Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

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A study on the System Architecture and Key Technologies of Telematics Based on 3G

Lifang Tang, Chuanjin Wang
Telematics, the application of Internet of Things technology in the intelligent transportation system, has attracted keen attention of research mechanism at home and abroad. By introducing the basic conception of Telematics, the paper makes a summary and research on the technologies adopted in the system...
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Improved algorithm for mining maximum frequent patterns based on FP-Tree

Naili Liu, Lei Ma
Mining association rule is an important matter in data mining, in which mining maximum frequent patterns is a key problem. Many of the previous algorithms mine maximum frequent patterns by producing candidate patterns firstly, then pruning. But the cost of producing candidate patterns is very high, especially...
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Computer Simulation Technology Application in Hydraulic System Analysis and Design

Xiaoping Hu, Zhangping You
With the development of mechanics and computer technology, computer simulation has become an important tool in the hydraulic system analysis and design. The application of computer simulation technology in hydraulic system is introduced in this paper. A hydraulic servo system was modeled by standard...
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Application of Cloud Storage in the Data Bank of Teaching resources of Plane Design Specialty

Chuanjin Wang
Cloud storage is a new type of concept of digital information storage. In view of its advantages in distributed storage, collaborative storage, dynamic allocation storage space, smooth migration and backup, on the basis of the introduction of related concepts and unique advantages of cloud storage, the...
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Based on Neural Network PID Controller Design and Simulation

Hao Xu, Jingang Lai, Zhenhong Yu, Jiaoyu Liu
The technologic of PID control is very conventional. There is an extensive application in many fields at present. The PID controller is simple in structure, strong in robustness, and can be understood easily. Then neural networks have great capability in solving complex mathematical problems since they...
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Primary Research on the Network Marketing of Musical Instrument Galleries

Lifang Tang
Along with the thriving development of e-commerce and internet-of-things, on-line market economy also expands fast, which totally changes people's consumption behaviors; shopping across regions and group buying are increasingly favored by people. How to make the best use of network becomes a new issue...
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Optimized algorithm for Mining Valid and non-Redundant Rules

Naili Liu, Lei Ma
The traditional algorithm of mining association rules, or slowly produces association rules, or produces too many redundant rules, or it is probable to find an association rule, which posses high support and confidence, but is uninteresting, and even is false. Furthermore, a rule with negative-item can’t...
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A neural network based on canonical correlation for multicollinearity diagnosis

Jifu Nong
We review a recent neural implementation of Canonical Correlation Analysis and show, using ideas suggested by Ridge Regression, how to make the algorithm robust. The network is shown to operate on data sets which exhibit multicollinearity. We develop a second model which not only performs as well on...
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A principal components analysis self-organizing neural network model and computational experiment

Jifu Nong
We propose a new self-organizing neural model that performs principal components analysis. It is also related to the adaptive subspace self-organizing map (ASSOM) network, but its training equations are simpler. Experimental results are reported, which show that the new model has better performance than...
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SELinux-based Secure Server Virtualization

Xunyi Ren, Yang Yu
Server virtualization is to create and run several independent operation systems at the same time to maximize the utilization efficiency and flexibility of IT resource, the most serious security problem of which, however, is the unauthorized access of unsafe virtual machines. This paper presents a SELinux-based...
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Research and Application of Parallel Computing under Linux

Xuechun Wang, Quanlu Zheng
Parallel computing is in parallel computer system for parallel processing of data and information, often also known as the high performance computing or super computing. The content of parallel computing were introduced, the realization of parallel computing and MPI parallel programming under Linux environment...
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Contrastive Studies of Pun in Figures of Speech

Qingchen Shao, Zhenzhen Wang, Zhijie Hao
Contrastive Studies of Pun in Figures of Speech. Pun as a figure of speech uses a word or phrase to get two meanings: literal meaning and connotation meaning so as to achieve humorous or sarcastic sense. There are many similarities between English and Chinese but in many ways they are different, while...
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The Computer Network: the New Perspective of Construction of Business English Teaching

Wanfang Zhang, Min Luo
The drawbacks of Traditional business English teaching make the application of computer network technology a new trend in the development of business English courses. They open new ideas for reforming business English teaching. On the basis of constructing the specific modes of business English teaching...
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Supply Chain Coordination Based on Buyback Contract under the Imperfect Product Quality and Fuzzy Demand Environments

Xiaobin Wang, Yihua Wang
The coordination of two-echelons supply chain by buyback contract under the imperfect product quality and fuzzy demand environment is investigated in this paper. The mathematical models are built based on credibility theory, and the optimal parameters of buyback contract are obtained. In addition, the...
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Based on local structural similarity image denoising algorithm

Zehua Zhou, Weitang Zhang
The image is a kind of important information source, through the image processing can help people understand the connotation of the information. However, the image in the process of generation and transmission by all kinds of the noise, the information processing, transfer and storage caused tremendous...
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Infrared image and visible image fusion based on wavelet transform

Zehua Zhou, Min Tan
The same scene, the infrared image and visible image fusion can concurrently take advantage of the original image information can overcome the limitations and differences of a single sensor image in terms of geometric, spectral and spatial resolution, to improve the quality of the image , which help...
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Teaching Agent Model Construction Based on Web Cooperative Learning System

Yaolin Li, Yanhua Zhong, Zongfu Zhang
The research tries to solve the problems related to teaching agent technology in cooperative learning system. Aiming at the fact of present learning system being unable to realize real-time intelligent teaching for students, a creative idea of teaching agent mode based on web cooperative learning system...
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An Energy-efficient Routing Algorithm for Disruption Tolerant Networks

Yukun Yao, Wenxi Zheng, Zhi Ren
In Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTN), information is exchanged between mobile nodes with the same transmit power. It is an energy-consuming process and highlights the need for energy-efficient power control mechanisms. If the transmit power of nodes is too low, they might miss many of the opportunities...
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The Realization of Math Score Query on the Wireless Internet

Guang Yang
Wireless internet is gaining wide spread usage in teaching affairs, especially in score query system development. This paper explores how simple Math score query system can be developed for mobile devices and introduces general framework for designing such score query applications. Using the framework,...
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The Optimal Robust Portfolio Model Based on CDaR

Xing Yu
This paper proposed a robust portfolio model, using CDaR to measure portfolio risk. Due to uncertainty parameter, we constructed ellipsoidal uncertainty set as the parameters uncertainty set to maximize the portfolio return. We verified the operable of the model with numerical simulation. The result...
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A Comprehensive Test Compression Scheme based on Precomputed Test Sets

Zhijian Tian, Fayong Zhao
To cope with increasingly rigorous challenges that large scale digital integrated circuit testing is confronted with, a comprehensive compression scheme consisting of test-bit rearrangement algorithm, run-length assignment strategy and symmetrical code is proposed. The presented test-bit rearrangement...
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Cluster Trisecting based Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Jianghong Guo, Deli Chen
Data aggregation is an important method to reduce energy consumption in wireless sensor networks (WSN). Auth-ors proposed a cluster trisecting based data aggregation scheme for wireless sensor networks in which the cluster was trisected and some reporters were assigned to each region. The nodes have...
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Verification of Dependable Architecture based on Prototype Verification System

Ling Yuan, Ping Fan
The electronic power system can be viewed as a system composed of a set of concurrently interacting subsystems to generate, transmit, and distribute electric power. The complex interaction among sub-systems makes the design of electronic power system complicated. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the...
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Improving Iterative Retinex Algorithm for Dynamic Range Compression

Shengdong Pan, Xiangjing An, Hongtao Xue, Hangen He
In this paper, the iterative Retinex algorithm is improved to handle dynamic range compression problems. Based on the analysis of the McCann-Sobel algorithm, the iterative smoothing operation can be interpreted as an asymmetric diffusion. In order to characterized the sharp discontinuities in illumination,...
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Unstructured road detection based on hybrid features

Erke Shang, Xiangjing An, Lei Ye, Meiping Shi, Hongtao Xue
Unstructured road detection is a key step of the Unmanned Guided Vehicle (UGV) system for road following. In traditional methods, kinds of features are combined to improve the effect, but few of them explains the reason to choose feature descriptors. In this paper, we try to find a way that how to choose...
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A Feature Weight Algorithm for Text Classification Based on Class Information

Yongfei Li
TFIDF algorithm was used for feature weighting in text classification. But the result of classification was not very well because of lack of class information in feature weighting. The known class information in the training set was used to improve the traditional TFIDF feature weight algorithm. Class...
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Design and Implementation of Encryption Scheme in Web-based Examination System

Yongfei Li
Requirements on encryption of web-based examination system were analyze, and different encryption technologies were used to meet the needs on three levels, including important data, core processing logic and some restricted functions. For important data, its confidentiality and integrity were realized....
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Research and Development of Online Examination System

Qiaofang Zhao, Yongfei Li
Examination System was necessary to separate teaching and testing. A web-based Examination System was developed with Java Web technologies. The system provided the functions, including question management, paper generation and test online. Also the combination of client-side programming and server-side...
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Research and Development of Web-based News Releasing System

Qiaofang Zhao, Yongfei Li
News Releasing System was a common web-based information release platform. A web-based news releasing system was developed with Java Web technology based on MVC design pattern, which included such functions as news displaying, news management and user management. And client-side programming technology,...
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Clarification Question Generation for Speech Recognition Error Recovery Using Monolingual SMT

Dong Yu
Clarification dialogue is an efficient and direct way of handling speech recognition errors in speech interface applications. In this paper we present a new approach to Clarification Question (CQ) generation. Monolingual phrase-based SMT (PB-SMT) framework is introduced to generate robust and flexible...
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Research in Serial Port Communication Mechanism Based on Android Mobile

Zhengrong Lei, Xiaoli Long, Waixi Liu
In this paper, the authors carry out an introduction to the principles of implementing serial port communication by Android mobile and give a detailed explanation to this implementation process through a case. In other words, through .NET serial port communication realizing serial port communication...
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Empirical Application Of QQ Groupware In College English Teaching

Shuang Liu
Presently computer networks interaction has become increasingly important in the interaction of teaching and learning. Most of the universities and colleges in China have accomplished the hardware construction of internet networks. But for some reasons, it is rather difficult to build up teaching interaction...
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A Research of the Vertical Differentiation of Digital Content Products

Zhenbo Zhang, Lingyi Hu, Bin Wang
This paper mainly analyze the motivation of enterprises to provide differentiation products, and market result, relevant social welfare effect in digital content products market. First, combing the specific characteristics of digital content products, this paper has developed the “Vertical Differentiation...
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Research on Centrosymmetric Graph based on DAM6416P

Chunshan Yang, Guijun Liu
In order to explore the feasibility of application of virtual technical platform, At the moment, mechanical & electrical equipment was used to rolling indicator. It is studied the control of graphic display on DSP graphics processing technology, combined with the sensor signal, virtual level indicating...
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Light Illumination Information Extraction Method of High Dynamic Range Image

Xue Leng, Jinhua Yang
In this paper we investigated access technology of the light illumination information in real scene. By analyzing the conventional method, we proposed a method to access light illumination information of high dynamic range image. In the method, the image information obtained by camera was converted to...
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Kalman/Particle Filter for Integrated Navigation System

Zhun Jiao, Rong Zhang
Particle filter is introduced. Since the particle filter would bring hard computation, a new Kalman/Particle mixed filter used on SINS/GPS integrated navigation system was proposed. The new method divides the system into two sub-models, one is linear, the other one is nonlinear, and then implement Kalman...
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Velocity Control of Unmanned Helicopter Based on Fuzzy-PID

Xianxiang Chen, Ying Liu, Xiongwen Hu, Qian Yi, Jinhua Wang
The fuzzy-PID control approach was used on the velocity control of the unmanned helicopter. Furthermore, a novel parameter self-tuning method was presented that the parameters of the PID controller were self-tuned based on the parameters of the last control period according to the deviation and its variation...
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Reservoir Pressure of Coal-Bed Methane Prediction Research Based on Analysis Method by Neural Net-work

Xingpeng Jing
In order to achieve accurate quantitative results of parameters for reservoir pressure of coal-bed methane, neural network prediction analytic method is adopted to predict the reservoir pressure of coal-bed methane. The main controlling factors such as conformation Stress, buried depth, in-situ stress...
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Similarity of Macaque Face Images based on PCA

Jiaqi Zhang, Xiaoyuan Li, Yuxia H, Zhenlong Wang
In this work, Block PCA based method is used to build several subspaces for each macaque face image and a similarity criterion is proposed to distinguish family properties of macaques. A proper threshold value is determined through statistical analysis. Then, a series of experiments are carried out to...
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Dynamic Building Tracking from UAVs Based on Image Manifold Learning

Peng Zhang, Yuanyuan Ren
Fast and accurate visual tracking of ground buildings can provide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with rich perceptual information, which is very important for target recognition, navigation and system control. However, when an UAV moves fast, both background and buildings in visual scenes change relatively...
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Wavelet Robust Filtering of Out-trajectory Data

Lingjing Meng, Haibo Liu
Wavelet-based robust filtering of process data is proposed in order to reduce the influence of the outliers and noise in Out-trajectory data. We utilize the moving median filtering method to reject outliers in the original data and then combine wavelet de-noising method with empirical Wiener threshold...
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Application Of XML For Telemetry Data Management

Zhiguo Zhang, Lei Gong, Hongping WANG
At present, the telemetry data is stored and released in the form of binary file or text file, and the user can’t find out the data structure from the file itself, this bring difficulties in query and the information sharing. To deal with the problem, a XML-based telemetry data management method was...
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Modeling and Simulation of Voltage Frequency Ratio Control System for Asynchronous Motor

Jun Rong, Yuejiao Ding, Xi Chen, Li Wan, Yiming Li
Alternating current (AC) machine speed regulation system plays a very important role in our industrial and agricultural production. This paper focuses on the three-phase asynchronous motor which account for most of the proportion of the AC machines. Firstly, this paper establishes three mathematical...
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Modeling and Simulation of Asynchronous Motor in Coordinate System Based on Matlab

Yiming Li, Yuebin Wang, Quanfeng Yan, Wei Huang
Asynchronous motor has simple structure, low cost, comparable to DC motor control performance when using the vector control technology. This paper focuses on the three-phase asynchronous motor which account for most of the proportion of the AC machines. Firstly, this paper builds the vector control system...
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Traffic Accident Reconstruction Technology Research

Xiaolong Yang, Ping Li, Tao Lv, Xuehua Liao
Based on the virtual simulation theory, we used three-dimensional modeling software to build modeling road facilities (vehicles, trees, street lights, etc.) for simulating the accident environment, and by using OpenGL technology, achieved reading, displaying and controlling the three-dimensional models....
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Image Denoising Method Based on -Support Vector Regression and Noise Detection

Changyou Wang, Zhaolong Gao
Aimed at the correlation between noise pixels and neighboring pixels, a new method based on the -support vector regression ( -SVR) is proposed to remove the salt & pepper noise in corrupted images. The new algorithm first takes a decision whether the pixel under test is noise or not by comparing the...
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A Finding Method of Shape Theme Based on Wavelet Time Series

Qiu Guo, Lu Guo
Finding shape theme has raised great attention in the database of shapes. According to the problem of incompatible about accuracy and complexity in the shape theme search algorithm ,this paper proposed a finding theme algorithm using the multi-resolution analysis of wavelet and the processing capability...
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On Applications of Cell phone Two-dimensional Code in China

Mengdi Chen, Luling Liu, Bin Huang
Cell phone two-dimensional code is the product of the combination of the two-dimensional code technology and mobile terminal cell phone, applied to give full play to the superiority of the two-dimensional code recognition technology with the convenience of mobile cell phone use. With the upgrading of...
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Marketing Strategy of Tourism Based on the E-commerce Environment

Yeqian Ni, Libo Wen, Bin Huang
In the e-commerce environment, some current situations still exist in the development of China’s tourism, such as the single marketing tool, the unclear direction of development in the tourist websites, the low level of personalized products, imperfect legal system and payment platform, delayed information...
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Analysis of User Experience at B2C E-commerce Website

Luling Liu, Mengdi Chen, Bin Huang
Along with the development of e-commerce, B2C e-commercewebsites are springing up like mushroom. In the increasingly competitive industry, each enterprise wants to stand out, which will result in a more and more severe competition, and even erupt price war sometimes. Benign e-commerce should satisfy...
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Accuracy Analysis of Positioning Method for Fusion GPS Pseudo-range and Continuous Wave Radar

Huijuan Zhang, Chao Wei
Continuous wave (CW) radar and global positioning system (GPS) is the main equipment of trajectory measurement in range. Based on range test background, propose a method to fuse GPS pseudo-range and CW radar range to provide complete trajectory positioning parameters, effectively reduce the impact of...
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Multiscale Event Study of Private Placement Announcement Effect

Yuling Zhao
The importance of understanding the underlying characteristics of private placement Announcement Effect attracts much attention from academic researchers and financial practitioners. Due to the overwhelming complexity of the financial market, many traditional methods such as intervention method and event...
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An Empirical Test of the Cross-group Network Externality of Two-sided Market

Minghong Zhang, Zhenbo Zhang, Lingyi Hu
In order to inspect the existence and the intensity of the cross-group network externality of two-sided market, this article chooses the relevant data of bankcard industry from 1996 to 2010 and makes an empirical test with Granger test and sectional regression. The conclusion indicates that the bankcard...
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Application of Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network in Construction Cost Estimate

Guangli Feng, Li Li
Genetic algorithm optimizing BP has been proposed to aim at handling locality minimum and low convergence speed. The method based on analyzing the basic fundamental states that how to use genetic algorithm to improve the ability of BP. After optimizing, the GA-BP model has been built up. The result of...
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Optimizing Parameters of Fuzzy Petri Net Based on Artificial Immune Algorithm

Baiming Liu, Aiqin Qi, Wei Wei
Aiming at knowledge reasoning ability of fuzzy petri net depending on the parameter and the parameters usually obtained by specialist, an algorism based on artificial immune algorism for obtaining the optimum parameters was proposed. Firstly, the fuzzy petri net and generating rules were defined and...
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Research of Unified Authentication System Based on LDAP

Jingwei Ming
With the development of Internet technology, the increasing of the application service makes the enterprise network management and security more and more complex. Based on it, the enterprise portal needs a system with high performance for identity authentication management. In this, implements the research...
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Big Data Storage Method in Wireless Communication Environment

Ye Liang
Big data phenomenon refers to the practice of collection and processing of very large data sets and associated systems and algorithms used to analyze these massive data sets. Big data service is very attractive in the field of wireless communication environment, especially when we face the spatial applications,...
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Big Image Data Management on Portable Equipment

Ye Liang
Big Data is a new label given to a diverse field of data intensive informatics in which the data sets are so large that they become hard to work with effectively. The term has been mainly used in two contexts, firstly as a technological challenge when dealing with data-intensive domains such as geographical...
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Mobile Big Data Query Based on Double R-tree and Double Indexing

Ye Liang
The amount of data in our industry and the world is exploding. Data is being collected and stored at unprecedented rates. The challenge is not only to store and manage the vast volume of data, which is also called big data, but also to analyze and query from it. In order to put forward the universal...
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The integrated operation of the network security equipments based on HTTP

Songai Liu, Yizhuo Guo, Xiaoqi Yin
The paper introduces a device linkage system on firewall between the network side and the switch side of user host, and introduces the audit system connected in parallel between the hubs and switches. Then, the paper introduces a method based on HTTP packet recognition network security device linkage,...
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Genetic optimized BP network method for camera calibration in binocular vision

Xingchen Hu, Honglei An, Hongxu Ma, Haibin Xie, Hongtao Xue
Camera calibration is the first step of positioning using binocular vision. Owning to the approximation capability of the neural network, a complex mathematical model needed by traditional calibration methods can be avoided. However the general neural network methods have their drawbacks to reduce its...
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Geometric Pseudospectral Method on Lie Group with application to 3D Pendulum

Jie Li, Honglei An, Xueqiang Gu, Hongtao Xue
General pseudospectral method is extended to Lie group by virtue of equivariant map for solving rigid dynamics on Lie group. In particular, for the problem of structural characteristics of the dynamics system can not be conserved by using general pseudospectral method directly on Lie group, the differential...
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A System Architecture for Energy Saving in Buildings

Zhao Shi, Yang Liu, Xing Tong, Peng Zeng, Haibin Yu
Advances in smart grid technologies have been proven to improve energy efficiency. These technologies will drive significant changes of energy consumption operation, energy management, energy using patterns, and customer services. In order to achieve energy saving efficiently and provide smart services...
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SR-Tree: An Index Structure of Sensor Management System for Spatial Approximate Query

Xing Tong, Yang Liu, Zhao Shi, Peng Zeng, Haibin Yu
Sensor management plays an important role in the field of Internet of Things. Therefore, the requests of spatial approximate query increase dramatically. Indexing is no doubt a feasible way for efficient spatial approximate search. However, there is a lack of an effective index structure for spatial...
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Automatic Supervisory Control System of Quenching Temperature in Steel Mill

Jingxuan Zhang, Zhigang Di, Chunrong Jia
In forging process, quenching temperature is the critical factor on affecting products solidity and wear resistance. In order to guarantee products quality and improve work efficiency, it is very essential to monitor and control quenching temperature automatically. To keep quenching temperature in normal...
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The Bus Line Network Efficiency Evaluation Algorithm Based on the Theory of Fuzzy and Hierarchical Analysis

Zhiqiang Liu
By the effect of the optimization of bus scheduling, bring forward evaluation index model to evaluate optimization results,the corresponding algorithm of the model is given. This evaluation index is included transport capacity match,average transfer time,effective time-use law.analytic hierarchy process...
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Building Online Learning Community for Higher Education

Libo Yang, Fuyao Ouyang
Online learning community is a virtual community composed of people who aim at achieving shared learning objectives through social networking and computer-mediated communication. By introducing roles of online learning communities and discussing the issues of building or developing an online learning...
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Extended VIKOR method with fuzzy cross-entropy of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets

Xinye Zhao, Teng’an Zou, Shanliang Yang, Mei Yang
On the foundation of employing the new induced generalized intuitionistic fuzzy ordered weighted averaging operator to aggregate all decision matrices into a collective decision matrix, for the two special situations where the information on attribute weights is incomplete and inconsistent or completely...
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Calculation Error’s Correction of Three-component Geomagnetic Field’s Marine Survey

Xingle Zhu, Changhan Xiao, Zhenning Yao
In order to eliminate calculation error, wavelet transform is used to remove noise when navigational data is used to calculate truth-value of three-component geomagnetic field. By introducing Euler attitude rotation matrix, the computing value of geomagnetic vector is decomposed by multi-scale wavelet...
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A Measurement Method for College Librarian Performance Based on Neural Network

Ping Wang
Librarian performance measurement is an important work for college libraries. It is of great significance for library management work. In this study, the measurement index system of Librarian performance is discussed and established firstly. Then, an improved BP algorithm with two times adaptive adjustment...
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An Applied Research On Experiential Marketing In M-commerce

Minzhen Yang, Bin Huang
The rapidly developing M-Commerce has changed the developmental model of small and medium-sized enterprises. A traditional marketing model is a single supply chain. Thus, in the environment of E-Commerce, enterprises should change their marketing models. Based on the requirements of the customers, Experiential...
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Analysis of the Application of Social E-commerce Marketing

Libo Wen, Yeqian Ni, Bin Huang
During the e-commerce boom period, many traditional companies have joined the e-commerce market, and enterprise users of e-commerce sites have reached saturation. Enterprises that only rely on the site's navigation or search systems have been unable to meet the needs of users. Social e-commerce which...
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Analysis of the Development Situation of Chinese Socialization E-commerce

Xiaoyi Zhu, Bin Huang
At present, with the continuous emergence of social network sites of different types in China, the socialization of e-commerce has emerged as a new trend. However, development of this commerce sector has been relatively weak thus far. This thesis aims to discuss current development patterns of Chinese...
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Innovative and Practical Personnel Training System of Electronics Science and Technology Professionals

Zhigang Di, Chunrong Jia
Photoelectron technique has become core content of electronics science and technology professionals, and has become the pillar and basic of photoelectron information industry. In order to strengthen cultivation of students' professional ability, and highlight the characteristic of photoelectron, this...
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Short-Range Detection System with Polarized Laser and Polarization Characteristics of Typical Targets

Yuying Yang, Huimin Chen, Hejiao Chen, Yunfeng Shao
In view of using only the intensity information of retroreflection light and poor capacity of anti-interference in laser short-range detection, this paper presents a short-range detection method based on laser polarization properties of targets, designs the polarization detection model and constructs...
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Study of the Quantitative Evaluation of Tourism in Shanghai Based on the World Exhibition or Exposition

Jiatong Yu
To make better analysis on the effect of every stage of the Expo on the tourism in Shanghai and predict Expo effect, the dissertation analyses every stage of the Expo by setting up the autoregression model ARMA(p,q) and gray model GM(1,1)and using MATLAB and weighted fitting line, and acquires the predicted...
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Cloud Service Model Based on University English Reading Database

Zuchun Dun
The Rapid development of cloud computing impels the new situation of information technology services in foreign language teaching in universities, and brings more quality requirements to subject librarians in universities. The teaching database of English reading in universities combines image, audio,...
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Image Feature Extraction of Moment of Inertia Based on Otsu Threshold Segmentation

Qing Liu, Liming Zhao, Lijun Zhang
In order to better extract image feature and recognition, a novel feature extraction algorithm of the binary image processing using Otsu combined with normalized moment of inertia (NMI) is put forward. Firstly, the image is processed into binary image and the target area is effectively segmented utilizing...
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Microscopic Image Segmentation of Chinese Herbal Medicine Based on Region Growing Algorithm

Qing Liu, Lijun Zhang, Xiping Liu
In order to effectively separate the target region of the microscopic image of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM), and lay the foundation for the subsequent image recognition processing, a microscopic image segmentation method of CHM by using region growing (RG) algorithm is put forward based on the characteristics...
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Research and Improvement on K-Means Clustering Algorithm

Xuemei Wang, Jinbo Wang
According to the defects of classical k-means clustering algorithm such as sensitive to the initial clustering center selection, the poor global search ability, falling into the local optimal solution. A differential evolution algorithm which was a kind of a heuristic global optimization algorithm based...
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On Competitive Strategy for Group Purchase Websites in China

Beiying He, Bin Huang
Due to low sanctified standard, on-line Group purchase has burgeoned in an unprecedented speed, becoming a most popular on-line shopping way for a great number of consumers. As the number of these websites increases, Group purchase industry is getting homogenized. With the market competition gaining...
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Logistics Management Building Mechanism in E-Commerce

Wanwan Zhang, Shiying Fang, Bin Huang
E-commerce is a product of the information-based society. Its ripad development has also stimulated the logistics industry which it depends on . The importance of logistics in e-commerce has become apparent .If we do not have an efficient, reasonable, smooth logistics system the advantage of e-commerce...
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Strategies for The Security of Online Payments in E-commerce

Chen Zhang, Shijie Jiang, Bin Huang
Online payment is apparently the key for the online transactions, so its security issue becomes the center of focus in the e-commerce development. In China, however, the information leakage, transaction fraud and other security issues have occurred so frequently that they have severely affected the customer...
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Development of Logistics in Electronic Commerce

Shiying Fang, Wanwan Zhang, Bin Huang
In order to improve the logistics informationization, solve the logistics transportation cost is high, the infrastructure issues such as compatibility. Should construct logistics electronic business, build up the modern information technology, automation technology and advanced management thoughts on...
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Analysis of the Dielectric Loss in the Transmission Line Based on Time Domain BLT Equation

Wanjin Wang, Zhiwu Xuan
Dielectric loss is caused due to imperfect dielectric insulation, in order to study the impact of the dielectric loss consider a uniform loss transmission line with leak conductance. The BLT equation from the frequency domain to time domain is derived to improve the time domain BLT equation, and the...
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Application of the BLT equation for radiation field calculaton for double transmission line

Hongzhou Xu, Wanjin Wang
By the excitation of the electromagnetic signal, double transmission line will inducing a voltage and current, thereby creating the space radiation field. Based on infinitesimal current source radiation field and by the convenience of the terminal response aspects of solving transmission line of BLT...
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Diagnostic and Therapeutical Tinnitus System Based on Fuzzy Rough Set

Xianmin Ma
A novel distributed system for the diagnostic and therapeutical tinnitus is introduced based on the fuzzy rough set theory in this paper. The cause of the tinnitus diseases is analyzed, and the prime symptoms of disorders of the inner ear are classified. According to a ringing or booming sensation in...
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The Implementation of Virtual Studio Laboratory Based on Web

Ya Zhao, Xianmei Liu, Feng Tian
The studio has extraordinary meaning of the personnel training of the specialty. According to the actuality and application demand of colleges and universities, we plan to construct a virtual studio laboratory. The paper introduces the system functional components of virtual studio laboratory, elaborates...
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Research of Software Development Model Based on the Theory of Software Engineering

Lei Wang
purpose of research of software development is to attempt to develop lower cost , high reliability, and a variety of software to meet user needs. This paper introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various software development model from software engineering perspective.It proposed use of scientific...
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Model-Based Design of UAV Autopilot Software

Ming Zuo, Ying Liu, Yi Qian, Xiongwen Hu, Xiaochuan Zhao
This paper presents a Model-Based approach to develop UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) autopilot software. It employs Simulink to design the flight controller, Stateflow to implement control logic and Matlab coder to automatically generate embedded C code from the model developed. Software in the loop (SIL)...
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The Research and Design of Trusted Cloud Computing Platform based on Group theory

Ying Yang, Xuehang Shao
The cloud computing can greatly reduce the cost of computing, but is unable to ensure either the integrality or the confidentiality of data and calculation. Therefore, this paper considers of the safety of cloud computing, combining the thought of abstract algebra group theory in modern algebra, puts...
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Application of Ontology Technology in Agricultural Information Retrieval

Jincui Kang, Jinglong Gao
The agricultural information on the internet become more and more, it is very difficult to search accurate related information from such different information, in order to improve the efficiency of information retrieval on the internet, the intelligent searching technology of agricultural information...
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Research and Application of Ontology in Resource Information Model of Tree Growth Management

Xuning Liu, Hongwei Song, Yuan Li, Jincui Kang
In order to provide intellectual support for the construction of model resource of tree growth management, the paper carried out research on ontology and knowledge base technology, and the tree growth management resource information and ontology knowledge base were regarded as research target, which...
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Study of Multi-project Conflicts by IGA Based on the Improvement of Fitness Function

Zhifeng Lv, Xiangdong Ma
In the multi-project resource conflicts exist in the application of standard genetic algorithm fitness function exist "premature" problem, Genetic algorithm can not find the convergence of these issue. Based on the above issues ,an improved genetic algorithm (IGA) are appropriate, From the fitness function,...
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Technological Alliance Networks Analysis under Complex Network Perspective——Case of China’s TD-SCDMA Industry

Mei Liang
This paper discusses the structure characteristics of China’s TD-SCDMA industry alliance from complex network perspective. We use the basic two parameters——average path length and clustering coefficient to do the analysis. Results show that comparing to the different types of complex network, China’s...
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Game Theory-Based Routing Algorithms for Wireless Multi-hop Networks

Zhi Ren, Shuang Peng, Hongjiang Lei, Jibi Li
In wireless multi-hop networks, the quality of service provided by the system heavily depends on the cooperation between nodes. However, nodes are reluctant to cooperate with each other to save their limited resources. This tendency will put a limit on the application of the current wireless multi-hop...
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Retrieval Technology by Example During Product Development of Auto Parts

Jun Chen, He Huang, Ting Wu, Bin Duan
In this paper, aiming at the characteristics of auto parts enterprises’ product development, the object-oriented case knowledge expression to build auto parts product development database is used, the nearest neighbor algorithm is as similarity algorithm of case retrieval, the TCP/IP network technology...
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The Feasibility Analysis about Electrical Appliance Enterprises to Enter the Plastics Recycling Industry

Tao Wang
When the fastigium of the waste electrical appliances being scraped comes, and circular economy develops rapidly, household electrical appliances manufacturing enterprises are responsible for waste household appliances processing. This paper mainly describes current situation of the appliance waste plastics...
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Security Policy on Logistics Management Information System Based on Web

Linna Huang, Fenghua Liu
With the internet development and further development of information technique applications, information management system is used more and more widely in logistics enterprises, but consequent security issues of network information have become increasingly prominent. The paper was set in information...
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Design and Implementation of Parameterized Report Builder component

Yingchun Li
At present People usually uses visual report design components to simplify the report design, But this means reducing the reusability of software development and working efficiency .Aiming To raise the efficiency and reuseability of software developing ,This paper introduces a new parameterzed Report...