Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science

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The design of the Ideological and Political Courses Based on the teaching of Multidimensional Seminar teaching Model

Ying Li
Using the multidimensional seminar teaching model in ideological and political courses can improve the courses ‘s efficient and practical relevance . In this paper , put forward nine seminar teaching model including open-ended seminar , investigation-based seminar , network-based seminar , interaction-based...
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Design of Micro class based on Blending Learning Mode

Qingtao Liu
Through the analysis and comparison of Blending Learning and the concept of micro class concept, characteristic. It puts forward the new concept of micro class Blending based on Learning. According to the design pattern of Blending learning teaching process, it elaborates the micro teaching design composition...
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Research on Efficiency Values in Guangzhou Vocational Colleges Based on DEA Model

Aimin Wei
This paper uses statistical data that Guangzhou ordinary vocational (specialist) colleges publish core thesis in 2010 and 2013, views the number of full-time teachers and enrollment as input variables ,views the number of published core thesis as output variables, and uses DEA model to analyze the efficiency...
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Research on the network sports news entertainment based on the multi-data analysis

Yang Yang, Zhaozhong Jin, Dong Chen
With the rapid development of economy, rapid integration of science and technology network, mass sports structure has become into a rapid differentiation and re-integration phase. Network sports entertainment is currently one of the important characteristics of sports journalism. Sports entertainment...
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Application of Digital Guidance Technology in Sports Leisure Equipment Design

Guangqin Sun
This paper analyzes through the comparison between the domestic and foreign. There’s no interactive colleges and universities sports leisure equipment. Even there are some, they are just very simple that two people exercise relatively for each other and this can not achieve the interaction in the true...
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Multimedia Platform Design of Table Tennis Teaching

Ying Xuan, Chang Liu
Since the 1990s, mufti-media computer technology springs up promptly and develops vigorously. Its application has extended all over national economy and every aspect of social life and is bringing huge transform in human’s production Way Working way and even way of life. The paper has elaborated the...
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The Creation Of The Teaching Situation In The Process Of Making Multimedia Courseware

Yingqun Zhao
Multimedia teaching courseware with large amount of information, illustrated, audio-visual integration, interactive and convenient advantages. Reasonable application in the classroom to reform the traditional teaching mode, improving teaching efficiency and teaching quality is of great significance....
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Discussions on the Electrical Construction Points in Indoor Decoration

Yongyi Zhang
In order to meet the people’s higher requirements on the living environment, electrical engineering in indoor decoration mainly adopts the hidden construction. This paper analyses from the selection of electrical materials, construction points and quality controlling and proposes the operating procedures...
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Cost Control & Optimization Technique For Sino Iron Project

Shijun Song
Sino Project has to face to lots of uncontrollable factors from China and Australia which made the cost control be in an passive state as well as be exposed to great risks and difficulty since the commencement. How to effectively and efficiently control the project cost in the reasonable range is the...
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A Study on the Strategic Reserve of China's Sports Media and Its Extension Development

Xiaopeng Chi
In recent years China's sports media tend to contact with advanced technology and experience of foreign countries. The Olympic Games has brought new opportunity for development of China's sports media. During the development of current sports media, we also encountered some problems, including strategic...
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Empirical Study on Institutional Investors, Free Cash Flow and Corporate Performance

Yong Liang, Shengdao Gan
In recent years, the institutional investors play a vital role in corporate governance. Institutional investors have gradually been affirmed of great importance in the company management with the increase of their stake. The problem of free cash flow has caused more and more attention. And it has gradually...
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New Type of Library Service Items ——Research on Service based on Bibliometrics

Hao Sun
This thesis puts forward a concept that is defined as bibliometrics service. It s a sort of information service which carries out precise statistical analysis to various literature metrology characteristics by combining computer technology and mathematical analysis tool to conclude rules of literature...
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Research on Practice Method of Polymer Materials and Engineering Professional English

Xuemei Li
Polymer Materials and Engineering is specialized polymer materials in English in college, there is the essential part of its purpose is to develop the students' ability to learn English, and English as a tool to solve practical problems. In this paper, polymer materials teaching of English existing problems...
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The Application of Computer Technology in Sports Training

Zhihong Hou
Computer technology is more and more important in sports training. This article through sports training data processing and analysis, meanwhile present the build of virtual training scenarios through examples of the construction, and the construction of sports training aids systems, elaborate the research...
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Reflections on the polymer material of the English language

Bing Li
Specialized polymer materials are polymer materials English majors in college English teaching essential component, which aims to train students to learn English in a professional capacity as a tool to solve practical problems. Specialized polymer materials for teaching English existing problems, this...
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Research on the Innovation and Applications on Sports Equipment

Ning Li
Sports equipment is the indispensable material conditions engaged in sports activities. Practices with sports equipment can enhance students' muscle strength and improve the flexibility and coordination of the body. And it can also train students’ brave and indomitable will and help them overcome mental...
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Research on Design and Implementation of Sports Equipment Management System

Mingxia Yang, Liang Jiang
Currently, there are many problems in the management of sports equipment, therefore, develop a set of sports equipment aspects become inevitable, in which labor control system is took place by a system platform management processes. This article is mainly to meet the needs of information technology,...
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Innovative Research of Internal Accounting Information Control Systems under Network Environment

Lili Zhao
Establish an effective computerized accounting information system of internal control system in order to avoid a new computerized accounting information system risk is very necessary to the network environment. This paper intends to issue and risk control system under the network environment computerized...
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Sports Equipment Rental System of School Based on B/S Structure Design and Implementation

Yanxiu Wang, Yipai Jiang
The school's sports equipment management center has run the sports equipment management in long-term. It was on manual paper records to record sports equipment storage, do statistics, lend, and get back. It cannot get the sports equipment timely statistical information, and cannot record the information....
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Design and implementation of Chinese high star-level hotel management information system

Chuanbao Yu, Haiyan Sun, Baozhen Han
Nowadays, the integration of the world economy, information dissemination means modernization, the rapid development of economy and society, the survival and development of enterprises are facing greater challenges. This paper designs and develops a set of hotel management information system combines...
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Research and Application on Human Resource Management Information System in China First-class Hotels

Haiyan Sun, Baozhen Han, Chuanbao Yu
The electronic human resource management (e-HRM) is adopted in the hotel industry widely nowadays. However, case studies are rare. This study set the Westin Guangzhou as sample, and implemented the research on the Infomationization impact on the human resource management in hotels. The result indicated...
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Research on the Accounting Management Information System of China Retail Chain Hotels

Baozhen Han, Chuanbao Yu, Haiyan Sun
The hotel chain mode of operation mainly concludes directly, joining and cooperation types, and directly type hotel chain of financial management has its own characteristics. In order to adapt to the characteristics of the hotel, ensure normal operation of retail type hotel chain, it is very important...
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Research on Portfolio Risk Prediction Based on Copula-GJR-Skewt Model

Xiangqing Wei
For risk prediction of diversified investment portfolio, we use the thick tail and the biased characteristics of GJR-Skewt model to depict a single asset and using Copula model to depict a diversified investment portfolio non-linear correlation structure, simulating the random distribution of financial...
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Chromatography and Its Linked Technique in Traditional Chinese Medicine Research

Xiaoyuan Zhang
Modernization of Chinese medicine is inseparable from modern, efficient separation and analysis techniques. The development of modern analytical techniques, especially the emergence of chromatography technology has accelerated the pace of traditional Chinese medicine research and development. The technology...
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Path Research for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in Power Industry Based on the Low Carbon Economy

Anrong Hu
In global climate warming, energy shortage, pollution increasingly serious international background, the development of marked by low energy consumption, low emissions of low-carbon economy and sustainable development are becoming the common choice of economic development around the world. Low carbon...
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Application and Development Prospects of Network Technology in Physical Education of Universities

Liqun Su
In recent years, with the degree of information technology continues to improve, the teaching mode gradually develop in the direction of the network at the same time, this new mode of teaching is still not mature, but also exposed some problems to solve. In this paper, the characteristics of network...
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English Multimedia Courseware Design based on Virtual Reality Technology

Xiaoping Yan
Modern teaching, the increasing use of modern teaching methods, especially multimedia plays an increasingly important role in teaching. Compared with the traditional English teaching methods, the advantages of multimedia is obvious. Correct and reasonable use of multimedia courseware, teaching English...
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Study of the Accounting Policy Choice Mechanism in Chinese Listed Companies

Dongsheng Tang
In this paper, with the basic concept of accounting policies, combined with the theory of accounting policy choice, the choice of accounting policies is specified in the inevitability of the existence objective and subjective needs, but it is also subject to certain accounting policy choices facing business...
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The Study on the Influence of Fixed Asset Investment and Foreign Trade to the Economic Growth of Ningbo---Based on VAR Model

Zhenbo Li, Danping Yang
The relationships between fixed asset investments, foreign trade and economic growth have become important issues on today’s academia. This article aims at research the interaction between the fixed asset investments, foreign trade and economic growth, and use Ningbo which is an important port city of...
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Design and Implementation of multiple training model system based on safety perspective

Xu Yang
Multiple types of hybrid training is an important way to cultivate students' engineering practice and innovation ability, and an important way for students to personally contact product design, manufacturing, testing of the whole process, but because of their special content and methods of teaching,...
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Design and Implementation of Wechat Marketing System on Web Mode

Guangyu Peng
The recent fast development of WeChat platform gradually raises a new requirement of connecting abstract mobile internet with the physical world. This requires new protocols, new theories and also engineering practices that model WeChat platform and physical resources in a unified framework, a challenge...
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Concentrated Delivery Schemes Research Focused On Electric Maintenance Materials

Wei Xu, Zejun Hao
For the characteristics of the demand of the electric maintenance materials is frequent and smaller single-demand, this paper discuss the concentrated delivery mode in vendor-managed inventory (VMI). Two different concentrated delivery schemes have been proposed in the literature for the problem: the...
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Design and Implementation of Physical Education Teaching System Based on Information Technology

ZhiWu Zhang
The thesis is a combination of the domestic and overseas current situation of application of modern teaching techniques in college physical education. It has made a full use of the modern teaching means which take the 360° mirror teaching system as experiment to have a try of the revolution of physical...
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The Influence on Immune Cells by Aerobic Exercise and Detraining

Qiaozhen Yan
With 14 college students as the research object, Were randomly divided into detraining group (group D) and aerobic exercise group (group A),D group stop training after 4 weeks’ training, A group training eight weeks, to observe their effects on the immune system function. Found at the beginning of exercise,...
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Research on CCO of Rat Myocardial by Intermittent Hypoxia Training

Fangtao Liu, Qiaozhen Yan
Cytochrome oxidase is the key enzymes of body's aerobic metabolism, by measuring the activity of CCO, To understand the change of the aerobic capacity in rats. The results showed that: by intermittent hypoxia training, the rat myocardial cytochrome oxidase have adaptability to changes, shows that intermittent...
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Research on Perceived Profiles and Stages of Exercise Behavior Change in Urban Residents

Xinyan Guo
By means of the Phrasal Change Theory Scale of Stage of Change Theory and the Exercise Benefits and Barriers Scale of Health Belief Model, data were collected on 320 urban residents. Through using the method of literature consultation and mathematical statistics, this paper analyzes the perception of...
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The Study on CO2 Emissions of G-7 Countries

Changhui Dugu, Heng Liu
Basing on the data of seven western countries from 1980 to 2006, this paper applies Logarithmic mean Divisia index method and time-series decomposition method to decompose carbon dioxide per capita emissions in the seven western countries. And it also analyzes the economic scale along with energy intensity...
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Study on System of Network Art Design Based on Web

Shuang Li
Along with the information era, network of computer has become an important carrier of obtaining information, disseminating culture and communicating thoughts for human. Driven by this tendency, the network art design is showing its vitality and energy; also, art design belongs to the traditional class...
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Research on Key Techniques for Ontology Construction System

Xiaoya Deng
The paper proposes the key techniques for ontology construction system. The current situation of tools for ontology construction is analyzed, and then a collaborative ontology construction system framework is given. The persistence layer is introduced between the business logic layer and data layer,...
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Study on the construction of domain-specific ontology in oil field

Xiaoya Deng
This article firstly introduces the theory of construction of domain-specific ontology and oil ontology business framework model, and then puts forward the method to construct the oil exploration and development of ontology library, the exploration and development of oil field involved is divided into...
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The Online Learning and Monitoring System Model of MOOCs

Qi Yang
MOOCs is the rise of a kind of education teaching mode, which has a big difference with the traditional teaching mode. Online learning is also a specific application of modern computer technology in network practice. Genetic Algorithm(GA) is a global optimization algorithm to simulate the life evolution...
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Comprehensive Evaluation about Employment Pressure of College Students in Heilongjiang Province Based on the Catastrophe Progression Method

Yingbing Fan, Yan Yao, Lina Sun
Employment problem is an important thing that relates Chinese reform, development and stability. University students' employment difficulty has become an indisputable fact that the relationship on employment pressure is imminent. The index data of the various universities’ students on the employment...
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Establishment virtual maintenance environment based on VIRTOOLS to effectively enhance the sense of immersion of teaching equipment

Fushuan Wu, Zhenguo Liu, Jianren Wang, Yuzhuo Zhao
There is the lack of immersion in the maintenance training system based on the virtual reality technology,which leads to the learners can't understand and grasp the learning content accurately and comprehensively, influencing the effect of teaching..In this paper, from the visual, hearing, touch, direction,expression...
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Improve the immersion of equipped with virtual maintenance training system to more close to the equipment maintenance training environment

Fushuan Wu, Jianren Wang, Yuzhuo Zhao, Shiliang Wu
There is the lack of immersion in the equipped with virtual maintenance training system based on the virtual reality technology,which leads to the learners can't understand and grasp the learning content accurately and comprehensively, influencing the effect of teaching and training.In this paper, from...
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Rectification and Explanation of Understandings of Computer

Ji Meng
This paper rectifies and explains misunderstandings of computer hardware file management software system and virus defense etc. It helps users to know and use the computer deeply from the details.
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Construction of Physical Education Assessment System Based on Information Technology

Dachun Zhang
Physical Education evaluation is an important part of college education. There are many unreasonable in the current PE curriculum assessment system. One the fact that can not deny is that physical education curriculum evaluation has unwittingly fundamentally bound to live up the pace of college physical...
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The Evaluation of Energy Consumption of Scrap Automotive Parts’ Recycling——Take the Power Seat as an Example

Junhao Cheng, Yanping Yang, Renshu Yin
An evaluation model was established in this paper according to the mutual mapping relationships among material and energy consumption in the scrap recycling process of automotive parts. The model provides a new computing method for evaluating the energy consumption quantity in this process. Then this...
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Influence of the Cement Stabilized Macadam Base Modulus Change on the Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Pavement under Heavy Load

Zhaohui Sun, Gang Chen, Tiebin Wang, Zhanqiang Hou
the elastic plastic theory and finite element software are applied to analyze the stress of semi-rigid asphalt pavement structure of highway under different wheel load. The influences of modulus variation of cement stabilized macadam base on tensile stress at the bottom of layer, shear stress of surface...
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Research on English Online Learning Community based on Social Network Site (SNS)

Leilei Guo, Mengying Liu, Hong Xiao
With the increasing development of Internet technology and the concept of education and the increasing integration of information technology, online learning based on the SNS community model appear constantly. On this issue, the SNS gene can be used to design the learner's emotional communication and...
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Design and Implementation of Information Technology based Collaborative Learning Platform for College English Advising

Xian Chen
With the fast and bursting development in computer and web technology, it is essential for use to combine the state-of-the-art technique with the traditional English advising. Electronic learning, better known as e-learning, refers to the issues related to virtual distance education through electronic...