Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education

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Exploration on the Reasons of College Students' Voluntary Unemployment and Selective Unemployment and Its Countermeasures

Wanyun Liu
It is an indisputable fact that it is difficult for college students to obtain employment, and the unemployment is inevitable. Traditional studies suggest that frictional unemployment and structural unemployment are the most common among college students. But in the last two years, there have been some...
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Research on Countermeasures of Promoting Employment Ability of College Graduates Take Colleges in Henan as Examples

Xiaofang Cen
Employment ability is a kind of comprehensive ability to get a job, keep the job and continuously make progress in working. This article analyzes deficiencies of employment ability of college graduates in Henan province, and discusses about how to effectively promote employment ability of college graduates...
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On Nature of Right to Education

Mei Liu, Su Ke
Educational circles in China pay close attention to right to education, its status and role in school education, and its guarantee in practice. But the general study of its value from the perspective of international human rights law is lacking. The paper gives an analysis of its nature from this standpoint.
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Briefly Review of E-Feedback

Min Zhang
Given the rapid increase in computerized classrooms at universities across the nation and the increasing number of courses which rely on distance learning, the use of the computer in performing peer review is becoming a crucial tool for the teaching of ESL writing. This paper tries to review briefly...
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Study on Influence on National Identity Sense of Preschool Children by Traditional National Sports

Li Li
Traditional national sports is formed in the long process of development of Chinese nation within the scope of national traditional culture. Offering more traditional sports to preschool children can make them contact and learn about their own national culture, customs and habits more comprehensively,...
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Curriculum Design of “National Training Plan” in View of Professional Development

Kaiwen Li, Dewan Ying, Pin Lv
In education training, professional development is the primary goal of curriculum design, good curriculum design is the guarantee to dispose professional development. If there is no connection between professional development and curriculum design, the problem that teachers’ training lacks pertinence...
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Discussion on Current Situation of College Information Construction and Its Measures

Jiaqi Mei
College information construction is a requisite for higher education modernization, and for enhancing teaching management level under the background of global informatization. Integrating information technology into the entire process of education and teaching is playing a role of innovative talents...
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Research on Innovation of Talent Training in Logistics Management for Vocational Colleges Taking Anhui Technical College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering as Example

Yun He
Currently, there exist a series of problems such as unclear professional orientation, no features of vocational colleges in terms of talent training mode and backward practical training condition in the education of professionals in logistics management in vocational colleges. Innovative researches are...
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Study on Social Influence on Preschool Children by Sports Games

Li Li
As an ancient cultural phenomenon, games were generated since the emergence of human civilization, and have a significant impact on human’s production and life activities. In the course of preschool children education, the study on social influence on children by sports games will be of positive significance...
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The Exploration of Cultivating Students in College English Teaching

Fangrong Liu
Since ancient times, teaching knowledge and cultivating students have been closely connected. Teaching knowledge and cultivating students are two aspects of education and they have been consistent with each other. Cultivating students is indispensable in college English teaching. Equal relationship between...
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Teaching Attempt of Layout Design in Practice

Shujuan Su
Layout design is being a more important segment of graphic design, sorting teaching contents starting from cultivation of students’ actual operation ability, trying to combine various teaching methods based on the starting point of helping students to grasp the principle and methods of layout design...
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A Study on the Ways to Professional Development of College English Teachers in the Context of Application-Oriented Transformation in Local Colleges and Universities

Xiulan Dai
With the trend of application-oriented transformation in local colleges and universities, it is a necessity for promote College English teachers’ professional development so as to cultivate qualified talents. The paper presents stimulating college-based teaching practices, teaching reflections in the...
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Opportunities and Challenges of the Ideological and Political Education for College Students in New Era

Ping Liu
Globalization, marketization and networking are the three major characteristics in the new era, and are also the social environment of ideological and political education, which provides the development opportunity for ideological and political education, together with various challenges, such as lack...
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Study on Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges

Jing Chen
For long, some certain colleges and universities lack of attention on effectiveness engagement of ideological and political education, which directly affects the effective exertion of ideological and political education. Therefore, in this paper, the author discusses relative issues from the view angle...
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Research on the Current Situation and Strategy of Cyber Political Education in Universities

Yonghua Jing
Carrying out the research on the present situation and the strategy of cyber political education in university has an important function in promoting the undergraduate’s ideological and political quality. Taking this into view, therefore, a tentative study of related issues was carried out in this paper.