Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Material, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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The Study For Anti-Rollover Performance Based On Fishhook and J Turn Simulation

Fei Xiong, Fengchong Lan, Jiqing Chen, Yunjiao Zhou
SUV (Sport UtilityVehicle, SUV) HCG (Height of Center Gravity) is higher, relatively low rollover stability, higher rollover accident rate has become an important issue for cars safety. In this paper, Firstly, four-DOF kinematics theoretical vehicle model was established then combined with a SUV development...
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All-lightweight Aggregate Concrete Frame Structure System of Material Mechanics Performance Test and Research

Yanmin Yang, Runtao Zhang, Bo Qu
According to the test results of the composition material of the all-lightweight aggregate concrete,design the mix proportion of the all-lightweight aggregate concrete of LC30 and LC35 levels,and make the compressive strength test, the splitting tensile test and the elasticity modulus test,analyze the...
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The structural design of the wind-wave complementary device and the numerical simulation of aerodynamic characteristics of the blade

Zi Yue Wu, Jia Sun
This paper designs a new type of wind-wave complementary device, and introduces the detailed design about a few key part of the device. The principle of the device adopts the wind-wave complementary system ,which collect the wave energy and wind energy respectively. Moreover, to increase the generating...
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Effects of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Tensile Strength of A356 Alloy Wheels

Zhenbang Liu, Li Zhou, Guowei Li
In this work, the effects of cooling rate on the microstructure and tensile strength of A356 wheels during solidification were studied. Four cooling methods, including air cooling, wind cooling and two different water coolings, were a used to control the cooling rate of spoke. Comparing with the air...
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Dynamic characteristics of vibrated droplets on the one-tier and two-tier surface

Gang Wang, Zhi-Hai Jia, Zhen Teng
Dynamic characteristics of droplets on the one-tier surface, which was a micropillared hydrophobic surface fabricated by lithography and two-tier surface, which was a micro-nano hydrophobic surface replaced by dry lotus leaf were studied under vertically vibration. Our experiments shown that the two-tier...
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Evaluation on Influential Factors of Hydraulic Gear Pumps Wear Life Using FAHP

Yongjun Cao, Yaochu Deng, Yanrong Wang
Considering that there are plenty of risk factors affecting hydraulic gear pumps wear life, multiple-factors assessment approach based on FAHP is proposed. Fuzzy consistent matrix is constructed by applying fuzzy theory into conventional AHP to improve the precision of judgments of decision-makers. The...
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Web robot detection with semi-supervised learning method

Dong Wang, Lei Xi, Hui Zhang, Hebing Liu, Hao Zhang, Ting Song
Web robot is an automated information gathering program that has brought a lot of problems such as information leakage, resource occupation and network security threaten. It is necessary to effectively detect and control the web access comes from web robots. Summarizes the existing categories of web...
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A Secure Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Grids and A bilinear Map

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A WSNs(wireless sensor networks) secure strategy is presented by dividing sensing square into grids and utilizing a bilinear map methodology in this paper. Both ordinary sensor nodes and heterogeneous sensor nodes are dispersed in whole sensing area. All those sensor nodes establish their communication...
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Comprehensive Improvement Technology Research on Marine Shot Blasting Machine

Junlai Li, Yonghe Xie
The number of impeller head is short in the original shot blasting machine, and the distance between the pretreatment of steel plate is too far to have enough rust removal ability. Based on these problems, researchers respectively added one impeller head both on the top and bottom of the machine, shortened...
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Research on aircraft components assembly tolerance design and simulation technology

Wei Wang, Hongjun Yu, Ahmed Shafeeu, Tianhui Gu
With the rapid development of aircraft industry, manufacturing department needs to put forward higher requirements for the accuracy of aircraft assembly. It not only affects the overall quality of the aircraft but it also affects the cost of aircraft manufacturing. This paper introduces the ways about...
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Dislocation multiplication behavior of AZ61 magnesium alloy during cyclic bending

Tie Tian, Zhao-Cheng Yuan, Lin Mi, Xing-Zi Mao
The dislocation multiplication behavior of AZ61 magnesium alloy during cyclic bending vibration was investigated. The results show that with the increase of stain amplitude and shear stress, the process of dislocation multiplication behavior contains dislocation slipping, dislocation multiplication and...
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Abundance and distribution of trace elements in Mengjiawan coal from Shaanxi, China

Hua Wang, Meili Du, Guotao Zhang
The abundance of one major and eight trace elements in 215 coal samples from the Mengjiawan exploration area, northern Shaanxi, China, were determined. As compared with Chinese coal, American coal and coal Clarke value, only Th content in the Mengjiawan coal is high. The abundance of the element is different...
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A novel design of intelligent tracking maze car

Fuban Qin, Yixian Chen, Haiyang Wang
This paper discusses a control system for intelligent tracking. It takes STC89C52 as control core, the infrared tube ST118 for road information acquisition sensor, and will collect back the information analysis and processing, output the corresponding duty cycle of the PWM wave as a motor drive signal,...
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A Comparative Study of Fish-scaling Resistance of Low Carbon Non-microalloyed and Boron-microalloyed Steels for Enameling

Zaiwang Liu, Zhimin Zhang, Lele Dai, Xiaojing Shao, Hao Zhang, Yongqiang Xue
TH values of low carbon non-microalloyed and boron-microalloyed steels before and after baking were measured and microstructures of low carbon non-microalloyed and boron-microalloyed steels before and after baking were observed by scanning electron microscope as well as transmission electron microscope...
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Surface Roughness Intelligent Prediction on Grinding

Dingtong Zhang, Ning Ding
Grinding is generally the final process, and it is closely related with the surface quality of the component. Now, it’s difficult to measure the surface roughness until the grinding process is finished. The purpose of this research was to study the roughness prediction and avoid the defect happening...
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Research on microwave mode and coupling energy in plasma reactor design for MPCVD diamond

Xiaojing Li, Shunqi Zheng, Hongwei Liu, Chunyu Gao, Xiumei Shi, Qingxiao Li, Yang Ni, Yong He
Systematic research on the performance of former designed plasma reactor was carried out in this paper. Numerical simulation method was performed, the distribution of electromagnetic field in microwave cavity by Finite Element Method (FEM). Microwave mode in waveguide, coaxial transformation part and...
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Study on the ultimate strength of river-to-sea transport container ship

Diyi Chen, Wei Wang, Hao Zhang
In this paper, the study takes 521TEU Open Container Ship for example to research ultimate strength of river-to-sea transport container ship, and uses MSC / PATRAN and ABAQUS finite element software to simulate the container ship, and then gets the ship's structure ultimate strength. Further study on...
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A low drying temperature benefits the quality of dehydrated thyme

Chao Zhang, Jiangchangmei Lu, Yubin Wang, Yue Ma, Xiaoyan Zhao
The effect of drying temperature on qualities of dehydrated thyme was evaluated. The moisture content and water activity of the thyme decreased with the drying time and drying temperature. The chlorophyll content was enhanced when the drying temperature was decreased. Hence, a lower drying temperature...
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Effect of drying temperature on sensory and flavor of thyme

Chao Zhang, Jiangchangmei Lu, Yubin Wang, Yue Ma, Xiaoyan Zhao
The effect of drying temperature on sensory and flavor of thyme was evaluated. The drying temperature showed no influence on the flavor the dehydrated thyme. A higher drying temperature leaded to a dark greenness of the thyme. Hence, a higher drying temperature leaded to an attractive appearance of the...
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The Investigation Status Quo of the Environmental and Free-cutting Brass

Xiaojuan Wang, Ruiqing Liu
The Lead brass is used in various fields of machinery manufaeturing widely because of its superior performanee,easy molding cutting and ability corrosion resistanee.However,the lead is harmful in the environment.The purpose of this research is to produce a kind of environmental and free-cutting brass,which...
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Design and Application of Vibrator Drived by Piezoelectric Stack Based on Low Frequency Vibration Cutting

Fanxia Kong
A new vibration cutting device was presented in the paper to offer much high power and high rigidity for the unstable vibration parameters, bad compliance between practical and theory which produced while using conventional vibration cutting equipment. Detailed calculation and structure design were carried...
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Experimental Investigation of the Vibration and Noise and Structural Optimization of Motor

Yu-Hua Zhong, Guo-Hui Sun
Vibration and noise always occur simultaneously. Vibration is the source of noise. All noises are the transmission of the vibration energy of vibrating body on medium, whether solid or fluid. The noises may through many mediums to our ears and the noises may be very complicated, which are comprised by...
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Preparation and impact properties of ES-U3160/5284 composites by RTM process

Li Yan, Xuefeng An
The ES-U3160 reinforced fabrics with toughening function were prepared by carrying the Ex-situ elasticizer polyethersulphone homogeneously on reinforced fabrics according to Ex-situ toughening technology. ES-U3160/5284 CF reinforced epoxy resin matrix composites were prepared by RTM process taking ES-U3160...
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Discussion on the information security mechanism of manufacturing industry

Tao Qin
For the modern intelligent manufacturing enterprises, the information security has a direct impact on the normal operation and long-term development of the enterprise. This is the problem which the enterprise should pay attention to it. How to construct information security and protect the core information...
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The preparation of TiB2 powder by carbothermal reaction using a DC electric arc furnance

Kuanhe Li, Shuchen Sun, Xiaoxiao Huang, Shuaidan Lu, Xiaoping Zhu, Gangfeng Tu
The method of carbothermal reaction is used to prepare titanium boride (TiB2) in a DC electric arc furnance by using a powder mixture of TiO2, H2BO3 and C. The initial product is milled and the impurities are removed by pickling and reverse flotation. The final TiB2 powder with a purity of over 99% can...
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Structural, Surface Morphology and Optical Properties of Pulsed Laser Deposited ZnO Thin Films at Various Laser Pulse Energies

Ying Huang, Jia Yuan Qin, Xiao Ming Shen, Nguyen Manhtai, Yue Chun Fu, Huan He, Shu Long Lu, Li Feng Bian
ZnO thin films have been deposited on ITO substrates by pulsed laser deposition at various laser pulse energies. The crystalline structure, surface morphology and optical properties of ZnO thin films were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscope (AFM) and UV-Visible measurements....
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Experimental Study of Effects of nozzle Hole Shape on Cavitating Flow

Zhengyang Zhang, Zhixia He, Xicheng Tao, Genmiao Guo, Yu Jin
In this paper, the influence of nozzle hole shape on internal flow and near-nozzle spray behavior was studied. A flow visualization experimental system with a transparent scaled-up injector was setup. Three nozzles with the same hole outlet diameter but different hole shapes were used. Detailed comparisons...
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Photo-induced intra-molecular energy transfer of tetra-{3,5-di-(4-nitro benzyloxy) benzyloxy} zinc (II) phthalocyanine

Zhenzhen Chen, Keqin Wu, Junri Wen, Hongqin Yang, Yiru Peng
The photophysical properties of a novel dendrimer tetra-{3,5-di-(4-nitro benzyloxy) benzyloxy} zinc phthalocyanine (DZnPc) was studied by steady-state, time-resolved fluorescence and UV/Vis spectroscopy. DZnPc mainly existed as a monomer in DMF. Intra-molecular energy could be transferred from peripheral...
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A Physical-Effect-Considered Formalized Modeling for Pipelined Manufacturing Machining System

Min-Cong Yu, De-Yu Qi
New stage of global industry is coming with the new requirements to the IACS (Industry Automation Control System), e.g. flexible manufacturing, small batch and customized production. So far, most of IACS modeling methodologies are concerning on the description to specified domain of computing subsystem,...
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Research on the test of CTOD specimen of short fatigue crack of Q370qE welded seam

Qiming Yu, Feng Zhou, Zhi Zhang
This paper experimentally study the process and characteristics of the bridge structure steel CTOD specimens weld seam fatigue crack prefabricated. The results provide an experimental base and computing foundations for the bridge This paper studies the CTOD (Crack tip opening displacement) fatigue precracking...
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Realization of SVPWM Arithmetic Simulation Based on MATLAB

Yan She
The paper introduces the basic principle of voltage space vector pulse wide modulation (SVPWM), presents the detailed method of realizing SVPWM under MATLAB/SIMULINK environment, and finally gives the experimental simulation results.
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The Design of a Suit of Frequency-Variable Controlled Equipment Based on DSP

Yan She
Due to the vital function of frequency-variable equipment in the energy-saving technology, the paper develops a suit of small power frequency -variable controlled equipment based on digital signal processor (DSP) TMS320LF2407 of American TI company. It designs holistic project of the equipment, researches...
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The Design of Intelligent Charger for Solar energy Based on SCM

Yan She
The design of intelligent solar charging system, through the solar panel to convert solar energy into electrical energy, through DC/DC converter circuit processing, charging the battery. The entire system consists of DC/DC conversion circuit, a processor module, A/D sampling circuit, pulse width modulation...
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Structure Design and Movement Simulation of Bipedal Robot

Liandong Lei, Guiping Lu
Biped walking robot is designed based on the principle of bionicswhich can walk like a human.The biped robot can replace the prosthesis for the disabled, and it can also make the robot better to complete the dangerous or high-intensity work. This robot not only has characteristics of simple structure,...
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Tensile behavior and deformation mechanism of secondary generation single crystal superalloy DD6 at 1070 C

Jian Yu, Jiarong Li, Shizhong Liu, Mei Han, Zhenxue Shi
The tensile behavior of secondary general single crystal superalloy DD6 with low Re was investigated at 1070 C. In this study, orientation of the specimens was selected along the [001] direction and the evolution of microstructure and dislocation configurations were analyzed by SEM and TEM in detail....
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Fabrication of a composite catalytic material for efficient removal of chroma, ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus

Xiaojia Ling, Jianzhong Zhu, Dongliang Ji, Ying Ding, Minxia He
The problems like eutrophication and high chroma of surface water has aroused the attention of lots of people. Nowadays, the study on the treatment of chroma, ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus is mature. But, these technologies are always single and independent. In this study, we synthetize a material...
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FTIR Study of Chemical Modification of Tellurium Oxide Nanoparticles by Dicarboxyl Amino Acids

Weilong Chen, Yan Bai
The modification and modulation of dicarboxylic amino acids on tellurium oxide nanoparticles (TeO2NPs) were investigated by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The TeO2NPs prepared in aspartic acid (Asp) or glutamic acid (Glu) were spheres with main size distribution of 30-80 nm. TeO2NPs were bound...
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Diagnosis and Analysis of Uncertain Information based on Probability-box

Yan Jun Liu, Qing Xin Wang, Jia Man Ding
The fault information always contains many uncertain, such as the missing information, malfunction and failure to operation. In this paper, we use a new method based on probability-box theory and support vector machine to solve the uncertain problems and improve the diagnosis ability. The first, structural...
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Temperature characteristics of 5KW air cooled proton exchange membrane fuel cell

Shimei Sun, Xinyu Zhang, Lei Feng
The thesis studies the temperature characteristics of 5kW air natural convectional type proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The three-dimensional mathematical model of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell system is established. Using COMSOL software multiphysics simulation modeling, from the aspect...
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The portable proton exchange membrane fuel cell’s forced convection and cooling

Shimei Sun, Xinyu Zhang, Lei Feng
The low- power and portable proton exchange membrane fuel cell has the features of quick start, high power density and efficient energy conversion. It is widely used in the small equipment’s power source devices. However, the characteristics of temperature change of proton exchange membrane fuel cell...