin Zhang, Hui Li, Zhiyong Wang, Yulong Cai, Dongliang Chen
In this paper a general positioning subsystem that used for several kinds of mobile robot is presented. The subsystem consist of a Optical Fiber Gyroscope(OFG) with high precision and a Orthogonal Passive Wheel System(OPWS) which is combination of Swedish Wheels and Optical Encoders. The OPWS is an independent...
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Evaluation on Risks in Inter-firm Knowledge Transfer Integrating ANP and BP Neural Network

Guo Chen, Ershi Qi
The risk attitude of the knowledge sender influences risks in inter-firm knowledge transfer. By introducing the risk attitude of the knowledge sender, a new risk evaluation method integrating Analytic Network Process and BP neural network was proposed. An example was applied to demonstrate this method...
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Research on the Principle and analysis of Shellshock bug

LongJuan Wang, HanWei Wu, XiaoMin Yao
It is inevitable that all the softwares, whatever it is new or used for decades, are suffering from vulnerabilities. However, the vulnerabilities is being hailed as the biggest security issue in the security industry. The discovery of Shellshock bug makes a new understanding for the basic software. In...
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A New Local Mean-based Nonparametric Classification Method

Xiaoqin Zhang, Feng Liu
As an improved method of k-nearest neighbor classification, the local mean-based nonparametric classifier had the ability to resist the effects of noise and classify unbalanced data. When selecting the nearest k samples and calculating the distance between the test samples and the local mean-based vectors,...
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Development of Impulse Heavy Current Grounding Test System

Xianghan Wang, Min Dai, Qinghua Peng
A impulse heavy current grounding test system is designed to research impulse characteristics of grounding devices.Structure and test ability of the system are introduced. The system is composed of four impulse current generators symmetrically installed around a return electrode with 20m radius. Each...
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Twelve-pulse Rectifier Circuit Based on the PSIM Simulation Software

Xunzhe Wang
This paper took the phase-controlled rectifying circuit as the research object to introduce the working principle of the three-phase rectifier circuit. Based on the PSIM software to build the circuit, this paper analyzed the working condition of the rectifier circuit under various common fire angles...
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The simulation research of electronic differential system for rear-wheel motor drive electric vehicle

Yanan Gou, Hong Min
The differential study of electronics for rear-wheel drive was studied recent years, the output speed is the system variables and the PID control strategy is the base, system strategy for rear-wheel drive was designed and differential system was simulated. Results show that through the calculation and...
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High frequency vibration of inverter-fed PMSM and its reduction

Tao Wang, Haixiang Cao, Zhanlu Yang, Shanming Wang
Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) generate high-frequency electromagnetic vibration and noise when powered by inverters and the cause is high-frequency electromagnetic exciting force (EMEF). In this paper, the frequencies and orders of EMEF are analyzed. The expression of EMEF acted on the stator...
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Study of PSO-RBF Neural Network in Power System Load Prediction

Ai-hua Jiang, Yan Li, Chen Xue
Short-term load prediction of power system has great significance for safety and economy of power system operation as basic content of power system operation management and real-time control. In the paper, power system short-term load predicting model based on RBF neural network was established. Influences...
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Development of Fertigation Control System Based on Embedded Platform and Self-adaptive Control Strategy

Yin Niu, Kanyu Zhang
In order to improve the performance of fertigation equipment, a fertigation control system based on ARM and C/OS-II is developed. Serial screen is adopted to improve the performance of human-machine interaction, and to decrease the load of MCU. Several tasks related to the control system and fertigation...