Proceedings of the 2015 4th International Conference on Computer, Mechatronics, Control and Electronic Engineering

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Effect of Side Error on the Static Displacement of Micro-resonator

Fen Gao, ShuYing Hao, Chengkun Qi, JingJing Feng, Huijie Li
In view of the practical situation, sometimes there is side error of the comb capacitor through superposition of the deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process, and these manufacturing tolerances can lead to the movable comb fingers offset. Using the software of ANSYS to explore the electrostatic-structural...
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Automatic GrabCut color Image Segmentation Based on EM Algorithm

XiaoQi Li, YeLi Li, YaLi Qi
This paper presents a color image segmentation method using modified GrabCut. GrabCut is considered as one of semi-automatic image segmentation techniques, since it needs user interaction to initialize segmentation process. To eliminate this inconvenience, this paper propose using Expectation Maximization...
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The Design and Research of the construction of Fujian Meteorological Comprehensive Management Platform

Wei Zheng, Yinan Wu, Juan Yu
In order to improve the level of the meteorological administration in the province, the electronic government affairs office and the government management in the network information system are standardized. The platform integrates the multi-tier architecture, supporting WebService, SOAP, XML and other...
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How to Use Software Restoration and Virtual Computer Technology in Computer Experiment Teaching

Lin He
With the progress of science and technology, the computer experiment teaching model has been promoted, verifying test has been decreasing, and computer teaching experiment plays an important role in teaching. Currently, for the shortcomings and limitations in the computer experiment teaching, a reasonable...
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Analysis on Application of Layering Technology in Computer Software Development

Chao Tong, Song Wang
With social progress in the 21st century, continuous development of network promoted innovative application of computer technology. Moreover, the speed of computer development and application has already gradually exceeded our imagination. Its scope of application also becomes wider and wider. It is...
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Study on Advertising Communication Strategy for Mobile Terminal

Xuan Wang
As mobile technology continues to mature and develop, software and hardware of the mobile terminal has been updating constantly, people are more and more dependent on mobile terminal devices in production and daily life. Because of the combined effects of today's communications technology and network...
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Study on the Maintenance and Management Technology of Computer Software

Jixin Xing
Computer software is an important part of computer, whose running security has a direct impact on the computer. In addition, the maintenance and management technology of computer software plays a key role in software running. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth running of computer software, in this...
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Design and research of underground parking intelligent monitoring system

Xinhong Yang
Underground parking lot is a component of intelligent buildings, it has correlations with whole building as well as being a relatively dependent space. The safe reliability and stability of the parking lot monitor system is the core of the intelligent system. In this paper, through research and analysis,...
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Research on Load Balance based on Fujian Meteorological Cloud Platform

Tianfu Zhu, Zhiyong Yang, Lei Zhang
Load balancing problem is one of the hot issues in cloud computing. Based on Fujian meteorological cloud platform, the establishment of the model carries out quantification the load status and cluster resource utilization rate of virtual machine, and the improved LC algorithm is proposed with the meteorological...
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Study on the Construction of Lightning Protection and Safety Supervision System in Qingdao

Bei Wu, Pengfei He, XiaoLiang Xu
Qingdao city has built lightning protection supervision system in 2013, and the system has basic information collection, daily safety management, lightning protection business data integration and the full information management functions of the ultimate decision-making analysis. The system not only...
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Research on the Data Warehouse in the Design Process of the Database Application System

Guojun Ma
This paper firstly introduces the recent research on data warehouse and describes the technology of data warehouse in process of design of database in detail. Data warehouse is a new technology in data management and information, and is mainly used to raise efficiency of data querying and to support...
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Numerical Simulation for Zig-zag Test of “YU-KUN” Based on CFD

Qiang Li, Biguang Hong, Qing-wen Kong
By setting the training ship of Dalian Maritime University, “Yu-Kun” as the research object, numerical simulation was conducted for 10°/10° zig-zag maneuvering test based on the theory and calculation method of computational fluid mechanics in this paper. According to the contrastive analysis on the...
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Application of Workflow Management Model in Digital Factory

Yongxi Liu
Digital factory is based on the data of product life cycle, and according to the principle of virtual manufacturing and lean production, taking the advantage of computer simulation technology, virtual reality technology and network technology, to carry out three-dimensional simulation, analysis and optimization...
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Design and Implementation of Hubei Tourism Meteorological Service System Based on GIS

Jing Lu, Xuerong Luo
In recent years, with the rapid development of the tourism industry and the increasing demand of GIS technology, in order to enhance the provincial tourism meteorological services capabilities, GIS technology has been widely used in the meteorological field. Facing the application demand of tourism in...
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Research on Traffic Accident Forecasting Based on Gray Model

LingLing Tian, JunCheng Jiang
As the road traffic system is an uncertain system, the occurrence of traffic accidents is also an uncertain system with partial information known and the other unknown. Therefore, it’s suitable to apply the gray model theory to predict the traffic accidents. This paper expounds the principles of gray...
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Research on Design of Intelligent Water Dispenser Based on Micro Controller System

Yan Yang
Micro controller computer is a kind of common electronic products, and it is often used for temperature detection in electronic devices. This paper will make full use of the advantage of micro controller computer to design an intelligent water dispenser with the temperature detection and control function....
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Entire Function Sharing a Small Function with Its Derivatives

HuiLiang Zhang, ZongSheng Gao, YueYang Zhang
In this paper, we mainly apply the Wiman-Valiron theory to prove a theorem on growth of a linear differential equation. From this we obtain a uniqueness theorem concerning that a non-constant entire function and its derivative sharing a small entire function.
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Evaluation of third generation integrated computer network based on principal component analysis method

BaoLi Yuan
In this paper, by using the method of comprehensive analysis of principal components, a modeling analysis of test and performance analysis of the network optimization was used. This evaluation system has the characteristics of adaptability, simple application and broad prospects for development. This...
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Database Construction of Real Estate Assessment Based on Big Data

Liang Zhou, Liang Shi, SiJia Zhang
With the age of big data coming, it provides unprecedented development space to real estate assessment. It’s no longer difficult to gain massive, multi-source and multi-scale data. In order to extract effective knowledge and information, the enormous data not only need to be saved reasonably and normatively,...
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Design of Airborne Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Based on DSP Structure

Jing Yu, Hang Guo
An airborne strapdown inertial navigation system based on DSP is introduced. The TMS320F28335 and TMS320C6416 DSP chips of TI Company are used as the core components of the system, and the CPLD technique combined with the dual DSP structure of strapdown control and solution are used to realize logic...
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Robust Beamforming Algorithm Based on Linear Constrained Minimum Variance and Diagonal Loading

Chuan He, YeCai Guo, Xiaoyan Chen, LiHua Wang
In order to improve the robustness of microphone array beamformer in existing mismatch errors, robust beamforming algorithm based on linear constrained minimum variance and diagonal loading method is proposed. The proposed algorithm incorporates the spatial response variation function into the linear...
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Simulink Implementation of Ka-band Mobile Satellite Channel Comprehensive Model

Chuan He, YeCai Guo, Weijuan Zhao
In order to study the propagation characteristics of the Ka-band mobile satellite channel, the influences of weather impairments (rainfall, clouds, etc.), the multipath fading, and shadowing fading on mobile satellite communication are analyzed and taken into consideration simultaneously. After the corresponding...
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Momentum Constant Modulus Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Global Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Chuan He, YeCai Guo, Hui Wang, LiHua Wang
In order to overcome local convergence of constant modulus blind equalization algorithm (CMA), the momentum constant modulus blind equalization algorithm(MCMA) based on global artificial fish swarm optimization algorithm(GAFSA-MCMA) is proposed. In this proposed algorithm, on the basis of making full...
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Fuzzy PID Control of Ship Course based on T-S Model

Lijun Wang, Sisi Wang, Jianbing Liu
In order to achieve better performances of course-keeping and course-changing, the ship course maneuvering is divided into 3 typical stages, and then different Robust PID controllers and fuzzy membership functions are designed accordingly, and a comprehensive intelligent fuzzy PID course control system...
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Optimal sizing of Battery Energy Storage System for household microgrid

Libin Wang, CHunHui Li, JiaWei Wang, Haibo Zhao, ZeYuan Shen
Aiming at the peak shaving and poor power quality issues resulted from the intermittent power sources, battery energy storage system (BESS) is generally a key distributed generation unit in microgrid. Therefore this paper presents a sizing optimization method for battery energy storage system in the...
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A Novel Ebola Virus Spreading Mode

Yaqun Huang, Haiyan Li, YiMing Cao, Ao Wang, Pang Yang, Xiaobing Zhou
A novel Ebola virus spreading model is proposed, choosing the mixed format of random transmission model to describe the population node transmission of infectious diseases within the process, using the deterministic S-E-I-R model to depict the internal mechanism of transmission of infectious diseases...
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The Attacks Against and Suggestions for the Privacy-Preserving Recording & Gateway-Assisted Authentication of Power Usage Information for Smart Grid

Xiaole Mao, Xingwen Zhao
The privacy protection in the smart grid is particularly significant, since sometimes the leak of the user power usage habits may lead to serious consequences. In 2015, Siu-Ming Yiu and Jin Zhong have proposed a privacy-preserving scheme which can protect each user’s future power usage plan. However,...
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An Improved Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Multi-Context Awareness

Yuan Bai, Yu Fang
In the research field of recommender systems, people tend to focus on mining relationship between users and items, but less take the additional contextual information into consideration. To solve the problem, we put forward an improved collaborative filtering algorithm based on multiple contexts (MCCF)....
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A Fast Fractal Model Based ECG Compression Technique

Yin Lin, Yu Fang
ECG monitoring equipmentwill generate a huge mount of ECG signals, which causes enormous pressure on server storage and transmission. Therefore, many compression techniques are proposed to overcome this problem including some fractal based lossy ECG compression techniques. However, basic fractal based...
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The Primary Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional(3D) Digital Model of Intracranial Aneurysm(IA) with Fenestration Based on Raw Data of Computed Tomography(CT) Imaging

Yijun Liu, Rui Li, WeiJian Chen, Nengzhi Xia, PengCheng Ye, Yuxia Duan, Yunjun Yang, Meshram Manmeet Manohar
The diagnostic value of fenestration itself is limited but it is quite different when fenestration is accompanied by IA. In recent years, the reconstruction model of IA has become the domestic and international hot topic for discussion, however, it is rare to see the research about reconstruction model...
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Intrusion Tolerant Control for Warship Systems

Yuanbao Chen, Shuang Huang, Yunfei Lv
With the adoption of large amount of information communication technology (ICT) and the increasingly frequent cyber-attacks, security issues have gradually become key problems for warship systems. Warship systems, as a special mobile information combat platform, have higher requirements for timeliness...
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An Approach for TV Channel Recognition based on Audio

LiJin Long
In order to amalgamate distributing platform of traditional TV program with mobile Internet on technology and business, it is necessary to study the method of TV channel recognition based on the collaboration between mobile terminals and publishing service of TV program. Due to some advantages based...
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Joint Sink Mobility and Node Deployment for Prolonging Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Network

Huiyong Yuan
When cluster heads transmit their data to the sink via multi-hop mode, the cluster heads closer to the sink are burdened with heavy relay traffic and tend to die early. In this paper, taking both sink mobility and node deployment into account, we investigate the energy-hole problem of data gathering...
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STL data visualized by triangular facet algorithm

Feng Zeng
Aiming at the demerits of STL data, a visualization algorithm of STL model is presented. Valid data consisting the vertexes and normal vector of triangular facet were separated out from STL file. The sequential file was used to save the valid data, in order to avoid excessive use of memory. The algorithm...
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Quantum Teleportation of a Three-qubit State using a Four-qubit Entangled State

Bo Zhang, Xingtong Liu, Jian Wang, ChaoJing Tang
Recently Liu et al.(Int. J. Theor. Phys. 53:4079, 2014) had shown that a special form of three-qubit entangled state can be teleported by using a five qubit cluster state. However, we demonstrate that five-qubit cluster state and five-qubit von-Neumann projective measurements are not necessary to complete...
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Quantum Teleportation of an Arbitrary N-qubit State via EPR Channels

Bo Zhang, Xingtong Liu, Jian Wang, ChaoJing Tang
This paper demonstrates that an arbitrary -qubit state can be faithfully and deterministically teleported from Alice to Bob via pairs of EPR channels. The analytical expression of the reconstruct criterion is derived explicitly in the most general case, with a strict proof through mathematical induction...
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Analysis on the motion characteristics of the crank-group driving mechanism by graphic method

Ren’e Dong, YuQi Wang, JuJiang Cao
The new transmission mechanism crank-group driving mechanism is mainly used in some special light industrial machinery. Paper drew the mechanism's trajectory curve of the structure unit by the graphic method, analyzed it related to the trajectory function, and then studied the motion characteristics...
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A Novel Assembly Line Balancing Optimization Algorithm based on PSOSA

Xiaomei Hu, Yubin Wang, YangYang Zhang, Xinran Shi
Assembly line is widely used in manufacturing system and assembly line balancing problem directly affects the productivity of the whole manufacturing system. In the actual situation of assembly process, optimizing a certain goal in the process of actual assembly individually may cause the neglect of...
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Research of LED assembly line Modeling and Optimization based on the Petri Net

Dong Wang, Xiaomei Hu, Zhenghao Xu, Tao Yu, Xinran Shi
In order to reduce the design flaw and improve the productivity, the model of LED bulb assembly line based on the Fuzzy Hierarchical Petri Net is proposed. The process of LED bulb assembly line is given, and the hierarchical modeling based on FHPN is described. The model of LED bulb assembly line includes...
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Structure Design and Calculation of Support Frame of Repair Tower

Fei Peng, Ming Jiang, Kai Liu, Yi Er Ta Ba
Take the support frame of reversal lift system with pulley block as research object, complete the stress analysis and structure design of support frame, then make the finite element simulation calculation by using ABAQUS, the results conform to the requirements of the strength.
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Structure Design of Hydraulic Replacement System for Damaged Tower

Fei Peng, Ming Jiang, Kai Liu, Hui Sun
In this paper, hydraulic replacement system of the damaged tower material is researched. The hydraulic replacement device is set out along main material; using the reinforcing plate and connecting bolt holes of double column battens angle steel tower to design the hydraulic replacement system for damaged...
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Structure Design of Support Frame of Cableway on Car for Emergency Repair

Fei Peng, Ming Jiang, Kai Liu, Fei Zhao
The cableway on car for emergency repair has the characteristics of rapid, efficient and flexible etc., which can meet the requirement of power grid’s emergency repair, this article mainly through force calculation of beam and pillar of support frame, completed the structure design of the support frame...
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Design of Long Pulse Width Laser Power

Yan Sun, Dan Yu, Weitong Hu
This paper designs a half-bridge IGBT inverter switch solid laser power. This power has realized great energy work for more than 20 hours in succession. It is reliable and steady. Its switch frequency is in about 25 kHz. We have adopted the modules to design, have strengthened the interchangeability...
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Automatic Centerline Extraction and Error Analysis Based on Machine Vision for Bending Pipe Image

Hui Wen, DuanLing Li, Jinquan Li
Centerline reflects the shape characteristics of pipes, and centerline extraction is widely used in automation equipment field and Medical field. This paper proposes a method to automatically extract bending pipe's centerline with technology of image filtering and de-noising and edge detection. By finding...
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A Method to Improve Robustness of the Gray World Algorithm

GuangHua Chen, Xiaolong Zhang
The gray world algorithm is a popular white balance algorithm used for digital camera, but its effect is influenced by the wrong color temperature estimation result due to the incorrect assumption. To resolve this problem, an improved method of gray world algorithm is presented in this paper. Every patch...
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Fatigue Crack Thermal Effect of Hydraulic Pipeline

Bowen Tang, Shaoping Wang, Chao Zhang, Shuo Zheng
Fluid and solid coupling of aircraft hydraulic system can cause pipeline crack, while it is difficult to monitor its crack in real time. This paper studies the fatigue thermal effect, obtains the regulation of the thermal distribution, and establishes the thermal modeling of fatigue crack propagation....
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Nonlinear circuit design of damping boring bar based on MULTISIM

Ruican Hao, CHunguang Gu, RongDong Wang, Na Zhang
Chatter easily exits during cutting process of damping boring bar. In order to save development cycle of damping boring bar circuit, nonlinear model of damping boring bar is established with help of SIMULINK model of MATLAB. Modular layout of corresponding arithmetic logic unit is designed under modular...
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Theoretical study of laser induced thermal damage on the narrowband filter optical thin film

Kai Han
In the experimental study of the film’s thermal damage, an extremely high power density is needed. In order to achieve such high power density, the incident beam is generally converted. In this situation, the cone’s angle of the converted beam is inevitable. A narrowband filter optical film is taken...
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Numerical Simulation on Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger: Effects of Different Ambient Temperature

Bing Xia, Jinghong Lian, Yebin Yin, Guang Yang, Yue Yang, Xiang Gou, Enyu Wang, Liansheng Liu, Jinxiang Wu
Heat pipe heat exchanger is one of the widely used equipment in the industrial field with effective heat transfer. Based on the advantages of the numerical simulation software FLUENT, the design and numerical simulation are carried out. Six cases of different ambient temperature have been studied in...
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Numerical Simulation on Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger: Effects of Different Wind Speeds

Bing Xia, Yebin Yin, Jinghong Lian, Guang Yang, Guoyou Xu, Xiang Gou, Enyu Wang, Liansheng Liu, Jinxiang Wu
The heat pipe heat exchanger is applied widely with the advantages of low investment, small volume and good effect of heat transfer. To make a full and reasonable use of the heat resource, a heat pipe heat exchanger is introduced in this paper. Numerical simulation of the heat pipe heat exchanger with...
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Research on High Efficient Utilization of LNG Cold Energy

Jinghong Lian, Bing Xia, Yebin Yin, Guang Yang, Yue Yang, Xiang Gou, Enyu Wang, Liansheng Liu, Jinxiang Wu
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) contains a large amount of cold energy.The development of cascade utilization of LNG cold energy has large economic benefits, and it is beneficial to reduce the cost of LNG. This paper designed a process and simulated the utilization system of LNG cold energy based on the...
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Concept Design of Headset Development Project

Guo-Qing Liu
A headset which is convenient to carry may eliminate the cumbersome of traditional headset with lines through USB connection. Compared with traditional one, it can be used in various environments like video chat and listening to music during travel. In nowadays, many people like to play games and they...
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Case Study on Computer-aided Multi-functional Charging Equipment

Guo-Qing Liu
1/3 of global consumers will be intelligent mobile phone users to 2018 and the total number will be more than 2560000000. Mobile phone charging will certainly be a major problem in future society, especially charging in public. This paper analyzes and comments the development status as well as various...
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Man-machine Relationship and Acoustic Design of Portable Earphones for Youths

Guo-Qing Liu
“People oriented” design concept has become the mainstream and humanized, emotional design has become the trend of product design. Product design aims at serving human beings better as well as making life convenient and comfortable rather than simply design. The earphones I design in this paper mainly...
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Reliable Design and Implementation of Wired Headphone

Guo-Qing Liu
This project mainly aims at the students which is convenient, simple and easy to carry. In addition, it basically has no harm to our ears, and we will not feel dis-comfortable after using for a long time, it is suitable for games, movies, music, voice and so on. We can also carry it to other places and...
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Analysis and Research on Sound Connection of Wired Headset

Guo-Qing Liu
This design is a research on optimizing and improving the portable type of headset. It analyzes both physiological and psychological demands of the users through combining with relevant theories of ergonomics, humanized design and design psychology, and then explores a feasible scheme which is more in...
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The obstacle study about the charging platform of contact phone

Wenfei Hu
Phones are the most important part of people’s life nowadays. The investigation found out that mobile phone users always take phones with them when they going out. The frequency of using phones is quite high, people checking their phones almost every 10 minutes, playing phones for a while every an hour....
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The structure design of electronic finder under the office

Wenfei Hu
There are a number of folders at today's workplace. Although some people will spend time to arrange them neatly, when the quantity is abundant, it is not easy to identify them from a lot of files. The workers are being affected by these complicated problems. Even small problems sometimes are annoying....
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The study of the short distance locator design

Wenfei Hu
Because of forgetting or other factors, people inevitable lose some important things in life, but electronic locator will help people solve this problem. Electronic locator is composed of a transmitter and several receivers. As long as you press the corresponding button which connected transmitter and...
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Computer-aided Vacuum Cleaner Design

Wenfei Hu
In the context of traditional vacuum cleaner, this paper explores and discovers people's daily demand for vacuum cleaner, and explores a feasible plan which is more consistent with the demand of contemporary family life through analyzing and studying its evolutionary process, demand conditions of various...
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Empirical Research on New Household Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Design

Wenfei Hu
Start from the basic concept of vacuum cleaner and learn various functions, features and advantages of new multi-functional intelligent vacuum cleaner. Then conduct theoretical verification through conceptual analysis, market research and algorithm, analyze the structure and classification of vacuum...
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Modeling and Analysis of Multi-path Effects in Static and Dynamic Sea Surface

YuanMing Ding, Shiguang Wang, ChengSheng Pan
For the current multi-path effects geometric modeling lack of considering the impact of the earth curvature, sea surface multi-path model under the Earth curvature is analyzed. By geometry models, the static sea surface multi-path effects and dynamic sea surface environment are described, and the equation...
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Dynamic Response of Saturated Asphalt Pavement under Vehicle Loading

Jun Huang, Yue Cai, Shaobin Dai, Xin Pan
The vehicle load action often leads to serious damage of saturated asphalt pavement. The finite element model of saturated asphalt pavement was established by ANSYS to research mechanics behavior of pavement response to moisture-loading coupling action. Then, the spatial distribution of pore-water pressure,...
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A Underwater Shield Tunnel External load Test Analysis

XiaoQiang Wang, Huaifeng Tong
A tunnel construction in a nuclear power plant is proposed in this paper. Some useful conclusions are drawn through the analysis of the measured results including the stress state and process of structure and water and soil pressure. It is useful for design, construction of similar engineering.
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Failure Modes of Deep Foundation Pit Supporting

Li Guo, Peng-Li He
In order to overcome the defects of the safety factor of foundation pit stability, reliability theory has been applied to the stability analysis of foundation pit. The theory depends on the establishment of correct failure mode and function of foundation pit. Through the analysis of the influence factors...
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Influence Analysis of Cracks of the Sluice Bottom Board

JianHua Cui, Jiajun Yan, Yongfeng Qi
After running for half a year, periodic inspection to a discharge sluice shows that cracks in the direction of water current appear in the bottom board of most of sluice lockage chamber. Stress computation under the design conditions and the working conditions after cracks appeared are carried out with...
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The analysis of the causes of slope-slide caused by mining and research of slope of stability and treatment measures

Cuiran Liu, Jinkai Hou, Jinjun Guo
Slope-slide caused by mining is a problem of mine geological environment treatment in our country. It is particularly important to analyze the reasons and mechanism of the mining slide-slope, and put forward the methods of analysis of stability of slope and corresponding countermeasures for reasonable...
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A Novel Method of Traffic Lights Adaptive Control on the Urban Road Intersections

Huanjiong Zhang
the traffic lights on urban road intersections is one of important methods to control the traffic flow, it can valuably improve the jammed traffic situation. In this paper, an adaptive traffic lights control method on urban road intersections is designed in, it can actively adjust the control time of...
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Discrete Element Method Study on the Evolution of Contact Force inside Railway Ballast under Tamping Operation

Taoyong Zhou, Bin Hu, Junfeng Sun, Bo Yan
The tamping operation is employed to restore the geometry of railway track distorted by train traffics. In order to study the micro mechanical properties of railway ballast under tamping operation, the analysis model of railway ballast under tamping operation is created using the discrete element method,...
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Study of A High-rise Building Alarm and Linkage System

Xianjie Feng
In this paper, the electrical parts of a high-rise shopping and office buildings are studied. Firstly, according to the division of the load level, the load calculation is carried out with the method of unit capacity, so as to determine the capacity and the current of the load. In accordance with the...
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Passenger Flow Forecast Using Wavelet Neural Network Model

Changkun Chen, MengYang Xin
Wavelet neural network (WNN), combining with wavelet analysis and neural network, brings forth a high- accuracy performance in identification and approximation. Passenger flow forecast plays an important role in transit scheduling and an improved WNN model is constructed to actualize dynamic forecast,...
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Propagation trend analysis of vertical cracks for typical section in Danjiangkou Dam

Yongfeng Qi, JianHua Cui
vertical cracks may propagate through the whole dam under water pressure, which exist on the upstream of 18th section in Danjiangkou Dam. To solve the problems, stress intensity factor method of fracture mechanics is adopted, combing with three-dimensional finite element method. For different cracks...
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The numerical simulation analysis about different particles driven by rotation inertia force in rotating cylindrical flow

ZhenWei Mu, Xuening Zhang, YuanYuan Li
This paper adopts DPM model to analyze the numerical simulation of particles with several densities and sizes in rotating cylindrical flow and explore the movement features and stress rule of single particle in rotating cylindrical flow. The result demonstrated that when single particle rotate at a constant...
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Bearing Capacity Assessment and Maintenance Scheme Optimization on a 220kV Transmission Tower with Foundation Settlement

FengLi Yang, Chao Zhang, Binrong Zhu
Finite element model of a 220kV transmission tower was established in general software ANSYS. The constrained method of the freedoms of tower foots with foundation settlements was proposed. According to the monitoring data of the non-uniform settlement, the relative settlement values were applied at...
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Multi-commodity Flow Port Supply Chain Network Model for Multi-criteria under Uncertainty

Haiyan Xie, Lirui Xiao, Guoyan Chen
In this paper, we present a port supply chain network model with multiple tiers of decision makers, consisting, respectively, of suppliers, port agents and demanding market. First, we study the suppliers’ multicriteria decision-making and market’s demanding under uncertainty. And then we establish equilibrium...
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Numerical investigation of influence of partially-spanning joint on the uniaxial compressive strength of rock

FengShan Han, XinLi Wu
In this paper failure process of rock with a partially-spanning joint is presented by numerical simulation based on RFPA2D. numerical simulation shown that mechanical behavior of jointed rock mass is governed by both the mechanical characteristics of the discontinuities and those of the intact rock,...
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Analysis on surrounding rock masses’ stabilities for underground cavern group

Shu-guang Song, Chao-qun Sun, Yun-juan Chen
Surrounding rock masses’ stabilities of cavities and crane beams of the hydropower station were studied using FLAC3D. Results show that, due to the large excavation span and height, the main powerhouse and tail water hole have larger plastic zones after the excavation, and the same as 1 # unit and 2...
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Design and Experiment of Precision Rice Hill-drop Drilling Planter for Dry Land Based on Adjustable Speed Scoop-wheel Seedmeter

ChengMao Cao, Ran Ding, AnMin Wang, Yan Sun, ZanSong Li
At present, the rice direct seeding equipments in China are difficult to achieve precise hill-drop and can not meet the agronomic requirements, so we put forward a rice direct seeding technique with synchronous open furrows and design a suspension type of precision rice hill-drop drilling planter for...
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The Motion Control and Processing Software Design of an On-line Automatic Aluminum Wheel Recognition System

Shuangyong Liu, Shaobo Sun, YiYang Zhang, Yong Han
This paper presents the motion control and software design of an on-line automatic recognition system for automobile aluminum wheels. The system mainly consists of a recognition station, two laser displacement sensors, a ball-screw, an industrial computer with data processing software, and a programmable...
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Research on Series-connected Augmented Railgun Inductance Gradient and Its Influencing parameters

Min Wan, ZhiHeng Wang, XiaoJiang Li
The inductance gradient is one of the most important indexes to evaluate the performance of the electromagnetic railgun. It has important theoretical and practical value to research the inductance gradient and its influencing parameters. According to the Biot-Savat's law and the principle of virtual...
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Optimal Stochastic Production Scheduling for Uncertain Re-entrant Assembly Workshops

NanYun Jiang, Hongsen Yan
An optimal stochastic problem of production scheduling for uncertain re-entrant assembly workshops (URAWs) was studied, in which the assembly process is repeated on the basis of quality inspection result and the number of repeats is uncertain. According to analysis of URAWs, a stochastic expected value...
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Wireless Power Transfer Based on Magnetic Coupling

Bin Wang, Zezhong Wang
Wireless transmission of electric energy has always been a dream for people. The wireless power transmission technology based on induction coupling is the easiest way. We studied the factors that affect the magnetic coupling wireless power transmission system by combining the theory, the software simulation...
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A new Infrared multi-spectral image processing method based on radiometric and geometric correction

XiaoHu Zhou
This paper presents a multi-spectral infrared image processing method, including image recovery, radiometric and geometric correction. Image recovery including pixel filled, positive and negative dislocation correcting sweep, reverse sweep consistency correction, within spectrum response consistency...
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The preparation of Fe-Co double nanoparticle magnetic fluid by pulse laser deposition

QiLian Zheng, Gao Li, GuiFu Dong
The Fe-Co double nanoparticle magnetic fluid prepared by pulse laser deposition was investigated. The results show that peak height of magnetic fluid under 5000 Gs magnetic fluid gradually reduced with increase mass ratio of Fe(CO)5 and Co2(CO)8, and peak height is biggest when mass ratio of Fe(CO)5...
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Design of a wireless intelligent device for Metal oxide arrestor on-line monitoring by using DSP

Xiaotong Yao, Jirong Wang, Yawen Li
Monitoring of metal oxide surge arresters (MOA) due to aging, moisture and other components cause increased resistive current. Therefore, this paper designed an experiment-based DSP on-line monitoring device. The instrument can transmit the data into our computers or cell phonespassed by WIFI . In order...
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Modeling PN Modulation In-Car Laser Radar for Range and Velocity Measurement

ShiWei Li, XiangCheng Chen, XueSong Mao
A novel algorithm for range and velocity measurement in Pulse Doppler Laser Radar was proposed in this paper. We used pseudo-random code to modulate the 1.55 m continuous laser in the laser Radar transmitter firstly, and then different detection method was utilized for sensing target range and target...
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Cement Rotary Kiln Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Case-Based Reasoning

ShiHui Liu, QingJin Meng
In view of the fact that the complicated structures, a lot of process parameters, a lot of fault types and a lot of fault cases of cement rotary kiln, Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) method is put forward to use to diagnose for cement rotary kiln. CBR fault diagnosis model is established. Object-oriented...
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Research on Stress Response of Cantilever Beam under Super-Gaussian Base Acceleration Excitation

YuMan Liu, Yu Jiang, Xun Chen
Stress response is the foundation for calculating a structure’s fatigue life during vibration testing. The frequency-domain method based on stress frequency-response function (SFRF) is widely used because of its convenience. For Gaussian random excitation, the frequency-domain method may have a good...
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Blind and Sparsity Level Adaptive Reconstruction of Wideband Time-frequency-varying Signals with Sub-Nyquist Sampling

Weichao Sun, Zhichao Sha, Xiang Wang, FengHua Wang, Zhitao Huang
This paper addresses the problem of wideband time-frequency-varying signal sub-Nyquist sampling and reconstruction based on compressed sensing (CS) framework. We propose a system of blind and sparsity level adaptive signal reconstruction for wideband signals with sub-Nyquist sampling. We utilize modulated...
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Compound-Fault Diagnosis of rolling bearing based on Order Wavelet Packet and Rough Sets Theory

Hai-Ying Kang, Yan-jie Qi, Guang-Sheng Liu, Ren-fa Shen
The diagnosis of compound-fault is always a difficult point, and there is not an effective method in equipment diagnosis field, and then a new method of compound-fault diagnosis was presented in the paper. The vibration signals at start-up in the gearbox are non-stationary signals, in order to solve...
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Self-healing Control Algorithms for Distribution Networks

Huan-Yuan Wei, Jin-Bo Lan, Yan-Fei Ye, Xiao-Hui Li, Jian-Fei Yang
Self-healing is an important feature of intelligent distribution networks. Self-healing includes the abilities of self-perception, self-diagnosis, self-decision and self-recovery. In this paper, a adjacency matrix of the distribution network is used to determine the network fault perception and make...
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Modeling of Force Feedback and Research on Control Strategy of Returnability of Steering Wheel

Zhe Wang, Qian Ye, Na Hu, MangMang Hang
A force feedback model of steering wheel was established based on mechanical analysis of the vehicle steering system. Taking driver’s preference for steering torque into consideration, a correction coefficient was introduced to this model, and a method for determining the coefficient was also put forward....
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Reliability analysis of integrated transmission based on fuzzy multi-state fault tree

Jinle Zhang, WenSheng Peng, Jianguo Zhang, Jing Guo
Integrated transmission is the key part of heavy vehicles, and its reliability could impact the performance of the vehicles directly. This paper proposes a fuzzy multi-state fault tree method for reliability analysis of the integrated transmission system. On the one hand, the multi-state logic tree can...
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Reliability prediction of the integrated transmission based on interval AHP and safety factor

Minggang Du, Xuan Sun, Jianguo Zhang, Juan Chen
In view of the characters that specimens of the integrated transmission are not sufficient, the failure modes are various and available data are not enough, this paper proposes a method utilizing experts’ experiences, similar products and typical design parameters to predict reliability. First, analyze...
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Optimal Clutch Control during Launch on the One-way Clutch Assistant Transmission

Yong Yang, Kegang Zhao, Gang Li, Jianjun Wei
A novel type of automatic transmission is presented in this paper. The transmission consists of a fiction clutch and a one-way clutch, which is named as One-way Clutch Assistant Transmission. The working principle of this type of transmission is shifting automatically by automatic disengagement and engagement...
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A Study of Dynamics to Solve The Human Initial Gesture Based on the Known Information of the Man-Rifle System

Ben-jun Zhang, Chuan Liu, GuangSheng Liu, Changzhi Jia
A method which uses the dynamical model is raised to solve the human initial gesture of the man-rifle system. It uses the known information of part of limbs to build the truthfulness constraint, and then solve the problem with the dynamics of rigid multi-body. Using this method and combined using ADAMS...
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Analysis of Artillery Firing Recoil Movement Characteristics Based on Symlet Wavelet Filtering

Chang-zhi Jia, Zhong-Ling Hu, Dong-Sheng Xu, Wei-ran Duan
Artillery firing recoil movement characteristics concerns artillery firing security and the play of its operational effectiveness, which is the key issue that artillery designers and users focus on. To solve the problems of traditional and modern simulation analysis methods applied to artillery firing...
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Research on Multi-disciplinary Collaborative Simulation Based on Interfaces Used in Tracked Vehicle

San-qun Li, Zhong-Ling Hu, Chang-zhi Jia, Yao-xin He
Due to the limit of the static strength theory design used in tracked vehicle, it can’t reflect the dynamic loads suffered by the main part, so it is difficult to analyze the reliability and remained lifetime prediction, in some degree it affect the performance. In this paper, we apply the collaborative...
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Diagnosis Method Based on Chaos Optimization Algorithm of The Testability of Complex circuit system

BaoChen Li, Xiaobo Lu, Chuan Liu, XiaoLiang Zhang
It needs to put structure of boundary scan in the circuit board for improving the controllability and observability of the device in complex circuit board. At the same time when structure of boundary scan improves pcb-level circuit testability, it also increased the complexity of circuit design which...
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Simulation of Underwater Propulsion Submersible Vehicle Based on Pitch-Depth Controlling

Yao Shi, Zhifeng Dong
The mathematical model has been built based on the designation of submersible’s structure. The system parameters of the underwater propulsion submersible have been sorted, calculated and stimulated. The PSO algorithm is used to find the optimal parameters of PID controller to finish feedback control...