Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Computer Engineering and Electronics

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Prediction of moving target behavior optimization based on Dirichlet model

Zheng Chen, Heng-yi Zhang
With the rapid development of science and technology, video monitoring has entered in to all walks of life, how to use computer for video image processing, analysis and understanding is an important research field of computer image mining. How to combine the computer technology with video monitoring...
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Access to OPC services based on Android platform

Xiao-yan Wang, Xuefei Lu
In order to realize the data access service of Android platform for OPC,Analysis of the OPC of Android, developed a data access service system for PLC based on Android platform, described the system architecture, work flow and communication protocol, Implemented two kinds of state data access of the...
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Handover Performance Evaluation and Discussion of Mobile IPv6

Xiuwen Huang
Future internet works will include large numbers of portable devices moving among small, wireless cells. Users demand seamless mobility and Quality-of-Service (QoS) provisioning to support real-time applications. Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) is designed to reduce the amount of signaling required...
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Research on real time telemetry system in bicycling training

Hongbing Ba, Jihe Zhou
In this paper, the GPS global positioning system, Polar wearlink and imaging technology, the combination of a set of software and hardware system, applied to the long distance bicycling training, it aims to get the information in training, including the video track, speed, heart rate and other parameters....
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The Design and Application of Statement Neutral Model Based on PCA

Yejun Zhu
In order to solve the management’s difficult problem caused by the huge number and numerous styles in the existing statement, the paper puts forward a statement management method of feature extraction neutral statement model based on principal component analysis (PCA). The method designs the descriptive...
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Distributed Stream Processing of RNN Query in Mobile Computing

Siqi Xu, Changqing Ji, Yanran Zhuang, Sunying Gao, Nianpeng Yang, Jingguo Yan, Xin Zhang
Reverse Nearest Neighbor (RNN) queries are a pipeline of complimentary problems, and have aroused a vast concern in the world in the past few years, such as location based services, profile based marketing, resource allocation and traffic monitoring system etc. Now the one of the most important disadvantages...
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Research and Realization of HART Protocol Based on Wireless Short Range Network Technology

Kaiyuan Meng, Qingnian Cao
In this paper, through the research on the application layer command of HART protocol, according to the characteristics of wireless network in enterprise information network system, the system network structure based on short range wireless network was constructed, the communication control module RTU...
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The Ambi-room electric auto-control system of final Optics Assembly

Liquan Wang, Yukun Jing, Bing Feng, Yong Xiang, Zhongpen Gao
This control system adopts Siemens S7-400 PLC to realize these functions of monitoring ambi-room pressure by the vacuum gauges and manipulating all vacuum valves in real time etc. The ambi-room control system belonged to unworthy man guard equipments has severe control request of "absolute safety", so...
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The Study of Backup Method based on RMAN and Streams

Bo Chen, Ningyu Hu, Shaoming Qiu
For the problems of big backup files and long recovery time after traditional real-time backup method has been backup for a long time, A new method base on RMAN and Streams technology is presented in this paper. This method uses the Streams technology to make real-time backup for database. in the meantime,...
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The Improved Montgomery Scalar Multiplication Algorithm with DPA Resistance

Yanqi Xu, Lin Chen, Moran Li
With Montgomery scalar multiplication algorithm being widely used in elliptic curve cryptography systems, the researches on DPA attacks against Montgomery scalar multiplication algorithm become more extensive, but few researches are about the DPA resistance algorithm. This paper analyzed the DPA resistance...
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Application of Expert System in the Analysis of Aluminum Reduction Cell

Miao Yu, Peng Li
Aluminum reduction cell is a non-linear, multivariable coupling time-varying system, inside which a large number of physical and chemical reactions occur. Meanwhile, aluminum reduction cell is often influenced by disturbance outside, which can easily cause instability of aluminum reduction cell. For...
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The Security Management of Aluminum Electrolysis Based on CAS-MES

Jinhua Zhu, Peng Li
Well-established system of security management is not only the premise of the failure-free operation, but also the powerful guarantee of the efficient production. Comparing with the traditional system of security management, which is operation-complex, recording-disorder and lack of high security, the...
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Research about Weak Signal Processing of Microstage Based on Wavelet Entropy

Ruimin Cao, Lina Hao, Xinchao Zhang, Hanyan Sun
This paper deals with the research on conditioning and filtering scheme of weak signals for the micro-positioning-stage and its measurement & control system. Through the analysis of the general filtering scheme of the weak signals, and the combination with the performance index of the system, this paper...
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Research on the Optimal Strategies of Chinese News Program Catalog based on ASR

Lijin Long, Yuyou Cheng
In the process of generation of meta-data, speech in news programs can be translate directly into text information based on ASR technology so as to improve cataloger's efficiency and the quality of meta-data before being put in media asset management database. For the purpose of this application, four...
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Research on technique for improving the accuracy of converting CAD data using FME based on ArcMap

Rong Liu, Guogang Zhao, Jijun Geng
This article, firstly, reveals the difference between the text annotation of original CAD Map and the results converted to ArcGIS using Feature Manipulation Engine (FME). Then we propose a strategy, extracting the annotation layer information directly from original map on ArcMap platform and figuring...
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Multi-Swarm Particle Swarm Optimization Co-Evolution Algorithm based on Principal Component Analysis for Solving Conditional Nonlinear Optimal Perturbation

Li Zhao
Conditional nonlinear optimal perturbation (CNOP) is an initial perturbation evolving into the largest nonlinear evolution at the prediction time. It has played an important role in predictability and sensitivity studies of nonlinear numerical models. Generally, the solution for CNOP is the spectral...
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The Realization of Chinese Herbal Pieces quality Management System Based on Internet of Things Technology

Jiadong Xie, Peipei Fang, Kongfa Hu, Chenjun Hu
With the development of "preventive treatment of disease" in Chinese Medicine and the health care industry, it brings the good opportunity for the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry and leads to a large number of demand. While the rapid expansion of the scale, the inferior pieces has become...
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Remote monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network

Aijuan Song, Guangyuan Si, Xiaoxiao Jiang
This paper deals with the monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network technique in details. The system adopts single-chipped microprocessor ZIC2410 radio frequency chip. By the upper computer software and programs of various physiological data acquisition, the physiological data of warded...
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Study ON Remote Medical Monitoring System Based ON MSP430 AND CC2530

Aijuan Song, Guangyuan Si, Qiongchan Gu
The paper deals with the monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network technique in details. The system adopts single-chippedMSP430 and CC2530. The paper mainly introduces hardware circuit design of processor module, data acquisition module, and wireless communication module. The monitoring...
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Wavelet Packet Energy Feature Extraction Method of Recoil Mechanism Wear Signal

Jianhua Luo, Hua Li, Mengchun Zhong, Chunlin Zhang
According to the characteristic of instantaneous, non-stationary and non-linear of the vibration signal, wavelet packet energy feature extraction is proposed, and the theoretical foundation of this method and concrete implementation method is explained in detail. Finally, the relations of characteristic...
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Analysis of Random Function and its Application in the Encryption Algorithm

Wei She, Huijuan Xie
One of the important characteristics of the random number is unpredictable, and the rear number will be generated without any relationship with the generated random number, the real random number is generated physically, but relatively high technology is needed, in fact pseudo-random numbers that has...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution of Surface Soil in Baicheng City Based on Factor Analysis Method

Zhaoyang Qiao
In the thesis, the pollution condition of heavy metals in the soil is evaluated by fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method through testing and analyzing content of heavy metals (As Cd Cr Cu Hg Ni Pb Zn) in 400 sampling points within 400km2 near Baicheng City; and types and sources of pollutions of heavy...
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Research of a MFC-based wireless communication system

Yanlei Ma, Lina Hao, Zhen An, Tong Zhu
To realize point to point communication between two devices with a long distance, this paper designs a wireless video transmitting module working at 1.2GHz and a data transmitting module working at 433MHz. We also write a control program using MFC (Microsoft Fundamental Classed). At last, the system...
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Ship Collision Avoidance Path Planning Strategy Based on Quantum Bacterial Foraging Algorithm

Hongdan Liu, Sheng Liu, Lanyong Zhang
In order to give an early warning for collision situation in marine traffic, to provide a collision avoidance decision, to relieve the workload of sailors, and to guarantee the safety of ship navigation, quantum bacteria foraging optimization algorithm is used to plan the dynamic collision avoidance...
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Design of the Fingerprint Machine Circuit for the Intelligent Managerial System of Blasting Equipment Library

Xingshan LI, Luhua Zhao
This paper mainly analyses the necessity to manage the explosive in the coal mine blasting equipment library. It make intelligent management possible by using digital monitoring technology, communication technology and software technology and sensor technology for reference; using high performance microcontroller...
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A Forest Fire Monitoring and Early Warning System Based on the Technology of Multi-sensor and Multilevel Data Fusion

Zhifu Gao, Linsheng Huang
The forest is deemed as a precious and indispensable ecological resource, but forest fire which is of common occurrence all over the world can destroy forest resource and threaten human-living environment. It is urgent for Forest Fire Prevention Departments to adopt a monitoring system that can predict...
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Fuzzy Reliability Evaluation of CNC System Based on Petri Nets

Guiyou Lu
ACNC system is the major part of numerical control Machining Tools, so its reliability is of great important. The failure of CNC system is rare and affected by many factors. In order to estimate the reliability indices more actually, Petri Nets(PN), in stead of FAT, are used to get all the minimal sets...
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Numerical Simulation on a Gas Distributor Used In Slurry Column Reactor

Yating Cai
The slurry column reactor has the most promising prospect in FT synthesis. In this paper, the gas distributor developed for slurry column rector was analyzed to find an improved gas distributor with small energy consumption, good distribution performance and the good characteristics of preventing backflow....
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Study on Basic Technical Requirements for Vehicle Event Data Recorder

Yan Yin, Jinhuan Zhang, Yongqin Feng, Xiaorui Zhang, Lingyun Zeng
In the current global market for auto products, vehicle event data recorder (EDR) is a new generation of vehicle safety feature, and is also another onboard safety feature expected to be popular in succession to SRS and ABS system. Some countries have now formulated the related administrative and guiding...
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Fabric defect detection based on wavelet transform and k-means

Huanuan Zhang, Juan Zhao, Renzhong Li, Junfeng Jing, Pengfei Li
A novel method based on wavelet transform and k-means is proposed to solve the problem of automated fabric defect detection which is more essential and important in assuring the fabric quality. Firstly, the fabric images are processed using wavelet decomposition algorithm, and the produced wavelet coefficients...
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Chinese General Techniques Requirements for Important Information Systems

Haohao Song, Jian Gu
As information security level protection system is constructed and developed, information system is graded based on the degree of importance. In this paper, the work objectives of construction and rectification in information security level protection are introduced firstly. Based on the analysis of...
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A General Analytical Calculation of DC-Link Current and Voltage Ripple for 3L-NPC-Voltage Source Inverter

Xuebing Pei
In this paper, a general analytical calculation of dc-link current and voltage ripple is presented for three-level three-phase neutral-point-clamped voltage source inverter (3L-NPC-VSI). Based on the analysis of average dc-link current of the upper and lower switches, the low-frequency oscillation of...
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The Study of Virtual Reality Scene Making in Digital Station Management Application System Based on Unity3D

Jianren Wang, Fushuan Wu, Jie Wang
Combined with the application of Unity3D engine in the south—polar Digital Station Management Application System project this paper introduced making station virtual reality scenes with Unity3D and studied the critical technique of making virtual realityscenes which contains importing real terrain station...
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A Modularization Hardware Implementation Approach for Artificial Neural Network

Tong Wang, Lianming Wang
Hardware implementation has been proven to be an effective way to take full advantage of the parallel and distributed computation ability of artificial neural network. To simplify the hardware implementation process of different kinds of neural networks, a modularization and digitization implementation...
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Real-time Acquisition System of Radar Echo Signal Based on PCI8001

Gaofeng Cheng, Ting Sun, Yingming Lu, Shulai Liu
In this paper, the design of real-time radar signal acquisition system based on domestic PCI8001 data acquisition card was introduced. By DMA, interrupting collected data was written to the industrial control computer with windows XP system. The technologies of multi-threaded processing, north error...
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Remote Sensing Image Enhancement Algorithm For Water Pollution Monitoring Based on Rational Interpolation

Yang Ning, Yunfeng Zhang, Yifang Liu, Jun He, Caiming Zhang
Simultaneously increasing the resolution and improving the display quality of the Remote Sensing (RS) imagery, such as water pollution image, is a challenge at present. We propose a new interpolation algorithm based on the rational function model. The model has a free parameter and the shape of the interpolation...
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Voltage Sag Region Study in Distributed Power Supply

Xining Lu, Hao Liu, Kai He, Qing Xu, Xiaolin Chen
This paper established two types of models of distributed power supply in PSCAD/EMTDC and connected these two power supplies in the power distribution networks with 18 nodes to simulate respectively under specified voltage control and specified power factor strategies. Then, the simulated data was loaded...
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2D Visual odometry based on Probability Data Association Filter

Bo Li, Shasha Dong, Liang Zhang, Yinhua Xu
This paper presents a novel approach based on probability data association (PDA) filtering for estimating a vehicle’s trajectory in complex urban environments. We consider feature pairs acquired from consecutive frames as the measurements for the PDA filter to update the ego-motion vector of the camera....
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PID regulator on thermal power simulation machine

Ming Zhang, Yuming Huang
For the reality of thermal power units and the training needs of operating crew, introduce the PID regulator on the thermal power plant simulation machine. Depending on the various needs of simulation modeling, introduce the PID regulator control algorithm and some auxiliary functions. Through simulation...
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A optimization of A* algorithm to make it close to human pathfinding behavior

ZhenGuo Zhao, RunTao Liu
A* algorithm is considered to be the optimal heuristic search algorithm over time. But the biggest drawback is the consumption of resources as the growth risk of the processing scale is a exponential level. This article based on common sense reasoning of artificial intelligence and the vector calculation...
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An infrared-curtain-based sensor for non-contact recognition of raw-milk gas-liquid two-phase flows

Boyi Li, Xiaodong Cheng
A model illustrating the gas-liquid two-phase flow (GLTF) of slug raw-milk in micro tubes was built, and an infrared-curtain-based sensor was designed for non-contact recognition of raw milk in GLTF. An infrared curtain signal acquisition site was set at both upstream and downstream for analysis of time...
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Synergistic Model Construction of Enterprise Financial Management Informatization

Ji Yu
The thesis establishes three-dimensional synergistic governance model of enterprise group finance. With the theory of systematics, the construction is on the basis of three-dimensional synergistic frameworks called level dimension, content dimension and process dimension. Based on process dimension,...
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Information query system optimization design in the construction of computer professional

Chang jun Liu
in the study of information query system optimization design in the construction of computer professional, with the current algorithms to process the optimal design for query system, the user is not familiar with what is allowed or not, or unable to enumerate all (not) allowed values of information,...
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Design of novel full adder based on resonant tunneling diode

Maoqun Yao, Kai Yang, Zhongyun Jia
The resonant tunneling diode (RTD) has attracted much attention because of its unique negative differential resistance (NDR) characteristic, RTD increases the powerful logic function of a single gate and is more suitable to implement the threshold gates. Recently, the generalized threshold gate (GTG)...
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Analysis of the strange phenomenon and optimization to connecting rod wheeled robot

Xiang Hu, Yu-jun Wang, Can Fang
This article is about optimization of connecting rod wheeled robot, connecting rod wheeled robot platform can be well adaptive terrain, on regular ground velocity structure near wheeled platform. On the road barriers, independent walking mode switching, efficient obstacle. In this paper, the structural...
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A novel low-voltage and low-power bandgap voltage reference

Xiao Ming Xing, Jian Cheng Li, Li Yang
The paper proposes a novel low-voltage and low-power bandgap voltage reference, which has superior performance such as low-voltage, low-power and low-temperature coefficient. The simulation based on 0.18-um CMOS process of TSMC. The proposed circuit consists of current source subcircuit, a bipolar transistor...
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An Energy Balancing LEACH Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network

Xian Li Zhang, Qian Li, Yu Fu, Zhi Hong Qian
As a typical hierarchical routing algorithm in wireless sensor network, LEACH protocol can reduce the routing overhead greatly. And it makes the network load balance relatively and have a good scalability. But there are still many deficiencies, such as the uneven clustering, unreasonable cluster head-selection,...
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Path planning of Robot Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

Kai Jiang, Hungui Li
With the development of the science and technology, intelligent robotic systems have been applied in the service industry, and the R&D of service-type autonomous mobiles robot has received greater attention from business circles in china. Now, many combination optimization algorithms have been developed...
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Study on Optimization of Mobile Data Visualization Algorithm

Wenwen Liu
Along with the development of Internet, to produce more and more massive amounts of data, and visualization methods can rapidly and effectively simplify and refine data. Heat map is a method of data visualization, It can provide a basic support for the optimization of urban traffic management that we...
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Meander Dipole Antenna design for Passive UHF RFID Tags

Fang-Mei Tang, Jian-Cheng Li, Cong LI
A novel meander dipole antenna for passive UHF RFID tags, composed by normal meander dipole combined and ameliorated T-match network, is presented ,simulated and fabricated to be excellent performances, and suited accurately to complex impedance matching to the embedded microchip. Particular optimization...
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A Histogram Based Watermarking Algorithm Robust to Geometric Distortions

Xuefeng Hu, Daoshun Wang
Most of the histogram-based watermarking methods focused on the geometric invariance feature more while paying less attention to the robustness to some common image processing attacks like JPEG compression. In this paper, we propose a new histogram modification scheme considering the visual quality of...
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The Design of Traffic Warning Platform Based on IoT Technology

Yanan Bao, Zhihong Qian, Qian Li, Ying Dong
With the rapid development of China’s economy, the number of vehicles has a sharp increase. It led to the traffic problem becoming more and more serious, with the problems of traffic congestion, easy to cause accidents, solving the accident no in time and so on. For the current traffic congestion problem,...
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Dual Redundant Flight Control System Design for Microminiature UAV

Xiaolin Zhang, Haisheng Li, Dandan Yuan
The rigorous requirement for safety, reliability, maintainability, and miniaturization in microminiature unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has motivated significant research in new technology. A dual redundant fault-tolerant flight control platform is designed based on the technology of system on a programmable...
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A Method for High-level Culling Optimization in Self-collision Test of Arm Cloth Simulation

Yue Lv, Bing He, Mi Jing
This Paper presents an algorithm to optimize high-level culling for self-collision test of arm cloth grid. High-level culling is at the triangle level, to cut off non-colliding areas and triangular pairs and obtain all possibly colliding triangular pairs. Here, we processed basic high-level culling firstly...
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Study on Autonomous and Distributed Time Synchronization Method for formation UAVs

Tao Liu, Yonghui Hu, Yu Hua, Meifang Wu
In order to implement high precision time synchronization autonomously in the absence of any external time source, in this paper, the author introduced the synchronize model of fireflies into UAV formation network, and proposed a kind of distributed time synchronization methods based on broadcasting,...
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Stabilization of complex-valued neural networks with time-varying delays via linear feedback control

Zhenjiang Zhao, Qiankun Song
In this paper, a class of complex-valued neural networks with time-varying delays is considered without assuming the differentiability of the time-varying delays, and the exponential stabilization for the considered neural networks is investigated. By constructing proper Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional...
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Effect of light intensity on Epinephelus malabaricus’s image processing

Su Xu, Kezhi Xing, Yunchen Tian, Guoqiang Ma
This paper briefly introduced the experimental environment of Epinephelus malabaricus’s image acquisition, brief description of the simulation Setting of the three kinds of light intensities , aslo introduced the steps to acquisition images by Matlab . Described in detail about the methods of how to...
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Research and Implementation of a Four-Dimensional Access Control Model

Yunqi Chen
Based on the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model, this paper presents a Four-Dimensional Access Control (FDAC) model which contains four scopes: user, role, function and metadata. The FDAC model realizes the permission control of function and data, and it completes the whole process through meta control...
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A 20 to 560 MHz, Reduced Harmonic Selectivity and Harmonic Fold Back, 6-path Tunable Bandpass Filter

Jixuan Wang, Yun Pan
In this paper a 6-path tunable bandpass filter which is able to reduce both Harmonic Selectivity (HS) and Harmonic Fold Back (HFB) effect simultaneously is proposed. The filter contains two channels of 6-path switched capacitor filters with same circuit structure but different clocks and is designed...
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Side Information Generation for Multi-view Distributed Video Coding Using Hybrid Search and Multi-selection

Zhenhua Tang, Bibo Huang, Xuebing Pei, Tuanfa Qin, Xufang Huang
The quality of side information (SI) has a direct impact on the rate-distortion (R-D) performance of multi-view distributed video coding (MDVC). In this paper, we propose an inter-view SI generation scheme for MDVC, which combines hybrid search and multi-selection. In the presented scheme, both feature...
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Mutual coupling compensation of the conformal array antenna based on the active element pattern method

Zhenzhen Li, Yuwen Wang, Zhili Wang
Due to the mutual coupling of conformal array cannot be ignored, this article proposes a simple compensation method for the mutual coupling compensation. The method calculates he far field direction diagram of the array by Simplifying array element classification, and then obtains the correction with...
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Global Exponential Stability of Discrete-Time Complex-Valued Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delay

Zhenjiang Zhao, Qiankun Song
In this paper, a class of discrete-time complex-valued neural networks with time-varying delays and impulses are considered. Based on M-matrix theory and analytic methods, several simple sufficient conditions checking the global exponential stability are obtained for the considered neural networks. The...
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Target Detection Algorithm Based on Improved Gaussian Mixture Model

Xiaomeng Wang, Dequn Zhao, Guangmin Sun, Xingwang Liu, Yanli Wu
With the traditional Gaussian mixture model being more sensitive to light and failing to react to changes of lighting, a variances and a mean update program under local illumination and global illumination mutations are puts forward respectively in this paper. More specifically, a divergent method to...
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Content Filtering Based on Keyword Map

Xin Wan, Neil Rubens, Toshio Okamoto, Yan Feng
This paper presents the content filtering based on keyword map. Keyword maps represent knowledge of learner by capturing relations between terms that the learner has been exposed to. Keyword maps allow increasing both the relevance and complement of learning resources recommendation. The experimental...
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Research and Application of Production Material Management System in Forging Center Based on Workflow and Rule Engine

Yuejun LI
Different kinds and types of forge pieces in forging center in Railway Vehicle Company lead to different management process of large amount of production materials, which introducing different workflow, resulting in heavy workflow engine load and huge workload for defining workflows. To address this...
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Face Recognition Based on Feature Fusion

Zhi-Ming Qian, Haifei Qin, Xiaoqing Liu, Yongchao Zhao
A face recognition method based on local feature and global feature is presented. Firstly, local feature of the face are extracted by Gabor wavelet transformation. Then, principal component analysis (PCA) is used to extract the global feature of the face. Finally, these features are integrated as the...
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A-ESDT: Energy Saving and Stable Efficiency Mechanism for Cellular Interface in Smart Phones

Mingli Li, Taoshen Li, Zhihui Ge
The frequency and micro scale characteristics of data transmission in smart phones increase the frequency of occurrence and proportion of tail energy, which decreases the utilization rate of transmission energy. In this paper, an aggregate-based energy saving data transmission mechanism (A-ESDT) is proposed,...
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Bionic Motion Detection Applied in Surveillance of Airport

Huabo Sun, Yan Ma, Gaojian Kang, Xiaoming Ma
Conventional security monitoring of civil airport usually uses fixed cameras to acquire images. There are several problems with performance including difficulties introduced in the information transmission, storage, and analysis stages of the process. Insect compound eyes offer unique advantages for...
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Principle and Realization for Simulated Speed Sensor of High-speed Rail

Guoda Li
In order to test the function of the SDU module in the static environment, we design the simulative speed sensor by studying the principle of the speed sensor. We confirm the function requirements and the parameter of the simulative speed sensor by testing the speed sensor. According to the requirements,...
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A novel method for Measuring Mass by Image Processing

Xiaomin Tan, Jintian Lei, Hongmei Bi, Tianpeng Liu, Xuejun Zhang, Ximing Wang
Image processing in terms of grid deformation was applied to measure the mass of objects. In spatial domain, Thin Plate Spline (TPS) method was employed to provide the value of minimum bending energy produced during grid deformation, and quantized mass of object; in frequency domain, Fast Fourier Transform...
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On-orbit Service System Based on Orbital Servicing Vehicle

Yan Li, Yuanwen Cai, Guofeng Xu, Zhengyu Zhao
On-orbit service (OOS) system based on Orbital Servicing Vehicle (OSV) is a complex giant system which needs an overall planning according to the analysis of its components and demands. Accordingly in this article, the target spacecrafts of the OOS system and their demands are firstly analyzed based...
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An Improved Robust Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm Based on the Conformal Array

Zhili Wang, Yuwen Wang, Zhenzhen Li
Diagonal loading algorithm is an effective method to improve the performance of beamforming and reduce the sidelobe level .But there is not have a theoretical method to reasonably determine the size of the diagonal loading value. This paper presents an improved adaptive beamforming algorithm that can...
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Tasks Scheduling in PAC System Based on Heuristic Shortest Path Algorithm

Zhengyi Liu, Chongquan Zhong
Considering the characteristics of Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) real-time system, which is consisting of hybrid tasks with precedence orders constraints, a new model for hybrid-task system is introduced. Choosing a task execution sequence is instead of finding the shortest path between state...
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Federated Filter Based on Dynamic Information Allocation with Unscented Kalman Filter

Jue Huang, Bin Yan
Because of the complex environment of the underwater noise and the difficulty for detecting the failure of the underwater sensors, a distributed filtering algorithm for the nonlinear target is proposed by applied the unscented kalman filter into the federated filter frame. Furthermore, the information...
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GPU-Based Hybrid Method for Electromagnetic Scattering of Electrically Large Objects

Yanju Zhu, Shuguo Xie
A GPU-based parallel hybrid method is proposed to accelerate the electromagnetic scattering from electrically large complex structures in high frequency. The MPO and the GRECO hybrid method can simplify the computations of the diffraction fields of the wedges by modifying the surface-normal vector of...
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Performance Analysis of TDCS Based on Adaptive Threshold

Zidong Zhou, Zili Chen
The traditional Transform Domain Communication System(TDCS)utilizing the fixed threshold is difficult to adapt to the increasingly complex and variable electromagnetic environment, and the adaptive thresholding methods only concern the probability of detection and ignore the probability of false alarm...
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The Design and Implementation of Core Function of XMPP-Based Mobile Push System

Jiantao Zhao, Yunyi Huang
The purpose of this article is to design and implement a XMPP-Based C/S system in which the server pushes information to the client actively. By realizing the client to connect to the server, client registration, the client to login the server and the server to push messages to client 4 core functions...
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Prediction of traffic flow based on the EMD and wavelet neural network

Teng Feng, Xiaohong Wang, Yunlai He
The operation of the urban traffic exist a high degree of complexity and randomness. The key of Intelligent Transportation System is the real-time and accurate traffic flow prediction. Taking effective measures in a timely manner would prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents since traffic congestion...
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Sync-Codes Identification Based on Self-Similarity of Network

LiZheng Gao, JunYong Luo, Yan Liu, MeiJuan Yin, Kai Luo
How to correctly segment frames from bit-stream of unknown link-layer protocol is an important issue in the field of information security. Sync-codes identification is the essence of bit-stream segmentation, while the key of sync-codes identification is mining features of sync-codes distinguished from...
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A Matrix Scheme Enabling Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in Metro-Access Optical Network based on OFDM-PON

Weilun Xie, Chaoqin Gan, Qi Shao, Wei Li, Yiqin Fang
In this paper, an algorithm of dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) is proposed to achieve multi-granularity dynamic bandwidth allocation in multi-wavelength in Metro-Access Optical Network based on OFDM-PON. The DBA mainly focuses on the inner ONU bandwidth allocation. An inner ONU queue is proposed based...
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A Cost Model for Wavelength allocation Criterion in WDM/TDM PON

Ziyue Gao, Chaoqin Gan, Cheng Fen
A cost model is proposed to achieve the wavelength allocation criterion in WDM/TDM PON in this paper. By the cost model, the optimal number of wavelengths allocated can be evaluated in order to be up to the most cost-effective system state. The simulation results demonstrate the correctness of the above...
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A Novel VPON Scheme Syncretizing Multiple Subsystems for Metro-Access Optical Network

Weidong Xia, Chaoqin Gan, Weilun Xie, Shucong Ma, Wei Li
We propose a novel virtual passive optical network (VPON) scheme syncretizing multiple subsystems for metro-access optical network, which reflects the characteristic of flat network and meets the demand of technology compatibility. In this scheme, in order to maximize the utilization of finite network...
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One Kind of Multi-scale Algorithm Based on Wavelet Integration

Zhen Chen, Fan Wu
at present, people universally adopt MSR algorithm to make restoration for degraded and weak light image, but when MSR algorithm makes process on degraded image, it can not effectively make recovery on details and colors of image at the same time, so this paper puts forward one kind of new MSR improvement...
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Novel WDM Access Network Featuring Self-healing Capability and Flexible Extensibility

Chen Feng, Chaoqin Gan, Ziyue Gao, Chenwei Wu
A novel WDM access network is proposed in this paper. By designing the remote node and the extended node, the network has the flexible extensibility. By using ring topology, the architecture of network is constructed. It makes the network not only have the high reliability, but also can cover large access...
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Construction on Embedded Real-time Operating system of Computer

Xiuqing Huang
this paper constructs the overall structure of embedded OS with higher reliability, it can enable many system function modules to operate in the same CPU, and it can mutually integrate with each other in function and supports flexible configuration and arrangement of system. This paper puts forward new...
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An On-line Automatic Aluminum Wheel Recognition System

Yiyang Zhang, Shuangyong Liu, Shaobo Sun, Yong Han
Identifying various types of aluminum wheels was traditionally performed manually, which could result in low efficiency, limited reliability, poor accuracy, and high labor cost. This paper presents the design and implementation of an on-line automatic recognition system for aluminum wheels based on laser...
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Exploration of Approach to Mining WDMS Spectra based on Laplacian Eigenmap and Neural Network

Bin Jiang, Zixuan Li, Wenyu Wang, Meixia Qu
For the purpose of discovering White Dwarf +Main Sequence (WDMS) from massive spectra, in this paper, an unsupervised learning algorithm for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction named Laplacian Eigenmap is discussed. It turns out that, comparing with Principle Component Analysis (PCA), Laplacian Eigenmap...
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A Novel Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Dual-band Application

Manyuan Dai, Hu Yang, Lei Gu, Fei Zhao, Wenlu Yin
To meet the dual-band requirements of satellite communication systems, a novel rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) is presented. In general, most of the rectangular DRA is fed by slot coupled with microstrip line. But when the antenna is placed on a metallic ground according to the actual...
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The Research of Meteorological Data Mining Using Discrete Bayesian Networks Classifier Based on Hadoop

Yongjun Zhang, Jing Sun
The method of Native Bayesian classification data mining in weather forecast has some defects, such as there is not independent of each other between predictors, but a certain relevance which results in the decrease of prediction accuracy. This paper explores an improved algorithm which is based on the...
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Anti-Excessive Filtering Model Based on Sliding Window

Haoang Li, Weiming Hu, Jian Yao, Wenqiao Zhang
This paper is purposed on the problem that ground points in cloud of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) has been excessively filtered. And it proposes an improved model basing on the traditional sliding window model, combining with optimized rules on determining standard elevation value, tolerance of...
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A Logic-Based Redundancy Filtering Approach for Web Service Composition

Shiyang Deng, Yuyue Du
Targeting the redundancy filtering problem of Web service automatic composition, this paper proposes a novel approach to find the solutions with logic formula. For an original service composition getting by the parallel layered planning graph, it constructs composite services with a backward method according...
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Testing for elliptical symmetry of errors in the multivariate linear regression model

Yan Su, Shaoyue Kang
This paper presents a characteristic test for testing the elliptical distribution of the errors in the multivariate linear regression model. We obtain the asymptotic spherical distribution of the transformed residuals of the regression model under the null hypothesis. Based on bootstrap approximation,...
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Study on satellite altimeter sea state bias estimation comprehensive model

Hongli Miao, Xin Wang, Guizhong Wang, Guoshou Zhang, Jie Zhang
The sea state bias (SSB) is one of the most prominent errors in satellite altimetry. The empirical model was mostly used in practical estimation of SSB, which includes the parametric model and nonparametric model. The estimation of SSB for the global area will result to large deviation with a single...
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Mitigation of GPS L2 signal in the HI observation based on NLMS algorithm

Danmei Zhong, Zhan Wang, Zhu Cheng, Da Huang
In the radio observation based on the large single antenna, in order to reduce the interference of navigation signal L2 from observation of the red-shifted HI spectral line at L-band, we used the an auxiliary channel and normalized LMS algorithm, and proposed new evaluating indicators deduced by theoretical...
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The research of least squares support vector machine optimized by particle swarm optimization algorithm in the simulation MBR prediction

Weiwei Li, Chunqing Li, Jingyun Nie, Tao Wang
This paper proposes an intelligent algorithm to predict the MBR membrane flux. The algorithm applies the least squares support vector machine (LS-SVM) to the research of MBR simulation prediction, optimize the penalty factor and kernel parameters of LS-SVM model by particle swarm optimization (PSO) for...
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Wireless Landslide Geological Hazard Monitoring and Warning System

Chen Ban, Chen Xiaohui, Jiang Jirong, Wang Baoqiang
Landslide geological hazard may cause great injuries and lost due to its crypticity and destroy. Advanced internet of things and wireless broadband communication techniques were adopted to realize remote wireless geological hazard monitoring and warning system and replace traditional manual work based...
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A Hardware Trojan Detection Method Based on Side-channel Analysis

Xiaohan Wang, Xiongwei LI, Lu XU
For the problem of Hardware Trojan detection, we analyzed the statistical properties of the power side-channel signal, and proposed a Hardware Trojan(HT) detection method based on the power side-channel signal. We processed the power side-channel signal by the maximum margin criterion(MMC), and projected...
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Railway Signal Control Based on Intelligent Technology

Yu Xiao, Qian Hua
this paper designs construction model of data base based on learning algorithm of C4.5 by combining with characteristics of railway signal system in China, meanwhile, it makes research and design on inference machine, explanation mechanism and human interface in expert system of fault diagnosis. It puts...
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Study and Application of Electronic Records in the Pharmaceutical Equipment

Ning Shi, Hui Liu, Yujuan Liu
The drug quality safety is a issue that governments have attached great importance to. The Chinese version of the CMP puts forward strict requirements of " traceability " in the pharmaceutical production process for the pharmaceutical industry.This paper mainly introduces how to realize the electronic...
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Anti-seismic Research on External Thermal Insulation System

Rongchun Yan
The technological superiority for the external thermal insulation system was researched and analyzed in this paper. The anti-seismic protection standards and objective of the external thermal insulation system were proposed based on the anti-seismic programming principle of nonstructural components....