Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Economics and Management, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (EMEHSS 2018)

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Study on the Evaluation of Social Stability Risk of Agricultural Transferring Populations Citizenization Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xibo Sun, Xiaodong Shi, Peng Wang
A large amount of agricultural populations are transferring to the city in the new citizenization process. Considering the large scale of such a group, the extensive regional as well as industrial distribution, and profound impact on the overall social stability, it is of great significance to accurately...
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Talking about College Students' Innovation and Pioneering Education

Jian Wu, Yi Wen, Miao Yu
In the current era when the difficult employment of college graduates is becoming increasingly prominent, promoting employment by starting a business is one of the important ways to solve the employment difficulty of college graduates. Therefore, the innovation and entrepreneurship education has become...
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Empirical Research on Regional Human Capital Carrying Capacity

Zhixin Zhang, Fu Liang
Based on the perspective of regional human capital carrying capacity, this study selects regional human capital carrying capacity evaluation indexes and uses the principal component analysis method to carry out factor analysis of relevant evaluation indexes, regional human capital carrying capacity evaluation...
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The Path of Improving the Quality of College Teachers

Minghui Wang
By sorting out the basic connotation of teachers' quality in Colleges and universities, from the aspects of morality, knowledge, ability, and demonstrates the quality requirements of teachers in Colleges and universities, establish advanced educational concepts, advocating good ethics, studying excellent...
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Remarks on Book the Study of Language by George Yule

Dan Liu
Linguistics is a crucial academic discipline in terms of English teaching. There is no doubt the knowledge of linguistics means a lot to second language learners. Furthermore, foreign language teachers attach more importance to the study of Linguistics. Language, the carrier of culture system has been...
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Research on Relationship Awareness and Motivational Value System Based on Strengths Deployment Inventory SDI

Yunli Guo
Leadership has been described as the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task (Lussier & Achua, 2010). Different people require different styles of leadership. There are many traits that help people increase the effectiveness...
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The Educational Functions of Peer Groups in the Residential College

Yuan Tao
This paper focuses on the peer groups in the university residential colleges and their educational functions on the resident students. Residential colleges are different from traditional dormitories, offering more comprehensive services as well as social opportunities for students. The research method...
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A mathematical formulation for integrated scheduling problem of handling equipment in container terminals

Yan Zheng, Yujie Xiao
This paper studies an integrated scheduling problem of quay cranes, yard trucks and yard cranes in container terminals. As each container is sequentially handled by these three interrelated handling equipment, the global optimal solution may not be guaranteed by only considering one type of equipment...
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Study on the Role of Stakeholders in Value Creation of Smart Tourism Construction

Qian Jiang
According to the research status of smart tourism and problems existing in the construction of smart tourism in our country, from the perspective of stakeholders, a value creation model of government, tourism development enterprises and tourists participating in smart tourism construction is built. Through...
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Intraday Asymmetric Test of the CSI300 Index Futures Based On eGARCH Model

Junbo Wang, Susheng Wang, Guanglu Li
In this paper, the internal high frequency samples of stock index futures are taken as the research object, and the statistical characteristics of the high frequency data in the stock index futures are studied. After determining the stable data, the eGARCH model is used to test the asymmetry of the volatility...
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Research on the Influence of the Local Pension Financial Support under the Shared Development

Yuanyuan Wang, Wenjuan Guo, Yu Zhang
The government's financial support for the residents' needs for the elderly has an important impact on the improvement of the level of public service. Through the related data from 2006 to 2016, the article analyzes the situation of pension insurance participation and pension financial expenditure and...
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Study on the Vocational Happiness of Archivists in Colleges and Universities

Xiaoxiang Li, Tiantian Gu, Xianhao Yin
Based on the existing work status of college archivists, this paper analyzes the causes of the lack of college archivists' vocational happiness and explores the ways to improve the archivists' vocational happiness.
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A Comparative Study of Differences in Government Regulation of Food Safety between China and the United States

En Huang, Xun Dai, Zhuolan Li
This paper analyzes the present situation of domestic food safety regulatory system, and comparative analysis of the gap between China and the US food safety regulatory systems that exist in regulation, and the regulation of food safety issues in all types of research, suggested that the domestic food...
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Application of the Politeness Principle in Business Negotiation

Xia Liu
With the accelerated development of economic globalization, economic trade has become increasingly popular and business negotiation is an important part of economic activities. The ultimate goal of business negotiation is to reach a mutually beneficial agreement on both sides. So some certain strategies...
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Analysis on Developing State and Optimizations of Leading Civil-military combination Industry of Hunan Province

Minhui Tong, Xiaofen Li
Regional developing phase, demand structure, factor endowment, industry policy, auxiliary industry development and income elasticity are used to estimate leading civil-military combination industry of Hunan province based on its developing state, then putting forward 3 policy suggestions including focusing...
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Exploration on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of University Under the "Internet +"

Junxiang Li, Yueqi Yang
In the background of mass innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship education is an important part of higher education in China. The launch in universities requires support from government, universities and enterprises. At present, the education for undergraduates has made great strides, but there...
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Innovation of Performance Management of Enterprise Human Resource in the Era of Big Data

Haipin Li
Ultimately, the war of modern enterprises is the war between talents and talents. For the development of enterprises, a large number of companies introduce high-quality talents at all costs. In the era of big data, given the flourishing formation technology, that provides new opportunities for enterprises...
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Study on Structure and Craft of Traditional Costumes of Edge

Fang Wang
Edge plays a requisite part of Chinese traditional costumes which is practical and decorative. It has gone through the process from the birth and the flourish to the deterioration. To study traditional costume culture does to the quintessence of fashion culture, which is the glorious duty to every practitioner...
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Research on the Culture Connotation of English Vocabulary

Jing Yang
With the rapid development of the internationalization, the exchanges between culture and ideology have become an indispensable way, but the exchanges could not exist without language. Vocabulary, as one of the three elements of language, not only represents a single conceptual significance, but also...
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The Application of Game-based Approach in Primary School English Teaching

Fengjuan Zhang
This thesis regards game-based approach in primary school English teaching as the research object to make a study on English teaching approach in primary school about the character, the principles and the goals with many kinds of research methods. This thesis first introduces the background about game-based...
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Research on Anxiety in Classroom Teaching and Training of Students of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Lin Zhang
This paper mainly investigates students' anxiety condition in the classroom teaching and training in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages of Guilin University of Electronic Technology, analyzes the causes of anxiety, the teaching effect brought by anxiety, and countermeasures to solve the...
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Research on Training Mode of Horse Racing International Talent in Wuhan Business University

Zhuo Sun, Shuang Zhang
Through analysis of the demand conditions of the racing talents at home and abroad, this paper analyses and compares the present situation of talent training between our school and countries with developed horse racing, this paper points out existing problems in the training mode of horse racing in our...
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Family Education Misunderstanding and Coping Strategies under "the Universal Two-child Policy"

Jieping Cheng
In recent years, in order to alleviate the problem of the population structure imbalance brought by the family planning policy, and cause a series of social problems such as employment, pension, and state level proposes "the universal two-child policy", and increase the policy education and guidance...
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Enterprise Value Evaluation Based on FCFF Model - A Case Analysis of Beixinyuan Company

Yanqing Dong
In the current international evaluation industry, the evaluation of enterprise value has developed rapidly and has been highly concerned by the governments and scholars of various countries. There are three basic valuation methods of enterprise value assessment, namely cost method, income method and...
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Psychological Attribution Analysis of Medical College Students Skipping Classes

Jieping Zhang, Yao Wu, Zhangyao Li, Xueqin Zhou, Shudan Feng, Xiaoyan Cao
In recent years, some data about college students skipping classes showed that the truancy of college students has become a prominent teaching problem which commonly exists. By collecting problems of full-time medical students of the Southwest Medical University to master the situation of students skipping...
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Research on "Praxis-oriented" Curriculum of Pre-school Education Major

Ya Li
With the reform and change of the social system, the education system in China is constantly changing towards the perfect development direction. The professional quality can decide teachers' competence in education level from the root, while the curriculum they receive plays a decisive role in the formation...
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Review of Team Member Exchange and Its Impact Mechanism

Min Wang, Qingquan Pan
Today, more and more organizations rely on the form of the team to improve performance, then how to improve team performance has become a hot topic of current research. Based on the theory of social exchange, this article extends to the team level based on the theory of leadership exchange. Through the...
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Research on the Guiding Effect of Horse Racing Events on the Talent Training of Horse Racing Specialty in Colleges and Universitie

Shuang Zhang, Yaonan Li
This paper carries on research on the demand for talents of horse racing events in China by means of literature data method, investigation method, field survey method and expert interview method. The results show that horse racing events in China present the current situation of high event density, advanced...
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Optimization of Smart Power Combining the Multiple Grids

Zhu Zhu, Junxiang Li, Yunjie Xu, Li Ma
The smart use of electricity means combining coal-power grid with other multiple microgrids such as solar, wind and water power, and smartly distributing power through the user's power real-time information feedback in order to achieve low energy, low emission, high efficiency, green development and...