Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2018)

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Influencing Factors for Chinese Students to Participate in Tutorial Education and the Impact of Participating in Tutorial Education

Chuang Yan
By investigating the participation of students in tutorial education in four high schools in Changchun and Fushun, the author finds out that individual factors such as family income, education level of father, rank of students, grade of students and type of schools have no significant effects on the...

Research on the Relationship between Classroom Climate and Learning Motivation of College Students: Mediating Effect of Self-efficacy

Chih Huang, Yishan Shen, Sisi Huang
The main purpose of this study is to explore the impact of classroom climate on learning motivation and to verify the mediating effect of self-efficacy on classroom climate and learning motivation. In this study, the author investigated the students in the college of Business of B University. And the...

Research on the Education and Training Mode of Innovative Talents of New Engineering in Colleges and Universities

Yan Li
With the launching of the construction plan of "new engineering", the research and discussion about new engineering in China is unprecedentedly active. And practical exploration is already on the way. This paper reviews the literature on new engineering, the characteristics of new engineering and so...

Optimization of Medical English Teaching in Mongolian Medicine College Based on ESP Theory

Xiaomei Miss, Yuehong Wang, Agula Bo
From the perspective of ESP, this paper discusses the importance of effectively carrying out ESP teaching in Mongolian medicine colleges, introduces the modern medical English teaching mode in Mongolian medicine colleges and puts forward some proposals according to the existing problems and current situation.

The Research on Classroom Teaching of Oral Chinese as a Foreign Language

Lin Zhang
This article mainly analyzes the importance of oral Chinese teaching in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, the practicality of oral classroom teaching, the relationship between the cultivation of undergraduates' qualities in Chinese international education and the training of oral teaching ability,...

The Research of a Staircase Constructed Project-oriented Teaching Method from the Perspective of Total Quality Management

Da Si
In China, many vocational schools attempt to adopt action-based "project-oriented teaching method" to organize teaching activities. However, in the course of teaching arrangement, the problem of "acclimatized" appeared to the method. Therefore, this study proposes the staircase constructed project-oriented...

Research on Application of Music Games in Class Teaching of Music in Primary School

Na Li, Huihua Liu
The game is a favorite teaching activity for music teachers and students in primary schools. Game teaching is an effective way to stimulate pupils' interest in music learning. This paper is based on the investigation and research of music classroom teaching in primary schools. Aided by the theory of...

Study on the Development Strategy and Layout Planning of Agricultural Products Logistics in HH City

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Based on the analysis of the macro-environment of agricultural products logistics development in HH city, aiming at the existing problems in the agricultural products logistics development, this paper further puts forward the development strategy and goals, and spatial strategy and overall layout of...

An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Challenge Stressor, Hindrance Stressor and Job Burnout

Qingsong Zhu, Tingting Li
Starting from the intrinsic attributes of stressors, this paper introduces achievement motivation as an intermediary and explores the influence of challenge and hindrance stress on job burnout. With a sample of 261 employees, a series of analysis were carried out by SPSS19.0 and AMOS21.0, and use the...

Study on Farmland Demarcation Based on County Land Management Quality Zoning A Case Study on Cha County

Xiangdong Cao, Xinjuan Shao, Huali Fan, Xiuhua Li, Yan Wang
The quality zoning of land management reflects the management level of regional agricultural production and is also the basis of demarcation of basic farmland reserve. This paper chooses QapqalXibe Autonomous County in Yili River Valley as a research area to construct a comprehensive evaluation index...

The Sufi Path of al-Ghazali

Nur Kirabaev, Maithem Al-Janabi
The paper deals with the philosophical ideas of the great islamic philosopher Abu Hamid Muhammad Ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali at-Tusi (1058-1111), whose activity is connected with the forming of systematic teaching of Sufism and foundation of the theoretical base of Sufism. The authors attempt to show that...

Natural Sciences and Cultural Sciences: Correlation of Knowledge and Belief

Ruzana Pskhu, Zurida Murga
The paper deals with the constitutive elements of creative work in science, which is understood as activities for cognition and explanation of the phenomena of the world and culture, carried out under the certain circumctances. The authors tried to show the main difficulties, which can occur both in...

Connotation of Socialist Legal Culture with Chinese Characteristics

Ximei Zhang
To correctly understand the “rule of law” culture, we must understand it in comparison with the "rule of man" culture, and we must also understand the structural elements and functions of the “rule of law” culture. The socialist legal culture with Chinese characteristics has its fundamental premise:...

Construction of National Identity of Ritual Culture-based College Students

Dong Long
National identity is a kind of mental activity that the citizens confirm which country they belong to and what characteristics that country has. Today, in the era of globalization and post-industrialization, all countries are strengthening college students’ national identity through various methods....

Research on the Elimination of Negative Value of Big Data Technology

Maoxin Tian
With the rapid development of big data technology in recent years, data has become new resource for the entire society. People are rushing to research big data. While using big data technology, it also inevitably leads to the reflection on the duality of technology value. Therefore, the duality of big...

Introducing Phenomenology into Fictive Motion

Lihong Shi
This paper aims to introduce phenomenology into fictive motion research. First, the research of Talmy, Langacker, Lakoff and Turner, Fauconnier, and Matlock on fictive motion are reviewed, whose views are popular in this field. Then, it introduces several key concepts in phenomenology to explain the...

Health-preserving Thought of "Huai Nan-zi"

Guozhe Yang
With the continuous improvement of living standard today, people pay more and more attention to health preserving, and Taoist health keeping is our most well-known health-keeping thought. As a great masterpiece of Huang-lao Taoism, the book "Huai Nan-zi" is compiled by the the king of Huainan in Western...

Study on the Connotation of "the Argument in Accordance with Confucian Classics"

Gongluo Zhu
As the cultural phenomenon with far-reaching influence, "the argument in accordance with Confucian classics" is not only the interpretation of Confucian classics, but also a kind of linguistic expression method and meaning generation method. It is not only the method of theoretical construction and academic...

Theory and Method of Language Contact

Jianya Zhang, Weiming Peng
This paper examines the studies and scholars concerning language contact, sorts out the mainstream theories of the theory of language contact and highlights relevant differences. With timeline, foreign studies fall into pre-theory phase and theory-development phase. And Chinese studies could be divided...

Family Ethics in Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You

Yuan Shen, Ting Yang
Chinese American writer Celeste Ng’s novel Everything I Never Told You penetrates into the educational crisis in a mixed-race family by highlighting the sense of alienation, frustration and depression resulting from distorted family ethics. This paper mainly analyzes the ethical issues in the novel from...

Study on Phonetics Acquisition of English Learners from Regions of Prominent Dialects in Anhui Province from the Perspective of Optimality Theory

Huazhen Wang
Based on Optimality theory and the existing research result at home and abroad, this paper discover the influence of Anhui dialect on undergraduates’ English phonetic learning through the long-term phonetics teaching and experimental teaching, probes into the problems in phonetic transfer of graduates...

Comparison of Zhongnan Culture and Nomadic Culture

Jie Hang
Zhongnan Mountain, is a boundary of the south and north part of China. Zhongnan Culture, a regional culture, is formed based on this unique geological location. As a geological boundary in Culturology, Zhongnan Mountain only reaches Shangluo, Ankang Mountainous area in south, and reaches South of Guanzhong...

The Way to Define the Polysemic Words in a Chinese-English Dictionary An Approach Based on the Generative Lexicon

Yan He
This paper has carried out a study of the semantic extensions of the verb ài (‘love’) in Chinese from a sub-lexical perspective within the theoretical framework of Generative Lexicon. In particular, we have proposed a sub-lexical definition of the verb ài (‘love’) for a Chinese-English dictionary as...

Figurative Idioms and Culture

Fangfang Ding
This paper seeks to outline the main typology of cultural aspects under conventional figurative language, idioms in particular and to describe the connection between figurative idioms and culture as it becomes manifest in idiomatic data from several languages.

Space Production and Its Art Representation Taking "Big Talk on Journey to the West" as an Example

Jiachun Ye
Space theory is an important concern of Western Neo-Marxism. In works of literature and art, space theory and its framework of interpretation explored the struggles among the various social forces brought together by analyzing the physical space constructed in literary works, and creatively explored...

Influence of Cognitive Factors on Interpreters’ Performance

Mianmian Cai
This thesis mainly presents the application of interdisciplinary research to dynamic study of interpretation, i.e. the study of the process of interpretation. The author discussed Relevance Theory, which is known as theoretical foundation of cognitive pragmatics. After explaining the procedure of comprehension,...

Self-evolution of Strange and Personalized Copperplate Etching Language

Zhu Liu
With the particularity of copperplate etching, it requires workers to have high professional and technical quality. The technique factor has always been an organic part embedded in the art form of printmaking. To grasp the technique is the only way to study and master printmaking. Throughout the process...

Financial Distress Prediction Model of Manufacturing Industry Empirical Evidence from Shenzhen and Shanghai A-share Listed Firms

Lan Wu, Pan Wan
Since financial distress prediction model have the features of information collection, financial monitoring, financial identification and financial prevention and so on, we selected financial data of 20 ST companies and non-ST companies from Shenzhen and Shanghai A-share listed companies on the basis...

Comparative Analysis on the Competitive Power of Vegetable Industry Elements in China

Xiaoli Zhang
Whether the basic factors are rich or not and whether they are used reasonably and efficiently are not only related to the production capacity of vegetable industry at present, but also related to the potential of future development of vegetable industry. This study selected the top 10 vegetable provinces...

Thinking on the Construction of Intellectual Property System with Chinese Characteristics under the Perspective of Marxism Theory

Yanying Fei, Liang Zhao
The western intellectual property system has existed for several centuries and it has become a perfect system. With the establishment of new China, Chinese intellectual property system has gradually developed too. It is currently in the new period of building the intellectual property system with Chinese...

The Effect of Science and Technology Ethics on Science and Technology Innovation

Wei Yang
The promoting effect of science and technology development on society is evident in the contemporary era. However, the side effects or potential negative impacts of science and technology in social development such as the threat of nuclear weapons, environmental pollution, ecological unbalance, resources...

Research on the Introduction Policy of High-tech Talents of Taiwan

Jianping Huang, Lihua Huang
High-tech talent is the first key to the development of science and technology. For this reason, this article mainly elaborates the general situation of Fujian's high-tech talents, analyzes the difficulties of Fujian's introduction policy of Taiwan's high-tech talents, and proposes proposals for resolving...

Transformation and Planning of Production Space in Beishan Village, Zhuhai

Hui Li, Shuai Yang
Based on the theory of space production, this paper analyzes the dominant factors of space production history of Beishan village and uses the spatial criticism theory to examine and analyze the current situation. In view of the crisis of Beishan village's spatial transition, this paper tries to make...

An Empirical Study on the Evolvement of Demands of Professional Ability of Managerial Students in Vocational Colleges by Employing Units

Yaling Liu, Yuyi Zeng
Based on the data of survey of management professional position requirements in 2011 and 2016, the author analyzes the requirement changes of employ ability of vocational students in vocational colleges. The research finds that the professional vocational qualifications of vocational students have always...

Study on Governmental Policy Marketing Mechanism

Preng-Nien Hu
The relationship between the government and the media is mainly to promote its policy philosophy and objectives and to make the policy can be implemented smoothly. In today's information age, the government must contact with the media and other organizations to understand that the media is a journalism...

Analysis of Semantic Retrieval System Based on Information Resource Management A Comparative Analysis of Wolfram Alpha and Google

Bin Ye
Wolfram alpha is a computational knowledge search engine. This paper tries to evaluate its search results from the point of view of users and compare it with Google to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the search engine.

An Analysis of the Pros and Cons of the Delayed Retirement Age in China

Ziyun Ren
As the aging problem is becoming more and more prominent today, whether to postpone the retirement age has been the focus of the public. Retirement is related to the vital interests of every worker. In this paper, combined with the status quo at home and abroad, according to China's national conditions,...

Nonlinear Correlation Mechanism of Service Outsourcing Industry and Economic Growth A Comparison between China and India

Dan Liu, Chun Wang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Yongmin Wu
The research on the function mechanism of service outsourcing industry to economic growth helps to locate the service outsourcing industry accurately during the economic transition from manufacturing to service. In order to obtain the experience path of advanced country’s service outsourcing industry,...

Research on the Construction of Rural Left-behind Children’s Sports Assistance System in Guizhou Province

Guanghui Yao, Long Zhang
Through literature research, interview and investigation, logical analysis, we have studied the sports assistance system for rural left-behind children in Guizhou Province. The study concludes that it is necessary for Guizhou to build a sports assistance system for left-behind children. Combining the...

The Path Finding of Emerging Festival Sports Development in Minority Areas

Jun Wang, Ni Lu, Jianke Yang
Festival sports, as an important part of the festival, are concentrated expression of the national culture. Although the time of the festival is short, it is very important to the society and the influence of the people. In the context of the sports industry development, this article takes the Yunnan...

Demand Analysis and Planning Research on the Construction of Multimodal Transport Center in LD

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Based on the analysis of logistics demand in LD City, this paper studies the positioning, construction content and operation management modes of multimodal transport center in order to promote the development of modern logistics industry and serve the local economy.

Future-property as the Property of the Future Propertyological Aspect*

Andrey Orekhov, Aleksey Neugodnikov
Current research in the social sciences requires the creation of the new transdisciplinary fields. A place among them could take propertyology ??" interdisciplinary science on the property. Future-property as the property of the future us experiencing the following trends in its transformation: the increasing...

Actual Problems of Effective Cooperation between Business and NPO as the Factor of Sustainable Development in Russia

Maria Basova, Sergey Tolkachev, Nadezhda Arkhipova, Dmitry Morkovkin, Natalia Isaichykova, Elena Kolosova
The paper substantiates the advantages of an effective cooperation between business and NPO and identifies main problems arising during that process. Among other problems considered there is the cause of a deficient practice of such cooperation with a lack of a continuous financing of NPO actions at...

Consideration on Promoting Supply-side Structural Reform of Agriculture Taking Zaozhuang as an Example

Weili Gong
This paper finds out the problems and constraints in the supply side of agricultural development in Zaozhuang thorough investigation on the status quo of agricultural development in Zaozhuang. For the actual problems of the investigation and study, feasibility suggestion is specifically studied for the...

The Path of Financial System Supports Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprises

Yifan Shi
The article mainly studies the path of the financial system to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in science and technology. The main point is that the financial system can influence the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by means of financing environment and...

Reflections on Teaching Role Transformation of University Teachers in the New Period

Huihua Liu
With the rapid development of educational information technology in the new era, traditional teaching environment has undergone tremendous changes, and teachers' roles transformation has become an inevitable trend. Based on the new characteristics of higher education in the information era, this paper...

The Cognitive Construal of Chinese Imperatives

Yujuan Feng, Zhengguang Liu
Imperatives indicate the speaker’s desire to influence future actions, which are generally accomplished by making requests, suggestion, or giving orders. Different form English imperatives, Chinese imperatives don’t have fixed syntactic structures or coherent morphology. This article tries to probe into...

Assessment of English Versions of Product Introductions of Alcoholic Drinks From Functionalist Approaches

Xiuqin Hong
With the help of Nord’s model for translation-oriented text analysis, the author finds out how the Chinese and English product introductions of alcoholic drinks differ after conducting the analysis of the intratextual and extratextual factors in the Chinese product introductions and the parallel English...

Chinese and Japanese Progressive Aspectual Markers in Comparison with English

Wenxiao Zhao, Yiji Gao
The present study is devoted to interpreting Chinese and Japanese progressive markers, their meanings and usage in comparison with English, while reasoning ungrammaticality from the perspective of Aktionsart.

A Tentative Study on the Strategies to Overcome Chinese Culture Aphasia in College English Teaching

Yan Liu
Under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative, China gets more involved in the international activities and Chinese culture has gained great attention around the world, but Chinese students usually find themselves in an awkward situation when introducing Chinese culture to foreigners in English....