Proceedings of the 2015 4th International Conference on Computer, Mechatronics, Control and Electronic Engineering

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Harmonic signal synthesis system design based on STC15 + TLC5620

Huaqun Zhan, Yonghao Zhou, Huarong Chen
Analyze the signal synthesis process on Matlab theory platform, based on the theory STC15W1K24S chip and 4 road 8 digit serial d/a TLC5620 produced by TI Company are designed to be a signal synthesis circuit system. By using the system module we can created the one, three, five, seven time’s harmonic...
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Research on cold bootstrapping method of Sparse User Comment in Online Trading Platform

YuHua Li, SongLin Liu, Yang Pan
The trust value of the product is often through historical evaluation of calculated in online trading platform. However, some commodities have no or only a few of user evaluation, the traditional method of calculation will be very inaccurate and unfair trust value, seriously affecting the search results...
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Load Distribution among the Teeth of Flexspline of Harmonic Drive with Double Circular-arc Tooth Profile

GuiHua Wu, XiaoJiang Peng
Based on the basic theory of harmonic drive, circular spline profile is computed by envelope method when flexspline profile chooses double circular-arc tooth. The load distribution among the teeth of the flexspline has been calculated under different working conditions. When the force intersection angle...
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A new fault area search algorithm based on the phase difference of the negative sequence under asymmetric fault in the micro grid

ZhuoYing Ke, ZhiCheng Shen, Jiannan Li, YiMing Zeng, HuiYuan Zhang
Due to the different fault characteristics of the micro grid under the two kinds of operation mode, which are connected to the main grid and the isolated mode, and the various topological structure and the internal tide make for the traditional relay’ malfunction. The paper proposes a fault area localization...
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The Effect of Annealing Heat Treatment on Structural and Optical Properties of Ce-doped ZnO Thin Films

Shu Cui, Chengyou Liu, Xiaotian Li
Ce-doped ZnO thin films were deposited on simple glass substrate and SiO2 substrate by sol-gel technique. The characteristics were studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscope (AFM) and photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy, respectively. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) experiments shows that...
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Research on the Removing Overlapping Ambiguity of Chinese Segmentation based on the Granular Computing model of Ontology

FanJin Mai, Gen Zhang
The word as the smallest language unit has its own independent concept. Human beings learn language through understanding semantics. This paper proposed a Granular Computing model based on Ontology, to restrict the concept of word and word, the use of Granular Computing similar ideas as well as human...
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Distributed Generation planning Research based on Timing Characteristics

Haifeng Su, MengJin Hu, Zhirui Liang
In this paper, considering the load, wind power and photo voltaic timing characteristics, stablishes a planning model containing distributed power energy storage device. In the planning model, the minimization of the total cost including the initial investment, fuel costs, net loss costs, environmental...
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An Improved Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on CHI and MI

GuiChuan Feng, Shubin Cai
The problem of high-dimensional feature vector in vector space model (VSM) is an important problem in text classification. After preprocessing the initial number of feature items is generally huge, and many of them for text categorization are useless. This will not only increase the running time of the...
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Experimental Research on Bone Biomechanics Characteristics of Vibration Intervention in Rats

FuMing Gu
The purpose of this study was to explore the mechanical properties and functional adaptability of bone of vibration training in rats. Sixty rats were randomly assigned to four groups: control group, low frequency (25 Hz, 3mm) vibration group, middle frequency (35Hz, 3mm) vibration group, and high frequency...
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Twist Lock Unlocking Process Research and Unlocking Fixture Design in Container Terminals

PanPan Zhang, Chen Xie, Haibo Fei
With the development of the container transportation and the urgent demand of the fast-unlocking of container handling, the securing and unlocking technologies are more and more important. Types of container securing equipment such as the locating cone and the locking base were introduced. The unlocking...
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±800kV DC Power Transmission Converter Valve Structure Research

ShaoHua You, Qibin Tan, Maozhong Wang, Luxiang Zong
Converter valve was the core equipment of HVDC power transmission project, followed by the three-phase AC voltage was connected to the DC side to get the desired DC voltage and realize the power of control, its value accounted for about converter station complete sets of equipment for a total of 22 ~...
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Cooling System Circuit Analysis of ±800kV DC Power Transmission Converter Valve

ShaoHua You, Qibin Tan, Maozhong Wang, Luxiang Zong
Converter valve cooling system circuit consisted of internal cooling system circuit and external cooling system circuit. ±800kV DC power transmission converter valve water cooling system circuit was introduced in this paper. Certain cooling medium flow rate through the pressure of the main circulating...
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Intelligent numerical control power supply system design

Huaqun Zhan, Wenjie Wu, Yonghao Zhou
To control the output voltage by adjusting the size of the sliding rheostat, Aiming at the problem of its output precision and control, A digital adjustable power supply system based on single chip microcomputer is designed. System makes single chip microcomputer (STC5616AD) as the core controller, makes...
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Research on fish detection system based on virtual instrument

Qirong Lu, ShiYu Fang
Through the research on the ultrasonic fish-finding, design a real-time detection system of fish-finding based on LabVIEW and NI PCI-6024E data acquisition card .Under the support of LabVIEW, can be a variety of data real-time acquisition of the fish, through the analysis of the data to provide accurate...
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Research on Simulation Calculation method and Energy-conserving analysis of Energy-Saving Conductors

HongShan Zhang
Line losses are needed to be calculated before overhead transmission lines put into operation, and meanwhile AC resistance of wires determines its resistive losses and transmission capacity. In this paper, we compared several commonly used methods of AC resistance, obtain their advantages and disadvantages,...
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Afterheat Storage and Generating Device Based on the Stirling Generator

ShuGuo Zhang, MengShu Shi
Nowadays, as a useful tool, the laptop is commonly used in our daily life. However, due to the poor heat dispersion capability, the working efficiency of the laptop has been decreased a lot. In order to solve this problem, many users tend to purchase an extra radiator for the laptop, which is a waste...
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Research on Information Management System of Power Grid Communication Resource

DongDong Cai, YaWei Ding, Yugui Nian, Yongchao Wang
The rapid development of power system communication enables Power Communication network communication devices become more complex, more and more communication lines, which give the communication resource management, especially resource management circuit has posed a serious challenge. This article also...
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Research and Design of cement enterprise energy management system Report Generation

DongYuan Cheng, QingJin Meng, Shaohong Jing
In the cement enterprise energy management reporting system plays a very important role, with analysis and comparison function cement energy data. The system uses XML technology and jQuery Easy UI plugin implements which a software development may accelerate reporting production systems. This article...
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The prediction of cement energy demand based on support vector machine

Xin Zhang, Shaohong Jing
Aiming at the energy waste problems resulting from the contradiction between energy demand and supply in cement production, an energy demand prediction model based on support vector regression is built. And energy consumption of a cement enterprises in Shanxi cement production line, for example, to validate...
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A Thin Slice Type High Stabilization Optical Current Sensor

Shixin Jin, TongWei Yu, ZiLiang Li, Xun Mao
Optical current sensor has a wide range of applications. The main factors that affect the practical process of optical current transducer (OCT) are the effects of birefringence, temperature and long-term stability. Optical current transducer (OCT) with thin slice type sensing head is designed in this...
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A review of Network Topology

RuoJing Jiang
A network topology is how computers, printers, and other devices are connected over a network. It describes the layout of wires, devices, and routing paths. Essentially there are six different common topologies you should familiarize yourself with: Bus, Ring, Star, Extended Star, Hierarchical, and Mesh....
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Research sucker on load-unload robot special for electric power metering device testing

YiJin Chen, Rong Zeng, XuDong Zhou
Electricity metering equipment automatic testing detection pipeline has been widely used in most provincial company of the State Grid in the past two years. Sichuan electric power corporation metering center first developed a fully compatible pipelines, the compatibility of robot is one of the difficulties...
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Research and Application of Intelligent Fully Compatible integrated verification system

Xiaojun Li, XuDong Zou, Rong Zeng
At present, the State Grid verification pipeline can only work for a single metering equipment, and exists some outstanding problems, including utilization rate, clear line time, the project investment cost and occupation area and so on. This paper introduces fully compatible integration verification...
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Optimization Design on Recycle of Slurry Discharged from Lime Softening System

Ye Ding, Zhao Li, Rui Rui
Lime softening & side-stream lime softening method is used for circulating water treatment system in a certain Coal-fired power plant project of Henan Province. Main components of sludge discharged from lime softening system are CaCO3 and Mg(OH)2. This study analyzed the composition and discharge amount...
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Analysis on Seismic Performance of Steel Reinforced High Strength Concrete Columns

Xin Yi, Heping Hu, ChangQing Guo, BingJie Mi
In the thesis, simulated analysis of eight steel reinforced high strength concrete column under the low reversed cyclic horizontal load were performed by using the nonlinear finite element software of ABAQUS. The hysteresis behavior, skeleton curve, displacement ductility energy-dissipating capacity...
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The Measurement of Barium Titanate’s Curie Temperature Based on Hysteresis Loop

Chenlei Zhao
In an applied electric field, the relationship between the ferroelectric’s intensity of polarization and the electric field intensity is not linear but a hysteretic loop which is called the ferroelectric hysteresis loop. When the temperature of the ferroelectric is heated to the transition temperature...
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Research On Real-time Processing System Of Hyper-spectral Image Based On FPGA

Bo Yuan, BingLiang Hu, Jiarui Gao
The real-time is an importance on judging the performance of the image processing system . The instantaneity means the system must have the reaction in the definitive time . In this research , the time in disposing an image must be limited in millisecond from receive the image to operate and report the...
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The Design of Fuzzy PID Delay Networked Control Systems Based on Genetic Algorithms

Fang Liu
The nonlinear systems with time delay network control is discussed in this paper, transmission delays and packet dropouts for networked control system with random time delay is analyzed. In this paper, online delay estimation method to obtain the delay value, the delay value is an input parameter of...
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Scale-Free based network structure for Data center

LYu Qi, DaoXu Cheng
The idea of big data processing is widely accepted nowadays, which makes it critical for IaaS to support network infrastructures in large scale. This paper presents a novel network model based on scale free network, which explored the influence to scale free property with a maximum degree constraint,...
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High-precision pose and velocity measuring method for projectiles based on kalman filtering algorithm

Liang Zhang, Lizhi Qian, QuanLi Ning, Jingxiao Wang
An original method is presented in this paper, which attempts to make use of the kalman filtering algorithm and maintain accuracy in position, attitude and velocity estimation for a fast moving projectile, the velocity and the pose (position and attitude) could also be obtained, then the simulation are...
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Research on Consistency between Mental Model and Information Visualization and Practice in primary school Sign System Design

CHunfu Li, LuYing Chen
With the expansion of the size of the primary school building, campus space are becoming increasingly complex. In order to meet the needs of students learning and life, primary school identification system emerge at the right moment. As an important part of campus environment and culture, school identification...
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The Design and Implementation of SCG H-bridge Unit Test System

Fei Xia, Xiaobo Huang, Zongze Xia
SVG in distribution power grid has completely entered into the practical phase, as H-bridge of the core part of SVG, which is low test efficiency, poor reliability, high cost and requires repeated manual testing in the process of production. This thesis firstly analyzes the test environment of H-bridge...
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Design of Elevator Comprehensive Back-to-Back Test System Based on Common DC Bus

Xiang Pan Zheng, Kai Feng Chen, Shu Mei Chen
As a new horizontal rotation loading device, elevator comprehensive back-to-back test system can simulate the energy status of in different elevator load. It makes the elevator or its components such as magnetorheological(MR) traction transmission device to meet the dynamic characteristics in practical...
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Timing and Frequency Synchronization Algorithm for Distributed MIMO-OFDM Systems

Jing Liu, Jian Wang, KangLi Zhang, Jibo Wei, Kui Liao
In this paper, we investigate symbol timing offset and carrier frequency offset estimation problem in distributed MIMO-OFDM systems. In distributed MIMO-OFDM systems, signals arrive at the receiving antennas on different timings and are characterized by distinct CFOs. This property makes synchronization...
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Research of the shell vibration and radiated noise based on finite element method

Yuting Sun, Juan Xu, Tong Liu
The electromotor shell is analyzed by the finite element method. The result shows that vibrations of exterior and the top of the shell produce the shell vibration. The rib reinforcement type and the surrounded structure are designed to optimize and ameliorate the prototype structure. Then vibration and...
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Research on the effect of the mounting location of the ruston turbine on two phase flow field

Yuting Sun, Juan Xu, Haiyan Bie
Mixed flow fields of water and low density particles in the stirred tank of the single size six-blade ruston turbine are calculated by the large eddy simulation and multiphase flow model. The effect of the mounting location of the paddle on two phase flow field is studied. The result shows that with...
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The Desorption of Heavy Metal by Modified Chinese Walnut Shell

CHunguang Yu, DaYu Zheng
Modified chinese walnut shell is a kind of adsorbent, this study using the adsorption of Cu2+ , Cd2+, Hg +, Cr6+ metal ions modified chinese walnut shell, on the desorption studies. The acid treatment of modified Chinese walnut shell, heavy metal desorption rate is above 90%. Show that H+ play an important...
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Study on Characteristics of Pulsed Eddy Current Field of Copper Belt Detection

HuiMin Chen, FengsHou Zhang
In order to effectively represent the mechanism of pulsed eddy current testing, the analytical model of harmonic eddy current field above copper strip and plate is worked out in cylindrical coordinate by applying the theory of reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves and Truncated Region...
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Analysis on the Winding Process of Pre-stressed Wire Wound Orthogonal Preload Frame on the Basis of Finite Element

Wenjie Wang, Feng Lin, Lei Zhang, Xin Wang
During the winding construction, the pre-stressed wire wound orthogonal preload frame bears the preloading force applied by the steel wire from top, bottom, left and right simultaneously. Compared with the ordinary preload frame, it bears complex force, there is no obvious distribution rule on the surface...
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Optimization of Mine Development Scheme Based on Empowerment Combination TOPSIS

HongWei Deng, LiMing Luo, Jian Zhang
The optimization of mine development Scheme is one of the technical problems in the design of underground mining. With all influencing factors, such as economy, technology safety and time considered, a comprehensive evaluation index system of mine development scheme was established by Delphi method to...
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The U-type Platform Multi-objective Topology Optimization Research

Chuan Jiang, HongYi Hu, ZhiZhou Xu, RuZhen Liu
In order to provide an effective design method which can comprehensive consider working conditions for the U-type Platform, multi-objective topology optimization was studied, based on the theory of variable density. In this optimization, volume fraction as constraints, natural frequency and stiffness...
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Research on Camera Calibration of the Binocular Vision Light Pen Measurement System

Feng sHou Zhang, Jian Li Jin
To binocular vision light pen measuring system, calibrating the camera fast and accurate, can improve the practicality of the system application. In the establishment of ideal camera imaging model, considering the lens radial distortion and tangential distortion factors, studies the practical imaging...
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A Novel Intrusion Detection System Based on Data Mining

Tao Xu, Wei Zhang, XuHong Li, Xia Wang, Wenwen Pan
The rapid development of the Internet makes distributed computing has become a mainstream application, network openness, connectivity, shared characteristics, so that the risk of suffering from the growing network intrusions. How to ensure the network and information security has become very important...
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A New Algorithm For Attribute Reduction Applied To Product Configuration

Junyan Ma
Attribute reduction is important to the mining of product configuration rules, the accuracy of attribute reduction will directly affect the subsequent mining of configuration rules.In this paper,the non-positive region in incompatible configuration decisions table is analyzed.A new attribute reduction...
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SDN-based Solution of Path Restoration for Smart Grids

Wei ZHe Ma, Yun Dou Jiang, Hong Yu Dong, Xiao Ming Xue, Zhong Qiu Lin, Yu Zou
Due to the heterogeneity and the nature of distributed control, the existing electric power data communication network based on Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) has been unable to meet the requirements of dynamic resource allocation and fine-grained traffic monitoring. The OpenFlow-based Software...
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Energy Saving Algorithms for Electric Power Telecommunication in Smart Grids

Xin Jin, Yong Xia, Dong Xu Dai, Dong Xu Wei, Wei ZHe Ma, Dao Sheng Li
The rapid growth of data service promotes the construction of the electric power telecommunication in smart grids. With the objective of energy savings, we determine the optimal location of the data center with the minimal energy cost within all possible positions. An Integer Linear Program (ILP) is...
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Design and Application of Running State Detection System for the Oscillating Subsoiler Based on CAN Bus

Xiaohong Liu, LicHun Qiu
In view of problems such as difficulty in measuring state parameters and disturbance in the process of agricultural machinery, the monitoring system is designed for running state of the oscillating subsoiler based on CAN bus, to collect the deep loosening machine running speed, tractive resistance, the...
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Road friendliness optimization of heavy vehicle suspension based on particle swarm algorithm

Lufeng Wang, Zheng Lv, Qi Li
In this paper, an optimization design method based on the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique is proposed for the enhancement of the passive suspension system performance of heavy vehicles. The optimization problem based on a quarter-vehicle model aims to minimize the dynamic tyre load subject...
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A Comparison of Low Reynolds Number k Models

Xin Nie, Lei Li
Low Reynolds number k turbulence model is gained by modifying the standard k turbulence model, it applies to the whole fluid region. This case was studied six low Reynolds number k turbulence model and standard k turbulence model in FLUENT14.0 for numerical calculations near-wall shear flow,through comparing...
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Research on Mechanism and Emergency Countermeasures of Highway Landslide of Crest EHV Power Tower

Hong-ri Zhang, Gui-Yao Wang, Su-Liang Lan, Lin-Chuan Sha
Landslide protections are ultimately races against time. Through analyzing the landslide, we can take prompt measures to prevent further decline and avoid heavy losses. By analyzing highway landslide of crest EHV power tower formation mechanism, calculating and analyzing landslide stability, this paper...
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Structure effects on seismic response of underground cavern in joint network rock mass

Zhen Cui, Xianlun Leng, ZeQi Zhu, Qian Sheng
In this paper, structure control effect of joint network rock mass on seismic response of underground cavern is investigated. With discussion of the generating principle of 2-d joint network, five characterizing parameters, i.e. as joint density, joint orientation & its discretization, joint trace length...
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The Design of ADRC Based on Single Axis Stable Platform

Erhao Liu, Hongtao Yang, Guangsen Liu
Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) driving stable platform directly is often used in guided rockets. Due to the extended state observe (ESO) contained in the active disturbance rejection controller (ADRC), it can estimate the speed of the rotated carrier and the uncertain disturbances accurately...
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A research on the development of the resolution improvement methods in electron microscopy

Nana Gao, LiJing Li, ZhiHui Tie, YongQin Wan
Influencing factors of electron microscopy spatial resolution and information resolution were reviewed in this paper. The methods to improve the resolution of electron microscopy were discussed from the aspects of choice of electron gun, spherical aberration correction, chromatic aberration correction...
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Medical Images Fusion Based on Different Frequency band Selection Schemes

ShuangFang Yu, Ying Wang, Wenbing Fan
A novel curvelet-based sub-band selection approach for medical image fusion is presented in this paper using the Parameterized Logarithmic Image Processing (PLIP) model. Both MRA and MRI image have different features, in this paper we use the different frequency band selection fusion rules yield novel...
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Simulation of the Effect of Mould Parameters on the Thickness Changing in Deep Drawing Process

GuiHua Wu, Shuai Chang
As an aided tool of sheet metal forming process, the technology of computer simulation can reflect the interaction between the mould and blank dynamically, and the thickness distribution during the whole forming process. In the paper, the thickness attenuation ratio under different key mould parameters...
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Differential phase shift keying in the research on the effects of type pattern of space optical communication system

Wenhao Jiang, Lun Jiang, SHoufeng Tong, Xiaoyan Li
In the high-speed system of space optical communication, NRZ modulation on differential phase shift keying, 66% duty cycle RZ modulation and 33% duty cycle RZ modulation. By using the Optisystem optical communication software design of DPSK optical communication system based on communication rate in...
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Study of V2G applications in residence community and parking lot

RanChen Yang, GuoJing Dong, Chaoqun Sheng
With the thoroughly implementation the of the concept of sustainable development, the electric cars become more and more popular, and as the increasing scale of mobile storage devices, electric vehicles, its ordered charge and discharge is playing an extremely important role in the smooth operation of...
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Study on the substation inspection robot navigation system based on Fuzzy-PID control

Suiqun Li, LeCai Cai, Xiang Gao, Yong Wang, Yonghong Zhu
Based appear for magnetic navigation system for substation inspection robot navigation course accumulation of errors phenomenon, fuzzy PID control algorithm is applied to inspection robot navigation system, navigation path through the logic of correction, to achieve stability navigation. On the movement...
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Research on the Application of Data Mining Technology in Stock Market Development Prediction

WenJing Gong
The stock market is an important part of the securities industry and financial industry essential, universal attention by investors. Effective stock prediction plays an important role in the field of financial investment, so on the stock price of analysis and prediction has a very important theoretical...
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A Summary of Reactive Power Optimization Algorithms

DongYue Zhang, Kewen Wang
In order to comprehensively generalize the research status quo, achievements as well as deficiencies on the power system reactive power optimization algorithms, a universal reactive power optimization model was introduced in this paper, and a variety of common traditional optimization algorithms, artificial...
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The Research of Agricultural Expert System based on IOT

Bing Fu
Agricultural expert system has been widely used in developed countries, but these cutting-edge technologies have not been universal used in the China's agricultural production, because terminal equipment is inconvenient to carry and complicated to operate for farmers. Under this situation, this thesis...
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Coal loading comprehensive supervision system based on the Internet

An-Yi Wang, Yan-Li Zhang
At present there exists some problems and shortcomings in loading system for coal mine enterprises, such as can not realize comprehensive management real-time monitoring and remote control. Aiming at the loading system’s defect of information “lonely island’’ ,this paper based on the analysis of coal...
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EDEM Simulation Study of Lignite Pressing Molding with Different Particle Size

Na Zhao, Fang Zhao, Wen-Zhen Zhong
Based on the discrete element software EDEM, the bond model is created and introduced to realize the dynamic simulation of the whole process of the material entering the roller surface and being pressed. The analysis of pressing four particle size lignite at two speed shows that the diameter of a ball...
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Research on the Application of Smart Helmet and Smart Watch in Power Scene Safety Monitoring

YuSong Guo, Zhen Yu, Weimei Zhao
In order to satisfy the requirements of power operation scene safety monitoring, and lessen the human accidents, wearable technology was applied to power operation scene, and a wearable safety monitoring platform was presented. This paper illustrated the solution of the platform, the design of smart...
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Facial Target Detection and Recognition Algorithm Based on Information Fusion

Huayong Yang, HuaLi Zhang
This paper is based on the idea of information fusion, which is proposed to use multi-information fusion technology to summarize the facial target detection technology and take it as a breakthrough point, by means of analyzing the strategy of common information fusion, it discusses the algorithm of facial...
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The wear characteristics of wire rope used in the self-propelled orchard transport

WeiWei Liu, ShanJun Li, XiuLan Bao
In order to ensure the stability of double track orchard self-propelled transport system and prevent tensile failure induced by the broken wire rope, we try to measure the state characteristics of the wire rope using the appropriate testing techniques and analysis methods, and monitor the wear condition...
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Finite Element Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Structural Hanger of Subway Vehicle

XiaoWei Yin, WenXue Qian, LiYang Xie
Aluminum alloy structural hangers are widely used in subway vehicle. The advantage of aluminum alloy is light weight and corrosion resistance. For different application fields, the structures of aluminum alloy components are very different. They are typically lighter for the same strength and provide...
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Research on anycast cross service based on Chaos-Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

YuanYuan Zhang, Zhen Zhang
Anycast is a new mode of communication to balance load and improve network quality. Due to the presence of cross service issues, it makes a great decline in service efficiency. In order to solve the problem above, this paper proposed a particle swarm optimization algorithm (CPSO) based on chaos from...
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Mitigation of the navigation signals from the pulsar observations based on the adaptive side-lobe cancellation

Da Huang, Zhu Cheng, Zhuang Wang, Danmei Zhong
Pulsar study is one of the important issues on radio astronomy; however, the quality of pulsar observations is affected by the spectrum overlaps with navigation signals. Actually, pulsar signals and navigation signals are usually overwhelmed in the noise. Thus this paper focuses on the application of...
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Radial Distribution System Reconfiguration in the Presence of Distributed Generators

Xingquan Ji, Qi Liu, GuoZheng Han, Zhipeng Liu, QingXue Liu
A distribution network reconfiguration model with wind power generators is proposed, and an improved genetic algorithm is applied to minimize active power loss. Forward and backward sweep approach is adopted to calculate the power flow. In addition, the strategy of searching random spanning trees is...
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A high-power lithium niobate ultrasonic transducer design for ultrasonic oil production

Kairan Zhang
Currently, most countries and regions often use chemical method to increase oil production of oil well in the middle and later stages. Although some results have been obtained in field application, the disadvantages of this method are obvious—the long-term use of polymer chemicals, which not only directly...
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Motor harmonic current detection system based on magnetic sensor

Jian Jiang, ZhongMing Pan, Han Zhou
In order to obtain the motor current signal conveniently and solve the problem caused by the fundamental frequency fluctuation of the power network, a current harmonic detection system based on magnetic sensor is proposed in this paper. This system will simplify the measurement process, as it uses the...
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Product Function-structure Modeling Based on Nodes Characteristic Matrix

Qin Yang, LiYun Chen, Xiang Xu, Fei Song, Gaofeng Pan
Aimed at the problem of product modeling under Mass Customization, concepts of the characteristic matrix and matrix row were proposed. The function-structure model based on product network nodes was established by the combination and identification of characteristic matrix under the function-structure...
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Design of Intelligent System for Watering Flowers Based on IOT

Hong-Jun Gu, Shi-Dong Zhu, Yan-Fen Yang, Li-Xin Yang, Ai-Ying Li, Qi-Zhi Liu, Shi-Jun Li
This paper designs a new intelligent system for watering flowers based on internet of things (IOT), which is suitable for indoor, balcony and courtyard, etc. When the flowers are neglected in long-term, intelligent device for watering flowers can do the watering operation timely and quantitatively. This...
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Big Data Analysis in a Social Learning Platform

Lan Huang, Yunfeng Wei, Alessio Zamboni, Jing Zhang, Hao Xu
As the amount of networking information production keeps growing, big data analysis has been widely used in the field of education. In recent years, teacher-student interactions on the Web are increasing, this will generate a lot of data. The use of big data analysis methods to analyze these data has...
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The Construction of Off-line Map Based on OpenStreetMap and Leaflet

Ludi Wang, Renjie Pi, Xiaoguang Zhou, HuiLing Zhou
OSM (OpenStreetMap) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world and Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. Based on OSM (OpenStreetMap) and Leaflet, a complete off-line map is constructed in this paper and applied to the actual...
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Analysis of Clearance Volume’s Influence on Expansion Process of Reciprocating Compressor based on Matlab/Simulink

Jixiang Wang, YongSheng Su
Mathematical model and boundary conditions of expansion process are established. The method of modeling expansion process with Simulink and its simulation is discussed. By using IIZA-1.5/8compressor as research subject, the models with an easily operable interface is built and extract the clearance volume’s...
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A Backscatter Link Frequency Algorithm with High Stability for Passive UHF RFID Tags

Miaoxia Zheng, MingHua Tang, Li Yang, Cong Li, Changwen Su
This paper introduces a backscatter link frequency (BLF) algorithm featuring high stability for passive UHF RFID tags, which is fully compatible with Information technology -Radio frequency identification- Air interface protocol at 800/900 MHz(GB/T 29768-2013) called National Protocols. Not only are...
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Study on the novel double-gate tunneling field-effect transistor with InAs source

YueHua Dai, Ning Li, Zhen Chen, Bo Jin
Tunneling field effect transistor(TFET) suffers from low drive current along with severe ambipolar behavior. To resolve these bottleneck issues, a novel double gate tunneling field effect transistor with InAs source(InAsDGTFET) is proposed in this paper. By optimizing the proposed device parameters,...
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Capacity Assignment Optimization of CHP Micro-grid with Heat Pumps

Zefu Jiang, Chong Ma, YiLin Zhong, Kaigui Xie, Bo Hu, Yuhang Guo, YanLin Li, ChangLin Li
Combined heat and power (CHP) micro-grid combines various distributed generation units, heat supply units, energy storage equipment, electric load, heat load and control devices together to provide users electricity and heat simultaneously. Heat and electricity could be transformed mutually under grid-connected...
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Thunderstorm-resistance Planning of Overhead Distribution Line

YiLin Zhong, Chong Ma, Zefu Jiang, Kaigui Xie, Bo Hu, Lei Yin, YanLin Li, ChangLin Li
Overhead distribution line is easy to suffer lightning trip upon strong thunderstorm due to its low design insulation level, which will reduce reliability of power distribution system. Considering the random annual changes of thunderstorm characteristic parameters, a long-term reliability model of overhead...
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The Research on Multi-Authority Based Weighted Attribute Encryption Algorithm in the Cloud Computing Environment

Rui Shen, Xuejun Zhu
In the cloud right weight attribute encryption scheme based on multi-agency. Under existing cloud computing environment based on multi-agency access control scheme generally do not take into account the weights of the attributes that the status attributes are equal. But in real life, with the right to...
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Stochastic Linear Quadratic Optimal Control for Discrete-time Systems with Inequality Constraint and Markovian Jumps

WenYing Wang, ZhiMing Zhang, Running Miao
This paper primarily discusses the linear quadratic optimal control problem for discrete-time stochastic sys- tems with indefinite control weights and constraint and Markovian jumps. We use the Karush-Kuhn-tucker (KKT) theorem basically in this paper. It is testified that the well- posedness and the...
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The Network Security Analysis System Design Based on B/S Structure: An Approach Research

JuLan Yi
Based on the B / S network architecture is very widespread, and the distance between the browser and the application server is usually more distant, and therefore ensure that the information transmitted over the remote line is particularly important. Many domestic and foreign academic institutions, enterprises...
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Design of a New Type of Test System for State of Power Battery

Li Ya Lv, Yong Jun Min, Xin-can Wang
In the vehicle energy management and battery management system, the parameter monitoring system of the battery is the important basis to ensure its operation. The new observation system for state of battery is designed according to the principle of storage battery and its charge and discharge characteristics....
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Enterprise Server Reliability Study based on the Analysis Method of Gray-level

Yong Li, Qi Xu, Yuangen Xu
How to judge the reliability of enterprise server has always troubled information managers and decision makers. This paper makes the reliability of enterprise server room as the research object, establish evaluation server index system reliability from four aspects of security, advanced technology, economy...