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Empirical Study on the Effect of Flexibility on Machinery Manufacturing

Songqing Li, Weiling Wu
This article select 30 listed companies in machine,equipment and instrument manufacturing as study object.AHP is used to created a hierarchical network model about company flexible, Catastrophe progression method and regression analysis prediction method is uesed to analysis the degree that how flexibility...
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Mechanism analysis and protective measures of anti-salt corrosion in concrete

Hengchun Zhang, Changwen Zhang, Xixian Ji, Fangyu Tang, Kaibo Zou, Xiaoqiang Wu
The sulfate and chloride has great significant erosion on concrete structure. To provide theoretical reference for practical engineering application, this paper describes the mechanism and influencing factors of concrete sulfate and chloride erosion briefly, then discusses the main measures to improve...
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Preparation of a hybrid photopolymer for stereolithography

Yining Zhao, Mingshan Yang, Ran Ding, Qisong Shi, Ming Zhao
New free radical-cationic hybrid photopolymer, consisting of acrylate-based and epoxy-based photosensitive resin for stereolithography was prepared. The influence of the initiator sort and amount on the curing degree of the photopolymer was investigated. Photopolymerization process, degradation temperature,...
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Pedestrian Induced Structural Vibration and the Walking Force Models Basing On Biomechanics: a Literature Review

Zhigang Song, Shuai Zhang
The interactions of structure-human and those of human-human would change the macroscopic behavior of human walking on the structure and which, would further result the change of walking forces. The complexity of walking forces during the interaction process is the reason that lively structures exhibit...
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Spray characteristics of biofuel-gasoline blends through an asymmetric multi-hole injector of DISI engines

Ling Shi, Qianwang Fan
Biofuel is an attracted alternative fuel. While biofuel-gasoline blends are used for substituting some part of gasoline, and to some extent it is favorable to direct injection homogeneous charge combustion ignition (DI-HCCI) engine application, improving auto-ignition ability and reducing high-pressure...
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Fatigue Behavior of Weld Titanium Alloy Hydraulic Tube

Yanpeng Feng, Haijun Tang, Ping Shu
Titanium alloy hydraulic tubes were weld with gas tungsten arc welding method in this work. The microstructure of weld zone and heat affected zone are clarified with metallographic microscope, And followed by tensile test and fatigue test, with stress rate R is 0.1 and frequent is 10 Hz. It is found...
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Effects of cooling mode on properties of black ceramic pigments

Liqing Wu, Weixia Dong, Zonglin Chen, Ting Luo, Xingyong Gu
The “iron-chromium-nickle-copper” black ceramic pigment was prepared without cobalt coloring agent using copper tailings and chromite waste residue replacement some of chromic oxide and iron oxide, etc. On the guaranteed of the performance unchanged, effects of cooling mode (i. e. quenching, rapid cooling...
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Mechanical Properties and Fracture Toughness of Epoxy Resin Improved by Low-viscosity Hyperbranched Epoxy

Zhongwei Zhang, Xiaolong Wang, Xiaoguang Hu, Ting Xu, Yanyan Lin, Yefa Tan
Epoxy resins modified with low-viscosity hyperbranched epoxy were prepared. The tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength, fracture toughness, glass transition temperature (Tg) of the cured samples were investigated. The results show that the addition of hyperbranched epoxy improves the overall...
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Effect of power ultrasonic on solidification microstructure of Al-Ni-Zn-Mg aluminum alloy

Zhiwen Shao, Yongdong Xu, Yu Zeng, Xiurong Zhu
The effect of power ultrasonic on the solidification microstructure of a newly developed Al-Ni-Zn-Mg aluminum alloy has been investigated. The melt of the alloy was treated by ultrasonic field with different powers from 0W to 850W. Without high-energy ultrasonic treatment, the eutectic Al3Ni phases with...
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Improvement on accuracy of coiling temperature at tail of strip during U-type cooling process

Zhimin Zhang, Changli Zhang, Fengqin Wang, Yanhui Hu, Jinsheng Yang
Water flow and number of valves turned on were analyzed in order to find out the reason of low coiling temperature at tail of strip during U-type cooling process. Result of research showed that actual value of number of valves turned on in micro zone at tail of strip was not consistent with the corresponding...
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Study On High Speed Driving Stability Of Tractor-Semitrailer

Chaoyi Wei, Qunzhang Liang, Zhenhui Chen, Guosen Xue
Because of its own characteristics and the complexities of driving conditions, Tractor-Semitrailer easily produce shimmy when driving at the high speed. In order to effectively control the high-speed shimmy of Tractor-Semitrailer, differential braking control strategy based on sliding mode variable structure...
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Performance optimization of an oil ellipse gerotor pump for automotive engine

Xiaohu Sang, Xiaojun Zhou, Xiaoguang Liu
The internal cycloidal gear pump is one kind of oil pump, which consists of pump body, pump cover and rotors. It is widely used in the range of vehicles. A gerotor pump has various advantages such as compact size lower noise, less emissions and little pressure ripples for circulation of the fluid. In...
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Numerical simulation of an inner engaging gerotor based on the optimization of inlet and outlet cavities

Xiaohu Sang, Xiaojun Zhou, Xiaoguang Liu
Based on the available theoretical and half empirical methods of gerotor pump design, the optimization of inlet and outlet cavities for an inner engaging ellipse gerotor has been presented. The interior flow inside of the optimized cavities and pump has been observed by using software Pumplinx, and the...
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Influence of the Strength of the Filling Body on the Surface Subsidence and Deformation

Pengfei Yang, Yukai Wang, Xiangxiang Yang
In order to research the Influence of the strength of the filling body on the surface subsidence and deformation, with the 10203 working face of Xinyang Mine as the background, based on the numerical simulation software of FLAC3D, when the filling rate was 90%, the Influence of the strength of the filling...
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Long Strength of Layered Composite under Normal Fracture

Vladimir I. Andreev, Robert A. Turusov, Nikita Yu. Tsybin
The article deals with the stress-strain state of layered composite of rectangular section under tension by distributed uniform normal load q. Interaction between layers is accomplished by the contact layer in which is mixed the substances of adhesive and the substrate.
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Structure design of a new-style moving blade adjusted axial fan

Zebin Yu, Zhengcong Liu, Xinyu Gao, Shaoxiong You
The moving blade adjusted axial fan is used in the icing wind tunnel, controlling of rotation rate and adjustment of angle of blades in the static state to achieve the test Mach (Ma) number in the kinds of condition. The axial fan should have the following advantages: wide range of speed regulation,...
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Experimental study on mechanical properties of FRP components and comparison of steel properties

Liang Yu, Yan Li, Lu Chen, Chaoyi Kang, Tianyi Zhang
In order to study the applicability of the Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite materials for light structure, a tensile compression test of a large number of FRP samples was carried out. Through statistically analysis of test data, we get the FRP’s basic mechanical parameters like tensile strength,...
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Experimental Study on Friction Coefficient and Stress Loss of Retard-bonded PC Steel Strand

Yue Ma, Zhan-Fei Wang, Shao-Peng Cao
In order to verify the influence of curing degree of retarded binder on the friction coefficient of retarded-bonded PC steel strand, 3 PC beams with 3300mm in length and 300×400 cross-section is manufactured and 3 retard-bonded PC steel strands in straight-through arrangement at each PC beam is set....
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An electrochemical codeine sensor based on CdS nanparticle label

Wei Xiong, Sufang Wu, Fusheng Liao, Nian Hong, Hao Fan
In the present study, we describe an electrochemical sensor for codeine detection by using the DNA aptamers against codeine. In the sensing protocol, a dually-labeled DNA Aptamer probe was designed to be labeled at one end with HS, and at its another end with an dabcyl as an electrochemical tag to produce...
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Evolution and Application of a hysteretic loop correction Fatigue Model

Da-Sheng Wei, Kun Li, Yan-Rong Wang, Jing-Yun Gao
A hysteretic loop correction (HLC) model was established by introducing the position and shape correction factors of hysteretic loop in early study (International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 86 (2009) 616-621) based on the testing data of two Ni-based super alloys of FGH95 and GH4169. This...
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Demo and Curve Drawing Model of Relationship between Tangent and Cotangent Function with Varying Period Amplitude

Shuying Wang, Zhanmin Yang, Yi Wang
In accordance with the principle of arc expansion and the displacement of projection, the demo and curve model of relationship between tangent and cotangent function shall be designed and drawn. The paper introduces the composition structure of the model, analyzes the main parameters of the system and...
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Optimal control of cooling tower in hybrid ground-source heat pump system for hotel buildings

Lingyun Wang, Jialuo Zhang, Heng Min, Linghong Xu
The control strategy of the cooling tower is an important factor in the optimal operation of hybrid ground-source heat pump systems (HGSHPS). This paper selected a hotel building of cooling-dominated area as the research object. We selected multiple control operating points of two commonly used control...
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The research on die structure of aluminum alloy bars for preventing the coarse grain

Rurong Deng, Peng Yun, Xuemei Huang
the application of aluminum alloy bars are widely. The main problems in the production process is coarse grain. Through the analysis of the characteristics of the metal in the process of extrusion forming, introduced the effect of the die structure on the degree of deformation and press stress and the...
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Analog simulation on the Frequency Character of Double Chambers Self-excited Oscillation Pulsed Water Jet Nozzle

Jianghong Pei, Zhangwei Bai
Based on the theory of fluid network, the mathematical model of the self-excited oscillation pulsed water jet device was established, theory analyses the frequency characteristic of self-excited pulsed water jet nozzle on double chambers. The result shows that structural parameters greatly affect natural...
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Dyeing Performance of Yellow Pigment from Ginkgo Biloba Leaves on the Cannabis/ Mulberry Fiber/Wool fiber Blended Yarn

Linlong Zhang, Lei Zhao, Li Wei
Using natural dye Ginkgo leaves as raw materials, the dye liquid was extracted by microwave method, water bath method and ultrasonic extraction method, and the suck photometric of this three extraction liquid were tested. The 25 tex cannabis/mulberry fiber/wool 60/20/20 blended yarn was dyed by the extracted...
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Study on microstructure and high-temperature tribological properties of multi-component nitride hard coatings

Baiyang Lou, Xia Zhang, Bin Xu, Xiao Li, Jie Jin
In this study, CrTiAlN and CrAlN coatings were deposited on the surfaces of M2 high speed steel (HSS) substrates. High temperature ball-on-disc tribometer was used to test the tribological properties of the coatings. The results showed that the surface micro-morphology of CrTiAlN and CrAlN presented...
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A Study on the Rubber Dampers Which Have Been Managed Under Different Aging Environments

Qinglin Liu, Dongsheng Wang, Kai Zhang
The aging is a main factor which could influence the rubber damper’s properties of isolating vibration. In this paper, a kind of dampers which was managed under different aging environments were treated as the test structures. The dampers’ property of isolating vibration was studied by experiment. The...
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Optimal Design of Bracket Isolator Stiffness in Vibration and Shock Environment

Dongsheng Wang, Tong Zhou, Jian Li
In this paper, the bracket of certain electric equipment was designed by considering the vibration and shock environment. According to the design requirement of vibration and shock, the stiffness of the isolator was set as the design variable. The mathematic optimal model of getting the largest stiffness...
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The propagation and accumulation of dimensional shrinkage in investment casting

Bo He, Donghong Wang, Fei Li, Heping Lv
The injection of wax pattern and the solidification of the metal are both essential procedures and having the major influences on the final dimensions. However, the main casting process steps and casting geometry affecting the dimensional shrinkage wasn’t quantitatively studied. In this study, dimensional...
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An E-DNA Sensor for Sequence-Specific DNA detection

Guobing Wei, Long Wan, Fusheng Liao, Hao Fan
In this work, a sensitive E-DNA sensor based on avidin modified electrode and DNA-functionalized Au nanoparticle (DFNP) was developed. The DNA-Functionalized Au nanoparticle contained two kinds of DNA, one was hairpin probe DNA with a biotin at the 3’ terminal and a thiol at the 5’ terminal, the other...
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Review of the Cooling Technology for High-power Wind Turbines

Jian Sheng, Xiaoqian Meng, Shuying Chu, Huijing Guo
With the increasing of wind turbine unit capacity, heat load of thermal dissipation components of the unit increase greatly. In order to make the unit long-term stably and efficiency operation, the research and development of cooling system with high efficiency and low energy consumption become particularly...
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Preparation of Copper / Polyaniline Nanocomposite

Jiapeng Zhang, Liyong Jiao, Zhengjie Wu, Bo Li, Bin Zhang
Using sodium dodecyl sulfate/isoamyl alcohol/n-heptane/water as reaction medium, copper chloride as precursor, Sodium boron hydride as reducing agent, aniline hydrochloride as monomer, copper/polyaniline nanocomposite was prepared by the method of inverse microemulsion polymerization. The nano-composite...
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Study of Self-organizing Fuzzy Neural Network Control for Flexible Material Path Processing Tangent Following Error Compensation

Yaohua Deng, Xiali Liu, Liming Wu, Qiaofen Zhang
The control rules of fuzzy neural network controller for flexible material path processing tangent following are acquired depending on prior knowledge of designers and experts in previous studies, this leads to the difficulty and error of the preliminary calculation. The paper studies and designs self-organizing...
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Design Research on Hydraulic System of Working Device of a Forklift

Liai Pan, Qiulei Du, Chunshan He
As a kind of industrial handling vehicles, forklift plays an indispensable role in people's life. Nowadays, in order to meet the needs of the people, the types of forklift are more and more. In this paper, based on already the basic parameters of the push forward forklift in the market, the working device...
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The Failure Rate Experimental Study of Special CNC Machine Tool

Chunshan He, Liai Pan, Bing Hu
Based on one-sample special CNC machine tool, the failure distribution function and failure rate function, whose failure data have been analyzed by experiment, are determined in this paper. The special CNC machine tool time of which are in early failure or haphazard failure can be judged in terms of...
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The application practice of filling mining technique in Yuyang coal mine

Pengliang Liu
In order to liberate “three unders” mining and improve the relationship between enterprises and government, maintaining the harmonious and stable order of mining area,on the basis of full investigation demonstrated, Yuyang coal mine had bring in a practical way of filling mining. In the practice of filling...
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The Study of Cross Blowing to Eliminate the Slag of Bulk Amorphous Alloy During Laser Cutting

Shaochu Zheng, Duanneng Li, Haibo Mao, Hezhu Jin
Bulk Amorphous alloy generates slag at the bottom of the cutting section during laser cutting, which decreases the quality of the cutting process. It’s very difficult to be cleared with adjusting the parameters of the cutting machine only. The paper takes the pattern of cross nitrogen blowing during...
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The Establishment and Verification of 90° Elbow Pipe with Circular Cross Section Internal Pressure Distribution Model

Xiaoyang Lu, Bin Li, Lili Huang, Wei Zheng, Jinming Liu, Lulu Wang
The flowing condition and the pressure on inner surface of ethylene in the 90°elbow pipe were simulated by means of FLUENT software, on the condition of 4 kinds of fluid density , fluid inlet velocity v, fluid outlet pressure P0, degree curvature k=R/d respectively. The database of elbow pipe pressure...
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Study on Air Distribution of Displacement Ventilation in Dome Cinema in Summer

Xiaoyang Lu, Xiuzhi Liu, Shaobo Lu, Ya Su, Zhongjia Zhao, Long Li
This article used CFD method to simulate features of air organization in dome cinema in summer, and analyzed the temperature field, velocity field, and comfort under different designs of ventilation. The result showed that using ground air supply in large space building could be easy to satisfy the thermal...
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A Low-power Cordic and CSD based DCT Architecture

Yi Tao, Wu Yang, Yujing Li
A low power discrete cosine transform (DCT) architecture is presented. It is implemented through Loffler DCT based on the coordinate rotation digital computer (Cordic) algorithm and the canonical sign-digital (CSD) multiplier-less architecture. The synthesis results show that the proposed 8-point one-dimensional...
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Series form solution for a graded composite strip with elastic variation in span direction

Qing Yang, Weiping Liu, Muhuo Yu, Dongyan Xiu, Ping Cheng, Lijie Jia, Peng Xu, Ran Wei, Jingjing Sun
A graded composite strip with elastic variation in span direction is investigated in the paper. So far, studies about materials variation in span direction are rare. Here, the strip is treated as a plane problem, and the modulus varies exponentially with span direction, and Poisson ratio is constant....
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Study on hot deformation behavior of 70Cr3Mo back-up roll steel using processing map

Facai Ren, Fei Chen, Xiaoying Tang
The hot deformation behavior of 70Cr3Mo back-up roll steel was studied in the temperature range of 1173-1473K with the strain rates of 0.01-10s-1, respectively. Based on the dynamic material model (DMM), processing maps of 70Cr3Mo steel at the strain of 0.1-0.7 were developed and investigated. The effects...
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Collaborative Optimization Computation Using Improved Genetic Algorithm and ANSYS

Qi Wang, Houan Ding, Yuxiang Lin, Yue Luo
Aiming at the problems that it is difficult to calculate and establish accurate mathematical model in the structure optimization with discrete variables, the Lagrange multiplier method is proposed to deal with the constrain conditions in the improved genetic algorithm which solved the problems of “premature”...
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A Comparative Study of Water Lubricated Journal Bearings with Rotating and Stationary Recesses for Fuel Cell Compressor

Tianming Ren, Ming Feng
This paper presents a stability investigation of the water-lubricated journal bearings with rotating or stationary recesses. The dynamic coefficients and stability threshold speed of the bearings are numerically calculated by solving the turbulent Reynolds equation by using FEM. The theoretical results...
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Preparation of the 2,4-dichlorophenol solution of Ce-doped Tio2 and its photocatalytic activity

Jingzheng Weng, Lihui Chen, Renhui Qiu
Ce doped TiO2 catalyst was synthesized by sol-gel method. This gel was dried at 70 during 2 hours and afterwards was calcined at 500 for 4 h. Then, the anatase TiO2 catalyst power were obtained. The 0.3wt% Ce/TiO2 catalyst is efficient and stable catalyst for the photodegradation on the 2,4-DCP solution....
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Influence and optimization criterion of milling modes and process parameters on residual stress

Beizhi Li, Yingzi Yan, Jianguo Yang
The reduction and control of residual stress is very important to improve the surface quality and machining accuracy of the parts. In this paper, in order to reveal the effects of different milling modes and process parameters on the residual stress, the aluminum alloy Al7050-T7451 is used as the machining...
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The Tooth Contact Analysis of a Heavy-load Planetary Gearing

Xin Tan
This paper presents a method for analyzing the tooth contact situations of a heavy-load planetary gearing based on Ansys Workbench. Firstly, a 3D finite element model of the whole gearing is established with 10 node tetrahedron elements. Then forces and loads bearing by the gearing are applied on the...
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Methods of Multi-objective Optimisation Design of Thin-walled Structures

Xiaoyang Liu, Shuang Qu
In this paper, there are two objectives in the optimisation of thin-walled structure, one of these is to reduce the total mass of the structure, and the other is to ensure the carrying capacity of the structure. The secondary objective, i.e. carrying capacity, is transformed into the optimisation constraints...
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Design of Human Motion Capture System Based on Computer Vision

Wen-Jing Guo, Yong-Ren Chen, Shu-Qing Chen, Xiu-Li Yang, Lin-Jing Qin, Jin-Gang Liu
Human motion capture is widely applied in engineering bionics, ergonomics, aerospace, military defense, biomedical, sports competition and other fields. However, the human motion capture equipments are less developed in China. This paper presents a human motion capture system based on computer vision...
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Strcture and Infrared Optical Properties Research on Fe-Doped CuAlO2 Semiconductor

Chuanmao Lv, Yi Huang, Miao Feng, Mei Long, Chuanwu Zhang
Samples of pure phase CuAlO2 and transition metal element Fe doped were synthesized by solid phase sintered method. The phase structure, optical properties and miscellaneous phase formation mechanism were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Infrared Spectroscopy (IR) respectively. The results...
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Research on Fatigue Fracture Characterization of PC/ABS Blend

Ming-Hsiung Ho, Pin-Ning Wang, Jung-Peng Ye, Sheng-Jie Li
PC/ABS blend is widely used in the vehicle interior, electronic parts and accessories. In this dissertation, fracture crack properties of PC/ABS blend was studied. The specimens were prepared under various injections molding conditions, such as filling time, melting temperature and mold temperature....
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Comparative Analysis on the Fracture Resistance of Different Types of Asphalt Mixture

Xirong Wu
Bending strain density threshold based on elastic damage theory, the j-integral based on elastic plastic fracture mechanics and Cohesion and crack opening displacement based on cohesive zone model were employed to evaluate the fracture resistance of asphalt mixture of SMA-13 AC-13 and CAM in the temperature...
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Research on the Fracture Resistance of Asphalt Mixture Based on Cohesion Zone Model

Xirong Wu
Cohesion and crack opening displacement based on cohesive zone model were employed to evaluate the fracture resistance of asphalt mixture of SMA-13 AC-13 and CAM at 10 5 0 -5 -10 . Using fracture toughness, cohesion and crack opening displacement index to analyze the crack resistance property of three...
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Development of Pressure Sensor for Oil and Gas Field Based on Sputtered Thin Film

Yong Chen, Shuangquan Liu, Xiaohong Bai
Gas well head pressure sensors are the important front-end equipments of digitalization construction of Changqing oil field. Foreign pressure sensors are once relied on for a long time there. A problem urgent to be solved of digitalization construction is to develope pressure sensors with independent...
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About the Effects of Mesh Size and Compatibility

Jin Duan, Xiao-Ming Chen, Yun-Gui Li
In this paper, the effects on the finite element analysis results of mesh size and mesh compatibility would be discussed based on a shear wall which has non-aligned holes. The computed results based on the compatible mesh and non-compatible mesh would be presented and compared. Similarly, the FE models...
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Making of Free Cutting Austenitic Stainless Steels with Additions of Sulfur, Rare Earth and Bismuth

Zhiyuan Wang, Zhenyao Shao, Zhuang Li, Hongliang Zhang, Jijie Wang, Hecheng Zhang, Jingyun Yuan
Making of free cutting austenitic stainless steels with additions of sulfur, rare earth and bismuth were investigated through comparing to the metallurgical properties and machinabilitys. The results have shown that free-machining additives exhibit the characteristic shape of spindle shaped sulphides...
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Research on the relationship between the age of blood stains and the bending rigidity of blooded cotton fabric

Yichao Cao, Kaijun Ma, Xuejun Zhao, Hailou Wang, Fujun Wang, Baozhong Sun
Blood stains often appear at the scene of the crime. The age determination of blood stains can provide important information to speculate the time of crime. The relationship between the age of blood and the bending rigidity of blooded cotton fabric was investigated experimentally via the use of FAST-2...
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Bayesian Fault Diagnosis Using Process Knowledge of Response Information

Wenbing Zhu, Ruohan Chen, Sun Zhou
Process fault diagnosis is a topic of significant practical interest. Bayesian fault diagnosis methods have been developed to identify the problem source from all monitors of the process. However in a large scale industrial process, taking all the monitors into account not only increases computation...
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Research on control measures of N, T[O] and Ti in Bearing Steel

Liang Chen
In allusion to the requirements of bearing steel for ultralow T[O], Ti, analyzing the effects of slag system to T[O] by FACTSAGE thermodynamic calculation. The calculation results shows that the slag system of bearing steel should be controlled in the area that SiO2 0%~20% Al2O3 25%~45% CaO 45%~65%,it...
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Research on the model of the production of hot forming process and the optimization method of production cycle

Ju Meng, Liang Wang, Qiang Wang, Yi Sun, Yisheng Zhang
With the increasingly high demand for energy saving, the demand for lightweight vehicles emerged. Hot stamping of high strength steel is a very important part of automobile lightweight. How to establish an efficient, reliable, energy saving hot stamping production lines will be an integral part of automotive...
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The structure design and performance analysis of the transportation fork in hot stamping production line

Yi Sun, Liang Wang, Bin Zhu, Yilin Wang, Yisheng Zhang
To meet the automotive lightweight trend, hot stamping production technology is becoming a key technology of automotive body manufacturing. In the hot stamping production line, multi-chamber furnace is been adopted for its batch of high heating efficiency. The heated blank is transported by tray-type...
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Research on the cooperative work of multi manipulator in hot stamping production line

Gang Zheng, Liang Wang, Qiang Wang, Yi Sun, Ju Meng, Yisheng Zhang
In hot-stamping production line of high-strength steel, when high-temperature sheet gets out of furnace, it needs to be delivered as soon as possible to press for stamping, to reduce high temperature oxidation and plasticity reduction caused by temperature drop, and improve the efficiency of the production...
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Feasibility of Cladding Ti to Carbon Steel by Diffusion Bonding Followed by Hot-rolling

S.R. Ke, X.H. Xu, Z.D. Xiang
Ti was diffusion-bonded to a grade of carbon steel containing about 0.13 wt% C. The diffusion- bonded specimen was then hot-rolled to a final reduction in thickness of about 71 %. There were no delaminations during hot-rolling. The cross sectional microstructures of specimens before and after hot-rolling...
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Study on the determination of elastic modulus of amorphous alloy by the acoustic method

Haibo Mao, Duanneng Li, Shaochu Zheng
This paper studys on the determination of elastic modulus of amorphous alloys by acoustic method. The method is simple and effective, convenient and fast, non-destructive and has strong practical significance. A cantilever beam structure is selected, and the non-contact acoustic measurement and analysis...
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Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of Water-borne Inorganic Zinc-rich Coating in Hydraulic Engineering Metal Structures

Liang Chen, Yuanyi Wang, Zaiqin Wang, Tonghuan Cui, Changwei Xiao
In order to develop more suitable anticorrosive coatings for hydraulic engineering metal structures, studies were carried out on the preparation and electrochemical properties of water-borne inorganic zinc-rich coatings in this paper. Through effective regulation of the type and dosage of silicate and...
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Research And Application of Control Technology for The Amount of Slag-roughing In Converter Tapping Process

Hongguang Li, Tianming Chen, Liang Chen, Dianrong Guo
Series technologies in slag-stopping like “Infrared test for slag-roughing”, “sliding plate in pushing off slag” and the optimization of floating plug have been introduced in this paper. The system operated steadily after install and trial run, have played a good metallurgy effect, and the amount of...
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Effect of Thermomechanical Processing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Steel

Zhenyao Shao, Zhichao Wang, Zhuang Li, Shuai Wang, Jijie Wang
Effect of thermomechanical processing on the mechanical properties of low carbon cold forging steel was investigated for different processing parameters on a laboratory hot rolling mill. Fast cooling is a key factor in thermomechanical processing. The mechanical properties of specimen 2 which was fast...
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Breakage rates of mixed skarn tungsten in a laboratory mill

G.M. Shi, Y.C. Zhou, C.B. Wu, H. Yang
The effect of grinding in different pure mineral has been generally studied. However, very little work has been done in mixed skarn tungsten. This paper describes the breakage rates of the mixed skarn tungsten from milling kinetics at a laboratory ball mill. Firstly, the breakage rates of different particle...
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The Polycarboxylate-based Superplasticizers Modified with thickening agents: the performance and Influece on Cement Hydration

Jing Feng, Jiaxiang Li, Liang Chen, Pengxiang Li, Zaiqin Wang
The application of effective superplasticizer is helpful to improve the working performance and durability of concrete. In our work, several high performance polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers were prepared by modifying the commercial products with two types of thickening agents. Their dispersion...
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Design and Optimization of H.264 Encoder Based on the PNX1700 Platform

Zhengdong Li, Zhanle Ma, Xiaobin Wang, Yinxu He, Chuan Peng
The Nexperia PNX1700 Media Processor is a complete Audio/Video/Graphics system on a chip that contains a high-performance 32-bit VLIW processor, capable of high quality software video, audio signal processing. Based on Philips Semiconductor's multimedia processing chip Nexperia PNX1700, designs a new...
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The Design of AGC Circuit Based On the Variable Gain Amplifier AD603

Guanghua Feng, Zhengdong Li, Qiang Guo, Xin Feng, Zhanle Ma
AGC, Auto Gain Control, is a very important design module in HF transceiver. AGC makes fearfully important effect on improving receive range of receiver and overcoming near-far effect of wireless link. This paper discusses in detail the idea and method of project design of the AGC circuit, affording...
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Recent progress on the research of high strength hydrogels

Da Zhang, Liang Chen, Zaiqin Wang, Tao Wei
The hydrogel is a three-dimensional reticular polymer with high water content, which was used in various fields such as medicine, biology and environmental protection. However, the characteristic of lower mechanical properties limited its application. Therefore, the improvement of the mechanical strength...
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Harmonic Analysis of The Inverter Output Voltage

Lixin Zhang, Changhe Xu, Baolin Zhang
This article mainly used Fourier series type SPWM inverter output voltage waveform for the quantitative harmonic analysis. This paper expounds the main reason for the harmonic of the inverter. In this paper, the quantitative harmonic analysis method to eliminate the harmonic pollution green grid provides...
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Thermal-structural Coupling Analysis Based on ANSYS for Optical Feedthrough

Xingxing Luo, Huinan Fu, Yuming Dong
Based on finite element analysis, natural convection heat transfer and other theory, we established finite element model of optical feedthrough and we got the natural convection coefficient of air at 140 . Through the study of thermal analysis of fiber feedthrough, we got the temperature field distribution...
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Design of Wireless Monitor System Based on ZigBee Technology

Yuan Yuan, Zhengdong Li, Runhua Yan, Lin Wu, Wei Huang
To solve the traditional problem that the situation in mine is unknown in time, a kind of wireless monitor system based on ZigBee technology is designed. In this system, the security manager can real-time monitor the gas density of multi-location .Compared with traditional system, this system is portable...
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Development of Gas Well Opening Device for Remote Control

Yong Chen, Xiaohong Bai, Yaode Li
With an area of more than forty thousands square kilometers, rich geological reserves have been proved in Sulige gas field and thousands of gas wells have been constructed there. It is a high cost to open or shut in so many wells manually and labour intensity is great for workers. To meet the requirements...
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Study of undisturbed loess stress-strain experiments based on CT

Zhaoyang Wang
Test method for observation of geotechnical material in structural damage has become one of the hot field of mechanics, which is the basis to establish the structural model. The authors use real time CT test of triaxial stress in undisturbed loess during triaxial shear tests - strain were studied. The...
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Determination of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride by a Flow Injection Chemiluminescence inhibition method

Chi Yang, Nailin Ren
On the basis of Ce (IV) and rhodamine B obvious light signal under the acid medium, the Ce(IV)-rhaodamine B-H2SO4 hemiluminescence system was established. In this paper, the ciprofloxacin hydrodchloride under the concentration of less than 1.0 ×10 -5 g/mL was explored, and a new determination of ciprofloxacin...
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Application and analysis of the multilevel operating platforms in construction

Qiao Wang, Yanhua Xu, Xiaochen Li
This paper analyzes the different demands for construction operating platforms in main structure construction and external decoration. A novel multilevel climbing operating platform applied in main structure construction and external decoration is presented. In addition, an external-wall climbing working...
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Analysis of Metallurgical Raw Materials and Environmental Protection

Dongxing Huo, Jinglong Liang, Yu Yang
In the process of smelting metal will produce a lot of environmental pollution by gas and waste residue,here for metallurgical raw materials and direct or indirect relationship between the environment for analysis.
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Application Analysis of Dry Dust Removal Technology

Dongxing Huo, Jinglong Liang, Yu Yang
Introduces the dry process dusting system of converter process flow, equipment composition and function. Practice showed that the dry dust removal system stable running, high efficiency of dust collection, after purification of flue gas dust content is low, operation maintenance cost is low.
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Oxygen enriched combustion

Shanshan Xie, Hui Li
Oxygen enriched combustion technology is an important branch of greenhouse gas emission reduction technology, which has been developed rapidly in recent years. This paper briefly introduces the method of oxygen enriched combustion and the energy saving characteristics and the influence of the environment...
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Waste heat recovery technology of iron and steel enterprises

Shansha Xie, Hui Li
In recent years, the Chinese iron and steel enterprise energy resources conservation technology progress and key generic technology development and application, including CDQ technology, coal moisture control technology, sintering waste heat recovery and utilization, blast furnace top gas residual pressure...
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Present Situation and Development Prospect of Garbage Power Generation Technology in China

Wei Tian, Jingyi Zhou, Hui Li
This paper describes the overview of foreign and domestic garbage garbage power generation profile, and then were introduced three ways trash generation, namely landfill gas power generation, waste incineration power generation and waste gasification power, then this paper describes a comprehensive benefits...
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Present situation and development of wind power generation and its forecasting technology

Wei Tian, Jingyi Zhou, Hui Li
Because wind energy is very rich, the price is very cheap, energy will not be exhausted, and can be obtained in a wide range, very clean, no pollution, will not affect the climate, so wind power has been the world's fastest growing energy. This paper summarizes and tracks the main forecasting techniques...
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Research on the process of stretch forming based on distributed displacement loading

Zhen Yang, Zhong-Yi Cai
A new stretch forming process based on distributed displacement loading for three-dimensional surface parts is proposed, the external stretching displacement load is applied at a series of discrete points, so the flexibility of the loading mechanism is improved. The forming process can be realized by...
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Fabrication and Magnetic Properties of FeCoB–O Soft Magnetic Thin Films

Huaping Zuo, Shihui Ge, Feng Zhang, Guowei Wang, Min Xu, Lei Zhao
Thin films of FeCoB-O were deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering in a Ar + O2 atmosphere with the oxygen partial pressure RO2 varied. The dependence of soft magnetic properties and high frequency characteristics on oxygen partial pressure were investigated systematically. With the increase in RO2...
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Research on Rapid Analysis for Purity of SF6 via Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Liping Zhu, Bin Tang, Chenyao Liu, Yunguang Huang
The detection of partial discharge and analysis of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) purity in gas-insulated switchgears (GIS) is important for diagnosis and operating state assessment of the electric device. This paper introduced a method for rapid purity detection of SF6 based on one-way ion mobility spectrometry....
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Analysis and optimization of CVC backup roll contour of a 1800mm continuous hot rolling mill

Fei Shang, Hongbo Li, Jie Zhang, Chao Hu, Chao Zhang, Jianfei Chen
The backup rolls are used with work rolls and their service period is much longer than work rolls. The backup roll affects the control ability of the mill for profile and flatness of products and roll contact pressure. If the backup roll contour is not appropriate, there will be a non-uniform roll contact...
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Research on improved strategy of ant colony optimization algorithm

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Haichun Ma
This paper summarizes three kinds of improved strategies for ant colony optimization algorithm: the improved strategy based on the structure of solution, the improved strategy based on the pheromone updating, and the improved method based on the solution processing. Taking the ant colony system as an...
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Application of improved ant colony algorithm in vehicle scheduling problem

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Haichun Ma
In this paper, the ant colony algorithms is studied, and improve the shortcomings of the algorithm, And the improved algorithm is introduced into the field of logistics transportation. Aiming at the complexity and uncertainty of logistics transportation vehicle scheduling problem, a new algorithm is...
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Robot global path planning based on improved ant colony algorithm

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Huiyu Jiang
In this paper, we present a path planning for mobile robot based on improved ant colony optimization algorithm. In order to increasing the algorithm’s convergence speed and avoiding to fall into local optimum, we proposed updating the pheromone residues. Experiments show that this method is effective...
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Control Mechanism Analysis of Bone Remodelling under Mechanical Stimuli

Yanan Wang, Huaiwen Wang
In this paper the control mechanism of bone remodelling under mechanical stimuli at cellular level is investigated by means of an extensive parametric study on a theoretical model developed previously. From a perspective of control mechanism, it is found that there are several control mechanisms working...
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The Relationship between Milling Surface Morphology and Corrosion Rate of Nickel Base Superalloy

Jinping Shi, Yang Qiao, Peiquan Guo
Through the milling of nickel base superalloy, this paper studies the effect regularity of surface morphology on corrosion resistance of nickel base superalloy under the condition of different milling parameters. In order to be more intuitive to characterize the surface morphology, this paper defines...
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The Application of PID Controller in Missile Longitudinal Loop System and Its Simulation

Bo Zhang, Qixing Lv, Yuqing Lei
In the traditional missile longitudinal loop design, the additional pitch angle feedback, trajectory inclination angle and attack angle outputs may cause the missile control system become unstable and cannot provide the fast and accurate control. In this paper, the author build up a longitudinal loop...
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PUSH-OVER method for earthquake damage prediction of Bridge Engineering

Jingjing Qi, Zhiqing Yin, Kongbing Wu
The bridge is an important transportation hub, especially the bridges on the main traffic arteries. Once the bridges are subjected to earthquake damage, there will have a great impact. Therefore, it is necessary to study the earthquake damage prediction of bridge engineering. The prediction will ensure...
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Experimental Study of Magnetic Fluid and Magnetic grease combination rotary Sealing

Feifei Xing, Jun Ji
The magnetic fluid and magnetic grease combination rotary Sealing structure device have been designed, and the experimental station and process of this structure was discussed. The results shows that,when the sealing gap were 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.6mm respectively, the pressure capacity was mainly...
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Study on formation mechanism of YSZ thermal barrier coatings with segmented structure

Yi Wang, Shuo Sun, Min Liu, Hongli Suo
Compared with traditional structures, YSZ TBCs with high segmentation crack density sprayed have exhibited a promising potential in improving TBC thermal shock resistance because the segmentation cracks increase its strain tolerance. A study is presented of formation mechanism of segmented TBC. The segmentation...
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Research on the Reuse of Exhaust Energy Based on the Planetary Gears

Aimin Du, Changhui Shao, Yun Liu
Use of turbocharger can make the energy taken by the exhaust gas be recycled again. A new further innovation of electronic aids turbocharger is made: The turbine and compressor in exhaust gas turbocharger are connected on a planetary gear mechanism with a motor. It is a new solution that the turbine,...
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Upgrading of textile manufacturing based on Industry 4.0

Zhen Chen, Mingjie Xing
China textile competitive edge fades as the increase of production factors cost. "Industry 4.0" solution would boost industrial upgrading to realize intelligent and flexible manufacturing for mass customization. Cyber-physic system (CPS) and Internet of things (IoT) are essential for the future manufacturing....