Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

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Gabor-LBP Features and Combined Classifiers for Music Genre Classification

Haiqian Wu, Ming Zhang
In this paper, we propose the combination of two visual features with the Gabor filters and LBP for music genre classification. In addition, we use combined classifiers training and testing data to reach a final decision. The experiment shows that we not only reduce the amount of time extracting features,...
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Imbalanced Data Detection Kernel Method in Closed Systems

Youli Lu, Jun Luo
Under the study of Kernel Methods, this paper put forward two improved algorithm which called R-SVM & I-SVDD in order to cope with the imbalanced data sets in closed systems. R-SVM used K-means algorithm clustering space samples while I-SVDD improved the performance of original SVDD by imbalanced sample...
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An Android Terminal in TelosB Wireless Sensor Networks

Siquan Hu, Xiaoli Zhang, Hui Yao, Chundong She
In the deployment of a wireless sensor network, a portable device can be used on protocol analysis or in-situ network diagnose, which is more convenient than the traditional gateway solution. In this paper, based on the Android devolvement board and TelosB mote, the Android terminal was built to collect...
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Improved Additive Operator Splitting Algorithms for Basket Option Pricing Model

Xiaozhong Yang, Gaoxin Zhou
In order to solve Black-Scholes equation of basket option pricing model by numerical method. This paper used Additive Operator Splitting (AOS) algorithm to split the multi-dimensional Black-Scholes equation into equivalent one-dimensional equation set, and constructed 'Explicit-Implicit' and 'Implicit-Explicit'...
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A New Parallel Difference Numerical Method for the Payment of Dividend Black-Scholes Equation

Xiaozhong Yang, Fan Zhang
A new alternating segment explicit-implicit and alternating segment implicit-explicit methods for solving the payment of dividend Black-Scholes equation are presented. These new methods have several advantages such as: good parallelism, unconditional stability, convergence and better accuracy. Numerical...
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A method for Chinese Noun Phrase Recognition Base on Word Co-occurrence Directed Graph

Xinglin Liu
This paper proposes a recognition method for Chinese Noun Phrase based on word co-occurrence directed graph. An input document is firstly scanned in which noun word string is retrieved. Atomic word table and word co-occurrence directed graph is then generated according to the word strings. A search is...
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Research and Application of Rule Engine in Scheduled Outage Management

Bo Wu, Zhimin Guo
With the rapid development of economy, the requirement for electricity supply is growing dramatically, and the consumers are claiming for higher power supply quality with less outage. Scheduled outage makes a major part of power outage, and it is mainly caused by power grid construction and power equipment...
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Building the Platform of Teacher Professional Development for Teachers in Vocational College to Convert Tacit Knowledge

Caixia Wang
Due to the particularity of vocational education, vocational colleges teacher had a lot of tacit knowledge in skill, which was very difficult to be coded, summed and expressed. The platform was built to promote the conversion of tacit knowledge and improve teacher professional development by some tools...
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An Architecture for Unstructured Data Management

Yaohu Lin, Xuelian Lin
As the information age is coming, there is a vast amount of information available in the Internet. Most of data on Web are unstructured. But the significant data should be organized and stored in a suitable way for future purposes. One of the unsolved problems is the management of unstructured data....
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A Weight-based Road Impedance Function Model

Jie Dong, Guojie Shen
Path planning problem is a popular issues in urban transportation system. Road impedance is one of the key factors in route planning. According to road length and speed, road level, traffic lamp and intersection waiting time that affect drive efficiency. A new weighted road impedance model is proposed....
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Optimizing the Conditions for Polysaccharides Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction in Mycelium of Paecilomyces tenuipes Pt196 Using Statistical Approach

Linna Du, Wenting Bu, Wenlin Pan, Chen Shao, Jiahui Lu
[Purpose] In order to enhance the extraction rate of polysaccharides, a series of statistical approach was used to optimize the ultrasonic-assisted extraction conditions from the mycelium of Paecilomyces tenuipes Pt196. [Method] The optimization of conditions was carried out in two stages. Firstly, the...
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An Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Cellular Automaton Model for Traffic Flow

Jie Dong, Xiaomei Zhang
On the basis of Nagel-Schreckenberg model, this paper presents a modified fuzzy cellular automaton model for one-lane highway traffic. An interval type-2 fuzzy logic system is designed to evaluate the randomization parameter of a vehicle based on the spatial headway and speed difference. Some basic qualitative...
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An Efficient Difference Algorithm for Black-Scholes Equation with Payment of Dividend

Lifei Wu, Xiaozhong Yang
Black-Scholes equation is the basic equation of option pricing in financial mathematics, it is important to study its numerical solution in financial market. This paper constructs a new kind of high order accuracy numerical algorithm (Three-layer difference scheme) for Black-Scholes equation with payment...
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WoT based Context-Aware Middleware Design for Integrating Real-World Object to SNS

Hailei Lu, Yang Ji, Chunhong Zhang, Cheng Cheng
In order to build a more user-friendly, intelligent IoT where interactions between Human-to-Human, Object-to-Object, and Human-to-Object coexists, real-world objects are assigned a social network identity on current SNS. Under this scenario, the contexts of the real-world objects become more complicated...
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Design and Implementation of a Context-Aware Based Classroom Inquiring System

Feng Liu, Zhou Xu, Chuanchao Zhang, Haijun Lu, Xiaoxia Li
Nowadays, smart phones and tablets have been getting more and more popular. Many applications in various mobile platforms can provide location based service to users but seldom take personalized information into consideration which is usually important for some kinds of applications. In order to solve...
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Object-Oriented Programming Hardware/Software Supports and Comparison

Junyi Li, Yuhua Zhang, Zhenkun Li, Anthony S. Fong
Object-oriented programming has advantages of reusability, more extensibility, and easier maintainability. While it needs hardware/software environment to support the OO behaviors. In the paper, three OO supporting mechanisms are discussed, the advantages and disadvantages are compared.
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The Reverse-Engineering-based Design of Three-dimensional CAD Parameterized Organic Morphology Mold

Wu Ye, Ruoyu Liang
Gives the method of 3D CAD parametric design under the guidance of the theory of reverse engineering. Describes the application of the method development process of complex-shaped surface mold. Analysis of the mold characteristics, coordinate measuring equipment accurate and efficient access to the basic...
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An improved method for AMR-WB speech codec

Chunling Zhang, Shenghui Zhao, Hongyuan Xiao, Jing Wang, Jingming Kuang
an improved method is proposed to skip the look-ahead period in this paper. The improved method uses the autocorrelation algorithm to calculate the Linear Prediction (LP) coefficients and then the LP coefficients are employed to extrapolate new samples for replacing the look-ahead samples. To evaluate...
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Parallel Outlier Detection in Dial-back Fraud Calls

Bin Wu, Fandi Liao, Di Zhang
With the intensified competition among telecommunications industry, we focused much on the quality of service. Illegal activities, especially dial-back fraud calls, may cause annoyance and inconvenience which will reduce user experience. The detection of dial-back fraud calls is an urgent issue that...
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Distributed Rateless Codes Based on Random Matrices

Yilong Xiao, Haibo Jiang
When multiple source node nodes need to transmit their data packets through a single relay to a common destination, distributed rateless codes can be employed. In this paper, a new kind of completely random rateless codes and its distributed encoding process is proposed based on random matrices theory....
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An Evacuation Decision Making Model for Firefighters in Ad Hoc Robot Network

Demin Li, Jian Zou, Kaikai Yue, Hongyun Guan, Jiacun Wang
Evacuation for a firefighter in complex fire scene is challenge problem. In this paper, we discuss a firefighter’s evacuation decision making model in ad hoc robot network on fire scene. Due to the dynamics on fire scene, we know that the sensed information in ad hoc robot network is also dynamically...
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A Middleware-Based Network Architecture for the Web of Things

Jing Sha, Yang Ji
Web of Things has been proposed to facilitate the integration and composition of everyday device like sensors and actuators with existing standards and blueprints. However, the existing researches do not address all the problems such as integrating legacy devices with constrained capabilities, managing...
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Self-Adapting Acquisition of Sensor Data in Mobile Environment

Chao Wang, Chunhong Zhang, Yang Ji
A mobile application meets the highly real-time requirement for data in sensor networks. However mobile applications have to handle many difficulties that do not exist in non-mobile environment. For example, the wireless network provided for mobile is slow, expensive and bandwidth-limited. So mobile...
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Numerical Simulation Study of the Influence of Ceiling Materials to Roof Radiation Heat Exchange

Songtao Hu, Feng Qi, Teng Xie, Xinxin Wang, Gang Wang
This article focuses on the study of the influence of ceiling materials to roof radiation heat exchange by CFD numerical simulation, which provides a theoretical basis for the choice of ceiling materials from the perspective of thermal properties.
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Large Size Static Pressure Box Airflow Distribution

Guodan Liu, Xinxin Wang, Xuan Wang, Feng Qi, Gang Wang
This paper mainly studies at the different way of ventilation to the influence of air distribution in the large size plenum. The model is a grand theatre stalls. To model the plenum which under the grand theatre stalls,and took out the size of large mutations alone modeling and studying it. the six different...
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Application of Two Unknown Quantities and Three Points Interpolation in the Atmospheric Transmittance of Infrared Radiation

Honghui Sun, Min Li, Jianshe Song
The atmospheric transmittance of infrared radiation is the important parameter on the studies of infrared radiation, the Computation of atmospheric transmittance is professional and complicated and it is inconvenient for the application of engineering and technology. In order to gained the atmospheric...
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A Distribution Communication Network Scheme Involving DERs in Power Grid

Nanhua Yu, Xiaoping Zhang, Xinyu Wang, Runze Wu, Wenxia Liu
DER access to the distribution network will change the characteristics of power flow, the network short-circuit current levels and introduce a large number of harmonic interference in the traditional distribution network, which requires effective communication scheme as a monitor. In this paper, we analyze...
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A Rescheduling Algorithm of Train-group for Railway Emergencies and its Parallelization

Zifeng Wang, Li Ruan, Limin Xiao
In order to reduce the delays of train groups when suffering from railroad emergencies, we propose a rescheduling algorithm of train groups to reschedule trains, instead of previous just waiting. A heuristic algorithm is designed to search the proper path for the trains involved in the railroad emergencies....
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Interference Modeling and Analysis for Inclined Projective Multiple Beams of GEO Satellite Communication Systems

Wei Zheng, Bin Li, Shubo Ren, Jiang Chen, Jianjun Wu
In multi-beam satellite systems, Inter-Beam Interference (IBI) has a great effect on system performance. Within range of satellite coverage area, inclined projective multiple beams give rise to elliptic beam projections, resulting in that the distribution of beam projections is different from traditional...
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A Variation Level Set Formulation Local Based C-V Model for Medical Images Segmentation

Yan Yu, Chaobing Huang, Ling Li
Local image information is crucial for accurate segmentation of images with intensity inhomogeneity which usually occurs in medical images. However, image information in local region is not incorporated in popular region-based active contour models, such as piecewise constant models and piecewise smooth...
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Adaptive HOG-LBP Based Learning for Palm Tracking

Jinbing Gao, Qinghua Cao
Hand tracking is a challenging research direction in computer vision field. Although gesture tracking algorithm has been widely applied to the system of human-computer interaction, it is difficult to meet the robustness and the real-time requirements because of the hand lacks sufficiently rich texture...
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Equipment Support Training System Design

Hui Wang, Qin Zhang
This work describes the development of a novel equipment support training system. Differing from the traditional teaching panel method, the proposed method does not require any complex computations for coordinate transformation and is a simpler scheme. The proposed equipment support training system includes...
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Optimization of the Culture Medium for Rhodospirillum Rubrum S1 with an Artificial Neural Network Model and GA

Yan Pan, Weijian Wang, Haijuan Tian, Shihao Li, Zhu Zhu
on the basis of the data from the previous box-behnken central composite design, an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model was constructed for the prediction of outputs of carotenoids. GA (genetic algorithm) was used to search for the optimal culture medium for Rhodospirillum Rubrum S1:citric acid 3.678g/L,...
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Development of Diagnostic Equipment for ECU Parts Used in Electric Vehicles

Jinrui Nan, Junkui Huang, Zhi Chai
Electric vehicles use lots of ECU controllers in the CAN network, the quality of ECU parts used in vehicles is closely related to safe driving. This paper develops a kind of fault diagnostic equipment for electric vehicles’ ECU controllers. This device has designed digital input signal acquisition module,...
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Optimal Selection of Cyclic-prefix and Sub-carrier for OFDM Signal in Mobile Satellite Communications Channel

Bin Li, Wei Zheng, Shubo Ren, Jianjun Wu
Adapted parameters of OFDM signals can bring performance improvement in mobile satellite communications. This paper firstly analyzes the effect of cyclic-prefix (CP) length and sub-carrier bandwidth on system interference and capacity. This effect can be described by a formula which consists of system...
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Shock Resistance of a Marine Pump

Changyue Wang, Ji Wang, Jianhua Zheng
Numerical method is used to build the entity model and finite element model of a marine pump, modal analysis shows that modal frequency is not equal to the operating frequency and the resonance is not produced in the pump. The finite element method is used to calculate the shock load which is the request...
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A Novel Approach to Improve the Frequency Resolution Based on Sparse Representation

Wenming Gui, Ruifan Liu, Guangyi Bai, Xi Shao
How to improve the frequency resolution, especially in the low frequency bands, is an important problem for many applications. A novel approach based on sparse representation was proposed for this problem. In this work, we first discussed the design of the over-completed dictionary with the high frequency...
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Performance Evaluation of Optical Carrier Suppression Radio over Fiber System Through Modulation Index Enhancement

Zhaoxu Liu, Xiaogang Chen, Chao Jiang
The performance of optical carrier suppression (OCS) radio over fiber (RoF) system is evaluated through tuning the modulation index of Mach-Zehnder modulator, and two different data modulation schemes are considered. The quantitative simulation results validate that there exist an optimum modulation...
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Effect of Modulation Index of Mach-Zehnder Modulator on Single Sideband Radio over Fiber System

Chao Jiang, Xiaogang Chen, Zhaoxu Liu
The effect of the modulation index of Mach-Zehnder modulator on single sideband (SSB) radio over fiber (RoF) system is investigated, and two different data modulation schemes are considered. The quantitative results suggest that there exist an optimum modulation index, and the system performance could...
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Traceroute-based route gathering and repairing mechanism of client-independent IP geolocation system

Yongcai Tao, Weiwei Jia, Lei Shi, Lin Wei, Yangjie Cao
Delay measurement-based IP Geolocation can gain better IP geolocation performance. However, there are still some defects needed to be improved, including inaccurate landmark information, incomplete traceroute information and inaccurate traceroute repairing information. To address the issues, the paper...
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A Mathematical Formula Retrieval Method Using Structure Sub-tree

Mingjie Guan, Xuedong Tian, Fang Yang, Songqiang Yang
It is quite inadequate in providing formula retrieval function by traditional retrieval techniques used in full-text information retrieval system. The main reason is that there are many difficulties to extract the keywords of the mathematical formulas. In this paper, a detailed analysis of the structural...
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Two Dimension Numerical Simulation of Airflow over Complex Terrains at Low Altitude

Chu Tang, Huanran Hu, Guanxin Hong
In order to avoid the problems of existing methods, a numerical simulation method for two-dimensional airflow over complex terrains is developed in this paper for the engineering use of flight dynamics. Based on the potential flow theories, the effects of terrains on the wind field are considered by...
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A Support State Marker Method for Detecting Discontinuities in Simulation of Dynamic Systems

Qiong Yuan, Dalong Ding, Guangming Dai, Guohui Hong
The design of discontinuity facilities is a critical factor in the success of many simulation efforts. This paper discusses the problems caused by detecting a discontinuity in terms of a change of sign in the value of a discontinuity function and describes an alternative which uses a change of the state...
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Mechanism of Sini Decoction on Coronary Heart Disease in Molecular Level

Weiye Tao, Laiyou Wang, Guohua Cheng, Jun Liu, Langping Tang
Sini Decoction is a traditional Chinese medicine which has a curative effect. The mode of action between small molecules and the targets were presented visually, which provided an in-depth interpretation about the pharmacodynamic material basis. It is valuable for the research and development of new...
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Design of Interactive Intelligent Family Utilization System in Smart Grid

Xusheng Liu, Fuchun Zhang, Guanghua Yan, Ying He, Runze Wu
Intelligent power utilization is an important part in the construction of smart grid, its outstanding characteristic is interaction between power grid and demand side. Based on the demand of family intelligent power utilization, this paper analyzes the significance of bilateral interaction system construction,...
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A Backward Compatible MultiChannel Audio Compression Method

Xuefei Gao, Guo Yang, Jing Wang, Xiang Xie, Jingming Kuang
This paper proposes a backward-compatible multichannel audio codec based on downmix and upmix operation. The codec represents a multichannel audio input signal with downmixed mono signal and spatial parametric data. The encoding method consists of three parts: spatial temporal analysis of audio signal,...
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Design and Implementation of an SVG Editor for Power System

Kehe Wu, Bohao Cheng, Jinshui Wu, Yue Yuan
It is the fundamental requirement for power system graphical editor to be able to draw rapidly, precisely and allocate corresponding configuration parameters for the power components and reserve operation interface. Element of this editor uses the SVG format and defines metadata tags based on the CIM...
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Large-scale Wire-speed Multicast Switching Structure Based on Multipath Self-routing Switching Structure and Implemented on FPGA

Kai Cui, Hui Li, Zhipu Zhu, Fuxing Chen
Ensuring high quality of service (QoS) of multicast video stream over next generation network is a challenging issue, and how to implement the wire-speed multicast with hardware logical support in the network nodes of every hierarchy is a key solution to achieve high QoS multicast. Currently, the multicast...
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Weight-discounted Symmetrization in Clustering Directed Graphs

Bin He, Hui Liu, Xianghui Zhao, Zefeng Li
An increasing attention has been recently devoted to uncovering community structure in directed graphs which widely exist in real-world complex networks such as social networks, citation networks, World Wide Web, email networks, etc. A two-stage framework for detecting clusters is an effective way for...
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CQI Prediction for Shadow Fading in LTE-compatible GEO Mobile Satellite Communications System

Yadan Zheng, Mingke Dong, Ye Jin, Jianjun Wu
CQI(Channel Quality Indicator) is an essential indicator for AMC(Adaptive Modulation and Coding) technique in LTE. Due to the long delay of GEO satellite channel, CQI prediction is necessary to ensure effective AMC in LTE-compatible GEO mobile satellite communications system. The complete procedure and...
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The Summarize Of Improved HMM Model

Fangfang Shi, Xianyi Cheng, Xiang Chen
The hidden markov model is a kind of important probability model of series data processing and statistical learning and it has been successfully applied in many engineering tasks. This paper introduces the basic principle of hidden markov model firstly, and then discusses the limitations of hidden markov...
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Preparation of Ni-Mn-Zn ferrite films on CeO2/YSZ-buffered Si substrate

Yiqing Yang, Liang Zheng, Hui Zheng, Xuefei Yan
Ni-Mn-Zn ferrite films were deposited on Si substrate with CeO2/YSZ(YSZ:yttria-stabilized ZrO2) buffer layer by pulsed laser deposition(PLD). The effect of CeO2/YSZ buffer layer on the Ni-Mn-Zn ferrite film was studied by XRD, SEM and VSM. The results revealed that the CeO2/YSZ buffer layer can improve...
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Audio Retrieval Based on Chinese Keyword Search in Relational Databases

Boyan Zhu, Guang Liu, Liang Zhu
In this paper, we propose a new method based on Chinese keyword search to select the WAV or MP3 files in audio post-production. First, we listen to each file and label it with Chinese characters, and then classify and store the files in a relational database system. Then, we use the techniques of Chinese...
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Unsupervised multi-scale fuzzy clustering algorithm application in the evaluation of soil fertility

Liying Cao, Helong Yu, Li Ma, Guifen Chen
this paper adopts statistical learning theory and optimization theory to the analysis of the algorithm theory, probe into its theoretical foundation. The existing theoretical analysis on the basis of the establishment of clustering model algorithm design, code realization and finally a lot of different...
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A Method of E-Service Workflow Composition Based on Linear Logic Inference Rules

Shan Zhou, Fangyu Zhang
The paper proposes a method for semantic message matching in automatic service composition. It develops a framework in which the exported message description and behavior description of a service, and represents the behavior of a service with a finite state machine. Since the service interface definition...
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Medium Access Control Layer Design and Simulation for 802.16 System

Yu Cheng, Hongwei Zhao, Yucui Li, Shihui Pei
In order to analyze transmission performance of broad band wireless communication system based on 802.16 protocol, address the key issues of QoS scheduling algorithm, and network congestion, etc, we present our design of WiMAX medium access control (MAC) layer based on 802.16 protocol in this paper....
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A Summary of Comparative Study of Software Reliability

Chong Peng, Yujie Meng, Liyun Lan, Lun Wang
With the integration of informatization and industrialization, the application of software is getting more and more extensive and plays a powerful role in many facilities. At the same time, Software failures cause tremendous losses, thus ensuring the reliability of software becomes increasingly important....
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The Key Management Scheme for the WMSN-based Post-Disaster Road Monitoring System

Xiaoling Sun, Xuguang Sun, Shanshan Li, Fuming Chen, Qiuge Yang
In order to obtain the availability of roads and bridges after earthquake, a real-time monitoring system is build by wireless sensor networks. And a new key management scheme is proposed to protect the safety of the system. The scheme is based on the polynomial and the Chinese Remainder Theorem, divided...
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Enabling Zigbee Communications in Android Devices

Siquan Hu, Yu Fu, Chundong She, Hui Yao
Android is one of the most popular smart phone and tablet platforms; Zigbee is the standard for home automation and will play an important role on future WPAN. Enabling the Zigbee communication on Android can exploit the rich network and nice display power of the Android phone in Zigbee applications....
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Parallel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem

Kun Xu, Mingyan Jiang, Dongfeng Yuan
Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABCA) is a novel swarm intelligence algorithm which a colony of artificial bees cooperate in finding good solutions for numerical optimization problems and combinatorial optimization problems. Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a famous combinatorial optimization problem...
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A Clustering Algorithm of E-learningers Based on Rough Set

Yunhua Wang, Huiyan Ke
The demand for individualized teaching from E-learning websites is rapidly increasing due to the huge differences existed among E-learning learners. A method for clustering E-learningers based on rough set is proposed. The basic idea of the method is to reduce the learning attributes prior to clustering,...
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A Novel Adaptive Match Scheme for Parallel Mesh-decomposition in OpenFOAM

Miao Wang, Yuhua Tang, Hongyun Zhang
A parallel multilevel k-way partitioning algorithm is used in OpenFOAM to perform parallel mesh-decomposition. Before the parallel decomposition procedure, mesh has to be pre-decomposed by the Simple method in OpenFOAM. Match-computation for the algorithm’s parallel coarsening phase is based on a kind...
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Implementation of TCP/NC protocol simulation based on OMNET++

Hongyun Zhang, Wanrong Yu, Chunqing Wu, Miao Wang, Xiaoping Xu
TCP protocol has an awful performance in the wireless network because of the instability, high BER and long RTT of the wireless link. How to make wireless transmission more reliable and efficient has become a hot topic among relative researches. TCP/NC is a recently proposed protocol based on network...
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Improvement of KEA Based on Lexical Chain

Zefeng Li, Xianghui Zhao, Jin Yi, Bin He
Keyphrases are very useful and significant for information retrieval, automatic summarizing, text clustering, etc. KEA is a traditional and classical algorithm in keyphrase automatic extraction. But it is mainly based on the statistical information without considering the semantic information. In this...
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Simulation Research of a type of Pressure Vessel under Complex Loading Part 1 Component Load of the Numerical Analysis

Yufu Zhang, Huixia Guo, Junchen Li, Guirong Yang, Ying Ma
Macroscopic mechanical response is one of the key factors in designing pressure vessel. A geometric modeling of pressure vessel was established and the mesh of this modeling then generated by using the finite element simulating methods in software ABAQUS. Loading and boundary conditions of dead weight,...
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Simulation Research of a type of Pressure Vessel under Complex Loading Part 2 Complex Load of the Numerical Analysis

Junchen Li, Jie Sheng, Yufu Zhang
Loading of pressure vessel was usually complicated in practical service operating conditions. Simulation model of pressure vessel was built by method of finite element simulation analysis, and structured mesh generation was realized. Numerical calculation was come true, stress/strain distribution of...
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A Novel Optimizing Mechanism of Load Balancing in LTE Network

Yu Luan, Bo Wang, Zhaobiao Lv, Jianquan Wang
With the rapid developing of wireless communication technology and the growing user service, the demand on the system capacity from users is growing. In the LTE network, the uneven load distribution makes that network resource is not fully utilized, which results that the capacity is limited. In this...
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Scheduling of Periodic Tasks with Data Dependency on Multiprocessors

Jinlin Wang
This article studies the scheduling problem of a set of tasks with time or data constraints on a number of identical processors with full connections. We present an algorithm, in which a set of static schedule lists can be obtained, each for a processor, such that each task starts executing after its...
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Formation vector based shortest path-planning in CGF formation

Fei Jie, Zhaohan Lu, Baodi Xie
In order to improve the poor reality and bad flexibility of the mapping relationship which matched entities with aim locations in traditional approximation method, the formation vector shortest path-planning method was presented in this paper. By analyzing the lack of aim path-planning in the approximation...
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The Design and Implementation of Cloud Service Based Customized Mobile Device Application System

Tong Zhu, Zhuo Gao
In this paper, we propose a system plan for cloud service based local mobile device application customization. The mobile device acquires tailored function configuration from the cloud service and generates the plan for the application with a local configuration interpreting engine. The system enables...
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An Implementation of Simulation-Based Environment for Bus Fault Injection Techniques

Biaobiao Shi, Xiaopeng Gao
Reliability is the most important feature in this more and more complex computer system era. Fault injection is dependability validation technique to evaluating the system. Hardware and Software implementations of fault injection have a long history and are much more mature than simulated fault injection....
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Keyword Aggregate Query Based on Query Template

Bin Zhu, Fang Yuan, Yu Wang
For keywords query, we propose a keyword aggregate query method based on query template. During the keywords processing, symbol table is used to locate the position of the keywords in the database to get a series of query items. In the query template generating stage, we design a heuristic query template...
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A Middleware for Metadata Management Oriented Distributed Data Sharing

Jiufang An, Faming Lu, Hua Duan, Qingtian Zeng
Metadata based data sharing technology has been applied in many fields. The traditional metadata based data sharing technology rarely shares data according to users’ personalized demand. Meanwhile the portability and security of data sharing hasn’t been considered very well. To address these problems,...
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A Retrieval Sorting Approach for Online Forums Based on Domain Topics

Yuyan Zhang
Topical search engine is an extension of general-purpose search engines, which has become an important research subject in Web information retrieval recently. Focusing on the development of Web 2.0 applications, a result ranking approach is proposed on the basis of LDA model to rank the search results...
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A Framework of Evaluation Methodologies for Network Anomaly Detectors

Xin Zhao, Yekui Qian, Changsheng Wang
Anomaly detection has been a field of intensive research over the last years. Along with that several works to evaluate anomaly detectors have been proposed. In this paper we argue four properties regarding ideal evaluation methodologies that cannot be answered by single current evaluation technique...
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ES-TMP: Inter-domain Egress Selection based on Traffic Migration Prediction

Dan Zhao, Xiaofeng Hu, Chunqing Wu
Hot-potato routing is commonly used to break tie among multiple equally-good exit points associating with inter-domain BGP routes. However, hot-potato routing only takes the network control plane into consideration, where it provides the routers the possibility of enabling early exit of traffic using...
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On the contrast and research of maximum power point tracking control in the Microgrids PV system

Bo Hu, ZaiLin Piao
In microgrids operation, photovoltaic power generation system need to quickly and accurately for maximum power point tracking (MPPT), namely MPPT technology, because of the diversity of the control method, its control effect is different, a realization of process is also great difference. And because...
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A Data Collecting and Caching Mechanism for Gateway Middleware in the Web of Things

Xuchao Chang, Chunhong Zhang, Li Sun
The Web of Things (WoT) is a refinement of the Internet of Things by integrating heterogeneous devices not only into the Internet (the network), but into the Web (the application layer). With the expansion of applications and devices, WoT Gateway Middleware is bearing more and more pressure from data...
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A Whole Rate-Distortion Optimize Pronounce Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Qingsheng YU, Jian ZHANG, Jinxiang PENG
Based on the Joint Video Team (JVT) of the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group VCEG and the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group MPEG, an RD optimal Macro Block mode decision scheme for Internet error channel streaming is introduced. The scheme employs the luminance Rate Distortion (RD) optimal mode decision...
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Design of College Teacher Workload Management System Based on ASP.NET

Dongsheng Zhou, Bo Hu
This paper mainly introduces a management information system about college teacher workload based on ASP.NET and ADO.NET technology. The system adopts B/S structure, benefits the using of client. And the system realized the digital and dynamical management, reduces the time of examination and approval,...
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An Anti-Collision Algorithm based on Slot Location and Tag Estimation

Yong Liu, Xingzhong Xiong
RFID is one of the most important technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT), which has been widely used in all kinds of fields. However, a key problem is the tag collision when multiple tags reflect simultaneously to a reader. In traditional algorithm, slot location is always ignored. We present an...
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A Solving Algorithm of Fuzzy Support Vector Machines Based on Determination of Membership

Hua Duan, Yanmei Hou
In order to overcome the issues that Support Vector Machine is sensitive to the outlier and noise points, Fuzzy Support Vector Machine (FSVM) is proposed. The key issue to solve the FSVM is determinate the fuzzy membership. This paper gives an overview of construction algorithm of the fuzzy membership....
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A Description and Transformation Approach for Model Driven Architecture

Lei Wang
By referring to the widely used web application frameworks on JavaEE, a description and transformation approach is proposed to resolve the problems of the transformation from platform independent models to platform specific models. To achieve model transformation, mapping rules can be defined according...
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Research of Thermoelectric Enterprise Marketing Management Information System Integration Model

Zhigang Li, Zetian Fu, Jiayong He
Domestic power marketing system means more backward, and the marketing organization system is imperfect. Due to business expansion and increased market competition, Tianfu thermoelectric original electric gas marketing system can no longer meet the needs of enterprise development which lead to information...
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C-MAS: The Cloud Mutual Authentication Scheme

Zhenpeng Liu, Fenglong Wu, Kaiyu Shang, Wenlei Chai
A cloud mutual authentication scheme (C-MAS) is proposed to solve the problem of authentication between user and cloud computing server. Trusted computing technology and traditional smart card methods are used in cloud computing service platform. The scheme completes the authentication of both sides...
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A Novel Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing System Based on Parallel Computing

Lidong Lu, Yun Liang, Binglin Li, Jinghong Guo
A new Brillouin optical time domain reflectometry (BOTDR) based on parallel computing method to extract the spontaneous Brillouin scattering spectra is proposed. By use of parallel computing method, the speed of digital signal processing unit in the new BOTDR can be improved by more than 40 times, which...
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Recursive Backstepping Nonlinear Control and Sliding Mode Control of a Novel Hyperchaotic Finance System

Pei Hu, Guoliang Cai, Lan Yao, Xiulei Fang
In this paper, the recursive backstepping nonlinear control method is proposed. Based on the Lyapunov theory, the controllers are designed to achieve the new hyperchaotic system globally, asymptotically stabilized at the equilibrium point. Furthermore, a robust control method combining backstepping and...
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Study of Magnetoacoustic Tomography with Injecting Current by Experiment

Xin Huang, Guoqiang Liu, Hui Xia
Magnetoacoustic Tomography MAT is a new imaging method. MAT combines the good contrast of electrical impedance tomography with the good spatial resolution of ultrasound imaging. Magnetoacoustic Tomography includes Magnetoacoustic Tomography with magnetic induction and Magnetoacoustic Tomography with...
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Real-Time 3D Hand Gesture Detection from Depth Images

Lin Song, Ruimin Hu, Hua Zhang, Yulian Xiao, Liyu Gong
In this paper, we describe an real-time algorithm to detect 3D hand gestures from depth images. Firstly, we detect moving regions by frame difference; then, regions are refined by removing small regions and boundary regions; finally, foremost region is selected and its trajectories are classified using...
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Automatic Hexahedral Mesh of Concrete Box Girder with the Vertical Section Method

Wenpu Zhao, Qingyun Zhao, Zhiqiang Lu, Shihua Yu
According to the geometric characteristics of concrete box girder structure, the author proposed a way to automatically complete the concrete box girder with automatic hexahedral mesh subdivision algorithm-the vertical section method. After introducing its computing ideas, it will be applied to engineering...
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Pedestrian Tracking Based on Improved Particle Filter Under Complex Background

Yu Fu, Xiang Long
When tracking a moving human target,the traditional particle filter algorithm based on color characteristic can't get accurate results in situations like complicated background or frequent brightness change.Due to the problem, this paper put forward a particle filter algorithm based on combination of...
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LD Longitudinally Pumped Nd:YAG 946nm Lasers Optimization Analysis

Jingquan Li, Jingyuan Shi, Changli Qiu, Wei Quan, Siming He
In this paper, the best crystal length and transmission of quasi-three-level 946nm Nd:YAG laser is analyzed and optimized. Under the different condition of pump power loss of cavity and mode matching the analysis show that one should select different length of laser crystal and different transmission...
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Irreversible Thermodynamic Discussions about Ferroelectric Phase Transitions

Jinsong Wang
The irreversibility of ferroelectric phase transitions has been studied by using the irreversible thermodynamics. The ‘thermal hysteresis’ of first-order ferroelectric phase transitions and the polydomain structure of ferroelectrics can be explained on the basis of the principle of minimum entropy production....
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A Direct Filling Algorithm of Isogram in Complex Boundary

Linna Huang, Guangzhong Liu
On basis of summarizing the existing isogram filling algorithm, this paper puts forwards a direct filling algorithm of isogram in complex boundary. Compared with the point-by-point scanning method and algorithm of area filling, this new algorithm has no necessity not only in point-by-point calculation...
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Convolutive Blind Source Separation based on Wavelet De-noising

Hongbin Zhang, Pengfei Xu
The paper discusses the time-domain blind seperation applied to communication signals, using an ICA algorithm EFICA together with a wavelet de-noising processing method. In the Blind source separation system, regardless of the mixed signals and separated signals, noise pollution occurs frequently, it...
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Data Storage Technology and Its development based on Cloud Computing

Linna Huang, Fenghua Liu
Cloud storage of high performance is the basic condition for cloud computing. This article introduces the concept and advantage of cloud storage, discusses the infrastructure of cloud storage system as well as the architecture of cloud data storage, researches the details about the design of Distributed...
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Gear fault diagnosis method of intelligence based on genetic algorithm to optimize the BP neural network

Jie Fang
The work of the gear transmission is very complex, and its failure in the form and features tend to show non-linear mapping. Fault signal is often submerged in conventional vibration signal and noise, it is not easy using traditional signal processing methods to extract fault features which in a difficult...
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A Study on Grey Correlation Degree Model of Venture Capital Intrinsic Value

Linsen Yin
In view of the disfigurement that the former research mostly focus on the evaluation of the investment value before investment, not only this paper uses for reference to the former evaluation system, but also successfully integrates it into a unity that the evaluation before investment and after investment....
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Implementation of Mine Equipment Maintenance Management System based on Web

Lifang Tang, Chuanjin Wang
Based on Web of mine equipment maintenance management system,mainly to solve the mining equipment safety inspection,repair and test equipment,the existing problems of mine machinery and equipment maintenance is lack of effective management means information. Based on the introduction of mine equipment...
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Vision Control System of Pipe Welding Robot

Lifang Tang, Chuanjin Wang
The author of this article designs a non-track automatic pipe welding robot, which mainly studies the image processing system of visual welding tracking. With the requirement of various interference noise and tracking accuracy in the welding process, this study adopts structure light CCD sensor checking...