Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Economy, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2016)

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Study on Influence Mechanism of Leader-member Exchange Differences to Team Performance

Mengchao Liu
In the information explosion in twenty-first Century, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competitions, the job content becomes more complex, so teams play a more prominent role in company. The purpose of this article is to study the effect of leader-member exchange on team performance, and the...
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The Construction of the Long-term Mechanism of the Ecological Environmental Governance in Our Country

Yu Ding, Chengcheng Zou
The ecological environment is the basis for the living and development of human. With the appearance of ecological issues, the ecological governance has become the focus concerned by the country and the public. The idea of sustainable development requires us to establish the long-term mechanism for the...
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The Dilemma of Smart Healthcare Development in China from the Perspective of Public Policy and Its Countermeasures Take Hubei Province as an Example

Junheng Sun, Xingchen Chen
Internet of things, big data and cloud computing as the representative of information technology is very active. The information technology has advanced the sustainable development of health service. However, the development and reform of medical and health services have been affecting increasingly....
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Study on Ways to Develop Sports for Staffs of China Xinjian Group

Jiang Zhou, Juhong Li
Research methods as literature method and expert interviews are adopted to analyze the plight of the staff sports of China Xinjian Group under the background of the new urbanization construction, and they try to explore main ways for the sport development of the Group. First, constructing a ternary structure...
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Directory Management System Path Choice for the Regulation of Electric Bicycle

Manman Zhou
With the rapid development of electric bicycle, its disadvantages and advantages have gradually appeared which has brought the wide argument on prohibiting and limiting. As the normative governance model, the directory management system has been paid more attention in the field of electric bicycle. This...
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A Rational Distribution of General Administrative Law-enforcing Powers in China's Urban Management

Jing Xiang
In a new stage, the key point for reform of general law enforcement for urban management is the rational distribution of the law enforcement powers, on the basis of clarifying the boundary between government and market, government and society, according to the principles of distribution under laws, coordinated...
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How Social Entrepreneurship Creates Social Value

Siyi Cheng
The term 'social entrepreneurship' has gained increasing attentions, especially in the academic field. Scholars claim that the language of social entrepreneurship may emerge in the recent years, however, the phenomenon goes the other way. This essay aims to present the key issues related to today's social...
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Internal Controls Defections of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Yi Zheng
In recent years, the role of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in China to promote the development of the national economy is increasingly important. But their internal control is not in place, their long-term development is blocked. So this paper started from the internal control theory, SMEs...
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Research on Mechanism of Achievements Transformation in University Science Parks Based on Market Orientation

Kun Zhang, Xiaoyuan Yang
To promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements is the advantage of university science parks as well as their responsibility and mission. This study analyzes the achievement transformation problems of the university science parks in China. By comparing the experience and characteristics...
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Discussion on Fine Development of Vocational College Management

Bianling Zhang
This article introduces the theoretical connotation of fine management and its inspiration on management of colleges, and suggests that fine management is of consequence for newly-upgraded professional-level vocational colleges to break through the development bottleneck. In addition, it sets forth that...
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Research on Strategic Performance Evaluation of Bright Dairy

Maomao Chen
As an effective performance evaluation system, Balanced Score Card has always been a hot topic in academic research. It shows the strategic trajectory of the organization through the interrelated causal relationship between financial, customer, internal processes and learning and development. Balanced...
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Institutional Obstacles and Suggestions about Implementation of Chinese Tiered Medical Pattern

Shanshan Li, Xia Lei, Fanghui Hu, Xin Li, Ping Shi
Tiered medical pattern which contains primary diagnosis, two-way referral, separate treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, operation between upper and lower medical organizations depends on smooth operation and coordination of medical management system. By analyzing current relative system in China,...
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Study of the Integrated Risk Management of Construction Project Based on Knowledge Integration

Rong Zhu, Sudi Gao
This paper explains the connotations of the integrated risk management of construction project and knowledge integration, analyzes the object of knowledge integration in risk management, puts forward knowledge management circle according to PDCA circle in project management, and knowledge integration...
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Research on Present Situation and Development Strategy of HOPSCA in Linyi City

Zhongxiu Liu
Based on field investigation, expert interview and data collection, this paper analyzes the development status of HOPSCA in Linyi city, and summarizes the characteristics of HOPSCA in Linyi: late starting and rapid development; mainly concentrated in Lanshan District, basically according to the distribution...
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Research on Application of PPP Pattern in Medical Treatment and Public Health of China

Yun Zhou, Siyi Jiang
At present, public private partnership (PPP pattern) has been widely applied in the Medical Treatment and Public Health field of our country and achieved remarkable effects. This article, at first introduces the application background of PPP pattern in Medical Treatment and Public Health of our country,...
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Problems in the Development of Green Tourism in Henan and Its Countermeasures

Yachang Wang
At present, tourism industry has become one of the global largest industries. Due to its rapid development and great success, a lot of regions take the tourism industry as the leading industry or pillar industry in their regional economy. It has been a hot industry. At the same time, the analysis of...
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Research on Academic Management of Universities from the Perspective of Governance

Nan Ding
From the research perspective of governance theory, in-depth analysis on the existing problems in the university academic management was carried out, and the measures for the governance of academic management were put forward from internal and external aspects, aiming to guide the reform of university...
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Analysis on the Present Situation of College Classroom Management and Its Countermeasures

Zhenglei Dong
Classroom teaching is the most important part of education. The quality of classroom management directly influences the final effect of classroom teaching. Classroom management is a process that teachers can effectively achieve the desired goals by coordinating various external factors. This paper takes...
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Referee's Influence on Competition Order in Dragonboat Race

Lei Luo
Dragonboat sport, as one of traditional ethnic sports of our country, is well received by the whole nation, and various dragonboat races are carried out all the rage. And the referee, as the concrete implementer of dragonboat races, has significant influence on the competition order in races. This article...
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Preliminary Exploration on the Innovation of Teaching Management Mode in Local Colleges and Universities

Shuxia Qian, Xiaoming Zhang
With the development of our country's society and economy and increasing demands for innovative talents, higher education has been forced into a new era of innovation. The existing teaching management mode cannot meet the needs of the current university management. The reform and innovation of teaching...
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Study on the Network Political Participation of College Students Born in 1990s Based on a Survey about 591 College Students at 8 Universities in Beijing

Xiangming Zeng
The survey shows that the current network political participation of college students born in 1990s in Beijing's universities presents four main features which include wide variety of network political participation channels, leading by opinion leaders, instant participation model, and limited participation...
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Empirical Research Based on Undergraduate Employment Quality of University of Finance and Economics

Xuejie Bai
University students' employment is a social focus and undergraduate employment quality is related to the survival and development of universities and undergraduates. Under the background of developing socialist market economy many universities have set up economic and management majors. This causes graduate...
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Comparison and Reference of Financing Modes of Sponge City in Foreign Countries

Zehua Chen, Cheng Li
In recent years, sponge city construction has aroused widespread concern; the financing mode of the sponge city also has the discussion value due to its important safeguard function to smoothly carry on the construction of sponge city. The financing mode of the sponge city is divided into two parts in...
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Research on the Education Mode of the Food and Drug Safety Police

Qin Wei
The problem of food and drug safety is related to people's health and life. Currently, China has established with the pharmaceutical administration law as the core of administrative rules and regulations system, the key is how to implement in order to form a drug safety supervision system with Chinese...
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A Research Review of B2B Marketing Exchange Relation A Conceptual Model

Bingqun Cui, Tingjiu Chou
Around the core concept of marketing, namely "exchange", this paper systematically reviews relevant research literature of social exchange theory and puts forward a conceptual integration model of B2B marketing exchange relation under framework of social exchange theory. In the end, this paper discusses...
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An Empirical Study on Population Capacity of Urban Land in Macao

En Chen, Guaili Zhang, Tao Fu
Macao is undergoing rapid economic development, but its land space is narrow and population density is high, the overload state of Macao's urban land and population are the outstanding problems, which are urgently faced and dealt with for Macao's economic and social development. This paper firstly analyzes...
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Research of Tianjin Port Explosion under the Lack of Power List

Dongyang He
Along with the pace of the reform of the political system in China, the operation of the government's public power is gradually rising to the policy level. Although in recent years, the power list system has been launched in the country, but there are still a lot of loopholes in the public safety issues,...
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Research on SWOT Analysis for Technical Innovation Strategy of a Yunnan-Stationed Mining Enterprise

Bingjing Yin, Shiting Ding, Jinfeng Huang, Ying Wang, Xiaoju Zhou, Guimei Xiang
Technical innovation plays an important role in the future development of an enterprise, which has in recent years become a hot point in the management science field. Starting with technical innovation, this article takes a Yunnan-stationed mining enterprise to research and analyze how to drive the development...
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Analysis on the Relevance between Yunnan Higher Vocational Education Major Layout and the Economy

Shiting Ding, Bingjing Yin, Xiaoju Zhou
Whether higher vocational education is adaptive to economic development is closely related to its major construction. This paper chooses 10 representative samples from 41 vocational colleges in Yunnan as research objects and deeply investigates their major setup. Sample selection takes type and public...
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Theoretical Logic for Reform of Public Service Supply in Rural Areas in China

Siwei Wang, Zhongyi Tang
The Fifth Plenary Session of Eighteenth Central Committee advanced five concepts for development namely ""innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing" in 2015 in order for realizing the goal of building an affluent society, meanwhile, the concept of sharing development shows a new direction...
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The Development of Digital Technology in Radio Industry

Jieru Zhang
This paper has explored the rise of digital radio broadcasting services and has discussed how these new DAB services have been integrated into the domain of traditional broadcasting and the wider media industry. And this study delineated how the broadcaster and listener have changed their roles in the...
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Discussion and Analysis on Problems of Tailored Taxi Operation

Fang Zhang
Didi Tailored Taxi is a new business brand launched in August 19, 2014 by the company that Didi taxi-hailing apps belong for high and mid grade groups to rent. Since the appearance of this "tailored taxi" service, it has been acknowledged by more and more people because it greatly alleviates the problem...
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Legislation on Educational Punishment

Mei Liu
Theoretically and practically, studies have been mainly made on how to understand the power of educational punishment, the problems existing in the process of educational punishment and how to solve the problems to enable teachers to properly exercise the power and make any punishment educational, which...
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Study on Legal Responsibilities of Kindergarten Accidents

Mei Liu, Rong Li
In recent years, kindergarten accident began to attract public attention due to its high frequency and great social impact. In these cases, opinions vary on in which case kindergartens shall be responsible and what responsibilities should kindergartens shoulder. However, existing Chinese laws and regulations...
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Reflections on the Reality of "Chinese Plea Bargaining"

Qi An
In order to promote the institutionalization of the realization of the "perfection lenient system of pleading guilty", some local judicial authorities began to explore "the plea consultation system" between prosecution and defense based on the plea bargaining. However, the emergence and development of...
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Study on Legal Problems Existing in Prepaid Cards in China

Changyue Shen, Wen Cong
As a new consumption pattern, the prepaid consumption has a realistic base for its rising and development and it plays an important role in promoting the rapid economic development. In practice, the prepaid consumption is mainly achieved through the prepaid cards, for the capital is of prepayment, and...
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Study on Ways to Improve the 48 Hours Clause Concerning Work-related Injury

Chengyu Zeng
The clause "Dying of sudden diseases within 48 hours is deemed as work-related injury" is defined clearly in the identification of work-related injury in China, though it plays an active role to some degree in protecting the rights and interests of laborers, yet there are still lots of disadvantages...
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A Vicious Circle Caused by Buddhist-Muslim Conflicts in Rakhine State

Kai Chen
The past decades witnessed the Buddhist-Muslim conflicts in Myanmar's Rakhine State, which leaves the security environment of this country more complicated. This article explores the vicious circle caused by the Buddhist-Muslim conflicts in 2012. As the findings of this article shows, in the vicious...
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Questions and Countermeasures of Pension Agencies in Rural Areas under the Equality in Constitution

Yan Gong
During the development of rural pension agencies in rural areas in China, it has to face a series of problems as inadequate security in law and policy, poor infrastructures and lack of professional nurses. Seen from the equality in constitution, the irrational division between the systems for urban and...
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Reflection on Rationalization of Public Decision-making from the Perspective of the Administrative Law

Nawei Fu, Weijun Wu
As an important activity for the administrative body to carry out public administration, the public decision-making involves many aspects of social management and is related with vital interests of administrative relative persons. Only reasonable public decision-making can make planning function, organizational...
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Research on the Improvement of People's Jury System under the Background of Judicial Justice

Bo Han
The people's jury system has existed for more than 60 years in our country. It has made many beneficial contributions to the perfection of our judicial operation system and promotion of the judicial justice. However, with the development of the times, it has encountered a lot of unprecedented problems...
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A Tentative Study on the Penalty Norms of the Ordinance on People's Relations between Taiwan and Mainland China

Preng Nien Hu
Ever since the Regulation on People's Relations between Taiwan and Mainland China (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation on Cross-Strait People's Relations) was published by Taiwan government on July 31st, 1992, and issued by Executive Yuan (81) on September 16th that year to be implemented from...
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New Education Model as the Foundation of the State Economic Security

Olga Rudakova
Modernization of economy would be largely driven by the availability of the brand new type of workforce. There is an acute gap between the market demand and the quality of the workforce available that inevitably leads to the fast knowledge obsolescence. Therefore, modern-day economic development requires...
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Analysis on Classroom Management of the Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language

Aijun Wu
As a foreign language, Chinese is new to foreign students. Besides, Chinese music, films and television dramas as well as animations are introduced to various countries in recent years, all of these attract people's attention to TCSL teachers. How to make Chinese teaching relaxed and enjoyable for foreigners...
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Research on the PLE Building of Foreign Language Learners in Universities from the Perspective of Mobile Learning

Lili Guo
With the development of computer networking technology and multimedia technology, the research on learning environment changes from the learning content management system to the course management system and then to the virtual learning environment. Under the influence of social software, informal learning...
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Construction of Speculative Thinking Ability and Exploration on Multi-training Model in Business English Teaching

Ling Zhang
At present, our colleges and universities have gradually set up the major of Business English. Our teaching system becomes more and more perfect. However, most of Business English teachings are traditional. With indefinite teaching goal and fuzzy positioning, divergence of theory and practice, there...
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Effective Teaching: Application of BOPPPS Model in ESL Class

Yan Li
While more and more people are learning English as their second language in China, most of them fail to speak or write in English. The effectiveness of English teaching is challenged. To address this issue, the author introduces BOPPPS model in ESL class. Firstly, the author analyzes the effectiveness...
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Challenge and Application of Micro-lecture in College English Teaching

Honglei Wang
The rapid development and popularity of micro-lecture is exerting profound and far-reaching influence on traditional college English class. While it poses as a challenge to the traditional English teaching mode, it is of great significance to explore the application methods of micro-lecture in college...
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Application of Core Strength Training in Badminton Sport

Jikang Wang, Juan Cheng
Badminton is a kind of national sport which can bring other parts of the body movement and need highly coordination of the power of feet, body and arms in order to improve the quality of the shuttle. The core strength emphasizes on stabilizing the core parts of players through controlling the power of...
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Issues and Strategies of Translation Teaching for Economic Exteriorization in Urban Agglomeration of Harbin and Changchun

Lingyun Chu
Translation teaching and learning is the main prop of the development of regional economy and backs up the building of urban agglomeration of Harbin and Changchun which puts forward higher requirements for translation teaching of higher institutes. The paper aims to contribute to the exteriorization...