Proceedings of the 2015 4th International Conference on Computer, Mechatronics, Control and Electronic Engineering

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Palmprint Recognition Based on Modular PCA and LS-SVM

Kunlun Li, Yaxin Zhang, HuanHuan Liu, Shuo Sun
In this paper, in terms of feature extraction, according to the characteristics palmprint image we improve PCA algorithm and design modular PCA algorithms that is suitable for palmprint image. The whole palmprint image is divided into a plurality of sub-block images, then use principal component analysis.The...
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Evaluation and Analysis on Security Framework Model of Cloud Computing

Li Zhao
as for the trust model in the past neglects trust fuzziness and dynamic and it can not precisely reflect trust relations, this paper relies on idea of fuzzy logic and it puts forward evaluation model of cloud computing based on fuzzy trust, uses fuzzy comprehensive judgment method to calculate trust...
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Flexible piezoelectric wind energy generator

PengYingkai Wang, Li Sui, GuoHua Liu, GengChen Shi
This paper proposes the scheme of a flexible piezoelectric generator. The generator using direct piezoelectricity of PVDF, can covert wind power to charge output. It possesses such advantages as: light, small-sized and better flexibility. Using FEA method, this paper carries out modal analysis and harmonic...
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Demarcation of the Vibration Markers based on Gradient Information HT Method

Fei Dai, YuZhen Wang, Mai Xin, YaLin Li
Purpose: We do it for tracking the markers of experiments on vibration platform. Method: We recommended HT method which owns better robustness, then designed the programs by the way of MATLAB to demarcate the centers of vibration markers. Result: We have successfully demarcated the centers of vibration...
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Numerical Simulation about the Effect of Tunnel Expansion Chamber on the Shock Wave Attenuation

Bei-lei Zhao, Cun-yan Cui, Jing-peng Chen, Yan Wang
Setting up an expansion chamber in the local tunnel can accelerate the attenuation speed of the shock wave, which is of great importance for safety protection of the tunnel staff. Under the same simplified conditions, the reliability of the numerical model was verified according to the theoretical formula...
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An Impulse Interference Suppression Algorithm for Electric Energy Data Acquire System

QiLin Li, Wupeng Wang, Jian Qin, Jingrui Xiang, FangShuo Li
Impulse interference is one of the major interferences in power system, and the existed algorithms mainly focus on narrow-band interference when using wireless communication, which have little effect on impulse interference. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes an impulse interference suppression...
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An Interference Identification Algorithm for Electric Energy Data Acquire System

QiLin Li, Hua Lu, Jian Qin, FangShuo Li, Jingrui Xiang
Wireless communication network is a key component of Electric Energy Data Acquire System. With the increasingly complicated communication environment, it is essential to detect the Interference introduced by other systems and provide the priori information for the Subsequent interference suppression....
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Chaotic System Design of Swarm Intelligent Optimization Algorithm

D. Pan
As swarm intelligence algorithm has such problems as poor convergence performance, long search time, and low search efficiency and it is also easy to stagnate at locally optimal solution in the process to solve complex optimization problems, self-adaptation hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm...
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Collaborative application of RADARSAT2 and GF-1 data to the study of Geological structure

Ling Chen, Lei Du, Wei Zhang, Wei Li
Collaborative application of Radarsat-2 and GF-1 remote sensing data to study the geological structure for Lalingzaohuo area in east kunlun metallogenic belt has been done. On the basis of detailed analysis of the geological background, with the processing of radarsat-2 and GF-1 data, remote sensing...
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Study on Dynamic Prediction of Thermal Response for Aircraft Device Cabin

Shichao Liu, Liping Pang
The effect of aerodynamic heating is obvious for hypersonic aircrafts. Its temperature change of cabin electronic devices is obvious under this severe working condition. Therefore, for this type of aircraft, it is important to design the thermal protecting system and evaluate the impact on electrical...
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The Research on Analyzing Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Based on Improved Apriori Algorithm

YuZhen Wang, Donghong Jiang, ZHe Wei, GuangJian Ye
Purpose: We do it to improve the efficiency of analyzing risk factors of Type 2 Diabetes. Method: We use the patients’ data from the information department of one tertiary referral hospital in Lanzhou which include course note of disease and their health record form January 2009 to March 2014.We find...
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Android Internet Traffic Classification Based on Bayesian Analysis Techniques

DaWei Luo, ZiJian Han, ShangShu Chen, ShangDong Liu
The wireless telecommunication techniques based on android operation system has been widely used both in life and work. It is of huge importance to classify and monitor the accurate android network traffic . However, the appliance of port jump technique and port encryption technique make classifying...
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Research on Grid State Vulnerability Assessment Method based on The Margin of Voltage Stability

ShaoQian Ding, Tao Lin, XiaLing Xu
The vulnerability of power system is always one of hot areas, which was concerned by many researchers in last several decades. In this paper, a state vulnerability assessment model and index based on the margin of voltage stability is introduced, namely comparing the margin of the actual operating voltage...
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Research on Comprehensive Vulnerability of Grid Assessment Method Based on the Method of AHP-Grey Relation Degree

ShaoQian Ding
Based on the improved electrical betweenness and voltage stability theory, considering the importance of the structure of the grid and the current operational state of the power system, a comprehensive vulnerability assessment model and index based on the method of AHP-grey relation degree is introduced....
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Research on energy saving algorithm based on IEEE802.16m

Yue-Juan Kuang, Lu-Dong-Dong Shan, JingYing  Hou, Wei-Hao OuYang
IEEE 802.16m is one of the 4G standards, in order to save the terminal energy consumption, the protocol introduces a sleep mode. With the rapid development of network, network traffic distribution is no longer Poisson distribution but self-similar distribution. Based on similar traffic distribution,...
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Optimization and Reform of Sewage Treatment Process Upgrade Based on Circular Economy

Hengxia Shen
This paper takes cyclic economy as research background, adopting diatomite to enforce A2 /O process and to make treatment study, using A2 /O process testing equipment to simulate the running conditions of A2/O process in wastewater treatment plant, and adjusting the index parameters in A2/O testing equipment...
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The Key Technical Research of Machine Vision Detection System --Based on Dimension Measurement of Thin Sheet Parts

Dong Wang
This paper proposes a new detection method for accurate detection of dimension of thin sheet parts, breaks a traditional manual detection mode, comes up with a machine vision detection system, conducts research analysis of definition, application, principle and hardware structure of this detecting technique,...
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Technology of Photovoltaic Conversion in Japan and Its Enlightenment for China

Fan Wu, Zhen Chen
As a country whose resources are deficient, Japan is being positive in exploring new energy and ahead of other countries. Electric power, as an important form of energy, is both primary energy consumption and secondary energy production industry, and Japan has made enormous efforts in new energy application...
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Estimating Missing Values of WSN using modified Frequent itemsets mining and NN search

MengZhenfeng Luo, Fan Wang, Xiaopeng Hu
Due to causes such as unreliability of the transport protocol, energy exhaustion and noise disturbance etc in wireless sensor network, the uploaded data on the sensor node usually tend to be incomplete, which brings about a series of inconvenience for analysis and operation in the subsequent. Therefore,...
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Hand-written Numeral Recognition Based on Probabilistic Neural Network

Jun Zheng
This paper analyzes favorable properties and realization principles of probabilistic neural network and elaborates the original image pre-processing and normalization processing of hand-written numeral, proper vector extraction, network model building, and other key techniques. Finally, this paper checks...
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National Open University Education Resources Construction Research Based on Cloud Computing

Jing Yang
Open University learning environment need to adapt to the aim of Open University education and the objective demand of students. The construction of cloud platform is to build a new information interaction platform for open education. This paper analyzes the feasibility of cloud computing applied to...
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Design of Intelligent Home Anti-theft Alarm System

He Zhao, Jun Qi Yu
In view of the situation of home security problems and the defect of security products in the domestic market, a new intelligent home anti-theft alarm system is designed by using of ATMEL SAM R21 microcontroller multiple and various detection sensors and central alarm processing unit. The network communication...
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Research on Pitting Behavior of DH32 Steel in Presence of Thiosulfate and Chloride Ions

Li Zhang, Xianpeng OuYang, YuanYuan Shen, Xiafei Zhang, XuCheng Dong
The pitting behavior of DH32 steel was studied by using the potentiodynamic polarization method. The results showed that the passivation zone narrowed as the concentrations of chloride ions and thiosulfate ions(S2O32-) increased. At high S2O32- ions concentrations, there was a more potential shift to...
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Design and Realization of FPGA Based Phonetic Intelligent Home System

Zhuo Wei
This paper aims at designing a set of FPGA based phonetic intelligent home system, wherein this system completely adopts wireless communication technology to avoid rewiring problem and can control home appliances through voice recognition and infrared sensor, thus to phonetically turn on or turn off...
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Dynamics Modeling of Spacial Flexible Manipulator Basing on Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formation

Chao Ma, Yue Zhang, Cheng Wei, Yang Zhao
Adopting absolute nodal coordinate method, this article establishes dynamic model of double-connecting rod flexible manipulator. Its broad sense moment is obtained through virtual work principle. State equation is further deducted on this basis and numerical integration method is given. This article...
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Multisource Remote Sensing Data Mining System Construction in Cloud Computing Environment

YinDi Dong, ChengJun Liu
In allusion to the problem that the multisource remote sensing data are not fully used and the data processing efficiency is relatively low, the multisource data mining system based on the cloud computing service mode is designed according to 3-layer 4-mode cloud computing service hierarchy system. Firstly,...
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Effect of reaction time on the FePO4 synthesized for the LiFePO4/C cathode material of lithium ion batteries

XiaoLing Ma, Yejun Zhao, Youxiang Zhang
Phase-pure, monoclinic, and nanostructured FePO4 composites have been synthesized by a hydrothermal method at different waterbath reaction time and characterized by XRD, SEM. The results showed that calcination time have great influence on the FePO4 composite. When the waterbath reaction time was 7 days,...
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Research on the Analysis and Prediction Model Building of Mobile User Behaviors

Haiyan Luo, Yong Yang, Jue Wang, Hailong Yu
The personalized user operation is the mainstream of the mobile application development in the future, which is based on the accurate prediction for mobile user behaviors. Currently, the mobile applications cannot provide specific mobile application operating procedures according to the behavioral characteristics...
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Design on Test Paper Generating System for ESL Examination Based on Genetic Algorithm

YanJia Xu
ESL examination, instead of TOEFL and IELTS to apply for American universities, are increasingly sought after by the majority of learners. Test paper generating system for ESL examination is designed in this paper to help teachers free from the onerous task of generating test paper. The efficiency and...
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Curriculum Management System Based on ADO.NET and B/S

Jun Yang
This paper based on ADO.NET and B/S system architecture elaborates the design process of the curriculum management system and it also analyzes the superiority of .NET and B/S in practical application. First of all, this thesis states necessity of curriculum management system under the credit system....
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Design on Mental Health Information System

Shan Hu
The traditional mental health information lack of management tools and platforms, it is not suit the needs of information age management. This paper design a software system to support system development. First, design the software architecture composed by data presentation layer, application layer,...
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Index Monitoring System on Aerobic Metabolism Capacity Based on MS.NET Framework

Guoquan Zhang
MS.Net framework has a cross-language, cross-platform, security, as well as support of open Internet standards and protocols, and other advantages, it is the ideal framework for a new generation of Internet integrated service platform to build, based on the framework for the development of aerobic metabolism...
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Whipping Effect Model of High-rise Building and Corresponding Analysis

ZiQi He, Fei Fan, Man Jin
When the building facade has unevenly distributed rigidity and the top thereof has protrusions or the facade rigidity is suddenly changed, the building top can easily have significantly increased amplitude and horizontal displacement under the action of earthquake. The above phenomenon is called whipping...
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Spacial Flexible cable Dynamics Modeling and Finite Element Analysis Based on Absolute Nodal Coordinate

Chao Ma, Ran Wang, Cheng Wei, Yang Zhao
First this paper expresses kinematics relationships of Plane clearance revolute air and spatial clearance spherical hinge using absolute nodal coordinate method. This paper introduces a computation model of continuous normal collision force which can consider dissipation of collision energy. In the meantime,...
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The Design of Environment Online Data Acquisition System of Hongze Lake Based on GPRS

Junfeng Dai, Li-Hui Fu, Li-fei Wang
The environment online data acquisition system of Hongze Lake based on GPRS is designed,which based on detecting the temperature,pH and dissolved oxygen of water in Hongze Lake,using SOPC technology in a FPGA chip to construct a NiosII microprocessor and its peripheral interface circuit,accordingly forming...
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The Design of Single Door-Controller Based on Intelligent Door-Entry System Through CAN Bus

Junfeng Dai, Li-Hui Fu
In view of the faults of the traditional single Door-Controller,a single Door-Controller Based on intelligent Door-entry system through CAN bus is designed which combining the CAN bus with infrared coded remote control technology.The controller consists of STC89C55 single chip,CAN controller,data memorizer,the...
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The Analysis and Research of Data Query Processing Technology Based on Wireless Sensor Network System

Lin Yang
Wireless sensor network has a broad application prospect in the national defense military, medical services and traffic control, and other fields. As the power energy of the wireless sensor network is limited, therefore the effective use of energy becomes a core problem in the sensor network query processing....
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Research on the System of Electric Vehicle Battery Management Strategy

Yi Li, Peng Sun
According at the inconsistency problem of a large number of electric vehicle lithium in battery group in series, this paper designed the control strategy of hold open circuit voltage, charge and discharge balance and the end of the interrupt equilibrium. This paper combined with the kinematics sequences...
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Visualization of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Pulse Sequence

ZhiQiong Wang, Junchang Xin, PeiShun Sun, Liangbo Wang, Shuo Tian
The pulse sequence is an important part of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It is directly related to the resolution of medical image obtained by MRI, and other important parameters such as the imaging speed etc. Therefore, it is very important to develop newer and more efficient pulse sequence....
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Analysis on Spatial and Temporal Distribution of 0-20cm Soil Temperature in Henan Province for the Last 30 Years

LongQin Xue, LinMao Ye
Based on the available observation data from meteorological stations in Henan Province from 1981 to 2010, annual and seasonal average soil temperature of each station during the past 30 years was calculated, monthly, seasonal and annual sequence of average temperature of each layer was generated, climate...
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The Research and Exploration of Network Information Security

Lin Yang
With the development of computer technology and communication technology, computer network will increasingly become important information exchange means, penetrated into every field of social life. Therefore, realizing the network vulnerability potential threats and various security problems of the objective...
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B-Spline Curve Fitting and the Feature Point Extraction of Fiber Image

Xiao-cHun Chen, Xiong Li
Fiber images taken by optical microscope tend to have poor focus, uneven brightness or blurred edge. Using mathematical morphology method, such as open or close operation to preprocess the fiber image, which is likely to lead to distortion of the edge of the fiber image and affect the subsequent separation...
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Minimum Monotonous Constraint Closure Hadoop Parallel Association Rules Under Big Data Environment

Ou Jin, YiQiao Jin, Jianbiao He, Xi Li
Aiming at the lager rule redundancy problems in traditional association rules, this article proposes minimum monotonous constraint closure Hadoop parallel association rules. First, basing on closure operator constraint rule equivalence relation set, this article gives satisfying minimum monotonous constraint...
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Research on Smart Substation-Area Protection Based on Multi-Agent Technology

PengHui Liu, Yuanlong Liu
In view of the present smart substation-area protection situation which exists some traditional relay protection problems, this paper put forward a kind of smart substation-area protection based on multi-Agent technology, which combines with the characteristics of the Agent in the relay protection and...
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Study of Methods for Cogging Torque Reduction in Permanent Magnet Machines

Dianning Wu, ZhongYuan Yang
To propose the methods for cogging torque reduction in permanent magnet machines, theoretical reasons of cogging torque are studied in this paper and the qualitative analysis is performed before quantitative calculation with finite-element method. And the effects of slot opening widths, unequal thickness...
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Fusion of Visible and Infrared Image Using Adaptive Tetrolet Transform

Kaifeng Liu, Baohong Yuan, Dexiang Zhang, JingJing Zhang
A new region-based image fusion technique using the adaptive tetrolet transform is proposed to produce a fused image better for human and machine interpretation. Firstly, the visible image and infrared image can be decomposed into low-frequency and high-frequency coefficients using tetrolet transform....
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The Application of the Design of Mobile Belt Conveyor Special-shaped Frame Structure Based on Solid Works Finite Element Method

Mingxiu Shen
This paper briefly discusses the application of the design of mobile belt conveyor special-shaped frame structure based on solid works finite element method. Take the special-shaped of the mobile belt conveyor as an example, using Solid Works analysis software for modeling and stress analysis. Through...
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The Data Management and Real-time Search Based on Elasticsearch

Xiafei Lei, Zhe Wang, YuZhen He
At present most of the databases are limited in extracting data, such as full-text search, fail to searching synonyms or correlation.The most important, it can’t do real-time data processing. Elasticsearch is a open source search and analysis engine with highly extensible property.We can dig deeper into...
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The Application of Residue Number System to the Design of High-Speed FIR Filters

Zhe Jin, Jie Wu
Finite impulse response (FIR) filters implemented in binary weighted number system suffer from the carry propagation delay. To accelerate the FIR filtering process, a design method is proposed on the basis of residue number system (RNS), which has been considered as an important methodology of high-speed...
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A 5-Gb/s 156-mW Transceiver with FFE/Analog Equalizer in 90-nm CMOS Technology

XingHua Wang, ZhengChen Wang, Xiaoyan Gui
A 5-Gb/s transceiver in 90nm technology has been presented in this paper. To mitigate the effects of channel loss, a 4-tap feed-forward equalizer (FFE) is included in the transmitter. Meanwhile, the receiver employs continuous-time linear equalizer (CTLE) to amplify high frequency signal. The clocks...
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The Simulation Study of the Spread-Spectrum System

MingE Sha, Yonggang Xie
Spread-spectrum technology produces a transmitted spectrum much wider than the minimum bandwidth required and links as a means of overcoming intentional jamming. In this paper, we provide a brief outline of the theory of the spread-spectrum technique. Then we apply this technique to FSK system and give...
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Iris Feature Extraction Algorithm valuation Based on the Fuzzy Integral Evaluation Model

Jin Liu, ChangMing Liu, Yanjun Sun
Iris Feature Extraction Algorithm Evaluation is an important link of evaluation on iris identification system. For the need of optimal feature extraction algorithm according to the identification, this thesis provides an evaluation scheme based on the fuzzy integral model, and builds a relevant evaluation...
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The Information Service Technology of Electronic Information System

XianYu Li, Hua Wang, Jianqun Zheng, ZhiYuan Chen, Qiang Chen
Based upon the synopsis of electronic information system and information services, this paper puts forward the attributes and the logic structure of information service, sets forth the service architecture of electronic information system, and presents a series of measures to improve information service...
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The Technology Readiness Analysis of Electronic Information System

Hua Wang, Hongzhi Xiao, FaJiang Zhang, Xiaoluan Liang
Based on the synopsis of electronic information system and technology readiness theory, this paper puts forward the technology readiness model and the technology readiness levels of electronic information system, sets forth a series of technology readiness criteria, gives an application of technology...
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Study on Application of Computer Simulation Technology in Physical Education

Zhen Bai, Lei Jin
This paper discusses the concept and characteristics of the computer simulation technology, and the general process of the simulation design, puts forward the problems in applying the computer simulation technology in the physical education, and analyzes the development prospect and significance of applying...
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The Application of Image Restoration in Aviation Image

Fu Wang, Lin Deng
It has great significance for the quality of aviation image in military image processing system. But it cannot avoid image degradation encountered in the process acquired. In order to get the high-quality aviation image, in this paper, we firstly analyze the main factors of image degradation, and then...
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Signal Operation with DFT Process in Real Time

Xiangnan Li
A kind of DFT process used for signal operation in real time is proposed. The complicated environment for modern electronic counter and the appearance of new radar systems put forward a new lesson to sub-collect the signal and track the signal, especially in real time. With the background of high speed,...
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A new matrix decomposition method for estimating the position of prism based stereovision

XiaoYu Cui, Heting Wang, Yue Zhao, He Ma, Kahbin Lim
In this paper, a new matrix decomposition method was proposed for estimating the position of prism based stereovision. The prism was considered as a single optical system composed of few refractive planes. A transformation matrix which relates the coordinates of an object point to its coordinates on...
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Double-Bounding R-tree: A Novel Approach to Index Digital Camera’s Viewable Scene

He Ma, Yue Zhao, GuoHui Wei, XiaoYu Cui
Geographic Information System (GIS) applications now increasingly make use of geo-located multimedia data such as images and videos. Furthermore, the widespread use of smartphones (and increasingly tablets) and the rapid improvement of hardware has enabled the acquisition of high-definition user-generated...
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A superior practical protection and control circuit for 24 v power supply

XiaoZhuang Gao, ZhongHua Zhang, Hanao Xia
Protection and control circuit is indispensable part of the precious, precision electronic equipment which use 24v power supply. This paper introduces a kind of protection and control circuit which is superior performance, simple, economical and practical of 24 v power supply control circuit.
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Analysis of Mechanism of Dew Point Measurement Using a Colpitts Oscillation Circuit

Qiang Wang, Xiaofeng Meng, Yi Yang
In this paper, based on the phenomenon that Colpitts oscillation circuit is hard to work when condensation occurs on the surface of the quartz crystal, a new dew point measurement device is developed, and it is mainly composed of a quartz crystal and a Peltier module. This measurement way is both rapid...
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Research on Distribution System Faults Evaluation Method

Hong Gao, YaoWei Wu, WenJiang Gong, Hongkai Pan
All the factors causing distribution system faults are analyzed for improving safety and reliability of power system. Comprehensive and scientific evaluation for distribution system faults are made by fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and the ordering is done by their severities. This method is able...
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Error Analysis of Hit Model under High Mobility

Jun-bang Liu, Yuan-Jiang Chen, Di-Min WU, Wei Jiang, Hua Zhang
The operational effectiveness of the artillery declines under the condition that the artillery and the target are both in motion. The error simulation model is built on the hit model error analysis. In addition, firing lead error and hit probability of the artillery under different operational conditions...
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Special Vehicle Oil-Gas Suspension System Design and Implementation

Ning Li, Wei Jiang, Yi Tao, Shan-Liang Zhao, Gang Ren
The oil and gas suspension is the important part of the type special vehicle. This paper introduces the working principle of the special type vehicle oil gas suspension system, and the multifunctional experiment debugging platform is designed based on PROE modeling technology, and it is used to inspect...
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Analysis of the local position of electric vehicle frame connection by steel and aluminum hybrid material

Zhuo Yang, GongRui Sun, ShaoJia Huang, BaoQing Deng
With the advantages of low energy consumption and zero emissions, pure electric vehicles are tent to be the substitution of the traditional vehicles. However, there are a lot of electric frames still made of welded square steel and angle iron, it can increase the intensity of the frame by this way, and...
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Deep learning algorithm and location big data mining

FaQin Gao
In recent years, location big data (LBD) has become an important resource for intelligent transportation systems. LBD mining faces many serious questions, in order to tackle these questions, we introduce deep learning algorithm (DLA) into LBD mining. First, we explore the current research on deep neural...
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Communication among the VLAN Settings and failure analysis Based on the port

Xiao-Yan Liu, Yu-xia Yao
With application of expanding the range of VLAN technology, VLAN network become an important practice in the computer network curriculum project. Paper based on Packet tracer 6.0 operating platform, designed and implemented using layer 3 switches to realize communication between VLANS. At the same time...
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Design of electronic equipment fault diagnosis training system based on graphical platform

Zhiyong Cheng, Zhongtao Zhu, RongYue Xie, DeQiang Shu, Lei Qiu
According to the characteristics of the electronic equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance training, graphical fault diagnosis system was designed. That the graphical training system of fault diagnosis composition, database design and data graphical representation was mainly introduced. The system...
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Virtual training system design for portable equipment

Dajun Xu, Lei Qiu, Bo He, TianYu Zhu
In view of the equipment operation training, a portable equipment virtual training system based on android platform was designed by us. Through the 3D Unity engine technology and the reasonable use of gesture touch technology, the simulation and interaction of mobile equipment were realized, the convenience...
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Comprehensive evaluation application analysis of the safety of distribution live work on 10 Kv

Ming Zhu, TaiMing Jiao, HaiLin Gong
In this paper, for the safety risks such as complex working environment of the distribution live work on 10 kV, the safety risk of the distribution live work on 10 kV of multi-circuits on the same tower in a certain town of Benxi is evaluated by using analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive...
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Study and application of the fully insulated bench transformer substation of standard building blocks

Gang Wang
In the distribution network, pole-type transformer is not only the most common device related to power supply safety and environmental beautification, but also in a large amount of number and needs a large number of maintenance. It is difficult to achieve the standardization. In view of the existing...
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Application of Cable with Insulating and Fire-retardant Coating

Ling Wang
With the increasing need for flame-retardant optical cable currently, requirements for flame-retardant levels of optical cable differ in various occasions. This paper introduces the differences between optical cables with different flame-retardant levels, focuses on describing the design of a fire-resistant...
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Analysis on Safety of Live Work on 10 KV Distribution Network

BaoQing Jin, Xin Bao, ShiDong Xue
Live work on distribution network is an effective measure to avoid interruption maintenance and ensure normal electricity services. This paper mainly describes the organizational and technical measures and safety precautions for the live work on distribution network.
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On the Maintenance of Power Transformer and Accessories

Jun Xu, Xu Chen, Zhengran Tang
The rapid power grid construction has raised higher requirements for the safe and reliable operation of transformer so as to reduce the operational costs. Under the new maintenance model, the maintenance should be timely exercised and issues properly handled if necessary so as to ensure the implementation...
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Discussion on fire proof design and application in power system substation

Zhongzhi Shi, ZongYu Su, Baoquan Sun
Substation plays an important role in the power transmission system for it is a connecting link between the preceding and the following, and fire proof is an important link related to whether substation runs safely. In unexpected events, the normal operation of fire proof system is very important in...
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Discussion on the distribution live work and the protection

Hengfu Zhan, Yufeng Wu, HaiJiao Feng
With the rapid development of China's social economy, the demand for power is increasing, and the construction of the power distribution network is valued by the power supply units. In the power distribution network, live work has a certain risk, so the operational team of high level should be built,...
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Analysis and Effective Measures to Shorten Processing Time of Faults in Secondary Circuit

Ming Zhu, Wei Zheng, LiSong Zhao
The condition of secondary circuit directly determines whether mechanism box can be electrically operated, and qualification of the maintenance of the whole equipment depends on whether electric operation is in place and meets the requirements. Therefore, maintenance of the secondary circuit is the beginning...
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Effects of Skull Stiffness on Intracranial Responses of a Child Head

Shihai Cui, Yue Chen, Haiyan Li, Shijie Ruan
Skull stiffness of children is of great significance to protect brain tissues during traffic accidents. In this paper, the effects of skull stiffness on traumatic brain injury (TBI) are investigated by using a validated 6-year-old child head finite element (FE) model according to Chinese standard GB/T...
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Post-quantum Secure Hybrid Ring Signcryption Scheme from Lattice Assumption

CHunxiao Wang, FengHe Wang
The signcryption tag-KEM/DEM construction is naturally extended to the ring signcryption in this paper. The security model of hybrid ring signcryption which is constructed by ring signcryption tag-KEM/DEM is given in this paper. A hybrid ring signcryption from lattice theory is proposed which satisfies...
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Algorithm and Accuracy Analysis of Weighted Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Multi-station DF Crossing Localization

Junjun Zong, XunXue Cui, Hui Yang, Bin Gao
In order to solve the non uniform environment of the target area influencing the variance of DF error, the weighted maximum likelihood estimation (WMLE) algorithm was proposed. In this algorithm, the effect of the target distance was introduced into MLE. we construct the weighted vector to make up for...
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Convergence Proof of a Class of Adaptive Ant Colony Algorithm

BaoJiang Zhao
This paper presents a class of adaptive ant colony optimization algorithm and proves its convergence properties. The global searching and convergence ability are improved by adaptively changing the pheromone trails evaporation factors and decreasing lower pheromone bound. Markov process analysis is used...
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Research on Intelligent Services Mode for Inland Ships

Qichao Wang, JiangLing Hao, XiaoLin Wang
The purpose of this paper is to propose a new intelligence services mode. The authors analyze the advantages of this services mode compared with the traditional ones. Design the structure of whole file and location file involving head information and body information, and take water depth data as an...
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Robot modeling and simulation analysis of micro-gravity conditions

Qiaolong Yang, HongWei Liu
With the development of space technology, the space manipulator is widely used in space. Before launching into space to practical work, the manipulator needs to finish a large of number of experiments on the ground. In this article, we study on the mechanical arm to finding out the mechanical properties...
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Research about Ocular Region Automatic Outline Fit

Hong Bao, Ming Li
In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence, more experts and scholars have joined in the research about facial expression recognition. Algorithms of feature extraction and facial expression recognition are put forward in succession, and each has advantages and disadvantages. A research...
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An improved genetic algorithm in path planning for mobile robot

Guangrui Liu, Xin Tian, Wenbo Zhou, Kefu Guo
This paper proposed a new way of crossover and mutation for genetic algorithm to prevent the local optima and guarantee the feasibility of the mutated path. Improving the adaptive adjustment of crossover and mutation probability to improve the search efficiency of the algorithm optimization. Contrary...
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Application of Arc sensor and Ultrasonic sensor Information Fusion in Welding

Guangrui Liu, Wenbo Zhou, Xin Tian, Kefu Guo
In this paper, a new method of joint control of seam tracking and welding quality was used. Arc sensor gets the welding deviation information and ultrasonic sensor gets the welding penetration information. Using the fusion algorithm of combination of optimal weight and recursive least square algorithm...
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Depth Analysis of Channel Equalization Algorithm

AnYi Wang, Yuan Sun
The channel equalization technology is one of the key technologies to improve the quality of communication. It has a vital role to improve overall system performance. In order to overcome the inter symbol interference caused by the channel characteristics of the time-varying and multipath propagation,...
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Code Level Context Sensitivity Exploration Algorithm

LiJing Yan, Zheng Shan, Xiaoyan Xu, Fei Xue
The context sensitivity is an important property in program analysis which can improve the analysis accuracy of the function call context of the source codes and helps to improve the abilities of the compiler optimization and verification procedures. The automata model based on the function call of the...
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The Design of Driving Throttle Machine Legs System Based on Ziegler Nichols PID Control

RenLi Wang, YueMing Dai
Auto throttle controls directly the speed of the car. The driver can trample accurately and smoothly trample accelerator pedal to control the speed. In order to make the driver can real-time track the set the speed in the process of vehicle driving, a method based on Ziegler Nichols- frequency response...
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Construction and Optimization of Virtual Marine Engine Room with Hybrid Modeling Technology Based on Geometry and Image

YuLiang Dai, Qingfu Kong, GuoSong Wang, Fei Song
It is usually difficult to construct the virtual scene of complex environment such as the ship engine room. Therefore, a new method for virtual engine room construction using projection matching and hybrid modeling technology based on geometry and image is presented in this paper. In this method, the...
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An Optimization Approach for Nonlinear Programming Problems with Interval Coefficients

Mei Ma, HeCheng Li
When some coefficients involved in nonlinear programming problems are taken as interval numbers, the problem becomes more challengeable than the original one. In the paper, a nonlinear programming problem with interval objective coefficients is considered, and a genetic algorithm is presented. Firstly,...
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Miniaturization of Cavity-Backed Antenna Using Quarter Mode SIW Technique

XiangChenYang Su, DongFang Guan, JiHui Shi, Jianguo Zhang
A novel substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity-backed antenna using quarter mode SIW is proposed in this paper. The quarter mode SIW antenna is realized by splitting the SIW cavity into four parts along the fictitious quasi-magnetic wall, which can preserve the field distribution of original SIW....
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Pupil Center Location Based on Skin Color Segmentation and Radial Symmetry Transform

Wei Wei, YuJing Zhou, Jingran Zhou, Zhenxi Zhang
To realize the eye pupil center location in color face image, a new algorithm based on skin color segmentation and radial symmetry transform is proposed. The algorithm makes full use of the pupil and the surrounding region’s gradient variation characteristics and radial symmetry characteristic, which...
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A TRIZ Approach to Pressure Cooker Lid Opening Innovative Design

Xin Zhang
We are always good at analyzing individual problems and finding their solutions using TRIZ tools. In practice, however, innovative professionals tend to be confronted with multiple problems rather than one. In this study, innovative tools such as “analogy”, “ideal final result” (IFR), “resource analysis”...
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Dynamic Modeling and Uncertainties Analysis for Space Station Redocking

Rui Chen, ShengJing Tang, Xuzhong Wu, GuoJiang Sun
Space station redocking is a long period process which suffers uncertainties from external environment and space station itself. Dynamic model of redocking is derived firstly, then generalized Polynomial Chaos (gPC) method is used to analysis the influence on attitude motion caused by uncertainties....
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Research about calculating Beidou dual-frequency combination fixed wide lane ambiguity

Guannan Xu, Jie Wang
In view of the key technology of solving ambiguity of high precision move positioning, due to the traditional LAMBDA method to solve ambiguity, the passage improve and put forward a double-frequency observation model calculating ambiguity wide lane. Combined with the observation model and partial data,...
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The wireless data acquisition system based on Android system

Huaqun Zhan, Huarong Chen, Wenjie Wu
Aimed at the defects of data acquisition systems such as poor versatility, poor mobility, time and effort wasted, poor flexibility, vulnerable to adverse environmental, a wireless data acquisition system based on Android system was proposed. The system took the chip named STC12C5616AD as the main controller...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of Detection Sensor of Localized Faults for Wire Rope

Bo Wu, Guoping Li
The wire rope is widely used in engineering as a flexure component. It is necessary that the wire rope defect must be detected for certain damage would be inevitable occurred in the using process. In this article, the brief introduction about the state of the wire rope defect in the domestic is given....
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The research of android intelligent fan system

Dejun Li, Zheng Xie, Xiaobo Lu
This system controls the speed of the fan by the temperature collected by the Single chip microcomputer ,the terminal of android can remotely control the fan by the communication protocol of Bluetooth 2.0.This system can display teal-time temperature. There are three kind of wind speed can be adjusted....
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3D design of machine for gypsum hollow brick based on UG

Weifeng Ma, Sicong Yuan, Xing Liu
Machine of gypsum hollow brick is a special machine equipment for making gypsum hollow brick. To improve design efficiency of the gypsum hollow block forming machine, shorten the product design and development cycle, meet the needs of medium investors and product upgrading, enable enterprises to quickly...