Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2019)

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Strategy Research on the Display Design of Narrative in Intangible Cultural Heritage Venues

Ling Zhao, Xiaofei Chen
The protection of intangible cultural heritage is an important content of current cultural development. While constantly confirming various intangible cultural heritage projects, currently how to protect these intangible cultural heritages is a crucial issue for China. Exhibition of intangible cultural...
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Study on School-enterprise Cooperative Training Mode for Personnel of Advertising Under Cultural Creative Industry Influence

Xingxing Wang
Media service enterprises are undergoing a rapid transformation under cultural creative industry influence in the era of consumption upgrading, which raises new requirements for the training mode of advertising personnel in colleges. Advertising aims to cultivate the all-round application-oriented advertising...
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Glocalization Trends in Costume Design Fashion Design

Danilova Olga Nikolaevna, Yipeng Yang, Ismaeva Alina Nikolaevna
The purpose of this study is to create a model of project activities in the field of costume design by erasing the boundaries of motivated art and design. In the course of solving this problem, the methodological basis of the research was revealed, in which the concept of globalization of design and...
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Application and Development of Green Design Concept in Modern Ceramic Design

Yakun Guo, Tong Wu
Purpose: this paper aims to explore the application of green design concept in modern ceramic design against the background of post-industrial social construction ecological civilization, and provide useful exploration for its development trend. Method: This paper analyzes from the ecological culture...
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The Aesthetic Value of Nordic Furniture Design from the Perspective of Tao Following Nature

Yan Feng, Yufan Ding, Qingling He, Jie Du, Panpan Cao, Xiaoyu Ming, Xiaofang Yu
Nordic furniture design is concise and natural, emphasizing humanity and the beauty of harmony between man and nature. This is similar to the Taoist natural thought in Taoism. Based on the full understanding of Taoist culture, understand the new design methods adapted to modern development under the...
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Design and Application of Nanning Tourism Brand System Based on Visual Orientation of Regional Characteristic Cultural Elements

Xuchang Li
With the changes and development of the period, the society is in a state of continuous improvement. The spiritual needs of people can be satisfied through rich cultural elements in their daily life. In the constantly changing state of life, people prefer more sentimental life, so they are fond of traveling....
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Planning and Design of Livable Community in Nanyu Town, Fuzhou City

Yan Feng, Jia Liu, Miao Xiong, Panpan Cao, Qingling He, Jie Du, Xiaofang Yu
Taking New town Community of Nanyu Town, Fuzhou City as an example, the planning and design plan of Nanyu New Town community was introduced in detail, and the spatial pattern and layout of the community, the road traffic system, the slow-moving system and the layout and composition mode of the neighborhood...
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Research on Interactive Display Design Based on "Educational" Demand Taking the "Kizil Cave — Temple Complex" Exhibition Area of the Aksu Museum as an Example

Qiong Xie
In Modern museum display, the original information dissemination mode in which visitors simply visit the exhibitions has been broken, and the mode of interaction between audience and exhibits are increasingly adopted to promote the degree of participation and fun in the display. Through elaborating the...
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Research on the Technological Innovation of Miao Pile Embroidery Against the Modern Aesthetic Demand

Pu Chen
As one of the most representative embroidery methods in Miao embroidery, pile embroidery has been rated as a national intangible cultural heritage as early as 2006. Miao's pile embroidery is usually summarized in the category of appliqué embroidery. This type of embroidery is popular in the area along...
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Research Status and Development of Related Theories of Outdoor Activity Space Design for Urban Children in China

Yufan Ding, Lei Lei, Jie Du, Qingling He, Xiaoyu Ming, Yan Feng, Xiaofang Yu
The city is a masterpiece of human wisdom. The outdoor activity space is the favorite and most desirable place for children in the city. This paper mainly summarizes the research status and development direction of the theory of urban children's outdoor activities in China. By grouping and analyzing...
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Study on the Characteristics and Influence of Export Furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties

Yu Liu
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the opening of the Maritime Silk Road gave both the West and the East a chance to have direct dialogue with each other. Thanks to the impetus of the "Chinese fever" in Europe, a large number of furniture with distinctive Chinese and Western combined characteristics...
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The Value Significance and Protection Path of the Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage Taking Cantonese Clock Design and Manufacture Techniques as an Example

Dapeng Zhou
Cantonese clock manufacture technique is the precious cultural wealth of the Chinese nation. It is necessary to take measures for better protection and inheritance of traditional culture such as Cantonese clock and to present the traditional intangible cultural heritage in a form that meets the needs...
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Confidence of Chinese Traditional Art in Packaging Design

Mei Zhang, Junsong Zhao, Yingzhen Zheng, Yan Tang
Packaging design in marketing in the new era is not only a simple function of protection, accommodation, transportation, and product publicity, but also reflects a country's cultural accomplishment. In order to show China's modern packaging in the world commodity packaging industry, to be unique and...
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City Talk: Exploration on the Interventional Approach of Micro-renewal Participatory Design for Public Space of Old Communities in Qingdao

Jiaojiao Du, Fuzhi Liu
In the context of Qingdao's rapid economic development and urban construction, Qingdao has attracted a large number of people with international attitude. In response to the call of Qingdao Municipal Government's “Old Town Revival” policy, the government has launched a special fund for the micro-renewal...
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The Relationship Between Morphological Basis and Product Design

Haiyan Xie
Morphosis is an important basic course for art design. The plane and three-dimensional factors together constitute its main research content. It is an important course that must be studied in industrial design, interior design, fashion design and other art design majors, literature majors (advertising...
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Professionalization Process of Interior Design

Huifang Duan
Interior design, whether it is professional or non-professional, remains an unavoidable part of human life, which is closely linked with human life, but also has closely association with human activities in the indoor. Then what changes have happened to the place where people live in? This paper draws...
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Research on the Space Design of Kindergarten Activity Unit Example of Graduation Design of South China University of Technology

Minjuan Wang
Kindergarten activity units play an important role in the growth of children and are important places for children to learn, live and play. Faced with the rapid increase in the number of children and the limited construction land of kindergartens, this paper explores how to effectively use space to integrate...
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Study on Feng Qiuping's Fashion Design Style in Modern Times

Ye Chen, Zhaoqing Li
This paper explores the familiar art and Shanghai knitting master Feng Qiuping's design style and its formation reasons. At the same time, her works and clothing design style is analyzed and interpreted as a "beautiful and practical" style, the "combination of things" and "innovation and change". Due...
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Digital Technologies in Modern Education: Ethical Aspect

Vladimir A. Tsvyk, Irina V. Tsvyk
The article is devoted to the ethical assessment of the possible consequences of the digitalization and computerization of all forms of educational activities. The positive and negative aspects of the widespread introduction of digital computer technology in the educational process were taken into consideration....
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From Space Representation Towards the Space of Representation: Ecopsychological Approach to the Educational Environment Researches

Julia Panuykova, Lyudmila Makovets
The article analyzes the abilities of the ecopsychological approach in modern psychology to identify a number of the educational environment organization features related to the of the educational system effectiveness that define students' satisfaction with the educational process. The authors highlight...
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The Research on the Relationship Between the Results of the Monitoring of the 9th Grade Students' Individual Academic Achievements in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the Level of Basic General Education

Ruslan Chudinsky, Alexander Volodin, Anatoly Bykanov
The article focuses on the empirical research on the relationship between the results of the individual academic achievements monitoring of the 9th grade students of Voronezh region general education establishments in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the level of basic general education. It indicates...
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Development of an E-learning Environment for Educational Institutions

Julia Gnezdova, Tatiana Lomachenko, Tatiana Kokodey, Mikhail Mikhailov
The article deals with the key issues of creating conditions for the introduction of a modern and safe e-learning environment by 2024 to ensure that the values of self-education and self-development are formed for students of all organizations and levels by updating the information and communication...
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Discussion on the Necessity and Ways of Developing Religious Education in Middle School Ideological and Political Theory Courses Against the Background of Multiculturalism

Ya'nan Zheng, Chunying Chang
Under the influence of multiculturalism, the degree of recognition of religion among middle school students has increased, and their beliefs have become an important social issue. To do a good job in the education and guidance of middle school students' religious beliefs is of great significance for...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Environmental Design Course Based on the PBL Teaching Approach A Case Lesson of Model Making

Lingling Hu
This paper studies and discusses the introduction of the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) into the model making course, and expounds its application and implementation in the teaching process in combination with the current situation of the course, teaching objectives and the procedure of the PBL teaching...
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The Construction of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in College English Translation Teaching

Yanru Liu, Xiaochun Zhou
With the development of information technology, flipped classroom, as a new kind of teaching model, has aroused great concern in Chinese education. Implementing flipped classroom into college English translation teaching can enhance college English students' translation level and improve their English...
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Analysis of the Learning Effect Evaluation System for Students of Digital Media Art Major Based on TOPCARES-CDIO

Shi Liu, Xu Cong
Digital media art is an interdisciplinary integrated discipline and involves majors like art design and media technology. To establish the evaluation system of students’ learning effect for this major will help improve teaching quality and better carry out connotation construction of the major. The research...
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Research on the Development Path of the Tutorial System for Law Undergraduates Against the Background of "Double First-class" Initiative

Xiangxiu Wang, Yuan Chen
The first-class undergraduate education of law is a great innovation committed to promoting the development of education and realizing social progress since the reform and opening up. In the new era, how to develop undergraduate education of law, realize the innovation of education and teaching mechanism,...
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Tradition and Innovation: the Horizons of Culture in Educational Space of Universities

Ludmila Mikheeva, Magda Dzhichonaya, Yuliya Gushina
The article highlights the issues related to the revitalization of students of creative universities, their understanding of the diversity of the cultural and historical process in the art, education of future professionals with an active citizenship of the patriot. Students' awareness of the concept...
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Discussion on the Correct Direction of Stroke Order Teaching

Jianjiao Zhou
The primary purpose of paying attention to strokes is to make the words write fast and well. However, at present, the teachers spend a lot of thoughts on the strokes order teaching, but it turned out to be largely unsuccessful. The students’ words are still not well-written. The core reason is that the...
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Research on the Present Situation and Strategy of Kindergarten Children's Drama Education in Xi'an

Yun Du, Lei Xu, Zilan Jiang
With the continuous penetration of the concept of drama education in the field of education, Xi'an Kindergarten began to explore drama education in kindergartens and curriculum practice in recent years. Through investigations, it was found that the children's drama education in Xi'an Kindergarten presented...
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Research on the Interactive Teaching of Wechat Public Account A Case Study of the Easy to Divide

Xiaoping Zhao
In order to better attract and interact with students in class, the author puts forward mobile interact teaching by WeChat public account. Taking the WeChat public account of "Easy to Divide" as an example, this paper proposes some measures in interactive teaching, such as how to select reasonable interactive...
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A Comparative Study of Responsibility and Integrity Education Between China and the West

Xi Zhu, Zhiqiang Gu
As an important part of ideological and political education, the education of responsibility and integrity has received widespread attention in China and the West. However, due to the different historical traditions and cultural backgrounds between China and the West, the connotation, concept and form...
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Reflections on Practical Teaching of Piano Course in Music Major of Local Higher Normal Colleges

Xiaoli Jiang
Under the new curriculum standard, the music major of higher normal colleges should cultivate new music teachers as needed in the new curriculum reform, and innovative talents meeting the demands of the employment market. Practical teaching plays an important role in the process of talents' training...
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Study on the Influence of Popular Singing on Vocal Music Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Dongqi Meng
At present, classical music is facing tremendous transformation. Popular singing, a more direct artistic expression, is changing people's aesthetics and has a great impact on vocal music teaching in colleges and universities. If some characteristics and advantages of popular singing can be integrated...
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An Analysis of the Importance of Vocal Music Teaching to the Cultivation of Students' Comprehensive Ability

Xintong Pei
This paper discusses the present situation and future development direction of vocal music in normal universities, which shows that vocal music teaching in normal universities is of great importance in cultivating students' comprehensive ability.
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Innovation of Higher Education in Hotel Management Based on International Perspective

Ting Chen
This paper compares the higher education between Chinese and foreign hotel management based on the international perspective, analyzes the problems in the higher education of hotel management in China, meanwhile puts forward some suggestions for the innovation of higher education in hotel management...
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Preliminary Thoughts on the Construction of Mental Health Education System in Higher Vocational Colleges

Chunying Chang, Ya'nan Zheng
Mental health education is an important part of vocational education in colleges and universities. Higher vocational colleges have different mental health education systems from other institutions due to the characteristics of students and the nature of school. This paper proposes a preliminary concept...
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Study on the Basic Strategies of Infant Art Education of Preschool Education Speciality in Colleges and Universities

Xiaolei Zhang
Preschool education is related to the growth of children, and children are the pillars of the future development of the country. The quality of preschool education has an important impact on the development of China. This paper first analyses the outstanding problems existing in the art curriculum of...
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Research on Teaching and Application of Public Art Application of Public Art Design in Construction of Beautiful Rural Area

Wei Zhou, Min Huang
This paper aims to study how public art teaching can better promote the application of public art design in the construction of beautiful rural area. Taking public art as the starting point, and based on the status quo of beautiful rural construction, it explores the interaction relation between public...
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Research on the Way to Improve the Ability of Innovative Talents in Industrial Design Against the Background of "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Xianchang Wang
Against the background of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", it has become the consensus of universities and society to train innovative entrepreneurs in industrial design. The discipline of industrial design has obvious characteristics. It integrates interdisciplinary knowledge and focuses on cultivating...
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Research on the Influence of Practical Teaching System of Public Basic Curriculum on Students' Vocational Transfer Ability

Xiaojing Hou
Public basic curriculum is the basis of learning professional knowledge and skills. It is the premise for students to transfer to other jobs or start a business in the future. By learning basic curriculum, students can not only acquire the basic knowledge, but also reserve the development space for lifelong...
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Research on Integration of Theory and Practice Teaching Mode of Power System Relay Protection Course

Shun Yao, Genghuang Yang
In this paper, remote steerable experimental teaching platform and general microcomputer relay protection experimental device are deeply studied, and their design principles and main functions are also clearly defined. This paper will apply "Internet plus education" technology into power system relay...
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A Study on the Issue of Honesty Education for College Students in the New Era

Zheng Wang
Based on the interpretation of honesty and its operating mechanism, this paper discusses the necessity and feasibility of the cultivation of honesty behavior of college students from following the basic principle of "overall long-term effectiveness", establishing the cultivation goal of "multi-dimensional...
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A Study on the Influencing Factors and Sensitivities of Regional Differences in Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Higher Education

Jinlong Li
Chinese-foreign cooperation in higher education is a way of cross-border education and an important part of China's higher education. The spatial distribution, scale and level of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools in different regions are affected by environmental conditions, making Chinese-foreign...
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Research on the Cultivation of Intercultural Communication Awareness in Business English Negotiation Teaching of Higher Vocational Colleges

Yuanyuan Niu
With the development of the economy, there have been more and more international business exchanges and thus the importance of English has become prominent. The international business activities have become more frequent in the context of the current global economic integration, so it is important for...
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Research on the Changing Trend of Teacher's Knowledge Authority in the Post-MOOC Era

Lu Wang
With MOOC sweeping the whole educational circles like a digital tsunami, the knowledge authority of teachers changes with the development of teaching technology and teaching method. Under the open logic of MOOC, teachers' knowledge authority has been diluted and impacted as never before. Yet with the...
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Teaching Culture in China's TEFL Classroom

Chunrong Wang
This paper focuses on how British and American culture can be taught to students of English within the foreign language curriculum at the university level in China. Taking into account the goals, the vastness of the subject, students' lack of background knowledge, the syllabus design and teaching method...
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Mencius' Thought of "Beauty" and Aesthetic Education of Fine Arts in Colleges and Universities

Naihui Chen
With the rapid development of art education in colleges and universities, the existence of diversified and individualized factors in education has prompted the author to rethink the aesthetic education in colleges and universities. This paper puts forward Mencius' thought of "beauty" to present the importance...
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Exploring the Diversified Teaching of Piano Classes in Colleges and Universities

Wei Lv, Simin Zhao
With the rapid development of the Internet, the network has entered People's Daily life and become an indispensable part. In the field of education, modern teaching methods represented by MOOC and flipped classroom are gradually applied to classroom teaching in colleges and universities. Therefore piano...
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A Research on the Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education of English Majors in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Yulan Wang
On the basis of a large amount of literature analysis and investigation, this study analyses the current situation and existing problems of innovation and entrepreneurship education for English majors in applied undergraduate colleges and universities, and draws on the successful experience of innovation...
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A Review of Alternative Evaluation Studies

Ling Tong
Different from traditional standardized test, alternative evaluation is a new learner-centered educational evaluation form. It can improve learners' ability of self-management, self-reflection and self-learning. In order to promote the diversified development of Japanese teaching evaluation mode, this...
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The Application of Flipped Classroom Based on Wechat in Practical Course

Jiaxin Yue, Xiaobo Zhang, Qin Xu
Due to the strong practicality of computer on-line courses, it is necessary for teachers to change traditional teaching methods and actively guide students to choose teaching contents according to their own needs for self-learning. Based on Humanistic and Constructivist learning theories, this paper...
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Research Hotspots and Evolution of the Teaching of College English Listening in China Visualized Analysis of Related Literature Based on CNKI Database (1994-2018)

Zhixi Zeng
The research on the teaching of college English listening is a very important part of college English teaching. The teaching of college English listening in China has experienced rapid development for more than 20 years. In this paper, CiteSpace, the information visualization software, is used to analyze...
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Application of Mosoteach in Power Electronics Technology Course of Secondary Vocational School

Qingyue Li, Liguo Tian
In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile communication technology and mobile terminal equipment, mobile learning has shown an extremely spacious application prospects in the field of education. Based on the analysis of the current situation of power electronics technology course in secondary...
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Research on the Role and Status of the Library in the All-out, Thorough, and All-round Education Mechanism Taking Zhuhai College of Jilin University as an Example

Yuan Gao
The foundation of colleges and universities is strengthening moral education and cultivating people. Library, as the one affecting all academic circles from ancient times to the present, is an important part of colleges and universities. In the context of the new era, it has practical significance and...
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Exploration on the Opportunities and Countermeasures for MOOC Teaching Reform in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Songchun Wang, Yan Tian, Fa Zhang, Ting Qin
At present stage, most colleges and universities have provided MOOC curriculum. The application of MOOC teaching mode has improved the teaching efficiency of colleges and universities to a large extent, but there are still many aspects to be improved and perfected. This paper makes an analysis on the...
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Analysis on the Development Trend and Reform Path of Tourism Education Against the Background of Economic New Normal

Ran Li, Xi'ning Fang, Donglin Cai, Bohui Ma
Against the background of economic new normal, people's tourism concept has changed greatly compared with the previous one, which leads to a new development trend of tourism education. From the perspective of the analysis on the development trend and reform measures of tourism education in the new period,...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of Educational Information Reception

Caiyun Lv, Bin Chen
This paper investigates the process of college students' channel selection, information recognition, selection processing, acceptance and feedback of "outline" course teaching. Through statistical analysis and hierarchical analysis of the frequency, the information needs and acceptance of college students...
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Exploration on the Innovation of Youth Community Correction Model From the Perspective of Network Mode

Nuobei Li
In the information age popularized by the Internet, the regulatory effectiveness of offline community correction has been difficult to meet the needs of society, and the construction of network model is a more efficient solution. With the advantages of high efficiency and convenience, networked community...
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Study on Urban Integration of Relocation and Resettlement Areas from the Perspective of Community Education

Yuyang Zhang
With the rapid advancement of urbanization, a large number of demolition and resettlement areas with land-losing farmers as resettlement bodies have emerged in China. After the residents in these resettlement areas have moved from rural areas to cities, they are not only faced with living habits due...
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A Study on English Writing Pattern Under the Impact of High-context and Low-context Cultures

Yumei Zou
This article aims to identify whether cultural factors will cast influences on EFL learners' English and Chinese written compositions. By comparing the participants' English and Chinese compositions entitled "How I deal with stress", the author tries to figure out the different writing patterns in the...
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Heuristic Teaching Method Research for Complex Systems

Jihua Dou, Xingbao Yang, Chuanwei Zhu
According to the characteristics of heuristic teaching in complex systems, the heuristic teaching methods were put forward, including elicitation, contrasting, intuitive, passionate, discriminating, reasoning, and practical methods, which can be useful for the heuristic teaching of complex system discussion,...
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Research on the Approach to Improving the Employability of College Students

Zhen Li
Whether a college student can find a job successfully or not has much to do with the stability and happiness of society and family. It is also an important cause for college educators. This paper analyzes the meaning of the employability of college student, and analyzes their shortcomings from three...
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Research and Practice on Sustainable Development of College-enterprise Cooperation in Applied University

Yong Zhang, Jiya Tian, Pingping Xiao, Xiangyu Meng, Nijun Bai
The deep cooperation between college and enterprises is the only way for the transformation, survival and development of applied universities, and also a shortcut for the construction of new engineering speciality. However, because the college-enterprise cooperation involves many stakeholders, such as...
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Research on Construction of New Liberal Arts

Ying Yang, Huafeng Lu
In the modern society with the rapid development of information technology, facing the booming development of emerging science and engineering majors, traditional liberal arts are confronted with the problems of "single education" and "knowledge education" and the utilitarianism and engineering trend...
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Dual System Education and Craftsmanship Spirit Teaching Reform and Development of Art Design Specialty

Dan Xiong
The "dual system" is a talent training system that attaches importance to both the theory and practice. It also attaches great importance to the system's reference and learning in the course of China's education development, but mainly has a positive discussion in the field of college and vocational...
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The Hybrid Teaching Mode Design Combining MOOC and SPOC

Meng Li, Na Zhang, Kang Yi, Wenhui Hao
With the development of the Internet, there are some online classes, MOOC is a representative of online education, this education model is very popular compared with the traditional education model. This online teaching is more convenient, so we should better integrate this education model into the traditional...
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Research on Education Information Technology Promoting the Professional Development of College English Teachers

Han Gao
Modern society is an information society. With the continuous development of science and technology in China and the continuous popularization of information technology, the use of modern information technology in the process of college English teaching has become the major professional development of...
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Research on the Path of Team Building and Mechanism Innovation of Public Physical Education Course Teaching of University

Quanchang Wang, Chun Xu, Jinlong Shi
Against the background of the "double first-class" construction of Northwest University, and under the development opportunity of deepening and improving the teaching quality of undergraduate education and implementing the reform of the complete credit system, this study holds that the reform of public...
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Research on the Application of Maker Education in K-12 Science Curriculum

Wanqiu Liang
With the continuous development of science and technology, higher requirements are put forward for K-12 science curriculum education. A series of new teaching forms have been widely applied. Meanwhile, as a new type of teaching mode, maker education has been practically applied in the K-12 science curriculum....
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Research on Teaching of Decorative Sculpture and Material Application

Hui Xu
From the perspective of function and effect, decorative sculpture is a sub-concept of sculpture. Material is the primary condition for sculpture and also for decorative sculpture. The relationship between decorative sculpture and material in traditional sense is relatively simple. However in the contemporary...
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A Comparative Study on the Current Situation of Physical Education Curriculum Reform in Primary Schools in China and South Korea

Fude Ding
The physical education in schools has attracted more and more attention from the society. Experts and scholars from all over the world have gradually deepened their research on the reform of physical education in schools. Through the analysis of the physical education curriculum standards of China and...
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Study on the Role of K.M .Maximov's Teaching Method in the Formation of Chinese Modern Art School

Shisheng Lyu, Qianli Mao
Modern Russia and China are countries that are rapidly developing in terms of economy, science and public infrastructure. The active dialogue between the two countries at the socio-economic and political levels has a long history and this dialogue played an extremely important role in the series of events...
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Research on the Cultivation of Financial Talents in Universities Against the Background of Fintech

Xiaoyu Liu, Jingjia Qi
Fintech has quickly become a prominent science and the mainstream trend of the future development of the financial industry. Compared with traditional finance, the emergence of Fintech has put forward higher requirements for financial talents.
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Study on the Role of Academic Painting in the Modern Training System of Chinese Art Educators

Shisheng Lyu, Shiying Ouyang
Russian academic painting is born out of the western academic school. It often gives people a bright, dignified and elegant feeling in painting style, and advocates realism system. Academic painting is a scientific methodology and practice of learning painting art guided by realistic aesthetic standards....
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A Study of the Institutional History of Doctoral Education in the Period of the Republic of China

Zhen Chen, Guandong Song
Since the last emperor of Qing Dynasty retired in 1911, China had entered the period of the Republic of China. And since then, the Government of the Republic of China ("National Government" for short) had further strengthened the contact and communication with European and American culture and education....
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Research on the Vocational Standard Internalization Path of Higher Vocational Students

Ye Wang
The research on vocational standard internalization path of higher vocational students refers to a fixed practice mode in which school and enterprise determine talent cultivation objectives, optimize cultivation process and establish quality assurance system according to the educational purpose.
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Investigation and Analysis on Current Situation of Campus Football Development in Dechang County Middle School

Li Wen
This paper analyzes and studies the factors affecting the development of the middle school football in Dechang County by investigating the current situation of the campus football in Dechang County Middle School. Five research methods including the literature method and the field survey method were adopted....
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Research on Professional Standardization Training System for Hotel Major Students in Higher Vocational Colleges

Huaqing Song
Only mastering simple post-related knowledge and basic skills is not enough to become a qualified “employee”. Therefore, in terms of professional quality, cooperation ability and sustainable development ability, it is necessary to strengthen the “multiple activities” for job training and enterprise interaction...
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New Trend of Higher Education Development in Mainland China

Meng Wu
This paper summarizes the latest development of higher education in mainland China in recent years, analyzes the causes of its emergence, holds that the strategic goal of “realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” is the deep-rooted reason, and analyzes it from three...
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Construction of General Education of Technical University: Experience and Implications of General Education in Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ruishu Wang, Wanbing Shi
General education courses are the main method of implementing general education in universities. As a world-class technical university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has rich experience in general education construction, and it has important reference and enlightenment significance for the reform...
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A Comparative Study Between NESTs and NNESTs

Qingfang Zheng
Since the education internationalization and the importance of English are enhanced continuously and proficiency occupies a primary role in the subject matter knowledge of English language teaching (ELT), the background of teachers as native or non-native English speakers is of major concern. Who is...
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Study on the Connotation and Process of Moral Education

Caihong Ren
From the perspective of moral education, how to think about the connotation, process and thinking method of moral education requires us to trace back to the original state of moral education, and explore how moral education can strengthen moral education and cultivate people.
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Strategy for Optimizing Curriculum Setting of Environment Design Major in Independent Colleges

Xiaojuan Hui
Under the general trend of college transformation, the problem of inadaptability is becoming more and more prominent in that some colleges blindly inherit the talent training plan and applied talent training goal of junior college and undergraduate of maternal art and design colleges. It is necessary...
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Construction of Teaching Quality Evaluation System Based on Blending Teaching

Furong Lin
With the advent of the "Internet Plus" era, the blending teaching model gives a new meaning to the learning methods. Establishing a scientific and effective teaching quality evaluation item system and evaluation mechanism is one of the key points to promote the reform of mixed curriculum teaching. From...
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Exploration on the Improvement of Students' Innovative Practical Ability A Case Study on the Course "Draping Cutting"

Zhexin Liu
Draping cutting of clothing is a highly operational course that is widely used in the brand design and format design of clothing enterprises. At present, colleges and universities are transforming the training mode of applied talents. Traditional draping cutting courses can't meet the market demand for...
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Research on Network Ideological and Political Education Model in Colleges and Universities Based on "Yiban"

Yanqing Yang
Under the new normal of college life of students in which network is accessible at any place and any time, the position of colleges and universities in the strategy for strengthening China through network becomes increasingly prominent. How to use network to put into practice the network education in...
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Value Orientation and Path Exploration of Rural Culture Education from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Dawei Zheng
Rural revitalization is a major strategic deployment made by the Party Central Committee in the new historical period. It is a complex system engineering involving many aspects. Local culture education is an important support for rural revitalization. As a basic public service system, local culture education...
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Study on Training Methods of Intercultural Communication Abilities in Drama Education of College English Teaching

Zhi Zhu
The communication between China and other foreign countries is getting more frequent as China's international status and national influence continue to strengthen in these days so that our society's requirements for English talents are also strict. Furthermore, it is difficult for traditional English...
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Investigation on the Cultural Cultivation of Undergraduate Students Majoring in Dance

Yuwei Zhao
What deviates from the evaluation of the excellent professional skills for students majoring in dance is the evaluation of their cultural knowledge accomplishment. How do the masses evaluate the degree of cultural literacy of dance majors? In order to solve the question and constantly promote the discipline...
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Polish Vocational and Adult Education: Status Quo, Dilemma and Way Out

Jun Li, Jian Wei
Poland is an important transportation hub for the communication between China and Europe. It is also an important country along the "Belt and Road" line. In the new historical situation, how to better understand the Polish vocational education system has become an urgent task for Polish education researchers....
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Exploration, Practice and Improvement of Refined Talents Cultivation Mode Taking the Law School of Shandong Technology and Business University as an Example

Yuhua Wang
The important mission of higher education is to improve the talent cultivation quality. In order to improve the talent cultivation quality, it is needed to reform the talent cultivation mode, establish a concept of refined cultivation, implement the requirements of refined guidance, and refine, deepen...
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External and Internal Governance of Modern University System

Fengqin Chi
To establish a modern university system, from a macro point of view, is to clarify the responsibility of universities to society, and from a micro point of view, is to establish and improve university management methods, and to adjust the relationship between internal elements. Therefore, the development...
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Study on Promotion of Intercultural Adaption of the International Students in China Based on the Information-based Teaching

Shaowei Xiong
Against the background of globalization, the internationalization of Chinese education has a rapid development. More and more international students choose to study in China and China has become the largest destination for foreign students in Asia. Intercultural adaption is one of the prominent problems...
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Exploration of On-campus Practice Base Construction for Agricultural Professional Postgraduate Students in Local University

Yihong Hu, Wenshuai Zeng, Chenzhong Jin, Xuejiao Zhang, Yong Chen, Yan Wang
In order to combine the theory teaching with the practice training on the agricultural professional postgraduate students' cultivation seamlessly at university, Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology began to construct two on-campus practice bases in 2014. This paper analyzed the functions...
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Research on the Significance of Establishing College Students' Sports Archives

Jie Zhang
College students' sports archives are an important part of college students' archives. The establishment and improvement of college students' sports archives is the need of talent training. This paper uses the literature method, expert interview method, logic analysis and other research methods to explore...
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Investigation on the Ideological Situation of Contemporary College Students' Patriotism A Case Study of Shandong Technology and Business University

Jun Yang
Grasping the patriotism of "post-00s" college students in time, researching and exploring the methods of working methods is the proper thing of "strengthening moral education and cultivating people" in colleges and universities, and it is also important for colleges and universities to improve their...
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Study on the Social Value of Volleyball Etiquette and Its Campus Communication Strategy

Hongtao Yan
Sports etiquette refers to the mutual respect, goodwill and friendly behavior that people should have in sports communication, which is of good significance for developing sports and standardizing behaviors. Volleyball etiquette education is not a general education, but a moral accomplishment, a kind...
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Teaching Research on the Ability Cultivation Against the Background of "Internet Plus Education"

Zhefeng Yin, Xu Cui, Jinxiang Wang
With the continuous development of science and technology, the combination of Internet technology and education has been implemented in the teaching of various stages. However, "Internet plus education" still has a series of drawbacks in the operation stage. This paper analyzes problems existing in the...
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Research on Hybrid Foreign Language Teaching Mode Against the Background of "Internet Plus"

Yan Liu
With the advent of the era of "big data", network information technology has become necessary for the modernization of all walks of life. In 2015, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the concept of "Internet plus" in the government work report, opening the road of deep integration between information technology...