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Study on the Grouting Pre-Reinforcement Mechanism and Effect Evaluation in Water-rich Loess Tunnel

Xiaohui Xue, Jun Zhang, Zhongming Su
In order to solve the problem of water-rich loess tunnel in construction process, the paper based on the idea of underground water environmental balance, use the Kuniaki Sato empirical formula and underground runoff modulus to build correlation function, get the permeability coefficient. Then we combine...
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The main modes analysis of continuous curved box-girder bridge

Fan Dai, Jian He, Shangyou You, Zhengjiiu Zhang
According the bridge 132 meters long tapered continuous curved box-girder bridge as the research object. Divide the continuous beam bridge models into vertical bending, pure torsion, lateral bending and longitudinal movement of the four sub-direction. Each energy of the vibration mode also divided into...
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The effect of asymmetric reinforcement on curved bridge

Fan Dai, Jian He, Shangyou You, Muxin Luo
Due to their geometry, continuous curved bridge under gravity load will produce torque, which danger to bridge structure. In order to reduce the weight of load torque, with the method of asymmetric reinforcement, this paper introduces the three forms of prestressed reinforcement, through optimizing combination,...
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The numerical simulation of one-dimensional overland flow by Lattice Boltzmann Method

Ningning Liu
The kinematic wave equation is selected to describe one-dimensional overland flow. The Lattice Boltzmann method which different from macroscopic numerical methods is introduce to solve this partial differential equation. By comparing to analytical solution, good fitting results are got. In addition,...
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Microstructure and Properties of Al-Mg-Si-Li Alloys with Different Mg Content

Zhongkui Zhao, Qing Gao, Yu Yao, Bozu Liu, Di Zhang, Quiqing Wang
Microstructure and properties of Al-Mg-Si-Li alloys with different Mg content were investigated. The microstructure was observed by optical microscopy, the phases were determined by X-rays diffractometry, the hardness was monitored by Vickers, the mechanical properties were determined by tensile tester,...
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Experimental Research on the Impact of Engine oils on Vehicle Fuel Economy

Yimin Mo, Jun Wang, Junping Wang, Wenjun Zhou, Tuo Dong
As the problem of vehicle fuel consumption and environmental pollution has caused wide public concern over the recent years, improving vehicle fuel economy is extremely urgent. Through vehicle fuel consumption test on mini cars based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), the impact of energy-conserving...
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The parameters of orthotropic sand fabric

Xuefeng Li, Fenfen Song
The description based on the microscopic theory of sand fabric, the novel amplitude parameters decrypting the spatial arrangement of non-spherical particles is defined, and the verification with the microscopic test for Toyoura sand is conducted. The spatial arrangement of non-spherical particles form...
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Experimental study on frost area of peat soil roadbed settle-ment deformation

Yumin Han, Xiaoxing Shi
Aiming at the problems of disease and adverse geological section of peat soil, the entity test project, the settlement deformation law of peat soil roadbed is analyzed, and the theoretical calculation results and the actual monitoring results of test section compares the total longitudinal settlement....
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Determination of Four Metal Elements in Chicken Feed by Microwave Digestion-HR-CS FAAS

Shang-Long Chen, Chao Li, Yong Li, Shi-Yu Jiang, Yun-Xu Zhu
A new application of high resolution continuum source flame atomic absorption spectrometry has been developed for the determination of Ca, Fe, Zn and Mn in chicken feed. Under the selected determination conditions, the correlation coefficients better than 0.998, the relative standard deviations less...
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Study and application of heat preservation and crack control measures for gravity dam in severe cold regions

Huaizhi Zhang, Baolong Wu, Fan Bai, Ke Li
During the concrete pouring process, the long downtime would weaken the bonding strength between old and new concrete layers. The bonding parts would like to form horizontal cracks, especially winter intermittent surface in the severe cold region, of which cracks would easily propagates from surface...
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Optimization of ultrasound extraction of Wolfberry Flavonoids and its antioxidant activities

Jianping Zhang, Yonghua Wu, Enqi Liu, Shanglong Chen
The solidtosolvent ratio, ethanol concentration, extraction temperature and extraction time were investigated for extracting total flavonoids from wolfberry. The optimal conditions were found to be extracted at the ratio of material to solvent 1:20 (g/mL), 60 for 40 min with 70% (v/v) ethanol. The D101...
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The Support for Repairing the Main Roadway in Mine under Complicated Conditions

Kun Zhang, Jianxi Ren, Song Wang
Based on Weijiadi mine No.2 cross-cut West water storage repairing engineering, through on-site investigation, theoretical analysis, FLAC numerical simulation, field tests and monitoring metheds to study The Supporting Technology for Repairing the Main Roadway in Mine under Complicated Conditions, the...
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New Exploration of CFRP prestressed equipment

L. Xu, C. Zhao
CFRP is widely used in the area of reinforcement because of its many advantages, but ordinary methods of past can not give full play to high-strength properties of CFRP.Therefore, new technology of concrete structures strengthened with prestressed CFRP emerges as the times require. At the same time,the...
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Optimized Alkaline Pretreatment Technology of Rice Straw for Ethanol Production

Yang Liu, Zhongping Qiu, Guichen Wang
As a renewable energy, ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass has developed technologically in many ways. Effective pretreatment can enhance the enzymatic saccharification of cellulose by removing lignin and hemicellulose from raw material. Different alkaline pretreatment technologies were studied to find...
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Analysis of plastic zone boundary of circular tunnel under the asymmetric load

Chao Ke Liu, Jian Xi Ren
In order to study the stress distribution features of the surrounding rocks a long the circle tunnel after the roadway excavated and the radius size of there leased circle, first analysis of the stress distribution characteristics of the surrounding rock, on this basis, circular tunnel for the elastic...
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Adsorption and decomposition of NOx on Rare Earth Phosphotungstates

Xueyang Zhang, Ru Zhang, Tianxiang Liu
To reduce NOx emission, LnPW (Ln= La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Yb, Y; PW= PW12O40) were prepared and used for NOx adsorption and decomposition. The adsorption results showed that NOx adsorption capacity on LnPW were lower than phosphotungstic acid (HPW). After doping with HPW, the NOx adsorption ability...
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Study on the Flocculation of Oilfield Wastewater by Microwave

Hongmei Cui, Lianbao Kan, Fang Li, Xu Zhang, Jing Zhou
Using microwave technology enhanced flocculation treatment of oilfield wastewater containing polymer .Chose the wastewater COD removal efficiency as an evaluation index, investigated four kinds of flocculants, such as AlCl3, FeCl3, PAC, PAF in the microwave irradiation and no microwave irradiation two...
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Construction Simulation and Analysis on the Prestress of Suspend-dome structures

Ming Chen, Jihui Huang
As Jining City integrated gymnasium suspend-dome structure an example, the prestress tension process was carried out finite element simulation analysis by using inverse analysis of construction. The vertical displacement of the control joints and the top rod maximum stress ratio of roof were comparably...
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Experimental study on bonding property between FRP and concrete

Yun Yao, Hao Zou
FRP is new type of composite material which substitute for reinforcing steel bar in concrete structure and can solve wear problem caused by steel bar rusting.The result of its bond behavior with concrete is one of the key technologies for its popularization and application to reinforced concrete structure.We...
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Shimin Zhang, Shichen Yu, Yingsheng Huang, Miaomiao Sun, Xinquan Wang
Using recoverable anchor cable is a good way to resolve problems about underground space occupation and waste of money . So the recoverable anchor cable applied in engineering has long and meaningful significance .this treatise uses the resistance to plucking of anchor cable in the certain unit dismantling...
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Advances in Utilization of Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum

Xiaoliang Wang, Junping Deng
A large number of coal-fired flue gas is the culprit that caused by air pollution and acid rain. Based on this reason, lime/limestone-gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization(FGD) process as the main desulfurization technology are used by most countries to control emissions of SO2,at the same time generating...
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The asphalt pavement structure mechanics response under the even speed moving load

Jianhong Gao
Aiming at the common asphalt pavement structure combination, large general finite element software is used to build the three-dimensional model based on the multi-layer elastic system theory. The pavement structure vertical displacement and stress are analyzed entirely under the even speed moving load....
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The asphalt pavement structure mechanics response under the variable speed moving load

Jianhong Gao
Aiming at the common asphalt pavement structure combination, large general finite element software is used to build the three-dimensional model based on the multi-layer elastic system theory. The pavement structure vertical displacement and stress are analyzed entirely under the moving load. The results...
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Design of horizontal driving machine testing platform

Wen Ming Qu, Qiang Qiang Chen, Jia Dong Zhu
Horizontal driving machine (HDM) will directly affect the moderating effect of automobile seat, it is necessary to carry out quality inspection. This paper first puts forward the overall design of HDM test platform, then clamping devices are designed and a complete testing platform model is build
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Reflective properties of Anti-forgery Optically variable films series

Yue Xu, Fu-Ping Liu, Yan-Nan Hao, An-Ling Wang
For the optically variable films series, using the boundary conditions of electromagnetic waves, we have given the propagation wave equation of S-polarized light wave in the optical variable film system with razor-thin metal film, which can be used to calculate electromagnetic field distribution and...
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The reflection coefficients of multilayer anti-counterfeiting optical films for S-polarized wave

Yannan Hao, Fuping Liu, Yue Xu, Anling Wang
Considering the difference of phase-shift direction and amplitude attenuation direction when the optical wave propagates in conductive medium, with the boundary conditions of optical wave at the interface of the media, we derive the recurrence formula reflection coefficient for the S-polarized optical...
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Analysis of the Effect of Spring on the Force Behavior of Cable Net

Ming Li, Wei Yan, Yuanqing Wang, Wei Tao, Shoukun Li, Renliang Shan
At present, rarely research is done about the loading process of cable net curtain wall with spring mechanism, therefore, how to select the spring stiffness at the cable end and what role the spring play in the process of loading become the very concern for curtain wall designers. Therefore, based on...
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The simplified design method on bearing capacity of Cold-formed Thin-wall Steel Composite Floor

Yu Guan, Shengnan Song, Ruicheng Wang
In the process of use, cold-formed thin-walled steel composite floor should undertake the upper floor vertical load, transfer wind load and seismic force to the shear wall, so that the composite floor must have good bearing capacity. However, using theoretical derivation to calculate the bearing capacity...
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The method to reduce the post-construction settlement of soft soil subgrade

Chunmei Zhang, Lijuan Liang
The post-construction settlement of soft soil subgrade is one of the main problems of railways and highways that troubling builders and designers. Reducing the post-construction settlement has a great significance. This article presents the treatment and precautions of design. Finally, it gives a brief...
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Numerical simulation analysis of surrounding rock displacement of double shield tunnel

Deshen Zhao, Yunping Wang, Menglin Xu
Tunnel engineering is an important part of the development and utilization of underground space especially in the city. To alleviate traffic pressure, improve the efficiency of traffic greatly. This paper will use the numerical simulation software FLAC3D, to simulate the Subway tunnel excavation. Analysis...
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Oscillation Criteria of Second-order Half-linear Neutral Dynamic Equations with Distributed Deviating Arguments

Yunhui Zeng
In this paper, we investigate the oscillation of second-order half-linear neutral dynamic equations with distributed deviating arguments. By using the generalized Riccati transformation and the inequality technique, we establish some new oscillatory criteria for all solutions to second-order half-linear...
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The vibration control research of MRE damper for the multi-level eccentric structure

Jiayun Xu, Changsheng Wang, Lihang Wang, Leiyu Cao
For the characteristics of that the center of mass and stiffness centre do not overlap and that presence of translational and torsional vibrations under earthquake to the eccentric structure, MRE damper is used to control the translation-torsion coupling effect of eccentric structure under seismic action....
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Statistical Analysis on Impact Toughness of Welded Joints between B610CF and 16MnR Steel

Wenmin Liu, Housen Yang, Xinwen Luo, Xingmei Dai
It was investigated for statistical analysis on impact toughness of welded joints between B610CF and 16MnR steel using shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and mixed gas arc welding (MGAW) method. Low temperature(-20 C) impact toughness experiments and normal temperature(20 C) impact toughness experiments...
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Discussion on the Development of Modern Trams in China

Haijun Zhang, Junhong Hu
Modern tram has been gradually applied to the public transportation in China due to its humanity, efficiency, ecology and environment-friendly. In the initial stage of development, however, nu-merous problems occurred in terms of function-orientation, route selection during initial imple-mentation, construction...
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Study on the Course and Speed Cooperative Control Method for Unmanned Surface Vehicle

S.J. Cao, Y.T. Chen, F.M. Zeng
In order to solve the problem of autonomous dynamic control for unmanned surface vehicle (USV) under the unknown environment, the course and speed cooperative control method based on adaptive fuzzy algorithm is studied in this paper. A fuzzy control algorithm is designed of which the inputs are the deviation...
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Study on the Surface Quality Defects and Repair Measures of Composite Wallboard after Stripping

Chunyi Xu, Shengdong Li, Chunlei Xu, Hui Cao
Composite wallboard will arise various problems of its surface quality which will affect the appearance as well as the durability of the composite wallboard if they are slight and influence the using function otherwise.This article mainly conducts systematically about the quality defects, get through...
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The Shear Strength Characteristics of Red Clay

Kai Sheng Chen, Zhen Lu
The paper is aimed at the phenomenon of red clay subgrade disease,taking the subgrade filling from the Yuqing-Kaili Expressway as the research object,the soil mechanics as the theoretical foundation,the testing technology of geotechnical engineering as the method resrearched the change regulation of...
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Evaluation on frequency sensitivity of Young’s modulus of a steel transmission tower

Pengyun Li, Bo Chen, Zheng Liu, Chunlin Zhao
Sensitivity analysis as an alternative approach can take structural parameters as variable and achieve the relationship only with one time analysis. The study on frequency sensitivity of a transmission tower is actively carried out in this study. The three dimensional analytical model of a transmission...
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Experimental Study on Expansion Anchor Head at the bottom of Rock Anchor System

Peng Cheng, Jin Xu
Rock anchor foundation is an economy and advanced foundation form which is especially applica-ble for wind tower construction in mountain area. Installation of expansion anchor head at the bot-tom of full length grouted rock anchors can serve to reduce the anchorage length and increase pullout resistance...
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Study on collaborative work performance of GFRP rebar and concrete

Yanyan Gao, Jianxiong Liu, Chengxi Yue
In the study ,the coordination of GFRP rebar and concrete working performance are studied from two aspects of theory and experiment. By Making 9 groups of GFRP - concrete standard drawing specimen standard drawing and three groups of reinforced concrete specimen ,Getting the damage characteristics of...
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The Research of Bracket Culture in Chinese Traditional Wooden Architechture

Xiya Tang, Chen Zhong
Bracket has experienced vicissitudes for hundreds of years in Chinese traditional wooden architechture, so that the natural color on its surface had long been faded, however, the marvelous sculptures on it has always been suggesting that the lives of the ancients and it is the fantastic designs exquisite...
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Long-span continuous rigid frame bridge construction control

Jianqiao Li, Yaxun Yang, Zhikui Yang
Running is the cantilever method is adopted in the study of the construction of continuous rigid frame bridge construction monitoring.The bridge with high pier and large cross-border, narrow bridge deck and other characteristics, high construction requirement and great technical difficulties.According...
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Quality evaluation on long stopped building bridges in highway exten-sion projects

H.J Hou, K.X Xue, Q He, M.L Cui, J Yan, R.J Ou
Quality evaluation of bridges stopped building for a long period in highway extension projects is not only critical to re-recognize quality (precondition for follow-up construction) but to adopt treatment measures for bridges. Nevertheless, studies on this issue are quite few at home and abroad so far....
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Study on blasting vibration reduction technology by digital detonator

E.A. Chi, M.S. Zhao, Q. Kang
The delay precision of common detonator is not good, the actual time delay often have big difference with blasting design in real blasting engineering, and the blasting effect is difficult to control. While high precision digital detonators are instead of chemical drugs by original electronic control...
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Yu-Yao Zhai, Gang Guo
TCable system is an important part of the aircraft.As the plane "nervous system",cable system is the important role of carrying out electricity, assigned signal and transmission tasks,but also to provide contact information between each system control. The volume and weight of the cable is restricted...
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Mechanical properties analysis of large-span subway station structure

Chang Liu, Lixin Li
In order to deeply understand the loading characteristics of the subway station and summarize the factors that influence the loading of the structure,we need to adopt the method of simulation to analyze the loading of the structure.The main structure static is simulated in ANSYS using an example of interchange...
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Analysis of medium earthquake design for super high-rise buildings

Ling Huang
In recent years, the complex high-rise buildings are increasing.The complex structure and transfi-nite structure often need to adopt the medium earthquake design. This paper first introduces the concept and design method of the medium earthquake design.Then,take a taransfinite frame shear wall structure...
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Influence of Embedded depth on mechanical behavior of micro-pile composite structure

Q. Cai, S.W Shi, Q.K Li, X.Q Han
At the two embedded solid depth, research on the displacement, bending moment and shear stress of micro-pile composite structure have been studied based on the FLAC3D program. Results show that: micro pile maximum bending moment occurs in the vicinity of the sliding surface, the maxi-mum shear stress...
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Design on soil-nailing wall Supporting of Foundation Pit in Bao Tou

Yingzi Yin, Ya-Li Xu
According to the surrounding environment condition, the rock engineering site condition and the excavation depth, soil-nailing wall as its main form combining with the practical engineering case.the paper introduces the characteristics of the engineering and design soil-nailing wall excavation and check...
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The seismic design suggestions of girder bridge

H. Li, W. Tang
This article mainly analyses different representations of bridge seismic damage and their causes, discuss mostly the analytic means of bridge structures’ elastic-plastic earthquake response and the design method of ductile earthquake-resistance. In the end, the developing trends of the method in future...
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Comparative Experimental Study Of Blasting Vibration Signal With Different Single Section Dosage In Metro Tunnel Based On HHT Method

Xiangsheng Chen, Dehua Hu, Di Zhang, Sijia Wang
In this paper the measured blast vibration signal of tunnel between Huaxin station and Huangmugang station of Shenzhen subway line 7 was analyzed, with blasting excavation way of benching tunneling construction method using different maximum charge of explosives. The peak vibration velocity and main...
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Research on the 3D construction of plant morphology

Zhiyong He, Xiaopeng Dai
In this paper, according to the principle of Hough transform, using the multi - directional image information of an object to calculate the pixel points of the object in the space, and get the real three-dimensional image from the object surface texture mapping which is composed of pixel points. This...
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Research of Resource Model for Mobile-Learning Based on Cloud Computer

Donghui Li, Xiaopeng Dai
In mobile learning concept . In the first part, the reconstruction of the digital learning resources classification model is established, and then the the cloud based education platform "teacher student subject knowledge ontology" three-dimensional space application model based on. Finally, it designs...
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Study on the Influence for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Performance by the Thermal Effects of Traction Motor

Wei Wang, Renguang Wang, Yongjun Tian
According to the base theory of heat transfer, a thermodynamic for the permanent synchronous motor of hybrid electric vehicle was studied. The conception of temperature modulation factor was introduced; the temperature raise impacting the fundamental characteristics for motor was analyzed. Then the thermodynamic...
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Effects of Attrition on Microstructure of Electroformed Nickel

Furong Zhang, Yong Zhang, Xueyu Li
The nickel deposits of different microstructures were obtained by electroforming with abrasive-assisted, .The effects of friction strength on the surface morphology and the microstructures of the deposits were studied. The results indicate that the deposits with homogeneous microstructures were obtained...
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Speed governor design based on fuzzy self-tuning PID method for marine diesel engine

Qiaomei Sun, Jinguo Chen
As the most commonly used method in speed governor for marine diesel engine, PID control method is not very effective for nonlinear systems with big variation of parameters. To improve the dynamic precision of diesel speed governor, a fuzzy PID hybrid controller of parameter self-adjusting is put forward...
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Experimental Investigation on High-temperature Heat Pump Water Heater of R1234ze

Zhijiang Wu, Jinping Liu, Xuewei Zhang
The high temperature heat pump water heater experiment of R1234ze was established, and the performance of water heater was studied on different conditions. The experimental results show that the water heater of R1234ze has shown good performance, which the discharge temperature is no more than 110 Cand...
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Climbing Performance Analysis of Radial Tire on Wet Pavement

Gang Cheng, Shihao Zhang, Yunjiang Li, Guoqun Zhao, Qiang Cheng, Zhonglei Wang, Na Liu
Application of the Hydromechanics and the Momentum theorem, the driving critical velocity on wet pavement formula is established. It presents the tire-water-slope finite element modeling process. Through comparing the deformation rule of the loaded tire on horizontal ground and slope ground, analyses...
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Optimization of concrete design mixing artificial pozzolan based on orthogonal test

Baoshi Jiang, Yang Zhang
In this paper, 42.5 sulfate aluminate cement mixing pozzolan was used to prepare fast early strength concrete to reduce the application costs by the equivalent of cement, Pozzolan content, sand ratio, water-cement ratio investigated by orthogonal experiment method to seek meet with the strength requirements...
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Polymerization and Characterization Technique of Pavement Reinforcement Geopolymer Cementitious Material

Lei Zhang, Hailiang Wang, Jin Guo
Application of ground polymer cementitious material can reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution. Chemical composition and polymerization mechanism were analyzed, in order to promote the research and application of the polymer materials. Technology principle of Isothermal conduction calorimetry,...
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The Investigation and Evaluation of Service Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt Modifier

Ping Wu, Tianyu Li, Jin Guo
Recommended dosage and type of warm mix agent widely used at present were investigated in order to determine the technical performance of warm-mixed asphalt and its mixture. The warm-mix agent’s effect on asphalt performance were analyzed based on the three major indexes experiments of asphalt, and the...
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Coordinated Control Object Modeling Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Guanggang Shang, Lincang Ju, Li Tang, Yongjie Gao
In this paper, a modeling method of coordinated control object of supercritical power plant unit is studied. Combined with the actual operating history data of the power plant, by using experimental modeling method, this paper firstly gets the modeling structural according to the dynamic characteristics...
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Research on modeling of direct-injection gasoline engine turbocharging process based on AMESim software

Yuqiao Liu, Yongping Zhang
In order to get the engine simulation model used for the development of control strategy, the offline model and real-time model of self-developed gasoline engine by FAW of direct-injection turbocharging were built based on AMESim software. The results of simulation were compared with that of actual engine...
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Mechanical analysis of composite ribbed shell under dynamical loads

Y.Z. Chang, T. Feng, Sh. L. Meng
Spherical composite ribbed shell is made of thin reinforced concrete shell and composite ribs, which has many advantages such as large span, high rigidity, and large bearing capacity and low cost. It is one of the urgent issues to considering the mechanical performance under dynamic loading. Based on...
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Fabrication of nanostructure arrays induced by laser on Si wafers

Hua Zhang
This work reports a new method of producing nanostructure arrays on monocrystal Si wafers. During the course of electrochemical anodic etching in HF solution, nanostructure arrays formed on N-type Si wafers under laser illumination ( =650nm). A field emitting scanning electronic microscope (FESEM) was...
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Preparation of an Amphiphilic RAFT agent and its application in organic phthalocyanine blue pigment dispersion

Lianbing Zhang, Rui Chen, Chao Zhang
An amphiphilic RAFT agent was synthesized, which could polymerize with monomers as Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization route. The resulting RAFT agents were characterized by FT-IR and 1H NMR. The dispersing ability of synthesized RAFT agent was evaluated. Organic phthalocyanine...
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Modeling and Simulation of Tracked Vehicle Based on Pro/E and RecurDyn

Zi-Yue Wu, Ya-Dong Gao, Zhe Xu, Shu-Fang Wang
The main body model of the tracked vehicle and the crawler system were established by RecurDyn/Track LM and Pro/E , and the assembly was completed in the RecurDyn environment. Using multi-body dynamics software RecurDyn with specific surface parameters for dynamic simulation, to obtain and analyze the...
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Torque Ripple Improvement by Injecting High Voltage Pulses

Yang Li, Ming Feng
This paper presents a new method of injection of high voltage pulses (IHVP) during commutation in order to shorten current’s rising-edge time and reduce the torque ripple. A quantitative method for choosing the voltage magnitude and the pulse width is put forward with trapezoidal back EMF under square...
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Experimental Study on the Performance of Vortex Microbubble Generator

Zhekun Li, Wei He, Wenli Shi, Yujin Fan
Based on the analysis of structure and working principle of the vortex microbubble generator, the generator’s prototype is made and the experiment system is established by us. Under different working conditions the experimental researches on the performance have been done. A better working condition...
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Design and Manufacture on Newly Developed Rotary and Building Ridge Combined Work Machine

Liping Zhao, Xinru He, Xiangyu Meng
In this paper, a kind of rotary and building ridge combined work machine was designed and manufactured on a rice paddy production. The tractor was used and land rotary tillage and ridging were completed at the same time. It mainly consists of the traction frame, machine frame, gearing parts, rotary parts,...
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A Method of Abstract Service Aggregation for Service Composition in Service oriented Manufacturing System

Hua Guo, Min Shu
Service composition, which can realize the added value of service, is the core to implement service oriented manufacturing system. The paper mainly studies the method of abstract service aggregation based on composable correlation drove by the user’s service request. First, the several related definitions...
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Experimental Investigation of Flow Characteristics Induced by Two Types of Right-Angle-Shaped Plasma Actuators

Bin Wang, Huaxing Li
For the flow control over a backward-facing step, two types of right-angle-shaped plasma actuators are specially designed with the electrodes connected in series and parallel manner, respectively. And this paper deals with the special design electrodes for avoiding the limited effects from the interaction...
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Application of Fuzzy PID in Coordinated Control Object of Supercritical Unit

Lincang Ju, Guanggang Shang, Yanggen Shi, Lei Wan
Based on the model of coordinated control object, this paper firstly eliminates the strong coupling between the input and output variables using feedforward compensation decoupling method. The fuzzy adaptive PID controller, using the decoupled model, is designed and optimized for the main steam pressure...
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Studying the reasonable roadway layout under the condition of high stress soft rock

Ping Song, Jingli Zhao, Ting Xue
During mining the high stress soft coal seam, usually adopted traditional method should leave large width coal pillar, which cause severe loss of coal resources, at the same time due to the system stiffness of the high stress soft rock roadway surrounding rock is very low, the plastic deformation is...
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Research on Dynamic Characteristic of High-Power Magnetostrictive Transducer in high frequency application

Baiping Yan, Chengming Zhang, Liy Li, Fuzai Lv
The emphasis of this paper is to study the high frequency dynamic characteristic of high-power transducer based on giant magnetostrictive material. A prototype of high-power magnetostrictive transducer using in kHz magnitude frequency situation is introduced. The accurate inductance relation in magnetostrictive...
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Evaluation System of Heating Quality

Dongdong Mu, Guofeng Wang, Yunsheng Fan, Cunhe Li
With the increasing levels of automation, building of heating’s automatic level have a considerable development. So, quality of heating has been greatly improved. However, in actual operation remain exist extensive management. So, heating field need a heating quality evaluation system to evaluate the...
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Research on the monitoring system for wire rope of window cleaning machine based on the technology of ZigBee

Jinmei Yao, Defang Zou, Peng Zhou, Jian Sun
Background on modern safety monitoring of building maintenance equipment, the technology of ZigBee is applied. Steel wire rope monitoring system of window cleaning machine is researched in this paper. Its key question is to achieve low speed, low cost and low-power consumption. Star topology of wireless...
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Review of the study on macro-mechanical characteristics of wet concrete and their analysis methods

Hongbiao Liu
Macro-mechanical properties of wet concrete are important for concrete structure design because the pore saturation in concrete has great influence on the mechanical properties of concrete. The research states of macro-mechanical characteristics of wet concrete were introduced in the filed of tests and...
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A Study on Optimized Design Method of the Pre-machined Hole for Flanging of Square Tributary Junction on Cylindrical Steel Tube

Zhaodong Li, Zhonglei Wang, Sheke Hao, Pengyao Liu
Critical for flanging of square tributary junction on cylindrical steel tube is to determine the shape and sizes of pre-machined hole. In order to investigate precise shape and sizes of the pre-machined hole, an optimized design model is established. The forming process during flanging is simulated with...
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Research on the method of feature extraction based on ARM platform

Dezhi Zheng, Kunming Wang, Jialin Cheng, Shangchun Fan
Detection method of colloidal gold immunochromatography assay concentration using colorimetric principle, when tested in liquid reagent on antigen and antibody response, reagent detection area change color, and compared to standard color grade then the concentration can be qualitative analysis. At present,...
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Review on Stability of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Axial Compression

Haifeng Qian, Dengfeng Wang
Thin-walled cylindrical shells under axial compression are commonly found in a wide range of civil engineering steel shell structures, including silos, towers, chimneys and tanks. Buckling of axially compressed cylindrical shells has been one of the most active areas of shell buckling research. The purpose...
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Application of Fabric in Uniform Design and Its Development Research

Canming Liu, Fei Bian
The uniform design is significantly different from other categories of costume design, and the uniform design is mainly based on the industrial characteristics and principles, i.e., the uniform must adequately reflect and adapt to the characteristics of work environment, object and target. While fabric...
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Ball Screw Pair Design of Elevating Mechanism for Hybrid Forklift

Yao Wang, Dingxuan Zhao, Lei Wang, Zhuxin Zhang, Lili Wang, Yanjuan Hu
In view of the current shortage of electric forklift hydraulic elevating mechanism, a new type of hybrid forklift elevating mechanism was proposed. The design calculation was executed according to the maximum load, elevating height, elevating speed and other related design parameters. At the same time,...
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A Discrete Firefly Algorithm for Routing Optimization of Milk-Run

Xiaolei Wang, Meiliang He, Hongchun Jiang
Route planning and optimization is significant for milk run system. Therefore, taking minimizing the transportation cost as objective, a route optimization model of milk run was developed. For the discreteness of solution, a discrete firefly algorithm based on bi-layer coding was proposed. Finally, through...
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Amperometric determination of dopamine Ndoped graphene/Au@Pt core-shell nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrode

Xianlan Chen, Guowei Zhang, Ling Shi, Shanqin Pan, Wei Liu, Keqiang Xu
The formation of N-doped graphene (NG) use hydrothermal method with urea as reducing agent and nitrogen source. The surface elemental composition of the catalyst was analyzed through XPS, which showed the atomic ratio of N/C is 5.0%, indicative of the effective N-doping. The Au@Pt core-shell nanoparticles...
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Anisotropy of fracture toughness of 2124 aluminum alloy plates

Haigen Jian, Jian Luo, Zheng Liu, Xianmin Tang
The plane strain fracture toughness KIC values of 2124 aluminum alloy plate of T-L and L-T orientation of thickness of 30 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm were tested by using the standard compact tension specimen. The KIC anisotropic degree and mechanism of different thickness of 2124 aluminum alloy were studied...
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Effective Factors and Improving Methods to Conversion Efficiency in Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Qunhua Dai, Yong Xu, Shuhe Zheng, Zhou Zhu
Photovoltaic technology has been widely studied as one of the most promising new energy technologies around the world. The critical problem is, however, low conversion efficiency has hindered its development. This paper has analyzed effective factors to conversion efficiency in photovoltaic power system...
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Application of DSP motion controller in welding robot of oil tank

Jia Jia, Pengfei Zhu
In view of design purpose on the welding robot of different tanks, The purpose of this research is to welding robot motion controller is applied to the tank cover, the system adopts solution of “PC + motion controller”. The paper analyses the selection of F28335 motion controller, Through the way of...
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Numerical Simulation of Solidification Structure Formation for a Large Flat Ingot during Water-cooled Mold Casting

Huishu Zhang, Lina Sun, Dongping Zhan
There are some new water-cooled ingot caster were built in some steel plant in China for produce large flat ingot to meet the increasing requirement of the large ingot. While as the ingots become larger, there may cause many metallurgical imperfections, such as segregation, surface defects, etc. For...
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The Application and Numerical Study of Highly Loaded Blades in the Industrial Steam Turbine

Hong Yao, Xun Zhou, Wanlong Han, Zhongqi Wang
The blades are the key components of industrial steam turbine, and the manufacturing of the blade is about one third of total manufacturing. Reduction of the number of the blades is will lower the manufacturing cost. In the present paper, the aim of the research is to develop high efficient highly loaded...
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Research on Combinatorial Approach in Composition-structure-property of Non-metallic Materials

Shuhu Li, Danyong Wang, Xiaoyan Li, Juncong Liu, Yiwei Chen, Huamin Jia, Zhenming Qin, Ronghui Wang, Huazhen Wei
The mechanism of combinatorial approach was reviewed first and then the passive mixers and active mixers for discovering new kinds of non-metallic materials by the use of combinatorial approach were introducted. By active or passive mixing, combinatorial approach was used to find close relatinship butween...
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Numerical Computation of Flow in Porous Media of Non-Newtonian Power Law Fluids

Xiaoguang Liu, Xiaojun Zhou, Xiaoru Hao, Xiaohu Sang
In this article, the volume average method of fluid flow in porous media is introduced and the unit volume resistance is analysed, then the Brinkman-Forchheimer extended Darcy model is obtained. Numerical results of fluid flow in porous media are solved, numerical results show that fluid flow in porous...
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Study on Flow of Non-newtonian Power-law Fluids in Porous Media

Xiaoguang Liu, Xiaojun Zhou, Xiaoru Hao, Xiaohu Sang
In this article, the porous media fluid flow experimental apparatus and five groups of solid particle parameters containing porous media are introduced. And the friction factor curve is drawn along with the change of Reynolds numbers according to the pressure drop-flow relationship. According to the...
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Calibration Methods of Chlorine Analyzer

Long Wang, Yufeng Xu
Chlorine analyzer is broadly used for determination of residual chlorine or total chlorine in water. It is very important to evaluate its performance and needed to be calibrated by metrology organizations. But there is no standard or regulation for chlorine analyzer calibration in our country. The calibration...
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Research on manufacturability evaluation system based on features for automobile gears

Yao Wang, Yanjuan Hu, Chao Shi
Aiming at automobile gears, the three-level manufacturability evaluation system was proposed. The system includes the structural processing evaluation, the machinability evaluation of features and comprehensive evaluation. This paper mainly introduces the first and second level manufacturability evaluation....
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Coupled Analysis of Haze and Thermal Power

Lu-Ping Liu, Long-Sheng Zou
Haze formation process and the reason were analyzed in the paper, and its harm to human health, particularly pollutants from thermal power industry was a key factor. In order to control the atmosphere environment worsen, and gradually improved the air quality, shorten time of the haze weather harm to...
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Development of Antibacterial and Thermal Storage Carbon/Silver Fabric by Using Thermoprint and Fitting Technique

Guifu Li, Chunxia Chen, Lei Zhao
This paper introduced an Antibacterial Carbon/silver film thermal fabric designed by using thermoprint and fitting technique,and introduced the base fabric selection Product specifications technological process process parameters and key technologies detailedly,then tested antibacterial property tear...
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Applicability Study of Travelling-wave Effect on Multi-tower Extradosed Cable-stay Bridges Using Symmetric Analyzing Method

Shengze Tian, Wancheng Yuan, Haolin Yang, Han Li
Shake table test is considered to be a very intuitive and efficient way of studying structure seismic response. With more long multi span bridges been built and a larger proportional scale structure tests are towards, the capacity of shake tables and table numbers are insufficient. Sacrifice has been...
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Oven Fluid Analysis and Parameter Optimization for Gravure Printing Machine YF93

Qiaoxia Gao, Xianwen Shen
Gravure printing machine Oven hot air dynamic performance and structural demensions directly affect the drying effect of print. In this paper, fluid mechanics is used to analyze kinematic and dynamic behavior of hot air flow in the oven of a gravure printing machine. The CFD method was adopted to do...