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Stability Analysis of a Worm Propagation Model with Time Delay and Quarantine

Tao Li, Yuanmei Wang, Xiongding Liu, Xisheng Zhan
There has a constant barrage of worms over the internet in recent years. In order to effectively prevent worm spreading, researchers are trying to understand the behavior of the worm propagation with the aid of epidemiological models. In this paper a worm propagation model with time delay and quarantine...
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A new Hybrid Infection model optimization Algorithm

Zhijie Zhang
In this paper, a new nature-inspired optimization algorithm, based on the prevalent mechanism of infectious diseases, called Hybrid Infection model optimization Algorithm HIA , was designed. The HIA algorithm mimic the transmission mechanism of infectious diseases, needs neither the gradient information...
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A Sensor Parameter Calibration Method of Tire Pressure Monitor System Based on Linear Regression Technology

Meiling Li, Xiaopeng Ji, Hao Liu, Zhiqiang Wei
The regular sensors that are used for TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) are some inaccuracies for collecting parameters. Thus, a new error correction method is proposed to calibrate tire pressure values based on linear regression technology. And based on the way a friendly interactive TPMS is achieved....
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A seismometer phase-sensitive detection circuit design

Xuefeng Xing, Huan Liu, Shixue Lv, Guanyu Zhang, Yun Long, Junqiu Wang
Phase-sensitive detection circuit tests signals according to the correlation of the reference signal and the input signal. The noise is eliminated by the independence between the reference signal and the noise signal. The sensitivity of the detector is improved significantly by the suppression of the...
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Design and Application of the Grab Operation Test System

Hao Zhou, Xinming Zhou
This paper introduces a grab operation test system of a gantry crane and apply this system to compare the working performance of the new hollowed grab bucket with the traditional grab bucket. By using the data acquisition card (DAQ card), the test system collects the data of torque limiter and current...
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High precision capacitance displacement measurement circuit design

Xuefeng Xing, Jianqiang Li, Shixue Lv, Linlin Xu, Xiaopu Zhang
A high resolution digital integrated chip capacitor measurement system was designed.The major components of the system mainly includedmain control chip, capacitance transducer, data storage and communication interface.ARM7-based mcro controllerSTM32F207was used as the main control chip, capacitance measurement...
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Path Optimization of Free-floating Space Robot Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

Junjie Zhang, Shidong Yao, Bo Peng, Qingli Zhang, Tao Zhang
In the free-floating mode, dynamic coupling exists between the manipulators and the spacecraft base of space robot, and the base attitude and position are easily disturbed by the motions of the manipulators. In this paper, firstly, the angular momentum conservation equation is analyzed. Then, the objective...
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Present Status and Trend of Development of Transmission Fluid Simulation Software

Hongmei Liu, Le Mi, Yi Lv, Jianjun Wang
The developmental history and progress of the fluid transmission are introduced in this paper. As well as the importance of the simulation software about fluid drive is pointed out, the advantages and disadvantages of several typical fluid driving simulation software (CFD) between domestic and international...
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The gas temperature compensation research based on TDLAS technology

Chenchen Hu, Xiaowei Chen, Zhengying Li
Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology has the characteristics of high sensitivity, selectivity and rapid response. The tunable and narrow linewidth of semiconductor lasers are used in this technique to realize the rapid and accurate online detection of target gas concentration,...
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Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Micro-structure and Property of 45# Steel

Hong Jun Ni, Yi Lv, Le Mi, Hongmei Liu
Attempts are made to treat 45 steel cryogenically using liquid nitrogen. Various properties of un-treated and cryo-treated 45 steel are studied in a comparative manner. The morphological changes are investigated by metallurgical microscope. Hardness is evaluated by the relevant machine. The results reveal...
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Image Quality Assessment Method Based on Contourlet Transform and Generalized Gamma Distribution

Bin Wang
This paper proposes a new image quality assessment approach based on Contourlet transform and generalized gamma distribution (GGD). The image is processed by Contourlet transform at first and the Contouelet coefficients are modeled by GGD. The parameter of GGD is estimated and the feature vector is formed...
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No-reference Image Quality Assessment Approach by Compressed Sensing and Mixture of Generalized Gaussian Distributions

Bin Wang
This paper proposed a new no-reference image quality assessment approach based on compressed sensing and mixture of generalized Gaussian distribution (GGD). The image is processed by compressed sensing at first, then sparse coefficients of compressed sensing are modeled by mixture of GGD. The parameter...
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Autonomous System Network Topology Discovery Algorithm Based On OSPF Protocol

Xingchao Ma, Geming Xia
The existing algorithms of network topology discovery are mainly based on Internet control message protocol (ICMP) and simple network management protocol (SNMP). These algorithms are active network topology discovery methods which can inject new traffic into the Internet and affect the network performance....
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A physics-based electro-thermal model for FS IGBT

Yu Cheng, Guicui Fu
A physics-based electro-thermal model implemented in the Matlab/Simulink is introduced for FS (field stop) IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) in this paper. The model consists of Fourier-based FS IGBT model and equivalent RC thermal network model. The static testing of a commercial IGBT is performed...
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Online Rail Straightness Measurement Based on Parallel Computing

Zhao1 Liu, Chunchen Dong, Yun Pei, Jianyi Kong
Rail straightness measurement is critical in rail production, in which the detecting speed, accuracy and stability directly affect the overall rail production. In this paper, using modern technology such as laser sensors, data acquisition, and computing technology, an innovative rail straightness measurement...
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Application research on identification of bicycle-vehicle traffic accident using computer simulation technology

Jing Li, Zhiwei Guan, Feng Du
The determination of driving state of non-motorized vehicle before traffic accident has very important significance for the identification of non-motorized vehicle and vehicle traffic accident. Based on a typical case of traffic accident of vehicle and non-motor vehicle, the injury degree is consistent...
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Modeling and Simulation of the drive system of elevator based on AMESIM

Yingjie Liu, Hejun Yu, Gang Li, Zhongxing Li, Xingjun Wu
The drive system of an elevator controls the starting and accelerating, smooth running and braking deceleration of the elevator. The quality of elevator’s performance is closely related to the design of the drive system. This paper carries on the modeling and simulation of elevator’s drive system by...
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Research on Image Processing Based Component Localization Techniques

Jiawen Liu, Yixin Su
Affected by influence factors such as physical lighting environment or joining structures of the workpieces, etc., the positioning of workpieces by image processing may have huge deviation and are even not the location of the final target workpiece. This article realizes objective workpieces positioning...
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Existence of solutions to a class of generalized vector variational-like inequalities in fuzzy environment

Chao Wang, Yali Zhao, Dongxue Han
In this paper, we introduce and study a class of generalized vector variational-like inequality problems in fuzzy environment. Under suitable conditions, we get the existence of the solution to the generalized vector variational like inequalities in fuzzy environment by using the known Fan-KKM theorem.
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Utilizing RFID Technology in Chinese Power Grid Logistics Management

Rui Liu, Shiyuan Lin, Bryan Hubbard
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an advanced technology, which can be applied to automatic data identification, acquisition and distribution. When utilized in power grid logistics management, this technology will assist to improve the logistics management efficiency. However, RFID hasn’t been...
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Research on MOOCs Continuance

Bing Wu, Xiaohui Chen
This paper focuses on the major influencing factors about the use of the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). It is promoted by the top universities domestic and overseas. Under the background of big data, MOOC develops rapidly, but its development is not smooth, especially the users’ practical application....
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Reviewe of Biomass Energy utilization technology

Zhenglan Li, Zhenhua Xue
With the development of the society, oil and coal resources gradually reduce, as a sustainable, renewable energy, the development of biomass energy became the inevitable trend to save resources and protect the environment. At present, Biomass energy is rapidly developing in the paper-making, power, gas...
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Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation using Monte Carlo Method based on LabVIEW

Shilin Wu, Yuanqing Li, Sui Fang
Monte Carlo method (MCM) for evaluation of measurement uncertainty is a beneficial supplement to the “Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement” (GUM). This paper introduces the method and the steps of measurement uncertainty evaluation by MCM based on LabVIEW, and an example is given out...
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Generalized Measurability Design of Equipment

Sui Fang, Shilin Wu, Yuanqing Li
Equipment measurability is a design characteristic owned by each measuring (or testing) device of equipment that reflects its accurate value, reliable data, and the degree of convenience of measurement. Based on the concept of equipment measurability, this article puts forward the new concept of generalized...
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PCB Board Design of Switching Power Supply with High Power Factor in Communication Equipment

Xi Feng, Yuxuan Sun
In the design of switching power supplies of high power factor in communication devices, high-quality PCB board design is the most significant aspect in solution to electromagnetic compatibility and reliability of the entire system[1]. The article introduces the principles and methods of PCB board design...
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A research to the linear transform based on histogram statistic

Bo Yi, Qingsheng Xie, Wei Liu, Yaohong Chen, Chengpeng Duan
The original image from infrared image system is low contrast and bad display. The parameters of typical linear transform arithmetic are achieved by experience. This paper proposes a new piecewise linear transform arithmetic based on histogram statistic and describes the architect of the hardware design...
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Analysis the dynamic characteristics of two-phase flow based on the technology of acoustic emission

Lide Fang, Zitong Wen, Shitao Zhang, Mingming Li, Dan Li, Yao Zhang
This paper propose a method to study the dynamic characteristics of two-phase flow though the signals which collected from acoustic emission. With the digital processing to extract the feature of time domain and wavelet energy to analysis. the characteristic of flow. At last, get the relationship of...
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The Design of Video Surveillance System Based on IEEE802.11n Protocol

Qingliang Shao, Ziyang Ye, Yuerun Wang
A design of system of video monitoring cars based on IEEE802.11n protocol. STM32 chip as the control core, image data gathered by free driver USB camera, was used to compression coding, which was sent to video receiver by the use of RT5350 wireless router module with WIFI. Then the user could send control...
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Research on mixer testing technology based on vector characterized method

Bao Cui, Shenxiang Gao, Xiaoqing Shen, Ying Huo
The necessity of vector characterized is given by comparison of common test methods for mixer. Based on the model proposed by Agilent company, establish a simplified model of the parameter C and investigate the mixing product and jamming signal processing method. Through the analysis of phase for two-port...
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Study on phase volume fraction of gas-liquid two-phase flow detection technology based on four groups of near-infrared detection device

Lide Fang, Mingming Li, Shitao Zhang, Zitong Wen, Tingting Li, Jingzhe Gao
In this paper, a measurement system with the near infrared spectrum technique is introduced. The experimental pipeline is designed for the stainless steel pipe which can reduce the interference of external light and have the four groups of measuring device. While the data are collected by high frequency...
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A Correction Method of Online Product Scores from the Perspective of Discourse Markers Theory

Weijun Wang, Yanqiu Song, Boyang Chen
Online product reviews is an important information source which affects consumer purchasing decision-making deeply, but the inconsistency between reviews and scores brings troubles in the process of decision-making for consumers. So the importance of solving reviews’ authenticity is focused on. This...
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Research And Implementation For Remote Access Of UPnP

Xiaojian Gan, Haitao Wang, Ying Jiang, Xing Chen
In order to solve the digital home media sharing problems between devices and do some research on UPnP and UPnP AV protocol architecture and then design and implement media sharing system based on embedded intelligent terminal. For smart phones, portable tablet characteristics to achieve a single control...
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Theme Correlation algorithm based on the domain ontology in the Vertical search engine

Mingshan Xie, Yanfang Deng
Vertical search engine research, more and more .subject-oriented vertical search has become one of the hotspots. This paper presents an ontology judgment theme relevance judgments algorithm, combined with Semantic Web technology with traditional information retrieval technology, and referenced by user’s...
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A Practical Method to Hourly Forecast the Solar Irradiance

Tao Hai, Kewei Wen, Jian Zhong, Xiang Hu, Zhao Zhang
Based on the fact that the weather bureau currently does not provide solar irradiance forecast data, which is a key parameter to predict energy where photovoltaic (PV) is generated, a practical and indirect solar irradiance prediction model that is based on the RBF neural network and input by several...
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A BP neural network model for predicting the production of a cutter suction dredger

Jinbao Yang, Fusheng Ni, Changyun Wei
In dredging engineering, cutter-suction dredgers are the most widely used dredging equipment in the world. Its production directly determines the efficiency of a dredging project. Therefore, predicting the production of a cutter suction dredger is of considerable importance. This paper presents a BP...
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Study of the Improvement with Local Repair on AODV

Mutian Zhu, Ping Zong, Haotian Zhang, Dan Wu, Chengxiang Hua
In this paper, we introduce a new improvement on AODV, which is a typical case of reactive protocols. One of the most important disadvantages of AODV is its long e2e delay, thus we focus more on the algorithm of reconnection when a chain scission happens. According the characteristic of AODV, each node...
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Analysis of Spoofing Influence of GNSS

Jing Pang, Shaojie Ni, Junwei Nie
Spoofing is an important threat to present satellite navigation equipment; and the research on spoofing technology is the basis of the anti-spoofing technology. According to the principle of spoofing, this paper analyzes constraints on timing receivers and navigation receivers. The analysis results show...
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The simulation analysis of the pressure in the silo influence on the structure of the grain dryer

Yang Wang, Yan Zhou
This paper we intend to test the pressure during the process of grain drying in the rectangular silo and explore the change regularity of dynamic and static pressure. According to the trend of the dynamic and static pressure with height, we analyzed the pressure and the structure stress in the silo that...
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Mechanical Performance Prediction of Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Bars Based on RBF Network with Whole Variable Space

Bangsheng Xing, Le Xu
This paper proposes a method of mechanical performance prediction of cold rolled ribbed steel bars based on RBF network with whole variable space. It builds a whole variable space model and studies the performance prediction of cold rolled ribbed steel bars based on the 5-in & 1-out RBF network and the...
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Connections between Quartic Bézier Curves with Shape Parameters and Cubic H- Bézier Curves

Ping Xu, Desheng Yu
The technique of smooth connections between quartic Bézier curves with shape parameters and cubic H- Bézier curves is investigated. Based on a study of their basis functions, endpoint properties and shape analysis, the continuous connection conditions between quartic Bézier curves with shape parameters...
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Insulator Defect Detection Technology Research

Yang Gao, Aoran Xu, Ou Qun, Liu Zhang, Yupeng Wang
Nonlinear composite insulator voltage distribution is big, the umbrella skirt interval is small, this brought difficulty to defect inspection of composite insulator. Article is studied based on electric power within the composite insulator type defect inspection technology, the principle of uv pulse...
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Composite Insulator Charged Detection Technology Research

Yang Gao, Aoran Xu, Ou Qun, Liu Zhang, Yupeng Wang
Due to the defects in composite insulator failure caused by more and more, it is necessary to detect defects in charged composite insulator. Composite insulator were summarized in this paper, detail defect in charged the research situation of detection technology, this paper expounds the several typical...
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The Design of Defect Detection Algorithm for the Energy-saving Lamp Tungsten

Qinlong Gu, Defu Chen, Qiang Shen, Minghai Yao
In the energy-saving lamp production, there may be some defects such as no lamp post, too long tail, excess or not enough powder coating. The paper proposes the defect detection algorithm based on tungsten defect features with machine vision. It contains obtaining of tungsten area, filtering, marking...
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Design of A Novel Foil for Millimeter Wave Application

Jin Cheng, Hu Yang, Shaojun Mao, Lei Gu, Fei Zhao
In order to lengthen floating time of foil in the air and improve its scattering abilities, this paper proposes a novel structure of millimeter wave foil. By cutting useless part of foil, its weight is reduced appropriately while its scattering properties as well as floating time are strengthened which...
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Connecting Chinese Users Across Social Media Sites

Yanan Li, Junxing Zhu, Zhongcheng Zhou, Bin Zhou, Xiaobo Wu
The usage of social network usernames in the research of social identity linkage has been proved, especially for the English usernames. However, how to properly connect Chinese user identities by matching the usernames remains to be explored. Since a Chinese user may name or rename his/her usernames...
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Design of a Novel Composite Dielectric Metallic Structure Reflectarray

Tingzhou Jiang, Hu Yang, Shaojun Mao, Lei Gu, Fei Zhao
In this paper, a novel hybrid structure of reflectarray with dielectric cylinder, metallic cylinder and metallic ground is designed. This structure can generate a pencil beam in a desired direction by adjusting its phase appropriately with its 1-dB gain bandwidth achieving 22.56%. Moreover, radiation...
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Research on a kind of human motion state monitoring device

Jin Wang, Yanfei Liu
As people's living standards improve, people have higher requirements on the quality of life and health of human body. Exercise is an important way to keep healthy. The amount of exercise of different degree will have different effects on the health of human body. Real-time monitoring and recording the...
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Research on Sensorless Control Strategy of Motor Controller for Electric Bicycle

Tengfei Lyu, Changchun Chi, Yaofei Yu
This paper research on sensorless control of brushless dc motor control for electric bicycle. Based on the work requirements of electric bicycles, this paper introduces some method to improve the start of the motor and the detection of the motor’s rotor position, expand the speed range of electric bicycle...
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Construct of Metrology Information Public Service System

Yuanqinga Li, Shilin Wu, Qi Zhang
Industrial metrology systems for inspection and quality control are the key issues to ensure the high quality and consistency of metrology. However, the traditional metrology system contents multiple subsystem which separated by different functions and is hard to organized as a work flow in practice....
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Research on the reliability model of the water-entry process of air-launched vehicle under the simulation environment of numerical wave tank

Nuo Zhao, Lu Chen, Huaping Liu
The high cost of the reliability test for water-entry process of air-launched vehicle prompts the numerical simulation method which has become a mainstream in the process of equipment development. In this paper, the author integrated the simulation results of vehicle failure mechanism with the calculation...
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The application of swarm activity based bat algorithm in constrained optimization

Tiebin Wu, Wen Long, Yunlian Liu, Xinjun L
A solving method for constrained optimization problems was designed by combining adaptive penalty function (APF) method and an improved bat algorithm (IBA) based on swarm activity. Firstly, the authors proposed a kind of APF method. And then considering the conditions of constraint violations and the...
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The Trajectory Simulation of Performance Test Manipulator

Jie Liu, Hao Gao, Fangyi Zong
Using D-H method develop HY-3 manipulator’s trajectory and establish the kinematic model. Using mechanical system simulation software—ADAMS to simulate manipulator’s trajectory and verify the correctness of theoretical analysis.
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Research of PROFIBUS PA’s integration in PROFINET IO

Zhijia Yang, Zhongsheng Li, Feng Qiao, Minghui Min
In order to study the integration technology of field bus and industrial Ethernet, a scheme of gateway between PROFINET IO and PROFIBUS PA is proposed. Employing Siemens EB200 IO Evaluation Board to access PROFINET IO network, the gateway is implemented with a PROFIBUS PA as an external connection driver....
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Sentiment Analysis in the Online Health Community

Bing Wu, Yu Peng
Nowadays, accelerated urbanization and improving living standard have brought some unexpected negative influences, making modern citizens more suffered from chronic diseases. On the other hand, with the innovation of information technology, Web 2.0 is able to provide an accessible and unobstructed channel...
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Stable pressure driving system for generation of droplets on demand

Ruichang Ke, Limin Lu, Dan Mo, Chen Shenglan, Liu Binyu
A stable pressure driving system was designed in this paper, which can be used in Microfluidic Chips to driving reagents. Herein, two embedded controller units are used to control the stability of the reagent bottles pressure, for driving the reagents flow steady on the microfluidic chips. All parameters...
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A Redundancy Dual-backup Method of the Battery Pack for the Two-wheeled Self-balanced Vehicle

Yong Tao, Tianmiao Wang, Ye Wang, Zhongyuan Chen
In order to improve the stability and reliability of the two-wheeled self-balanced vehicle, a redundancy dual-backup method of the battery pack is proposed. The redundancy dual-backup scheme for the power supply system is presented, and the failure detection and switching method are given. In order to...
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Study on the Influencing factors of the Nodal Dynamic Frequency Response Characteristics of Power System on Account of Curved Surface Fitting

Shanshan Liang, Jun Wu, Dichen Liu, Jingzhu Hu, Xiangyu Han, Tian Liu
Many studies on static frequency characteristics have been done yet nodal dynamic frequency response characteristics gain more attentions for the important role frequency plays in power system stability. Influencing factors such as balance power, power shortage and electrical distance are altered during...
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A High Dynamic Performance PMSM Sensorless Algorithm Based on Rotor Position Tracking Observer

Tianmiao Wang, Shiqian Dong, Yong Tao, Ye Wang, Zhongyuan Chen
In this paper a new permanent magent synchronous motor (PMSM) rotor position estimate algorithm is discussed. The algorithm adjusts the estimated rotor position PI controller, makes the rotor back electromotive force produced by rotor permanent magnet on d axis veins. Compared with other PMSM position...
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Type-2 kernelized fuzzy c-means algorithm based on the uncertain width of Gaussian kernel with applications in MR image segmentation

Qinli Zhang, Yajun Bi, Zhigang Gong
While fuzzy c-means is a popular soft clustering method, its effectiveness is largely limited to spherical clusters. By applying kernel tricks, the kernel fuzzy c-means algorithm attempts to address this problem by mapping data with nonlinear relationships to appropriate feature spaces. Kernel width...
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Riheng Huang, Li Zhang, Jun Yang, Bingyi Zhang, Jing Zhao, Jia Xu
One infrasonic monitoring network in east-central China is built to study the infrasonic phenomenon caused by spontaneous or artificial events in the atmosphere.Two events of anomalous infrasound waves were recorded at five infrasonic monitoring stations before the Nepal earthquake which happened on...
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MIT MRAC Based Boost Converter with Modified 2nd-Order Reference Model

Peng Mao, Weijian Wang, Yonghong Zhang, Li Zhou
To improve overall performance of Boot converter, MIT model reference adaptive control (MRAC) scheme was used to control the output voltage. Average model of the boost converter was built and the principle of the MIT MRAC was analyzed. Modified 2nd-order model was used as reference model to improve dynamic...
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Design and Realization of Abnormal warning system of Measuring Equipment

Li Shen, Hua Tian, Yiyi Gan, Xiang Peng, Wei Qin
Substation basic is equipped with electric energy metering system, but the electric energy metering system does not have the energy metering run abnormal alarm function. This paper introduces a measuring equipment, using the existing data of electric energy metering system by expanding calculation, realize...
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Design and Implementation of Error Remote Calibration System Related to Gateway Energy Measuring Devices

Xuhui Shu, Wei Bi, Shengqing Wei, Dengping Tang, Kai Hu
Substation is always equipped with electric energy metering system which does not have the function of error remote calibration. In this paper, we introduce the error remote calibration system related to energy measuring devices to achieve two functions: on the one hand is to minimize the relevant losses...
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Methane Detection at Low Concentration Based on 2f Harmonic Signal

Yingting Luo, Xudong Ouyang, Hao Wu, Feng Li, H. T. Song
This paper presents the methane detection at low concentration based on 2f harmonic signal to achieve highly sensitive monitoring. Since methane is the characteristic gas in power transformer oil once a thermal fault at low temperature (
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Design and Implementation of a High Efficient DDR SDRAM Controller Applied in TOF-MS

Qian Li, Ming Wang, Yang Yu
Owing to large capacity and high speed, DDR SDRAM has been widely used in the data acquisition system of time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) which can detect and analyze biological and chemical macromolecule precisely. Due to the particularity of the requirement of large amounts of data accumulation...
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Design and realization of magnetic nanoparticles detector based on the nonlinear magnetization

Yang Yu, Yan Tan, Qian Li, Ming Wang
Magnetic nanoparticles have been widely used in the field of biotechnology and medicine, which has a great importance to precise and quantitative detection. This paper introduces a magnetic nanoparticles detection device of low cost, high sensitivity and real-time. When the diameter of the magnetic nanoparticles...
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The New Measurement Method of Blending Ratio of PTT/PET Fiber Blends by Centrifugal Separation

Yingzhu Wu, Hushui Ye, Xiaoli Zhang, Chen Li, Meilin Huang, Xingqing Feng
The PTT fiber is one of the elastic polyester fibers Owing to the similar physical and chemical properties of PTT fiber and PET fiber, the current testing standard methods are difficult to measure their blending ratios. According to the density of PTT (1.33 g/cm3) is slightly lower than PET (1.38 g/cm3),...
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Numerical simulation and statistical analysis of random response of the landing gear at taxiing

Weiguo Wu, Teng Jia, Furui Xiong
Due to the runway unevenness, random vibration will occur of aircraft landing gear during impacting and taxiing phase. In view of the simplified two degrees of freedom model of landing gear, the nonlinear dynamic equation of the system can be established. By using the military specification’s formula...
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Hardware Integration and Software Design of Automated Nucleic acid extraction System based on Magnetic Bead Separation Method

Yang Yu, Yongjie Dou, Qian Li, Xiaoli Zhao, Jiansheng Xu, Congliang Deng, Ming Wang
This paper presents a system designed for automated nucleic acid extraction machine based on magnetic bead separation method. A hardware platform has been established which consists of motor controlling module, temperature controlling module and a computer; also, we designed the system software to achieve...
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Study on wood surface colored electroless Ni process

Yanfei Pan, Yu Wang, Jintian Huang
In order to meet the requirements of decoration on a variety of colors, this study with ammonium molybdate and sodium phosphite as coloring liquid ingredient made use of wood through electroless Ni, dyeing to change the wood surface color single situation after electroless plating to find the best technology...
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Study on the process of Carbon Nanotubes modified Urea-Formaldehyde Resin Adhesive Study on the process of Carbon Nanotubes modified Urea-Formaldehyde Resin Adhesive

Shaobo Zhang, Yu Wang, Jintian Huang
Using mechanical blending of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) composite urea-formaldehyde (UF) resin adhesives. The ultrasonic time, the amount of CNTs, ultrasonic power orthogonal experiment was carried out. It is concluded that the important order of effect factors on free formaldehyde emission to UF resin...
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Two kinds of imidazole chloride salt dissolving performance study of coniferous wood pulp

Zhiqing Guo, Yu Wang, Jintian Huang
Two imidazole type ionic liquids–1-allyl-3-methyl imidazole chloride salt [AMIM]Cl and 1-butyl-3- methyl imidazole chloride [BMIM]Cl–were used as solvent of cellulose, and under low temperature dissolved cellulose directly. In this paper, we found that cellulose was dissolved [AMIM]Cl ionic liquid within...
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A Multi-Axis Force Measurement System for a Space Docking Mechanism

Gangfeng Liu, Changle Li, Zenghui Xie
In order to ensure the security buffer of the 6-UPS space docking mechanism, real-time control based on contact force is needed. In this paper, a highly effective multi-axis force measurement system is built to acquire and analyze the real time force from six separate force sensors. According to the...
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Development of High Temperature Pressure Sensor for Oil and Gas Field Based on SOI

Yong Chen, Xiaohong Bai, Shuqin Xiao
According to the pressure testing requirements under high temperature and high pressure environment in oil and gas field, this paper introduced the design and development of a kind of high temperature high pressure sensor chip, and solved the problems of thermal stability of traditional piezoresistive...
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Parametric Design of Involute spur gear transmission system based on Pro/Engineer and MathCAD

Zongzheng Hu, Bin Xu
It’s usually a complex computing process of mechanical transmission components design. In this paper, a flexible and efficient method has been adopted based on the behavioral-characteristic modeling technique of Pro/E software and the powerful computing function of MathCAD software to optimize the gear...
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A New Updated Strategy Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm based on Gravitation Search Algorithm

Yuhong Sun, Wei Liu, Yueshan Xie, Wuji He, Hao Chen
In dealing with the problem that basic SFLA neglect the information exchange between individuals and sub-population in searching optimal solution, this paper proposes a new improved SFLA based on update rule of the Gravitation Search Algorithm. Based on the ideal from gravitation algorithm, the new SFLA...
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A new method for studying the light-dependent magnetosensitivity in model insects

Xiaoming Li, Jingjing Xu, Ping Zheng, Pingping Wang, Yue Li
A novel method was used in the study of magnetosensitivity in model insects. The equipment was self-made in our laboratory to detect the magnetic choice behavior of insects. The device includes a perspex frame, a coil system, an illumination system and a choice apparatus. The perspex frame is used to...
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A Multi-objective Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for Web Service Instance Selection

Qiqing Fang, Yamin Hu, Shujun Lv, Fen Zhou, Yahui Hu
In this paper, we present a multi-objective Web Services selection algorithm, which aims to achieve the dynamic web service composition. Firstly, we analyze multi-objective optimization problems with user constraints. Furthermore, we optimize the different QoS parameters of the workflow. And experimental...
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Studying Relationship of Impact Value and Other Metal Material Performance

Guohui Han, Tielin Shi
the relationship between loopholes of stress concentrated coefficients and stress consolidate coefficients were illustrated The relationship between impact value and loopholes sensitivity were found The relationship between crack forming energy and crack forming life was studied.
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Research on Z-source Inverter Based on Harmonic Suppression Methods

Haigang Zhang, Yuanyuan Nie, Yinzhong Ye, Bing Xu, Weiwei An
Based on the Z source inverters operating characteristics studied, and has carried out harmonic analysis by simulation of its output voltage. Through the reasonable design of carrier frequency, filter design and triple frequency harmonic injection method to suppress the output voltage harmonic, the Z...
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Study on Fluorescence Spectra of Thiamine and Riboflavin

Hui Yang, Xue Xiao, Xuesong Zhao, Lan Hu, Junjun Zong, Xiangfeng Xue
This paper presents the intrinsic fluorescence characteristics of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 with 3D fluorescence Spectrophotometer. Three strong fluorescence areas of vitamin B2 locate at ex/ em=270/525nm, 370/525nm and 450/525nm and one fluorescence areas of vitamin B1 locates at ex/ em=370/460nm were...
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Analysis of Roll Equivalent Crown of CVC-6h Mill

Guang-Hui Yang, Jie Zhang, Jian-Guo Cao, Zhen-Ning Xie
The 2180 mm tandem cold rolling mill is one of the widest cold mills in the world, and it improves the output and production efficiency largely, but some problems puzzle the production such as shape problems of strip, especially the limit width specification. In order to solve the problems, it is necessary...
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Research on Dynamics Characteristics of the Rotation Axis in CNC Machine Tool

Xie Dong, Jianqu Zhu, Feng Wang
The dynamic characteristics of the rotary axis feed system has influence on the contour error. This paper presents a mathematical model of rotary table drive system of the CNC machine tool by using of mechanical dynamics. The model includes the simulation model of AC servo motor and the rotary table...
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Analysis of resistant-bias loading of 12,000KN fine-blanking press frame

Lingling Zhu, Chundong Zhu, Rui Xiong
For the 12,000KN fine-blanking machine’s complexity, instantaneous, heavy stress conditions and fine-blanking die’s high-precision, which puts forward a high stiffness requirement of the equipment, the structure of fine-blanking press frame was designed, and its finite element analysis model was established....
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The X-ray Powder Diffraction Pattern of Co4NiNd Ternary Compound

Degui Li, Liuqing Liang, Bing He, Ming Qin, Shuhui Liu, Chenzhong Jia, Lingmin Zeng
The new ternary compound Co4NiNd had been prepared by melting with stoichiometric elemental constituents, and the crystal structure had been studied by the means of X-ray powder diffraction technique. The results show that the new compound of Co4NiNd is the hexagonal structure, space group p6/mmm(No.191),...
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Speed analysis of the radial tire on hydroplaning pavement

Gang Cheng, Shihao Zhang, Guoqun Zhao, Qiang Cheng, Zhonglei Wang, Na Liu
When the vehicle is running on the wet road, the contact force between tire and road decreases and the driving controllability of the vehicle becomes worse due to the hydrodynamic force of water. The finite element model of the steel belted radial tire hydroplaning with complex pattern was derived in...
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Influence of the Normal Angle on the Thickness Uniformity for the Concave Combination with Two Flat Patches

Yong Zeng, Chuanhui Huang, Lei Zhang
Due to the influence of the normal angle on the thickness uniformity for the concave combination with two flat patches, considering the paint spread impact on the thickness uniformity, a new spray trajectory optimization scheme for the concave combination with two flat patches is developed. The paint...
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Research on Millimeter Wave Fuze Echo Signal-to-Noise Ratio under Projectile Motion

Jie Zhou, Shuo Wu, Haibin Wu
In order to calculate the millimeter wave proximity fuze echo signal to noise ratio accurately,analyzes the factors that influence the motion of the projectile fuze echo signal to noise ratio of fuze and target distance, fuse and target grazing angle and target to the scattering characteristics and other...
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Identification of blue and white porcelains from Jiajing official kiln and Dehua Housuo kiln by chemical compositions

Jin Chen, Rongwu Li, Dawei Yang, Jiongxin Zhen, Lifang Chen, Huansheng Cheng, Guoxia Li
A scientific method by combination of PIXE measurement and fuzzy cluster analysis was established to distinguish blue and white porcelains from two different kilns. Twenty two blue and white porcelain samples from Jiajing official kiln and Dehua Housuo kiln are applied for this process . The chemical...
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GIS-based Geostatistics and Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Steel Casing Failure

Jing Chen, Yiliang Liu, Qingjie Zhu
Geostatistics is a very important tool of surface analysis in GIS application. Firstly, spatial dependency that represents the similar extent of neighboring points is used to analyze spatial data values and their locations. Spatial variability is calculated to assess spatial data in terms of distance...
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Temperature Field Simulation and Test of Laser Micro-drilling

Libin Guo, Yunfei Duan, Meng Guo, Hai Cui, Fenglong Yao, Ting Zhang
Temperature field analysis of laser micro-drilling is a nonlinear transient thermal conduction problem with phase changing. In this paper, first the temperature field is simulated with ANSYS finite element analysis software, thus obtaining a three-dimensional temperature field distribution. By analyzing...
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Comparison of the effect of various carbon fillers in the paraffin-based phase change materials------A Review

Peng Guo, Yuhan Du, Xianlin Zhang, Lingling Meng
Using phase change material (PCM) as an energy storage medium is one of the most efficient ways of storing thermal energy. An important organic PCM is paraffin. There are a lot of advantages of paraffin, but an undesirable property of paraffin wax is its low thermal conductivity. The main methods to...
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Algorithm of Multivariate Process Quality Control Based on Joint Control Domain Conversion

Qing Niu
Aiming at the problem of multivariate process quality control, an algorithm based on joint control domain transformation is proposed. By using the principal components analysis method, original quality vector is converted to a new one whose components are unrelated, thus the joint control domain of new...
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Preparation, electrical contact performance and arc-erosion behavior of Cu/La2NiO4 composites

Yongli Guo, Zhibin Zhou, Yaping Wang
La2NiO4 conductive particles were incorporated into Cu matrix for enhanced electrical contact performance, while their effect on the arc erosion behavior of contacts was investigated. The results indicate that the particles in the hot-pressed Cu/La2NiO4 composites accelerate the separation of oxide scales...
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Evaluation Reference and Error Function Unification for Shape Error

Xianping Tu, Xianqing Lei
According to definitions, geometric characteristics and corresponding error evaluation functions of straightness error, flatness error, roundness error, cylindricity error and sphericity error, the concept of evaluation reference of form error is put forward by analyzing the minimum zone evaluation method...
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Transmission Error of Static Characteristic for Planetary Gear Transmission in the Field of High-power Tractor

Xianqing Lei, Zhenhua Cai, Mingzhu Zhang
According to the structural characteristics of planetary gear transmission in the field of high-power tractor, a statics of calculative model for the load distribution of planetary gear transmission system is established. With the theory of equivalent mesh error, the main factors which affecting the...
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Design and Implementation of Wet Sludge Receiving, Storage and Feeding Control System Based on PLC

Dali Chen
The wet sludge receiving, storage and feeding subsystem is the core of the sludge treatment plant project, and is apt to lead to the odor generation and the dust leakage, which will do damage to the environment. Based on the SIEMENSS S7-400 homogenizing treatment of the sludge through the control system...
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The design of 38 pump with strong corrosion resistance, equal diameter and depth

Hongbing Zhao, Jingjing Song, Xuehong Shen
It designs a kind of 38 pump having a sand control ability, strong corrosion resistance, equal diameter and depth on the premise of meeting the needs of the special wells in oil fields. This pump can satisfied with the design requirements, such as well depth is at least 2500m, oil well pump plunger stroke...
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Effect of detergents on quality and flavor of fresh-cut perilla

Chao Zhang, Yunfei Li, Yubin Wang, Yue Ma, Xiaoyan Zhao
The effect of detergents on the quality and flavor of fresh-cut perilla was evaluated. The acidic electrolyzed water and sodium hypochlorite extended the shelf life of the perilla to 11d. The sodium hypochlorite treatments was more effective to avoid the loss of the greenness of the perilla leaf compared...
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Study on the electronic structures and optical properties of -FeSi2 using the pseudopotential method

Qing Lin Qiu, Jun Jun Yuan, Hai Jing Cao, Yan Yan Zhu
Electronic structures and optical properties of bulk -FeSi2 are investigated in detail by first principles pseudo-potential methods based on the density function theory. The calculated results show that -FeSi2 is a quasidirect band gap material with gap value of 0.74eV. The density of states is mainly...