Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Economic and Business Management (FEBM 2018)

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The Perception of Selected Risks Focused on Human Resources as Results of Cluster Cooperation: The Comparison Between Reality and Expectations of Small and Medium Enterprises

Katarina Haviernikova, Marcel Kordos
The main aim of this paper is to evaluate the perception of the Slovak small and medium sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) of risks related to human resources issues that are connected with potential participation of SMEs in the cluster cooperation. To do so, it compares the attitudes of entrepreneurs categorized...
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Study on Integration Schedule of the Spatial of Regional Logistics Based on Principle Component and Two-dimension Graphics Cluster Analysis: Case Study in Shanxi Province

Chunju Jing, Yuyang Jing
The paper constructed the comprehensive evaluation index system via selecting 10 indexes: consumption demand and infrastructure. Adopted principle component to make the initial Regional Logistics Space Integration (RLSI) schedule of Shanxi Province, then employed two-dimensional graphics cluster in determining...
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Transparency in Project Management – from Traditional to Agile

Jan Betta, Liudmila Boronina
The article provides a comparative analysis of the transparency phenomenon in different project management methodologies. The key issues of the study are: understanding of transparency in different theoretical paradigms, universal and specific characteristics of transparency, models and types of transparency...
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An Analysis of the Environment and Personality Impact in Innovative Non-existent Projects

Bogdan Lent, Helena Koscielniak, Katarzyna Lukasik, Katarzyna Brendzel Skowera
Bootlegging projects (called for clarity Innovative non-existent Projects INP) engage substantial part of company’s productive capabilities making any controlling based decisions less effective. However, they are the origins of some most famous innovations: Makrolon® and Aspirin® of Bayer AG, Post-it®...
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Enlightenment of Taoist Management Philosophy to Modern Enterprise Management

Shangkun Ji
Modern business management should adapt to the development of the times. Enterprises need to constantly optimize and enhance their own management levels according to their own conditions and external economic and social environment, and keep pace with the times and constantly innovate. Chinese Taoist...
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Using the ARDL Approach to Explore the Effect of Chinese Individual Mobility in Australian Residential Real Estate Market

Po-Jui Wu, Kwo Ping Tam
To better understand whether Chinese mobility has a significant effect on the Australian residential real estate market, the relationship between Chinese individual mobility and Australian residential real estate market is explored. The Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) approach is employed to investigate...