Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2019)

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Research on Practice Teaching of Environmental Design Major Internship Course Against the Background of Individualized Education

Jun Yi
Providing individualized education in colleges and universities is a profound understanding of the true meaning of education. It is the appeal to adapt to the popularization of higher education, also an inevitable requirement for cultivating students' innovative ability and achieving educational fairness....
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Research on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Community Education Public Service for Children Aged 0-3 Years in Xi'an

Yufang Huang
Community early education public service system is an important part of the national public service system construction. It is an irresistible trend to fully integrate public education, health and community resources to provide the community inclusive services for guiding parents in early childhood education....
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Analysis of the Modes of the Cultivation of Current Chinese Youth Basketball Talents

Yunpeng Zhao, Feng Tian
The training of youth basketball talents is a developmental strategy for basketball. If the existence of high-quality basketball players is a national overall basketball competition level, then the training of youth basketball is undoubtedly a further extension of the national competitive level. The...
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The Analysis of the Undergraduates' English Classroom Anxiety Based on FLCAS

Xiaowen Du
Language anxiety is assumed to be the most pervasive hindrance in second/foreign language learning. This paper explores the undergraduates' English classroom anxiety, the relationship between English classroom anxiety and final examination achievements, individual differences in respect of English classroom...
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Discussion on the Teaching Mode Reform of "Product Sketch"

Xue Gao
Fluent and fast sketch is one of the most direct, important and economical means for designers to express their design ideas. This kind of unarmed expressive ability is based on broad design accomplishment and solid modeling ability, and sketch is the most effective means to cultivate this kind of unarmed...
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Inheriting National Culture and Exploring New Ways of Teaching Exploration on the Integration of National Music into Sight Singing and Ear Training Teaching

Rong Xing
The teaching of sight singing and ear training is a basic music course with the purpose of understanding, comprehending and grasping the language of music structure. The traditional sight singing and ear training in colleges and universities is mainly based on Western textbook system and western music...
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Exploration of Reforming Integrated English Course

Gangni Chen
In line with the trend of College English teaching reform, teachers have made various explorations in integrated English course, such as the improvement of teaching methods or the diversification of classroom activities, but the results seem to be not so satisfactory. The exploration of integrated English...
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Strengthening the Construction of Teaching and Research Office in Applied Undergraduate Colleges Centered on Teachers Professional Development

Wei Jiang
The construction of teaching and research office in applied undergraduate colleges is directly related to the quality of talent training. This paper starts with the analysis of the current situation of the teaching and research office construction, analyzes the problems existing in the construction process...
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Research on the Reform of Preschool Professional Art Teaching

Xiaoxiang Liu
Art is one of the core courses in preschool education. It needs to take into account the two key words "preschool" and "art". The in-depth research on course teaching methods and novel teaching methods have become the key points to be discussed in the discipline reform. This paper analyzes the development...
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Critiques on the Errors that Should Be Paid Attention to in the Preparation of College Chinese Textbooks Taking "College Chinese (Second Edition)" Chief-edited by Peng Guangmang as an Example

Zunzhang Sun, Ling Xu, Yuhua Mou, Huaying Xu
Peng Guangmang's version of "College Chinese" (Second Edition) is an excellent one of many college Chinese textbooks, but there are some improvements. To sum up, there are mainly five types of problems: first, the original textual character problem; second, the phonetic question; third, the annotation...
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Research on Postgraduate Training Model of McGill University in Canada

Rui Zhao, Wanbing Shi
This paper studies the postgraduate training model of McGill University in Canada by analyzing the basic situation of graduate education, enrollment methods, admission criteria, enrollment requirements, funding methods, student types, guidance methods, assessment and elimination systems and curriculum...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Universities Based on the Maker Space

Anling Song, Jing Liu
The development of maker space is an opportunity and challenge for innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities. The paper investigates the status and problems of university innovation, and explores the innovation education about training concept, curriculum system, faculties...
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Construction of Distance Education Quality Guarantee System for Open University (UK) and Its Enlightenment

Ping Mao, Xi Zhang
Distance education quality guarantee system plays an important role in the development of distance education. In certain sense, this system is the lifeline of the development of distance education science. In the long-term practice of running schools, Open University (UK) has always adhered to the student-oriented...
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Methodological Principles of Identifying Indicators of Key Competences of Physical Education Discipline

Yixuan Cen, Yu Wang, Shouwei Zhang
Given the fact that the development of key competences of physical education discipline plays an important role in nurturing students' key competences, the current study is designed to give a close observation on characteristics of physical education, exploring into the method of identifying every dimension...
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Some Thoughts on the Improvement of Research Ability of College English Teachers in Local Medical Colleges in China

Fanghui Hu
Scientific research can promote teaching, and the development of scientific research ability of English teachers in medical colleges is conducive to the overall quality of students and the improvement of the overall education level of the college. On the basis of analysis of the present situation of...
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Picture Book Reading and the Education of Life Philosophy for Children

Duoling Pan
The establishment of life consciousness can't be resorted to the cognition, but can only be resorted to the experience. The picture book mainly uses the pictures to express the immediacy of the medium, and it is highly compatible with the image of children's aesthetic acceptance and the emotionality...
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An Overview of Chinese International Education

Lingqiao Liu, Xuesong Jiao, Fengrong Shi
In the past decade, Chinese international education has experienced rapid growth. The boom motivates the author of this paper to have done a holistic study on this issue. The study finds that Chinese international education programs have so far been operated basically in two directions: teaching Chinese...
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Research on the Construction of Professional Learning Community of English Writing Teachers in Colleges and Universities

Jin Yan, Cui Jiang, Wei Tao
A professional learning community is an effective approach to teacher development. The paper firstly presents relevant theory of a professional learning community, and then reports the exploration of a professional learning community of university English writing teachers. The study shows that this practice...
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A Corpus-assisted Study on the Development of Chinese Students' Second Language Writing Ability A Textual Rhetorical Perspective

Lijun Tang
In recent years, with the rapid development of corpus linguistics, and the wide application of corpus research methods, most of the domestic study focus on corpus-assisted writing teaching and learning. Some scholars has put more emphasis on the theoretical research but less study on the practice of...
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Study on Blended Learning Mode for College English Based on School-based MOOC and the Concept of Flipped Classroom

Xiaoru Gou
Taking the pre-school education majors as an example, this paper mainly explores blended learning mode for college English based on school-based Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and the concept of flipped classroom. This learning mode is characterized by problem-oriented and task-driven pattern and...
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Thoughts on "Going Out" of School-enterprise Cooperation of Higher Education in Yunnan

Jianhui Yun, Wei Long
This paper clarifies the implementation of "the Belt and Road" initiative, the construction of Southeast Asia and Southeast Asia-oriented radiation center, and the internationalization of higher education. With this as basis, it analyzes the "going out" status of school-enterprise cooperation of higher...
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Study on the Value Orientation Behind the Bad Network Loan of College Students and Its Guiding Path

Kaiqiang Yan
There is a close relationship between values and individual behaviors, and the two are consistent. The network loan infestation in campus is related to the "barbaric growth" of online lending platforms on the one hand, yet more to the values held by college students on the other. The decision to borrow...
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The Design and Application Effect of Positioning Plate for Chemical Experiment in University Chemistry Experiment Teaching

Yu Wang
With the expansion of Chinese universities, the speed of school introducing new teachers and the construction of experimental classrooms has produced a significant hysteresis quality due to the rapidly growing number of students. Moreover, because the laboratory has higher requirements than the ordinary...
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Reflection and Exploration on Training of Professionals of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)in Application-oriented Colleges and Universities

Juan Liu, Jing Li
This paper mainly discusses how to optimize students’ knowledge structure and enhance their core competence through the training of professionals in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in local undergraduate universities by means of modular teaching under the guidance of national standards...
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Analysis on the Cultivation of Modern Apprenticeship Talents in Yunnan Under the Digital Economy

Sujun Shao, Bojin Yao
Digital economy has become an important force to drive the high-quality development of China's economy, and it is also the key development direction of Yunnan province's economy. Yunnan College of Business Management is committed to serving the local economy. The development of digital economy has injected...
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Research on the Reform of Media Talents Training Mechanism Against the Background of the New National Standard

Wuqiao Zhang
At present, there are still some disconnections between the training of news communication talents and the actual social needs. Especially, some problems need to be solved urgently, such as vague professional orientation planning, lack of teachers, weak conditions and facilities for running schools,...
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The Application of Flipped Class in College English Teaching

Li Wan
With the rapid development of modern network information technology, flipped class, which overturns the traditional classroom teaching mode, has set off a new trend in the education circle. Compared with the traditional teaching mode, the advantage of the classroom teaching model is more outstanding....
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Analysis of School-enterprise Cooperative Training Path for Translation Major from the Perspective of Application Transformation

Hanhui Li
School-enterprise cooperation should be strengthened for translation major in application-oriented universities in the new circumstances. Currently, some problems exist in school-enterprise cooperation of translation major in colleges and universities, such as, insufficient internationalization of cooperation...
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The Research on Current Situation and Innovation Strategy of Badminton Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Xiang Xiong
At present, China's college badminton teaching is facing new development opportunities, but also urgent need for reform. Especially with the rapid development of the society and college education reform, badminton teaching has been attracting more and more attention, and its importance is recognized...
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The Construction of Hidden Curriculum for Art Design Major in Colleges and Universities Taking Xijing University as an Example

Yun'an Zhao
Both hidden curriculum and explicit curriculum are indispensable and important curriculum resources in schools. Hidden curriculum is not only an important way to construct tacit knowledge of students, but also an effective means to carry out moral education and promote all-round development of students....
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Discussion of the Difference Between China and the West and the Teaching of Foreign Martial Arts

Li Wang
With the rapid development of China and the increasing frequency of international exchanges, the global demand for Chinese culture is growing, and the enthusiasm for martial arts learning is also increasing rapidly. Through the practical experience of foreign martial arts teaching, combined with the...
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Study on Training Mode of Compound Applied Foreign Language Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Context of "the Belt and Road Initiative"

Han Song
On the basis of current situation of and the problems existing in foreign language talents cultivation in higher vocational colleges, in consideration of cultivation objectives of compound applied foreign language talents and the characteristics of demand for foreign language talents by "the Belt and...
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Study on the Information Literacy of University Teachers in the New Media Age

Shuang Lv, Ping Yin
New media have exerted tremendous impact on people's way of getting, processing and using information, people's information literacy bears certain characteristics of the age accordingly. The process of informatization in education makes it necessary to improve the information literacy of university teachers....
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Research on Inter-culture Communication Application Teaching

Dongmei Li
This paper analyzes the external environmental factors and internal factors that influence the intercultural competence in globalization, and discusses the ways to improve intercultural communication ability. Inter-culture communication based on computer network opens up a new space for foreign language...
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A Study on the Influence of Ability Cultivation for English Listening and Speaking at the Fundamental Stage in Regional Social ESL Institutions

Guangzhu Zhao
The cultivation of listening and speaking ability is important for communication in English learning. The test-oriented education in fundamental stage make teachers pay little attention to the practice of listening and speaking, but reading, writing and grammatical points. Therefore many social ESL institutions,...